Cybelle Smith

Cybelle Smith

Linguist and Cognitive Scientist

Research Publications

I'm a third year Psychology PhD student at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

I'm interested in the neural and cognitive mechanisms underlying online language comprehension and memory.

I hope to help shape our answers to the following big questions:

What is the nature of the relationship between lexical-semantic and conceptual knowledge, and how is this knowledge represented in the neural and cognitive architecture?

How and when is this knowledge accessed and manipulated during online sentence comprehension?

A few subproblems that I find interesting include:

The role that real-world knowledge plays in shaping the meanings we assign to words during online processing. In different contexts, for example, "car" might refer to a honda or a ferrari; how and when do we infer which is the more likely meaning?

The role of verbal and non-verbal contextual information in shaping our understanding of and memory for new concepts.

Past Research Interests

In the past, I've also worked on the intonational phonology of questions in African American English and on object reference strategies in first language acquisition.

Please see my "research publications" section for samples of my work.