Detailed Description of NFDC Films

27 Down

1973/115 mins/B&W/Hindi/EST
Dir: Awtar Krishna Kaul
Principal Cast: Rakhi, A.K. Raina

Artistically oriented Sanjay is pressurised by his retired railway-employee father that he should take a job in railways. Sanjay becomes a train conductor. He falls in love with a woman traveller but marries to a rural girl following his father's wishes. He revolts in his own way.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Hindi Film and Best Cinematography; Ecumenical Award, Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland.


The cry of of the wounded
1980/144 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Govind Nihalani
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Smita Patil, Om Puri

Bhaskar Kulkarni, a conscientious lawyer, while investigating the case of Lahanya Bhiku, an adivasi accused of murdering his wife, fathoms cruel facts. He discovers that a lobby of powerful businessmen, politicians and Govt. officials were responsible for killing Lahanya's wife!

Festival Participation/Awards:
Golden Peacock for Best Film, International Film Festival of India; National Award for Best Hindi Film.

Adi Mimamsa

A Rare Solution
1991/112 mins/Oriya/EST
Dir: A.K. Bir
Principal Cast: Lalitendu Rath, Neena Gupta, Mohan Gokhale

An old-fashioned house in a small town is divided into two parts by a wall that reminds of a disruption of the original family once lived here. The new occupants who start off well, end up in a different situation that could only remind of the bitter past. The fight is against the 'wall'.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Numerous national and Orissa state awards; Aravindan Award for Best First Film of the Director, 1992.

Adi Shankaracharya

1984/120 mins/Col/Sanskrit/EST
Dir: G.V. Iyer
Principal Cast: SD Banerjee, MV Narayana Rao, Manjunath Bhatt

Kerala-born Shankaracharya emerged as a Hindu revivalist during the eighth century. He was a great interpreter of the Vedas and Upanishads. To propagate the monistic Advaita philosophy, Shankaracharya travelled across the sub-continent.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Audiography

Adaminte Variyellu

Dir: K.G. George
1983/142 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Principal Cast: Suhasini, Sreevidya, Soorya, Rajam K.Nair, Gopi

Vasanthi, Alice and Ammini come from three different walks of life, sharing very little among them. Yet their predicament is the same - that of a women living in a repressive society. In their own way, they rebel against their destiny, rather than remain secondary citizens in a man's world. Three different stories develop out of them reflecting the social realities.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1991/120 mins/ Co/ Bengali
Dir:Satyajit Ray
Principal Cast:Uterpal Dutt, Dipanker De, Mamata Shankar, Dhritmaan Chatterji, Bikram Bhattacharya.

Anila and her husband, Sudhindra Bose, receive the news that her uncle Manmohan, who has spent more that 35 years travelling in distant lands, is back in India and would like to spend a few days with them. Manmohan arrives and turns out to be a forthright man with lots of stories to tell about his travels, which make the Boses all the more suspicious. He, however, wins the admiration of their 11 years old son Satyaki. Sengupta, a barrister friend, is invited to subject Manmohan to an interrogation during the course of which Manmohan is openly insulted. The next morning Manmohan is gone. The couple set out in search of him and eventually make a discovery that is both a source of delight and shame for them.


Dir: Chidananda Dasgupta
Principal Cast: Rachana Banerjee, Tathagata Sanyal, Piyush Ganguly

Amodini is a rich landowner's daughter. Unable to face social stigma, her father arranges her marriage to a much older person, who fails to turn up on the wedding day. To save the situation, she is forced to marry a 15-year old boy, but he also runs away to come later. Something unusual happens then.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1993/91 mins/ Co/ Bengali/ EST
Dir:Mrinal Sen
Principal Cast:Dimple Kapadia, Anjan Dutt, Tathagatha Sanyal.

One night the phone rings. The man picks it up. The caller immediately hangs up. On the other side of the phone is a woman, living in a large apartment of a high-rise building, dreadfully lonely and captive by circumstances.The woman phones again in the middle of the night. The man does not sound unfriendly. Days rolls and the talks multiply. A queer game starts. Keeping themeselves at an undefinable distance in the sprawling metropolitan city. The man and the woman build a weird world, a world replet with sensuality. Then, in the middle of a fateful night, the world thus built suddenly collapses. But life goes on. And there is passion and pain in it.


Dir: Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Principal Cast: Ashokan, Mamooty, Sobhana, BK Nair

The story of Ajayan, an extremely sensitive person, told in the first person narrative, which brings forth new events and relationships into focus as it unfolds. An unwanted child, Ajayan had been abandoned by his mother in the labour room of a hospital. Ajayan remains a misfit in a conventional society.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Antarjali Yatra

The Voyage Beyond
1987/134 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Goutam Ghose
Principal Cast: Shatrughan Sinha, Promode Ganguly, Shampa Ghosh

19th century Bengal. The practice of Sati is banned but it is still practised. An old Brahmin is brought to the Ganges to invoke divine blessings for a dying man. On an astrologer's susggestion, a young girl is married to the dying man!

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali; Golden Semurg for Best Film at the Tashkent Film Festival.


A Trip into the Jungle
1994/90 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: A.K. Bir
Principal Cast: Sarat Pujari, Navni Parihar, Sanjana Kapoor

Living in his ancestral mansion in a jungle, Raja Saheb, a middle-aged widower passes time in hunting. Once with a tribal boy and with his guests - two couples - he goes on a hunting spree. On the way some strange things happen which push every one into a deep introspection.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Ardh Satya

Half Truth
1983/130 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Govind Nihalani
Principal Cast: Om Puri, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah

A contemporary story of an upright police officer and how he gets himself trapped by the city's shady underworld. Anant Welankar, the police officer wants to teach a lesson to a criminal Rama Shetty, but it was beyond him to do that. Criminal politics are much too hard to tackle.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Gold Medal for Direction and Ecumenical Award , Locarno Film Festival; Bengal Film Journalists' Award for Best Indian Film.

Bagh Bahadur

1989/91 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Budhadeb Dasgupta
Principal Cast: Pavan Malhotra, Archana, Vasudev Rao

A story about Gunuram, a quarry worker who returns to his native village of Nonpura to participate in its annual festival as the celebrated 'Tiger Dancer' and to marry Radha, the daughter of the drummer Sibal. However, Ghunuram's dance is eclipsed by a real-life leaopard show staged by a circus. In addition, Archana falls in love with a circus performer. In desperation and encouraged by Sibal's drumming, Ghunuram enters the leopard's cage and challenges it to a duel...

Festival Participation/Awards:
IndianPanorama, International Film Festival of India.


1989/108 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Jahnu Barua
Principal Cast: Sushil Goswamy, Mridula Barua, Debu Phukan

Tapan Barua is an honest forest officer, fighting those who cut trees to mint money. But those people with power connections force him to transfer again and again. Tapan's wife gets fed up of an unsettled life. When Tapan's daughter suffers from a heart disease he is not able to raise enough money for her treatment. But on his transfer to a new village, he finds some hope with the people who are conscious about protecting forests. His wife also joins the movement. Tapan is not alone...

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1995/130 mins/Marathi/EST
Dir: Amol Palekar
Principal Cast: Chandrakant Mandray, Adhishree Atre

It is a story of young man who takes a journey on a cart through jungles to reach small hamlet of Bangarwadi, inhabited by a few shepherds, peasants and some members of a criminal tribe known as the Ramoshis. The young man goes there as a teacher. After the initial trauma, he finds the milieu and the environmental very inspiring and educative. But then he is transferred to some other school. What remains with his is the memory of simple folks and pure nature.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Bandh Zharokhen

1997/125 mins/Col/Hindi
Dir: Prem Karanth
Principal Cast: Sonali Kulkarni, Ravi Mankani, Uttara Baokar, Tushar Dalvi

Sarita a successful professional woman, wife of Manohar and mother of two children, comes back to the home of her estarnge parents on hearing about her mother's death. She seizes the opportunity of her mother's death to get away and visits her father. The ghosts of the past rise to confront her. At this moment of crisis, she breaks out her silence and charges her father of being indifferent to her predicament. All her fears, resentments and the awareness of her mother's hostility break out of her. She faces the reality that her marriage is a failure and she can not keep up the pretence of proving her mother's prediction wrong that her marriage with Manohar, would fail.

Bhagvad Gita

Dir: G.V. Iyer

The song of the Lord - is the message of Lord Krishna to the great warrior- King Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra on the first day of the Mahabharat war which took place around the 6th century B.C. Bhagavad Gita depicts the journey of man. The journey is difficult as the two fields- Dharmakshetra and Kurukshetra. The man's body is itself a field of conflicts. Therefore, man's journey begins within himself and it is to overcome the conflicting forces which are by their very nature, uncontrollable, obstinate but powerful.

