Finding a Job
Learn how to look for a job. An English lesson with text, audio, and exercises
To keep a job,
be a team player

An English lesson with
text, audio, and exercises
Information about salaries for some of these jobs
Do a "Quick Search" for a job at
Type the name of the job you want, select the geographical location you want, and click GO.
Look at the websites of local employers
Virginia Hospital Center
Marriott Corporation
Clark Construction
Arlington County
Scroll down to see
job listings.)
Learn about Arlington County's on-line job application.
Get help at the Arlington Employment Center.
Go to Links for English Students
Learn how to write a resume and interview for a job.
This page is for intermediate and advanced students.)
Use Google to find the web sites of other employers. Type the employer's name in quotation marks in the search box.  For example, type "Clark Construction".
Learn the names of jobs.
Learn about careers that do not
require a university degree
Career opportunities and training for many careers without degrees
Learn more about career opportunities and training
Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook
Salaries for thousands of careers by location
The Federal Government
Ask about "Help Wanted" signs in store windows. Learn a model dialogue.
Practice reading classified ads.
#1 #2
Call for an interview.  Learn a model dialogue.
Match jobs with the skills
they require. #1 #2 #3
Learn the vocabulary in newspaper advertisments for jobs ("classified ads").  #1 #2
Learn the vocabulary in job applications. 
Take quizzes on the vocabulary.  #1 #2
Read a job application and answer questions.