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Ford Moss - [email protected]
1021 Cornersville Rd
Lewisburg, TN 37091 - 931-270-1049
Ad No.: 23 - Department: 1969 on 05/25/98 05:23:02 MD
Description: After graduation, attended Ga Tech, transfering to University of Tennessee Knoxville for junior year. After 6 year hitch in the Navy, I returned to my home town and started my current business. I am married to a wonderful woman, Lisa, and we now have a special little 5 year old named Bud.

Barnett, Edward K - unknown
205 Emily Ct
Smyrna, TN 37167 - unknown

Ad No.: 24 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 05:34:42 MD
Description: Industrial Engineer for American Fabricators Inc, 711 Space Park S., Nashville TN 37211

Harris, Loyd T (Chuck) - [email protected]
Jacksonville, NC unknown - unknown

Ad No.: 25 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 05:36:54 MD
Description: I graduated from C.H.M.A. in 1967, University of Kentucky, and Auburn University. I've been practicing veterinary medicine since 1975 in Jacksonville, N.C. My wife is the former Lane Agnew from Decatur, Alabama , and we have two sons. One 16 and the other 19. My contacts with Heights graduates has been very limited, and I would love to hear from any of my old classmates

O'Bryon, Mike - [email protected]
Ft Lauderdale, FL Unknown - Unknown

Ad No.: 26 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 05:39:06 MD
Description: Michael O'Bryon coordinates editorial coverage for iGOLF. O'Bryon has been a golf journalist/photojournalist for 24 years. He has covered more that 250 professional tournaments and more that 30 major championships. His photographs have appeared in "Sports Illustrated," "GOLF Magazine," "Golf Digest," "Golf World" and the U.S.G.A. "Golf Journal." His awards and industry honors include numerous magazine cover photographs, picture of the year awards from the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors and the Associated Press Managing Editors and a Pulitzer Prize nomination for "spot news." Before joining iGOLF, O'Bryon was the director of business development for PressLink, a subsidiary of Knight-Ridder, Inc. PressLink provides a unique telecommunications service specializing in the electronic creation and transmission of photographs, computer-generated graphics, news and other text, marketed primarily to the worldwide newspaper and publishing industries. Prior to joining PressLink in 1988, O'Bryon worked as chief photographer and graphics editor for "The Miami Herald" from 1971 through 1986. Most recently, he worked as a freelance photojournalist and Macintosh consultant from 1986 to 1988 when he joined PressLink. O'Bryon attended the University of Miami , majoring in Mass Communications. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife, Linda and their daughter

Specht, Charles H. - [email protected]
3779 Jade Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88012 - Unknown

Ad No.: 27 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 05:40:49 MD
Description: I am a government Civil servant working in the Network Engineering Branch at White Sands Missile Range. I engineer and install computer networks, telephone switches, fiber optics, carrier systems, modems, and lots of other communications stuff

Thomason, John D - [email protected]
1424 Mayberry Lane
Franklin, TN 37064 - Unknown

Ad No.: 28 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 05:43:17 MD
Description: I am a LAN administrator for BellSouth Telecommunications in Brentwood, TN

Underwood, Bill "Reuben" - [email protected]
207 Commander Cove
Stafford, VA 22554 - (540) 659-1624

Ad No.: 29 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 06:08:03 MD
Description: College: Hawaii Pacific College Military Service: US Army 1969-1989 Retired: Master Sergeant Occupation: Senior Analyst, Resource Consultants, Inc.

Wright, Ronald G - [email protected]
Eglin AF Base , FL unknown - unknown

Ad No.: 30 - Department: 1967 on 05/25/98 06:10:13 MD
Description: I'm working as a civil servant as a computer system specialist. A brief history of my time at CHMA began as a GOOBER in summer school in 1963 prior the 8th grade. Moved up to the top of the hill in 64 until graduation in 67. I was the color guard during my senior year, was on the wrestling and track teams, but was on the weight lifting group (intermural) more than any other team. I waited tables (couldn't make that $3 streach for a week) and was a member of the BUTT HOLE.

Foster, W Bryant - [email protected]

, -

Ad No.: 31 - Department: 1947 on 05/25/98 06:22:41 MD
Description: Heights "Y" club U.S.Navy 1948-1951 Traveling Salesman ---- Pipe, valves, etc. 1952-1994 (Too sorry to get a real job ! ) Looking forward to 50th alumni party in 1997! Who is in charge? Retired in Panama City Beach, Florida Has anyone seen "Perk" ?

Medlin, H.C. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 32 - Department: 1947 on 05/25/98 06:25:03 MD
Description: UT Knoxville 1947-50 UT Dental (Memphis) 1950-54 Eglin AFB, Florida 1954-56 Dental Practice 1956-1986 in Ft.Walton Beach, Fl. One wife of 43 years and three granddaughters. Now living in Navarre, Fl. and Pigeon Forge, Tn.

Yates, Robert - [email protected]

Ad No.: 33 - Department: 1947 on 05/25/98 06:27:08 MD
Description: Went to UTJC at Martin from 47 to 49. OKA&M (OK SU) now from 49 through 51. Tought Vet. Agriculture from Joly 51 until activated in Naval Reserve in Jan.| 52. Severed in Hospital Corps. for 21 months.. Returned to OAMC for MS degree | in BIOCHEMISTRY. Severed with the International Voluntary Service from 57 to | 59. In Iraq & S. Vietnam. Traveled to about 15 different countries in Asia and | Africa. I also visited about 6 countries in Europe on my way home. I arrived | home in June & was married in August. I workrd as a chemist for Honneggers | Feed Co. in ILL., & then with El Consorcio Pesquero del Peru In New York City | & Peru. When El Nino of 64 came and all fishing was halted, I was forced to | find other means of making a living. I then joined Diamond Shamrock Chem. Co. | for the next 14 years. We relocated from New Jersey to Cleveland, OH. When D/S | relocated to Texas I stayed behind. I am now retired but am still working | about 3 days a week. My wife Dorothy ( a former teacher) & I have 2 children & | 2 grand children.We are now traveling & babysitting in our spare time.

Frank Hartley - [email protected]
229 Bart Drive
Antioch TN 37013 (615) 833-8649

Ad No.: 34 - Department: 1964 on 05/26/98 20:26:54 MD

Robert P. Hosier - [email protected]
1045 Woodmont Drive
Gallatin TN 37066 615/451-0468

Ad No.: 35 - Department: 1947 on 05/26/98 20:39:23 MD
Description: I graduated in 1963 from Castle Heights. I teach American History at Gallatin Senior High School in Gallatin, Tennessee. My brother, Richard, graduated in 1966. Our father, Col Robert B. Hosier, taught history and economics and was swim coach at Heights for many years. I have been the president of Castle Heights National Alumni Association for approximately 10 years. Please contact me either by phone, my address or e-mail me if I can help you with anything regarding the Alumni Association.

Holmes-Ray, Peter - [email protected]

Ad No.: 36 - Department: 1956 on 05/29/98 06:30:42 MD
Description: Heights was home to me 5th grade through graduation (1948-1956). As a senior I was Executive Officer A Co. and lived in Main 3rd floor. I finally graduated from Vanderbilt in 1963, married Janice White from Sarasota,Fl and went to work as a marine engineer for Norfolk Naval Shipyard. In '67 I transfered to nuclear engineering still at NNSY. When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission placed Resident Inspectors at each nuclear power plant I was one. So from '81 till '94 I served as a Resident and Senior Resident inspector at Hatch Plant in Ga. then at Crystal River Plant in Fl. Now I'm retired living in Crystal River. We had a son, Calvin and a daughter, Barbara Anne(Brandy). They have given us three grandchildren. I am a HAM, KA4TDK, play guitar and craft musical instruments from wood(autoharp, hammered dulcimer, dulicmer, lyre and a guitar or two).

Shipley, William Thurman - [email protected]

Cookeville TN

Ad No.: 37 - Department: 1956 on 05/29/98 06:32:45 MD
Description: We just had our 40th year reunion at the last homecoming.

Thompson, John - [email protected]
2721 Knollwood Court
Plano TX 75075

Ad No.: 38 - Department: 1956 on 05/29/98 06:34:44 MD
Description: Graduated University of Tennessee barely in time for my class' 10th reunion. Have been involved with computers since 1963 and am currently employed by Nortel, Inc., in Plano, TX. Helped organize class' 40th reunion in 1996. Thirty-two class members attended - almost one-third of class. Maintaining a class of '56 mailing list and always glad to hear from other Heightsmen.

Wardlaw, Ron - [email protected]
1200 Laurel St.
Pasadena Ca 91103 626-395-7690

Ad No.: 39 - Department: 1956 on 05/29/98 06:36:56 MD
Description: After leaving Castle Heights unexpectedly just before graduation in 1956 and coming back that summer and taking my final exams and receiving my diploma I have never had Castle Heights out of my heart. My wife Priscilla and I moved back to California after retiring from Honeywell in Minneapolis and after over a year the only pictures hung in our home are the Main Building portrait and a few more. We were in the real estate business before we left here in 1984 and are back in the business with Coldwell Banker here in Pasadena, Ca.

Carter, Charles E - [email protected]

Ad No.: 40 - Department: 1957 on 05/29/98 06:40:48 MD
Description: Current Occupation: Oliver Rubber Company as a Field Service Engineer. Hobbies: motorcycle touring and Ham or amateur radio call sign AA0RI Entered 8th grade at Goober School 1952, graduated 1953. Entered Sr. School 1953 and attended freshman and senior years. Military Service April 1958 through April 1960 3rd Armor Division 143 Signal Corps stationed in Germany.

Eubanks, C A Holmes II - [email protected]
936 Beech Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15233

Ad No.: 41 - Department: 1958 on 05/29/98 06:44:53 MD

Leftwich, Col. J B - [email protected]

Ad No.: 42 - Department: Faculty on 05/29/98 07:04:07 MD
Description: I retired from Castle Heights August 31, 1979. after 38 years as teacher and administrator, but continued toserve on the Board of Trustees. Currently, I remain active, running a family-owned rental business. My most pleasant memories center on the hundreds of fine cadets I knew and the friendships I formed with them. Especially poignant are memories of staff members of The Cavalier and The Adjutant. Also of the great athletes who played for the Tigers.

Spickard, Capt. Spook -

Ad No.: 43 - Department: Faculty on 05/29/98 07:07:00 MD
Description: I taught at Heights in 1979-1981. I coached football, basketball and tennis in the junior school. I taught sixth grade in the goober school. I am presently a principal at Friendship Christian School. I am still married to Cindy, who teaches kindergarten at Byars-Dowdy Elementary School in Lebanon. We have two sons, Rob who is 15 and a freshman at Friendship and plays football and baseball, and Eli who is 3.

Harber, Gary A -

Ad No.: 44 - Department: 1980 on 05/29/98 07:18:39 MD
Description: After graduation I joined the Army National Guard and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1982. I attended University of Tennessee, Shippensburg State University, and finally graduated with a BS in International Relations in 1985. After graduation I went into the Army and have been stationed in Korea, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and am currently assigned in Arlington, Virginia. In 1996 I completed my Masters Degree at University of Louisville in Political Science. I am a armored cavalry major (Airborne, Air Assault, And Ranger qualified) and work with virtual reality computer simulations. My wife Vajcharee and I have three sons. I spend most of my free time working out and coaching youth soccer.

English, Angela Woods - [email protected]
2877 Central Av
Memphis TN 38111-2405 901/323-1841

Ad No.: 45 - Department: 1982 on 05/29/98 07:22:20 MD
Description: What a labor of love! I am so thrilled to have find this site, thanks to my friend Amaya Rojas (now Mignault) who attended Heights in the late seventies, along with her three brothers. While my senior year was my only year at Heights, when I think back to high school memories all others are eclipsed except for those. After receiving my business degree from MTSU, I worked as a sales manager for several years, primarily in the gift wrap industry. In '93, I married a wonderful guy from the industry. We moved to Memphis from Brentwood in the fall of '9 . Marc and I worked together for awhile, competed against each other for awhile (it gave sleeping with the enemy a new meaning!) tried working in related business's for awhile, and then decided one of us needed to do something different. He is with Cleo, so when you guys need wrapping products, keep us in mind when making that purchase! In May, I will earn my master's degree in elementary education and plan to teach in one of our city schools. -My brother Dexter (class of '84) is living in the Winston-Salem area where he is completing a residency in emergency medicine at Bowman-Gray after graduating from UT medical school. He is married to the former Melanie McClure (his high school sweetheart) and they have one daughter. -My sister Linda, class of '88 who attended Heights for 5yrs, finished at Webb School. She still lives in Lebanon where she is a nursing assistant. -I would love to hear from/about anyone in my class.