Bhavni Bhavai

A Folk Tale
1980/135 mins/Gujarati/EST
Dir: Ketan Mehta
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Smita Patil, Mohan Gokhale

Dedicated to Asait Thakore, the great Bhavai folk play exponent and Bertolt Brecht, Bhavni Bhavai in its sing-song and Brechtian style exposes the inequities in a cast-ridden society. In its interesting narrative it also contextualises the post-independent socio-political Indian reality.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Two National Awards and the UNESCO Award for Best Film on Human Rights.


1977/142 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Shyam Benegal
Principal Cast: Smita Patil, Anant Nag, Amrish Puri

Based on the biography of Hansa Wadkar, a star of the Marathi folk theatre and the cinema of the 40s, the film tells of a working woman who struggles through a profession looked down upon by society. Recreating the period and films of those times, the film reveals the turmoil the actress experiences right from a troubled childhood, her mariagte to the jealous man (also her mother's lover); her search for happiness with other men. In the end, she decides to face her future alone.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Bhuvan Shome

1969/96 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Mrinal Sen
Principal Cast: Utpal Dutt, Suhasini Mulay, Sadhu Meher

Mr.Bhuvan Shome, a loner, is appointed in a country side on a Govt. job. He meets a charming woman, one of his subordinates' wife. One day he plans for shooting birds. Confronting the innocence of village folks, the loner disciplinarian finds himself in peculiar situations.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Gold Medal, Venice Film Festival; Special Jury Award, IFFI + Several National Awards.


1980/140 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Ravindra Dharmaraj
Principal Cast: Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah

Amma, needs a support from some man because she feels highly insecured. In the slum where she lives, comes a young man. Amma gets closer to him. But her only son falls into his bad company. After the young man goes away, Amma develops relationship with a truck driver, who is a drunkard and a murderer. It's a vicious circle...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


Shelter of the Wings
1993/86 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Principal Cast: Rajit Kapoor, Laboni Sarkar, Sadhu Meher

For generations the men in Lakhinder's family caught and sold migratory birds for their livelihood. However, Lakhinder falls in love with the birds following the death of his son. Now he catches birds only to release them during night. In his obsession he even becomes indifferent to his wife and Natabar, who works for the local bird merchant. From birds emerges an unusual narrative.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Festival of India; Berlin Film Festival.

Char Adhyay

1997/110 mins/Col/Hindi & Bengali
Principal Cast: Nadini Ghosal, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Koushik Gopal, Ramchandra Prahihari, Shruti Yusufi.

Char Adhyay is a subtle delineation of homan relationships based on a novella by Rabindranath Tagore. The energies of painting, theatre, music and dance come together in this cinema. Char Adhyay is set in Bengal of the 30's. Its narrative and its poetic depiction of pain is unique to Indian art cinema.


1991/140 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: K. Hariharan
Principal Cast: Om Puri, Deepti Naval, Dr. Sreeram Lagoo

Pro-establishment Velu , an owner of a small sugarcane field hopes that the Electricity Board will condone the delay in payment of his electricity bill. In the meanwhile, he and his wife are ruined. Friends and neighbours offer only suggestions. It is Radha, whom the villagers despised,finally stands up.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


Bonded until Death
1984/112 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Prakash Jha
Principal Cast: Deepti Naval, Manohar Singh, Annu Kapoor

A village on the banks of Ganges in Bihar, which is de-facto ruled by a rich landowner. He is notorious for for criminal activities and treating his farm workers as serfs. In typical Bihar caste ridden politics, the Harijans invite the mafia lord's wrath. Consequences are deadly.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Filmfare Critics' Award for Best Feature Film; Indian Film Directors' Association Award for Best Direction.


1985/107 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir, Story: Utpalendu Chakraborty
Principal Cast: Smita Patil, Sadhu Meher, Rohini Hattangady, Om Puri

Poverty-stricken Raghubir and Sita come to Sita's elder brother in another village in search of livelihood. One day Raghubir hears announcements about a child-god in the village. On seeing the child, Raghubir and Sita realize that it was the same freak child they had sold off for some income

Festival Participation/Awards:
Gold Medal for Direction and Ecumenical Award , Locarno Film Festival; Bengal Film Journalists' Award for Best Indian Film.


City of Dreams
1991/120 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Sudhir Mishra
Principal Cast: Om Puri, Shabana Azmi, Raghuvir Yadav

Dharavi in Bombay is the largest slum in Asia. In sub-human living conditions, each man is for himself, aspiring to make it for himself. Bollywood supplies fantasies to them. Dharavi is the story of Rajkaran, a taxi-driver who falls into a labyrinth...

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Film Award for Best Hindi film, Best Editing, Best Music Direction, 1992.


The initiation
1991/120 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Arun Kaul
Story: Dr.UR Anantha Murthy
Principal Cast: Nana Patekar, M. Singh

Acharya Udupa is a Vedic scholar running a residential school - gurukul. His latest disciple is Nanni whose training at once is in the gurukul as well as from his peer group and milieu. Nanni is witness to Udupa's daughter getting pregnant by a local school teacher. Something terrible follows in an orthodox Brahminical society...

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India, 1993


1990/135 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir:Sai Paranjpye
Principal Cast: Nana Patekar, Raghuvir Yadav, Shabana Azmi

After a draught, two peasants - Vasant and Soma decides to migrate to Bombay from their small village in Maharashtra. Soma borrows some money and arranges to bribe officials for getting a job. But the realities in Bombay are much too harsh. Somehow Soma manages to reconcile with them but Vasant is homesick, he remembers his wife. He dreams to earn enough money and buy a gift for her. But the cruel city makes him lose the direction.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1995/140 mins/Col/Marathi/EST
Dir: Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukhtankar
Principal Cast: Renuka Daftardar, Amrita Subhash, Nilu Phule

A story of Gauri and Krishna - the two ordinary middle-class girls who, as their fate would have it, fall into different circumstances of life. After her husband's fatal accident, Gauri comes to her poor brother in Bombay only to become a sex worker. Krishna tries to help her in vain.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1990/171 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Govind Nihalani
Principal Cast: Dimple Kapadia, Shekhar Kapoor, Mita Vashist

Sandhya and Nikhil are a happy working couple. Their domestic bliss is punctured after some years, though they maintain a happy facade. Out of their emotional turbulence emerges a criss-cross of love eventually ending into a wisdom that could only rejoin them.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Hindi Film; Indian Panorama.


In two Minds
1973/118 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Mani Kaul
Principal Cast:Ravi Menon, Raisa Padamsee, Hardan, Shambhudan

The film is based on a folktale of Rajasthan and its visual treatment develops in the famous Rajasthan miniature style of painting. The story is simple. A ghost falls in love with the bride, whose merchant husband had gone away on business. She is left alone in her new environment. Duvidha defers from other conventional film in its of non-theatricality and use of sound.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Ek Din Achanak

Suddenly one day
1988/105 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Mrinal Sen
Principal Cast: Shabana Azmi, Dr Sreeram Lagoo, Aparna Sen

Calcutta. One day the city is crippled by a heavy downpour. Everything goes topsyturvy. A professor who has gone out for a while doesn't return home for months he leaves his family in a great anxiety. In the vacuum created by his absence, the family finds itself trapped in a new emotional world

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Ek Doctor ki Maut

Death of a Doctor
1990/122 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Tapan Sinha
Principal Cast: Shabana Azmi, Pankaj Kapur, Irfan Khan, Deepa Sahi

This three-part film initially shows the doctor's early ambitions and the moral strength he draws from his wife. He is the wayward genius, erratic and given to sudden outbursts. He has made an amazing discovery in the sphere of artificially induced births. In fact, it is his wife who is as much as himself who is responsible for the new discovery. After an interlude, comes the final and optimistic part...

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Second Best Film, Best Director, Special Jury Award.

Ek Hota Vidushak

Once there was a Clown
1992/145 mins/Marathi/EST
Dir, Story: Jabbar Patel
Principal Cast: Laxmikant Berde, Varsha Usgaonkar, Dilip Prabhavalkar,

Mohan Agashe

Aburao, the once wellknown Songadya, a folk theatre clown is lured by the glittering world of cinema. Seduced by an actress, he betrays his beloved who is pregnant from him. Finally Aburao fills his own life with humour which he had always missed. He gains a new and charming life thanks to his daughter born of his beloved...

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India


The Spark
1991/116 mins/Col/Assamese/EST
Dir: Jahnu Barua
Principal Cast: Malaya Goswamy, Bishnu Kharghoria

After her husband's death, a young teacher decides to turn the local village school into a centre of social awakening. The struggle that this young widow leads to insipire the illiterate poor people around to raise their voice against injustice is not liked by a zamindar. His accomplices set the school on fire. But by then the people were already enlightened; they rebuild the temple of knowledge...

