Mary Anne Milder

Mary Anne Milder is a third generation dollmaker.  She comes from a family of talented artists: artists in wood, paint, and fabric.  Sewing has been a very important part of her life.  She and her four sisters leanred to sew at age 12, taught by her mother and grandmother.  At age 14, she was sewing her own clothing and watched her mother and grandmother sew a lot of everything - clothes, bridal gowns, drapes, curtains, pillows, dolls, and so much more.  In 1992, Mary Anne started a small craft business with her mother and sister.  They made cloth dolls, animal dolls, Santas and elves, mostly designed by other dollmakers.  Deciding how to dress and embellish them (picking from a large stash of fabric) was the best part of making the dolls.  This small business lasted about four years.

Eventually, Mary Anne realized she wanted to design her own dolls - dolls that would tell a story, show tribute to important people in her life, or just simply make someone smile because they remember a fond memory of their own.  She had heard about doll sculpting and wanted to learn.  A well-known dollmaker and teacher, Marilynn Huston, just happened to live ten miles down the road in the next town.  With Marilynn as her mentor, and the lessons and talent inherited from her mother and grandmother, Mary Anne is developing her own style, designing her own dolls, hoping to tell a story or make someone smile because the doll reminds them of a fond memory of days gone by.


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