Yoanna Baumgartner

I never scuplted anything or had even touched polymer clay until I took my first class taught by June Goodnow. I was terrified that I would end up with a monster; however, I left the weekend class with a beautiful Indian with sculpted head and hands, determined to create more. Since then, I have only completed a couple of pieces but my head is crammed full of ideas for future projects that I will eventually get to. This is such a change for me since as a child, I was always the one to draw a blank when the art teacher said to be creative and draw something or make something out of clay. My parents still have the 'hippo' that looks like a pipe wrench, the dog without a nose and the flower tree they thought was an ash tray. I decided it was best to pursue a engineering degree instead of anything artsy. I now work full time in a left-brain computer job, so doll sculpting helps exercise the other half of the brain. I carved out a studio area in my dining room and get to see my family swirl around me when I find time to create. The engineer inside me likes to solve problems and dollmaking has many opportunities for problem solving. Sculpting does not come easy to me, but it is fun to see the faces and personality finally appear in a piece.

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