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    Zine info, distros, how-to, etc.

    alt.zines group; zine-related gossip, boasting, one-upping...and occasional news

    Bookmouth (Jeffrey Yamaguchi's site for self-publishers includes interviews with Jen Angel, Chip Rowe, Doug Holland, and other zine veterans)

    Great Worm Express Distribution ("Zines and other DIY media")

    Grrrlzines.net ("Grrrl and lady zines")

    Independent Publishing Resource Center (Portland, Oregon-based zine library and more)

    Microcosm Publishing (Independent publisher and distributor focusing on zines)

    Mobilivre (a.k.a. the Zine Bookmobile-- traveling exhibition of artists' books and zines)

    Paper trail zine distro

    Quimby's ("Unusual publications, aberrant periodicals...zines")

    Underground Literary Alliance (A "zeen"-makers' organization "aggressively courting a more significant female membership")

    Vlorbik (from the publisher of The Ten Page News and Indy Unleashed)

    Zinebook.com zine-related articles and archive information, interviews, review sources, distributors, individual zine links, how-to pages, and more...

    Zinesters List (info about--and contact data for--members of the Zinesters mailing list)

    ZineWiki ("Open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media")

    News and Review sources

    Broken Pencil Canadian zine news and reviews

    Indy Online (reviews from Indy Unleashed)

    The New Pages Zine Rack (Reviews by Sean Stewart)

    Queer Zine Explosion #19

    A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press (formerly Zine World; includes lists of small press review publications, "infoshops and zine libraries," and "upcoming zine and counterculture events")

    Xerography Debt ("The review zine with latent per-zine tendancies"; name changed from Xerox Debt after editor Davida Breier received a letter from Xerox Corporation threatening litigation)

    Zine Thug (zine reviews by Marc Parker and others)


    Boston Zine Fair (held annually in March)

    Expozine (Montreal; held each November)

    Madison (Wisconsin) Zinefest (held each October)

    Some zines

    Zines on the web (A Street Librarian starter list)

    Zine and ezine directories (Chip Rowe's zine directory page)

    The Flying Inkpot's Zine Scene (Historical links, circa 1998-99)

    John Labovitz's ezine list (newly restarted, c. 2004)


    Barnard College Zine Library Collection .. (Jenna Freedman's "Zines in Libraries" links)

    Baltimore County Public Library Zines Page

    Chip Rowe's "Zine Libraries" page (This listing mixes rag-tag agglomerations in disarray with specialized archives and a few living, growing, cataloged zine collections)

    Denver Zine Library

    Minneapolis Community and Technical College (search their zine collection)

    New York Public Library zines page

    Queer Zine Archive Project

    Sara Dyer Zine Collection (Duke University)

    Zinelibrary.net ("Online archive of anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian publications, saved in PDF format")


    Annotated list of books and articles about zines (updated version of Chris Dodge's A Zine-ography)

    Articles, Miscellanea and Humor

    "Collecting the Wretched Refuse" Lifting a Lamp to Zines, Military Newspapers, and Wisconsinalia" (homage to James P. Danky, Library Trends, Winter 2008)

    "Countering marginalization: incorporating zines into the library" (article by Jason Kucsma)

    "DIY corporate style: zines and the corporate world" (Stephen Duncombe article in Z Magazine, December 1999)

    "Fanzines explained" (Jim Romenesko article first published as "The zine explosion" in American Journalism Review, April 1993)

    Minnesota Zine Manifesto (including Ten Commandments of Zines)

    "Scratching the Surface: Zines in Libraries" (pdf of a paper by Annie Knight, San Jose School of Library & Information Science)

    "Things Zines Have Taught Me" (satirical look at zine clich�s by Ninjalicious, editor of Infiltration)

    "Zines are Dead" (John Marr's article in Bad Subjects, December 1999)

    Mike Gunderloy's home page (Factsheet Five founding editor)


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