Abbnormal Art

Summary - Abbnormal Art is going to be a site hosting a variety of my personal creative outlets. It is going to be full of documentation of my creative hobbies, like drawing, amagurumi, doodles, and other art related things I have intrest in.

Content - Content is going to include lots of pictures of creative endevors I have done recently. Specifically, there is going to be focus in characters I have developed or am in the process of developing in both amagurumi and 2d art form.

Competition - This man has an awesome website! Everything is well organzied and he has talent in his illustrations as well. The red and white backsplash reminds me of comic books which is good. This person specifically sells amagurmi plushies. The website is really cute, but perhaps has an early website feel. The soft color choices are really soothing. I think this is a good start of an online store if I were to eventually sell my characters.

Purpose - The genuine purpose of Abbnormal Art is mainly documentation of stuff I like.

Desired Results - I would also hope that I can get people interested in my ideas and eventually start an online business.

Target Audience - I would assume my target audience would be female and in their teens or twenties. They would have an interest in art or crochet.