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Dear Abhyasis*: If you love your faith and want to keep it, leave this site NOW. We have set numerous of abhyasis free. Some of them were more faithful and more knowledgeable than you. Many of them are now helping others in their journey to freedom. Truth is very powerful and you may not have the strength to resist it. This site has the potential to undo Sahaj Marg. It is a reality that is already happening. The sun of truth has dawned. Your only chance to remain an Abhyasi is to keep your head deep in the sand. The more you learn the truth the more you will lose your faith. Truth will set you free, but if you fear freedom leave this site NOW. However, if you feel valiant, meet my challenge and I will remove this site.

* Abhyasis are the lowest order members of this cult, who are forced to do free labor during birthday celebration of Criminal Chari (the cult leader), these are the same people who give-up their hard earned money to the group (Shree Ram Chandra Mission), The group claims that this money is used to spread the disease of Sahaj marg to more people.
These zombies are brainwashed and controlled by preceptor's (appointed by leader of this cult P.Rajagopalachari). Preceptors are the infectious zombies, who are controlled by Zonal In-charge (ZIC) of this group, These preceptors are responsible for spreading the disease of Sahaj marg and are suppose to produce more and more low order zombies (Abhyasis) who can do free labor and also give their money! These infectious zombies (preceptors) send their monthly updates on how many zombies they have created and how many zombies they have been able to brainwash completely to their Zonal In-charge.

Here is the Challenge

Surviving Sahaj Marg

Freedom to speak

Power to speak

A cult is a cult is a cult, till it is not my group !!! this is the state of mind that all cult members resemble.

IN ALL THE WORLD, there is nothing quite so impenetrable as a human mind snapped shut with bliss. No call to reason, no emotional appeal can get through its armor of self-proclaimed joy, and that state of joy is nothing but a condition of living dead a zombie, a person who is immune to all understanding and rejects all reasoning, all emotion's for them are nothing more then worldly attachments. They fail to understand simple logic such as God is not against intelligent people, God does not hate those who decide to use logic, truth cannot be realized by becoming a fool, any stupid person can come and claim, that he is God, should we believe in all of them ? No we must use our intelligence and logic to verify their credentials, if found fake it must be rejected if found genuine it must be accepted, but not before we have tested it and verified it with all our intellect and logic, once passed then we can have faith. Not before that This site is my effort to encourage this only

Criminal cases against Parthasarthi Rajgopalachari (the leader of this cult) and list of his fraudulent activities.

1. Criminal Chari is currently a fugitive in India, Charge Sheet against him and 6 of his associates has been submitted by the state of Uttar Pradesh here is the scanned copy of the charge sheet filed in court.

Chari and 6 of his associates are charged under section 147/148/442/395/397/504/506 , case number 284/07 case is registered in police station RamChandra Mission, Shahjahnpurt Uttar Pradesh india.
Translation of this chargesheet will be provided here soon.

2. Fraud nomination letter produced by Criminal Chari to support his claim.
2.a. Nomination letter produced by Umesh Chandra Saxsena.

3. Original Constitution of Sahaj Marg, registered in 1945 by Babuji and presented by Navneet Saxsena.

3.a. Fake constitution of Sahaj Marg presented by Criminal Chari.

4. Statement issued from Shahjahanpur administrative office dated 24th April 1990, stating that president of Shree Ram Chandra Mission is S.P Shrivastava.

Translation of this document is here:-

Office of District administrator city, Shahjahanpur

Letter Memo / Reg. legal

Shree Sarvesh Chandra
Joint secretary
Shree Ram Chandra Mission Ashram,
Your request letter dated 2-3-90 was cross-checked. District administrator Bhavlkheda has submitted his verification report dated 8-4-90. Based on that report it is confirmed that president of Shree Ram Chandra Mission is Doctor S.P Shrivastava, Shree V.D. Mahajan is secretary, Shree S.C Saxsena is joint secretary, apart from these, following are the members of the board.

1. Raghvendra Rao
2. P.C Saxsena
3. S.C Kishor
4. D.R Bithal Rao
5. N.R Gupta
6. Paramatma Swaroop
7. V.P Mathur
8. B. M Hewal
9. B . C Saxsena
10. R.D Pawar
11. L.K Sharma
12. M.K Gupta
13. Dr. Lalit Kumar Gupta
14. Rajan Kumar
15. Vasudev Singh
16. ChandraShekhar
17. Mrs. Ramakochar
18. M.D Jahangirdar
19. Naseeb Chandra
20. R. Ramchandra Reddy
21. Dr. S.B Shyam
22. Kantilal
23. Ramayati
24. R.B Mathur
25. Mrs. Manbhagwati Devi

Verification officer has also confirmed that above committee is taking care of everyday work of Shree Ram Chandra Mission.

Tasildar Sadar

5. Order passed by High Court, regarding ownership dispute of Shahjahanpur Ashram
Cover Page of the order
First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page

While dispute was still in court, Chari using his criminal gang, attacked the property in question and captured it forcefully. On the face of all these criminal activities, these people claim:-

1. Sahaj Marg fosters universal love and brotherhood
2. Chari is a spiritual person (even though he is a fugitive)
3. They claim Religion divides
4. They claim to get people married happily
5. They claim Sahaj Marg is modified version of patanjali's Raja Yoga, Where in Raja Yoga it is preached that one should use violence to capture properties. When they follow the path of violence, how can they preach love to anyone else ? If you are member of this cult, think about it, when this cult follows path of violence, it cannot teach love, hence if you want to become a criminal minded person, a zombie, join this cult, BUT if you are looking for spirituality, Sahaj Marg is not it.

6. Chari's letter sent to Babuji after he was removed from the post of secretary of SRCM

7. Copy of letter sent by Navneet group to District magistrate regarding preventing Chari's gang people from entering the ashram of shahjhanpur which was later captured by chari's gang after beating womens and childrens present in the ashram.

First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page

8. Circular of 1984, declaring Umesh Chandra Saxsena as president of SRCM.

Criminal Chari has registeres his srcm and sahaj marg in USA in 1997.

Note:- This section will be updated often in coming few days, as we get scanned copies of documents.

Proof of Sexual Abuse of women in Sahaj Marg

This is the report published in Indian Daily The Pioneer dated 02/12/2001, Same report is available here In High Court order. The report clearly say's that preceptor's and Guru sexually abuse female member's of the group who are brainwashed to sex with them.

This is a story that defies all grades of imagination, of right, of wrong of possibilities and situations. It is a story of woman who has grown up on incest with the full support of her family, who has serviced an 80 years old guru at the tender age of all, who has slept with her father and brother before the very eyes of her mother and sisters, Who has borne the children of her father and then passed them off as her husband's off springs. This is also the story of a woman who, at 35, has risen above the opiated existence of sex, sleaze and incest only to save her daughter from the same fate that she lived through. As the bizarre case awaits its second hearing after being reopened on a year's persistence by a hounded family, JITENDRA VERMA recounts the story which details life's unholy twists and turns. Back in the Pooja room, the family was ready for the ritual. Their guru's pooja hung proudly on the wall and the family was in full attendance Pragya's grand father, father, mother, brother and two sisters all without a stitch of clothing on their stark naked bodies. "Hey nath, tu hi ek maatra dhyey hain, hamari ekshahyen, hamari winti mein bandhak hain". The nude poojas, she recalls, were followed by group sex in which all family members had intercourse with each other. My grandfather had it with my mother and my brother was with my sisters and father and vice verse, she tells you rather stoically. For your benefit her husband adds that the expression lessness is the result of years of being doped by the family which, he explains, is part of the closed religious cult known as the sahajmargi. In short, sahajmargi is an atheist cult which does not believe in any kind of familial ties., "its only religion being open sex". There are no brothers, sisters, father or mother. All human beings are same. I was told again and again. She says. Brainwashed with this potent logic day in and they out, Pragya and scores of other girls, including her two sisters and five cousins were donated to the ashram. Pragya still remembers the day of initiation when she was taken to a separate room in the ashram by 30-yearold abhyasani (disciple) Brij Bala, Thakur. She gave me some white tablets to consume and smeared my private parts with some kind of paste, says Pragya, then, she was taken to guru Ramchander's room where she was disrobed and initiated into a system which proved to be her nemesis. The Guru sex with me and I was later told that I had been married to the great man. Says pragya...

Abstract of the Order

Criminal Misc. Application No.7930 of 2003 relates to the quashing the proceedings of complaint case No.3199 of 2002, Satish Chandan vs. Jitendra Verma under Section 500 IPC, Criminal Misc. Application No.7931 of 2003 to the quashing the proceedings of complaint case No.3200 of 2002, Dr. Krishna vs. Jitendra Verma under section 500 IPC and Criminal Misc. Application No.7932 of 2003 to the quashing the proceedings of complaint case No.3198 of 2002, Dr. Uma vs. Jitendra Verma under Section 500 IPC. It has been averred that applicant No.1 is the Editor of the daily newspaper The Pioneer published by CMYK Printech Ltd., the applicant No.2 is the Reporter/Author of the alleged defamatory news article and the applicant No.3 is the Publisher of the said newspaper. They are professionals and highly skilled persons and associated with the newspaper industry, which is known for its integrity and long standing. Smt. Pragya Prabhati Mishra, the O.P. No.1 who at her own gave the statement which was published in the Sunday Pioneer (English) edition on 2.12.2001. Her husband was also present when her statement was recorded. He has also been arraigned as O.P. No.2. At the behest of such statement made by Smt. Pragya Prabhati Mishra that news article was published with the titled �Original sin�. That article is the exact reproduction of the statement and the allegations made by O.P. No.1 regarding the agony she suffered in her life, wherein she was posed to grow up on incest with full support of her family which was part of known religious cult known as �Sahaj Margi�, which according to her is part of �Shri Ram Chandra Mission�. The said news item made the disclosure of the events which happened in the life of Smt.Pragya Prabhati Mishra due to her being part of the said cult. It has further been mentioned that even a bare perusal of the news item would not exhibit anything defamatory qua the O.P. No.2.

Discussion about this topic is here

People are leaving Sahaj Marg

According to report published by Chari's SRCM, many people are leaving sahaj marg practice, which they found and realized to be psychologically harmful, and have renounced the psychological terrorism, of Constant Remembrance. ™

During Rev. Master's European tour it has been apparent that some of the abhyasis who were previously serving as preceptors are not attending the gatherings. Rev. Master has been enquiring about them, and, in almost all cases, it has been insinuated by others that these abhyasis had left the Sahaj Marg practice once their services as preceptors was discontinued. It would therefore appear to be dangerous to accept the responsibility of a preceptor, because if it is going to lead to a situation where a preceptor is going to give up the practice itself, is it not better that he or she should refuse to work as preceptor, and prefer to remain as an abhyasi who has every possibility of reaching the goal? This also applies to functionaries in the Mission, where there have been many in the past that are no longer in the present, which should serve as warning to those who are in the present to stay on in the future. As Jesus Christ said, "What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world but lose his soul?"

Reason as why people are now leaving this psychological terrorism of Constant Remembrance and compulsorily celebrating cult leader's (Chari) birthday every year, is explained in page below, read on, and make sure you watch the video at the bottom of the page, to get clarity as how/why you have been manipulated, brainwashed, used and abused, by these gang of hooligans!!

The manipulated face of Sahaj Marg, the natural path to divinity, claims that people are free to come and are free to go.. (.."So, if you are to be free and the doors are to be open, you must be free to go; others must be free to come....). When people are free to come and free to go, why bother about people leaving Sahaj Marg ? why threaten them with statements from bible, that you should not leave, ignoring your own statement "Religion Divides" do we need another definition of hypocrisy ? Sahaj Marg is the best example to understand what hypocrisy actually means..

Sahaj Marg in Nut-Shell!!

Sahaj Marg

Ask the Zombies, what sahaj marg is all about and the answer you get is try it to feel it. They preach about not being attached to anything material. But, they ask you to submit yourself to the master completely.They also boast that they do not charge anything for the meditation, and at the same time, you must realize that nothing in life comes for free. The price you pay for this free adventure is, you become a slave to master. They will force you to get involved gradually and before you realize your whole life revolves around them. Your family and your life comes after that. Every year they force you to go to the Birthday celebration of Criminal Chari. Why does a true spiritual leader have to celebrate like this ? They are also trying hard to increasing their following. Know what you are getting into before falling it to the spiritual trap. Trust a group which does not ask anything in return.

What SRCM will make you

This is what SRCM will convert you into, a completely brainwashed drone, who thinks celebrating Chari's birthday is the most auspicious moment of her life!! She believes that after she is dead, she will go to BRIGHTER WORLD (Like all cults this one also has something in store after death!! if you continue to remain a drone throughout your life.) Womens in SRCM are converted into exceedingly libidinous character, as they get TRANSMITTED by N-number of old (45+ yrs of age) percepter, who don't hesitate to sex with female victim while transmission is going on. Zombie's of Sahaj Marg always remain in constant remembrance ™ of chari, hence while they are in bed with their spouse or partner, males imagine that it is chari who is enjoying their partner, and if it is female, they imagine that it is chari who is enjoying them !!. "CONSTANT REMEMBRANCE" in bed!!

The Cult leader, waiting for its innocent victim, thats YOU !!! BE-AWARE. This cult leader will be leaving for his next mission on VENUS, where he claims that founder of the cults wants him to go, after he is DEAD. for those who don't know, this cult leader is fighting various court cases with family of the founder, and was prevented by Indian administration from entering city of Shahjahnpur for creating violence and disrupting peace of the town. His gang of hooligans has physically tortured female member's of "Babuji's" family that's founder of the cult, whose birthday they will celebrate in USA in 2008, and wants that Zombie's must bring their children's to that brainwashing session, so that they can also be intoxicated and converted into a mindless obeying object.

A potential SRCM victim!! make sure its not YOU. This person will be made to believe that incest relations are very much moral and will encourage such heinous activity in his/her vicinity. The potential victim will be made to believe that Lalaji (who TRANSMITTED founder of this cult in dream) has ORDERED that cult member's must marry each-other. However others do not support this view that it was lalaji's ORDER that zombie's must marry each other. Male's in this cult are converted into receptive partner's of homosexuality.
NOTE:-Lalaji died in 1931 and Babuji had dream in 1945, and this gang (Chari's SRCM) claim that Lalaji is SRCM's founder!! only a drone can believe such fallacies. Least you miss, incase they target this new site also, you can always refer to google cache of the site, they will try every trick possible to get this site down as well !

Sahaj Marg Prayer

O Master! Thou art the real goal of human life;
We are yet but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and power
To bring us up to that stage.

This prayer is in absolute contradiction to Vedanta, and Hindu philosophy, this cult just uses names of famous people, ONLY to fool and mislead people, for its selfish motive of draining people of their money, and running the business. Prayer if any to be used as per Hindu philosophy, is that of freedom:-

"I have neither death nor fear, I have neither caste nor creed, I have neither father nor mother nor brother, neither friend nor foe, for I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute; I am the Blissful One, I am the Blissful One. I am not bound either by virtue or vice, by happiness or misery. Pilgrimages and books and ceremonials can never bind me. I have neither hunger nor thirst; the body is not mine, nor am I subject to the superstitions and decay that come to the body, I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute; I am the Blissful One, I am the Blissful One."

Ref:- Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vol-2 Chapter- Jana Yoga, Freedom Of The Soul.

Swami Vivekananda on the other hand, had emphasizes on the need of repeating that we are "absolutely free" and any thought of slavery must be removed immediately, as we must DE-HYPNOTIZE ourselves from this delusion that we are but slaves to our wishes. below i quote Swami Vivekananda

Go on saying, "I am free" Never mind if the next moment delusion comes and says, "I am bound" Dehypnotize the whole thing.

Distruction of Human Emotions

Similar case was also reported by an anonymous commenter on my discussion page here is his story

Thanks all.
Im posting this anonymously - have posted on the wikipedia page too. Im a 30 yr old man.
I am a prime example of the homophobia of the mission. I was in a long term relationship with another guy - we were both abhyasis.
I don't know how or why, but Chari got my boyfriend engaged to a french woman, and my boyfriend, who was SO TERRIFIED of being cursed by Chari, got married to this girl. Needless to say my life was shattered, and five years after this wedding took place, the couple are on the verge of divorce because obviously, a gay man in a straight marriage will lead to trouble.
Sahaj Marg leads to ruin - it has ruined my personal life to such an extent that I am FURIOUS AND RAVING ANGRY even all these years later. Chari has NO UNDERSTANDING of human relationships, and his OBSESSION with getting people married has sunk so low, he is even marrying gay people to straight people. DUMB ASS!
The above story is true. Even if youre not an activist of gay rights, you can see how DISGUSTINGLY sahaj marg has treated me.
Its not worth it guys. Leave SRCM.

My request to anonymous user above is to come out in open and bash this cult and this cult leader with your full force, they deserve that. Have faith in yourself, you were/are never/not wrong, come out in open, your story is not yet published in any newspaper, it will remain isolated till you don't come out, expose this cult, and rest in peace, make sure what you suffered no-1 else should suffer, its your duty to warn other about the impending danger they are getting in, while they are getting brainwashed by these cult's.

After destroying so many life's in a state of mind which is totally intoxicated by hunger for power, money and lust, jerk Chari has probably forgotten that his Karma box is also getting filled, and all these pain and misery that he has caused to countless people who blindly and foolishly put their innocent faith in him, will come back to him, these blogs are just the beginning, and if these zombie's do not understand the reason as why these blogs has come up, their eventual fate lies here, This cult leader married a 14 yr old girl, and Chari has been instrumental in destroying many many families across the globe where-ever he has been able to put his monstrous jaw�s.

Moral of the story: day's of cults are counted, all of them will come to their destiny and hopefully human race will be free to live their life the way they want to live and not become a zombie obeying a cult leader to the point of killing their own mother

For us, enough is not enough till goal is not achieved, and our goal is eradication of such cults from society.

Proof Of Violence and Criminal Intimidation by Chari & Co.

Sahaj Marg fosters universal love and brotherhood

Dainik Jagran 8th November 2003.

Ex-Minster and Ex-DIG tried to forcefully capture the RamChandra Mission Ashram.

Situation volatile, administrative and police officer's camp in ashram.

In order to capture the position of president vacated after dismissal of Umesh Chandra, international president of Ram Chandra Mission, and with intention to capture the property worth millions of rupee?s , ex- state education minister Amarjeet singh Jansevak, ex director general of police, Uma Shanker Bajpai, along with dozens of associates attempted to capture the mission property, which was successfully foiled by the state administration, in addition to dozens of other people, Uma Shanker Bajpai secretary of RamChandra mission Chennai, Mr. Krishna Tondon, Veenet Chandra, along with their associates, attacked the ashram, in the evening around 7:30 PM. Office superintendent of mission Mr. D. Krishna had previously expressed his concerns regarding bad intentions of above stated people, to the local administration.

Mr D. Krishna had already informed the district magistrate Shahjahanpur, Mr Ashok Kumar Verma, city magistrate Mr. J.K Dixit and supretendent of police Mr shushil Kr. Singh, regarding possibility of violent attack by these people, keeping in view the threat of Chennai group people, administration had already appointed the station officer in the mission. When ex-minister along with his associates were attempting to enter into the ashram, with intentions of capturing it, immediately police and administration officer?s got alarmed, ASP Rambahadur, city magistrate J.K dixit circle officer J.N Bhadauriya, and other administrative officer?s immediately reached the spot and prevented the situation from getting volatile.

Administrative officer?s asked prepetrators, who were trying to enter into the mission property with intention to capture it, regarding documentary proof?s that they are the owner?s of that property. Between, when ex minister tried to enter inside the ashram, for negotiation, the private security guard in the premises warned the attackers that they will start firing if anyone attempts to enter inside the ashram premises. Sensing the volatile situation, the administrative officer?s on the spot prevented ex-IPS officer and ex-minister and their associates from entering into the mission and requested them to produce documentary proof for the ownership of the property next morning.

Office in-charge D. Krishna said that death of president Umesh Chandra Saxsena, is part of the conspiracy hatched by these people only.

D. Krishna further said that news of death of Umesh Chandra saxsena reached their family member?s later and these people knew before hand that Umesh Chandra has expired, he stated that, Krishna tondon had called me and informed me that Umesh Chandra has expired, whereas I was unaware of it. A day before youngest son of Umesh got engaged in Barrali, and I was present there, next day I returned to Shahjahanpur and Umesh Chandra left for Noida, where he felt a bit uneasy, and hence went to hospital, and died there. D. Krishna has further said, that Babuji?s death is also part of conspiracy hatched by Chennai group people only, as he also died of poisoning, he suspected that even Umesh Chandra death is also due to poisoning only

Hindustan, 3rd November 2006.

Ram Chandra Mission captured, after Violence

Women amongst 3 other's injured, Police Inactive

Shahjahanpur, Under police station Ram Chandra Mission, on Sunday daughter-in-law of late shree Ramchandra ji, her brother and her son, were mercilessly beaten up by Anti-Ramchandra, P. Rajagopalachari group people. The perpetrator?s destroyed property worth missions of rupees and captured the immoveable property, they dragged the people inside the mission and threw them outside the ashram forcefully. Victims when approached police for launching the FIR, they were asked to leave from there also, and FIR was not registered, Amita saxsena, daughter-in-law of RamChandra ji informed the media that on Sunday afternoon, ex-IPS Uma shanker bajpai, self proclaimed secretary of Parthsarthi group, ex-justice R.R.K Trivedi, Prabhat Kumar Sinha, in association with lot more people attacked the mission and destroyed property worth million of rupee?s. When she tried to stop the predator?s, they attacked her, her brother and her son, and beat them to near death, after which they dragged her, her brother and her son, out of mission and threw them. In addition to this they also captured the vehicles and licensed revolver of her son puneet saxsena. When she approached police for help, police refused to help them owing to pressure from influential people from P. Rajagopalachari group.

It should also be mentioned that same people tried to capture the same property back in the year 2003 also, when administration foiled their attempt.

Later on ex-IPS UmaShanker Bajpai, informed the media, that HE is now the new secretary of the mission and family those who were running the mission till yesterday have nothing to do with the mission any more.

Discussion about this topic is here

Complexities involved with this natural path, errr modified version of Raja Yoga!!

1. Final verdict for Sahaj marg case, Chari is left with nothing. All his manipulation, intimidation, fraudulent methods, and all the immoral activities has culminated in him being eradicated, and left to bear the fruits of his own actions of divisive approach. May he be returned back all the pain he has given to numerous people.
Here is the final order , it stats:-

It is stated that the position in 1975 was that chosen includes "election". Now, it only means elected by implication and that to be read in the line of Section 3(A) and 4 proviso, it is pointed out that Section 25(2) refers to election and the remedy to challenge. If there is no remedy nobody is left remedyless. Alternatively, it is submitted that assuming it is to be done by nomination, P. Rajgopalachari could have been nominated, but it has been annulled on 16.4.1982 as Umesh Chandra Saxena remains nominated. It is pointed out that role as President of the Sahaj Marg system is different. The application filed by Sh. Rajgopalachari has to be tested as per clause 3(b), these were not challenged and Rajgopalchari cannot have nay role to play. P.Rajgopalachari could not have been nominated because he is not in the direct line of succession. In any event, after passing of order dated 16.4.1982 he has no role to play. The working committee's decision, resolution of the General Body all are of similar effect. The stand is strongly opposed by the respondent to say that nomination were not merely in respect of the Sahaj Marg system system but it was in respect of President itself.