Agbunag, Arnold - [email protected]
116 Lake Ridge Drive
Hendersonville TN 37075

Ad No.: 46 - Department: 1983 on 05/29/98 07:25:30 MD
Description: I am living in Hendersonville with wife,Nicole, and new babygirl, Hannah Merle, born last month Easter Sunday. After graduation, I attended Tenn. Tech majoring in Bio/Chem. Pursued nursing degree from Tenn. State Univ. and worked at St. Thomas Hospital. Continued education in anesthesia and now working as a certified nurse anesthesist (CRNA) at Nashville Memorial. I would love to here from classmates.

Liddle, Dwight -

Ad No.: 47 - Department: 1983 on 05/29/98 07:26:32 MD
Description: I went to Heights from 83-85, my 6th-8th grades. After Heights I went to Donelson Christian Academy, where I graduated in 1989. Since then I have worked for my parents construction company in Donelson, Liddle Brothers Contractors, Inc.

Brooks, Jon -


Ad No.: 48 - Department: 1986 on 05/29/98 07:27:44 MD
Description: After the closing I had one more year of highschool, I finished up at Mt. Juliet High I enlisted into the Army in august. I spent 2 1/2 years in Germany after basic and AIT. I came home in 1990 and went to Nashville Tech for two years to become a graphic designer. I got married in october of 93 to Julia Ailes whom I met at school. she is a Hoosier. No children. Now we live in Brentwood Tennessee. We both are in the graphics industry

Barnett, Bill -

Ad No.: 49 - Department: 1959 on 05/29/98 07:38:23 MD
Description: I live in Houston, Texas as I did when I graduated. I have been involved with the advertising business, McCann Ericson, a point of purchase broker, a printing company owner, and now back to brokering point of purchase materials. I attended Tulane with Jimmy Wilson, Jimmy Smith and Horace Whitten after graduation. We were there for only a year, quite a year I might add, and I have lost touch with them and everyone else. I was very pleased to find this web page with the memories and the great comments from Maj. Leftwich whose algebra and sunday school class I attended.

Shacklett, John Roy - [email protected]

Ad No.: 50 - Department: 1962 on 05/29/98 07:39:39 MD
Description: I have been married for 32 years to Doris Bowers ("a town girl"). We have a son Michael -- CHMA Class of 1982 -- married to Louise, a daughter Susan, married to Keith Free and four fantastic grandchildren. I attended the Naval Acadamy for a year following CHMA & graduated from Vanderbilt University. I live in Nashville, Tennesse and have been with BellSouth for 30 years. I have been trying for several years to locate my old roomate ROBERT L RYDELL -- if anyone has information on him please e-mail me at [email protected] I would also like to hear from other class members or guys who were in the band or headquarters company or live in the Middle Tennessee area. It is good to see that the old school still lives on at least in the hearts of those who attended. By the way, I just heard that Danny Evins, Chairman of Cracker Barrel, bought the old auditorium and the Mitchell House. Since he is from Lebanon and also an alum I hope these will be two other buildings that will be around for a long time. Stay in touch. PS If anyone is interested in riding with me and Doris on our Gold Wing -- let me know.

Cline, Raymond - [email protected]

Ad No.: 51 - Department: 1963 on 05/29/98 07:41:40 MD
Description: I entered CHMA in 1958 and graduated in 1963.I was a Cpl 2 times, Sgt 3 times, and SgtMaj 1 time and graduated a private. It seems Col Ingram and I and three other cadets had a disagrement and the Col won and the 4 of us all graduated privates. The other 3 were Captains and Lt. Cols. All we did was leave early on a three day pass. I have many good memorys of the "Hill" Sunday fried chicken dinners. They were the best. Smoking in the Butt Hole and walking demeirts off before going home for Christmas. I can only remember a couple of guys. Jay Southcomb, Dan Carey from Polo Alta calf. Raymond Bitner from Chattonoga. Both of the Allman Brothers Greg and Dwayne Jay Southcomb was my roomate for 3 years and he was on the rifle team. We were both from Cincinnati, Ohio I now live in West Florida, and own my own construction business. I'm married, have 3 kids and 2 grandkids, and the greatest wife on the planet. Anybody remembers me can e-mail me

Moland, David K. - [email protected]
6646 40th Str W
Webster Mn 55088

Ad No.: 52 - Department: 1964 on 05/29/98 07:44:10 MD

Smith, Roger E. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 53 - Department: 1960 on 05/30/98 05:47:36 MD
Description: I graduated June 1960 and attended U. of GA for two years before enlisting in the army. I spent 30 years on Airborne Status with the 1st, 3rd, 5th 6th, 7th, Special Forces Groups. Also served with the 46th Co. Thailand and SFD-Korea. I retired in 1992 as a Chief Warrant Officer - 180A - and presently work with the DOE in Las Vegas. I didn't spend a lot of time at CHMA, but still have fond memories. Wonder what the roll call looked like after Viet Nam. I survived three tours.

Nash, J M - [email protected]
300 Rockwell Terrace
Frederick MD 21701 301-662-1835

Ad No.: 54 - Department: 1960 on 05/30/98 05:49:43 MD
Description: I graduated in 1960 eight years after having started my stay in 1952 as a 5th grade Goober. I attended the University of Mississippi, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, was commissioned in the Army Corps of Engineers, and joined IBM in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1968 I went on active duty and served at the Engineer office at Mobile and then in Vietnam. I returned to Ole Miss graduate school in early 1970, married the former Meta Smith, Ole Miss coed from Canton, MS in 1972, and returned to IBM in 1973. Meta's father attended Heights in the early 1930's. I retired from the Army Reserves in 1990. I am now with Lockheed Martin in Rockville, MD.

Flaugher, Terry - [email protected]


Ad No.: 55 - Department: 1961 on 05/30/98 05:51:36 MD
Description: Upon graduating from CHMA in 1961 I entered the Univ Of Okla (SOONERS) and graduated in 1966- just in time to go into the Army. After Infantry OCS in Georgia I went to Army Intelligence School in Maryland and then to the 6th Special Forces in North Carolina. One year later I found myself serving two tours as an officer with the 5th Special Forces in Vietnam. Like Castle Heights, it was a most memorable experience. Upon returning to the US I got out of the service and returned to Okla for law school. Upon completion of law school, I went to work for the District Attorney's office in Okla City- Five years later I went into private practice and am specialized in medical malpactice and tort litigation. I have been married for 10 years now- my wife and I live in the country and spend our non-working hours either traveling, sailing or working at the house. I look forward to hearing from my old friends from Heights .

Masciere, Art - [email protected]

Ad No.: 56 - Department: 1961 on 05/30/98 05:52:26 MD
Description: After graduating CHMA, I attended John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, my home town, graduating in 1965. Have been very happily married for 33 years to my lovely wife, Dianne, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Have been in the elevator business continuously since 1965 and am currently residing in Lexington, KY. Would certainly enjoy hearing about/from other cadets circa 1960-61.

Puckett, Arnold A - [email protected]
10230 Melanie drive
Huntsville AL 35803

Ad No.: 57 - Department: 1965 on 05/30/98 05:55:58 MD
Description: Played Football, Jr Varsity, was on the Color Guard, and was a diver on the swim team. Joined the Heights Y. After Graduation went into the Army. Served seven years, attained rank of captain. Riffed from active duty but stayed with the Resereves. Retired from Reserves as LTC.Current Occupation: U.S. Army, Program Executive Office for Air and Missile Defense

Crockarell, Steve -
POB 110164
Nashville TN 37211 615-242-1480

Ad No.: 59 - Department: 1969 on 05/30/98 06:37:22 MD
Description: Lives in Nolensville, TN. Married to former Susan Brewer for 24 years, two children, Clay 21 and Whitney 12. Steve now is the proud owner of Buster Burgers in Murfreesboro. He wants to invite everyone to stop by for a beer and talk over old times.

Limon, Frank "Pancho" -
PO Box 2788
El Cajon CA 92021

Ad No.: 60 - Department: 1969 on 05/30/98 06:38:50 MD
Description: Frank now has a beach front resort that he owns in Mexico and works as a ringside co-ordinator for Don King Productions

Redmond, Rick - [email protected]

Ad No.: 61 - Department: 1969 on 05/30/98 06:39:57 MD
Description: Hey guys. I'm in the mortgage business in Marin County, California. My web site will be up February '97, After graduating from Vanderbilt in 1973 I did a lot of different things in a lot of different places 'til I got married in the eigthies and settled down. I've got three kids, a couple of horses, an ocean kayak, and too many bills. Love to hear from old friends (Steve Shoaf, where are you?)

Beaney, David W - [email protected]

Ad No.: 63 - Department: 1970 on 05/30/98 06:43:12 MD
Description: I am living in Hampden, Maine, pretty much where I have been for way too many years. Married to the former Michele Burns of the aforementioned town, two children, Stefanie and Erika. I do an all-night radio show at WKIT, a Classic Rock station in Bangor, Maine that is owned by Stephen King (yes, THAT Stephen King), who lives nearby, broadcasting under the name Dave Issac. You can check out our station website at: if you wish.Would be happy to hear from anyone. A bit too far away to attend any homecomings, as one might imagine.

Branum, James M ("Peaches") - [email protected]
200 Forsythe
Chattanooga Tn 37415 423 870-8484

Ad No.: 64 - Department: 1969 on 05/30/98 06:44:43 MD
Description: Since I left Castle Heights in 1970 I worked for a T.V.station while I was finishing college. After five years and a changeover in management I was fired. I then went to work for Cline Photo which was later bought by Fox-Photo which later merged with Colorcraft Corp. Then Eastman Kodak took us over---I then left after 20 years and started my own place Bridgeview Photo lab. Married with three boys Jason 20,Josh16 and Jack 13.

Goodall James H. -

Ad No.: 65 - Department: 1970 on 05/30/98 06:53:51 MD
Description: I still live in Lebanon Tennessee. I attended college at Middle Tennesse State where I met my wife Marcia. I have been married for 25 years and have four kids Stacie(24), Stephanie(21), Stephen(18), and Scott(17). Stephen and Scott play baseball at Lebanon High School. I am an elected official working with the local government as the county clerk since 1990. I haven't been to a Heights function since graduating but plan to do so in '98.

Kirshner, Gary B. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 66 - Department: 1970 on 05/30/98 07:00:41 MD
Description: After leaving heights, I traveled the world a little before returning to my
home in Cincinnati, Ohio where I've been since.  I married Evelyn in 1972 and
we have 2 son's, Eli, (22) a senior at Penn State and Cody, (17) a senior in
high school. I am President of my own advertising and event promotion company
in Montgomery, a suburb of Cincinnati.  

Leftwich, Jack - [email protected]

Ad No.: 67 - Department: 1970 on 05/30/98 07:01:38 MD
Description: I left Lebanon for the University of Tennessee in 1970 and spent 22 years working with computers and technology. In 1992 I completed the circle and moved back to Lebanon. The Class of 1970 had a great 25th reunuion in 1992 - about 30 of the class attended. I have an almost complete address list for the class of 1970 and would like to work with other close classes to hold a "wrap around" reunion. Any interest?

Terrell, Al - [email protected]

Ad No.: 68 - Department: 1970 on 05/30/98 07:02:27 MD
Description: Haven't seen anyone from my class since Commencement Day, 1970. After graduation, I enlisted in the Navy. I spent six years in the service. Today, I work for Sony Electronics as a Senior Field Service Engineer. I've been living in the Los Angeles area since 1975, working in the motion picture industry

Medina, Jay - [email protected]

Ad No.: 69 - Department: 1967 on 05/30/98 07:05:35 MD
Description: Following graduation, I attended the University of Tulsa to study engineering mathematics now called computer engineering. I entered the Navy submarine nuclear power program and spent the next 8 years being all over the world. Upon my separation of service, I returned to school - this time the University of Southwestern Louisiana to study electrical engineering. I joined DoD to do submarine systems design and was recruited away three years later by Texas Instruments to do semiconductor device fabrication in Houston. I piloted the cache program for Compaq and the robotic/automation program for sc fabs while at TI. After seven years I was recruited away to effect start-up of Vitesse Semiconductor - a gallium arsenide facility in Southern California. After 3 more years, I was enticed to work for Integrated Device Technology in the Silicon Valley. At IDT we piloted the C6+ program - the competitor of the Pentium processor. I find myself now in a new industry for the US - flat panel CRT displays using FED technology. I currently work for Candescent Technologies in San Jose, CA. I am married to a cajun woman, Lexie and we have two children - Reni Lee and Jay jr. We live in Monterey County close to Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Spanish Bay and the Bayonet. Being an avid golfer (thanks to the infection imparted on me by my former roommate, Mike O'bryon) I live in golf mecca. Since my graduation, I have visited the campus about half a dozen times - all of these in the seventies.

Burnett, Tony -

Ad No.: 70 - Department: 1971 on 05/30/98 07:07:25 MD
Description: I attended Castle Heights from 1968 to 1971. I graduated from the Junior school and attended the senior school for my freshman and sophomore years. I finished high school at home and went into the Navy in 1972 in the Submarine Service until 1977. After the Navy went to Ball State University. Worked as a Surgical Technologist for several years and moved into the Organ Transplant field. Currently, Director of the Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis, Transplant Center, Eye and Tissue Bank. Also, am currently running for coroner of Delaware County, Indiana. Married 25 years, 2 children ages 13 and 11.

