Website Idea -

Summary - it is a website designed to get to know the piano instructor her mission statement, pricing, and how to book an appointment.

Content - images of pianos, music, kids having fun playing piano? Im probably going to take the images, or draw them.

Competition - some competitors that I found are tunelark, and musico. tunelark has a lot of great things, its layout is nice, and when you click for pricing it has a quiz to get to know you and they use it to figure what is the best price for you. The only thing about the website I dont like is the color scheme, it is dark and sad, more proffesional than fun. Musico is ok, the layout is easy because there is only one tab which is pricing. I like its simplicity and its color scheme.

Purpose - It is important to teach kids about music and piano helps with creativity, finger dexterity, builds confidence, challenges kids, and it is just fun, and the teacher is passionate about their kids and loves seeing the satisfaction in their face and overcoming trials learning piano

Desired Results - that they should enroll their kids in music lessons and mrs. kim is the right person

Target Audience - Moms between the ages 27-40 with atleast one kid