2. Case about ownership of domain.
3. Case from Chari's gang for quashing of order passed against them, citing Umesh is dead. hence Mission is there's
4. X-party judgement against India based SRCM about ownership of domain
5. Judgement against Chari's gang about ownership of Sahaj Marg.
6. Judgement against Chari's gang, regarding sexual abuse of womens by them.

Unbearable Pain

Forced Divorces, Dividing Families (Sahaj Marg's Spirtual approach towards families of its victim)

Sahaj Marg fosters universal love and brotherhood (As per Chari & Co. claim used for brainwashing and hiding facts.)

One's material and spiritual needs are balanced simply and naturally.

This is what is stated in Sahaj Marg website, the public face of this NATURAL PATH, called Sahaj Marg. Reality is however far far away from this, below is some of the testimonilas of people who have gone through this unspeakable unexplainable and unbearable pain, suffering and mental agony, all because of SPIRITUAL PROGRESS, these innocent people have unknowingly put their faith in a brainwashing, mind-controlling CULT.

Michel Gilbert
The parents are divorced and the mother, a member of a sect, has custody of the children. Faced with this scenario quite often, justice hesitates between the need to protect children and to safeguard the freedom of belief

"At first I did not worry. Meditate They came to the house as a group. Children were not affected. I even tried, but it was not my thing. I treat with a certain irony. " Michel Gilbert then shared ten years of the existence of Frances, dentist, with whom he had two children, ages 5 and 2 and a half years.

The couple is in financial difficulty: it has more work and decided to become a father at home. Increasingly, his partner engages in frequent meditation and a group called Shri Ram Chandra Mission, which is based in Madras, India.

Its members engage in meditation sahaj marginal, inspired by the rajah yoga, according to the teaching of a master appointed Shri Ram Chadraji Maharaj, said Babuji.

The latter requires an absolute devotion to its fans and wants to "educate the masses and spread among them the art and science of yoga." For seven months, Michel sees this growing influence. In December 1998, the report Vivien class Shri Ram Chandra among the sects. 2 000 people were members. The father is concerned. In January 1999, the group makes him feel that it is undesirable. At the end of February, Fran篩se spoke of separation, made room apart. He realizes that it is preparing a trip to India for the anniversary of the master, and then she had an affair with another follower. On 29 June, Michel was hospitalized for an ulcer. It brings children in Spain. On August 15, Michel Gilbert attack the sect for child abduction. On Dec. 21, an order to entrust custody to the mother. Since then, he has been able to get to see them in a point-rencontre. He had no information about their address, their school. "When I see, my son is as off. I tried to get in touch with the sect in India: I had no response. "


Original Post here

I married in 1968. My wife discovered yoga, it was interested in the boudhism and spirituality in general. All went marvelously well. we had 2 children, a girl and a boy. She started to contemplate that made just 30 years. I knew later that it was already Sahaj Marg. Enough quickly it spoke only about that. It stopped all these other activities. It spent its time with the other followers. It forgot our children who were very small. It tested of me entrainer with it. I am not especially attracted by their spirituality but I was interested in his Sahaj Marg. I read their books, I discussed with them. I even tested their meditation. I was with large a sitting with their large Chari guru. But that did not impassion me and I finished by very dropped. My wife was not content, it wanted that I make even more efforts. She reproached me for being materialist and not to have enough interest for the spiritual one� and then she went on a journey in India. She returned in anger against me. She had become tutor, i.e. whom she trained the new followers. She did not speak to me any more. She was unaware of me. Our life of couple did not exist any more! We ended up divorcing almost 10 years after its entry in this sect. Of course, it A had the guard of our 2 children who were almost banked-up beds at the time. They were very disturbed by our separation. They reproached me for having left. Today they are large. They have all the 2 joined the sect. It is their Chari guru who married them, with other followers obviously. And maintaining here that I am several times grandfather. My little children grow. Tomorrow they will be them also banked-up beds. And I do not want that they enter the sect. For this reason I reacted today after having been so a long time quiet. All his years spent, I put side my opinions to try to keep good relations with my children. It was not easy but I succeeded in not completely not cutting the bridges. Except that maintaining it is with the turn of my little childrens


Wife thought it would be a good thing to feed our two sons insecticide if I decided to leave her. She decided to take some herself so that she might avoid the consequences. She decided to use her money to purchase curses from black magicians so that I would be haunted in the death of my family, cursed to the end of my days. She did not succeed in her attempt to wipe out my family with mosqito poison, but I contemplate often about the curses and their impact on me and the boys.

After over a decade of trying to find spirituality, career success and marital bliss, I thought it would be a good idea to pursue happiness without her, by seeking financial freedom and young women as a single dad, rather than persist in a household full of hate, resentment and child abuse. My thinking was that I would be a better dad if I truly pursued my dreams, than to stay bound to a woman who hated me, and everything about me, yet would not let go as she relished controlling what she hated. My thinking was that with the money we were about to make, she could take half, and go find happiness - as she clearly wasn't happy with me. I thought wrong. Happiness was not her thing. Controlling her world was. She found satisfaction in owning what she hated, and she hated a lot

Bernard P

The story of Bernard P. Is almost identical. After his divorce, he noted in his two boys 8 and 9 years behavior strange, a desire to conceal that they did not have before. They admit him while their mother frequent Shri Ram Chandra, a telling portrait of the guru throne at home. The father was informed, worried. Children him announce later that they must participate in a seminar group at Castle Augerans near Dole, in August 1999. Bernard P. Appealed to the judge in family matters to get custody of her children, or at least to prevent mother to be taken to the sect. The judge granted a ban on leaving the country, but considers that there is no urgency to change custody.

"The legal system is sufficient," says Philippe Lefant, Bar Chambury, which specializes in such cases, if the child is in danger, that is in permanent contact with the sect. It is possible to request the revocation of parental authority of a spouse wrongdoing before the high court. Otherwise, we may ask that the child whose follower has custody is not involved in its religious affairs. You can also obtain referral to the judge in family matters to redirect their education. But it is a decision unsatisfactory because extremely difficult to control: one can hardly do so by a bailiff, and it is valid only if the person referred is not prevented. Otherwise, it is easy to conceal everything. Almost always, I ask the prohibition on leaving the country for children when the sect has a registered office abroad. And I get regularly. "

The problem lies more in the attitude of judges. "The actions of this type are confronted with the fundamental principle of freedom of belief," says Philippe Lefant. Often my exercise restraint that my clients do not understand, just to emphasize that the child rather than the ideological aspect of the problem. "Justice can intervene only if health, the safety, morals or the education of the child are compromised, "says the chairman of the juvenile court of Versailles.

That leaves room for many inconsistencies. Thus, in 1993, a father divorced had obtained the withdrawal of custody of her children to the mother because she attended the Jehovah's Witnesses. "The practice of a sect particularly pregnante can only have an impact on the behavior of young children and thwart their free will," the court felt.

By contrast, that same year, Aim Lafarge, in the same situation, was dismissed by the court in Narbonne on the grounds that this would "allow individuals acting alone qualify sect any minority group within a religion or" a philosophy. This would lead to totalitarianism threatening the freedom of conscience of a minority. "


Thanks for your comment... Since you don't know, you should not speak to that issue and stick to what you know...

We had lived together for 35 years and had forgiven one another all that time for our daily mistakes.

And we did all that for 35 years without being "Christians". Forgiveness was our strength. The LOVE was taken out of the relationship by Sahaj Marg so that "Forgiveness" was not possible anymore for the one caught in the CULT. That scheming was done by preceptors and other abhyasis and was not there before, and is not "by accident" but "by design". Read of others in Europe and in North America. We wanted to UNITE the world, not DIVIDE our families in the name of yet another RELIGION to a MALE GOD with OBEDIENCE as the LAW!!

To new abhyasis: Beware of "seminars" in other towns that become schemes and conspiracies to get the single abhyasis "together". Seminars are "match making events". Women with men, men with women... That is only one of the schemes that break up families. And watch your CHILDREN, the new target of SRCM(tm). These structures will attract all sorts of DEVIANTS and as other POWER structures, will create DEVIANTS!!

Then there is the MONEY!! SRCM targeted older women and "mental health" therapists (Psy's) at first and now is focussed on, and attracts the nationalist children of the wealthy who immigrate to our countries to attend university or to work, for fill their "organizational" positions and sucks more money out of our POOR families than those families can afford. Like all other "Pyramids" it attracts the gullible disempowered dreaming of, and wanting more POWER, and the "opportunists" who use the PYRAMID to increase their own POWER. Does the POWER TRICKLE DOWN as the theory claims? IT DIVIDES that is sure...inside and outside!!

IT AIN'T SPIRITUALITY but RELIGION and their own criteria!!

To say that NOW, in our family, we have a "difference" is accurate, but that difference was created and cultivated by a NEW RELIGION or a Personality CULT of Businessmen that re-directs that LOVE that should remain in the family and among the members of that family. That LOVE was to go to "one another" and it was "STOLEN" as by a thief, and re-directed to the MASTER and the MISSION and the METHOD. There is a "METHOD" to this MADNESS that DIVIDES where ever it GOES...

Chari could before his death, encourage (or order) all his "DIVIDED" flock to UNITE with their FAMILIES!! But that would be SAINTLY and he ain't THAT!!

We have witnessed the same process in those families where one member (usually the woman) is ensnared in other religions or cults and the other partner (usually the man), does not "BELIEVE" in the "SCAM"...The Religion/Cult empowers and uses the FEMALE and divides the family. Look at the aboriginal population and Christianity. That population (the men) is now returning to their traditional "SPIRITUALITY" and still, the churches on the reserves are attended by a few old WOMEN. That Church still is in charge of the "many burials" that take place among the youth of our NATIVE communities.

IF gullible, naive or "disempowered" women did not "do the dirty work", or as Chari says and encourages in one of his books (to), "sell themselves" to those "RELIGIONS", they would not thrive.

Come on WOMEN, get up off your KNEES and support your families and your own SPIRITUALITY, not the RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL SCAMS of STRANGERS!!

WE are all tucked inside the ONE (God) where we LIVE!!

Chari, at his death, will have his "orgy" of EGO at his funeral...

Who will celebrate at the family funerals of the HUMBLE ONES HE DIVIDED? IS there not a KARMIC debt here? Will Sahaj Marg erase those SAMSKARAS... I think LIFE is JUST. That KARMA could be realized on VENUS, no doubt, which is where Chari thinks he is going after this LIFE!! Venus is a good place for those who are caught in an illusion. The Egyptians of 3 millenia ago would have gone to the SUN at least.

Babuji's stolen ring (with 9 planets arranged in 3 rows of 3) will not save him as without PLUTO, there are only 8 planets in our SOLAR system and that is the correct symetry. 4 planets of gas and 4 planets of crystal for an OCTAVE of consciousness so as to be free from the illusory attraction of our GALAXY and to go further than VENUS at the very least...

MAYBE BABUJI is wise after all...


Sahaj Marg (The claimed natural path) is NOT modified version of Raja Yoga

Discussion on our ORKUT community Freedom from SRCM-Sahaj Marg


Hello Friends!!!

let me introduce myself as suraj. i am not a member of 'srcm' so i better not comment on chariji and the controversies surrounding him and 'srcm'. i am not a member of 'isrc' too. i am a disciple of sri babuji maharaj and i have been practicing babuji's system of meditation using yogic transmission and i have found it absolutely safe. i have introduced my family to this system too and they have been benefitted very much from this system too.

it is true that few have misinterpreted the essence of babuji's system of meditation and altered it to suit their own selfish needs thus bringing a bad name to sri babuji maharaj and his system.

my effort here to to clear the cloud of doubts surrounding sri babuji maharaj's system of meditation and i sincerely pray that the 'TRUTH ALONE SHINES'


Hi Suraj and Welcome...

I appreciate your "clearing" up that point...

To blame the abuse of "SRCM or Sahaj Marg meditation" on Babuji is like blaming the abuse of Prayer on Christ.

I agree that, having meditated with Babuji and left when Chari and his father and his GANG bullied their way in and TOOK OVER the small (less than 200 followers), meditation group, there was no "perceptible" abuse of the system or any show of POWER, EGO, or un-spirituality in the system.

Having said that, I think that having since read much of his material (specially his journal) and seen how he created the MARG, It was bound to happen that others like CHARI would be attracted to the "lack of Authority"...The attempt to link himself to Lalaji rather than Vivekananda was a mistake as they then had to try and hid the influence of Sufism in the SYSTEM...They instead started to call it Raja Yoga that started at #7 of the eightfold PATH...That is a little silly and NAIVE...That removes all the items that make Raja Yoga a BALANCED SYSTEM. To remove Items #1-6 of RAJA YOGA is to remove the items that make that system free from ABUSE...such as the Yamas, and the tapas...

But it's not too late to return to the original path with a it happened in the ROMAN Catholic Church in the medieval days with Calvin, Luther etc..when the teachings of Christ became subordinate to the EGO and LUST for power of the CHURCH... They even went to SPIRITUAL CAPITALISM which SRCM has gone to in just a few decades...(spiritual gifts for MONEY or SERVICES (such as "obey and serve the MISSION)... that is one of the signs of corruption in the SRCM system now...

The other sign of corruption that I have been looking at is the THEOLOGICAL deviation from BAbuji's 16 rings and the "LIGHT of the DIVINE" not as the sun's light but as the glow of DAWN as in REALITY AT DAWN...

Other theological flaws such as: God is Male, Women can't be GURUS, and the "spiritualism of WHISPERS FROM THE "BRIGHTER WORLD", are other examples...Notice "BRIGHTER"...exactly what Babuji did not teach. The glow of DAWN is not BRIGHTER that the SUN. That is the EGO that religions like Christianity displayed in their use of "the GLORY OF GOD, the GLORY of CHRIST when he comes back etc... LIGHT moves into GLORY or EGO really quickly and appears by itself as the DEVIL FROM BEHIND A BOULDER on the road of LIFE.....That was the gift of CHARI to the MARG...MATERIAL PROPERTY and Materialist thinking or "no thinking"...just POWER and MATERIAL POWER such as "castles, commercial property, nationalism, imperialism, etc... The philosophical flaws of : Homosexuality is "un-natural" and "SRCM has no philosophy" would have shocked Babuji and Dr. Varadachari as they were both "philosophers" and did add a "thinkers'" perspective to the MARG....With Chari, that "thinking" became OBEY without thinking, like the "soldier who kills without thinking" or the boy who kills his mother without a second thought, just like RELIGIONS... That is like "immorality" on the Path to the "GREAT MORALITY"....It is a FLAW and a corruption... Flawed theology leads to flawed philosophy, which leads to flawed psychology, and to flawed individuals who create flawed institutions that promote flawed theology, and on, and a vicious downward spiral of corruption... The path to HELL is frought with "GOOD INTENTIONS"... I have sympathy for those who must extracate themselves from that corruption called SAHAJ MARG and hope that it is possible to still offer a GIFT to mankind that BABUJI wanted to bring...

Thank you for your did stimulate me to write this so I guess it is "adding energy" to the POOL of those who knew, and respected Babuji, and loved him as a 'fellow pilgrim' on the road of life (not "MY" master which is so "egotistical) and I still "COMMUNICATE" with him without the need of a (not elevated) FRENCH LADY MEDIUM or so as to write a FUND-RAISING book for CHARI... I treat Babuji as I treat Shashwat, and you, ie... as a Fellow PILGRIM on the road of LIFE, Bless you... That is all Babuji asked of us...not this MASTER-SLAVE that Chari read in his writings as USED to his EGOTISTICAL benefit... You will notice that the electronic Written material is now "patented" to the CHARI GROUP as that is another "COURT CASE" if they added some of Babuji's material in that. The ISRC went though that with Chari and gave up and hence LOST the ability to sell or use Babuji's books, even with Narayana's father's (Dr. Varadachari) introduction in one of them... That is like the Catholics trying to stop the protestants from using the BIBLE... It should be challenged and stopped... Cyril Borg, as inspired by the ONE...

PS... When I sent you my "link" Orkut puts out a "code word" so allow the "http" file...The word was latin that translates to..."HE LOVES"...

Thank you Babuji...

Cyril inspired by Babuji... ;-))


hello shashwat! hello cyril and hello to all my other friends here!

let me thank you guys for all the effort you have put in to unveil the truth. someone had to bell the cat and you guys have taken up the initiative. it is not a very easy task to stand up against a huge network. as swami vivekananda says, "truth, purity and selflessness whomsoever has, even if the whole world is against them, can stand alone and roar". it is an honour to be associated with you guys.

again, i have a suggestion here. you cannot fight darkness with darkness. so, it isn't wise to spread another hate campaign in order to get rid of the poision inserted into sri babuji maharaj's system of meditation. an alternative would be to create awareness amongst the masses and spread the original, undisturbed message of sri babuji maharaj. in short, instead of creating a 'hate chariji campaign', why dont we create a 'love babuji campaign'? please think on these lines and text me back! am eagerly waiting for your reply.



now there is an allegation that babuji has altered the ancient system of ashtanga raja yog. he starts off directly from the 7th limb ignoring the other 6. babuji mentions that he has altered the ashtanga yoga of patanjali to suit the modern needs. now what was the necessity for him to alter the ancient system? let us look into the matter closely. before we start, let us have a refresh about the system of raja yoga according to patanjali. the raja yoga or ashtanga yoga consists of 8 limbs 1) yama 2) niyama 3) asana 4) pranayama 5) pratyahara 6) dharana 7) dhyana and 8) samadhi. now let us consider each limb one by one. 1) yama: yama consists of five parts: ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (celibacy), and aparigraha (non-covetousness). babuji designed his system to suit the needs of ordinary householders like us. unlike the ancient days, the world we live in is far more complex. life in the city is so stressful that it is almost impossible not to harbour any ill feelings towards others and that is what ahimsa is all about, not hurting anybody either through thought, word or deed. as far as brahmacharya is concerned, it is certainly not possible to follow it strictly. i step out of the house and see a girl wearing skimpy and revealing clothes and i am expected not to get tempted and strictly follow brahmacharya, in turn i will be suppressing sex and will end up with various psychological disorders. suppressing sex is not our motive here and babuji was aware of it. sex is a great weapon to create guilt among the masses so that the self styled gurus can use it to loot their innocent disciples and create slaves. now speaking the truth always and under all circumstances is again impossible during the present times. i need not shed more light on this simple subject. so here we see that the 1st limb of ancient raja yoga is not a practical possibility in the present age.

2) niyama: niyama is observance of five canons: shaucha (internal and external purity), santosha (contentment), tapas (austerity), svadhyaya (study of religious books and repetitions of mantras), and ishvarapranidhana (self-surrender to god, and his worship). time is a major factor in this current age. meeting deadlines, working extra time, driving through the city traffic, traffic signals, jams etc. where is the time to perform tapas or austerity? with so much of tension around, is it really possible for us to practice santosha or contentment? as far as shaucha or purity is concerned, it is almost impossible to maintain absolute purity especially in the free world we are living in. pollution is a major problem, the very air you breath in is not pure. food you eat is full of chemicals again water you drink is not spared too. how can one expect us to maintain purity? 3) asana: any easy, steady, comfortable pose is asana. asanas steady the body. posture is mastered by releasing tension and meditation on the unlimited. in the current age, all our physical activities have reduced a lot. thanks to the advent of physical science, the world we live in is luxurious for most of us. because of the lack of physical activity and tremendous increase in our mental activities, sitting comfortablly in one particular posture is very difficult. to add to that, the food we eat is mostly devoid of satva or purity, so food no longer provides the necessary physical or mental strength. how can anybody have a steady spine in this age? 4) pranayama: pranayama checks the outgoing tendencies of the mind. It is often misunderstood for breathing exercises. Prana means life force, while yama means to gain control here pranayama involves the regulation of prana or the life force. The great sage patanjali observed that the life force is directly connected to the breath so regulation of breath means regulation of the life forces. Now the air we breath is a city is really polluted. performing pranayama in a city is not of much use.

5) pratyahara gives inner spiritual strength. It removes all sorts of distractions. it develops will-power. pratyahara involves regulating the sense organs so that the energy is not diverted to the sense objects. do you think this is really possible in our free luxurious world? I need not expand more on this subject. 6) dharana or concentration with so much to think of, so much stress around us and so many choices, is concentration possible? i know there are many people who follow the ashtanga yoga sincerely but such souls are rare. a system which suits the need of the masses is required so that an ordinary person like myself can experience the divine. babuji was well aware of the flaws of this present age so he started off with dhyana directly and with the power of yogic transmission, dhyana is not very difficult. most of us have practically experienced this. yes, I agree that the system of yogic transmission has been misused by few who have transmitted to the lower centers instead of heart thus creating slaves among men and women. this is blasphemy and not acceptable. transmission to the heart through the heart of a commited and dedicated preceptor always brings about the desired results. the initial six limbs of raja yoga is naturally taken care of once dhayana matures. any change should be natural and not imposed. so my dear friends, I have made an attempt to explain why sri babuji maharaj decided to alter the ancient system of raja yoga to suit the needs of modern house holders like us. comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. My intention is not to create another argument here, instead create awareness so that people understand and respect sri babuji maharaj�s efforts and not judge him just because few misused the powers to suit their selfish motives.

the initial 6 limbs are not completly removed but not much stress is laid on them initially. if someone had asked me to practise yama, niyama etc initially, i wouldn't have even thought of joining the system. now after having practised babuji maharaj's system since 6 years, i now feel yama niyama etc is not actually a distant dream. well, an ordinary person cannot think of practising the 8 limbs and the failure to do so can create a sense of guilt in an individual. so sri babuji maharaj has done a right thing by not giving much importance to the initial 6 limbs especially to a beginner. if you follow hsri babuji maharaj's system sincerely with no interference from external agencies trying to brainwash you, you will notice that the 6 limbs follow you automatically. this is my practical experience. all of you out here are free to try this out.


May we start a new thread dealing with Raja Yoga viz-a-viz Sahaj Marg. It will help in documentation of conversation properly. Just a thought....


hello shashwat!

i guess i have already covered the subject explaining only the essentials so that even a common man understands. we can discuss another subject. or, if anybody has any objections about my explainations, we can surely start another thread!


The reason to meditate or become spiritual is to become ONE and accept REALITY as it is and not attempt to change it by rituals, incantations, prayers, etc...

When nature decides with a lightning strike to burn the excess fuel on the forest floor, and create carbon for the next generation of vegetation, to attempt to put out the fire is not to accept REALITY...Likewise with deseases, wars, etc...They are natures way of strenghtening the species...the strong (physically, intellectually, and/or spiritually) learn, adapt and survive and the weak die)... the ONE's REALITY is not to be toyed with and man does so at his own cost.

The reason I did not simply move to another group is because, this group is targeting "children" and "older women", and the gullible and emotionally dependent in other countries and this could cause social strife and even violence and war. I feel that we have a DUTY as citizens of the world to expose the weakness in this system that was there from the beginning. I am not taking away the benefits of Meditating, just exposing the dangers of the DEPENDENCY of a MASTER as Babuji often warned. That dependency is not only there in Sahaj Marg but is also there in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and many more "isms" and sects or cults.