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Acting to the lead actress.


1995/130 mins/Col/Kannada/EST
Dir: MS Sathyu
Principal Cast: V. Shailaja, CR Simha, M.V. Narayana Rao

Orphaned but a girl with an unusual grit and courage, Nitya meets a poor couple who claim to be her grand parents. Though suspicious of them, she supports them. She falls in love with a terrorist boy, who is hunted by the police. Nitya would like him to surrender but...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Gangavva Gangamai

1994/130 mins/Col/Kannada/EST
Dir: Vasant Mokashi
Story: S.M. Punekar
Principal Cast: Anant Nag, Vaishali Kasarvalli, Hemant Hegde

India in the midst of freedom struggle against the British. Three orthodox Brahmin families find themselves in a new situation - new values, new ideals. About to be disintegrated, the families hold together with their inherited culture and beliefs. But the trauma is evident.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Garm Hawa

1974/125 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: M.S. Sathyu
Principal Cast: Balraj Sahni, Gita, Faroukh Sheikh

A story about India's partition times. Salim Mirza, a shoe factory-owner is an upright person, who has proudly accepted India as his country. He undergoes a mental trauma but comes to realize the saving power of the secular people's movements and that something could be done through only such movements which his son had chosen to join.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Film on National Integration and Best Story; Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay.


1989/100 mins/Col/Bengali
Dir: Satyajit Ray
Principal Cast: Soumitra Chatterji, Dhritman Chatterji, Mamta Shankar, Ruma Guha, Thakurta, Dipi Dipanker De

Dr. Ashok Gupta, a scientifically inclined physician in the small West Bengal town of Chandipur discovers that water-borne disease are suddenly on the increase. Investigations reveal that the water from the holy well of the Tripureshwar temple is contaminated. Dr. Gupta suggests that the temple be closed down till the holy water is made safe enough for drinking. His younger brother Nishith, who is the Chairman of the Muncipal Corporation, does not accept the suggestion since his business partner Mr. Bhargava who is the trustee of the temple, wants the affair hushed up for the fear of sharing away the devotees who represent good business for the small temple town. A fierce confrontation ensues with Dr. Gupta being declared Public Enemy.

Ghare Baire

The home and the world
1984/140 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Satyajit Ray
Story: Rabindranath Tagore
Principal Cast: Soumitra Chatteree, Victor Banerjee, Jennifer Kapoor

1905. Bengal facing division under Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India. The divisionist policy of the British leads to a terrorist uprising by the middle-class intelligentsia. In this turbulent political background, a tender story of love between a political activist, Sandip and Bimala develops...

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Feature Film, + several national and international awards.

Halodiya choraye bAudhan khaI

The Catastrophe
1986/120 mins/Assamese/EST
Dir:Jannu Barua
Principal Cast:Indra Bania, Purnima Pathak, Pranjol Saikia

Rakeshwar is a farmer who survives with his wife and son on the produce of his small paddy field. But even this piece of 'survival' is at stake as a local wealthy man reclaims the land under some pretext. He has a documentary evidence. Rakeshwar files a suit in the collector's office. In the meanwhile, elections are held and Rakeshwar's fate takes a zigzagular turn.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Hirak Rajar Deshe

The Kingdom of Diamonds
1980/118 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Satyajit Ray
Principal Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Utpal Dutt, RobiGhosh

Married to the daughters of the Kings of Shundi and Halla, Goopy and Bagha have had an uneventful life until they are invited by the King of Hirak to celebrate his accession to the throne. Named after the diamond mine, Hirak is a police state ruled by a tyrant king. To end the tyrannical rule Goopy, Bagha and a school teacher join hands...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

His Highness Abdulla

1990/150 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: Sibi Malayil
Principal Cast: Mohanlal, Gouthami, N. Venu, Sreenivasan

His Highness Udaya Varma, the ex-benevolent ruler of a princely state falls ill, his huge family of kith and kin gather around him, only to wait for his death so that they can obtain his wealth. The ruler's wife has gone senile after her son's death. When the ruler miraculously recovers from his illness his relatives are dejected and they plot to have him killed. Abdullah is hired...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Hkhagoroloi Bohu Door

It's a long way to the Sea
1995/106 mins/Col/Assamese/EST
Dir: Jahnu Barua
Principal Cast: Bishnu Kharghoria, Arun Nath, Kashmiri Saikia Barua

The saga of a boatman understanding the world around him, the film is a story of Puwal living in a village on the bank of Dihing river in Assam. Since there is no bridge across the river, he ferries people to and fro. This is hereditary job, which he wants to change. In the meantime he hears that a bridge would be built. He is invited to the city by his son. There he gets more disillusioned.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama; Awarded at the Chicago International Film Fest.

Hun, Hunshi, Hunshilal

Love in the time of Malaria
1992/133 mins/Col/Gujarati/EST
Dir: Sanjiv Shah

Principal Cast: Dilip Joshi, Renuka Shahane, Mohan Gokhale

In Khojpuri ruled by King Bhadrabhoop, citizens sleep and work. Once they got bitten by mysterious mosquitoes, making some citizens rebellious even in their dreams. King bans dreaming. When a young scientist Hunshi gets an m-bite, he becomes violent. He is operated.. But what happens to Hunshi's love, Parveen?

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama; Numerous Awrds (including Best Film) given by the Gujarat State.

Ilayum Mullum

Leaves and Thorns
1993/91 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: K.P. Sasi
Principal Cast: Pallavi Joshi, Santhi Krishna, Kanya, Sabanam

Shantha, Parvathy, Sri Devi and Lakshmi are very close friends, working together in a weaving centre. Their bold behaviour is frowned upon by the male-dominated village community. Fed up by the harassment and the village grapevine, the girls decide to commit suicide. Sri Devi's sympathetic mother saves her from the fatal action but the other two, end their life..

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

In Which Annie Gives It Those One

1988/112 mins/Col/EST
Dir: Pradip Krishen
Principal Cast:Arjun Raina, Arundhati Roy, Rituraj

TV film comedy about college life in Delhi. Set in an architecture college, the hero, Anand Grover (Annie) keeps failing his exams because he made fun of his collegehead. Nevertheless, he retains his idealist vision of planting fruit trees to prevent people defecating near railway lines. In the end, Annie manages to pass his exams somehow, and...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Indradhanura Chhai

Shadows of the Rainbow
1995/100 mins/Col/Oriya/EST
Dir: Susant Misra
Principal Cast: Robin Das, Vijaini Misra, Surya Mohanty, Deba Dash

Urbanisation and the consequent rise of modern consumerism have affected the traditional social and family structures in Bhubaneswar, a small temple town in Eastern India. Against the backdrop of this changing cityscape, the film explores the multidimensional conflicts of its characters, their changing perceptions about human nature and personal relationships.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Official Selection, Cannes'95; Grand Prix, Sochi, Russia.


1995/101 mins/Col/Assamese/EST
Dir: Bhabendra Nath Saikia
Principal Cast: Nikumoni Barua, Tapan Das, Biju Phukan, Mridula Barua

The film explores the travails of the down-trodden class in the outskirts of the city to which belongs a poor family of a widow. Once a greedy promoter enters the area and he disturbs the poor but cohesive life of the dwellers there. The promoter gradually buys or grabs the land and builds modern flats there. Circumstances, as they develop, are much too startling.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Who pays the Piper
1983/110 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir, Story: Kundan Shah
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Pankaj Kapur, Satish Shah

A photographer-duo starts a studio only to find wrong things happening right from its launch. However, their photographic assignments lead them to expose shady facts - of city's builders, of municipal officers and others. The film enlightens on many things through its hilarious style which weaves into its narrative the epical (a la Mahabharata) episodes to incisive effects.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Film, India; Vervy International Film Festival for Comedy Films, Switzerland.


The Day Of Birth
1997/110 mins/Col/Malayalam
Dir: Soma Josson

There is the younger Sarasu, the older Sarasu, Sarasu's Child, (who is as yet unborn), the younger Amma, the older Amma. These are the various characters who pass through the frames, in the film, Janmadinam. Sarasu is the daughter, ans Amma, the mother. Sarasu has come to the hospital to deliver her baby. Amma is with her, to assist her. The actual time-span of the film, is this single night which mother and daughter spend at the hospital. By dawn, a baby is born to Sarasu. But within those six hours, time and space lose their definations, and ther is a flow if images, which constantly destructures the linear narrative.


