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06/21/03 10:29:57 AM   
Name:   Anonymous Surfer
Do you have any comments?   (My husband is a homosexual and he sleeps alone everynight with our son . I believe he is going to start to sexually abuse him .) paraphrasing statements Pamela Bruemmer made about her husband Christopher Bruemmer in the summer of 2000. Why would she say such things ? Why would Detective Deszo of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office describe Pamela Bruemmer in his report as paranoid ? Is everyone aware that
paranoia is consistent with Munchhausens by Proxy ? Is everyone aware that Pamela Bruemmer has written about being viciously abused by Gerard Groot , her father , and spoken of this abuse to people and that physical abuse is consistent with Munchausens by Proxy ? What of Pamelas writings which contain subject matter such as poisons , illness , doctors , lying , diseases and much more ? Why would Pamela tell Detective Deszo that Christopher Bruemmer believes that Pamela hates their son ? What of Michael Bruemmers medical history , with Pamela often running this child to the doctor ? Why would these visits cease when Michael was placed in day care at a very early age , even though Pamela stays home alone all day ? Everyones sophomoric insults are pathetic in light of the evidence staring Pamela Bruemmer in the face and make no mistake , this case will be heard and the evidence will be examined .

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