Glasgow III, Hugh G - [email protected]

Ad No.: 71 - Department: 1971 on 05/30/98 07:08:17 MD
Description: After graduation, I went to Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe, LA and received my BA degree in Art, advertising design. While there, I took ROTC and was commissioned a 2LT in the Field Artillery. Served over a year on the DMZ in Korea as a forward observer/fire direction officer. Came back stateside for a year at Ft. Polk, LA. Outprocessed there, and on the same day enrolled at LA Tech University, Ruston, LA. Three years later, I received my MFA degree in graphic design. From there I've worked at several advertising agencies and art departments in the South. I have also taught on a college level introduction courses in graphic design and advanced courses in computer graphics. I served in the reserve for over 6 years and withdrew at the rank of Captain. The last time I saw Heights was at our 20th reunion. I have been living in the Mobile, AL area for some 10 years. I am married and currently work for the graphics department for the Mobile Register.

Hall, Ken - [email protected]


Ad No.: 72 - Department: 1971 on 05/30/98 07:09:51 MD
Description: I have been a police officer for the past twenty-three years. I served as a motorcycle officer for the Chattanooga Police Department for a number of years before transfering to the D.A.R.E. program last year. I currently hold the rank of Sergeant. I played semi-pro football for four seasons with the Chattanooga team, starting my career at the youthful age of 36. After CHMA I gained about 60 pounds and became a lot taller; I have completely grown out of my hair. I finally married the right woman after four trys; Tammy and I have been married almost three years. I am proud to report that she is 20 yearsyounger than me. A friend once asked me if our age difference caused any problems; you know, if she dies, she dies. I have a 10 year old son who I have custody of and who means the world to me.When I married Tammy, I became a Step-father to her six year old son, who I get along with royally. Castle Heights has been and is a big part of my life. I travel back every October for the yearly homecoming to rejuvinate myself. The visit always puts my feet back on the ground and keeps me focused.

Gillette, Tina - [email protected] net
1950 Saundersville Ferry Road
Mt. Juliet TN 615-754-2613

Ad No.: 74 - Department: 1975 on 05/30/98 07:13:37 MD
Description: After graduating from CHMA, I attended Tennessee Technological University majoring in Plant and Soil Science in "79. I went to work at Opryland USA in 1980, in the landscaping department. After a couple of months, I changed departments and went into the pest control department. I stayed in the pest control department for 17 years until they layed me off in Dec. 1997. Boy, what do ya do now. Well, I have started my own company called Pest Guard. We are a pest control company in the field of structural pests and horticultural weeds and insects. We (I) service the Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon and anywhere in a 50 mile radius. I am married to John Drnek for 15 years and we have 2 children Kelly (12) and Chris (10). We live in Mt. Juliet, TN on 1950 Saundersville Ferry Road. My phone number is 615-754-2613 or you can e-mail us at [email protected] net. I would love to hear from some of my classmates

Robison, RG - [email protected]

Ad No.: 75 - Department: 1959 on 05/30/98 07:15:34 MD
Description: I grad. Heights 1959 was from Lawrenceville ,Ga- Was on the Color Guard sen. yr--lived in Bullard Hall-smoked cigarettes accomplised nothing more than graduating and not getting in to too much trouble--made lots of friends , I think. Was know by my home town nick name as" weasel" or "weas"--some thoght that was my real name-got reported one time as "weasel" and Col. Ingram dismissed the complaint against me saying that such reporting was not proper!! Hey! From Heights I graduated University of Georgia then on to Law school at Cumberland in Birmingham--been practicing law (mostly Criminal) since 1967 15 years in Birmingham and the last 15yrs In South Alabama--little town called Newton --Live in Dothan, Al--Had several wives and two children--Married now for 15 years to same lady no kids--but do have a 30ft Sea Ray that we cruise the Fla coast in--Have many fond memories of CHMA--Have not run in to many former grads over the years except the Aloia brothers from B'ham, George Garrett from Tenn, who was in law school with me became a a Judge and has since died- heart-. My room mates were Sam McComas- Archie B. West for a short time and Harold Franklin Ralph mostly. My buddies were Ralph, Bob Sumners, Chuck Yancy,Geo. Womack and a little guy from Lewisburg. My place is on the way to Panama City Beach Fla-Dothan,Al, so stop by or call if you need help--be glad to see you or help you.

Rogers, Russell E - [email protected]

Ad No.: 76 - Department: 1982 on 05/30/98 07:18:31 MD

Camp, William H - [email protected]

Ad No.: 77 - Department: 1979 on 05/30/98 07:20:08 MD
Description: Hi fellow Alumni, My name is William Camp, and I graduated from Castle Heights in 79'. I recognize some of the names from your roll call. I would like to get in touch with any and all former cadets that went to CHMA between 76-80. I already have gotten some of the E-mail addresses from this web site. Please forgive me, I'm very new to the computer and internet world, so please be patient. About me: when I graduated from CHMA (just barely), I attended Vincennes University. It is a junior college in southern Indiana. I went there for three years. After that I moved to Indianapolis and proceeded to party and make a half-hearted attempt at going to college at Indiana University at Indy. Through the years of living that lifestyle, a funny thing happened. I grew up. Now after many years of screwing off, I found out I wasn't accomplishing anything. I've been working for TGI Friday's for ten years now, as a server, and now as a bartender. I'm going back to college and am doing well. I live in Ft. Myers, Florida, and so you know I'm living it rough, ha! I,m getting married for the first time in June. She's the most wonderful women I have ever met. I'm so looking foward to hearing a response from fellow alumni. Yours sincerly, William Camp P. S. I talked to Daniel B. Allen about three years ago,(who was also from the class of 79'), and he was trying to get his life together, when he was killed. I felt great sorrow for this, because he was kind to me when I was at CHMA. I shall miss him greatly.

Souviron, Michael R -

Ad No.: 79 - Department: 1979 on 05/30/98 08:02:35 MD
Description: Just wanted to drop a line to say hello and give you my e-mail address, and my home address. Michael R. Souviron class of 1979, 8299 Franklin Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37128. If I can do something to help with the up coming reunion, our 20th, can you believe, seems like yesterday.

Ken Irvin - [email protected]
1750 Hickory Trace
Gallatin TN 37066 615-822-8472

Ad No.: 80 - Department: 1974 on 05/30/98 14:53:12 MD
Description: I am now a Mortgage Banker with Union Planters Mortgage in the Hendersonville TN branch. My wife and I along with our two children have lived in Gallatin for the last 12 years.

William Lynn Gann - [email protected]
1394 Tradition Ave.
Fayetteville AR 72704 500-582-2553

Ad No.: 82 - Department: 1986 on 05/31/98 09:13:38 MD
Description: Graduated with a BS in finance at TTU. Went on to Arkansas got a BS in accounting. I became a CPA in 1997. Married Cecilia Morlock and have 2 Children. Jordan 4, Julia 2.

Jeannie Faye Gann / Cavendish - [email protected]
12005 Falcon Ridge Dr.
Fredericksburg VA 22407 540-785-2393

Ad No.: 83 - Department: 1986 on 05/31/98 09:17:27 MD
Description: I would have graduated class of 1988 if the school hadn't closed. Graduated in 1991 from TTU with BS in finance. Got a brokers license in 1992. Married Chad Cavendish in 1996. We have 1 child John Mason Cavendish. Born in 1997.

Bill Graham - [email protected]
1243 Saxon Dr
Nashville TN 37215 704-362-5471

Ad No.: 84 - Department: 1986 on 05/31/98 12:33:27 MD
Description: I have a beautiful 6 year old son, I spend alot time with my music and writing TV and Movie scripts.

Becky Rios Poage - [email protected]
1707 Needles Lane E
Largo FL 33771 813-402-7935
Ad No.: 86 - Department: Faculty on 06/01/98 06:28:52 MD
Description: Eckerd College (BA Human Resources '91), married (1993-present, stepson), sports director with US Coast Guard (94-96), bartender (96-present), competitive/active 4.0 tennis player ATTENDED CHMA 1982-1985 band, tennis, basketball, football manager

Becky Rios Poage - [email protected]
1707 Needles Lane E
Largo FL 33771 813-531-7273

Ad No.: 87 - Department: 1986 on 06/01/98 06:42:27 MD
Description: See bio under faculty.

Sandy Harris - [email protected] & [email protected]
2323 W. 79th St
Prairie Village KS 66208 913-492-6161 ext 2

Ad No.: 88 - Department: 1968 on 06/01/98 12:17:23 MD
Description: '68 graduate. Went to MTSU and TCU. Served the church for 16 years. Current;y working as Case Manager for perswons with MR/DD. Married to Pauline, four children Jennifer 22, Trip 18, Erin 16 and Patrick, 4. Livein Prairie Village, Ks. Lived for many years in Texas. Interested in hearing from friends.

robert a lundquist - [email protected]
246 northwind drive
stockbridge ga 30281 770 4747945

Ad No.: 89 - Department: 1947 on 06/01/98 12:40:55 MD

Harold Carter Medlin - hcmedlin
9163 Navarre Parkway
Nacvarre Fl 32566 850-939-1080

Ad No.: 90 - Department: 1947 on 06/01/98 13:06:06 MD
Description: University of Tennessee Dental School 1950-54 Capt. USAF Eglin AFB, Fl. 1954-1956 Dental Practice 1956-86 Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. Retired in 1986...Been a developer and builder since then

Byron Mulby - [email protected]
9926 Hobart Road
Waite Hill Oh 44094

Ad No.: 91 - Department: 1967 on 06/01/98 14:24:23 MD
Description: Retired & alive.

Preston S. (Stan) Harvill, Jr. - [email protected]
520 24th Street
Hermosa Beach CA 90254 (310)376-1692

Ad No.: 92 - Department: 1951 on 06/01/98 16:41:19 MD
Description: After graduation, I went to West Point and graduated in 1955. Went into the Air Force where I went to pilot training and eventually flew F-86's and F-102's. Went to graduate school at Stanford University where I got an MS in Engineering Mechanics. Went to join the faculty at the US Air Force Academy in the Engineering Mechanics Department. Left there in 1970 to go to Vietnam as advisor to the Vietnamese Military Academy. Returned to Vandenberg AFB where I worked with ballistic payloads on Atlas boosters. Then went to Space and Missile Systems Orgn where I was Chief of Satellite Engineering for an AF satellite program. Transferred to US Mission, NATO, in Brussels Belgium where I was Director for Armaments and Standardization. Returned to SAMSO for a second tour as Program Director for another satellite program. Retired in 1982 and went to work for Hughes Aircraft Co, where I worked in System Engineering for another satellite program. Retired from everything in 1996. Hope to hear from other classmates Stan

Charles R. Chaulk - [email protected]
202 Smith Lane
Brewton Al 36426 334-809-0924

Ad No.: 95 - Department: 1956 on 06/01/98 20:37:58 MD
Description: Married to Judy for 37 years, 6 children. I work of a small oil company in Alabama. Would like to take a trip to Lebanon, soon and find some of the old class mates.

Lewis F. Saettel - [email protected]
806 Raleigh Ct.
Old Hickory TN 37138 615-322-2957

Ad No.: 96 - Department: 1974 on 06/01/98 21:40:24 MD
Description: I am a Systems Analyst and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) for the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University. I've been employed at Vandy since 1979. I completed my Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1979 at Nashville State Technical Institute. I completed my BS degree at Trevecca Nazarene College in 1991. I started my MS degree in 1993 at the University of Knoxville (Nashville). I moved to Old Hickory, TN in 1995 and I enjoy getting to visit the campus when I make my weekend visits to Lebanon. I'm very pleased to see that so much is being done to keep a few of my younger memories alive on the campus. I'm glad the Cracker Barrel Corporation purchased McFaden mansion and are renovating it. Keep up the good work!!

William M.Plunkett - [email protected]
205 Graceland Circle
Ozark AL 36360 (334) 774-4618

Ad No.: 97 - Department: 1972 on 06/01/98 22:19:22 MD
Description: I entered Jr. School in 1967 and Sr. School in 1968 graduating in 1972. I was on the Drill Team, Wrestling Team, Cheeleader, and the International Club. I managed to receive demerits my senior year before school even started for painting the press box at the football field as well as the cannon. I attended Tennessee Tech and Middle Tennesse State Univ. In 1976, I joined the U.S. Army and retired as an Air Traffic Control Instructor after 22 years. I have been coaching soccer since 1986 and referee soccer tournaments as well. I am a scoutmaster and a unit commissioner for my scout district with the Alabama-Florida Council and have returned to school at Troy State working towards a teacher's certificate in elementary education. I have been married for 17 years to my wife, Kimberly Cain, whom I met in Mt Juliet, TN and have two boys ages 15 and 14 who are active in scouting and soccer.