Twilight of Death
1997/124 mins/Col/Hindi
Dir: Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Ranjit was an educated and unemployed young man who was desperately looking for a job. He found himself being taught to use a gun by people who promises to show him a new way of life and lead him to a better future. One day, as instructed by these people, he shot and killed Anuradha's husband Arabinda Sharma. A few days later, Banajit Dutta, a professor of the local college, was shot to death. As time went by and Ranjit grew inevitably closer to Dutta's family, life in this strange prison became intolerable. Haunted by memories of the crime that he wasn't allowed to forget, tortured by guilt and remorse, he struggled to find peace, to retain his sanity. Now he sought the answers to the questions he had not asked before- the same questions that Anjali and Anuradha had never found answers to. One day, his journey came to an end. On that day he left behind his lovely fiance, Bina, and his younger sister Kusum, to join the likes of Anjali and Anuradha to keep waiting for the answer.

Kamla Ki Maut

Death of Kamla
1989/100 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Basu Chatterji
Principal Cast: Pankaj Kapur, Roopa Ganguli, Supriya Pathak

The 20-year-old Kamla is traumatised when she finds that she was pregnant before marriage and how would she face her lover. Unable to face the problem, she commits suicide by jumping down from her one-room flat. Kamla's suicide creates a moral problem for her neighbours, who start instropecting about their own guilt.

Karuvelam Pookkal

1996/30 mins/Col/Tamil
Dir: Poomani

This is the story of a village- Karisalkulam, Southern Tamil Nadu- the people who struggle to eke out a living, and it takes us to one family in particular. The tragedy of the family assumes secondary importance in the face of economic misery. The routine i.e. children seeking employment in match factories continues. The question remains- What or who can wipe out the misery of these children caught in the web of the tragedy of life and circumstances.

Festival Participation/Awards:


1990/121 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Kumar Shahani
Story: Adapted from Anton Chekov's In the Gully
Principal Cast: Shatrughan Sinha, Mita Vasisht, Manohar Singh

Maniram, the patriarch has amassed wealth by dubious means. He gets Tejo, one of the most beautiful women, to marry his younger son. Intelligent Tejo gradually takes over her father-in-law's business. Maniram remarries and in the meanwhile his city-based elder son arrives to create a crisis in the family, which eventually leads to Tejo's sway over family.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Filmfare Critics Award for Best Feature Film. Participated in world's major festivals.

Katha Doan Ganpatraonchi

1996/140 mins/Col/Marathi
Dir: Arun Khopkar

Ganpatrao Turay-Patil and Ganpatrao Moray-Patil are two bachelors, temperamentally and physically each other's opposites, but inseparable friends from childhood.
The story covers a span of twenty years from the early sixitiesto the eighties. At the beginning of this period, the two friends have a series of arguments over a beautiful old sword which Moray possesses and Turay covets. Turay cannot give up his desire for the heirloom and Moray will not part with it. The final argument turns into an all-out quarrel.
The quarel is taken to the law-courts. In the end, the two friends are ruined while the do-nothings now head a triving business enterprise.


1983/108 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir:Mrinal Sen
Principal Cast: Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor

Photographer Subhash goes to a village with his friends. There lives his friend's old aunt, who has been cursing a boy who had promised to marry her daughter but had ditched When the old woman looks at Subhash, she thinks he was the same person. She insists upon him to marry her daughter. Since she was on her death bed no one had the courage to reveal the truth.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India; Berlin Film Festival.

Khayal Gatha

Khayal saga
1989/103 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Kumar Shahani
Principal Cast: Birju Maharaj, Alaknanda Samarth, Mita Vashist

The vocal tradition of the khayal is a major part of the Indian classical music. Around it are woven many legends, which this film weaves in its narrative. As it evolved, Khayal also related itself to dance. The film presents the richness of this musical traditions through audio-visual metaphors. In terms of aesthetics, it is one of the important films on the subject.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Turmoil
1988/118 mins/Col/Asamese/EST
Dir: Bhabendranath Saikia
Principal Cast: Ranu Devi Thakur, Arun Nath

The child Moti keeps himself and his mother from starvation by stealing rice from trucks. His mother Kiran tries to work in a warehouse with a little support from her neighbours. Moti is killed when a truck capsizes and the driver tries to bribe his mother with a sack of rice marked by the blood of her son. When later she discovers that her long absent husband is living with another woman in the city, she succumbs to the advances of Badal, the truck cleaner.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Story of A Story Teller
1995/120 mins/Col/Kannada
Dir: Girish Kasaravalli

The film tries to capture the life of an old lady in a traditional middle class family and the complex relationships between individuals spanning three generations.

Limited Manuski

Limited Humanity
1995/105 mins/Col/Marathi/EST
Dir: Jayoo and Nachiket Patwardhan
Principal Cast: Rajit Kapoor, Gopika Sahani, Ravindra Mankani

A young bank-employee dashes his scooter into a funeral procession of a dead child. Two processionists demand punishment to him. But humanists as they were, they take him to the hospital. Punishment pending, the dead boy's mother is pregnant again. The scooter rider realizes his weakness.

Festival Participation/Awards:


1993/91 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: P.T.Kunhimohammed
Principal Cast: Murali, Sreenivasan, Sree Raman, Sarnya

Magrib meaning dusk or reprieve is a film on the relative shift in the frame of reference ruling the familial relations in a traditional community having specific cultural ethos, that of the Muslims in the South Malabar. Razaq, a convict lunatic confined in the asylum for long had killed his wife in anger, suspecting of her infidelity. An infant girl child of the couple is brought up by the joint family. When she grows to a marriageable age, there emerges a crisis.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Main Zinda Hoon

I am living
1989/120 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Sudhir Mishra
Principal Cast: Deepti Naval, Kulbhushan Kharbanda

The story of an orphan girl Beena who migrates to Bombay only to find her idle husband deserting her. She becomes the breadwinner of the family. When she falls in love with a man, members of her family change their attitude as they grow selfish and feel that they would be losing their sustenance of life. They don't sympathise with Beena any longer. Instead they treat her as a whore.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Film on Social Issues; Montreal, Rio, Tokyo, London - film festivals.


1994/130 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Shyam Benegal
Principal Cast: Farida Jalal, Surekha, Sikri, Amit Phalke

Mammo is a nickname given to Mehmooda Begum by her sisters. She marries a man from Lahore. After partition, she and her husband automatically become Pakistani citizens. Although childless, her marrige is a happy one until her husband's death. Over property matters, Mammo is thrown out of the house by her relatives. She comes to India to stay with only kin, her two sisters. Unable to extend her visa she has to go back - political priorities defeat humanitarian ones!.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Dwelling
1989/125 mins/Col/Kannda/EST
Dir, Story: Girish Kasaravalli
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Deepti Naval, Rohini Hattangadi

A captivating story of a house and its dwellers - Rajanna and Geeta who fall into a rigmarole of incidents in trying to get rid of the intolerable noise created by a neighbouring workshop. It's an embarrasing and compromising struggle, especially for Geeta who succumbs to a wily police officer.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada; Indian Panorama; Sydney, London, Fukuoka, Japan.


102 mins/Col/Malayalam
Dir: T.V. Chandran

Mangamma finds a small-time job of a helper in a tea shop, run by Nair. Her enterprising nature and steadfast efforts help improve Nair's business. Velayudan, a silent and studious orphan boy who also works in the tea shop takes to Mangamma almost like to a mother. Nair gets increasingly drawn towards Mangamma and on the death of her father, Nair accepts her as his wife. The shop and the lives of the people inside go on its routine pace until a rich contractor intending to buy up the land confronts them.
The hirelings of the contractor dismantle the shop and set fire to it. Undeterred, Mangamma repairs the salvaged shop.
The police again take Nair into custody, this time under the pretext of interrogating him on the whereabouts of Velayudhan, only to bring him back dead.
Without relenting, she is determined that they should open the shop next day.

Marhi Da Deeva

1991/35 mins/Col/Punjabi
Dir: Surinder Singh
Principal Cast: Raj Babbar, Deepti Naval, Parikshit Sahani, Pankaj Kapoor, Asha Sharma

The first Punjabi are-house film is a melodrama about feudalism based on a popular novel, also adapted to the stage, by Gurudial Singh. The story chronicles the shift from feudal sharecropping to capitalist farming over two generations of the region's rural elite. Hero Jasgir the son of sharecropper Thola, is treated as brother by landlord Dharam Singh. The landlord's son, however does not continue this family tradition. AS Jasgir's mother belongs to a nomad caste, the hero's love for the bride of the impotent barber Nika is fraught with problems. Symbolically, the building of Jasgir's father's tomb and then of his own tomb proceeds Jasgir's physical deterioration and death. Insighful links between masculinity and land ownership provide a good example of how melodrama can address difficult political realities.


The other side
1990/80 mins/Col/Tamil/EST
Dir: KS Sethu Madhavan
Principal Cast: Shiv Kumar, Jaya Bharathi

Ambi, when comes to Kumbakonam from Delhi is shocked to see Vembu Iyer, his Vedic scholar father who is unable to recognise his own son. Ambi learns from his mother that Vembu Iyer has retreated into silence ever since he heard about his son's unhappy marriage. Gradually the old man's self guilt begins to surface.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay and Special Jury Award for Acting.

