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Technology is screwing up the society This website is dedicated to those fortituos people,who were fortune-seeker's just like me.., Dreamer's Longing for peace on earth! environmental degradation mass displacement of population., violence,. Materiealist instinct, Power & fame, to acquire unbound wealth has led man astray


  • Life is nothing but a parodox
    everthing for the moment
  • A Mystery & Misery
    Past a memory, Future a question mark
  • Present an expectation., we are all running on FAITH,
    It is a journey towards the unknown., the Truth is
  • Everything will go to dust one day,Except maybe Diamond's
    which is going to last forever, . , until then,
  • you believe that that you are the Master of the game,
    What u are experiencing right now determine's your conception of
    hell heaven.,


  • Don't believe in afterlife,
    Soul,Spirit or whatever doesn't die'
    Don't be a religious fanatic nor a deadhead
  • it pay's to know about ignorance,
    don't turn your back on Humanity!
    Give yourself to the upliftment of the Human race
  • we do owe ourself'ves to the future generation
    Just because we are born into this World
    doesn't entitle us to do any damned thing we want
  • Life has no limit's, just encounter's
  • Imagination is the mother of all creation's
  • Confront it, confound it
    but you cannot avoid it
    do whatever you want with it
    do not waste it by confrontation other's
    Imagination the fruit of all Creation's
    The seed for the survival of the Human Race.,
    Those doggone day's!.,
  • When I was at school,the teacher toughtme to
    love other's,and be giving
    but as time went by ,I realised
    that forgiving was not easy
    I thought I could change this world
    by earning a lot of money
  • doing good thing's
    to the society
    i found that it was not easy when
    the people turn against you
    it was just not worth it!
  • you'll have to beg, steal & crawl
    down on your hand's & knee's
    they spit on you
  • make you lick their boot
    to hand out something to you
    I ask myself, is all this worth the
    trouble? I prefer to work for myself
    don't like to serve no body,
  • unless ofcourse when it come's to the

Question of money
now the people have gone so stupid
they would go to any length
to get this paper called currency
thinking it would buy any damned thing
fool's don't know that money can't buy
kindness,goodness,forgiveness peace of mind
the basic ingredient's of life
of course you need money to satisfy
your basic need's.,
all these year's i've been learning
to gain knowledge'
to earn more,
to make love,
to forget loneliness
to overcome boredom
but one thing eludes me
Time, I do not have enough
people just don't do no good thing's no more
fate & destiny intercollides
your bound by the laws of the society
to be ground to dust.,
to ashes, to ashes.,
man i like to break free!.,
making love was easy
giving was hard unless ofcoure
if you have lot of money,
there were two kind's of unproductive people
around one is the politician' who promises
you heaven give you hell!.,
the other is the lawyer who get paid
to tell convincing lies
top them up with crooked minister's
judges ,and head of states
you just can't police them around
they are in fact the scum of the world
these policy maker's.,
i've been quencing my thirst
for knowledge
when curiosity killed the cat!.,

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