I can assure you that I am not leaving my spirituality behind but becoming conscious that the HEART is not the only connection of the ONE in my BODY which extends beyond the Material Carbon-based body, but the ONE is connected to me in "non-locality" everywhere at the same time. I am inside it and it is inside me. The Whole is in the PART as David Bohm (the Holographic theory) would say. Even in your spirituality, you go to work, and do the material thing...So do I ... I am retired and this is my WORK for the sake of my country, species, and PLANET and Galaxy and UNIVERSE...

I am an "INFONAUT" (like astronauts, argonauts, we are "information miners")... We use "IN-FORMATION" or words, logic, sound and/or MEMES ("memes" are to logic what "GENES" are to biology...memes spread like bacteria and/or viruses, beyond the consciousness of most people) to RE-FORM our collective societal REALITY.... If I (we), the INFONAUTS, don't succeed in transforming first ourselves, and then our WORLD, following me (us) are the "archangels", and they are not LOGICAL or compassionate... Archangels in some "angelology" are personification of diseases, war, famine, etc... or in Christian mythology, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...a myth which is not broad enough for the work of the "archangels"). So please do not ask us to stop our job with SOUND, as the alternative is ACTION POINTED AT... or POWER instead of ENERGY, to either eliminate or cast out...the threats (corruptions, pollution, etc) and to protect the family, the country, the planet, etc... from the corruption of RELIGIONS and CULTS. It is a job that we did not chose but that was "shoved" on us by imperialists, nationalists, capitalists and other such power-addicts, and we are going to take it on for the sake of DUTY to family, country, planet, etc......The pay is not that great, and the recognition is almost NIL... we are mostly vilified and preached at, rather than PRAISED... Cyril Borg...

ou ask: why dont we create a 'love babuji campaign'? Why don't we create a "love suraj" campaign? Because of the danger of creating a dependency and to point at one part of the ONE as if it was more than the other parts... The new covenant is in our hearts... Babuji is not greater that SURAJ, Shashwat, or Cyril...We, as our "indentity" are all part of the ONE's CREATION but are not the ALL! We already saw the flaws in BABUJI's system...It did not give credit to Lalaji's SUFISM. Lalaji's and Huzur's (Lalaji's Sufi Master, a Muslim) were both attempting a synthesis of the SUFI system to reach all of INDIA. That is the RAMASHRAM of Lalaji's lineage. Babuji could have joined Lalaji's lineage through the "front door" and could have become an initiate of Dr Chatterbuy's RamAshram, but he waited 13 years and formed his own group, claiming that Lalaji had appointed him "successor" in a dream (Inside). Instead of fitting into Lalaji's SUFISM, when pressured by his family and others who were concerned about the Muslim factor in India, Babuji attempted to claim that SRCM was really an "Indian Raja Yoga", and even wrote a book on it, but the Master/disciple relationship and "yogic transmission" of the Lalaji's SUFISM did not fit in very well to Raja Yoga, so they just butchered the system of PATANJALI and started at point 7, still calling it "raja yoga", (the EIGHFOLD path was now a "two-fold" path). That (un-spiritual) instability attracted such opportunist capitalist businessmen as Chari (and his father) to the group. Chari, from age 30, was a student of Vaishnava traditional instruction of the Hindu religion. Dr. Varadachari, the Guru in waiting, attempted to add a "philosophical" bent to the "SRCM is Raja Yoga and has Indian roots" idea, of the new SRCM, but was ousted by Chari and he died before Babuji...

To lead a group, one has to be a teacher or a GURU and to be a GURU one has to first be a STUDENT so as to have AUTHORITY...That is the way that Master system works. Babuji had met Lalaji a few (3) times, and had not joined his group or was never a "preceptor" but 13 years after his death, after attending a few of Dr. Chatterbuy's Ramashram satsangs, he formed his own group in 1945, and claimed "authority" from Vivekananda and Lalaji inside, in his dreams. He was apparently appointed Lalaji's successor in a "dream state" (inside). If Lalaji wanted to do that, you would think that he would have named him MASTER in his own lineage of RAMASHRAM...So?... Babuji is a "FELLOW" pilgrim just like You and Shashwat and I respect you all, and I read you on the "inside" also, but I will not start a "love Suraj" movement and I don't want a "love Cyril" movement neither... that would create a BURDEN on you and me and create a false dependency... You and I and Babuji are as important as the blades of grass but not more... Babuji and his system were an OK addition to the plethora of other systems coming out of India, and from around the world, but it too was soon corrupted by MATERIALISM so it is not a system to promote as "better" than any other... I like the true "SYSTEMS" that are Raja Yoga and the other Yogas. Mankind will have to learn to depend on the ONE and the ONE ALONE without any PROXIES in between to erase Samskaras, forgive sins, and offer rewards on the OTHER SIDE for immoralities committed one THIS SIDE. Chari will have to erase his own Samskaras, and so will we all...It's called 'ACTION and REACTION"... Thank you for your input... Cyril Borg, as Inspired by the ONE... who loves ALL as the sun shines on ALL... But that love can burn or warm... and may at some point destroy us as it gave us LIFE. WE are STARDUST...We are la la la la la


Without honesty, truism, and selflessness, no spiritual practice can be followed, and this is the sole reason as why Raja Yoga, (yoga of the thoughts, not mind) lays heavy emphasis on these things, and are the preliminary stuffs in preparation for a spiritual journey, hence the very first step of Raja Yoga is Yam non-killing, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-receiving of any gifts. Without these spiritual mind is not possible.

Now the Sahaj Marg's definition of Modified version of Raja Yoga, is it impossible to become honest, truthful, and content, for present day man ? if Sahaj Marg is of this opinion, then can it be called a spiritual practice to start with ? Criminal Chari, encourages its drones to become a lier, that too, at a very personal level, he passively encourages people to lie to their spouses, and tries to demonstrate that lying for the sake of his cult yields positive results.

Raja Yoga on the other hand, removes any scope of lying, and Sahaj Marg bypasses this step. In essence how modified this Raja Yoga is, is failrly clear... here is one extract, published by Chari.. quoting Babuji, lets see how true is this..

He, the Hookah and I - tolerance, cited in the special issue of Echoes of Africa, 30 April

We had a couple in Hyderabad, abhyasis both, but the wife was dead against Sahaj Marg because she thought it was taking her husband away from her. They had two children, small children � four and two � and he said, �I will not go for satsangh.� But he was surreptitiously going like so many people do. One day he left for office with his briefcase, dark glasses, pen, said goodbye to his wife.

After he left, she saw the newspaper that Babuji had arrived in Hyderabad the previous evening from Delhi. Immediately she put two and two together and said, �This errant husband of mine has gone to see him definitely.� So when he came back in the evening she berated him and she said, �You are a liar. Did you not go there?� He said, �Yes, I went.� �Why didn�t you tell me?� He said, Because you wouldn�t like it.� But you have been found out in a lie.� He said, �I didn�t tell you a lie. I said, �I am just going� and I went.� She said, �If you go again, I will leave you.� Next morning he told her, �I am going to Babuji Maharaj,� and went. In the evening he came back and found a note on the table with the keys of the house saying, �I have left for my home,� and she had taken the babies with her. Next morning he went to Babuji and wept out his heart and told Babuji, �This is what happened. What should I do?� Babuji said, �You have come to a stage when you have to choose between your Master or your wife.� He determinedly told him, �I choose you, Master. I don�t want my wife.� Three days later his wife came back.� In essence if we assume that Chari is not lying here about this story, i.e he has not made up this story, on his own, to demonstrate that Babuji himself encourages that lying to your partner is OK.... then do we need to further explain anything else about direction where Sahaj Marg leads to ?


Hi Shashwat... Not only do I think he made it up, he is TRANSMITTING that garbage to the MIND and the SPIRIT of the GULLIBLE naive women who are Manipulated by POWER... That attraction to POWER by the female of all species is for survival of the species so that only the POWERFUL can breed thus eliminating the weaknesses that might "mutate" into a section of the HERD. The fact that he made up this story may show that there are "RUMOURS" of some women seeing his WEAKNESS and thus "in their journals, that they send to him" he may have read this "threat of desertion" and have been trying to keep them in his "harem" with this story, given to them as a gift for $$$$$... That is not only POWER but ARROGANCE but as such it is a WEAKNESS and the females will sense that... that could explain the attempts at reconciliation of some couples and the visits to the town of the husbands by some other wives (Don) out of the BLUE so to speak... The females are "intuitive" and the pressure on Chari is mounting. So he is in trouble and he knows it...and so do his FEMALES. The fact that the judgement from the Supreme Court came on the eve of BABUJI's Birthday is those who react to "apocalyptic" prophesies and other forms of SPIRIALISM are open to the "vibrations" of fear and anger also...And Chari, not being a true MASTER of Spirituality, is aware of his FATE on VENUS getting very NEAR... Cyril Borg...


hello cy-borg, hello shashwat

i sincerely apologise for the delay in reply. my best friend got married to my favourite sister on the 30th of april. my best friend's parents had arranged a small get together yesterday. so i was busy with the celebrations.

coming back to the point. i have already made my intentions very clear in the very beginning but it appears like my intentions are being completly misunderstood. so let me clarify my point once again.

1) what you address as 'THE ONE', i address THAT as 'BABUJI'. if someone wants to address THAT as 'suraj' or 'cyril' or 'shashwat', they are free to do so. i have no objections as long as they identify the name with the adi tattva and not the individual.

2) had i known that my discussion on raja yoga would start off a debate, i wouldn't have discussed the subject at all. debate can fetch us nothing. we have enough self styled philosophers participating in endless debates but in vain. am not here to prove that i am right and you are wrong. if debate is what you want then i accept my defeat. right here and right now i bow down before you. again, display of knowledge is not my aim here. i suppose this forum is for a common man so in my opinion, esoteric discussions and arguments will not benifit anybody here.

3) am not here to discourage you cyril or shashwat and your work. instead, am here to support you. my heart bleeds for those who have been victims of the selfish motives of few men thus bringing a bad name to the great master. infact i am really happy about your work and i am honoured to use this stage created by you guys to learn, to share, to voice my opinion, to create awareness amongst the masses.

4) i decided to join hands with you guys because your mission, i thought, is the same as my mission and 'LET THE TRUTH ALONE SHINE' and for the sake of 'THE TRUTH'. i have few suggestions here, take it or leave it. 'DO NOT SOW THE SEEDS OF HATRED' this is the law. instead, 'WAVE THE LAMP OF TRUTH' and let people decide what they want. some people are happy with the filth, you cannot convince them. some people are cowards, leave them alone. few are seekers, and they will follow the lamp. i dont have a job nor am i interested in working. i have no intentions of making money. i do not care about luxuries. the last 8 years of my life i have dedicated in search of 'THE TRUTH'. i dont have a wife, i stay away from parents because i realised their protection was making me weak. (my parents have been supportive in this mission). i am not sure where my next meal comes from. i am not sure from where i get the money for my transportation. i dont have a medical insurance or big bank balance to support myself. depending on the 'ALMIGHTY MASTER' alone, i have never been let down. i have spent the last 8 years waiting and waiting and this waiting has made me strong. this waiting has opened up new dimensions. i have lots to learn and lots to share. am not interested in debating if babuji was right or wrong. all i know is he has never let me down, inspite of all the risks i have taken in life. so considering my personal experience, i can run around the world and at the beat of the drum i can announce 'IT WORKS'. against all odds, 'IT WORKS', 'TRANSMISSION WORKS' (not chari's transmisson). i dont need any cy-borg or shashwat or as a matter of fact, anybody. i can work alone and deep in my heart i know the strength is within.


This is not hatred, and hence we do not "SOW THE SEEDS OF HATRED". We speak that what we believe is truth, and hence the very first line in description of this community is "THIS COMMUNITY WILL BE REMOVED IF PROVEN WRONG" coz we believe that what we are speaking here is truth, until proved wrong !. There is no victory, there is no case, there is no judgment. But there is debate, and this debate is to reach a logical conclusion, and remove any illogical fallacy.

We are against Criminal Chari and his cult, for he has destroyed numerous life's for his selfish motives and abused a system which was NOT MEANT FOR DIVISION but union, once again for his greed, we intend to understand as what spirituality is not (Sahaj Marg) rather than what spirituality is. We do not wish to demonstrate or provide any alternative path for freedom, but only indicate what is slavery,

O Master! Thou art the real goal of human life;
We are yet but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and power
To bring us up to that stage.

This prayer is what we call slavery !!


all the best guys!!! carry on with your mission!!! any assistance i am available!! i will pray to the almighty master for your success!! when you feel you really need to know the truth, come unto me and i shall provide all the material you need.



I was a Catholic of the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH or "Holy Mother the Church" as they called it...

When most Christians say Christ, they also mean GOD or what I call the ONE, the UNITY just like Plato and Vivekananda. To call the ONE by the PART is the beginning of a MYTH and not the TRUTH... THE ONE IS ALL, not Christ nor Babuji, nor LORD, nor "the Father" or the MALE but ALL... That is ONE the number and not the WORD which is another bastardization of the LOGOS concept of the Early Greeks (5th centure BCE), that meant: LOGIC as described by SOUND using WORDS but wich the Christian Bible in English calls Christ was the "THE WORD"...(in French, it is "THE VERB" or the ACTION...They all call that the TRUTH...

I hear your call for "NO HATE" and I adhere to that as much as I can. If you read anything HATEFUL in my words, let me know...I can still change unlike some more "DOGMATIC" faith-based carriers of the TRUTH who are STUCK and will not change for a very long time... I have been trying to get all to use LOGIC and not what is "ALLEGATIONS" as FACTS or THE TRUTH... I agree with you and I will continue to PREACH your message to all on Shashwat's Community (the OWNER)

I agree with you that Transmission Works...We call it "two on a heart"... and was a demystified form of the children's game: "I can make you say YES" or "I can make you say NOT". If any fool on the street "transmits to you, you will react"... Usually with a "surge" of energy...but in daily life, we are "suspicious" and "block" those intrusions except for those we accept as "friends, lovers, mates, family" and that gets into "chemistry"...We, in love, secret chemical tracers that are picked up by our ALLIES and are rejected by our FOES... Study "hypnotism".

Likewise, one can, in the shamanistic tradition "charge" or "transmit" to objects and use them as "talisman". So Transmission works in many ways...TO mystify it as THE ONE or GOD is the FLAW...

If a girl transmits to you from accross the room, you will know it and most people, being "suckers" for their lower emotions, and slave to their lower energy centers, (chakras), will respond Physically...those who are slave to the "intellectual" centers will react "with words" and try to see if the "transmission" is coming from a FRIEND or a FOE...those who are slaves to the "spiritual centers" will attempt to be ONE with that person ...not change them. You have attempted to be ONE with us and now, as with most in this SYSTEM, you feel persecuted if we don't agree with you , and you either shun or retaliate with anger (passive) and "run away"... Intellect in just words but is "cold" and not the "hot emotions" of the physical, nor the "UNIFYING" of SPIRIT... BE a SPIRIT and not so DOGMATIC and see us either as "FRIEND or FOE" (intellect) but as SPIRIT (spiritual) or ONE and in UNITY with YOU... I agree with your comments on HATE and remind all here that I don't want to revel in my WINNING or LOSING with CHARI, NAVNEET, or BABUJI, or Suraj or Shashwat... When someone hurts someone else by "dividing" their families, I stand with the VICTIM and allow him/her to cry (what you call HATE) for a while and then try and get them to MOVE ON and be ONE with the LESSON GIVER, the DIVIDER. We are doing the work of FIXING the damage done by SAHAJ MARG to our families and to address its attempts to MYSTIFY the ONE yet again into a DIVISIVE force rather than a UNIFYING energy. To be SPIRITUAL one must be ONE...Sahaj Marg attacks other religions and families and is not ONE. To be Intellectual, one must see "THE OTHER SIDE" hence must be into DUALITY or TWO... SAHAJ MARG, as it has DIVIDED, even at it's core (the Society) is into DUALITY and is DIVISIVE, not UNIFYING...It should not be "tax exempt" as those that address a "social problem" such as our CHARITIES...SRCM creates a PROBLEM, it does not FIX it. Cyril Borg



Any form of practice given to the masses will result in happiness for some and complete misery for others. Some of us are individuals who like to follow ourselves. Some need guides. The heart is always true if you listen to it. You have your own heart. History is not a science but a fact. Fact is savery exist today as it always has be it or not a little more humane. It is still up to humanity to either stop or keep these dictators at bay. Communism and facism still govern, whether it be politics or religion. So get real. Religious bigotry is facismn and facism is not THE WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN!!!



I agree with your three first sentences.

Then you say: "The heart is always true...etc...and you go on about the "heart"

The heart is a PUMP and not the "decision maker"...That is for the BRAIN to take all the feedback from all the BODY and then compile it and add "past experiences" and present situation and make a decision for the "better or the worse" of the indivudual. The heart is not "GOOD" and the BRAIN is not "BAD" as religions would like to insinuate so that the believers will then not trust their own thoughts and judgements and hence ask to be "TOLD WHAT TO THINK and DO...IT IS IN THE BOOK, they will be told...and the book is FOR SALE.

I could say that "intuition" is in the GUTS as in the past, we felt our guts moving when fear or bad food or drink (spirit) were ingested and we would say: "I've got a gut feeling", but that would also be a "myth" and not the TRUTH. We decide with our whole BEING and religion has played the "con" of placing our contact with the OUTSIDE world and/or with the CREATOR or the UNITY at the heart as it was easy to convince the un-thinking "neophytes" that there was a sound (thump, thump) and a "soothing rhythm" that changed when we experience the effects of chemicals such as adrenaline which the brain sends out into the system when there is a reason to FEAR...and other chemicals to elicit joy, bliss, pleasure, hunger, pain, etc... But it is the Brain that analyzes it and decides, not the HEART... That is another flaw of Chari's teachings and is very religious and regressive.

WE are connected to the ONE (and to the ALL) with ALL our being, including our Electromagnetic (EM-heat, light, and brain waves or thoughts (5-8 hz) or the etheric body. We are also (some of us) connected to the ONE with our SOUND, our breath (we exchange air and carbon with ALL) and our emotions including even our fears which are really a "defense" and "protection" mechanism and not to be eliminated as the RELIGIOUS suggest and who would make us DOCILE and hence "controlled".


So even though I agree with the TONE of your message, the myths, the "un-truths" are what I want to get rid of in all of our "beliefs" so we may LIVE IN THE TRUE REALITY which has BOTH SIDE OF THE ALL...IT IS THE WAY THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED. The GOOD AND THE BAD make up the ONE... We will not eliminate the BAD as IT is US and IT is ALSO part of THE ONE and ALL...the REALITY that we as SPIRITUAL seekers are wanting to EXPERIENCE.

Or do we want a FANTASY and an ILLUSION such as "the heart is the seat of the soul". The illusion is that there is NO-THING and hence nothing exists. But the REALITY is that SOME-thing exists for ETERNITY in a DUAL form...THE ONE has become TWO at the MIND...and it js just a process of "higher and lower frequency" that happens naturally. Ultra-violet light spectrum becomes infra-red with TIME and DISTANCE. OR more accurately, with MOTION as measured by TIME (cycles, orbits, spins, etc...) and SPACE (distance as measured in METERS)

That is what we are learning to USE so as to be free from OBEYING others who would lead and/or manipulate us, all with good intentions, they will claim, on the Path of DIVISION from our Family, pets, country, planet, galaxy, universe, OUR SELVES, as if they all were an ILLUSION and that the MASTER and the MISSION (his acolytes), were the only REAL thing...That is a real "CON" game...and those who sell out to that delusion are in need of a REALITY CHECK... That is why we are here...

Cyril Borg



A gut feeling would convey my thought a lot better I think. You know something is wrong but the feeling of belonging is overpowering and blissful. Consider Jim Jones and 900 cult members committing siucide, mother and daughter murdering each other after being led to detruction by a mad man. Learn everyone on this forum and more from the crazy game of pain these predators play with all our lives. A personality cult is dangerous due to the fact it replaces you the followers personality with a new personality that of the leader. The followers own persno dies. The leader sees a mirror image of himself. Usually cruel, manipulative and totally lacking in empathy. A group of sycopaths really. Welcome to the world of cults. It is that simple and that easy but it takes a long time to achieve. Maybe 5 to 8 years. Then the leader doesn't like what he sees, the truth. About himself. He leaves you and begins again or worse takes you with him. So please all abyasis read up on cults only then wiil you know if you are in one!!!


Good one...I agree... and I second that "emotion"...;-))

Cyril Borg...


am back!!

hello friends cy-borg, shashwat and susan!!

am back!! did you guys miss me? am sure you did! :-) am sure you guys must have thought that i must have run away! well, running away so easily till i have cleared your misconceptions about babuji's system and transmission. i was away for a while and now am back! please dont mind friends but i'll disappear and re-appear on and off. commitments. i really wish i can spend more time here.

so coming back to the point. well am not a dodo who cannot differentiate between hypnosis and transmission and please!! a vibe which a girl sends across the room or the vibes of your friend or foe is not transmission. the zombies of srcm might fall for that trap but not me. count me out! i feel sorry for you guys, it appears like you haven't really experienced transmission at all. i wonder what chari and his preceptors are upto?

this discussion is getting nowhere so let me invite you to my place, nanjangud. our ashram is located in nanjangud( nanjangud is a small town approximately 25 kms from the city of mysore (i am sure you guys must have heard of mysore)). you can come there personally and visit us, stay with us as long as you want. like chari and others, we dont talk about money. your accomodation and food is my responsibility. so you need not bother about it. there is no slaverly or gurudom which exists in srcm. well, am not trying to advertise our activities but i want you guys to experience the real so that your misconceptions about babuji's system can be cleared. i know it's a tough job after all that bitterness you guys have experienced with chari and his group. spend time with us and prove us wrong so that we can close down our shop!heh! a challenge for a challenger! my mobile number is +919845345327. feel free to call me :-)


Welcome back, to be honest with you� we did not miss you, coz there has been way too many people who have come and gone, on and off, they come again and ping for sometime, and then again go back in hibernation. So, we did not miss you. You can take your time, no-one is in any kind of hurry.

coming back to your previous point, its not that difficult to understand as what Chari and his criminal gang is upto� have a look at what jim jones did with his cult and its victims, that�s where all cults lead to eventually. Its not only girls who send vibes, we all do, depending of type of thoughts we have at that point of time, its is our thoughts which go out and felt by others which in English is called vibes� essentially.

These kind of googblygoody talks, of come down to India, stay with us, only after that one can understand that Chari is propagating something other then Sahaj Marg, has happened quite a lot of times, if you want more mobile numbers, visit the discussion board of my geocities site� you will find few more mobile numbers� and they all want others to feel free, but are not free themselves, you want people to have faith in a psychopath, who use to talks to ghosts of long gone people, and what is more, there are books published about those trance communications, religion which is essence of spirituality is not based of hallucination but on truism, if you claim truth is beyond logic, that does not imply that truth is against logic, to go beyond, you need to pass through�. In same line, if you have faith in all the three hundred and thirty millions mythological gods, � and still have no faith in yourselves, there is no salvation for you. Have faith in yourselves, and stand up on that faith and be strong; that is what we need, we don�t need faith of anything, anyone, other then our own self, to know your true self, you need not sit in isolation with another zombie and become yet another zombie, and drum about, I AM TRANSMITTED.

That�s what is called brainwashing and this action of shouting at pitch of your voice, that I AM TRANSMITTED, is consequence of that brainwashing, aka TRANSMISSION, now this does not mean, that knowledge cannot be transmitted, We have discussed this topic in detail on this forum before also, read this topic and come back, with your counter views



Hi again...