Massey Sahib

1986/118 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir, Story: Pradip Krishen
Principal Cast: Raghuvir Yadav, Barry John, Arundhati Roy, Virendra Saxena

Of Indian origin, Francis Massey believes that he is closer to the colonialists. Self-assumed Massey, dresses himself like a British bureaucrat. When the new Dy. High Commissioner comes, he finds Massey a corrupt person. Massey is dreaming to marry a tribal girl Saila, one day.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Best Actor's Award, International Film Festival of India, 1987. San Francisco; London Film Festivals.


The Enchanting Illusion
1992/140 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Ketan Mehta
Story: Adapted from Gustave Flaubert's Madam Bovary
Principal Cast: Deepa Sahi, Faroque Sheikh, Shah Rukh Khan

Flaubert's sensuous woman Bovary becomes Maya in Ketan Mehta's hands. The more she gets disillusioned with the real life experiences the more she indulges herself in fantasies. And she keeps chasing these self-created mirages till her tragic, comic, heroic, magical end.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India, 1993

Maya Miriga

The Mirage
1984/112 mins/Col/Oriya/EST
Dir: Nirad N. Mahapatra
Principal Cast: Bansidhar Satpathy, Manimala, Kishore Debi

A traditional middle-class family - a school head master, his wife, their four sons and their children- in a small Orissa town. The obviously quiet joint family has tensions within. The head-master realizes the changing moods and forces responsible for pulling every one apart.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Second Best Feature Film; Grand Prize at Mannheim Film Festival.


1995/100 mins/Col/Malayalam
Dir: P. Chandrakumar
Principal Cast: Arathi

Mini is a story of a school girl's brave attempt to reform her father, who makes a nuisance of himself in the house and in the neighbourhood every evening. Mini, who is at her wit's end tries in vain to persuade her father to give up his habit, until one day, she hears the story of how Mahatma Gandhi...

Mirch Masala

1986/128 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Ketan Mehta
Story: Chunilal Madia
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Smita Patil, Om Puri

A village in Saurashtra, full of illiteracy and poverty. During the British regime, a clownish but arrogant tax-collector harasses ordinary folks. He is confronted by a courageous lady, Sonbai. The tax-collecting officer tries to lure Sonbai, but gets in turn a jolt of his life.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Best Feature Film, Hawaii International Film Festival; National Award for Best Hindi Film, Best Direction, Best Actress.

Miss Beatty's Children

1992/112 mins/Col/English
Dir: Pamela Rooks
Principal Cast: Jenny Seagrove, Faith Brooks, Protima Bedi

1936 - an idealistic English school teacher comes to Trippuvur to work with Mabel Forster, a strong-willed missionary devoted to saving young girls from being sold into temple prostitution. Mabel has to fight Kamla Devi, a senior temple woman. In Mabel's absence Jane gets into a nasty controversy. Eventually Jane finds a comrade in an American doctor.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India, 1993

Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho

A summons for Mohan Joshi
1984/130 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Saeed Mirza
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Dipti Naval, Bhishma Sahni, Dina Pathak

Living in a dilapidated chawl, Mohan Joshi pleads with the landlord to get the building repaired. But the landlord wanted every tenant to quit so that he could build a skycrapper there and make lot of money. Frustrated, Joshi goes to the court of law. But it wasn't so easy to get justice as he had idealistically thought. Nothing happens to the culprits. Finally he sees the hollowness of the system. He is left with nothing but a raging anger.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


Liberated Woman
1994/154 mins/Col/Marathi/EST
Dir: Jabbar Patel
Principal Cast: Vikram Gokhale, Reema Lagoo, Avinash Narkar

The US-based Mukta has always been longing to go back to India, her mother land. She makes it possible through a scholarship. A triangular love-affair - Mukta, Milind, an Indian student and Julian, an American black develops on the way only to expose inbuilt social contradictions.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1995/120 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Saeed Mirza
Principal Cast: Kaifi Azmi, Surekha Sikri, Mayoori Kango

Naseem means the morning breeze. It's the name of a young girl who lives with her family in Bombay. The year is 1992. This was a year when India, as a nation, went through traumatic times. A mosque was demolished and the riots, slaughter and savagery that followered have left wounds that will take years to heal. Naseem is the private story of a young girl and her grandfather in those terrible times

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Gaze
1990/124 mins/Hindi/Colest
Dir: Mani Kaul
Story: Adapted from Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Meak One
Principal Cast: Shekhar Kapoor,

After his wife's death, the husband recalls their first meeting and marriage. She was much younger than him. She used to pawn some things to an antique shop to make a little money. The husband is incrasingly intrigued by her mind-set. As things develop, he finds out that she was an orphan living with two aunts. The film explores their complex life in a manner unusual for the Indian cinema.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Participated in world's major festivals, including London, Rotterdam, Berlin.


The Hustings
1995/100 mins/Col/Oriya/EST
Dir: Biplab Roy Choudhury
Principal Cast: Durlav Singh, Bhima Singh, Bikas Das, Bidyut Prava Patnaik

The film exposing nasty manouevring and corruption of Indian electioneering. A young man is happy to hear the news that the local candidate would offer money for voting him. This money would help him marrying. But he sacrifices the money for an ailing beggar.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1975/144 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Shyam Benegal
Principal Cast: Shabana Azmi, Anant Nag, Girish Karnad, Smita Patil

Apparently inspired by an actual event, the film extends the theme of Benegal's previous film Ankur (1973) about the rural oppression in Andhra Pradesh. A poor school master and his young wife come to a village dominated by a villanious family of zamindars, consisting of four brothers who abduct and rape his wife. The distraught schoolteacher, helped by an old priest finally succeeds in mobilising the villagers and they slaughter their oppressor.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Om Dar-Ba-Dar

1988/101 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Kamal Swaroop
Principal Cast: Anita Kanwar, Gopi Desai, Lalit Tiwari, Aditya Lakhia

Set in a mythical small town in Rajasthan, akin to the Jhumri Talaiya whence stem the largest number of requests for film music on All India Radio's commercial channel, the film tells of a boy, Om, growing into adolescence. The son of a fortune teller and the younger brother of Gayatri, Om is riddled with a sense of guilt about his voyeurism. He believes himself to be responsible for everything that happens around him. Consequently, he goes into unusual fantasies...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha

A northern ballad
1989/189 mins/Col/Malayalam//EST
Dir: T. Hariharan
Principal Cast: Suresh Gopi, Balan K. Nair

A martial arts drama reminiscent of Hong Kong's Kung Fu tales. This one is set in a 16th century Kerala village. Two young men from a clan of Kalaripayattu fighters challenge the recluse Chandu to a fight, to avenge an ancient feud. The film presents the legend associated with the dispute as well as the facts, weaving in elements of caste and kinship rivalry.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India; Best Script Award.


The Inevitable
1987/125 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Prakash Jha
Story: Vijaydan Detha
Principal Cast: Basant Josalkar, Surekha Sikri, Sudhir Kulkarni

An honest potter in a Rajasthan village is appointed as a caretaker of an inn located in the middle of a desert. One day a wealthy visitor asks him and his wife to give their little son to him to join his flourishing business. After deep anguish, Ganesh and his wife give away their son to him...

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Costume Designing.


1984/110 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Govind Nihalani
Principal Cast: Vijaya Mehta, Amrish Puri, Om Puri, Rohini Hattangadi

A party is hosted by a rich society lady Damayanti in honour of Diwakar Barve, who has received a prestigious literary award. One person is constantly present in absentia in the party. Every one is talking about him. The party conversation about the invisible man in fact exposes the middle-class hypocrisy

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Supporting Actress; Award at Tokyo.


1989/128 mins/Col/Gujarati
Dir: Pervez Merwanji
Principal Cast: Ruby Patel, Kurush Debu

There is somthing comical and pathetic about Percy, an awkward young man of 28, living alone with his aged mother in an old house tucked away in the parsi colony in Bombay. A very middle class setting.
Through Banubai Percy's mother utterly dominates Percy's life, she does so with love and kindness. Percy holds a clerical position in a small Unani pharmacy, famous for its sexual restoratives. It is only at his place of work, where he weilds some power, that percy displays a measure of authority and self assurance. One day, Percy discovers a fraud in the office accounts, as a consequence of which one of the junior employees is sacked. This event has for reaching consequences in the lives of Percy and Banubai.
Percy's peace is soon to be shattered. The sacked employeestakes his revenge. Percy is beaten up in the street one night and his office is ransacked by arson. Percy's mental equilibrium is destroyed as he himself without a job.


