Mary Hood

I was fortunate to be born into a talented family that could do a wide variety of things. Living in this family, I was always encouraged to try anything that was interesting to me. I had some ability to draw and won a school contest in designing the school badger mascot at Lampasas High School that is still being used today.

As a little girl, I always loved baby dolls. I always preferred the most realistic-looking babies to play with. When I grew up I was fortunate enough to marry my husband, Charles, and had three girls (live dolls). My mother and I then made porcelain dolls for many years. We ran a little gift and craft supply store in our little town of Lometa for several years, stocking all the handmade items in the store ourselves.

About three years ago, a friend a I discovered polymer clay. It was wonderful to work with and had so many possibilities. I began to make little 2 to 3 inch tall, one-piece babies. Eventually I went to 4 to 6 inch jointed babies, dressed in hand sewn clothes. In October of 2001 I decided to try my hand at lifesize babies. I love making them. Being completely self-taught, it has been a challenge to make the babies as realistic as possible. This is part of the fun.

My husband, Charles, is my greatest support and my best critic. He gives me constant encouragement, but he says that I am making all these babies without him. Having three daughters and seven grandaughters, you can't have too many dolls.


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