You are not convincing me... By their fruit you shall know them!...That is Biblical (Christianity)...If the laws of man is higher than the laws of SPIRITUALITY then I will follow the laws of MAN regarding "homosexuality", the role of WOMEN in our society, the protection of Children from "foreign" invaders using the cloak of RELIGION (the Christians, the Muslims, and all other religions do the same. They all come as "SAVIOURS" and want to be "adored" or thought of as though they were "SPECIAL" before the ONE, so as to "gather material POWER such as Real estate, money, etc... It is the Marketing Plan of the Diaspora.... WE ARE NOT AMUSED that SRCM sucked $60,000.00 out of Canada to build your PRIVATE schools for the WEALTHY while our kids (and your poor children) are in "MOBILES" or worse, no schools at all... and then claim "charitable tax exempt" status.

What you are being transmitted is from a PERSON, not from the ONE who transmits to ALL all the TIME and is much more "inclusive" and not so petty (ie the sun, the stars, etc) Transmission is not UNIQUE to Sahaj Marg and we now know the Babuji, although having met Lalaji only 3-4 times and was never a PRECEPTOR, he simply stole the idea of transmissin from the SUFI and called himself the successor, much like Chari did to him later...Is that the MORALITY that you espouse and that you now "display"?

I will defend your right to belong to any group you wish, but leave our children alone! Babuji said" 18 yrs and over! If SRCM is mentionned in reports as a cult is because of their focus on CHILDREN which infuriates other "nationalists"... You have "dummies" in your country who after having been "abhyasis" then become "christians", just like us and that's OK... They also claim: "But you haven't met Christ" and the Love of Christ is so SPECIAL as they march off to war and Bomb the "crap out of other "religions" and countries, killing yet again the "iNNOCENTS" in the name of RELIGION, much as SRCM does.


hello shashwat!!!

that was a rude reply! wasn't it? i suppose there are better ways of denying invitations. have you heard ever the word 'polite'? you call yourself a spiritual seeker right? anyways! nevermind! you jump to conclusions pretty quickly. you hardly know me and you have already concluded that am another chari's zombie trying to woo you back into worshipping him though i clearly mentioned i have nothing to do with chari at all. i know chari is wrong and that's the reason why am here. the reason is this man chari has messed up a great master's system. you may have met thousands but you still haven't met me so you cannot conclude so easily.

you guys still dont get my point do you? in this particular discussion your are wasting your effort in case you want to tell me chari is wrong because i already know he is wrong.

back to the point again. gautama buddha created a sangha "a friendship' because he knew that friendship is the only relation where expections are few. even mothers expect from their children and vice versa. forget about brotherhood. the buddha knew that religion creates fanatism. so he was silent about god and spirituality. his intentions were really simple, teach humanity to animals in the form of humans but again his entire effort went to a drain because his followers never really understood him and buddhism ended up becoming another religion. again moslems, big time religious fanatics of today's era and their history traces back to the days of prophet mohammed, another master who started a misson (not an orginisation) because archangel gabriel intercommunicated with him and entrusted updon him, godly work. the same archangel gabriel intercommunicated with jesus too. were they victims of weird imaginations too? so time and again we have seen that followers have been uselss most of the time, now you cannot use them as a yardstick to measure masters

(again when i use the word master, i do not mean master of a particular group or a clan. when i use the word master, i mean master of their own self. am sure u'll assume that since am using the word master, am in for slavery and i believe in worshipping somebody and prefer to call myself, somebody's slave, no! negative!). so if prophet mohammed, jesus christ or babuji were really approached by "your defination of ghosts", that is something we'll never know. we can form opinions though, either for or against. start debates even but invain. why think about points which can never be proved? so again, we'll never know if babuji really stole transmission from lalaji and 'huzur' or if lalaji really bestowed upon him this power to transmit. since this point cannot really be proved

and when i asked you, if you guys really missed me, i mentioned it in a lighter way! can you see a smiley next to that statement? what's with your sense of humour shashwat?


When you make a statement in an open forum, expect a response, was it rude ?? you may think so coz you are at the receiving end, but for me, it was an honest response!! you asked if we missed you, (just for fun may be..), I said no.. you are free to take it as hummer or serious.. does it matters to us ? We already know that you are not transmitted in ZMC(I)L, but you have accepted that you are transmitted, Myself perfectly understand that you are not one of Chari's zombie roaming around, but believe in something which you feel is essence of what Chari�s gang is trying to do on face of it. I have also made is very clear that concept of Sahaj marg as it is, is fundamentally wrong!! And at the same time, I do not deny that there does not exist spiritual transmission, which is part of Bhakti Yoga, and has nothing to do with Raja Yoga of patanjali, those who know Raja Yoga, will find it hard to accept that Sahaj marg has anything to do with practice of Raja Yoga. Why this contradiction to start with ? Gautam Buddha, did not advocated existence of God� there can be N number of arguments for and against this statement, but essence of Buddhism is not existence of God, but meditation and finding one's true nature by going inside, �sangh� which you have taken up, has nothing to do with spiritual development, spirituality is not the process of find truth outside in company of some-one, that is �MAYA� and this is what is stated in Dhammpad, �Sangha� is part of and living in �MAYA�. the theory of Maya forms one of the pillars upon which the Vedanta rests, The theory of Maya was manipulated a little by the Buddhists too, but in the hands of the Buddhists it became very much like what is called Idealism, and that is the meaning that is now generally given to the word Maya. When the Hindu says the world is Maya, at once people get the idea that the world is an illusion.

I can only see the consequence of those teachings, crusades and Jehad!! This trans-communication however true it may be� in some cases, but cannot be taken as base or building block of any philosophy, which has effect on life of people, who are forced to obey blindly.

You have made a comment about me, as I am a spiritual seeker� can you point out where I have made that statement ? All I have stated is, what spirituality is not� I have no intention of defining spirituality myself, there have been way too many people who have come and gone.. attempting to define spirituality, my approach rests in the Veda�s Neti-Neti, as this eradicates any scope of foolishness, or manipulation, come at terms with it.. Sahaj marg is not what you are seeking for�


so you think 'neti neti' is a perfect method? i dont agree with you. a method can be considered effective only if it works in all the three states of existance namely 1)jagrat (waking state) 2)swapna (dreaming while sleeping) 3) shushupti (dreamless state while sleeping). to some extent you can apply neti neti to disassociate yourself from the non essentials while you are awake. how do you apply this method while you are sleeping (in a dream and also while you are not dreaming)? think about it!?!?! spirituality or self enquiry extendes very much to all the three states of existance. neti neti is not a method but the condition of negation. when a yogi achieves this condition, he automatically disassociates himself from the non essentials in all the three states of existance. in order to achieve this, you should have reached the fourth state namely 'turiya'. so in a nutshell once you reach 'turiya', 'neti neti' holds good and not the other way round.

well.. in my earlier discussion, regarding buddhism and other religions, i wanted to highlight the fact that the teachings and methods of masters have always been misunderstood by their followers. sahaj marg is no exception. chari has commited a blasphemy by spoiling the system to suit his selfish desires. my discussion was not about buddhism in particular. so no point in discussing about buddhism because our subject of discussion is if sahajmarg (babuji's and not chari's) is a perfect system. it goes beyond doubt that chari's sahaj marg is slavery. chari modified babuji's system to satisfy his own desires. well.. you asked me where have you mentioned that you are a spiritual seeker? it's common sense, you are a spiritual seeker, if you aren't then why are you here? why all this effort? you dont require einstein's iq to figure that out. and what has transmission got to do with bhakti? transmission is otherwise known as pranahuthi where a yogi infuses prana into the abhyasi through pure will. what has prana got to do with bhakti? your point here is this whole method of transmitting prana is baseless. had chari done this sincerely, you and i wouldn't have been arguing here. chari used transmission to make slaves of people. am sure he was never really interested in the evolution of his abhyasis. he was more interested in making slaves. chari started transmitting to the navel instead of the heart. once you do that, your lower centers become active and it creates guilt in an individual so you are bound to stick on to the man who has transmitted to you. this was never babuji's system. babuji used to transmit to the heart. once the heart center and subsequently the other higher centers were awakened, the lower centers were automatically taken care of by the higher centers. now i dont wish to go into the details here. this discussion is for a lay man too. so i dont wish to go deep into the philosophy or the technical aspects of it.

on a personal note shashwat and cyril. my blood boils at the very thought that babuji's system is being used to make slaves out of men and women. you are indeed doing a good job by exposing chari's not so divine intentions! three cheers!!! :-)



You say: Chari transmits to the "navel"... do you have any "proof" or evidence of this?

We know something is wrong with the transmission as we know the experience (negative), and the SRCM (Chari) philosophy, (flawed, immoral, or non-existent) and the theology (Flawed ("God is MALE" being taught to Children) that it creates in the Abhyasis and their families, who are the "rejects" of the SRCM meditation (no love or forgiveness by the family member anymore ... Specially if they disagree with Chari or SRCM) But even Christianity "UNITES" families in many cases and the LOVE for the family does not stop as with SRCM of Chari where the LOVE is tranfered to the Master, The MISSION, and the METHOD... The family is sacrificed to Chari's DREAMS and even the STRUCTURE which is a THING, so a MATERIAL...or Matter (concrete, wood, and statues, iconography (holy pictures), and Golden LIONS. Sahaj Marg is now IDOLATRY, adn "CULT OF PERSONALITY" and STRUCTURE, in exchange for the "LOVE the NEIGHBOUR" or the FAMILY...of with most true religions... Can you give the reason, evidence, proof, for that statement above cyril borg


IT is not in dreams nor in dreamless sleep, nor while awake, IT is not that what you can perceive through sense (neti-neti), this is part of Janna Yoga. according to sahaj marg great emphasis is given to another being, i.e guru (eliminating chari from sahaj marg), dependency on any other subject, other than onself is not Raja Yoga, Transmission is part of bhakti yoga, where family life does not exist, but sole reason for existence is that object of transmission, it can be useful in-case the transmitter is also pure.... which is not the case with babuji, he was a family man, with children's, and if he was not absolutely devoted to his own guru, which is not possible for a "grayast" infect its a crime against ones family if one does so, over and above that devotion for another human being, just like us, obedience to another human, neglecting ones domestic responsibility, is not Raja Yoga, Transmission is not possible without devotion, and for a householder, his/her devotion should be family and not any cult figure, once again this is definitely not Raja Yoga. But Sahaj Marg is stated to be modified version of Raja Yoga, which in itself is a contradiction in terms, and a lie. Given the fact that Sahaj Marg is outcome of hallucination (transmission happened in dream.... after 13 years lalaji expired), then we have communication with Vivekananda, krishna et-al, published in form of book, and zombies believe it to be true, this is not spirituality, but stupidity. Spirituality is strength, which can only come if one has knowledge, and to gain knowledge one need to learn form himself, no-one else can learn and gain knowledge for some-one else, but Sahaj Marg states its the cult leader who does all the work and zombies need to simply obey. Hence concept of Sahaj Marg is fundamentally wrong!!


Attention Shashwat!!


again i apologise for replying late. Initially I had a lot of travelling to do and then lots of things happening in my personal life as well. So i am kind of held up and I dont get much time to spend online. alright, coming back to the point. 1) Please refer Swami Vivekananda's 'Raja Yoga'. Please refer chapter 3, 'Prana'. Read this chapter carefully. The Swami speaks about transmission in this chapter. I recommend you read the whole book and then please decide for yourself if pranahuthi or transmission is really a part of 'Raja Yoga' or 'Bhakti Yoga'? 2) I very well know what 'neti neti' is, it is the condition of negation, the sufi's call it 'fanah'. My question is, how do you explain negation as an approach or method vis-a-vis all te three states of existance? neti neti is an experience and once you achieve this conditon, the world automically appears like an illusion. mere parroting is not going to help.

Attention Cyril

greetings :-)

well, transmission is not something which can be documented or photographed so providing evidence is really difficult. again, i recommend Swami Vivekananda's Raja Yoga'. Read this book, especially chapter 3 where the Swami explains transmission. This is a public forum so i prefer not to get into the details. If you wish to know the details, i recommend we have a private conversation sometime. Else, you are welcome to our ashram in nanjangud anytime (if it's 'The Truth', you really seek). am hoping that your reply isn't going to be as rude as Shashwat's. regards suraj


Hi Suraj

Regarding your approach for transmission, I have discussed the same on my blog, refer to Transmission section, same has also been discussed in this community, pls check Prana as elaborated in the book, you referred, is explained as vibration, the forced which causes the lungs to expand and contract, thus causing breathing, which in turn explains the fundamentals of "pranayam" the fourth state in Raja Yoga, which is the breathing exercise, it states that if we can control our breathing, we can control our thoughts, because our thoughts are directly proportional to breathing, same holds true with prana, if we can modulate the frequency of our prana, we will be able to modulate other's prana, as it is essentially the same thing.. it is explained as ocean of either, similar to our atmosphere, its density varies at different places, but continuity is maintained throughout, there is no vacuum in-between, same holds true for prana as well, as this universe is also vibration if we observe closely.

Prana has nothing to do with TRANSMISSION originating from Chari's point-B (which is the reproductive organ) or Point-A whatever it is, passing via preceptor's point-B or point-A whatever it is... going into victims point-B or point-A. Thats NOT Prana.

I will not discuss the subject of Neti-Neti any further as I had previously pointed out that objective of this debate is NOT to explain what spirituality IS, but we are discussion what spirituality is NOT (Sahaj Marg).

Can you explain this . How come feeling vibration while visiting shrine of Prophet Mohammad in Mecca, related with Patanjali's Raja Yoga ? how come a person who dreams about Islam, his autobiography states that he was involved in Islamic teachings and his method also originated from sufi linage, suddenly starts preaching Raja Yoga ? Lalaji who is claimed to be founder of Sahaj Marg, was a sufi monk, as stated in cult litrature, where, how, when and why Sahaj Marg became Modified version of Raja Yoga ? Is this approach of selling Sahaj Marg as modified version of Raja Yoga not based on manipulative tactics ? of fooling people in name of Raja Yoga ? pls explain.



Please don't confuse us with FACTS...we're SPIRITUAL... ;-))

(Plagiarized from: "No SEX please, we're BRITISH!!")

By their (SRCM and their apologists) standards, Christianity must also be Raja Yoga, because Christians "MEDITATE"... So are Muslims, Hindus, Shinto, Bhuddists, etc... all religions and cults must be Raja Yoga, according to SRCM's and Babuji's and Chari's definition of the term...

It's like saying that all who pray are "Christians"... and that Christ invented PRAYER...

You gotta laugh b'cause it's not funny... (4d-don) It's not correct or accurate also, but who cares eh? We're SPIRITUAL!!

Cyril Borg...

Reply To K. S. Balasubramaniam

This article ( appears to be a response to what we have been writing.... below is my analysis viz-a-viz KSB's view.

India is the homeland of spirituality.

Take this!! spirituality has a homeland !! as per my understanding of spirituality it is universal, not even global, how can a universal term be confined within political boundaries of any country ? spirituality, just like gravitation is universal ! it exists everywhere, even in those area's which are not known to us, the process of creation and subsequent destruction is part of same cosmic intelligence. Process to understand this cosmic intelligence is what is commonly understood as spirituality, it is the same force which holds the planets in their orbit, it is the same force, which create a galaxy from black-hole confining spirituality to a homeland is a mind controlling tactics presented in such a manner that since India is homeland of spirituality therefore a pilgrimage to the same is must just like "HUJ" is mandatory in Islam! (Remember Religion divides, but these cults UNITE !) drones !!!

From pre-historic times, followed by the Vedic and epic periods, many saints, sages and seers have emerged in this holy land. They gave their heart and soul to their pursuit to reach human perfection, realisation of God or Self-realisation.

How many civilization's are we aware of from "pre-historic" times ? there were(/are/will be) many saints, sages and seer's who emerged in India, but their knowledge cannot be confined within political boundaries of India, if there is origin, there will be an end !! this is universal cycle! that which starts ends.. hence emergence in itself leads to destruction, claiming that saints have emerged in India is in a way presenting a universal term, a universal love and a universal understanding in a much confined manner, which defeats the very purpose of knowledge expressed by the same saints, sages and seer's!.
Lumbini (birth place of Gautam Buddha) is in Nepal.. So from this statement, Nepal is the birth-land of spirituality ? or homeland of Buddhists !! Am I wrong when I use the term "ZOMBIE" to these cult member's ?

After reaching their destination, they tried to train many of their fellow human beings, to uplift them from their sufferings in this world. We find evidences for this in the Vedas, the most ancient literature of this world, texts on Yoga and other schools of Indian philosophy.

Destination ? what is it ? enlightenment ? and what is that ? this is yet another mind controlling tactic's wage and absurd statement's like destination nobody knows what destination are they talking about ? enlightenment is simply knowledge, difference between an enlighten personality and one who is still ignorant, is knowledge of self, "we have the cosmos within" this knowledge is what is called enlightenment, there is no other difference, no-human being can ever be divine, accept this fact, if a human can be divine, s/he will not be human, only difference is in knowledge of cosmic intelligence, they both have same hands, eye's ear's mouth hands and legs. We all have same soul. There is no difference other then degree of knowledge, and that knowledge cannot be confined within the Veda's even, (those who have read the veda know this) or any other form which can be expressed. That infinite knowledge is not limited within philosophy, or Yoga or text. It is a self experience, which cannot be explained. The saints, sages and seer's this zombie is talking about explained the need to understand this cosmic intelligence, and provided a roadmap, for gaining this knowledge, which has infrastructure of Religion around it, spirituality is the very essence of all religions known in human history, again remember "Religion divides and this cult unites".

Sahaj Marg, the modified system of Raja Yoga, stands on the foundation of these noble teachings of the scriptures.

Truth cannot be modified ! If there is any scope of modification then the system is not perfect to start with ! if they claim that they have modified "Raja Yoga" they in essence say that Raja Yoga is not perfect, is not universal, is not applicable to all, cannot lead mankind to what it claim's, God does not change with time, and hence way to understand God also cannot be changed with time, If a system is not perfect, how can its distorted version be perfect ? This is the reason as why Sahaj marg leads to ruin ! they claim to have modified something which is eternal, why don't you modify the Veda's then ? this brainwashing cannot stand in front of logic.
These scripture are building blocks of Religion. If you claim Sahaj marg "stands in foundation of these noble teachings" then how come Religion divides and Sahaj Marg unites ? how, where and when Sahaj Marg de-associates itself from Religion when slogan for zombies is "Religion Divides and this cult unites!!' either Religion's do not divide or Sahaj Marg divides more!

but like many other schools, it too has its own philosophy and unique practice

hold on please read this talk given by cult figure Chari on New Year's Day, 2005 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, INDIA
As you know, Babuji Maharaj spoke very little. He said, "If and when a guide has to speak, it should be only to teach us about what we have to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, and of course, why to do it." There is no room for philosophy in speeches of Sahaj Marg. In fact, Sahaj Marg has no philosophy. It does not rest on any philosophy. It is neither advaita nor dvaita nor vishishta advaita.
Why is it, that everyone contradicts each other ? indeed this is a SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION LOL

The word Veda comes from the Sanskrit root Vid, "to know". It consists of passages in prose and poetry that are prior to any other literature of this world. The Vedic saints are called Rishis, which etymologically means, "those who have seen the mantras"(1) . This required the practice of penance, austerity, meditation, celibacy and so on.

Veda's are the texts on which Hindu religion is based on, and remember the slogan for zombies "Religion divides and this cult unites" why use religious text, base your teachings on religion and then in the same breath say it is divisive ? either they are drone's or they think rest of the world is drone !

The Vedas contain the highest knowledge, the transcendental knowledge that cannot be obtained by other means like perception through sense organs, inference, and reasoning. Hence the Vedas have been accepted as the authoritative source of knowledge by all orthodox schools of Indian Philosophy.

What has Sahaj Marg of Chari got to do with this ? Again Veda's are the basis on which Hindu religion (Sanatan Dharma) is based and according to Sahaj Marg " religion divides" ! this is contradicting the very basis on which they claim Sahaj Marg is build ! you may be a zombie but rest of the world is NOT. This is clear case of manipulation, systematic mind control tactic's !!

Those who deny this authority to the Vedas have been classified as heterodox or atheist schools of philosophy. The Charvaka (materialists), Buddhism and Jainism come into the latter category.

Charvaka's which is based on B'rhaspatya-sutras and originated during Murya period of Indian history, is also part of all accepting Hindu philosophy, they were allowed to shout from the temple's that they do not believe in existence of God, even Buddhism is also accepted as part of, extension of, Hindu philosophy, it is stated that one should have mind of a Hindu and heart of a Buddha. BTW what has sahaj marg got to do these divisive approaches.. they are all RELIGIOUS.

It should also be pointed out here that even among the orthodox schools (2) Sankhya and Mimamsa do not accept the existence of God, but they accept the authority of the Vedas and hence they are considered as theists or orthodox.

Variation of Sankhya and Mimamsa school of thought is only on Brahmasutra which declares that God is "Karta sastrarthavattvat". Karta means the doer, one who does, it (Brahmasutra) declear's that God is the creator of this universe, in addition to this, it also states that it is the God who vouchsafes us the reword of our acts, if it is accordance to vedic principles it is considered good, and will be reworded, whereas if against vedic principles, it will attract punishment, from God, the Sankhyas however state that Lord is not the creator or the doer, but is "pure knowledge" janna.
The Mimamsa on the other hand, is silent on subject of "karta" the doer, but states that it is not the Lord which vouchsafes the fruits of action, but they depend how the act, or the intention behind the act is viewed in the veda's or the shastra's

The Yoga school of philosophy founded by Patanjali, whose period is fixed by modern scholars as 150 BC, accepts both the Vedas and the existence of God. Sahaj Marg, it may be pointed out, also holds the same view as that of Patanjali. It closely follows the principles enunciated in the Vedas and in Patanjali's Yoga system.

So Sahaj Marg is part of Hindu Religion ? and is heterodox and reject the statements of other school of thoughts have they done any debate ? hindu religion is based on arguments and counter arguments for and against each and every aspect which is not perceived by direct perception. Has sahaj marg established itself as such ? till that happens, Sahaj Marg is nothing more then a mind controlling, brainwashing, manipulating, dangerous and harmful CULT.
Can Sahaj marg provide any reference in the veda's which lays any emphasis on the needs of brainwashed preceptor's roaming around like Dracula's, hunting for victim's ready to suck their blood and make them also another vampire, yet another Dracula hunting again for a new victim, but they must realize that Dracula's are operative until dawn, one ray of light, burns them into ashes

Yoga is generally classified into two main divisions viz., Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga, though later on many other branches of Yoga came into vogue.

Bhakti Yoga, Janna Yoga, Karma Yoga they all came into vogue later ???? this demonstrates lack of knowledge of the author. Any approch must educate and develop the complete self, the heart, head and hand. One-sided development is never commendable. Karma Yoga purifies and develops the hand. Bhakti Yoga destroys vikshepa and develops the heart. Raja Yoga removes the veil of ignorance and develops will and reason. Therefore, one should practice all the four Yogas. There is no distingution however, as in case of rainbow, we can see the difference, but where the difference actually starts is not visible, similarly, these four yoga's are induced in each other and are not sperable !