1987/130 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Vijaya Mehta
Story: BK Karanjia
Principal Cast: Shabana Azmi, Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah

The extrovert Pestonjee and the introvert Piroj are friends. A matchmaker separately shows them the same girl, to whom both have different responses - one is ready to marry her, while the other is in a dilemma. Real life experiences galore. It takes some time for Piroj to realize that life was for living

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Feature Film, Best Costume Design; Bengal Journalists' Award for Best Supporting Actor.


1982/109 mins/Col/Kannada/EST
Dir: Prema Karanth
Story: MK Indira
Principal Cast: L.V. Sharada Rao, Baby Pratima, Pratibha Kasaravalli

Phaniyamma is based on the real life story of a child widow. A little girl of nine is married and soon becomes a widow. She is burdened with unjust Brahminical customs. A widow was considered inauspicious being, she was ostracised by society.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Kannada Film; Fipresci Award, Mannheim International Film Festival.


The Birth
1988/110 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: Shaji N. Karun
Story: S. Jayachandran Nair
Principal Cast: Premji, Archana, CV Sreeraman, Lakshmiamma

When a young engineering student Raghu fails to come home from a distant college, his aged father continues going to the village bus stop day after day in the hope that he would come one day. The old man's wandering about in search of his dear son, ends up in a mysterious finding.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Jury's Special Mention, Cannes; Charlie Chaplin Award, Edinborough + a number of national and international awards.

Ponthan Mada

1993/120 mins/Malayalam/EST
Dir: T.V. Chandran
Principal Cast: Mammootty, Naseeruddin Shah, Laboni Sircar

Set in the late forties in a small village of central Kerala, Ponthan Mada is about the life and times of an untouchable tribal who finds himself at odds with a changing world. Mada strays from the eastern hills into a quiet village in the plains as a young man. Here he meets the local landlord who had stayed for long in England. Mada joins him as a farmhand. A subtle relationship begins.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1994/120 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Bimal Dutt
Principal Cast: Manohar Singh, Pallavi Joshi, Dr Shriram Lagoo

A high government official takes a voluntary retirement to live in a small town with his family. A friend of his, now a politician, hails him as a great freedom fighter. Gradually, the goverment official finds the real image of himself, sans any selfish political colouring.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Brute
1992/120 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Rajan Kothari
Principal Cast: Om Puri, Ashwini Bhave, Chandrakant Gokhale

A social activist Ambika is a daugter of a highly-respected teacher. In the course of her struggle against social injustice, a politician rapes her. She goes to the court, but the wily politician does everything to manipulate the facts. He buys some witnesses in his favour, and eliminates some who are his rivals. Ambika's father is burned to death while her mother is driven to scuicide. Bizarre fate awaits Ambika...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Purge
1986/111 mins/Malayalam/EST
Dir: K.R. Mohanan
Principal Cast: Sujata Mehta, Adoor Bhasi, M. Kunjukuttan

A young urbanised woman is haunted by memories of her husband's death. Alongwith her son she goes to her native village to perform some rituals to free her from her husband's ghostly visitations. In the village she is envied for her wealth. Her son finds new surroundings interesting and starts discovering more about his father. It's a different web of life.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Mourner
1992/120 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Kalpana Lajmi
Story: Based on the story by Mahasweta Devi
Principal Cast: Dimple Kapadia, Rakhee, Raghuvir Yadav, Raj Babbar

Rudali is a female professional mourner at a funeral ceremony. After her husband's death, Sanichari has lost hope in her life. Incidentally, the seasoned rudali Bikhni instills new hope in Sanichari's life. Sanichari is now a rudali herself; that's how she faces the reality of life. Sanichari becomes an icon of hope...

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India, 1993

Rag Birag

Vacation for a Sanyasi
Dir: Bidyut Chakravarty

This is a story of a sanyasi, his three nephews and the woman in their life.
The crisis starts in a middle-class family when Surajit, one of the nephews, desires to renounce sansar and take the path of sanyas.

Rui Ka Bhoj

1997/115 mins/Col/Hindi
Dir: Subhash Agarwal

Kishunsah is a self-respecting wise old man who decides to divide his property among his family the moment he suspects that all is not well between his sons and daughters-in -law.
After the division in the family, Kishunsah settles down with his youngest son, but his tranquil life comes to an end sooner than expected. He too has to face rewards of old age-the ignorance, the insults. He has no value now. One day he is thrown into junk-yard room to live. He feels completely detached from the family and decides to snap all his relations, emotions and renounce the world forever.


1981/52 minsCol//Hindi//EST
Dir:Satyajit Ray
Story: Munshi Premchand
Principal Cast: Om Puri, Smita Patil, Mohan Agashe

The untouchable Dukhi comes to the Brahmin Ghashiram, to ask a favour - he wants the Brahmin to visit his house to find an auspicious date for his daughter's wedding. The Brahmin agrees., but first he makes Dukhi perform various chores while he himself has his meal and a siesta. Weak from a recent fever, Dukhi dies while chopping wood. The Brahmin had no choice but to dispose of the corpse himself.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Salaam Bombay

1988/113 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Mira Nair
Principal Cast: Nana Patekar, Raghuvir Yadav, Anneta Kanwar, Shafiq Syed

The ten-year-old Krishna is a street dweller in Bombay. He finds many strugglers like him on the street, his abode. Krishna experiences sorrows and joys of life of himself and many who have seen only miseries. He sees them transforming into different human beings.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Golden Camera Award, Cannes; Nominated for Oscar, Winner of several international awards.


1994/105 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: C. Padma Kumar
Principal Cast: Archana, Nedumudi Venu, Murali, Srinivasan

When a mysteriously seductive girl comes to a quiet village, she creates a strange chasm among male folks, breaking marriages and old friendships. However, she finds herself closest to a physically handicapped boy, who has been witnessing the events all along. But then she disappears...

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Grey Mare
1994/112 mins/Col/Manipuri/EST
Dir: Aribam Syam Sarma
Principal Cast: Harongbam Deben, R.K. Sushila, T. Nobokumar

Revolving round the central character Sanabi or the grey mare, the film develops a story about Sakhi a divorced woman and Sakhi's childhood friend who wanted to marry her. In order to demand a yes from her, the man steals away her dear grey mare. Sakhi fights with the man to regain the control of the grey mare.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Sangeet Yaachana

210 mins/Col/Hindi
Dir: Arun Kuckreja

The foundation of this film is the flight of fantasy of the human mind of the female protagonist with its dreams, nightmares and flashbacks down the memory lane. The film is about the mute, lonely Suman Rai, an artist who paints on th theme of women, a sufferer, and observer of the inhuman order we live in or of 'things as they are 'who finally' commits'(?)suicide.


1989/140 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Aparna Sen
Principal Cast: Shabana Azmi, Kali Banerjee, Pradip Mukherjee

19th century village in Bengal. Young and orphaned Uma is a mute girl, considered unfit for marriage by an orthodox Brahmin society. However, on some suggestion, people get her married to a banyan tree. One day a village school teacher rapes her. And when she becomes pregnant she is mercifully scandalized.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Special Mention of the Jury for excellent acting to Shabana Azmi at Montreal; Indian Panorama; Munich, Festival de Femmes, France.


The Amendment
1996/165 mins/Col/Hindi
Dir: Govind Nihlani

Vidya,who is educated, notices that the political empowerment of women is only on the paper and in reality decision-making still continues to be with the manipulative old gaurd. Her conscience becomes restless when she finds herself helpless as a panch in responding to the pleas of Mahisari, wife of a bonded labour, to stop the landlord from dragging the husband to the mines in a state of ill health. Mahisari's angst haunts Vidya and she visits her later only to learn bitter truths about the way the village affairs are conducted by the panchayat. She is shocked to learn that there is no school in the village.
Her probe reveals that monies allotted by the Government for the school have largely been siphoned off with only a part of the school building constructed while on paper it is shown as completed.
The incomplete building is proposed to be used as a godown by the Thakur. Her efforts to find out the people behind the scam are blocked and met with threats to her life as also to her family. Vidya is however undeterred and believes in woman power through peaceful resistance and community mobilisationas the only way to bring about the change in the village. When her efforts at the panchayat level fail she decides to take her battle to the Gram Sabha. Mahisari continues to be her inspiration and actively helps in the struggle. Will she succeed?

Shesha Drushti

The Last Vision
125 mins/Col/Oriya
Dir:A.K. Bir

Kedar Babu is a freedom fighter since the days of Gandhiji's call for the Civil Disobedience Movement. Keadr Babu has lost his wife at an early stage of his marriage. Sice then, he has brought up his only son Sangram with all paternal affection. In the town, Sangram stays in the house of a Zamindar Bahudur Surriyakant Singh. During his stay in the Zamindar's house, Sangram experiences the gradual moral setback of a feudal system and the irresponsible and unethical practices in the library. This puts him in a state of dilemma and delusion. In the last moment encounter with his father, Sangram experiences a new perception to life, illuminated with anxiety, suspicion, shock, tragedy, dilemma, wilderness, and the thrill of fulfilling the last wish of his father by enacting the childhood spirit of attaining freedom and subsequently a new vision.


