Website Idea - Brightleaf Shop

Summary - An online shop to sell my sculptures, miniatures, keychains, stickers, and to promote myself as an artist

Content - An about me page and a catalog of my products with pictures (taken by me) and descriptions (written by me)

Competition - - I like their color scheme and picture quality, but the layout is kind of boring - - Nice color scheme, very organized and intuitive layout, and good content - - Very good quality pictures and content, clean layout, not a huge fan of the color scheme, but that's just personal preference

Purpose - Users care about the focus of this site because it has products they want. This site should be built because it will provide users with a way to purchase my artwork, and will provide me with a small amount of income

Desired Results - I would like users to buy my products on this site. The goal of the site is to make money and raise recognition for my work.

Target Audience - Females between the ages of 14 and 30 with disposable income