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Barbara Gordon, daughter of police Commissioner James Gordon, is a college student attending Gotham State University. When Two Face sets up her father for taking bribes from Rupert Thorne, Barbara enlists the help of Batman to appear at a public rally for the Commissioner. When Batman dismisses the idea of making a "public appearance" Barbara takes matters into her own hands, she dresses in a Bat costume and attends the rally herself! When Robin spots the impostor, he chases after her. Grabbing the back of her cowl, he reveals her fiery red hair and thus "Batgirl" was born. With her gymnastic ability and innovative detective work she gains the respect of Batman and Robin. However it is her sexual ability which has allowed her to survive the numerous run ins with all of Gotham's cruelest villians. Barbara is similar in age to Robin, and the two share a flirtatious relationship.

Since she graduated college at twenty-one with honors in the field of computer science, she has worked for the police department updating their crime files, but during the night she battles the underworld as Batgirl.  Early on Batman deduced the masked red-head who fought so hard to clear Commissioner Gordon could only be Gordon's daughter, Barbara. When Dick Grayson left Gotham, Batman found himself calling on Batgirl to work with him on special cases. Eventually Batman told Batgirl the secret of his dual identity and granted her free access to the Batcave and all its technology. The Batcomputer quickly became her domain and now she even surpasses Batman, Robin and Nightwing in cyber-expertise.  Batgirl is a mistress of the cybernetic realm, and a master of the sexual realm.  Barbara is by her very nature a submissive, while her archenemy and sometime lover Catwoman is a dominatrix, the mix of which has led to some very interesting meetings, as you can read here in the Batgirl Erotica Archives.

Her double life as Batgirl oftentimes puts Barbara at an emotional and sexual  crossroads. As the daughter of the Police Commissioner, Barbara was raised with respect for law and order, but her actions as Batgirl technically label her a vigilante. If Batgirl was ever caught and unmasked, the scandal would certainly destroy Commissioner Gordon's career. Still, Gotham is a city that breeds an extreme kind of criminal and extreme crimefighters are needed to handle situations regular cops can't. Barbara believes the good she does as Batgirl is worth the potential physical and sexual risk to herself.
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