In Loving Memory of Amber Lynne Rahn
    Amber Rahn was born on May 9, 1985 to Andrea and Jeffrey Rahn, in Bay City Michigan.  She had a younger brother Jay Rahn.  Most of her family lived in Michigan.
     Amber moved to Vesper, Wisconsin in 1997 from Bay City.  I met her on her first day of school at West Junior High in Wisconsin Rapids.  We were both in seventh grade.  Amber and I were never close friends that year.  In fact, we barely talked at all during the end of our seventh grade year.  We talked even less during eighth grade, although we ate lunch at the same table.  In ninth grade, Amber and I had health class together.  She sat right in front of me.  We became good friends and we both had a lot of fun in that class.  In our sophmore year, Amber was in my first hour Comprehensive Natural Science 10 class.  I talked to her all the time.  The whole class loved her.
     Amber literally bounced into class everyday with a smile on her face.  In the entire time I knew her, I don't think I ever saw her unhappy.  She had a beautiful smile.  She was an all-around beautiful person.  Amber really cared about everyone.  She was friends with everyone.  And everyone knew her.  People who didn't know her very well, still liked her and admired her.
     Amber was a cheerleader.  Cheerleading fit her personality so perfectly.  She was very bubbly and outgoing.  She never had a problem saying what was on her mind.  And she didn't care what other people thought of her. Everyone loved her.  And her favorite color was yellow, the color of happiness.  Amber had also received a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
     On November 29, 2000, Amber was riding to school in her friend's car.  Some of you may not know that Wisconsin winters can get very cold, very snowy, and very icy.  While attempting to stop at an intersection, the vehicle Amber was in hit an icy spot and skidded into the path of an oncoming van.  Neither vehicle was able to stop.  The van hit directly on the passenger side, where Amber was sitting.  Amber was trapped inside and was extricated with the jaws of life.  Amber Rahn died at the scene.  She was only fifteen.
     That day during our fourth hour at school, principal Gus Mancuso came on the P.A. for a special announcement.  I will never forget his words.  "As some of you may know, there was a car accident early this morning.  The driver of the car, senior Erin Paul is at Marshfield hospital.  Sophmore Amber Rahn lost her life."
He then gave information about what could be done to help.  During this time, students and staff were very supportive of each other.  It was a hard time for everyone.
     A memorial service was held in her honor at Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School in the Performing Arts Center on December 6, 2000.  The PAC was packed with family, friends, and people from the community.  Some people even had to stand.  Everyone was very respectful, and the presentation was amazing.  Various students shared poetry written in her honor, and talked about all the things Amber had acheived and how she'd helped others.
    Later various pictures and poetry and stories were shared with the family.  Amber is now in Heaven watching down on all of us.  She's our guardian Angel.  We'll all see her again someday.
NOTICE:  This page is not meant to hurt or offend anyone.  That is not my intention.  The purpose of this page is to keep the memory alive, and honor a friend.   If you have questions, concerns or comments, please sign my guestbook or send me an e-mail.  Thank you.
An Angel Named Amber
We All Love And Miss You Amber!
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