Teresa Purkeypile

I grew up in Tennessee in a large talented family. We were all blessed with talents in music & art. My granny had the most impact on me with her musical talent & her drawing & carving abilities. At 21 years of age, a job opportunity moved me to Texas. I've been here ever since, spending most of the past 24 years in the printing industry. I spent most of my spare time trying out different crafts, such as soap carving, wire tree sculptures & many other crafts. I also spent time photographing wildflowers. Two years ago, a friend introduced me to polymer clay. I joined a local club & met a variety of people. I found out about sculpting in polymer clay & have been hooked ever since. After getting out of the printing industry, my loving husband, Dee, has allowed me to take time out of my career in printing & take time to learn more about sculpting. I've taken classes at Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory. I've been sculpting for about a year. I belong to Central Texas Art Doll Society, a local sculpting group. I'm now exploring my new God given talent & hope to continue to follow this dream.


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