Website Idea - classicbeats

Summary - A beginner-friendly website for people who want to learn how to play guitar and can connect with other beginners.

Content - This site will contain images and videos. I plan to get my content from google images and YouTube.

Competition - - I like the colors they use, which is like earthy tones. - I like that the website also has a friendly atmosphere to it. - I don't like that the free trial is only 7 days. - - I like that people can post covers of songs and chat with other users. - I like that people can read articles on it. - I also like that you can look up guitar tabs for songs.

Purpose - Users should care about he focus of this site becuase it could benefit them. The goal of this site is to get beginner guitar players to learn chord porgressions, learns an easy song to play, and to connect with other beginner players.

Desired Results - I would like users to be able to learn the basics of guitar and to connect with other beginners.

Target Audience - I would like my target audeince to be anyone. I want my visitors to be from any background.