The Last Rite
1994/112 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: Dr.V. Rajakrishnan
Principal Cast: Charuhasan, Ramachandran, Janardhan Nair

A well known writer, turns to be a filmmaker on an advice by some of his admirers. But it's not a smooth sailing for him - he can't cope with his domestic problems. By the time, a top award in a script-writing contest is given to him, he had already retreated within himself.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Shwet Paatharer Thaalaa

1992/130 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Shankar Gope
Principal Cast: Aparna Sen, Dipankar De

The central character of the film, Bandana, has three faces - a charming wife, a loving mother and a woman to whom love has come in the afternoon. Seven years roll by. A bony son is born to her and Abhijit, her husband. But shortly, Abhijit dies in a car accident. Now her world is shattered. Her in-laws curse him for the untimely death of their son. Even her son abhors her. Years after she meets a painter, and...

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award.

Sonar Kella

The Golden Fortress
19974/120 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Satyajit Ray
Principal Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee

Mukul, a six-year-old child is obsessed with making sketches of a "golden fortress". A parapsychologist said that the golden fortress was somewhere in Western Rajasthan. He goes with the child in search of their dream fortress in Jodhpur. In the meanwhile, the child talks to a journalist about the 'hidden treasure' which leads some crooks to proceed to Rajasthan. And then something interesting happens.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best Direction; Best Sreenplay, Best Direction + Several other awards.


The Woman
Dir: K.S. Sethumadhavan
Principal Cast: A.D. Ramachandran, Rohini

A man steals the cargo on a boat he has grabbed to sail. While he is escaping the police, her woman accomplice goes around graphically revealing biographical details. She knows that the booty will go to the man's wife and not to her. But she has given herself to him. Strange love, that is!

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1997/93 mins/Col/Hindi
Dir: Gulbahar Singh

There are four main characters, Haria, the railway gentleman, his teenage daughter Rangli, her kid brother Damu and Aghon Ballami, a born hunter and a peddler in animals and birds. Aghon has a crush on Rangli, but she is too shy to respond to his overtures. Damu is an animal lover and he asks Aghon to get him a baby deer. Aghon agrees to do so because by doing this he will have a chance to be close with Sundari. Sundari soon becomes the cynosure of all eyes. Aghon tries to be intimate wth Rangli but before he gets response from Rangli, Haria restrain him. Aghon gets enraged and snatches away Sundari. Damu is mad with grief. Rangli is moved by her brother's anguish, goes to Aghon and requests him to give Sundari back to Damu. Aghon is wild with joy now that Rangli has spoken to him. He fondles Sundari in a drunken spree.
But the next day Sundari runs away into the forest. Aghon and Damu go out in search of Sundari. The search which continues till the end of the film, finally becomes a spiritual journey, an eternal quest for beauty.

Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

Seventh Horse of the Sun
1992/130 mins/Hindi/EST
Dir: Shyam Benegal
Story: Dharmavir Bharati
Principal Cast: Amrish Puri, Neena Gupta, KK Raina

Young bachelor Manik Mulla, a railway mail service employee stays in an old part of Allahabad. His friends gather in his house to listen to his realistic/ surrealistic/moralistic stories, which lead to polemics - social, political, literary - all kinds. The film provides an interesting study of how a work of literature is transformed into a film that reflects on multiple aspects.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India, 1993


The Begetter
1992/97 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: K.R. Mohanan
Principal Cast: Sreenivasan, Thilakan, Sandhya Rajendran

Shekharan, a small-time farmer has a surprise encounter with a strange old man who reveals stories about Shekharan's 'illustrious' ancestry. Obsessed by the old man's tales, Shekharan incidentally becomes a god-man of sorts. Layers of narrative peel off as it fathoms the world of Shekharan...

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India

Tabarane Kathe

Tabara's Tale
1986/140 mins/Col/Kannada/EST
Dir:Girish Kasaravalli
Principal Cast: Charu Hasan, Nalina Murthy, Santosh Nadavanam

Tabara, a municipal peon is appointed revenue collector at a time when the coffee planters are refusing to pay tax. He reminisces about the British days when he was rewarded for forcibly collecting tax from freedom fighters. Now Tabara's efforts to force the tax run into difficulties. With Tabara's greed various other people's doings come to surface. Anguished of his own family life, Tabara finally donates all his money to celebrate the silver jubilee of India's independence.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Tahader Katha

Their Story
1992/93 mins/Col/Bengali/EST
Dir: Buddhadeb Dasgupta
Principal Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Anasuya Majumdar

A freedom fighter, Shibnath Mukherjee who is discharged from a mental asylum is manipulated by a wily politician for the latter's personal gains. Labyrinthine developments occur to trap Shibnath and transport him back to the mental asylum. What did Shibnath fight for? Freedom? Whose freedom?, the film probes.

Festival participation/ Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1987/300 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Govind Nihalani
Story: Bhisham Sahni
Principal Cast: Om Puri, Deepa Sahi, A.K. Hangal

Tamas (serially televised) deals with the traumatic times of India's partition. The narrative basically revolves round the gruesome communal violence that took place in the Punjab. Low caste Nathu is given money by some one to kill a pig The next day it leads to a widespread communal riots. Scared, Nathu runs away to another city with his pregnant wife. But he is not safe anywhere, because the whole country is engulfed in the bloody events.


Wages and Profit
1984/171 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Kumar Shahani
Principal Cast: Smita Patil, Amol Palekar, Om Puri, Girish Karnad

An industrial family headed by the patriarch Sethji is split when his son-in-law Rahul falls out with Sethji's nephew Dinesh. Sethji, who became rich as a war profiteer ruthlessly administers his personal fiefdom. Rahul is regarded by the family as a mere caretaker. Ready to take over, Sethji's grandson is a 'nationalist' capitalist who wants to develop indigenous technology with minimum welfare measures for his workers. Dinesh has different plans.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Absolution
1994/140 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: K.Bikram Singh
Principal Cast: Revathi, Meeta Vashist, Om Puri, Manohar Singh

A story half a century old, in Rajasthan. Parents of a seven-year-old sick girl child, are searching for a proper cure for her ailment. A fakir asks them to go to their native village to find a cure. In this village no girl child had survived beyond seven years! The community absolution exposes the sins unknown.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Teesri Kasam

1966/154 mins/B&W/Hindi/EST
Dir: Basu Bhattacharya
Story: Phanishwarnath Renu
Principal Cast: Raj Kapoor, Wahida Rehman

Based on the prominent Hindi writer Renu's story Mare Gaye Gulfam, this film has been produced by the prominent lyricist Shailendra. The story revolves round the unusual love affair between bullock cart-driver Heeraman and the nautanki (folk) dancer 'bai'. In the end Heeraman takes the third vow not to let 'bai' sit in her cart. It's a sensitive transformation of a literary work into a film, which has some lovely songs.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

The Making Of Mahatma

Dir: Shyam Benegal

The Making of Mahatma is M.K. Gandhi's early story of experiments with truth, which gave to mankind a new weapon of liberty, the most civilized and humane. The process of transformation from Gandhi, the man to Gandhi, the Mahatma is as exciting as soul searching and that's what The Making of the Mahatma is all about.

Train To Pakistan

Dir: Pamela Rooks

The novel(film?) has implications which reach far beyond the little village on the frontier between India and Pakistan, where its action takes place. It is the summer of 1947. The frontier has become a scene of rioting and bloodshed. But in the village, where sikhs and Muslims have always lived peacefully together, partition does not yet mean much. Life is regulated by the trains which rattle across the nearby river bridge. Thena local money-lender is murdered. Suaspician falls on Juggut Singh -the village gangster who, when not in jail, is carrying on a clandestine affair with a Muslim girl. A Western Educated Communist agent is also invited. A train comes over the bridge at an unusual time and the villagers discover that it is full of dead Sikhs. Some days later the same thing happens again. The village becomes a battlefield of conflicting loyalties, and neither Magistrate nor police can stem the rising tide of voilence. It is left to Juggut Singh to redeem himself by saving many Muslim lives in a stirring climax.

Those Who Pitched Their Tabernacles on The Summit

Dir: Azeez

Elias, son of yacob, patriarch of a Christianclan grew up under the protective eyes of Father Damien.

