Time was running out and the schedule was hardly accurate, everything was ruuning late.  The other puzzles were pushed over to the next day and the 3x3 event was moving at a very slow rate.  The 3x3 being the main attraction was packed full of competitors all waiting to get on stage.  The officials had to send eveyone out of the room and only let a few people in at a time.  Here Chris H. sits with Richard, chillin and waiting there turns which unfortunately doesnt come untill the next day. 

I passed the time being interviewed for "Minds behind the Cube" ( i think thats what its called), a documentary on the rubiks cube and the following that supports it.  It was a blast and we are all anticipating the release of the film!

Here is Betty and Grant Tregay.  Grant is the master of the megaminx and is also really good at the 4x4 and 5x5.  Grant is also teaching his wife how to become as good as he is!!!
Here is Ton also waiting to go for the 3x3 event.  He is just sitting with a handful of his creations.  Very cool, stuff!
Also at the competition Hana Bizek's Cube Art was displayed.  She doesnt speedcube but uses the Rubiks cube to produce 3D art.  She has over 400 cubes that she uses to make her designs.  She was also selling her book: The Mathmatics of the Rubik's Cube Design, as well as coffee mugs with pictures of her art. 
Here is Betty Tregay and Jasmine Lee.  Both are very proud to be LADY SPEEDCUBERS!  There need to be more females like them hehehe...  Jasmine is from Australia, it is awesome that she was able to trek all the way to RWC!  Now that is dedication!   
Here is RON the Machine!!! hehe, Ron is probably one of the fastest cubers i have ever met, he offered great advice and is a very funny guy. 
The 3x3 event comes to a close and several people go up on stage to put in a couple practise solves.  Here Pete is getting shot at by one camera man.

OH! I almost forgot, my goal for the 3x3 was to stick around my av of 30-33 and get one time under 30 seconds.  I got a 33.28, 33.50, and a 29.88!  All three goals broken!!! YAY! It was a good day for Jacob....
Everyone was hoping that Mr. Erno Rubik would show up but he didnt.  He did send an autographed photo though, so that was cool,  my cube thought it was cool too!

That evening, Kathy took us down town Toronto for supper at the Hard Rock Cafe.
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