Hatha Yoga mainly deals with practices that help one to keep his physical body hale and healthy, by means of exercises such as postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and so on.

Breathing technique's are essential for each posture, those who know, inform the pupil's how to breath during various asanas, Pranayam however is not exclusively part of Hatha Yoga, but is one of the eight steps as mentioned in Patanjali's Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga, on the other hand, mainly deals with the mind. It endeavours to restrain the tendencies of the mind from going out, (like the reins of a horse) and brings the mind to a state of perfect calmness, equilibrium or balance. Patanjali's Yoga belongs to this category.

What has Sahaj Marg got to do with this? Yoga is indispensable part of Hindu Religion, and according to Sahaj marg, Religion divides!!

Sahaj Marg also follows the same principle. The practice of Sahaj Marg meditation regulates the mind and strengthens the will power.

This is the biggest lie of this cult, and is the basis of manipulation, mind control and brainwashing!!.. Practice of Sahaj Marg, which requires a medium, a preceptor who transmits, applies mind control on the victim, and victims will power is simply drained out, and the victim is left with NULL decision making capacity, s/he is TRANSMITTED, need to OBEY the cult figure Chari, celebrate his birthday, (three day BIRTHDAY BASH FROM 22nd July to 25th july each year!!) donate money, buy books, where in his 196 Aphorisms has Patanjali's emphases the need to celebrates Chari's birthday ? where in Raja Yoga, sitting with a lusty, sex frustated, fetish for girls preceptor mentioned ? where in Raja Yoga, attacking a 65 year old women prescribed ? and beating the family mamber's of their own GURU ? where in Raja yoga fighting court battle for control over property prescribed ? where in Raja Yoga raping women's prescribed ? where in Raja yoga not to ask questions prescribed ? where in Raja yoga, simply obeying prescribed ? lies will not be hidden anymore ! IT WILL BE EXPOSED

The precepts and practice as advocated by the masters of Sahaj Marg are not contradictory to those given in the Vedas or ancient Yogic texts. Some examples are given below to prove this point.
I. Practice :

Sahaj Marg emphasises that one should do one's practice regularly. Patanjali also opines the same, when he says (3) ,

Is this the only way Sahaj Marg is similar to Raja Yoga ? this is yet another manipulating statement, this can be used to brainwash people. There is a saying "Practice makes man perfect" is this the only why as how Sahaj Marg is related to Patanjali's Raja yoga ? whoever made that statement is also following MODIFIED version of Raja Yoga then!! why not follow him ? why Sahaj Marg then ?

Sahaj Marg says that meditation means "to think of an object continuously". Patanjali endorses this view in his Yoga Sutra(4). He gives importance to the moral and ethical values to be followed by all without any exception. He calls them Yama and Niyama each of which contains five principles. Sahaj Marg also emphasises the same, through its "Ten Maxims".

"to think of an object continuously" the registered trade mark "constant remembrance" of "Chari" truth cannot be hidden, Patanjali sutra's have no where mentioned that one needs to think about a criminal constantly, this is psychological terrorism, being induced on innocent victims.

The Ten Maxims of Sahaj Marg is here:-

1. Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja at a fixed hour, preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and seat for worship. Purity of mind and body should be specially adhered to.

Early to bed and early to rise, very old saying, what is new or unique in this ? the prayer.. "I AM SALVE" also their purity of mind is displayed here..

2. Begin your puja with a prayer for spiritual elevation, with a heart full of love and devotion.

Begin saying "I am slave" love and devotion towards representative of God, i.e criminal Chari. This is sahaj marg.

3. Fix up your goal which should be 'complete oneness' with God. Rest not till the ideal is achieved.

Complete oneness with representative of God on earth.. i.e criminal Chari, goal is complete drain out of intellectual, emotional, monetary and psychological power's of humans.... this is what this cult aims at.

4. Be plain and simple to be identical with nature.

Be naked ? see this.. Back in the Pooja room, the family was ready for the ritual. Their guru's pooja hung proudly on the wall and the family was in full attendance, Pragyas grand father, father, mother, brother and two sisters all without a stitch of clothing on their stark naked bodies

5. Be truthful. Take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be thankful.

See this truthful !!

6. Know all people as thy brethren and treat them as such.

See this sahajmarg is an atheist cult which does not believe in any kind of familial ties., "its only religion being open sex". There are no brothers, sisters, father or mother. All human beings are same.

7. Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts.

See this

8. Be happy to eat in constant divine thoughts whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings.

Registered Trade Mark.. constant remembrance of Chari.. !!

9.Mould your life so as to arouse a feeling of love and piety in others.

Indeed, see this

10. At bedtime, feeling the presence of God, repent for the wrongs committed. Beg forgiveness in a supplicant mood, resolving not to allow repetition of the same.

Don't be with your spouse, but remember presence of Chari ? and this is great for familial happiness.. Sahaj Marg explained !

Sahaj Marg prescribes "meditation on the divine light in the heart". The Upanishads, which form the end, and the most important part of the Vedas, also opine the same. The Katha Upanishad (4.13) (belonging to the Yajur Veda) says: "The Self, the lord of the past and the future, is like a light without smoke; he is verily the same today and tomorrow". Katha Upnishad is once again part of hindu religion, and according to Sahaj Marg Religion divides !! transmission is from Chari's heart to the preceptor's heart to the victims heart The Mundaka Upanishad (III.1.5.) (Belonging to the Atharva Veda) says: "When the impurities dwindle, the ascetics or the self-controlled, behold Him stainless, resplendent within the body.

When Religion divides, how can religious texts be used... ? This is clear case of manipulation, brainwashing and cultic mind control.

The Mahanarayana Upanishad (II.7) (of the Yajur Veda) says : "we meditate upon Him, the limitless, the changeless, the seer, the end aim of the ocean of existence, the source of all Bliss in the heart, which is like a lotus bud".

Religion divides

The Svetasvatara Upanishad (4.17) (also of the Yajur Veda) says: "the divinity who created the universe and who pervades everything always dwells in the hearts of the creatures. Those realize him become immortal".

Religion divides

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita (18.61), "the lord is seated in the hearts of all the beings".

Religion divides!!!

There are also many other passages in the Vedas which recommend meditation on the "light in the heart", which is being followed by the practitioners of Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga.

Once again Religion divides, Sahaj marg is a contradiction in terms.

Raja Yoga means the King among Yoga systems. The mind is said to be the king of all the sense organs and, since this Yogic practice mainly deals with the mind, it is called Raja Yoga. Gorakshanatha, a well-known Yoga master of 9th -10th cent, A.D. also asserts the same(5). But the ancient schools of Yoga prescribe many difficult practices, which are impossible to be adopted in modern times.

Patanjali's Raja Yoga is most simplest to practice, if speaking truth is impossible to adopt in modern times then no yoga can help, Sahaj Marg should first correct itself, before pointing towards deficiencies of any other system.

By practising yama and niyama, the Yogic student purifies his mind. By practising asana, he gets steadiness and firmness of body. By practising pranayama, he removes the tossing of mind and destroys rajas and tamas. By practising pratyahara he gets mental strength, peace of mind and inner life. By the practice of dharana, he gets ekagrata state of mind. By practising dhyana, he fills the mind with divine thoughts. By practising samadhi, he destroys the seeds of births and deaths, and gets immortality, the final beatitude. You cannot erase any of these steps, just to modify and suite your needs.... you cannot be a lier and a true teacher at the same time !!

Also some practices like breathing techniques, though beneficial if practiced correctly under the guidance of an adept in Yoga, would produce unwanted diseases if done wrongly. The most popular text on Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Svatmarama (12-15 cent A, D.) caution the practitioners in this regard(6) . Hence, a simplified system of Raja Yoga is the need of the hour.

Simplified or modified for manipulation, mind control and brainwashing ? Pranayam as prescribed in Patanjali's Raja Yoga can be explained in one line, breath in from one side immediately breath out from other side, hold on for 8-16-32 sec's and then repeat. Breathing is directly proportional to thinking process, in essence, pranayam is controlling of thoughts medium is breath !.

The method known as Sahaj Marg which is practiced in Shri Ram Chandra Mission. It is a simple, subtle, safe and sure method which takes the aspirant towards human perfection in the shortest possible duration.

Shortest possible duration ? and what is that ? another mind control tactic's, name one zombie who has achieved human perfaction and in what time ? also Which "Shri Ram Chandra Mission" there are two at this time, another one is called ISRC ! court case is going on...
Human perfection ! See this "I tried it for 2 days and I felt so odd I stoped. I didn't know what to make of my feelings"

The greatest advantage in this path is that, the guru or the Master or the guide, whatever one may call him, takes the responsibility of transforming an individual into a perfect human being without much effort on the part of the practitioner.

So according to Sahaj Marg, Chari a criminal himself, (convicted by the law under IPC 398) can make people knowledgeable without any effort. ! indeed this can happen ONLY IN SAHAJ MARG

This is made possible through the unique method adopted by the Master, which is termed "Pranahuti" in Sahaj Marg. Pranahuti means "offering one's life energy. The Master, offers his own life-energy, directs it to the hearts of the disciple through his will power, and awakens the Soul which lies dormant in the heart of the seeker. The seeker has just to receive it in his heart, which he can feel once he turns his attention inwardly. The Pranahuti is defined as "The utilization of the divine energy for the transformation of man". Sahaj Marg does not bar any one from experiencing this divine energy. Any one without any barrier of colour, caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality etc., can derive the benefit of the Master's services, without paying anything in return!

This is hypnosis, this approach, described above is very very dangerous for normal human's, it is because of this TRANSMISSION only that people become mindless objects, simply obeying, zombies and drones. This is very harmful for psychological health of the victim, a word of caution, stay as far away from this mind controlling, psychological terrorism as possible !. this is very harmful for mental health, and psycological well being ! These people are blood sucking vampire's, they are animals disguised as human's, to add more... they are not noble animals like donkey's or Dog's but cunning and dangerous animals like snakes, scorpien and crocodiles..

Now, naturally a question arises whether this is true or just a fancy. Is there any such reference in early texts on Yoga where such phenomenon was available in ancient times(7) ? The answer is "Yes". We do have many such references in ancient texts where the Yogic energy or the divine energy was transmitted by the teacher to the disciple, resulting in the transformation of the latter. We shall see just a few of them here.

What is stated in the texts is not displayed here, what is stated is truly modified to suit the present day needs of these selfish people, and is modified in such a way that it drains a person of all his thinking, reasoning and intellectual power's, and transforms him/her into a mindless obeying object. Also when everything is stated in the Hindu Text's, what is the need to celibrate, Chari's Birthday ?

The Yoga Vasishtha, ascribed to the legendary saint Valmiki (who wrote the Ramayana), contains reference of the great saint Vasishtha transforming his disciple lord Rama at once, using this method of transmission. Here three methods of Yogic transmission, viz., by touch, by sight and through words are mentioned(8) . The Sutasamhita, which forms part of Skandapurana, which is at least one thousand five hundreds years old, adds one more to the above list. It includes transmission through will power (or thought) and says that this is the subtlest and the highest method of transmission. It may be pointed here that Sahaj Marg adopts the same method.

Once again Religion Divides, why use divisive text's, why base on something which according to Sahaj Marg divides ? Once again it is self evident that Sahaj Marg, is a contradiction in terms !

In ancient and medieval Sufi systems, this technique of transmission from the heart was known as Tavajjhoh. It may also be noted that ancient Chinese Buddhism also contains references to such practices. The 9th -10th cent A.D. text on Kashmir Saivism also contains references to such method of Yogic transmission adopted by the Master in effecting spiritual evolution of the disciples.

Uniqueness in Sahaj Marg is modification of these techniques into a mind controlling, brainwashing method. which is modified to manipulate innocent victims into blood sucking vampires.

Lord Krishna transmitted the divine energy to Arjuna on the battle field and made him an immortal hero, as can be seen from the great epic Mahabharata.

Religion Divides. Correct ? They are all Hindu Texts. and Hindu religion is divisive.

In recent times, 19th cent, A.D. the great Master of Bengal, Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa transformed his disciple, Narendranath into a Yogi of immortal fame viz., Swami Vivekananda, through the method of transmission of divine energy, Such is the efficiency of this method. The tradition has continued from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Swami Vivekanada would never say repeat everyday.. "I AM SLAVE"

In the 19th cent. A.D. the great saint Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fategarh (U.P.) (1873-1931) affectionately called Lalaji by his disciples, made this process available to all human kind in great numbers. He is rightly called as the first guru of the Sahaj Marg system and it is in his name that Shri Ram Chandra Mission was established in 1945 A.D., by his dearest disciple and successor, who also bore the same name (i.e. Shri Ram Chandraji). This illustrious personality was born in 1899 in Shahjahanpur (U.P.) in India. He established this Mission in remembrance of his Master and travelled to many parts of India and abroad to offer spiritual service to all human beings without expecting anything in return. Such was his devotion to his Master that he continued to serve everyone without any distinction, till his last moment in this mortal world, which he left in 1983. His followers affectionately called him Babuji.

Great Saint Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fategarh (U.P.) ? great in what sense ? what has he done to mankind ? apeared in dreams of a psycopath ? and that is his greatness ? he can be a great human being... but great saint that too of the order of Swami Vivekananda, Lord Kirshna... Drones, enough of manipulation. these brainwashing tectic's will not work anymore ! true face of this cult is availabe here

Babuji�s most devoted disciple and successor Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately known as Chariji, was born in 1927 near Chennai in South India. He was mainly instrumental in spreading the noble teachings of the earlier Masters in more than 80 countries, spread over all the continents of this world (9).

Really !!! what is this ?

All the Masters lead a simple life, true to the term Sahaj Marg, which literally means "The natural path". There are no religious dogmas, rigorous rituals, preaching of sermons and so on in this method. It is simple, subtle and any one who has the willingness to transform himself into a perfect human being can experience its efficacy.

Chari's birthday Bash, sitting with preceptor, praying I AM SLAVE what is this then ? thinking about Chari, while in bed with your spouse..... very simple, and most spiritual.

Sahaj Marg does not condemn any religion but goes beyond the religious precepts and unites all the people. It is said that "religion divides people but spirituality unites people".

And use all the religious texts at the same time... where you out of your mind when you were stating all the passage's from RELIGIOUS TEXTS like Gita, upnishads and Veda's etc ? religion divides only when you please correct ?
Spirituality is the very essence of all religion, if religion can divide, its core cannot unite, this is contradiction, religion in addition to spirituality, also offer's a societal living. There is no other difference then that amongst all religions of the world, baseline is same i.e spirituality, depending on geographical condition's, way of living differs. Religions DO NOT DIVIDE PEOPLE, IT IS CULT's LIKE SRCM WHICH DIVIDES PEOPLE

Another notable point in Sahaj Marg is that it offers the same practice to all the people without any reservation.

This is what is called Brainwashing

It may also be noted that the women get the same equal status as men in this system, unlike the ancient spiritual systems.

Why cannot womens become master of Sahaj Marg ? name that ancient spiritual systems which holds other view !

Yet another unique aspect of Sahaj Marg is that it does not recommend any one to renounce the family life, as advocated by many schools of Indian philosophy where the life of the renunciate or mendicant is a must for spiritual pursuit, as is the case in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. On the other hand, Sahaj Marg says that one should neglect neither the worldly life nor the spiritual life. In fact it says that �the material life and the spiritual life should go hand in hand, like two wings of a bird, equally glittering.�

Sahaj Marg not only distroyes family, but demolishes the very basis on which our society is build.. here is the proof of this statement.

The Pranahuti, the unique flow of transmission from the Master to the millions of aspirants, plays an important role in the evolution of man into a perfect human being. It checks the mental tendency from going astray and helps one to regulate his mind, and thereby his senses and activities, thus bringing him into a state of perfect balance and moderation. This is one of the definitions of the term Yoga, given by the lord in the Bhagavad-Gita (II.48).

Gita is a religious text, and if religion divides, how can Gita unite ?

It can be seen from the above brief discussion that Sahaj Marg is a modified system of Raja Yoga, built firmly on the noble principles enunciated in ancient scriptures. It is to be noted that the base or foundation, without any structure built over it, is useless. Also no structure without any firm foundation will last long. Both should be equally strong for giving shelter and peace to people who live within it. This world is the home built with love and sacrifice by the great Masters, where we all live. May this world ever remain an abode of peace and love.

This world cannot remain an abode of peace and love till there are cults like Sahaj marg operating.

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NONE, Direct, self experience, accept it or reject it.

In 2005, Chariji has nominated Mr. Ajay Kumar Bhatter of Kolkotta, as his successor, thus ensuring the continuity of the lineage of the Masters.

His credentials ?

Why I am not the master of Sahaj marg ? Do I posses less knowledge then Chari or Ajay ? I also have a brighter world, and from there i have received this message, last night only, that i should appoint myself as lord of this universe... This is not only my statement but same is echoed by Swami Vivekanada, lord Kirshna and Buddha, Jesus has also supported my claim of the sole representative of God on this earth... ask them if you don't believe me... they also communicate in your BRIGHTER WORLD AS WELL. Ask them, they will not lie.

And i communicate directly with these people.. there is no intermediate french lady doing this job for me !


Discussion about this topic is here


Mr. Chari is of the opinion that God is of male gender, and womens cannot become spiritual guides because they cannot become distructive enough (!).

Lets examine first the GENDER of God.

How in the world can God be attributed to a gender ? there is a concept of Intelligent Design which tries to explain the origin of human race based purly on scientific analysis. This however ends at Irreducible Complexity , to go further in the subject we need to observe our sorrounding's.

If we try to trace the origin, we start with a time when there was "neither aught nor naught", i.e, when this world did not exist; Are we sure of that? What do we see around us? Take a little plant. We put a seed in the ground, and later, we find a plant peeping out, lift itself slowly above the ground, and grow and grow, till it becomes a gigantic tree. Then it dies, leaving only the seed. It completes the circle ? it comes out of the seed, becomes the tree, and ends in the seed again. Everything in nature begins, as it were, from certain seeds, certain rudiments, certain fine forms, and becomes grosser and grosser, and develops, going on that way for a certain time, and then again goes back to that fine form, and subsides...

Take another example We know that the huge mountains are being worked upon by glaciers and rivers, which are slowly but surely pounding them and pulverising them into sand, that drifts away into the ocean where it settles down on its bed, layer after layer, becoming hard as rocks, once more to be heaped up into mountains of a future generation. Again they will be pounded and pulverised, and thus the course goes on. From sand rise these mountains; unto sand they go. If it be true that nature is uniform throughout, if it be true, and so far no human experience has contradicted it, that the same method under which a small grain of sand is created, works in creating the gigantic suns and stars and all this universe, if it be true that the whole of this universe is built on exactly the same plan as the atom, if it be true that the same law prevails throughout the universe, it has been said in the Vedas, "Knowing one lump of clay we know the nature of all the clay that is in the universe."

Applying this course of reasoning to phenomena, we find, in the first place, that everything is almost similar at the beginning and the end. The mountain comes from the sand, and goes back to the sand; the river comes out of vapour, and goes back to vapour; plant life comes from the seed, and goes back to the seed; human life comes out of human germs, and goes back to human germs. The universe with its stars and planets has come out of a nebulous state and must go back to it... what is meant by this then ? the manifested or the grosser state is the effect, and the finer state the cause, and that destruction means going back to the cause. Therefore we learn that the effect is the same as the cause, not different. It is only in another form, shape or appearence, but in essence it is same, effect is never different from the cause, It is only that this effect is a reproduction of the cause in a grosser form.

Hence in essence if God being the cause, and we being the effect, how can we be different from God ? therefore explanation of God being MALE and female an inferior bread.. is not only insulting, derogatory, but stupid statement.

What about God of animals ? females have their own female God, males have their own male God, Cow's have their own Cow God, tree's have their own tree God !!! and there it goes... all hypothetical explaination of God, being male female, with gender, powerful, superior blabh blabh... all rubbish and outcome of ignorent mind!!

What is the gender of a tree ? what is the gender of a mountain ? what is the gender of river ? ocean ? air ? are they not extenssion of same cosmic intelligence ? if they do not have a gender then how come God have a gender ? All explainations God is outcome of human imagination, and these cults in specific, uses these to manipulate people, and use them.

God has no gender, it is what we are, if we are good, God is good, if we are bad God is bad, there is no external God.

God has no GENDER.

Love Bombing

How people are controled and isolated from their family can be understood from initial love bombing of this group. If a new person come's and visit's any preceptor they will show enourmous love and attraction towards the new person, and the new member will feel bliss, she/he will develop the feeling that these people actually love them a lot, and a bondage of love is created. This is just the begning, Once this love is established, development of trust between preceptor and abhyasi is the next step of "mind control" when two people are in deep love and trust each other completly now the person who initiated this love begins to manipulate the new recruite, The new person unable to understand this tactik feel's love and devotion towards the preceptor, and hence get's isolated from her/his family.

Now the new member begins to share thoughts and start's explaning her/her problems in daily life, and become receptive to whatever is told to her/him by the preceptor, and thus they are fully controlled by these dangerous creature's.

Love bombing is first step of mind control. They (cults) use this to manipulate and apply absolute "mind control" over new person and finally capture's their thinking and modify that person into a zombie blindly obeying everything whatever is stated to her/her.

If you are going to a new place and you find that people are showing over affection (more then what a normal person would do) get aware immediatly, understand it, that this love is not authentic but is for applying control over you.

Now again target here is women's only, as if women's mind is controlled entire family can be controlled, If you observe condition of a family who is involved in this group, things will become absolutly clear to you, each and every menber of the group is in love with her/her preceptor who inturn controll's life of individual, and this connection with preceptor will eventually lead to de-attachment from family member's. Hence in families where people are intoxicated by this cult, there will never be any bonding, that family will be distanced from each other and their life will always be unsettled BECAUSE that attachment, love, bonding with preceptor is NOT authentic. Authentic love/attachment/bonding is there inside family, and since cult member's are not involved with their respective families, hence that family is BOUND TO GET BROKEN.

Only if people involved understand these aspect's, they would never suffer, it is very hard to differentiate between geniun love and a fake love, people who are not very very sharp will never understand this methodology of cults, you MUST understand this sequence of fake love of preceptor which as a consequence gets you de-associated with your family. Preceptor's will leave you at-once if they find themselve getting into trouble because of you. If you want to be happy then let Love/Trust/Attachment remain where it is suppose to be, and that place is your own home, your own very personal spouse, your very own love of life.


More info about how cult's start to manipulate and control your thoughts can be seen in the vedio provided below.


Zombie's claim that they are progressing while they get TRANSMITTED, however the process of transmission is nothing more then "hypnosis". Truth is not to be learned, rather knowledge of truth is the process of unlearning, Self-realization is not a process. It is not a becoming. It is pure being. It is not a new thing to be attained. The man of Self-realization knows that he is the all-pervading Immortal Self. To know That is to be That. Self-realization is direct intuitive perception of ones own innermost Self.

These poor people who try to travel on two boat's eventually have to fail, self surrender cannot be achieved while living in world, if there is no attachment towards family spouse and society what is the use of getting involved in those things, since you cannot enjoy the life offered by lord almighty why make people suffer to whom you are responsible ? A thorough study of the natural laws and truths of life is absolutely necessary before venturing into the spiritual path. Without the necessary equipments such as your conviction about the unreality of earthly life, and without burning dispassion and self-restraint, by taking to the spiritual path you are liable to be lost in the dark dungeon of despair and frustration. There is no use in keeping your legs in two boats.'