Meanwhile, Father Damien's preachings and social service mentality put him in direct conflict with the estate management and the institutionalised church. Elias fell in love with Mariamma and she got pregnant. Before he could marry her, events in this estate overlook him. His uncle was killed by the gangsters employed by the Manager of the Estate. This infuriated Elias and he killed the manager. Finally the estate management's goons killed Elias. The three murder caused great upheavals in the minds of the settlers. Fr. Damien saw in these tragedies the sign of DOOMSDAY. He was shattered at the thoughts that elias had gone astray an ended his life , ans Mariamma, whom he attributed the quality of Virgin Mary, was pregnant. For Yohannan, the death of his son was unbearable. Amidst all this, ahope for a change emerges.....


Past, Present, Future
1985/137 mins/Col/HindiEST
Dir: Shyam Benegal
Principal Cast: Leela Naidu, Naseeruddin Shah, Neena Gupta

Ruiz Pereira, a man in his early forties, visits Goa after twenty four years. Though life and landscapes have changed, the Souza Soares mansion which he knew well, still exists but empty and lifeless. Pereira enters the house and and is at once transported to the past alive with the sound of tears and laughter. He sees all over again the life and tragedy of Maria Soares. Returning to the present, Pereira walks away into a world beyond of the ruins of the past.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


The Sand Storm
1988/102 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir, Story: Nabendu Ghosh
Principal Cast: Nana Patekar, Pallavi Joshi, Alok Nath
Place: Sariput, a Buddhist town in a Central Asian desert.
Time: 1st Century B.C

Nirvana and Iti who have grown in a monastery from childhood into young boy and a girl fall prey to their carnal desires. The great ethical problem creates a new environment.

Festival Participation/Awards:
National Award for Best First Film of the Director; Cairo International Film Festival.


The ways of Woman
1994/120 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Basu Chatterji
Principal Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Rajeshwari

A daughter of poor parents is engaged to a man when she was 13. The man is away working in Calcutta. In the meanwhile, she befriends a truck-driver who promises her parents a huge money. The girl is snatched away by her father-in-law and raped by him. She gets the punishment!

Festival Participation/Awards:

Tunnu Ki Tina

Tunnu's Tina
1994/100 mins/Col/Hindi/EST
Dir: Paresh Kamdar
Principal Cast: Rajeshwari, Sunil Barwe, Rohini Hattangadi

A middle-class milieu of a young boy and a girl and their parents living in a poor house but each hatches his or her own dream to make it big. Typical images of the Bollywoodian film stars are emulated by the young ones, and in the process middle-class life - real and virtual - exposes itself.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.

Uski Roti

1970/118 mins/B&W/Hindi/EST
Dir: Mani Kaul
Principal Cast: Gurdeep Singh, Garima

At a desolate bus stop on a highway set against a barren landscape in the plains of Punjab, is the figure of a village woman - Balo. Each afternoon, she walks two miles from her village to the bus stop to deliver the mid-day meal to her husband Sucha Singh, a bus driver who expects his wife to perform, without a murmur, the traditional duties of the average Indian rural housewife. As the waiting moments pass, a different chemistry of life develops....

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


1993/82 mins/Col/Bengali
Dir: Sandip Ray
Principal Cast: Soumitra Chatterji, Bina, Pallavy Roy, Minakshi Goswami, Debotosh Ghosh, Soven Lahiri, Subhalakshmi Munshi

An elitist general practitioner, Dr. Nihar Sen Gupta, is invited to lectureat the Rotary Club of Jamshedpur. On his way to the lecture he has a flat tyre. While it is being changed he hears a groanning from behind the bush. On investigation he finds an old peasant lying in an comatose state. Since he is in a hurry, he arranges for the peasant to be taken away to his village. The men who carry him away say that the peasant needs a witch doctor. Dr. Sen gupta drives on but has second thoughts and returns.
He is just in time to interrupt the excorcism and have the old peasant carried back to his hut. Assisted by the peasant's daughter, Manashi and son, Raju, Dr. Sen Gupta treats the man and leaves, promising to return the next day. When his friends chides him for being late. The next day, the peasant is dead. Manashi thanks him for the trouble he has taken. He retorts : "You have made a new man of me". The sun has, at last, risen.


Dir: G. Aravindan
Principal Cast: Mohanlal, Neelanjana Mitra, Nina Gupta

Venu, who works for the Ministry of Rehabilitation in the Andaman islands, often visits Calcutta in search of needy people. Once he meets a widow Arati Pannikar and her daughter. Besides being refugees, they could not be rehabilitated because they did not have any male member in their family. In fact Arati's son had been imprisoned for some political reason. In short time, Venu develops a sympathetic relationship with the mother-daughter duo, sharing their pain of uprootedness.

Festival participation/ Awards:
National Award for Best Malayalam Film.


(The Servile)
Dir: Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Principal Cast: Mammooty, Gopakumar, Tanvi Azmi

Thommi and his wife Omana, casual labourers from Kerala have immigrated to South Karnataka in search of work. Thommi is hired by a debauch and whimsical landlord. He terrorises Thommi into submission and rapes his wife. Thommi is too scared to take a revenge. Instead he submits himself entirely to his lord, whom he finds both depriver and benefactor at the same time. The film weaves an interesting narrative in which Nature itself becomes a eloquent 'character'.

Festival participation/ Awards:
National Award for Best Malayalam Film. Shown at several international film festival.

What The Sea Said

1995/2 hrs 9 mins/Col/Bengali
Dir: Aparna Sen

Deepak and Anusuya are an estranged couple who have come back to the little fishing village where they had spent their honeymoon seventeen years ago, in an attempt to put their marriage together again.
The film develops in a series of fluid movements between the past and the present, examining the nature of man-woman relationship against the backdrop of a civilisation threatened by ecological disasters, changing moral values and disintegrating relationships.

Wheel Chair

Dir: Tapan Sinha
Principal Cast: Labani Sircar, Soumitra Chatterjee, Arun Chakraborty

Sushmita, is paralysed below her neck while running away from a rape attempt. She is admitted to a private nursing home run by Dr. Mitra, himself a paraplegic for neurological handicapped patients. Here she meets a wide variety of patients: an eighteen-year-old spastic boy Nantu; an old man satadal who has lived a lecherous life and is now awaiting his death; middle aged Tarafdar who is paralysed on the right side. Her case is handled by a young physiotherapist Santu who works hard and soon she can move her fingers. During the process, Santu and Sushmita fall in love but Sushmita won't hear of marriage till Santu tells her that they can live a normal married life and have children. Santu very dramatically convinces her that she can even work in the office she has left.

Who Chhokri

1993/153 mins/Col/Hindustani
Dir: Subhankar Ghosh
Principal Cast: Paresh Rawal, Neena Gupta, Pallavi Joshi, Om Puri.

Dulari lived in an abandoned railway wagon with three Urchins. Coolies and railway stallwall's had nicknamed her Woh Chhokri -That Girl. They thought she lived by prostitution, but none took the advantage.
She had loving parents cosy middle class house and convent schooling. Her father, Lalit Rai, was a political aspirant. He used to love the ten year old Dulari, dearer than his life.
One day he disappeared leaving his wife and daughter Dulari, shelterless, penniless, fatherless. Dulari had to leave the school. Dulari always cherished the nostalgic memories of her dear father. He will surely return- she used to say. One day, an old aquaintance showed them Lalit Rai's picture which had appeared in a newspaper. From him they learnt that he was an important leader of her political party and he was staying in Delhi
Dulari forced her mother to meet her father in Delhi.
The mother returned after a week, dead drunk, to tell a dreaful tale of how Lalit Rai had disowned them. A fortnight later she was discovered murdered. And one day her father did arrive for an election campaign in the city. In the meeting Dulari tried to reveal her identity to her father, but was thrown forcibly for disturbing the speech.


1992/99 mins/Col/Malayalam/EST
Dir: Bharat Gopi
Principal Cast: Archana, Santha Devi, Syama, Nedumudi Venu

Physically handicapped but very sensuous girl Ambili is stuck to a wheelchair. Unable to move out of home, she has only to fantasize the exteriors. She turns terribly introvert, fathoming the truth within and becoming positive towards people. But she has many crises to face her brother leaves home for good, her close friends gets married and goes off to her husband's place. A doctor proposes to marry Ambili but she refuses.

Festival Participation/Awards:
Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India.


Dir: Aparna Sen

Deepak and Anusuya are an estranged couple meeting after eighteen months of separation at a small fishing village where they had onced honeymooned. Deepak works as a Creative Director for a new advertising agency in Calcutta while Anusuya is in the final stages of achieving her long cherished desire of building her own dance academy at Bhubaneshwar. Like in most marriages where the partner have given preference to their work over each other and decided to pursue different careers in different cities, they have also drifted apart without releasing it. The second honeymoon is an attempt to rediscover this lost relationship. Almost instinctively they realise that they have changed and yet, somewhere deep down, they are the same. And then, a miracle occurs which makes them think about the barrenness of their conjugal life.



Listing of NFDC's Films | What's New

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