Elizabeth Bonura

Elizabeth Bonura's love affair with sculpting began at age twelve, when she enrolled in her first pottery class. Growing more confident in her work, she began to participate in local competitions, winning best of division for sculpture awards at both the 1992 and 1994 Houston Area Ceramics Show.

At age 19, "I bought my first book on sculpting figurines. After I began to sculpt people, my mother decided it was time to find the grandmother I had never met because she herself is a sculptor. From the moment I met my grandmother there was an instant bond. I believe we were connected through our sculptures".

Elizabeth spent two years studying studio art at the University of Houston, developing a keen artistic sense in a number of mediums including painting, jewelry and metal smithing. Although these forms of art were of interest, her true love remained sculpting and she committed herself to pursuing figurines.

In order to support herself in college, she began to create figurines of sorority girls that were later sold in a Houston gift shop. Encouraged by the feedback she received from these preliminary outings, she began to develop her craft more intimately and began working with porcelain.

The idea for Wedding Sculptures came naturally. As her best friend was preparing for her wedding, Elizabeth sought to give a heartfelt momento that would be as special to the bridal couple as it would be to her. The result was a stunning porcelain sculpture that the bride and groom continue to treasure as their first family heirloom. Later, she created a porcelain portrait for her own wedding, where it was artfully displayed at her reception next to the cake.

Elizabeth lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband. She credits her husband and sister as sources of support and great inspiration.

You can contact her by e-mail at [email protected].


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