In August of 2003 the second world championships for the Rubik's cube was held in TORONTO, CANADA.  I was fortunate enough to travel and compete at the RWC with my friends Peter and Richard.  And before I continue, I would like to express a shouting THANKS to Kathy who offered her car space as well as doin the most of the driving.  Without her our trip would have been nearly impossibe, or just a chaotic mess.  THANKS KATHY!!!   
Here we are, our first stop in Canada, we have been in the car for about 8 hours, and it is 4:02 (Jacob time). In the previos 8 hours we held many deep conversations about college, mathmatics, religion, the death penalty, and the dimples on a dice.
Richard and Pete played a chess gamegame with no chessboard, all in their head!!!! Sickening!!!
  Kathy suggested that we should take a side trip and check out Niagra Falls, this was an awesome idea!  After our stop at the Husky Gas station we headed straight to Niagra Falls.  Two hours later we pulled in the parking lot and stretched our legs and stood in awe at the mesmerizing waterfalls.  The beautiful sites put us in almost a zen state of mind which was probably a good thing considering all the "jumpies" we'll be getting up on stage.
Peter, Richard, and Jacob all still alive with smiles on but with little or no sleep!    --->
Richard snapping his "post card" Pictures!
Pete gazing at the waterfalls, or maybe he is sleeping with his eyes open,  who knows?
What a gorgeous place. We could have spent all day there and already our trip is packed with unforgetable memories!
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