Humiliation School (Fiction)

Here's a story set in a world that kinda does it for me that I thought up a while ago. It's set in a school where punishment is... er... well <grin> Read it and you'll see. It contains naked women... er... girls.

This is kind of my thankyou for the Jenny stories.

NOTE: IF ANYONE wants to write stories set in this world PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO!!!

Suzy sat at the back of the class, a smile etched across her face. She pretended to write in her book, but really she was reliving her personal triumph. It wasn't hard to do. Her personal triumph was sitting right in front of her. It was Jackie (the bitch) sitting in her seat without a blouse. Just her little tartan skirt, knee high socks, shoes and a bra. This is how it happened...

Earlier that day Suzy has been running to class, late for a change. Suzy was normally such a good girl. In fact most of The Cronenberg school for girls were good, especially when you consider public humiliation as the punishment. Anyway, Suzy was running, with seconds to spare, when she looked up to see Jackie (the bitch) in the same predicament. Tardiness was not looked upon kindly at Cronenberg, the loss of at least one item of clothing was almost guaranteed.

Suzy and Jackie hit the door at the same time, colliding with a loud thok! Jackie fell, Suzy didn't. Jackie landed on her little bottom and looked slightly dazed as Suzy smiles sweetly, opened the door, and let herself in. She then closed the door after herself, leaving Jackie in the hall. Then the bell rang. Class had begun. Jackie was late.

Suzy was pretty slick for a sixteen year old.

She smiled broadly, like the proverbial cat with the cream, when Jackie entered, head down, and walked up to the elderly Ms. Carpenter. Carpenter was a stern, humorless woman, who seemed to delight in humiliating her students. Only last week she'd made a girl walk around bare breasted for two whole periods for simply not doing her homework. In the middle of winter! The girl's goosepimpled, firm nipples had been streaked with her tears for hours as she walked around, exposed. Carpenter was a woman you didn't want to mess with.

"Jackie Keaton, what are you doing in class late?" Carpenter shrilled as soon as she saw Jackie. Jackie sighed. She knew excuses were of no use.

"I'm sorry Ms. Carpenter, I-" Jackie stammered. Carpenter shook her head, horn rimmed glasses trained like radar on Jackie's blouse.

"You take off that blouse Miss Keaton. Maybe a cool shock with remind you of the importance of punctuality."

Jackie went bright red. Some surreptitious titters of empathy and amusement twinkled around the room. Suzy's smile began to show teeth. Jackie slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and, with shaking hands, spread the white fabric, exposing pert little breasts encased in a modest white cotton bra. Carpenter nodded and snatched the blouse of Jackie's back. Her instinct was to cover herself but she knew that would only result in further clothing sanctions.

She stood in front of the class, shivering and blushing. Suzy leered. Carpenter spoke: "Okay Jackie, you can get this back at the end of class." Jackie sighed in relief. At least she didn't have to walk around all day with no blouse. She sat down, in front of Suzy and...

... that brings us to the present. With Suzy pretending to write and smiling. Then something funny happened. Jackie stood up, ran one hand through her blonde locks and picked up something from her bag. Suzy couldn't see it. She then stood up, but seemed to slip over. Little breasts jiggling. More laughter.

"This just isn't Jackie's day..." thought Suzy. Delighted. Jackie used Suzy's bag to help herself out, hand lingering around the edge. Suzy frowned but didn't pay much attention. She was more interested in seeing what Jackie would do next.

Jackie walked to the front, and knelt next to Ms. Carpenter. Whispering into her ear. "Something's wrong..." Suzy thought. This looks bad.

Her intuition was confirmed mere seconds later when:

"Suzy O'Brien. Could you stand up please?"

Suzy was slightly bewildered but not really nervous. I mean, after all, she hadnít done anything wrong. Right?

So Suzy smoothed down her dark brown hair, made sure her school tie was straight, stood up and smiled. The redness of her lips juxtaposing with her porcelain white skin.

"Yes Miss?"

"Suzy, could you open your bag for me please?" Carpenter requested.

Suzy nodded. Why not? She knelt down, picked her bag up and opened the flap, showing its contents to Ms. Carpenter and the front half of the class.

A gasp. Long and deep from the class. A wide eyed expression of disbelief from Carpenter. A sly smile from Jackie, who's nipples were no pushing through the fabric of the bra. Suzy felt the pit of her stomach fall away, she looked down into the bag...

What was it? Were her tampons showing? Was it-


Cigarettes. A packet of cigarettes were in her bag. Jackie must have put them in! OHMYGODOHMYGOD!

Suzy spoke in a Tarantinoesque flurry of justification: "Missmissmiss, These aren't mine, Jackie must have put them in when she fell over an-"


Suzy couldn't believe what was happening. Three seconds ago she was living in a world of happiness, now... now didn't even bear thinking about... I mean the punishment for smoking was... was...

"Tops or Bottoms Miss O'Brien."

Another gasp from the class. Tops or bottoms. One of the most severe punishments. Basically it entailed removal of all clothing from the waist up or the waist down. ALL CLOTHING. Suzy blinked at Carpenter.

"Suzy do you think I'm being rhetorical? Decide or I'll let the class decide."

"But Miss they weren't my cigarettes!" Suzy wailed, knowing all was lost. Carpenter shook her head. She would have none of this.

Suzy went bright red. She knew that in mere seconds she was going to have to expose her tits, or her bottom and pussy to the entire class. This had never happened to her before. She'd never been punished.

Suzy was a good girl.

"Tops..." She whispered. Eyes downcast. Jackie went back to her desk to watch the show. As Suzy slowly took off her navy blue school blazer and put it on Carpenter's desk. She then undid her school tie and put it next to the blazer.

A buzz of anticipation was starting to sweep the classroom. Eyes were trained on Suzy's firm pert mounds, that seemed to strain against the material of her school blouse. Quite a feel of the girls had fantasies about seeing good little Suzy humiliated in front of the class and it was about to happen...

First the top button, then the next three and finally the bottom button Suzy's blouse spread open exposing large, pale white breasts still hidden inside a silky bra. But not for long. Suzy put her blouse down and reached behind her back...

Snick! The bra catch was opened. Suzy looked pleadingly at Carpenter.

"Miss Carpenter they weren't my cigarettes." She mewled.

The class gasped. She'd just called MS. Carpenter MISS. Carpenter really hated that. REALLY hated that. Suzy as yet hadn't noticed her faux pas and Carpenter was obviously milking the moment. She just stared straight at Suzy. Suzy shook her head, blinked her moist eyes and peeled her bra off.

Two large, pale breasts popped into view. Pert and milky white. Two large, pink erect nipples jutted out like exclamation marks. A collective sigh went around the room and Jackie wasn't surprised to notice were panties were soaked. Suzy's first tears slid down her cheeks, down her neck and off the end of her left nipple.

She'd never been so humiliated in her life. But the worse was to come.

"And now, for addressing me as MISS instead of Ms., your skirt please." Suzy gaped, she turned to Carpenter, her breasts bouncing with the movement. Carpenter's look told her it was in her best interest to keep quiet.

And so Suzy unbuckled her little tartan skirt, and slid it off, exposing long white thighs and a tiny pair of pink panties. Pink panties. Pink.

Carpenter's eyes went wide. Jackie gaped. She couldn't believe it. Suzy wasn't wearing regulation panties! That meant...

"What colour are those panties SUZY???" Carpenter roared. Suzy looked down, her legs awkward as she stood bared before her friends. She took stock of herself, a sixteen year old schoolgirl wearing nothing but a pair of shiny black shoes, white knee high socks and PINK PANTIES!!!???

Why were her panties pink? Oh shit, it must have been her brother Anthony's stupid raver socks! They were red and he'd put them in with her whites!

She tried to stammer this but Carpenter would have none of it!

"You're an insult to your uniform Suzy O'Brien, therefore you won't have the privilege of wearing it..."

'Here it comes...' thought Jackie.

"... Take those panties off THIS INSTANT!"

"NOOOOOO!" Suzy wailed. Her legs crossing in involuntary shame. Not her pussy. Not her little pussy on display for the whole class.

"Furthermore, you can remain like that UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY!"

The class gasped. Jackie laughed. Suzy started sobbing freely. That was four more hours of walking around the school, the halls, the playground, with not a thing to wear.

"Now take those panties off or I'll send you home nude!"

This was a serious threat. Though no girl had ever been punished that severely (in fact previously only two girls had ever been required to be nude), there was in the school rules a clause where girls would be chaperoned home by a teacher, if they were totally naked.

The threat of that urged Suzy's thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She pulled them out... and dropped them to her ankles. They piddled around her immaculate shoes.

And there it was, Suzy's bare little pussy, covered with a tiny tuft of brown hair. She wept as the class drank in the vision of her little pink sex and her large, form breasts. Then her tight bottom as Carpenter made her turn around in front of the class.

"Now Miss O'Brien, you can get your garments after today's classes, but I think it's going to be a very long day."

Jackie agreed. As she watched the stark naked, weeping, exposed, humiliated Suzy walk back to her desk. She'd ensure it was a very long day...

*** To be continued.

I may continue Suzy's day or write about other girls later depending on feedback. What'd you think?


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