Bill Kaldem, Jr. - [email protected]
827 Palm Drive
El Dorado AA 71730 870-8635940

Ad No.: 98 - Department: 1973 on 06/02/98 06:56:31 MD
Description: I am married to Becky Kaldem whom I met while attending Arkansas Tech in Russellville, Arkansas. We have been married for 22 years. We have two children: Grant, age 19, who is a sophomore at SAU in Magnolia, AR, and Erika, age 14, who will be a freshman at El Dorado High School. I am employed by Ensco, a hazardous waste disposal facility

Rick Stewart - [email protected]
253 West End Heights
Lebanon TN 37087 615-444-4700

Ad No.: 99 - Department: 1980 on 06/02/98 09:54:23 MD
Description: Graduated University of Central Florida 1984 . My wife Debbie and I live in Lebanon less than a mile from CHMA . I am a real estate agent in Lebanon .

David B. Wyrick - [email protected]
212 Dell Park Ave
Dayton OH 45419-1339 (937) 299-5322

Ad No.: 100 - Department: 1950 on 06/02/98 10:26:30 MD
Description: I graduated from the University of Missouri in 1955 with a BS in electrical engineering. I went to work at Shell Oil Co refinery in Wood River, IL. I went into the army field artillery for 6 months as a second lieutenant. Got married to Dolores Masters from St. Louis. We moved to Joplin, MO. to take a job with Spencer Chemical Co (later bought by Gulf Oil) in 1961. In 1968 I worked for Westinghouse in a new venture for them; it didn't work out. We moved to Dayton, OH in 1969. I was in Civil Service for the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB until my retirement in 1993. My only face-to-face contact with anyone from Heights was with Col. Bernie Bass, now retired, who was my US history teacher, and he retired from the Air Force as Director of the Air Force Museum. I understand he is still in the Lebanon area. My wife is retiring this week as a first grade teacher (June 1998). We are enjoying watching our two kids raising their five kids. I play tennis 3 times a week and waste a lot of time on my computer. The only thing I miss about work is the people.

Jerry Ream - [email protected]
306 Seay St.
Glasgow KY 42141 (502)651-8987

Ad No.: 101 - Department: 1959 on 06/02/98 14:06:54 MD
Description: Entered: Univ. of KY Sep'59, graduated JUN 63,BS in Business. Entered US Army Dec '63 to Apr'66,entered KY Army National Guard Jun'66 to July'89, retired as Lt. Col. Employment: Acct. Rep Met Life, May'69 to present. Family:Married, wife:Glenda; son:Tony,age 27,graduate Western KY University, Accounting, daughter:Andrea,age19, sophomore,Vanderbilt University Comments: The fine class of '59 will hold its 40th reunion in Oct'98, we'll show the rest of you classes what a good turnout is!!!!! Check my email address above, would like to hear from any of you.

yoder, jim - [email protected]
1704 villa drive
columbia mo 65202 573-814-3180

Ad No.: 102 - Department: 1971 on 06/02/98 14:09:37 MD
Description: retired, living quietly at home (right!) traveling extensively.

Herbert L. Schuler - [email protected]
46 Brown Terrace
Clarksboro NJ 08020-1306 609-224-0477

Ad No.: 103 - Department: 1943 on 06/02/98 14:28:24 MD
Description: Retired in 1982 from employment with NJ Bell Telephone Co. Hobbies are Amateur Radio (K2HPV) and computer. Have attended and enjoyed most Heights Reunions since the School closed as well as a few before closing and Claudie and I look forward to our 55th Reunion this October 1998. Hope to see you all then, especially the Class of 1943!!

Gregory Roper - [email protected]
6424 Brentwood
Little Rock AR 72207 501-663-3258

Ad No.: 105 - Department: 1982 on 06/02/98 17:25:35 MD
Description: Managed to make it to adulthood !! Married to Aylette Fryer, 2 children Bart and Ada Ellis. Work, pay mortgages, little league, Cub scouts and the whole bit. (those that knew me would be surprised !)

Bob Gant - [email protected]
1626 Chapel Lane
Owensboro KY 42301 502-684-1436

Ad No.: 107 - Department: 1970 on 06/02/98 18:36:13 MD
Description: Attended Western Kentucky University after graduation. After a year and one half I left to join my father and run the family food distribution business. Got married in 1978. Now have four sons, Oldest one was awarded a four year Air Force ROTC sholarship and will be attending Wochester Poly Tech in Mass. this fall. In 1989 family bought a paper company and I have been running it ever since. Last time I visited the Hilltop was 1996 for the 25th reunion of the class of '70.

Julee Carroll Bate - [email protected]
8992 West Brandt Place
Littleton CO 80123 303-933-9095

Ad No.: 108 - Department: 1979 on 06/02/98 19:18:59 MD
Description: Greetings to all my Heights classmates! I am married and have two boys, ages 6 and 2. I own a marketing, advertising, and public relations business called JB Communications. I would love to hear from fellow Heightsmen (and women!)

George W Cathey - [email protected]
311 Fern Dr
jacskon tn 38305 901-424-0553

Ad No.: 109 - Department: 1939 on 06/02/98 19:49:13 MD
Description: Entered Heights in fall of 1936, graduated in class of 1939. Returned for my 4th year of ROTC in the fall of 1939 and finished in 1940 with a commission, as a 2nd Lt Infantry. Called to active duty just after Pearl Harbor. Served a year with the 33rd Inf Reg in Trindad, BWI. Transfered to Army Air Corps and reaceived my pilot wings on May 1944. Served as first pilot with the 384th Bomb Group 547th Sqd. 8th Air Force at Grafton underwood England. Upon release from active duty joined Southern Bell Telephone Co as a lineman. Retired from BellSouth on Feb 1, 1981 after 35 years. During that time served with Tennessee Nationl Guard. Retired from the guard in 1968 as a Lt Col Sig., having commaned the 230th Signal Battalion, 30th Armored Div. Also worked and taught income tax for H & R Block. When I quit that job, I quit and havn't started doing anything else except what I want to do.

gene cowden - [email protected]
682 charbell street
hixson tn 37343 423-756-0011

Ad No.: 110 - Department: 1961 on 06/02/98 20:32:31 MD
Description: after i left heights i entered bryan college. there i finished in three years with a degree in business. after graduation i got married. my wife and i then had three children, two boys and a girl. in 1966 i went into the foundry business and have been in that related field for thirty two years. the company i was with was sold to a larger company called hickman,williams and co. after being with them for about one year i was promoted to plant manager. in 1993 i got a divorce after twenty nine years of marriage and was single for about three years and then meet and married marilyn westerwal. i would like to hear from classmates in or arould my class or in my area. i enjoy golf,tennis,weightlifting and vacations.

Roberto Celia - [email protected]
684 Mercer Dr
Hermitage TN 37076

Ad No.: 111 - Department: 1980 on 06/02/98 20:42:22 MD
Description: After graduation, I received a BS in Chemisty and Biology from MTSU in 1985. For the last 15 years I've worked at Environmental Science Corp., where I am currently the Inorganic Lab Manager and also a member of the Board of Directors. On a more personal note, Janice and I got married last July and we're living in Hermitage.

Jim Thigpen - [email protected]
519 West Noble Avenue
Bushnell FL 33513 352-568-0001

Ad No.: 112 - Department: 1969 on 06/02/98 21:10:39 MD
Description: I am the Director of the Sumter Center, a branch campus of Lake-Sumter Community College in Sumterville, Florida. I also have a real estate development company. I have two grown sons and an eleven year old son. Yes I am a grandpa too with a 2 year old granddaughter.

Leonel Edward Engledow - [email protected]
2641 Larkin Pl
San Diego CC 92123 619-279-4799

Ad No.: 113 - Department: 1957 on 06/02/98 22:12:50 MD
Description: Retired in 1995 from General Dynamics and have been caring for my wife who passed away May 23,1998. We had 36 wonderful years of marriage. We have lived in San Diego, Calif. since our marriage. I have two beautiful daughters who have blessed us with 6 grandchildren. 3 Boys and 3 Girls. My mother still lives in north Alabama.

John C Golden - [email protected]
15253 NW Mason Hill Rd.
Hillsboro OR 97124 503-647-5769

Ad No.: 114 - Department: 1959 on 06/03/98 06:43:12 MD

William E Hall - [email protected]
3093 Rio Baya South
Indialantic FL 32903-3724 407-777-1782

Ad No.: 115 - Department: 1941 on 06/03/98 10:49:18 MD
Description: Entered in Sep 1938 and graduated in June 1941; took first year of Junior College '41-'42. Was in the band and drum major my last two years. Also in Heights "Y", DeMolays, lived in Ingram (Old Gym), Bullard and Chapel in that order. In June of '42 went off to war and after finishing Ft Benning School For Boys was assigned as a Rifle Platoon Leader, 3d Platoon, Company C, 112th Infantry, 28th Infantry Division. Got hit in Normandy but came back in time for the Hurtgen and the Battle of the Bulge, etc. Finished the war as the 1st Battalion S3. Came home, went to Vandy and began a summer job with the Southern Bell Tel Company in 1947 and retired 40 years later from the corporate staff of the BellSouth Corporation. Stayed in the Reserves and joined the Kentucky Army National Guard in 1947 and retired from the military as a Brigadier General, Army of the United States. My last room mate at Height was John Scott and to this day, he is the best friend I ever had. Would love to hear from any of you guys about anything. Cadet Hall,W (Bill Hall)

E.C. "gene" Bissell - [email protected]

Ad No.: 120 - Department: 1949 on 06/03/98 11:13:38 MD

Howard D. Bott - [email protected]
25 Turtle Bay Pl.
San Mateo CA 94402 650-571-1190

Ad No.: 121 - Department: 1953 on 06/03/98 12:53:53 MD
Description: I had careers as a police officer and, for 20 years, a licensed psychotherapist. I'm retired from doing therapy now. I'm active in a 12-step program, do a different sort of counseling based on 12-step and Judeo-Christian Principles, and am doing a lot of fiction writing. Last week I finally got up the nerve to send the first piece off (to the Paris Review) and am determined to keep at it. I'm also getting involved in a program for the children of long-term state prison inmates, in a spiritual retreat format and afterwards an ongoing mentoring relationship with one of the kids . Because I expect many of these children to be Hispanics, I'm learning Spanish.Before Spanish, I was being tutored in Russian. (Spanish is easier!) My loving best to everyone. It has been so song since I've seen you all!

Philip Edward Phillips - [email protected]
515 Stacy Square Terrace
Nashville TN 37221-1212 (615) 646-6712
Ad No.: 122 - Department: 1986 on 06/03/98 17:52:49 MD
Description: Class of 1987. BA, Belmont University, 1990. MA, Vanderbilt University, 1992. Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1996. Taught English for five years at Vanderbilt before joining the faculty at Battle Ground Academy, Franklin, TN. Wife (Elaine). Son (Edward).

Richard T. Rutherford - [email protected]
130 Lebanon Highway
P.O. Box 319
Carthage Tn 37030-0319 615-735-8010

Ad No.: 123 - Department: 1971 on 06/03/98 21:40:29 MD
Description: Family Practice Physician Married, 5 children Zachary 11 Jacob 9 Cassie 7 Sarah 4 Matthew 7 Months

Brian O. Reeve - [email protected]
1535 Donna Drive
Columbia SC 29203-2552 803-691-0095

Ad No.: 124 - Department: 1986 on 06/03/98 21:52:38 MD
Description: Currently I am a Professional Firefighter for the United States Army at Fort Jackson. I am also a Volunteer Fire Chief for Richland County. I am currently married and have been for 11 years and we are raising two boys 9yrs and 5yrs old. I was not sure what to put for a graduation date because I was supposed to graduate in 1987. I am very happy to have the chance to post some input on this wonderful sight. Thanks!

Alonzo J. (Lon) Walter - [email protected]
2102 Baltusrol Drive
Austin TX 78747-1202 512-282-4921

Ad No.: 125 - Department: 1945 on 06/04/98 10:27:55 MD
Description: I'm a retired USAF fighter pilot and brigadier general. Went to VMI (Because of Col. DT Ingram) after finishing at Heights. I'll always be thankful for my days at CHMA.

Charles LeMaire - [email protected]

Ad No.: 126 - Department: 1971 on 06/05/98 05:13:08 MD
Description: I was at CHMA for 10 years, from the 3rd grade ('61) through the 12th grade ('71). Went to Ga. Tech on AF ROTC scholarship for three years, then into Air Force for two years ('75-'77) as a Geodetic Surveyor, mostly at Patrick AFB, near Cape Canaveral. Returned to GT and earned a BSEE '79 and MSEE '80. Moved outside Dallas, Texas to work in ICs at MOSTEK as a designer. Changed jobs a few times and landed at Valid Logic ('84-'88) as a Apps Engr. (a field fix-it guy). Got a MBA at Univ. of Dallas ('89). Two jumps later landed at Cadence Design ('90-'present) working in Dallas. CDN (NYSE) is the largest supplier of UNIX based CAE/CAD software for EEs. In '84, I married a beautiful woman named Gayla. She is from Carnegie Oklahoma, perhaps you have heard of it. She works a local AAirline as a ticket agent, so we travel a bit. We have two daughters, Monique ('87) and Collette ('90). We live in Bedford, Texas, in NW Tarrant County (Ft. Worth).

Bill Barnett - [email protected]
134 Sugarberry Circle
Houston Tx 77024 713 787-6250

Ad No.: 127 - Department: 1959 on 06/05/98 06:08:01 MD
Description: Previously submitted without the above information

Stephen W. Shoaf -
12535 Crabapple Chase Dr.
Alpharetta GA 30201 770.410.1066

Ad No.: 128 - Department: 1969 on 06/05/98 07:50:25 MD
Description: Graduated Univ. Tenn Knoxville 1975, Work for Acoustics Development Corp. for last 10 years. Married Natalie Shropshire 1979, 2 children, daughter & son. Enjoy golfing and family time. Like to hear from classmates. I'm in the phone book.

William L. White - [email protected]
4195 Smallhouse Road
Bowling Green KY 42104 502-746-6742

Ad No.: 129 - Department: 1975 on 06/05/98 11:47:27 MD
Description: After Graduation went to Western Kentucky University until joining the US Army in 1980. Spent 3 years at Fort Campbell, KY. Then went back to WKU received my degree in Finance in 1998. In the Army Reserves from 1983 til 1994, after Desert Storm (called to active duty) return to WKU and got a degree in Accounting. Now work for Fruit of the Loom in Bowling Green, am married and have 2 girls ages 2 and 6.

Richard F. Meier - [email protected]
8746 Sw 50th Road
Gainesville FL 32608 352-336-9115

Ad No.: 130 - Department: 1943 on 06/05/98 12:05:52 MD
Description: Started with Credithrift Financial Corp. in 1949. Resigned from active management as Vice President Administration in 1971. Remained on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors until company merged with American General Finance Corp. Moved to Kentucky Lake and in 1973 purchased Big Bear Resort, operating it until retiring and moving to Gainesville, Fl .in April of 1986. Son is a CHMA graduate class of 1966. Now-golf, computer and great memories of Heights.

Gerald L. (Jerry ) Ewell, Sr. - [email protected]
809 Parks Street
Manchester TN 37355-2483 931-728-3313

Ad No.: 131 - Department: 1947 on 06/05/98 13:50:41 MD
Description: After graduation from Heights I attended Vanderbilt University where I got a BA degree in 1951 and JD degree in 1953. I spent 40 months after graduation in the Navy as an air intelligence and legal officer. Upon release from active duty in 1957 as a Lieutenant (senior grade) I began the practice of law in Manchester and was Assistant District Attorney General for 15 years. In 1972 I was elected Circuit Judge for the 14th Judicial District of Tennessee and have served in that capacity for the past 26 years, planning retirement September 1, 1998. In 1957 I married Katherine Qualls to whom I am still married and we have two children, Amy Ewell Stout, a pharmacist, married to Dr. Jeffrey Bunker Stout, a cardiologist, living in Cookeville, Tennessee and Gerald Ewell, Sr., a practicing attorney with the law firm of Haynes, Hull, Rieder and Ewell, in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Our son has never married. My major hobbies are ham radio, holding the amateur extra license with the callsign of N4GE, radio controlled model airplanes, growing roses and beekeeping.

Jay Southcombe - [email protected]
P.O. Box 93
Fayetteville OH 45118 513-875-3777

Ad No.: 132 - Department: 1963 on 06/05/98 17:04:26 MD

Wm. W. Humphries ( Billy ) - [email protected]
P.O.Box 170
Jasper Al 35501 205-221-4044

Ad No.: 133 - Department: 1902 on 06/05/98 17:28:34 MD

Phillip Wade Brown - [email protected]
PO Box 429
Benton AR 72018 501-794-2335

Ad No.: 134 - Department: 1971 on 06/05/98 22:24:02 MD
Description: In 1973 a week after I married Cissy Carttar, we opened a restaurant and gift shop on Interstate 30. We have 2 daughters, April Brown Rye 23 years old, married last year(I survived it!) and Melody Brown 21 years old. We are celebrating our retirement and our 25th Anniversary this month, (June 8, 1998) by vacationing 2 months on Maui. While Castle Heights is gone the friendships and memories continue on. I was fortunate enough to attend the CHMA auction and bought the old barber chair, mess hall table with chairs and the clock that hung on Main. If you are ever through central Arkansas on I-30 watch for "Brown's Country Store & Restaurant" billboards and pull in and ask a gift shop employee if we are in town... I would love to see you.

Luis A Labarca - [email protected]
5912 Sycamore Manor Cove
Bartlett TN 38134 (901)382-2302
Ad No.: 135 - Department: 1971 on 06/06/98 07:43:55 MD
Description: After I graduated from CHMA IN 1971, I went to the University of Miami in Fla. After 4 years at that University, I was ready to move back to South America so I did, my father was not to happy with my decision, but at that point, I really did not care. I got a job working for Delta Air Line, as a customer service agent, for 5 years and got the opportunity to travel all over the world. As it was free, you would do it to.In 1979, I came back to the U.S. and found a job at New Orleans International Airport at Aviateca Air Lines(a Guatemala airlines) and did a little more traveling. After that, I got married, had two boys, and got divorced. Them went back to school to study the Art of Cooking. I graduated from Johnson & Wale in North Carolina. After that, I went to Paris France to Le Cordon Blue to get a better certification for an Excecutive Chef.I worked in many restaurats in New Orlenas wiht some of the great chefs. Them I moved to Memphis, TN. to open a restaurant, Owen Brennas, as the Exec. Chef. After that, I became the Exec. Chef of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Memphis and later the Exec. Chef of The University Club (private club). A member from that club offered me a job as a private chef at his home; more money, I took it. A while later, I met and married this wonderfull lady, Phyllis Lott,(also divorced) later to become Phyllis Labarca with two boys it was great as we each had two boys; now we have four boys or as I called them (4P.....) Our address is 5912 Sycamore Manor Cove, Bartlett, TN 38134, so please write or cal at 901 384-4661 or 382-2302 or page 901 537-4923, or you could Email at [email protected]

Steve C. Crockarell -
2123 Kidd Rd.
Nolensville Tn 37135 615-895-5464

Ad No.: 136 - Department: 1969 on 06/06/98 21:34:42 MD
Description: After being in the lab business for 19 years, my wife Susan and I purchased Buster's Place Restaurant in Murfreesboro in '97. We have 2 children, Clay 22 and Whitney 11. Susan and I have been married for 26 years in August. All Heights Alumni are invited to stop by and see us and have one of the best burgers and coldest beers in the state.

Wilson G. Smith - [email protected]

Carmel Ca

Ad No.: 137 - Department: 1941 on 06/07/98 00:18:52 MD
Description: After graduation I attended Washington State College (now University) for two years. While at Washington State I enlisted in the US Army Reserves. After 2 years of college I was called to active duty. I was inducted at Fort Douglas, Utah and sent to basic training at Fort Riley, Kansas. After basic training I was sent to New Zealand to join the 25th Infantry Division. The Division was in New Zealand to rest after Guadalcanal. While the division was resting in New Zealand I was sent wit an advanced party to New Caledonia to set up a training camp for the Division. The division was in New Caledinia for about 1 year and then it was sent to Luzon in the Phillippines. I was wounded in San Manuel, Luzon and evacuated to Biak Island and then ended up at Tourney General Hospital in Palm Springs,CA. After discharge from the Army I started to work for the Bank of America where I worked for 35yrs. I am now retired with my wife and my computer in Carmel, CA home of former Mayor Clint Eastwood.

Richard S. Smith - [email protected]
891 Broad Street
Batesville AR 72501 (870) 793-1867

Ad No.: 139 - Department: 1963 on 06/07/98 12:57:01 MD
Description: Works as Senior Quality Assurance Engineer and has been approved by the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Auditor. Primary responsibility is ISO 9000 Audit Coordinator. Has been married for 25 years and has two daughters.

Mark A. Arnett - [email protected]
4036 Coleridge Drive
Antioch TN 37013 615-333-7226

Ad No.: 140 - Department: 1969 on 06/07/98 18:11:52 MD
Description: After graduation I entered The University of Tennessee where I completed my BS in Bus. Admin. in 1979. Yes, that is 10 years due to parties, working, and joining the Navy. Married lovely wife Patricia in 1980 after graduation and started working on MBA in 1981 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the international campus located at FT. Campbell, KY. Graduated Magna Cum Laude in April 1985. October 1985 saw my one & only child Christopher enter the world and Patty and I both had to get young again. Retired US Naval Reserve in March 1995 and currently launching a new recording label in Nashville, TN called Acoustic Melodies International, Inc. which focuses on bluegrass and acoustic music.We even have a former cadet from the mid-70's as a musician on our newest release of The Jim Buchanan System. The e-mail address listed is only a forwarding address which routes to [email protected] so take note if you email me.My replys will be from the msn address.

Ricky M. Pogrotsky - [email protected]
343 Morehead Drive
Frankfort KY 40601 (502) 875-8500

Ad No.: 141 - Department: 1973 on 06/07/98 20:19:22 MD
Description: Currently I work for the City of Frankfort, KY as the Purchasing Agent/ Risk Manager. I have been there for 5 years. Prior to that I spent 14 yrs in the U.S. Army.

Tony Burnett - [email protected]
3513 South Beacon St.
Muncie IN 47302 317-929-6292
Ad No.: 142 - Department: 1971 on 06/08/98 18:20:24 MD
Description: This is to ammend the previous entry to add my current e-mail address.

Bruce Williams - [email protected]
123 Greenlawn Drive
Lebanon Tn 37087 (615)453-2305

Ad No.: 143 - Department: 1974 on 06/08/98 18:27:41 MD

Robert B Stagg - [email protected]
6477 Bounty Ct.
San Diego CA 92120 619 287-1792

Ad No.: 144 - Department: 1953 on 06/08/98 18:30:36 MD
Description: Retired Captain, USNR Two grown children. Enjoying travel and hobbies in retirement.

John R Davis - [email protected]
324 Warwick Road
Clinton MS 39056 601.924.7411.497

Ad No.: 145 - Department: 1972 on 06/09/98 07:55:08 MD

John High Bradshaw - [email protected]
1615 West Main Street
PO Box 1166
Lebanon TN 37088 6154435965

Ad No.: 146 - Department: 1985 on 06/09/98 13:17:39 MD

Richard Orr Meier - [email protected]
3499 Big Bear Highway
Benton Ky 42025 502-354-8826

Ad No.: 148 - Department: 1966 on 06/12/98 06:23:27 MD
Description: President: Bear Development Inc. Big Bear Wastewater, Inc. VP: Big Bear Resorts, Inc. Live on Kentucky Lake in Western Kentucky with 2 children and wife

Albert Partee - [email protected]
1410 Parker Place
Brentwood TN 37027 (615) 741-4082

Ad No.: 149 - Department: 1975 on 06/12/98 21:57:30 MD
Description: This homepage for Heights' alum is great; too bad we didn't have the Internet years ago to mobilize support to save the school. I've been married since 1980 to Debra Jenkins Partee, who teaches at Vanderbilt. We have four children: twins Kimberly and Matthew (1985), Nathaniel (1990) and Sarah (1994). I've been an attorney since 1982, currently working as a prosecutor with the Tennessee State Attorney General. I've kept up with several alums and will e-mail them tonight to urge them to register.

Gregory K. Butler - [email protected]
743 Grovewood Drive
Cordova (Memphis) TN 38018 901-867-4527

Ad No.: 150 - Department: 1969 on 06/13/98 08:41:23 MD
Description: On infrequent study nights in the last half of the sixties when the atmospheric conditions were just right, an AM radio in Lebanon could pick up pieces of the soul and blues music being created, performed, and broadcast from Memphis. So began my desire to live where all this great music lives. I married Debra Litsey Butler (of Donelson, TN) in 1972, and for 26 years this summer of 1998 we have lived here (and since 1977, through 21 Elvis death weeks as well). We have two lovely daughters. Lauren who is 21 this year and a junior at Auburn University (War Eagle!), and Leigh who is 16 and a junior at Germantown High. Debra has been a Medical Technologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for each of these last 26 years (and making retirement noises) and I am Chief Financial Officer of Wright Medical Technology, Inc., an orthopaedic medical device company in Arlington, TN. I am not making retirement noises. Hello to all my fellow alums!

Mark A. Shepard - [email protected]
6639 Clearbrook Dr.
Nashville TN 37205 615-256-6691

Ad No.: 151 - Department: 1970 on 06/13/98 09:29:27 MD
Description: Currently living in Nashville. Married with 2 daughters..age 14 and 10.. Owner of Southerm Plumbing Supply Co...wholesale distribution..

HENRY T. HAVEN, JR. - [email protected]
700 Nailor Dr., Apt. 201
Camp Hill PA 17011 (717) 975-1702

Ad No.: 152 - Department: 1961 on 06/14/98 13:38:32 MD
Description: After CHMA, I graduated from SMU, Dallas, TX, '65. I trained as a USAF pilot in F4 Phantoms and went to Vietnam for 152 combat missions. My unit went to Korea for the Pueblo Crisis in '68. I came back to Holloman AFB, NM for my last two years. There, I became a test pilot and helped start the "Top Gun" program. In the '70's I worked in the family vending business and helped build it to $4.2 Million sales. Divorce in '80 from my wife and two children and the 81-82 recession got me so I went to the FAA during the air traffic controller's strike. When the economy picked up I became a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch for a year. I didn't like churning and burning my friends out of their hard earned cash. So, I went back into aviation as a consultant. Which means I was barely keeping heart and soul together. In '92 this government job became available and I got it. (Whew!). My son is in the Navy and not far away. We visit about twice a year. My daughter is still in college working a teaching certificate. I have been liscensed as follows: NASD 7, LIFE INS. AGT., ATP, CFII, AGI I am working on my CPA and hope to get it finished before I retire. Hank '61

John T. Davis - [email protected]
Reliance ELectric Co
6065 Parkland Blvd
Mayfield Heights OH 44124 2162667000
Ad No.: 153 - Department: 1975 on 06/16/98 07:40:29 MD
Description: College . Vanderbilt Univ Army - 1979 to 1983 Engineer - Reliance Electric Co 1983 to present Married - one son

Norman Brillhart -
31818 Tanglewood
St. Clair Shores MI 48082 (810) 294-9005

Ad No.: 154 - Department: 1964 on 06/16/98 10:03:22 MD
Description: Working as a computer consultant. Live by myself except for 48 birds, breeding of which is a major hobby.

KNOXVILLE TN 37919 423-688-4733

Ad No.: 155 - Department: 1949 on 06/16/98 11:02:42 MD

Doc Clement - [email protected]
163 Fescue Drive
Advance NC 27006 336-998-0780
Ad No.: 156 - Department: 1964 on 06/16/98 19:46:34 MD
Description: Was a captain flying 0-1 as a FAC in Vietnam, had over 300 mission in North Vietnam. Then a bush pilot in Alaska for 8 years. Now a captain with US Airways.

Richard Bass - [email protected]
10381 Derby Drive
Laurel MD 20723-5743 410.244.4621

Ad No.: 157 - Department: 1967 on 06/16/98 19:51:02 MD
Description: Graduated from UT Knoxville and worked in banking in Knoxville. Moved to Maryland in 1983 to work for First National Bank of Maryland. Married with 2 daughters ages 4&7. Still have UT season tickets and get back for 2-3 games a year. Last visited Heights campus about 5 years ago. My Dad, Roy Bass class of 43, moved to Maryland a few years ago & is alive & well. Wonder sometimes how the old Tower gang is doing?

Marge Rios - [email protected]
2912 Shipley Rd.
Cookeville TN 38501 931-528-6146

Ad No.: 158 - Department: Faculty on 06/16/98 20:42:42 MD
Description: Teaching at Livingston Academy since 1986. In my spare time, I do volunteer work with the American Red Cross, Bosnian refugess, and a domestic violence shelter.

Marge Rios - [email protected]
2912 Shipley Rd.
Cookeville TN 38501 931-528-6146

Ad No.: 159 - Department: Faculty on 06/16/98 20:42:48 MD
Description: Teaching at Livingston Academy since 1986. In my spare time, I do volunteer work with the American Red Cross, Bosnian refugess, and a domestic violence shelter.

Eliseo - Rios
2912 Shipley Rd.
Cookeville TN 38501 931-528-6146

Ad No.: 160 - Department: Faculty on 06/16/98 20:44:39 MD
Description: Teaching Spanish at Van Buren County HS, Volunteer State CC, and at the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute.

Charles Thomas Bradley - [email protected]
98-656 Kuini St
Aiea HI 96701-2723 (808) 449-4981

Ad No.: 161 - Department: 1969 on 06/17/98 17:31:45 MD
Description: Air Force officer since graduation from University of Tennessee in 1973. Lived in California, Arizona, Philippines (twice), Florida, Alabama twice), and Washington, DC; currently in Hawaii (second time). Married to my first wife, Sandra Gregory; two sons, Bobby (10) and Bryan (7). General ne'er-do-well; hope to avoid working until I'm in my fifties or so, then give up and get a real job.

Kim Rich - [email protected]
833 Magnolia Court East
Nashville TN 37221 615-646-0858

Ad No.: 162 - Department: 1985 on 06/17/98 18:00:01 MD
Description: I am presently serving as Community Resources Administrator for Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee.

Brian K. Bishop - [email protected]
208 East Main St.
Lebanon TN 37087 615-444-8022

Ad No.: 163 - Department: 1985 on 06/18/98 09:46:47 MD

Joe Adams - [email protected]
616 West Main Street
Lebanon TN 37087 (615) 443-1041

Ad No.: 164 - Department: 1975 on 06/18/98 12:51:53 MD
Description: Third generation graduate of CHMA. Currently living in Lebanon in home accross the street from campus where many a cadet lived prior when the halls were too full to handle the influx of students. I certainly appreciate all the work being put into keeping the alumni association viable. Great to have a website.

Russell (Rusty) Williams - [email protected]
300 Collins Road NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402 319-350-6000

Ad No.: 165 - Department: 1971 on 06/18/98 14:43:37 MD

Norman D. Thomas - [email protected]
412 North Oleander Avenue
Daytona Beach F: 32118 904/255 7324

Ad No.: 166 - Department: 1952 on 06/18/98 18:46:29 MD
Description: Served 23 years U.S. Army retired 1077 as CW3, MI. US Army Security Agency, Chitose, Japan 56-59, Army Attache Office, Vientiane, Laos 59=60, Army Attache Office, Brussels, Belgium 61-64, Defense Attache Office, Warsaw, Poland 65-67, DAO, Accra, Ghana 68-70. Crosstrained as investigator 1970 and assigned Washington, DC. Joint Army Navy Air Force Attache Office, Vientiane, Laos 73-75. Defense Investigative Service Field Office, Tampa, FL 75-77, retired. Hired as civilian special agent July 78 with service in Tampa, Valdosta, GA and Daytona Beach. Numeroustemporaryassignments such as Miami, Key West, CapeCanaveral, Chicago, San Diego, Pasadena and Las Vegas. Married 62 at Brusssels, Belgium. Two children, Diane now 35 and a free lance medical transcriptionist in South Florida and son Mark, 30, a webmaster for Time Warner in New York City -- [email protected], recently featured on ABC News I retired from civil service in 92 and pass time traveling and attending to four rental properties in Daytona area. Would love to hear from former cadets CHMA.

Dan Coleman - [email protected]
1730 Indian Rocks Road
Belleair FL 33756 813-587-9050

Ad No.: 167 - Department: 1969 on 06/19/98 14:35:06 MD
Description: Graduating in'69 after 8 years at Heights I attended Ole Miss and graduated from MTSU in '73. Served a tour with Uncle Sam - 2ndLt. in the 101st. Went into the construction business with my dad, went on from there to be Dir. of Real Estate and Construction for Church's Fried Chicken; later Dir. of Mktg. for a large hospital chain. I am now VP Sales/Mktg for a company that I co-founded, that manufactures and sells equipment to train law enforcement personnel in judgemental shooting. I married Marie Lokey, she is a Delta flight attendant.

Nick Wamboldt - [email protected]
420 Russet Hollow Rd.
Birmingham AL 35244 205-987-1219

Ad No.: 168 - Department: 1980 on 06/22/98 21:06:49 MD
Description: I left Heights after my Freshman year. yet have kept in contact with others since then and would be interested in all those 80' grads that were there during the Freshman year. I am married, three sons, and have worked as a Human Resource Manager with Allstate Insurance since 1987.

Dan P. Blake - [email protected]
560 Rural Hill Road
Nashville TN 37217 (615) 361-3354

Ad No.: 169 - Department: 1963 on 06/27/98 18:39:17 MD

William D. Goodner - [email protected]
4819 Cove Creek Dr
Huntsville AL 35741 8375200

Ad No.: 170 - Department: 1964 on 06/30/98 17:46:16 MD
Description: Graduate from Ga Tech with MS in Electrical Engineering. Worked for the US Intelligence Community for 10 years. Currently Corp Vice President for SPARTA, Inc. in Huntsville Al. Married Tere Gray's sister, Sherre, after Ga Tech. Have three daughters and two grandchildren.

Steven E. Werckle - [email protected]
508 Fairfield Drive
Lebanon TN 37087 615/443-3222

Ad No.: 171 - Department: 1985 on 07/01/98 00:27:13 MD
Description: After graduation I attended MTSU and found that college was not for me. So, I changed my focus and followed my heart for a life of music. Banged the drums for a while around Nashville and few other places. Finally settled down in Lebanon. Have a great house near CHMA and spend my days working and listening to some great tunes. Tried being married for a while, didn't work out so now I am a self-proclaimed bachelor. I don't have email yet, so send it to Lisa (Agee) and she will forward it to me or give me a call, I would like to hear from some friends from the past. Trying to get some kind of reunion together for Homecoming '98 -- get in touch with me or Lisa-- I have the names from the class of '85, but trying to find/locate anyone else that wants to get together.

Woode Hawkins - [email protected]
69 Lindsley Rd
Lebanon Tn 37090 615-444-2196

Ad No.: 172 - Department: 1974 on 07/04/98 08:34:21 MD
Description: Howdy y'all, I work for Siemens Medical Systems in Nashville and still live in Lebanon. I am in the phone book and would like to hear from anyone who happens to be passing through.

James R.(J.R.) Hall - [email protected]
P.O. Box 690881
San Antonio TT 78269-0881 (210)690-0108

Ad No.: 174 - Department: 1965 on 07/04/98 09:00:38 MD
Description: I'm a 7th grade mathematics teacher at a north San Antonio, Texas middle school. I would sure like to hear from some of my old classmates.

Frank Davis - [email protected]
489 Coach Rd
Satellite Beach FL 32937 4077770547

Ad No.: 176 - Department: 1971 on 07/05/98 21:27:41 MD
Description: Married 19 years. Two daughters 16 and 12. Grad Memphis State Univ. 1981. Engineer at KSC, FL since 1982.

Hugh R. Hill - [email protected]
1839 Rutherford Avenue
Louisville KY 40205 502-459-1218

Ad No.: 177 - Department: 1981 on 07/07/98 09:30:03 MD
Description: Graduated Virginia Military Institute in 1985. Recently got out of the Air National Guard. Currently I am a pilot for United Parcel Service. My wife Susan and I have two children. Charlie, 4 and Eliza, 2.

Jennifer Franklin Winfree - [email protected]
186 Ashburn Circle
Lancaster Tn 38569

Ad No.: 178 - Department: 1980 on 07/07/98 10:27:44 MD
Description: Iam an elementary school teacher in Watertown,Tn.I have been teaching for 12 years. I live on Center Hill Lake.My husband is retired. We enjoy boating and just relaxing at home.

Donald W. Lochard - [email protected]
747 Stratford Dr.
Sidney OH 45365 (937) 492-8811

Ad No.: 179 - Department: 1958 on 07/08/98 20:23:54 MD
Description: At this time I'am 58 years old , president of Lochard Inc. which is a Heating and air conditioning and plumbing contracting firm, sheet metal fab. job shop ship all over the world, plus a DO-IT BEST DO-IT CENTER RETAIL HARDWARE CENTER. employee 44 men and office staff. A board member NRHA OHIO BOARD MY WIFES NAME IS YVONNE we have two children and four grandchildren two boys and two girls and a son and daughter PAST MASTER OF TEMPERANCE LODGE 73 . like to golf and have a place at HILTON HEAD SC.

Rick Smith - [email protected]
822 West Spring St
Lebanon TN 37087 615-444-7245

Ad No.: 180 - Department: 1970 on 07/10/98 20:41:38 MD
Description: Graduated college in 1976 with a BS in Biology. Taught and owned a scuba business until 1986. Joined family furniture businees and sold it in 1994. Presently in the insurance business; married and I have two sons. Life is good...

Robert Oates -
8825 SW 160 St
Miami FL 33157 305 235-6166
Ad No.: 181 - Department: 1974 on 07/11/98 23:08:29 MD
Description: I still live in Miami . I've been employed with the Poole & Kent Co. for the past 18 years as a mechanical estimator. I recently visited Castle Heights in July 1998 after a 24-year absence and was surprised with the changes to the campus. I hope to return for the 25th reunion of the Class Of 1974.

William M. Donohoe - [email protected]
PO Box 1644
86 Pleasant Street
Meredith NH 03253-1644 603-279-3496
Ad No.: 182 - Department: 1948 on 07/12/98 18:23:13 MD
Description: Joined the Pontiac Motor Division of GM in 1950 and received a BBA from General Motors Institute in 1954. USNR 1954 to 1958, served as a Naval aviator. Transferred from Pontiac to Cadillac Motor Car Divisioin of GM in 1978 and retired from GM in June of 1984 after 34 years of service. Joined the largest "privately owned" Toyota distributor in the world with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Also owned the distributorship for North American produced GM vehicles for France which I was active in. Retired a second time 12/31/94 at age 65. Very much enjoying retirement in NH with part of winter spent at our condo on Sanibel Island, FL. Active in church work and volunteering time to help people establish a family budget to become debt free. I am one of five budget counselors in NH with Larry Burkett's Christian Financial Concepts of Gainesville, GA.

William M. Donohoe - [email protected]
PO Box 1644
86 Pleasant Street
Meredith NH 03253-1644 603-279-3496

Ad No.: 183 - Department: 1948 on 07/12/98 18:25:30 MD
Description: Joined the Pontiac Motor Division of GM in 1950 and received a BBA from General Motors Institute in 1954. USNR 1954 to 1958, served as a Naval aviator. Transferred from Pontiac to Cadillac Motor Car Divisioin of GM in 1978 and retired from GM in June of 1984 after 34 years of service. Joined the largest "privately owned" Toyota distributor in the world with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Also owned the distributorship for North American produced GM vehicles for France which I was active in. Retired a second time 12/31/94 at age 65. Very much enjoying retirement in NH with part of winter spent at our condo on Sanibel Island, FL. Active in church work and volunteering time to help people establish a family budget to become debt free. I am one of five budget counselors in NH with Larry Burkett's Christian Financial Concepts of Gainesville, GA. Married 41 years with three children and seven grandchildren.

William M. Donohoe - [email protected]
PO Box 1644

Ad No.: 184 - Department: 1948 on 07/12/98 18:32:37 MD

William M. Donohoe - [email protected]
PO Box 1644
86 Pleasant Street
Meredith NH 03253-1644 603-279-3496

Ad No.: 185 - Department: 1948 on 07/12/98 18:33:24 MD

James C. Bradshaw III - [email protected]
875 Robertson Academy Road
Nashville TN 37220 (615) 822-8822

Ad No.: 186 - Department: 1981 on 07/13/98 09:13:43 MD
Description: Married; two sons (5 and 10 months); Partner in the law firm of Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs

John R. Hurt - [email protected]
9026 South Harpeth Court
Nashville TN 37221 615-329-9398

Ad No.: 187 - Department: 1966 on 07/13/98 12:10:45 MD

John R. Hurt - [email protected]
9026 South Harpeth Court
Nashville TN 37221 615-329-9398

Ad No.: 188 - Department: 1966 on 07/13/98 12:24:52 MD
Description: Sr. VP/Owner Saber Industries, Inc. in Nashville, we manufactur spreading machinery for sewn products. I have three girls Wendy, Christie and Tori. Wendy is married and has a son (2-1/2)and is expecting her 2nd child in Dec. Chrisie is married and living in Knoxville. Tori will turn 13 in Sept. I have had limited contact CHMA graduates and would love to hear from you.

Jerry Partlow - [email protected]
708 Washington Dr
Lebanon TN 37087 615-449-5755

Ad No.: 189 - Department: 1968 on 07/14/98 08:53:15 MD
Description: I haven't changed much--still married to Mary Llew (25 yrs!). We have 3 kids--23, 21, and 13(our little business trip baby). We both graduated from Tenn Tech in 1973. I'm with the Wilson County Schools now. I still see Atchley and Greer on occasion--haven't seen Igou in a while. I play a lot of golf at the club and anywhere else I can find! See some of you in October--you'll know me--I'll be the sober one.

David H. "Hal" Harmon -
15756 Widewater Dr.
Montclair VA 22026 (202) 622-1643

Ad No.: 190 - Department: 1968 on 07/19/98 20:42:00 MD
Description: Since graduating from Heights in '68, I served six years in the US Army. After military service, I worked as a special agent with the Defense Investigative Service for about 15 years. For the past eight years I have worked for the Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Department of the Treasury in Washington, DC where I currently serve as the Chief of Enforcement.

Robert W. Brown - [email protected]
4 Hudson Hollow Rd
Frankfort KY 40601 502-875-1301

Ad No.: 191 - Department: 1969 on 07/19/98 21:35:34 MD
Description: After graduation I attended Western Kentucky University and obtained my degree in accounting thereupon entering the Army for a 6 year stint on active duty. All of this the result of an Army ROTC Scholarship and believing those ads: "live in places other people only visit". My wife Bobbye and I really did enjoy 3.5 years in West Germany, traveling all over Europe. In 1980 we settled in Frankfort and started my State Farm Insurance Agency. We have 2 children, Katie, an upcoming sophomore at Georgetown College and Shawn, a rising soccer and basketball star who will be a freshman in high school this fall. Bobbye works as a financial operations specialist for a local brokerage firm. We also enjoy a new home-based business representing The Peoples Network. You can find us there at Would love to hear from any of my classmates or others. Come see us!

Robert Oates -

Ad No.: 192 - Department: 1974 on 07/21/98 15:54:02 MD

Gary Hall - [email protected]
2351 Riverside Drive
Maryville TN 37804 423-215-4451

Ad No.: 193 - Department: 1965 on 07/22/98 17:49:56 MD
Description: Graduated in 1965. On swimming team and track team. One of the "Town Boys". After Heights, went into the Air Force for 4 years, Spent a year in Beautiful South East Asia (Thakli Thailand). Left USAF in 1970 came back to MTSU for degree in Criminal Justice. Worked in various state and local Law Enforcement positions. Entered TN Air National Guard in 1977. Commissioned in 1980. Went into ANG full-time in 1981. Retired with Active Duty Guard Retirement in Aug 1997 with rank of LtCol. Since retirement I have been the Executive Director of the Knox County (TN) Sheriff's Merit System (civil service board for Knox County Sheriff's Office). Married, three kids?? (Meredith, 29, Brad, 26, and Sam, 14 and one granddaughter, Sydney age 5) I also have two brothers who are CHMA alumni, David Hall, 61 who is now Editor of the "Cleveland Plain Dealer", Ohio and Les Carson,74, who is Operations Manager for Anheuser Busch's aluminum can operations in St Louis and California. Would like to hear from classmates and friends.

Michael W. Gass - [email protected]
520 Nonaville Road
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-327-9779

Ad No.: 194 - Department: 1986 on 07/22/98 22:03:17 MD
Description: I am employed by the Tennessee Democratic Party as a Field Representative covering 13 counties across Middle Tennessee. In addition, I have served as Chairman of the Wilson County Democratic Party since 1995.

Hill, Jaret C. - [email protected]
Ste. 600 N. First Trust Centre, 200 South Fifth St.
Louisville KY 40202 (502)584-5100

Ad No.: 195 - Department: 1986 on 07/23/98 11:04:26 MD
Description: I graduated from the University of Louisville, then recieved a Law Degree from The University of Louisville, Louis D.Brandeis School of Law. I am now practicing law in Louisville, Kentucky. I am married and have a son (b. 1992) and a daughter (b. 1995). Although I only attended CHMA for a short time, CHMA has Indelibly and positively influenced the course of my life.

Joe Evins - [email protected]

Lebanon TN 37087

Ad No.: 196 - Department: 1986 on 07/26/98 10:47:20 MD

Charles & Jessica (Sullivan) Reimer - [email protected]

Ad No.: 197 - Department: 1986 on 07/26/98 21:51:30 MD

Keith Alan Williams - [email protected]

Ad No.: 198 - Department: 1986 on 07/27/98 15:47:07 MD

Keith Alan Williams - [email protected]
624 Red Tip Circle
Florence SC 29505 843-629-0493

Ad No.: 199 - Department: 1986 on 07/27/98 15:54:57 MD
Description: Graduated from Tennessee Tech in 1990 with a degree in marketing. Started work for K-mart in Knoxville,TN. From Knoxville worked out of the Regional office in Atlanta. On April 15th 1996 started work for Cracker Barrel in Florence, SC. On April 21st 1997 got married to Melinda Kaye Beier. On July 27th 1998 just found out I will be a father in April of 1999.

Benny Jennings - [email protected]
1316 Wrightford Dr.
Lebanon Tn 37087 615-444-4509

Ad No.: 200 - Department: 1971 on 07/28/98 14:50:15 MD
Description: I have been teaching and coaching for the past 20 years. Taught at Castle Heights from 1977-1982.Have been at Lebanon High for the past 11 years. This summer I am a candidate for the office of Register of Deeds for Wilson County, if you live here I would appreciate your vote or your influence on someone who does.

Eric L. Chellman - [email protected]
966 Battery Ln.
Nashville TN 37220 (615) 207- 6411

Ad No.: 201 - Department: 1985 on 07/28/98 21:16:57 MD
Description: There are just to many stories to tell and not enough space! Fill free to ask somebody that knows me, and I bet they will tell you some stories about me that even I can't recall. Mind you I wasn't a bad cadet, I was just a young man needing a handfull of people to point me in the right direction (Thank you, but four left turns don't make a right! I had to learn that the hard way.). My memories are many and 90% of those seem to put a fat smile on my face and make my belly ach with laughter. I hope I left a legacy of "GOOD TIMES FOR ALL" in my wake as I exited Castle Heights Blvd. and turned right onto W. Main St. and yelled out of my car window "I'M GOING A.W.O.L FOR THE LAST TIME AND THERE AIN'T SHIT Y'ALL CAN DO ABOUT IT ! NASHVILLE HERE I COME, LOOK OUT" ! Thank you Castle Heights, for allowing me to grow up on "our" campus from 1980 to 1984 !

Leftwich, James L. - [email protected]
803 Shadowood Lane
Starkville Ms 39759

Ad No.: 202 - Department: 1963 on 07/29/98 15:37:58 MD

Frank Davis - [email protected]
489 Coach Rd.
Satellite Beach FL 32937 407-777-0547

Ad No.: 203 - Department: 1971 on 08/02/98 10:25:02 MD
Description: After Graduating Heights in 1971 I went to Memphis State on the 10-Year plan. After marrying Ann Corbin of Old Hickory,Tennessee in 1979, Ann told me to get my degree and get my butt out of college. So in Dec.1981, two weeks after the birth of our first of two daughters, Amie Dia. I received my BSET in Computer Systems. It was a brisk 28 degrees when I received my diploma. My late father always said, "It would be a cold day in Hell when I finaly graduated.". In February 1982, I started work as a hardware engineer at the Kennedy Space Center for Computer Science Corp. 16 years and five companies later I'm still there working in the Firing Rooms supporting test and development of the next generation of Launch Processing Equipment. (We're still using computers and other systems designed and built in the mid - 1970's to launch Space Shuttles.) In 1985 our second daughter,Mary Colleen,was born. In 1994 I had my aortic valve and ascending aorta replaced at the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham. God Bless the UAB! For fun I'm building an HO scale model rail road, collect L&N rail road antiques, practice Iado, and ball room dancing.

Margaret Herndon Keck - [email protected]
2313 Dundee Lane
Nashville TN 37214 615-741-2917

Ad No.: 204 - Department: 1978 on 08/05/98 10:54:05 MD
Description: I am now working for the Tennessee General Assembly as a Legislative Network Administrator. I am divorced and have 2 children.

Jim Gamble - [email protected]
6007 Macon Court
Huntsville Al 35802 2568761509

Ad No.: 205 - Department: 1962 on 08/07/98 21:37:37 MD
Description: After graduation fron CHMA in 1962, I entered school at Tennessee Tech in Cookville,Tn. I left there after two years and finished at the U of Tennessee in 1967 in Engineering. I moved to Huntsville, Alabama and began work as an engineer for the Department of Defense, Missile and Space Intelligence Center. I married Betty Hurt from Ponotoc Ms. We have three children: Amanda is married and living in Mobile, Ala. My son Greg graduated in Architechure from Auburn this past June and is in Orlando Fla. Son Ben is a junior at Grissom High School. It would be great to hear from some of you guys sometime.

Thomas H. Elliott - [email protected]
702 Blossom Lane
Pickerington Oh 43147 614-833-2919

Ad No.: 206 - Department: 1947 on 08/09/98 13:15:24 MD
Description: retired fromici americas-1989 return to heights for annual homecomming would like to hear from you.

RONALD MacINTYRE - [email protected]
MT.JULIET TN 37122 615 758-8714

Ad No.: 207 - Department: 1948 on 08/10/98 12:03:15 MD

Larry L. Woodruff - [email protected]
2358 Yorkwood Street
Fayetteville ar 72703 501-4420580

Ad No.: 208 - Department: 1967 on 08/12/98 12:38:19 MD
Description: Married "Sweetheart of the Corps" runner-up - Janie Wilbur. Have Two Boys 17 and 20. I went into Army for 3 years after graduation. Went to college at Texas Christian froom 1970 to 1974. Went to dental school at the University of Louisville from 1975 to 1979. Joined the Navy as a dentist from 1979 to 1982. Moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1982 and bought a dental practice.

