Julie Mayton

I have loved dolls since I was very young. Around age 12, my mother began teaching me the various domestic arts such as embroidery, cross-stitch and sewing. Her goal was to teach me a variety of arts so she would never have to hear me say that I was bored and had nothing to do. Years later, after attending an Austin Artists Harvest show, I met Marilynn Huston and Leslie Hancock, two talented and successful polymer clay doll artists and members of our doll club. I was fascinated by their Creations. Upon learning that they taught classes, I signed up for two of them and was hooked! The Santa is my first doll. The Granny is my second doll. The Pink Lady is my first attempt at sculpting in paper clay and was featured in the "Redheads" fall issue of Contemporary Doll Collector magazine 2004. I created her from a cartoon drawing that I fell in love with. She was very challenging and a hoot to create! Being a part of the doll club gives me a chance to learn new techniques, skills and working with different media. The members provide me with motivation and friendship.


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