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Holly Thompson

Holly is an avid Santa collector. While trying to commission a piece with one of her favorite artists (Audrey Swarz), Holly learned of an online Santa sculpting course! Audrey provided all of the tools and supplies, as well as wonderful instructions and a great online learning environment. A whole new world was opened up (in addition to a wonderful new group of friends)! In addition to Audrey's class, Holly has taken classes from Jack Johnston and Barbara E. Van Noy. Holly recently graduated from Jack Johnston's professional sculpting course (earning the title of "Master Sculptor"). In real life, Holly is a Software Engineering Director at BMC Software - in Austin, Texas. She shares a home with a husband (Don) and a 16-year-old son (Richard), and 14 cats (Tuna, Trina, Sheba, Fivel, Ink, Smoke, Tim, Tom, Spot, Puff, Felix, Spike, Fluffy, Hiss). You may contact Holly at her website: