Welcome to my web-site. It's not much I know, but I hope you enjoy it. Here you will find pictures of my homemade mst3k robots, and information on the production of our own fan episode. So be sure to check out everything!
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HEY HEY HEY! Wow I haven't updated this page in like... FOREVER! Any-who, I've been working hard on other video projects for the past year, two short films are done, and another is in post. But the MST3k fan film is still in the works. I have a script, I have a set, and I have robots... so by God one day, it WILL get done. Stay tuned folks... Oh, and I finally posted pictures of my second Servo, and second Crow so check out the Bots section. Well gotta go BYE!
8/24/04- Derek Atkins
A Guide to building those pesky robots from MST3K
Check out my progress on my own episode of MST3K
See some behind the scenes pictures.
My SOL, Mars1, and Theater
See information on our episodes
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Some Footage from our Intro and More
Some links to fellow MST3K fans.
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I am not employed by BBI, The SCI-FI Channel, or Comedy Central. Tom, Crow, Gypsy, Cambot, the SOL, and the MST3K silouetes (shadowrama) are copyright (c) of Best Brains Inc. I in no way claim these  situations or characters as my own. Be sure to ask Best Brains before attempting to make your own Episodes, but I'm sure they won't care.
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