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Crigler Najjar syndrom

Hello everyone,
This is a special page dedicated to a special disease that only a hand full of people and children suffer from.

It is a chronical liver disease that causes jaundice. Both on the skin but most clearly to see in the eyes of the patients.

The are two different types of the Crigler Najjar-syndrom.
Type one lacks the enzym that disposes of bilerubine. The patients who have type one sleep under blue lights os lay under then during a certain amount of time during the day.

The type two patients do have the necessary enzym but it is not fully effective. These patients take medication or sleep under those blue lights or use both.

The idea behind this page is to try and send out a bit of information about this rare disease. And to try and make concact with other parents and patients. No matter what country or age!!

So feel free to ask whatever you want to know.

I would like to welcome everyone. I hope you are doing well.

Gabriella Kraaiveld- I am a Crigler-Najjar patient myself



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