South Wales motorsport fans don't need to wait until next July in order to enjoy the thrills of high-speed action on their doorstep.

Several pubs in Aberdare are currently offering special deals on prime viewing spots for the unofficial road races around Aberdare town centre.

Regular customers of the Conway Inn in Cardiff Street, run by keen Formula One fan John Evill, have been able to watch the qualifying heats for several weeks. Nick Brown of the Cambrian Inn is hoping to capitalise on the sessions, which start at approximately 6.30 pm and continue until 10 pm or later. Decent views can also be obtained from Rasputin's Vodka Bar, the Come Enjoy Chinese Restaurant, and the Bute Arms.

Morgan Dyton of the Market Tavern usually has grandstand seats available, although spectators would be advised to keep well clear of the pedestrian area outside, which is often used as an access  road by relief crews.

It is not known who is behind the scheme, which attracts racers of both sexes from throughout the valley, with the fastest cars vying for supremacy on the sharp bend known as Argos Corner. Betting shops are not yet offering odds on the outcomes, but unofficial gambling is believed to go on.

The new Welsh Grand Prix circuit encompasses most of the area marked in green and yellow, together with many of the side roads.

Races take place every evening, beginning at approximately 6.30 and going on until 10pm or later.
The road races, which are run every night on a circuit including Market Street, Duke Street, Station Street, and the bus running area of the bus station (with special dispensation for the drivers to use the "buses only" exit from the A4059), seem to have the full approval of RCTCBC and South Wales Police.

Although the organisers of the races prefer to keep their identities secret, no official moves have been made to prevent the event from taking place.

One enthusiastic fan told The Cynon Valley Beacon, "I can't wait until someone gets killed. It's bound to happen. That would really be the most excitement we've had round here for years."
David and Janet Fowler of the Cross Inn and Welsh Harp, Trecynon, who annually play host to fans from far and wide during the Motorcycle Races, have welcomed the races, and their outside tables offer great views of the straight stretch past the GATSO camera at Comin School.

If you don't want to spend the evening in the pub, however, half an hour spent sitting in the bus station, on the steps of the Palladium, or at the bus stop outside Aberdare Library will provide you with front-row seats.

Residents living as far afield as Trecynon, Aberaman, Cwmbach, Robertstown and Abernant are believed to be offering tickets for their front rooms, from where the nightly drama can usually be seen at close quarters.

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