Website Idea - A Fitness oriented webiste that focuses on tracking lifts and weights

Summary - The user will be able to log into their account and track the weights that they lifted that day and the current weight and body fats they are at, the website can suggest certain workouts to pertain to different goals and can tell you your maxes and help you stay on track.

Content - A place to track weight lifted for certain exercise, projected one rep maxes and percentages, track your weight and body fat percentages, suggest programs to achieve muscle building or to lose weight.

Competition - I couldn't really find any competition for websites there is a lot of apps that do the same things, like myfitnesspal and the gymshark app but other than those I wasn't able to find any more.

Purpose - To track progress and make it easier to achieve the goals you want to see.

Desired Results - Make it easy to track your own lifts and stay on track with desired plans.

Target Audience - People who are into fitness and want to track the lifts and monitor the weight gained or lost all in one place. The age ranges could be all over the place but typically younger audiance that are into fitness.