It is only due to mind control of this group and lack of knowledge of reality of life, the essence of Lord, people in such cult's suffer eternally. They must wake up before it get too late. This cocoon is hard to be broken, very hard to get out of this mind control, but remember without breaking this HARD cocoon, you cannot roam free, you cannot grow into a butterfly and enjoy flower's offered life of Lord almighty.

How SRCM affects you:-

Practice of SRCM makes people weak, with poor logical thinking, takes away their reasoning capability and destroys their mental strength, in addition to this, people in SRCM are left with almost NULL decision making capability.

When i am saying this i need to demonstrate as how this is possible in a so called spiritual group ? read on....

For normal person's it become hard to understand as why a cult member behaves in a particular way, for example, why a cult member ignores all love, affection and emotions of other person's except the object of control ? this is related to functioning of brain. The mode in which our thinking develops is according to "crest" and "truff" of our left and right portion of our brain. The left portion of mind is the intuitive, the immediate reaction's are controlled by the left portion of the mind and all logical and reasoning thoughts are controlled by the right side of the mind. take a simple test, visit THIS LINK This will demonstrate functioning of left and right brain.

Now having understood the difference between logical thinking and immediate response of brain, we must now see how SRCM effects this capacity of our's.

Now this "mind control", in SRCM is achieved during what they call as "sitting", where a person is forced to drop all logical thinking, and become absolutely receptive, and ask no questions and accept everything without questioning, as "sitting is "MUST" for growth in SRCM hence this behavior of accepting things without understanding becomes a habit, and it then enters the member's daily life. Daily life is not so easy, hence their action's which they do without understanding, without realizing the consequence of their action, causes them and their loved one's enormous pain and suffering's.

So as to say, that people in SRCM always take decision's based on reactionary part of their brain, which due to imeginations of TRANSMISSION become corrupt, and this is how their thinking power is diminished, and all their decision's normally go against all logical thinking also most of the time it goes against them.

more info can be obtained here



This software helps in identifiing mind controlling aspects in home. pls get some info, mind control will be explained

In nutshell, people in SRCM loose their

1. Thinking power

2. Reasoning power

3. Capability to judge

4. Capacity to calculate consequence of their action's

5. Loose all contacts with the external world

Now if these peoblems were only associated with psycological aspects, they could have been solved eaisly, but since the problem in SRCM is related to physical aspect, hence it is close to impossible to make these poor suffering people understand that they are distroying their own life.

The Guru Game

People when made slaves by simply obeying whatever is said has no responsibility of actions, this is same, as what is said by this cult also, This is cultic, a harmful method used for mind control. Analysis of the subject just one step further will clearly demonstrate that obedience is slavery, and slavery by no means can convert into freedom. This Guru Game must cease to exist if peole are to become free and live a happy and free life

Not only we need to demolish these fake guru's, but also this whole approach of "guru game." must be demolished !

We must understand deep down we all tend to want someone to tell us what to do -- the "sheep and shepherd" approach. But rather than waiting for someone else to save us, waiting for some Mr. Fixit, like God, to put things right, each individual has to take total responsibility for his or her own life. And with total responsibility comes total freedom.

Each individual is unique. Each of us has to walk our own journey and no one can do it for us. That journey is inwards and there we will meet no one. No one has gone on that particular, unique journey before, or will again. It is unknown, and may be dark -- and it is easy to get lost. Does it make sense to take a flashlight? Sure it does. But we have to hold on to it, it doesn't hold on to us. It can illuminate the path but it doesn't tell us which direction to take. That is for us to learn, for us to risk. That is the joy of living dangerously.

As Osho explains, "The pilgrimage itself is the goal," and that, "My effort is to leave you alone with meditation, with no mediator between you and existence."

But remember always a thousand fake cannot deny one truth, truth is there we live in it we die in that truth only, just that we don?t realize it, nothing cannot be imitated, there has to be one truth and that truth can only be realized by you and only you, nobody can help you in realizing your own self, become free from binding of these cults and become absolutely free from mind and from heart. Only freedom can liberate you and slavery can defiantly not.

Contradiction's and Harmful effects of SRCM

To add to the problem the concept of sitting which is used in SRCM is no different then mental sex, it is very dangerous for unmarried women's they are told to love master and keep master in their hearts which ideally should be the place for their spouse, after they get married the struggle starts about whom to love they are told to love master but their heart says this love is for my spouse, and they get troubled since there are always problems associated in marriages hence they tend to go back to their shelter in order to get a temporary relief in-turn they do not realize that this temporary relief will cause a permanent damage, there is very less scope of a sustainable marriage incase women is involved in SRCM. Their marriage is bound to break, thereby leaving them with nothing, SRCM as it is present only to take and since women now have lost everything will ultimately loose SRCM also they will find it heard to attain any more functions and if husband refuses to pay money or case is in court therefore money becomes a problem for them, and ultimately they loose both money and the pseudo support of SRCM, SRCM is there only for money this fact people realize late and when they do so relationship had already crossed the recoverable state.

See testimonial of people who experienced emotional problems after getting involved in this mind controlling cult

Another testimonial where people testified that they become EMOTIONLESS and are unable to decide between good and bad.

This is the only reason why SRCM has started marring inside their community, people are forced to renounce their identity and get married to people from a totally different background, result is once again a disaster, hence it is once again clear what are the aspects where SRCM is causing harm to the society and people associated with it

Main problem with people intoxicated with SRCM is they spread their disease, they are more dangerous then any other group people because they do not keep their disease to themselves they always try to spread their disease to others and this is the reason why they are so much harmful to the public in genral.

They are mentally slave people they are unaware of what is happening to them they tend to blame everyone else about their problems without realizing core of the problem is present in them which is teachings of SRCM. Once they are free from mind control of SRCM they will realize the truth. They fail to understand that no misery is undeserved, if they are in trouble or their marriage is in trouble problem is in them, there is no blame outside, they fail to see that what they are blaming on others is actually their own projection it is their in them since they do not realize that it is their problem and it is them who have to resolve it and not the other person they become more and more miserable. There is no brutality which cannot be conquered by love, but for a person who is immune to love of society family and spouse will fail to read this love and immediately blame others, this also is the outcome of teaching of SRCM. Which is why it is so dangerous

Become free from obligation of obeying a master, become free from obligation of working for mission and become free from spreading method, become absolutely free and declare your freedom to the world and specially to those who made u a fool and made you a mental slave, become free and work for the society you own a lot, pay back to the society, pay back to your parents and pay back the love of your spouse. Return love for love, do not replace mother with master, mother is the highest ever pure and ever chaste, she has no substitute, especially an external person cannot be replace to the grace of mother. Do not be a fool any more and leave SRCM Chari Group immediately.

Their Hippocratic nature is evident from the fact that they use name of Raja Yoga to fool people, whereas Sahaj Marg (tm) has nothing to do with what is called Raja Yoga, it is used as a selling point and incase anyone uses Sahaj Marg they take drastic steps like filing court cases against them and reserve their trade Mark name, this group declares itself as spiritual organization but behaves just the opposite, They have not invented Raja Yoga and their practice also has nothing to do with Raja Yoga, but they use this name. These people are stupid in themselves and are trying to fool all those who are seeking truth.

Normally only those people become part of such groups who are undergoing any emotional distress or are feeling lonely in their life's they seek support in these cult's which they find. When their life takes good turn, they are not able to get out of these cults and continue their association not understanding that life has all aspects in it, there cannot be bad part in your life without producing any good result similarly there cannot be any good part in your life without producing any bad result. hence All must remain un-altered when good or bad both phases cross your life. these cults will provide no help, in whatever phase you are in. hence do not be dependent on anyone hold fast to your Atman, everything in this world of yours will ultimately "PASS" nothing is going to stay with you forever, and there is no cure to miseries of this world, hence be sympathetic to those who are suffering and go beyond all joys and miseries, only this attitude will help u remain unaltered, when you understand that nothing will cure your miseries, do not invite more trouble in your life by getting associated with this cult, get disconnect and become absolutely free, non-dependence is only thing that can help you grow and become strong. Become strong and face life as it comes without any thought of remorse and pain, feel only joy, there is nothing good nothing bad in this world it is same thing just manifested in different form. Knowledge will help and dependencies will never help. Get out of this cult and love your family and society. Loving Master (Chari) or working for mission or spreading method not is a spritual practice, your fiath and trust is just used for selfishness of Mission and Master Know this fact, that you are used, and get out of this cult.

For those who are not really involved in SRCM but are aware of its existence, may kindly note the level of ego and self attachment of those who are really involved in this cult, just say few words which may not sound music to these infected people and see their response� you will be surprised by their reaction, they are so much intoxicated that it becomes really impossible for them to even think of the idea that they have a separate identity from SRCM, and this is what all the cults do, they give people an Identity, to which they declare that they belong, this is not a spiritual practice at all, at-least this is not what Raja Yoga has to say, one can only find his/her true self when s/he becomes free from all Identities, the hurting point in SRCM is they de-associate people from their original identity and give them a new one, this is just shifting burden from one shoulder to another, this concept in no-way will be beneficial to anyone, it will only cause pain to those who love the infected person, and also to the infected person, as Mother is now replaced with Master, mother will suffer now, as her child has declared a new spiritual mother, this is stupidity beyond imagination if looked properly.

You don't have to be associated with anyone, neither you need to depend on anyone for YOUR growth, if it was possible that any growth from outside was possible world would have been totally different, We all must understand one simple concept, neither pain nor happiness can be added or subtracted from what is present, as they both are actually the same, hence all those who preach that there can be happiness without pain are fooling you, it is not possible, this is law of nature, and no-one who is bound by this law of nature (i.e all those who are mortal) have any power over nature, only that person can help who is beyond nature, who can actually declare that s/he is immortal and hence is divine, but since, myself and defiantly you also have not yet come across any such object which is immortal hence, do not depend on those things which are mortal, seek that which is immortal, seek and you will find, throw off all the dependencies and throw off all obligations and pressure, and thus divine will be known to you. And this is what the Upanishads say "Neti Neti" not this not this, remove everything, what remains after removing the protons, and electrons this is what is God as known by those Rishi's who understood the Veda's and the Upanishads.

Only freedom can help you realize your true self and ignorance and dependency will only add to your misery which is shifted to you, by your own effort, your misery will produce joy to those who are in SRCM, as there has to be a balance, there cannot be a high rising wave without creating a hollow somewhere, similarly your joy will produce pain to some-one else. Hence get aware of this law, understand nature as it is and not as preached by those who themselves are slave to this nature, be unattached with absolute devotion to your spouse. As s/he is the only person from where you can start your journey towards your self.

In the same context note what Adi Shankaracharya had understood, he as we know him was not God, his true self was known to him only and this is what he preached :-
"Brahma Satyam Jagan Mithya Jivo Brahmaiva Na Aparah" Brahman (the Absolute) is alone real; this world is unreal; and the Jiva or the individual soul is non-different from Brahman.

The Atman is self-evident (Svatah-siddha). It is not established by extraneous proofs. It is not possible to deny the Atman, because It is the very essence of the one who denies It. The Atman is the basis of all kinds of knowledge, presuppositions and proofs. Self is within, Self is without; Self is before, Self is behind; Self is on the right, Self is on the left; Self is above and Self is below.

Brahman is not an object, as It is Adrisya, beyond the reach of the eyes. Hence the Upanishads declare: �Neti Neti�not this, not this....� This does not mean that Brahman is a negative concept, or a metaphysical abstraction, or a nonentity, or a void. It is not another. It is all-full, infinite, changeless, self-existent, self-delight, self-knowledge and self-bliss. It is Svarupa, essence. It is the essence of the knower. It is the Seer (Drashta), Transcendent (Turiya) and Silent Witness (Sakshi).

I have been asked by few SRCM zombies that why i am reffering to Shankaracharya, SRCM people say that for faith one needs to "reduce the insistance on logic" and we know that Shankracharya had just the opposite view, he proved that blind faith is of no use. Faith can also be logical, he was the one who proved that if faith is not logical it is bogus, blind faith is what sucide bomber's of islam also have, if we go by this POV their acts of killing people is justified, is it not? And this is why I am saying that faith must be supported by logic, else it will produce only zombies, like abhysis of SRCM, sucide bomber's of Islam etc. Help your self and help others also to renounce this cult group

In context of SRCM, they expect too much, i was reading one of the recent speech of Chari given at manipakkam people were moving out while he was still present, he got up and started saying that I am transmitting you the divinity, I am doing this and that and while i am still here you are going? i was really shocked that his ego has become so large, he is full of what is called as "Ahamkar". these poor people in SRCM they are running here and there after nothing, without realizing that if they cannot get peace at their home, they will never get peace anywhere, all bliss all love and all pleasure is in contentment, if we are content with whatever we have, and remain happy in all situation's we will ultimately become divine, whatever we do must be done with complete devotion, all these sitting and ashrams etc are just mind game, we feel pain coz we are controlled by mind, we feel pleasure coz we are again controlled by mind. If we can remain happy while helping others and content with whatever we have we are surly close to divine, we don't need a master to do that job for us.


People brainwashed by SRCM feel very good after transmission, why ? we must try and find out the reason, an analysis of the subject would revel that this feeling which is good, or what they call elevation is similar to the feeling what a drug addict has, he also feels bliss and reaches a state which he cannot explain, the magnitude of enjoyment while under influence of drugs is highly intoxicating, and those who start taking initially get addicted to this feeling of what they call divine bliss and then the drug captures their body, after a certain stage they cannot leave drugs even if they want to, they will begin to feel uneasy, and can do anything to get hold of drugs, same is the case with SRCM zombie?s, once the feelings capture your body and mind, you become slave and it takes a drug re-habilitation center to make you normal.

No call for reasoning, no emotional appeal can break through their armor of this self proclaimed joy, next question is what is wrong if a person feels good ? why should we oppose things which people enjoy ? this question must also be answered.

Once addicted, if they do not get transmission they will eventually feel bad and will not be able to get comfortable with their normal life, their mind is totally intoxicated with transmission, a person in a similar state of mind who is slave to such desires is very very dangerous, one such example is suicide bomber?s, can a normal person become a suicide bomber ? it is not possible till his mind is not fully controlled and operated by selfish people, and this is the state of a zombie.

As the drug depreciated reasoning power, decision making capability an normal operations of life similarly transmission also takes away these normal thinking power, no human being in his normal state of mind, can buy this dogma of brighter world, no person in normal state of mind will accept that Chari?s wife is sending messages from brighter world, next question, how is it possible that people are not even able to question such obvious things ?

Answer is brainwashing, mind control, they are subjected to such a great level of mind control that eventually they loose all their power to question in life, and hence they create problems not only for themselves but also for people around them, feeling are not spirituality. The state of ecstasy experienced by few enlighten people, is explained as neither joy nor suffering, it is a feeling-less state and any feeling is hindrance to that state which is termed as enlightenment, that is the state of absolute knowledge, absolute truth and absolute bliss. ?Sat-chit-anand? that cannot be transmitted but only experienced through the process of un-learning, when all learned explanation of God and divinity is dropped only then can true self can be understood, as learning is the only object which causes deviations from truth, as truth is already present, we need not learn it.

This state of bliss according to Chari group can be learned by ?regulating the mind? changing the object of attachment, from family to Chair, and this is how one can become divine, this is stupidity, attachment is still there, which is cause of suffering, only those who do not want to suffer must not get attached, replacing attachment is a selfish act, in this way the person who is not able to decide and has become a zombie due to transmission, will suffer eternally, as he/she has some or the other object of attachment such as spouse children pets etc. and this attachment is authentic, it causes pain no-doubt, but it is this attachment only which cause pleasure also, and that person who has never experienced love, has never been attached, escapes all miseries as well, but is no better then a wall, s/he is a dead man, life is there to be enjoyed, it must be experienced, with all the power of attachment, and sufferings, as well, there is no escaping, only suffering can make us feel pleasure, only pain can tell us what is bliss, without one second does not exist, and this is what is explained in the concept of ?advitya? non-dual. All is same.

With your will power you can get de-addicted to this transmission, start thinking and become normal. Life is not to be destroyed for a group, or a mission, it worth a lot more then any mission, any master or any method, getup and realize your self, it is not for mission method or master, it is for you

you right buddy that this transmission intoxicates one's brain and gets them addicted. But while giving first 3 sitting any preceptor does not speak any type of suggetions to control your mind. They just say that "think there is a diving light in your heart" that's it. no more suggestions. So how they control once mind? And why chariji is doing these type of activities?? What is his goal?

Question that we all should ask is WHAT WHY AND HOW.

What is mind control ?

To understand the basic we can refer to advertisements, commercial?s are the very primary kind of mind control, where you are encouraged to buy things which you don?t need, very basic definition of mind control would be that state of mind where people do not decide but act according to wish of those who are controlling them, this control can be direct as in case of cult groups, or indirect as in case of advertisements, here you own decision making capabilities are suppressed and you are moved or act according to what you are dictated to. This is a crude definition of mind control.

Why SRCM or Chari to be specific is doing this ?

This is obvious, allow me to illustrate this with an example, suppose a person named A reads few book and come to know about certain things from here and there, and then, A publish a book, or advertises himself as some-one highly knowledgeable, few people seeking information about that subject come read it and get impressed by it, few of them, who have accepted themselves as something mean and low graded will immediately accept that person as someone higher, and start admiring him, and become his advertisement agent, they in turn go round the world advertising A.

Now A is a selfish person, he wants to be worshipped, to be regarded as higher then rest of humanity gets highly intoxicated by this place where the low graded people (they can be called as animals) have placed him, his ego become so much big, that he claimed himself to be the sole representative of God on earth, and wants to be worshipped, hence he start selling his posters to his foolish disciples, claims that on his birthday he will spread divinity to those who come, and replaces himself with God. This lust for power and greed to be worshipped has demolished many people, Chari is no exception, another such example is Mata Nirmala Devi, that?s another Sahaj, they call it Sahaj Yoga

Chari is doing this only because he is highly selfish, and himself is unable to decide what should be done, he is just a normal person like us, just that he is intoxicated by lust for power, who does not like to be worshipped, who does not want slaves around him, all selfish people do the same.

The proof:-

We all know that there is a case pending in supreme court of India, about succession of Chari, if he was unselfish, he could have waited for that decision to come out and then may be he could have continued with this operation of spreading the message of babuji, but on the contrary we find that he is not only appointed himself as divine representative of God, but is also indulged in physically assaulting family members of the same person whom he claims that he love and is spreading his message, no unselfish person would indulge in

1. Court cases about property

2. Physical assault on babuji's family

3. Demanding love

4. Asking people to surrender there free will, without esablishing his credentials that, that surrender will not be used for his selfish motive.

Rajeev here demonstrated that, he is product of that selfish motive of Chari, and has been converted into an unthinking person. Selfishness and lust for power money and wordly comfort is what made chari do what he is doing.

Now this does not mean that there are/were no enlighten masters there are/were. But they on their journey towards self, realized this at the first step itself, and never claimed to representing divinity, they are always a servant to society, and master of their own self, they were people like Mahaveera, Tirthankara, Ramkrishna and Vivekananda, after they left their body, their pictures came into existence, they never allowed themselves to be worshipped, while they were preaching, and there is nothing that is preached in SRCM, only divine masters and nothing else, hence people also are unable to do anything beyond their divine masters.

One example of absolute unselfish nature is that of Mahaveera, the Jain guru, he use to put condition for begging, some of them were very absurd one, for example, once that condition was, he would accept food only from a princess who is chained, he did not eat for 13 days, he challenged existence, and said he will live only till that time, till existence wants him to live no master of past, used money

Now the last question How.

Sitting is a condition where supposedly Chari transmits divine energy from his heart to cult member?s heart via preceptor?s heart, this transmission is not possible till the cult member does not become receptive, once the member becomes receptive, he looses control over his mind, and all reasoning and logical thinking is dropped and state of absolute surrender is achieved, more absolute this surrender is, more ecstasy is experienced, this however is not divine, but simply a state of dizziness, where the cult member looses control over self, the situation is similar to what I have explained before, state of a drug addict, nothing in this world can convince that drug addict that this is harmful, not only mentally but also physically, since they surrender their mind, which becomes a habit, and hence they loose their power to think, question, and decide from right to wrong, in the world they live, feeling that something divine is happening to them and hence get addicted to it, whereas nothing divine is happening here, they are simply loosing their normal human capabilities, which they have named as cleaning, knowledge on the other-hand cannot come by this surrender, it is used for selfish motives of the person to whom you have surrendered, this knowledge of self can only come through question, going beyond mind, and to go beyond you HAVE to pass through, you cannot go in the reverse direction and claim that now I am beyond mind, infect you have become a zombie, that person is also beyond mind, but in the reverse direction.

Now as previously explained the state of surrender is needed, and when this takes place between a male and female, in the condition where male is transmitting and female is receiving, is the condition what I call as mental sex, some people object to this term very strongly, as why do I call this as ?mental sex? however you must remember, the biggest offender is truth, can there be any other name to this process ? a female receiving and a male transmitting ? in physical plane as well, this is what is sex, and hence on this plane as well, hence the pre-fix mental is added and not only sex, coz sex as we understand is on physical plane, now those who are doing this unknowingly betraying their partner?s, such a marriage can never survive, where husband and wife meditate with other person?s, harmony is lost, balance of love is lost, and hence divorce, they fail to understand the core reason behind problems in their life?s, and tend to blame to everything they can find, but since it was not the problem hence problem remains and trouble continues.

This is how, Chari for his selfish motive is destroying life?s after life?s and demolishing families after families, they want isolation of the member, they want people to be emotionally at unrest, because only such a person will tend towards such cult?s who seek refuge from world, they are week people to start with, and become more and more week as they remain in this cult. After having seen many lives after lives getting demolished by this cultic thinking I have taken up this task of exposing this dangerous cult, and I will not leave this cult before it pay?s for the pains of those to whom, it has caused tremendous pain and suffering.


In Chari we find that he is :-

1. No Knowledge of religious texts (According to him Religion Divides people, has no udnerstanding of religious concepts) hence he should not make comments about topic which he has no idea, it is like commenting about life on other planets about which he has no idea.

2. He is not sinless (Has been accused of murder and forgery, case is still pending in supreme court of India, its a sin to lie, and he has lied to you, another aspect, Has been involved in physical assault on family members of Babuji, was asked to leave Shahjahanpur in 15 mins by D.M and was put under IPC 398)

3. Has selfish motive (His motive's are utterly selfish. He wants to be loved and asks people to dedicate themselves to Sahaj Marg, even celebrates his birthday!! that demonstrates the height of ego present in him) Highly selfish person.

Hence in totality we find that Chari is not capable of transmitting, and is just a fake, cult leader destroying life's after life's.

Religion and Sahaj Marg.

According to Chari group,

all religions have their roots in the same common ground, which is spirituality. The spiritual impulse is found in all people as expressed in the heart-to heart connection between human beings everywhere. The process of developing our inner life should not be confused with a religious practice.

at the same time they also say

However, you should try Sahaj Marg to the exclusion of all other spiritual practices, for the method to be truly effective.

this clearly demonstrate that these jokers try to fool people by saying that members of all religion can become zombie, while being religious. that is not possible in Sahaj Marg, this is another BIG lie of this cult, since people are brainwashed and are under mind control of this cult hence they are unable to understand these contradictory stand of this cult. They are NOT spiritual group, but simple a cult applying mind control over its members, to suck their blood and money, they are vampires, hungry for money, and making people zombies, they are the devils of present world, they cannot be compared with noble animals like Dog's and donkey, they are dangerous animals like snakes scorpions and crocodiles. BE-AWARE of these vampires, and get rid of their mind control of "brighter world" and "TRANSMISSION" and positive energy only for 3 days in a year. They are fooling you to drain your money which you donate, and buy the cult literature.

