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Cut ManWelcome to Epilogues, where you unleash your imagination. Unfortunately, there's no epilogues about the team proper here at the moment. For now, enjoy Season Zero of the Lucky Lunatics! We will add episodes here when an episode is completed.

Season Zero

Episode -1: End of an Era
The end? Or a new beginning?

Episode 0: Excruciating Pain
Two mysterious figures create something new to replace a lost universe. Who are they? What are they?

Episode 1: The Last Robot War
Dr. Wily and Dr. Hikari are growing old, and their rivalry is becoming more and more destructive. Determined to end the conflict, Dr. Hikari decides that instead of sending Rock Man to fight Wily, he will take on his insane former colleague himself. But can he survive to see the rise of the Reploids? Who are Dr. Lux and Dr. Nox?

Episode 2: Heart and Soul
Dr. Gaster from Undertale needs Dr. Lux's help in reviving the 8 dead children whose souls were once intended to break the barrier of Mount Ebott, which would also prove to the humans of the Undertale universe that the monsters really did want peace. However, even in the world of Dr. Lux and Dr. Nox, there are those who let their hate blind them...

Episode 3: Sburban Decay
Dr. Nox and the Hinobi Technology corporation have captured the mysterious reality hacker known as "carcinoGeneticist". What evil plans do Nox's new employers have in store for their prisoner and the multiverse at large?