They target religion, so that zombies can be brainwashed easily, religion is foundation of any family life, it is religion only which gives us way of living, as we live our life according to the religion we follow, we get married according to the religion we follow, we grow our children according to the religion we follow, the why should we not become spiritual according to the religion we follow ? why do we need chari's sahaj marg to become spiritual ?

if religion is sufficient then there is no need for sahaj marg, and if religion is not sufficient then sahaj marg does not exist, as their claim of modified Raja Yoga, is once again hindu concept, which according to Mr Chair is corrupt. they call Religion to be corrupt, but in order to fool people use that name only. Get aware of this mind control.

This is a baseless fake cult, full of zombies who feel "TRANSMISSION" not in their home but in preceptors home, and this group claims to be meant for people in grahast ashram, they don't even understand what is the concept of 4 ashrams during life cycle of a person as conceptualized by the ancient aryans/rishi's.

And there were women rishis as well, who according to Mr. Chari cannot become divine as they are not "destructive enough" they fail to see that goddess Kali (Ramkrishna was devotee of Maa Kali only) is destructive, Maa Laxmi is goddess of wealth, Maa Durga is goddess of power, and Maa sarawati is goddess of knowledge, its power of womanhood only which can make us divine, its womanhood only which can teach us unconditional love of a mother, and its womanhood only which can teach us infinite patience and not even a single thought of remorse, as in case of Maa Sita.

Women can also be divine and can lead, they are not slaves rather they are more divine then us males, by default, they have power of patience, and power to love unconditionally, more then males, it has been demonstrated in past as well. But Chari and his zombie group cannot understand this divinity of womanhood as they are "TRANSMITTED"

Chair's sexual bias can only make you a zombie who does not understand anything other then "TRANSMISSION" and birthday celebration.

Here we must try and understand their cultic behavior and unmask this cult to public, only information can set us free, and internet will give us that information

Discussion about this topic is here

Coming Soon:-

2. Women in Sahaj Marg.

3. Transmission of Sahaj Marg.

4. Where is the growth in Sahaj Marg.

5. Meditation in Sahaj Marg.

Pls check this site regulerly, i will be posting these topics soon here.

Faith and Logic

People come to my orkut profile and say that we need to have faith, and for them faith means absolute obedience, no questions asked and foolishness, believing that there are indeed messages coming from graves and there does exist a brighter world, and that Swami Vivekananda, Krishna and Buddha in association with Christ are helping SRCM Chari group grow etc etc, and this is faith according to SRCM Zombies, you must believe all this crap because Indian System propagates the concept of faith, these maroons don't even understand the basic logic behind concept of faith.

Q: What is faith ? How can faith be developed ?

A: Faith is that state of mind which is reached after a phase of intellectually verified belief and concept has passed the basic logical test .
Faith can only be developed through logic and argument's and counter arguments, faith can only come after a deep rooted analysis of the subject has been done and the object of faith has been thoroughly tested and verified to the best of one's ability. Only after the object of faith has passed through the test of Mind and has passed the analysis of all the possible arguments against the object, faith will begin to develop, not before that, whatever you have before that is just illusionary statements, and will be blown away in slightest of logical wind.

As this group claims that Swami Vivekananda is at their side, and they are receiving messages even today after more then 100 yrs of his merger into The infinite, probably they would like to understand this explanation of SV:-

Thus India has always had this magnificent idea of religious freedom, and you must remember that freedom is the first condition of growth. What you do not make free, will never grow. The idea that you can make others grow and help their growth, that you can direct and guide them, always retaining for yourself the freedom of the teacher, is nonsense, a dangerous lie which has retarded the growth of millions and millions of human beings in this world. Let men have the light of liberty. That is the only condition of growth

Whereas kindly notice the concept of SRCM regarding freedom,
In Salient Points of Sahaj Marg, it states that with Sahaj Marg, abhyasis have voluntarily, whole-heartedly and devotedly surrendered it to the Master of their Soul. To those who are fortunate enough to arrive at this stage, the Master is apparently no longer a guide for spirituality alone. He has now become the Master of the abhyasis' life in all it's aspects of existence. He apparently has become the father, the mother, the son, the teacher, the doctor, in fact, there is no role that He does not play in the abhyasi's life. He has taken total charge of the abhyasi. It further states that only the surrendering to Him can bring about a state where He can take total charge of the abhyasis! (From Salient Features of Sahaj Marg - Series 2- Page 26)

Both these teachings are an absolute contradiction in themselves, hence their claim that they are still getting messages from Swami Vivekananda are nothing more then rubbish, it is not possible that a person makes one statement while he is in his body, and contradicts himself once he leaves his body, it is more then clear that they are using name, just to fool people. Do we need further proof that these people are manipulating masses in name of great saints that world has ever had ? Should we allow them to manipulate people ? ask this question to yourself and you will understand the very purpose of this website.

We all must resist evil to best of our ability thereby we will fulfill our responsibility towards the world and society which has made us whatever we are today, do not go against the very people who raised to the status that you can actually go against them

Case Study

Practice is needed for spiritual progress this is what is the said agenda of SRCM, practice is that you need to sit with a preceptor at least once in two week's and do abhyas with your preceptor, in this method (sitting) you are expected to sit face to face with each other and start meditating together feel the transmission coming to your heart from Chari's heart via your preceptor's heart. And this is progress. So far so good.

What are the effects, take a case study of a young married women sitting with another married preceptor, with no-one in the room and just two of them. Both sitting face to face and enjoying each others presence, their male and female energies are getting united and both are becoming one this process is no different then mental sex. Both are having sex with each other of course not physically but mentally, and this is why I call this process as mental sex. They may or may not realize it but this is truth, both are bound to get sexually excited and after sitting is over will feel a sense of satisfaction similar to what we all feel after union with our spouse, this is no progress but simple dirty business, probably this is the reason why s many women's are present in this group, as in name of spirituality they are intoxicating people, and once one is intoxicated they start feeling joy in this method, similar to sex. Then it becomes really very heard to avoid this as people are then drown towards this as they feel joy in performing this, while doing so they may or may not realize that they are betraying their family and spouse, and same will ultimately come back to them, and when it does they are unable to understand what wrong is happening in their life. We all must understand that no misery is undeserved, we simply cannot suffer if we have not caused any pain to anyone else, knowing or unknowing. All fault is within us, there is no blame outside, those who shift blame on others are simply trying to hide from facts like a duck hiding his face in mud and thinking cat is not present.

Why is Chari unwell most of the time

Well folks, if you have observed that whenever something wrong happens, or chari's intentions are getting exposed, he followes a prety well known and old trick to keep his followers off the topic, like we have so many blogs which are coming up, and at the same time masters is also getting unwell, this is done in order to keep his followrs more sympathatic to him and ignore the facts, he uses emotional maipulation to keep people fool, just observe how SRCM zombies start praying for his health , once the topic of concern is over he becomes healthy again, those who know him, know well, that he is perfectly fine, just isolates himself and all the message is transfered to the masses via his trusted inner circle people, this is a method well studied and explanined in psycological books on behavioural control
I really wonder how manipulative this man is, no doubt, these zombies are so much harmful for people in genral.
This is a documented method to keep people fool, and distract their attention from topics which can hram his business.

Hights of their control over members life is when they marry people amongst each other, to any normal person, this will sound very much absurd, they call each other brothers and sisters, and then they get married also , inorder to produce new abhysis (Zombies)

With help of internet now people will no longer be manipulated and controlled, intention of this site is to provide and alternative plaform for people to start thinking, they must give their association with this cult, another look and try to figure out what is the gain they are getting, actually what is the harm they are causing not only to themselves but also to their surroundings.
Time, energy and money they spend in attainding seminar's and bhandara's etc, can very well be spent with family, and friends gifted to us by none other then the lord himself, divinity is already present, we need not attain anyone's birthday celibration and donate money, in order to become spritual, we are spritual already, spend time with family and love everyone insted of forceing people to become another zombie so that they can become alike, we are already alike, we need no distinction's to be impressed upon us, other then what lord as already offered to us.

SRCM Shahjahanpur India

Kindly have a look at the spirituality of this group, Shree Chari claim that he is the original successor of Babuji Maharaj and spreading his message to the people, whereas we now find that he was not even appointed spiritual successor by his master, see reference here.

See the new Official Site of SRCMtm: (do not miss these two sections as the site is not complete yet)

Legal adviser's statements:

Kindly read answer to question No:-3, here you will find that Chari has been accused of poisining Babuji in order grab the ashram and mission.

Documents, letters, etc

Court case about ownership of SRCM is still pending in front of Hon. Supream Court of India see order details here

Ruling in favour of srcm of shahjahanpur (Umesh Group), given by internet regulatory authority, when srcm Chari group claimed their spritual linage, you will be surprised to understand the sprituality of this group, they think sprituality can be proved in court, a true spritual person who is enlightened does not need any support system to establish his/her divinity, their presense is sufficient enough, only week, pesudo and people with bad intention go on fighting about proving their sprituality.

Now SRCM Zombies always say that as the mission grows problems like do arise, Since we already know that by becoming a SRCM zombie they have already declared that they have already �reduced instance on logic� hence they cannot be blamed, but for those who still feel that we need to be intelligent and logical and not a fool and stupid of highest order to become spiritual will surly ask why they are in trouble if they are so good and so pure ?? if they blame that whole world if full of impurity and people are like demons then they would like to answer why they are in this world of demons ? if they do not belong to the world of miseries and impurities then why are they still part of this impure world ??? As we all know all action, thought and deeds will ultimately come back to the point of origination hence here also we find that all the cheating and manipulation executed by Chari and Co. are coming back to them. My advice to these zombies will be to stay calm and accept that all humiliation and pain is outcome of your own deeds and they are paying the price of their action.

Hence accept then fact that you have cheated and retire in solace in company of your divine master, and kindly stop applying pressure and isolating abhysis from external world. Stop arranging marriages and let people live the life they want, understand the simple concept, we all go on paying for our deeds there is no blame outside and also there is no support outside as well hence there is no point in asking people to surrender to you as you yourself are not pure enough to transmit any kind of purity to anyone, by doing this you are causing harm and making people suffer for life time. You know it or not but this is a fact, that you have never transmitted any positive thought and bliss to anyone, if you wish to imagine you are free to but also look at the facts that people have suffered because of your stupid and egoist personality.


SRCM Zombies are dead against intelligence which is possible only in higher animals and humans, since focus of SRCM is totally towards converting normal humans into below animal standered as far as thinking and logic is concerned, hence they always oppose whatever is logical and is intelligent, because this is the very cause of their existance, foolishness, if people are not fool, they will not associated themselve with such cults, hence they are dead against all those who try to test their statements and concepts on logical grounds

These people have not understood that intelligence is the very core of existance of humans, and it is intelligence only that we all are trying to reach via a spritual path, as it is inteliigence only what is termed as God, and divine, this can be demonstrated, and can be proved, if we try to analyse the facts, to begin with we must begin from the begning
We find that in this oldest of questions a few points had been already solved. The first is that there was a time when there was "neither aught nor naught", when this world did not exist; our mother earth with the seas and oceans, the rivers, and mountains, cities and villages human races, animals, plants, birds, and planets and luminaries, all this infinite variety of creation, had no existence. Are we sure of that? We will try to trace how this conclusion is arrived at. What does man see around him? Take a little plant. He puts a seed in the ground, and later, he finds a plant peep out, lift itself slowly above the ground, and grow and grow, till it becomes a gigantic tree. Then it dies, leaving only the seed. It completes the circle it comes out of the seed, becomes the tree, and ends in the seed again. Look at a bird, how from the egg it springs, lives its life, and then dies, leaving other eggs, seeds of future birds. So with the animals, so with man. Everything in nature begins, as it were, from certain seeds, certain rudiments, certain fine forms, and becomes grosser and grosser, and develops, going on that way for a certain time, and then again goes back to that fine form, and subsides. The raindrop in which the beautiful sunbeam is playing was drawn in the form of vapour from the ocean, went far away into the air, and reached a region where it changed into water, and dropped down in its present form to be converted into vapour again. So with everything in nature by which we are surrounded. We know that the huge mountains are being worked upon by glaciers and rivers, which are slowly but surely pounding them and pulverising them into sand, that drifts away into the ocean where it settles down on its bed, layer after layer, becoming hard as rocks, once more to be heaped up into mountains of a future generation. Again they will be pounded and pulverised, and thus the course goes on. From sand rise these mountains; unto sand they go.

Which implies that effect is never different from the cause. It is only that this effect is a reproduction of the cause in a grosser form. Next, we learn that all these particular forms which we call plants, animals, or men are being repeated ad infinitum, rising and falling. The seed produces the tree. The tree produces the seed, which again comes up as another tree, and so on and on; there is no end to it. Water-drops roll down the mountains into the ocean, and rise again as vapour, go back to the mountains and again come down to the ocean. So, rising and falling, the cycle goes on. So with all lives, so with all existence that we can see, feel, hear, or imagine. Everything that is within the bounds of our knowledge is proceeding in the same way, like breathing in and breathing out in the human body. Everything in creation goes on in this form, one wave rising, another falling, rising again, falling again. Each wave has its hollow, each hollow has its wave. The same law must apply to the universe taken as a whole, because of its uniformity. This universe must be resolved into its causes; the sun, moon, stars, and earth, the body and mind, and everything in this universe must return to their finer causes, disappear, be destroyed as it were. But they will live in the causes as fine forms. Out of these fine forms they will emerge again as new earths, suns, moons, and stars

We see then, that nothing can be created out of nothing. Everything exists through eternity, and will exist through eternity. Only the movement is in succeeding waves and hollows, going back to fine forms, and coming out into gross manifestations. This involution and evolution is going on throughout the whole of nature. The whole series of evolution beginning with the lowest manifestation of life and reaching up to the highest, the most perfect man, must have been the involution of something else. The question is: The involution of what? What was involved? God. The evolutionist will tell you that your idea that it was God is wrong. Why? Because you see God is intelligent, but we find that intelligence develops much later on in the course of evolution. It is in man and the higher animals that we find intelligence, but millions of years have passed in this world before this intelligence came. This objection of the evolutionists does not hold water, as we shall see by applying our theory. The tree comes out of the seed, goes back to the seed; the beginning and the end are the same. The earth comes out of its cause and returns to it. We know that if we can find the beginning we can find the end. E converso, if we find the end we can find the beginning. If that is so, take this whole evolutionary series, from the protoplasm at one end to the perfect man at the other, and this whole series is one life. In the end we find the perfect man, so in the beginning it must have been the same. Therefore, the protoplasm was the involution of the highest intelligence. You may not see it but that involved intelligence is what is uncoiling itself until it becomes manifested in the most perfect man. That can be mathematically demonstrated. If the law of conservation of energy is true, you cannot get anything out of a machine unless you put it in there first. The amount of work that you get out of an engine is exactly the same as you have put into it in the form of water and coal, neither more nor less. The work I am doing now is just what I put into me, in the shape of air, food, and other things. It is only a question of change and manifestation. There cannot be added in the economy of this universe one particle of matter or one foot-pound of force, nor can one particle of matter or one foot-pound of force be taken out. If that be the case, what is this intelligence? If it was not present in the protoplasm, it must have come all of a sudden, something coming out of nothing, which is absurd. It, therefore, follows absolutely that the perfect man, the free man, the God-man, who has gone beyond the laws of nature, and transcended everything, who has no more to go through this process of evolution, through birth and death, that man called the "Christ-man" by the Christians, and the "Buddha-man" by the Buddhists, and the "Free" by the Yogis that perfect man who is at one end of the chain of evolution was involved in the cell of the protoplasm, which is at the other end of the same chain.

Applying the same reason to the whole of the universe, we see that intelligence must be the Lord of creation, the cause. What is the most evolved notion that man has of this universe? It is intelligence, the adjustment of part to part, the display of intelligence, of which the ancient design theory was an attempt at expression. The beginning was, therefore, intelligence. At the beginning that intelligence becomes involved, and in the end that intelligence gets evolved. The sum total of the intelligence displayed in the universe must, therefore, be the involved universal intelligence unfolding itself. This universal intelligence is what we call God. Call it by any other name, it is absolutely certain that in the beginning there is that Infinite cosmic intelligence. This cosmic intelligence gets involved, and it manifests, evolves itself, until it becomes the perfect man, the "Christ-man," the "Buddha-man." Then it goes back to its own source. That is why all the scriptures say, "In Him we live and move and have our being." That is why all the scriptures preach that we come from God and go back to God. Do not be frightened by theological terms; This cosmic intelligence is what the theologians call God.

Do we need further demonstration of inteliigence being the soul..., hence those who ask you not to use your intelligence not to use your logic are actually making you go farther and farther away from your true being, your true self, which is pure intellect, pure logic, and purity beyond purity, and that can also be demonstrated, proved if it cannot then beaware it is not the truth which you are searching for, it is not the knowledge you seek.

Law of Nature (Sequence and the Consequence) as applied to SRCMtm

A stone falls and we ask, why? This question is possible only on the fact that nothing happens without a cause. Also pls note whenever we ask why anything happens, we are trying to understand that everything that happens must have a why, that is to say, it must have been preceded by something else which acted as the cause. This precedence and succession are what we call the law of causation. It means that everything in the universe is by turn a cause and an effect. It is the cause of certain things which come after it, and is itself the effect of something else which has preceded it. This is called the law of causation and is a necessary condition of all our thinking. If put in simpler terms it can be called as the sequence and the consequence.

Lets try to find out the Sequence which has led to this consequence of SRCMtm

The Sequence

The SRCM is officially created by Babuji on May 30, 1945 in Shahjahanpur, its statutes are registered in Lucknow. In 1946, he releases his 1st book, "Commentaries on the 10 commands of Sahaj Marg". Then in 1948-49, he is joined by personalities from Uttar Pradesh, such as Dr. SP Srivastava, judge ML Chaturvedi and his daughter, Kum Kasturi.

In 1955, Babuji releases his famous book "Reality at Dawn", and his notoriety overflows Uttar Pradesh. Men of the south join him. Men such as Dr. KC Varadachari and Raghavendra Rao of Karnataka. KC Narayana, son of Varadachari, also joined him in 1956. Then Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari also known as Chari arrives in 1964. Varadachari creates Sahaj Marg Research Institute (SMRTI) in 1965.

Lakshmi Narasimhan marks the beginning of the internationalization of Sahaj Marg. He leaves to teach it in Copenhagen in 1968-69. On June 18, 1970, Varadachari requests of Babuji to pay attention as he wanted to be the successor of Babuji but he dies the following year while his Narayana son undertakes a trip in the USA. Meanwhile, Chari is appointed secretary general of the mission in 1970. Then Babuji and Chari make their first common voyage in the west in 1972. They will then often appear in company of Andre Poray and Dr. Hans Gangloff.

On March 3, 1974, Babuji (apparently) names Chari as his successor in front of witnesses, Donald Sabourin and Kasturi. In 1976 the ashram of Shahjahanpur is built. In 1979, Babuji entrusts to Narayana that he will have to work alongside Chari in the future.

In 1980, in Munich, he declares to JM (?) that he has named Chari as his successor, but Andr' Poray shows up there as a serious rival for Chari. Babuji due to his growing age less available for the groups of abhyasis and Chari becomes reticent. Still around 1980, Babuji delegates Chari all his functions.

In 1981, the senior preceptors, Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy start a non-official visit to the USA with Umeshchandra Saxena, a son of Babuji who is not even a preceptor. On April 16, 1982, Babuji however writes a letter of appointment (succession) of his son, Umeshchandra as declared by his son

In 1982, at the time of the voyage of Babuji to France, All becomes very sombre. Andr' Poray is everywhere at the front of the scene, Chari who was not invited is relegated to the sidelines. Babuji is very sickHe was taken care by chari,when all the others including his son were thinking that he is not actually ill but just pretending to be ill. He announced to Kasturi much before that he has named somebody (as his successor) specifying the name and that he wants to go to the police because someone wants to make an attempt on his life, which he will finally not do.But later he declares chari as his successor which was not accetable by son of Babuji He not only name him but also announces that he (his successor) will have to be accompanied by Srivastava, Narayana and Kashi (?) RAM Agarwal and Nasib Chand.

In 1983, contradictory messages of the various factions flow, including from some other successors of Lalaji. Babuji dies on April 19, (1983). Chari immediately presents his letter of nomination. Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy, with Umeshchandra at their head, declare that the letter of Chari is a counterfeit. The family of Babuji does not propose Umeshchandra (as successor) immediately, but instead, his elder brother Prakash, then his grandson, Charad. A legal battle for the control of the ashram begins. Chari travels to the west to seek support there.

Everyone is in Shahjahanpur for the birthday of Lalaji in February 1984. A "Working Committee" is set up in haste, on February 6. An (alleged) attempt at poisoning of the clan of Chari takes place.

The Consequence

KC Narayana, who belongs to the Working Committee considers that the letter of the son of Babuji is false and that the letter of Chari is valid. The grandson of Babuji recognizes that it is a forgery. Kasturi decides in favour of Chari. But the Working Committee decides to name Umeshchandra the Spiritual Representive. It names SP Srivastava chair of the Working Committee while waiting until the spirits are calmed, because the positioning of Kasturi in favour of Chari starts a open conflict between the factions.

Under these conditions, Chari constitutes another �Working Committee� in Hyderabad where he is proclaimed president. A new Californian SRCM will thus be created (registered) in San Luis Obispo.

In 1987, Chari again tries to seize the ashram of Shahjahanpur, but without success. SP Srivastava publishes the 2nd part of the autobiography of Babuji (1987-89).

In August 1991, Narayana leaves the clan of Chari and creates the ISRC.

In 1994, Umeshchandra brings to Srivastava his letter of nomination and makes it known that the letter of Chari is a counterfeit made from a stolen signed letterhead. He alleges also Chari to have poisoned his father. A senior preceptor accepts the letter of Umeshchandra, all then accept it and Srivastava resigns his position (interim president) to Umeshchandra Saxena who then chairs the SRCM of Shahjahanpur.

One of his preceptors leaves for the USA in 1996, and creates an Internet site "" where it publishes the 2 letters of nomination of Umeshchandra and Chari. A conflict then opposes the 2 SRCM on the domain name, and the arbitration is pronounced in favour of the clan of Umeshchandra in April 2000. The clan of Chari then hires a large law firm and carries the dispute before the federal Court of Virginia. The clan of Umeshchandra prefers to give up the case because of lack of financial means.

In 2000, Kasturi suddenly opposes Chari after she is rejected by him (Chari). She then teaches Sahaj Marg by herself from Lucknow.

Umeshchandra moves around the the ashram of Shahjahanpur with a revolver because he is afraid for his life. In 2003, he dies of "non-natural" causes. His son Navnnet KUMAR Saxena succeeds him, but his young brother is the victim of a suspect road accident only 13 days later.

Navneet KUMAR himself is the victim of an attempted poisoning on February 3, 2006. The clan of Chari invades the ashram of Shahjahanpur on April 2 then, after the death of the senior full preceptor, Raghavendra Rao, invades also the ashram of Raichur, and names AP Durai in charge on May 7, (2006). Testimonials in favour of the clan of the family of Babuji appear on the Web.

On January 18, 2007, it is the turn of Navneet KUMAR to be expressed himself on the Web. On February 7, the supreme Court rules: Arguments heard. Orders reserved.
And Navneet creates his own site on February 22, where he publishes the 2 letters of nomination and the letter addressed to Jahagirdar where Babuji shows Chari as an evildoer

Taken with gratitude from Don's blogs

Some space is left here to complete the cycle of creation and distruction, as we all know that which begin's end's, same is the case with SRCM also, it is nearing its end, but not before it has paid the price of harming people and making them suffer beyond any scope of recovery.

Now after you understand this you will understand what is wrong with those people who are your blood relatives.

Why SRCM makes its adherents go against their own Family

The so called guru or master of this system first need to mind his own family, before he moves ahead and reforms life of many other married couples, have you ever wondered why their focus is on dividing families and educating people that blood relations are useless ?? Answer can be found in origination of Chari group itself, they snatched the succesorship and property from family members of Babuji, which rightfully is their (Saxsena family) and Chari and Company is no-one to accuire the inheritence of Saxsena famiily, But they have done this, and then they had to justify this act, and this can only be done when they make people think that family is of no value, otherwise how can they justify their act of possessing property which is a family inheritence, if people understand that, if they are born in a perticular family, it is because they are destined due to their past karma and they need to fulfill their social and domestic responsibility first, If people are able to understand that the first responsibility of any human (even animals also) is towards their own family and society, then they will start questioning the acts of Chari group, and their explanation that hypothetical relations are more important then what is given by Lord, will be demolished, hence as and when these questions are asked it will shake very basis of SRCM Chari group, hence family/relative husband, wife children are of no value, as per Chari group.

When these questions are asked, they come up with ORDER's like not to read blogs and do not discuss about SRCM with anyone other then your preceptor.

In order to justify their wrong doings they are distroying many more families who so ever is searching for truth and somehow falls in their trap is bound to become misrable as they are ignoring the very basis of their birth, i.e the family and society, we need to fulfill all our responsibility first, in due course we will eventually help our own selves only.

Master takes all places in life of those who wish to talk to Ghosts,
if you were not able to understand this statement, then you know nothing about SRCM, allow me to explain, People in SRCM Chari group do practice to become perfect, who is perfect, Master, now masters of SRCM have been talking to ghosts etc also they use to dream about various people, all transmition etc is based on dreams, there have been various communication's going on between the present and past masters, hence to become perfect you should be able to talk to ghosts. This is what SRCM will make you, as person who comunicates with Ghosts etc and you will be labbeled as perfect.

List of SRCM groups.

Their existance indicates that Chari has not been transmitted and is claiming to be God only for his selfish needs and to get money.

1. Kasturi Bahenji (universal sister, lost her life, a zombie, useless)

2. Raghvendra Rao (Seems good to me, as they are against the concept of mission, spirituality does not need organization, those who sell spirituality need a shop, aka "spiritual organization")

3. Dinesh Kumar (normal person, simple human like us, just earning his living by spirituality, no problems)

4. Dr. Verdhachari (element of mind control is clearly present, mind conditioning is also present, Dangerous, just like Chari group)

5. Navneet Kumar ( Has been cheated by Chari, seems serious, worth trying )

Remember their saying Religion divides and spirituality unites !!! this is the union they are talking about,
In nutshell they are fake, selling God via their individual shops shouting their lower price at the pitch of their voice, this is actually sabji mandi of spirituality, they are producing only zombies

Dangerous Cult Warning Signs:

If the spiritual group with which you, or a loved one, are involved is characterized by 7 or more of the following 10 warning signs, it is probably a dangerous cult! You must take corrective action immediately! If you are a member, you must escape! Stop going to the meetings! Leave the compound! If your loved one is a member, you must do everything in your power to get your loved one out of the cult!


1. The spiritual group claims to have received special instructions from one or more "messengers from the sky."

2. The spiritual group uses a special set of rules that you must obey or be cast out.

3. The spiritual group promises eternal life in a paradise if you obey its set of rules, and threatens eternal suffering if you do not obey its set of rules.

4. The spiritual group demands that you give up as much of your assests and your yearly income to it as possible.

5. The members of the spiritual group call each other "brother" and "sister," even when they aren't related at all.

6. The spiritual group is led by a group of enlightened masters who wear strange clothes and speak in esoteric parables.

7. The spiritual group demands that you accept its teachings without reservation, even when those teachings are in direct conflict with your understanding of basic scientific knowledge.

8. The spiritual group demands that you select your spouse and your closest friends from its membership.

9. The spiritual group demands that you place your children in its training program.

10. The spiritual group teaches that giving up your life for the sake of the spiritual group may become necessary sometime in the future.

Please take these warning signs seriously! If you, or a loved one, are in a dangerous cult, as determined by the above checklist, you must do everything you possibly can to remove the potential victim from that dangerous cult!

Leaving a "CULT"

Since now people have started to ask questions about how to leave a cult, hence here am trying to put forward some study done in feild of leaving a cult and also will share some information about who why and when people start opposing a cult

There are at least four ways people leave a "cult":

1. On their own decision (walkaways);
2. Through expulsion (castaways);
3. By intervention (Exit counseling, deprogramming)
4. Rebellion against the leader.

The majority of psycologists agree that there are some people who experience problems after leaving a cult. There are, though, disagreements regarding the frequency of such problems and regarding the cause.

Since focus of this site is mainly SRCM hence here only those points will be presented as how to leave this perticuler cult.

1. On their own decision (walkaways);
This happens in those people who joined the cult when they were undergoing any temporary emotional disturbance, such as seperation from loved one's or death of any family member or any similar cause, These people if intelligent enough simply leave the group and have nothing to do with the group nither in positve way or negative way, they just simply walk away and get adjusted in normal social life, and carry on with their life. These kind of people are very very rare in SRCM as this is a perticular kind of cult which applies mind control tactic over its adherents, since sitting with preceptor is mandatory hence those who are able to think are subjected to constant pressure, hence they eventually loose their power to think and become a non-thinking person equivalent to animals, thereby without their knowledge, they are forced to contiue and eventually become similar to a fully dedicated zombie and start behaving like an advertisment agent for the group.

2. Through expulsion (castaways);
These are those people who after understanding the cultic behaviour still remain sympathetic to the group but since they start to question, they are asked to leave, and become a major source of information to the external world, but since they are now not part of the group, they are looked upon as someone down by the current members of the cult, and their view's are ignored by the unthinking masses still trapped in the cult thinking of getting transmitted and getting elevated etc. These people suffer more as they had identified themselves with the cult and it was not them who decided to leave it, hence the internal struggle starts, in their heart they still believe that there was something good in the cult, and they think that they were just trying to help the cult group, without understand the motive behind the existance of group itself. Eventually they become cause of distruction of the cult, as any group which is not able to respect the fact that they were once part of the same animal kingdom, they expell them, hence the group, its leaders and all pay a heavey price.

3. By intervention (Exit counseling, deprogramming)
The primary sources of help to a cult members are parents, relatives, and close friends of alleged cult members (who often have carefully observed personality changes in their loved one which is interpreted as changes for the worse), they become primary source of help to the infected person and provide help and guidence and thereby de-program the infected person. Such victims take longer time to understand and need constant help and support and isolation from all sort of group meatings and sittings etc, so that they are not toxified again and again. Gradually they become ignorent towards the cult and get involve in their sociatal and domestic responsibility.

Primary source of information about any cult groups are listed below:-
1. Family members of the infected person, (they will have first hand information)
2. Victims of scams perpetrated on the general public by a minority of cults
3. People who go to recruitment-oriented meetings and then back away (In this case it is called OPEN HOUSE meeting)
4. Persons raised in groups considered cults who left after coming of age (Childrens of OMEGA school after they become adult and understand the cult motives)
5. Former adult members

Hence make sure you find out what these people have to say about the group before you join any such group, in nutshell any organization which conducts recrutment meetings and arranges marriges inside their community are mind controlling group, they are the most dangerous and most harmful for society and public and its members.

Make sure you do read the BITE control model presented by Steven Hassan about distructive cults like SRCM.

Please visit Cult Healing Center this page provide step by step process to recover from cult control and become normal humans again.

Post Cult Trauma

As many people have begin to question their involvement in this cult Shree Ram Chandra Mission (Chari Group). It is important for all those who are leaving to be careful about effects of leaving a mind conditioning cult. Effects varies from member to member depending on level of condition achived by SRCM on that perticular victim. Here i am posting some of the observations, Kindly be aware of these side effects before hand, so that you do not fall in trap of another cult, these cults normally target those people who are undergoing some emotional disturbances. Handle it, and these side effects will also pass, as involvement with a distructive cult has passed.

Post Cult Trauma or post-cult syndrome is a term related to the consequences of leaving a group perceived as being a cult. Some scholars in the field, including those critical of the anti-cult movement, acknowledge that abandoning a cult can be traumatic for former members.


Paul Martin, the director of a recovery center for victims of cultic abuse wrote, in the book Recovery from Cults, that "The ex-cultist has been traumatized, deceived, conned, used and often emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally abused while serving the group and/or the leader. Like other trauma victims (for example, of criminal acts, rape, and serious illness), former cultists often reexperience the painful memories of their group involvement."

Margaret Singer, one of the most notable proponents of the brainwashing theories, noted that ex-cult members that she treated had severe emotional problems as described in her article Coming Out of the Cults.21 22 75% of the ex-cult members were deprogrammed.

Stuart A. Wright explores the distinction between the apostate narrative and the role of the apostate, asserting that the former follows a predictable pattern, in which the apostate utilizes a "captivity narrative" that emphasizes manipulation, entrapment and being victims of "sinister cult practices". These narratives provide a rationale for a "hostage-rescue" motif, in which cults are likened to POW camps and deprogramming as heroic hostage rescue efforts. He also makes a distinction between "leavetakers" and "apostates", asserting that despite the popular literature and lurid media accounts of stories of "rescued or recovering 'ex-cultists'", empirical studies of defectors from NRMs "generally indicate favorable, sympathetic or at the very least mixed responses toward their former group."

According to F. Derks and Jan van der Lans, a Dutch professor in the psychology of religion at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, there is no uniform post-cult trauma, but psychological and social problems upon resignation are not rare and their character and intensity are greatly dependent on the personal history, on the traits of the person, and on the reasons for and way of resignation.

Marc Galanter, in a study of 237 members of the Unification Church, found that they had had a significantly higher degree of neurotic distress before conversion when compared to a control group, suggesting that symptoms of psychopathology had not been caused by cult involvement; 30% of these had sought professional help for emotional problems before conversion. Galanter further states that the process of joining, being a member, and leaving a new religious group is best described not as a matter of personal pathology but of social adaptation. For example, experiences that in a secular setting might be considered pathological, within some religious settings may be considered normal. While psychological categories were created to discuss dysfunctional behavior by an individual, the behavior of group members must be seen in light of group norms, meaning that what may be considered disturbed behavior in a secular setting may be perfectly functional and normal within a group context. On the basis of his analysis, Galanter suggested that reduced significance should be given to the abnormal behavior reported among ex-members. He also suggested an alternative means of understanding otherwise inexplicable behavior in members and ex-members without considering them as suffering from psychopathology.

According to David V. Barret (who is connected with the government subsidized institute INFORM, founded by Eileen Barker and based in London), in many cases the problems do not happen while in a cult, but when leaving a cult, which can be difficult for some members and may include a lot of trauma. Reasons for this trauma may include conditioning by the religious movement, avoidance of uncertainties about life and its meaning, having had powerful religious experiences, love for the founder of the religion, emotional investment, fear of losing salvation, bonding with other members, anticipation of the realization that time, money and efforts donated to the group were a waste, and the new freedom with its corresponding responsibilities, especially for people who lived in a community. Those reasons may prevent a member from leaving even if the member realizes that some things in the NRM are wrong.

The magazine India Today wrote that former followers of the Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba who became disaffected after reports about sexual abuse by the guru reported that losing faith "is a devastating experience that transports them from promised moksha to a private hell. A disillusionment that has three stages: denial, grief and outrage."

The Do's and Don'ts

The Do's

  • DO try to keep in regular contact via mail or telephone even if there is little response.

  • DO express sincere love for the cult member at every available opportunity.

  • DO keep a diary of comments, attitudes and events associated with his/her life in the cult.

  • DO always welcome the cult member back into the family home no matter what is said.

  • DO keep copies of all written correspondence from you and the individual.

  • DO record all the names, addresses and phone numbers of people linked with the cult.

  • DO try to bite your tongue if the cult member makes unkind comments.

  • DO read all of the recommended books relating to cults and mind control, as well as reading other information on the cult in question.

  • DO seek help and information from organisations specialising in counter-cult work. We care about you and your individual situation.

The Don'ts

  • DO NOT rush into adopting a potential solution before carefully researching the cult problem.

  • DO NOT say:"You are in a cult; you are brainwashed".

  • DO NOT give money to the member of the group.

  • DO NOT feel guilty. This is not a problem caused by families.

  • DO NOT act in an angry or hostile manner towards the cult member.

  • DO NOT feel alone. It happens to thousands of families every year.

  • DO NOT underestimate the control the cult has over a member.

  • DO NOT antagonise the cult member by ridiculing his/her beliefs.

  • DO NOT be judgemental or confrontational towards the cult member.

  • DO NOT antagonise any of the cult's leadership or members.

  • DO NOT be persuaded by a cult 'specialist' to pay large sums of money without verifying his/her qualifications.

  • DO NOT give up hope of success in helping your family member to leave the group no matter how long the involvement has already been

  • DO NOT neglect yourself or other family members.

Source :- CIC (Cult information center)
If u have decided to leave SRCM join us here

Other contradiction

Critical View on teaching of SRCM

Concept of Freedom in SRCM

Government and cult watch groups reports about SRCM(of Chari)

Below is the list of government report and anti-cult group reports about SRCM and its activities. I am presenting this information to public so that All those who are not yet involved in this cult may stay away, for those who have already been brainwashed by SRCM will find it difficult to digest and their preceptor's will ask them to ignore these govt. listing. I hope these reports may open eye's of SRCM victims and they may become their natural being and start loving and getting involved in their family life

these reports indicates that people all over where-ever SRCM is present are fed up of their mind controlling tactics, and hence, not only cult watch groups but also Govt. reports and news papers in eurpoe have listed this group as a harmful cult, creating neusence and howak in life's of those who are involved or indirectly effected.

To start with see this report, published in Ekstra Bladet on September 12, 2004

This is google translation, original page is here

The district general of Vrads is the most important bastion of the sect

Denmark is important for the sect international Shri RAM Chandra Mission. This one comes from India and account more than 200.000 members in the world.

The sect sold its castle in France in 2001 and bought the field of Vrads Sande, close to Bryrup (Denmark). It is now the European bastion of the members of the sect.

There are many religious centers of Shri RAM Chandra Mission in Europe, but Danish Ashram is only in which one can live for a long length of time with all his family. If one trusts so that the movement explains, approximately a third of the 180 inhabitants of Vrads is members of the sect.

Cyril Malka, psychoanalyst and expert of the problems of the sects, estimate that the movement has very good living conditions in Denmark, bus in our country, they are not disturbed.

- They are camouflaged behind a frontage according to which they claim to want to educate the world. Reality is that they ask that one devote oneself completely to the guru and that his free will is given up, says it.

Cyril Malka explains that France was, for a long period, the spiritual HQ of the sect. That finished in 2001 when they sold their castle which acted also as hotel for the members who meditated.

Estampillsin France

Shri RAM Chandra Mission is one day found in the beams of the media and the authorities. A ministerial report/ratio estampill Shri RAM Chandra Mission like sect dangerous especially attacking the children. Through plays and activities in local Ashram, the children are endoctrin in order to become members blindnesses obeying of the sect.

The authorities also judge that the long repeated meetings of mediation as these newspapers held by the members of the sect are harmful.

In the same way, the sect has, in various newspapers, summer marked of removal of children when converted parents left unites to them and took along their children in the movement.

More View's from independent sources

Main agenda of the group is to make sure that member's are isolated from their family and they are made then converted as obedient slave's to the mission, this was pointed out by the europien govt's which conducted a research into SRCM SEE THIS report to understand what SRCM does to you and why

French Govt. Report, this caused SRCM to be expelled out from france!!

SRCM listed as official cult in French Govt. Report

French Govt. Report on cult organisation's referring SRCM as a dangerous group harmful to childrens and Adults. Pls refer to page 81 of the report and also see refrence 24 (footnote) on the same page.

List of Cults in France

SRCM is listed in more then 500 members (This page is big kindly look for "Chandra" key word and you will find SRCM listed as a cult group)

Anti-Cult Group in France This is a google Translation Original Page in french is here

Warnings given against SRCM by one of the largest anti-scientology group in europe.
English Look for Keyword SRCM

List of groups listed by various govt.'s as cult group and are harmful for its nationals. SRCMtm can be found in French govt. report, We all must be careful of these groups in perticular before we seak truth.

My Discussion on other forum (Wikipedia) explaining the term zombie

Note:-This discussion is now removed, and my account have been banned, stating that there is some other person, useing different name, but post is similer to mine. Brainwashed people can go to any extend to hide their cunning face.

I cannot and will not comment about others but for you i can safely conclude that you represent the zombies category of people who live in this world, you are not in minority, rather you are in majority in external world, did u by any chance missed the KERA program on cults last Monday ? there is a heaven's Gate cult, which has caused death of more then 6000 people, they all committed mass suicide, as they, like you believed that Christ will come to take them to heaven if they commit mass suicide, you people are in majority, but in places like wikipedia you will be in minority as here logical discussion is needed before any fact can be represented. There are many cults like SRCM who for their selfish needs are destroying life of many people, like yourself, who as they have become a zombie are unable to understand that this association is actually causing harm.

Kindly accept the fact that people in SRCM are indeed zombies, allow me to demonstrate that.

1. What is a zombie meaning

1. (in voodoo) a. The body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose.

2.Informal. a. A person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton.

b. An eccentric or peculiar person.

2. How you are a zombie

Given the fact that you accepted that SRCM is a cult group, and applies mind control over its people you are still taking about your long term association with this group, since you are immune to all external understandings, hence you failed to understand that SRCM has converted you into a zombie otherwise you would have immediately left the group once it was established that this is a genuine cult. Also you fail to understand and question few simple facts like SRCM claims to receive messages from brighter world and babuji is prime sender of those messages, whereas if you had an open eye you would have seen that Chari group has physically assaulted 60+ yrs old DIL of babuji, and they via their website claim that all masters were householder�s, now to any normal person this absolute contradiction would be visible that how come a householder not say a word in protest, and protect his own family, either he was not a householder to start with, or he is not sending any messages from brighter world, in either of cases it is established that this so called divine organization is liying to people, also note that these messages are sent only to Chari group, no other SRCM group be it ISRC or Shahjahanpur SRCM claim to receive any message from any brighter world except Chari group, hence it is clear once again that you have lost the power to think and question, hence this is how you qualify as a zombie. By the way are you one of those who have spent $ 250 for those message from brighter world ?

SRCM Zombie's become like this..

3. Why you are a zombie.

Because of what you call as transmission, the condition which is achieved during what you call as transmission is that where brain cell die, more number of brain cells die more conditioned you will become, and will find it hard to come out of this cult control, this is a state of hallucination wherein you loose you power to think, and decide from right to wrong.

Second aspect is the constant mental pressure via preceptor�s this does not allow any scope of free will, as all thoughts etc must be reported to preceptor, hence it become very diffcult to take independent decision.

And finally the group meeting which you call as Bhandara�s and we call as Chari�s birthday bash, or mind conditioning camps, here you will find that mob mentality prevails, it is easier to instigate a mob then an individual, hence all cults of this world make sure that they have this opportunity of conditioning by developing this mob mentality. Have you never observed Muslims after Friday prayers? They are all charged up, in a mob individual is capable of causing more harm then isolated, and for conditioning these group meetings are must, all cults starting from Islam, to Amway they all follow this age old technique of brainwashing in groups.

Whereas if you try and study patanjali's Raja yoga it is in absolute contradiction to what is practiced in SRCM, this is another lie of this group.

Hence I hope you will first accept yourself as you are and then try to improve upon it, and become a normal human again, my aim is not to prove you in any degraded version but i am against gooblygoody talk as they make no sense to me, i hope as we move on you will come in terms with it, and accept facts as they are without any modifications, to suit requirement of any individual, it may sound rude to you, coz it is, because it is truth, and truth must be expressed as is, any modification to truth causes it to become a lie, i personally believe in speaking naked truth then to a cosmetic lie.

How to become a cult leader

Watch this video and you will understand what is a cult and how is that cult harmful to you and to the society at large

Have patience, this is a detailed video (11 mins approx.) about how a normal person is transformed into a mindless object, known as "cult member". I strongly recommend that you should spare some time in viewing this video, this will help you understand what SRCM is actually doing to you and why. Pls do watch this video.

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Similar Sahaj outcome... this is what this sahaj can do to you. this is testimonial of those involved in another sahaj, named sahaj yoga, where God is not present in form of male, but it is in female.

This is how Sahaj these Sahaj Marg and Yoga are.. read on, an open your mind.

Sahaja Yogis believe they feel "the all pervading divine power" as a cool breeze.(Here it is TRANSMISSION) They believe this feeling of coolness is an indication that they have achieved a connection to God.(here it is higher self) Members also believe that God is an elderly Indian housewife named Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.(here it is in elderly former householder Chari.)

Sahaja Yogis, tell prospective members that the experience of Kundalini awakening through their practices is entirely free of charge.(TRANSMISSION is also free of charge) Over time, however, Sahaja Yogis are expected to buy expensive gifts for their guru and donate large sums of money for "projects in India," (same here as well, birthday celebration's and mission!!) and "puja dakshinat." Their guru, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (here Mr. Chari) lives in luxury, on the money collected from her devotees. She is known to collect crystal swans, high priced real estate and jewelled crowns. (here it is fight travell, five start hotels and many other luxarious things)

Incidents of child abuse, sex abuse, theft, forced divorce, wife beating, and other violence have been reported in the Sahaja Yoga. (Same is the case with Sahaj Marg as well) Many cult members have been pressured to send their infants to the Sahaja Yoga school in Rome, (here it is OMEGA in Chennai) where they are unable to see their children for 6 months or more. Older children are often sent to the Sahaja Yoga school in India. Likewise, parents are not allowed to see their children for months. Mail to children attending the India school is intercepted and censored. Children at the school often suffer health problems such as malnourishment, lice and physical or sexual abuse.

Sounds similar, its yet another cult, giving divinity to people. these cults will distroy your life, be aware of them, and get rid of them, become a normal human, a normal householder, there is no need for any transmission, rather LOVE, your parents spouse and childrens.

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As far as trademark and copywriter of SRCM is concern i guess they have Sahaj marg as TM emblem is also a TM all writings etc are copywriter hence no-one can read it without prior permission of Mission master and method, these maroons display they can help people by registering TM's stupid wake up spirituality is not your trademark, it belongs to all the rapist the murderer, women?s the blacks, the nice guy the bad guy, the touchable and the non-touchable the elevated one and the non-elevated ones, it belongs to all, you don't own spirituality.

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