Jamie and Graciela (84) Inman - [email protected]
155 Maple Street
Black River, New York 13612

Ad No.: 209 - Department: 1982 on 08/12/98 19:28:22 MD
Description: Hello to everyone! Graciela and I hope you are all well. We are doing fine. We have two children and are currently living in Kansas. I have been in the army for twelve years now and we still enjoy it very much. We were very happy to find this site and would love to hear from anyone from "the good old days"!

KEITH PALMER - [email protected]
NASHVILLE TN 37217 615-361-4975

Ad No.: 210 - Department: 1984 on 08/18/98 12:27:35 MD

Gary W.Gray - [email protected]
350 flatwood rd
Lebanon TN 37090 615-449-2653

Ad No.: 211 - Department: 1986 on 08/18/98 14:55:03 MD
Description: I'm currently working in Lebanon as a warehouse manager. I've been married 9 years and have 3 children ages 7,6,3.

Mark Jennings - [email protected]
337 Tomlinson Road
Lebanon TN 37087

Ad No.: 212 - Department: 1986 on 08/18/98 19:40:06 MD
Description: Field Engineer - Computer Networks Married 3 years to Julie, have two year old son Christian.

Mary J. Henkel - [email protected]
4520 Sutton Lane
Suwanee GA 30024 678-947-3983

Ad No.: 213 - Department: 1985 on 08/19/98 20:05:12 MD
Description: Married to Eric Henkel (Class of 1984). Mother to a 16 month old son - Patrick Henkel.

Eric Henkel - [email protected]
4520 Sutton Lane
Suwanee GA 30024 678-461-6853

Ad No.: 214 - Department: 1984 on 08/19/98 20:09:10 MD
Description: Married to Mary J. Henkel (class of 1985). Have one son, Patrick Henkel (16 months). Currently a Customer Marketing Manager with Quaker Oats at their Southeastern Office.

Joel P. Morris - [email protected]
1502 Chickering Rd.
Nashville Tn 37215 615-298-2522

Ad No.: 215 - Department: 1943 on 08/28/98 20:54:52 MD

Henry Davis - [email protected]
498 Pinckney Ct.
Spartanburg SC 29306-3347 864-599-4800

Ad No.: 216 - Department: 1963 on 08/29/98 07:57:57 MD
Description: Haven't really thought about the "Heights" in a lot of years. Came throught Lebanon a couple of weeks ago and was amazed and a little saddened at the changes. Kinda got a little misty-eyed for a minute. I've been flying airplanes ever since I left, flew 727s for Eastern 'til they went belly up. Now fly corporate for a packaging company around the south and midwest.

Butch Weatherly - [email protected]
319 E. Maple St.
Fayetteville Ar 72701 501-442-5359

Ad No.: 217 - Department: 1983 on 09/01/98 19:17:39 MD
Description: Retired

Eddie Hooper - [email protected]
1011 Mansker Drive
Goodlettsville TN 37072 615/844-9900

Ad No.: 218 - Department: 1978 on 09/04/98 07:17:16 MD

Lou Ann Winfree Knight - [email protected]
5911 Orchard Pond Lane
Orange Park FL 32071 (904)213-2557

Ad No.: 219 - Department: 1979 on 09/04/98 08:52:31 MD
Description: After CHMA, I attended Volunteer State, UT Martin and then graduated from UT at Memphis in 1983. I also attended graduate school at UT Martin in 1984. I lived in Atlanta for a brief period and also in Chattanooga for a few years before moving to Jacksonville, FL. I have been married for 7 years and working in Human Resources at a local hospital. We have 3 children (5, 22 months, and a newborn) and stay very busy! I have wonderful memories of CHMA and many, many people there.

Seaborn W. JONES - [email protected]
3831 South Atlantic Ave. #1004
Daytona Beach Shores FL 32127 (904) 767-2560

Ad No.: 220 - Department: 1948 on 09/04/98 09:19:51 MD
Description: Not a lot to tell. I'M RETIRED and living in Florida. I will attend our class reunion in October.

E. Gwynn Lanius - [email protected]
403 Cambridge Road
Lebanon TN 37087 615-449-6050

Ad No.: 221 - Department: 1956 on 09/04/98 10:24:46 MD
Description: operate "Parkland Flea Market" located exit 238 I-40 6 miles south hwy 231 accross from "Cedars of Lebanon state park". Sat & Sun, March to Dec a musician, organist, still being asked to play for pageants at county fair and other occasions. Married, wife Nancy (21 years), 2 sons, 1 grandson. Past member of Lebanon Jaycees, past President of both the Lebanon Rotary Club and Lebanon Country Club and member of First Presbyterian Church.

Keith A. Dugger - [email protected]
4501 Brush Hill Road
Nashville TN 37207 615-226-0201

Ad No.: 222 - Department: 1968 on 09/04/98 11:49:00 MD
Description: I am in the family construction business in Nashville. I am married with 2 children. Chris is 19 and a sophomore at Vanderbilt. Laura is 15 and a sophomore at Goodpasture school in Nashville.

Daniel (Danny) R. King - N711DK @
P.O. Box 4130
Sevierville TN 37864 423-453-7177

Ad No.: 223 - Department: 1971 on 09/04/98 14:02:35 MD
Description: married,Liz. two children , Lindsey (11), D.J. (9).

Richard G. Brooks - [email protected]
3932 Crooked Island Dr.
Punta Gorda FL 33950 941-575-0745

Ad No.: 224 - Department: 1945 on 09/04/98 14:06:04 MD
Description: Retired after 33 years practicing dentistry in Rochester Hill, MI. Love Florida and U. of Mich. football. Attended class reunion in '95.

Larry W. Suciu - [email protected]
1763 W.24th Street Suite 200
2135 E. 26th Way
Yuma AZ 85364 520-726-6892

Ad No.: 225 - Department: 1961 on 09/04/98 15:41:38 MD
Description: I am a lawyer and have lived here since I came with the Marines in 1970. My brother Tom (class of 60) is a doctor and lives here as well. Tom and I both own and fly airplanes and do some scuba diving when we can.He is married with 3 kids and I am married with 4 cats. The cats were not my idea, but they are cheaper than Tom's kids.

Lew W. Dougherty, Jr. - [email protected]
147 Timbercrest Circle
P.O. Box 118
Camden TN 38320 901-584-5414

Ad No.: 226 - Department: 1948 on 09/04/98 16:09:16 MD
Description: Predental education at University of Tennessee Knoxville. D.D.S. from UT Memphis in 1954. Two years active duty U.S. Navy Dental Corps. Stayed in Naval Reserve for twenty years. Retired with rank of Commander. Served as US Naval Academy information officer for northwest Tennessee. Private practice of dentistry from 1956 until retirement in 1996. Active in University of Tennessee National Alumni Association. Served as national president in 1982-83. National chairman for annual giving 1983-84. University Development Council and UT Martin Development Committee (Chairman two years. Married Mary Jo Baldwin 1n 1954. No children.

John W. Martin, Jr. AKA Bill Martin - [email protected]
515 Rural Hill Road
Nashville TN 37217-4107 615-749-8961

Ad No.: 227 - Department: 1971 on 09/04/98 17:10:20 MD
Description: Fax: 615-365-6588

D. B. "Ben" Houle - [email protected]
33 Hedgebrook Way
Austin TX 78738 512 261-6657

Ad No.: 228 - Department: 1943 on 09/04/98 21:28:23 MD
Description: Colonel, USAF MC ret. M. D.,FACS, fully retired after 44 years of medical practice. Spend my time RVing, flying, and studying military history. Having fun.

Paul Algee - [email protected]
431 Poplar Street
Ridgely TN 38080 901 264-5878

Ad No.: 229 - Department: 1951 on 09/04/98 22:27:00 MD
Description: Retired from Georgia Gulf Corp.

Lou E. Messinger - [email protected]
6603 Cottonwood Dr.
ALEXANDRIA VV 22310 (703) 971-4051

Ad No.: 230 - Department: 1943 on 09/05/98 08:50:33 MD
Description: '44-45 U.S. Army Eurpeam Theater '45-49 USMA, West Point '50-51 Korea-8th Cav Regt, 1st Cav Div '52-55 U.S. assignments '55-58 West Berlin '58-64 U.S. assignments & schooling '64-65 Korea-Took Korean "Tiger Division" into Viet Nam '65-68 Assigned Joint Chiefs of Staff '69-70 Viet Nam '70-74 U.S. assignments and retirement '74-87 British Aerospace Inc and retirement '87-present Enjoying retirement Wife: Marnie (we were in 1st grade together in Canada Children: 1 girl, 4 boys

Robert P. Gilbert - 75254,[email protected]
1613 Shades Crest Road

Ad No.: 231 - Department: 1943 on 09/05/98 10:41:46 MD

Robert P. Gilbert - 75254,[email protected]
1613 Shades Crest Road
Birmingham AL 35226-3246 (205)822-5853

Ad No.: 232 - Department: 1943 on 09/05/98 10:47:27 MD
Description: Retired US Steel - USX, (32 years ). Married, 3 children, 3 grandkids. We travel a lot. I served on active duty WWII and Korean war, all duty in Air Force (AAF and USAF)

Bill Rose - [email protected]
7403 Ridge Meadow Ct.
West Chester OH 45069 513-243-4488

Ad No.: 233 - Department: 1958 on 09/05/98 11:04:54 MD
Description: Graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1962 with Mechanical Engineering degree and Xavier University in 1970 with MBA. Worked for General Electric Co.(GE Aircraft Engines) in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1962. Currently General Manager of Rotating Parts Center with plants in Cincinnati, Wilmington, NC and Lynn, MA. Wife Jacqueline, daughter Shari(married), and son Bill. Also grandson Mitchell born 1996. Have great memories as "townboy" at Castle Heights.

Dwight L.Woosley - [email protected]
99 Belmont Drive
Huntington WV 25705 304-525-3783

Ad No.: 234 - Department: 1947 on 09/05/98 12:40:10 MD
Description: Retired from Kopper Co,Inc in 1983 after 40 yrs, after I retired I went back to work after a yr selling Lumber for Hamer Lbr Co. and then at the age of 65 I retired again for good. I play a lot of golf, Fish and hunt . I keep busy . I am now 70 and had open heart surgery in 96 , and feel fine. I marred and school teacher , and she still teaches so I stay busy cooking and playing as much golf as possible.

Richard A. Furman - [email protected]
633 Park Ave N. #8A
Winter Park fl 32789 407-291-2700

Ad No.: 236 - Department: 1964 on 09/05/98 23:09:47 MD
Description: I am practicing as a CPA here in Orlando and have been since I graduated from college in '71. I have two sons ages 23 &25 and was married until this year. I started in 57 in the junior school and should have been in the class of '65 but graduated in three years. I entered Auburn Univ in the fall of '64 and went to Vietnam in '66 because I didn't concentrate on my studies. I finally graduated from the University of Central Florida in 71 with a BSBA in Accounting. I completed my masters in management from Rollins College in 74 and received my CPA certificate at that time. I would look forward to hearing from any of the former cadets that attended in that time frame. My father Henry J. Furman served in various teaching and administrative capacities from '57 to '64 including the first alumni secretary and renovated the Armstrong house as an Alumni house. He passed away in 1991 and had gone on to be Director of School Planning fro the state of SC.

Don McBride - [email protected]
710 West Aspen Heights Dr.
Murray UT 84123 801 261-3366

Ad No.: 237 - Department: 1973 on 09/05/98 23:54:25 MD
Description: Hi! I attended 'Heights' from '65 to '73. Both of my brothers also attended. Ron was there from '65 to '67. Lloyd from '69 to '75. We have gone to several Homecomings. I worked for Sperry and Unisys. Currently, I am self-employed. I repair computers and general electronics. It's good to see a web site devoted to Heights!

Thomas P. McKenna - [email protected]
202 Bliss Road
Montpelier VT 05602 802 223-1672

Ad No.: 238 - Department: 1948 on 09/06/98 06:29:05 MD
Description: Enlisted in the 82nd Airborne Division in June '48. Appointed to West Point in 1949, graduated in 1953. Served 13-1/2 years overseas: three tours in Europe, one in Korea, two in Vietnam. Retired in 1975. Started a small business which I sold in 1993. Now retired. Married, divorced, married again. Two sons. I drove to the campus for the first time in 35 years just after the big ice storm in Feb 1993 and saw the abandoned buildings, broken windows, trees down across the roads. Very sad. So I was happy to hear about the renovation of the castle and to learn that there is an alumni association.

Maxwell G. Horkins, Jr. - [email protected]
104 Westminster Place
Nashville TN 37205 (615) 833-0097

Ad No.: 239 - Department: 1949 on 09/06/98 10:21:25 MD
Description: Actively involved in Hotel Real Esate Brokerage. Have been active in just about all phases of real estate since 1958. Have owned and operated several properties over the years. I am married to the former Jo Ann Neely. We have been married (soon will be 44 years). We have three grown children, 2 daughters and 1 son. My days at Heights were lots of fun (that is most of the time). I think having this web site is a great idea. I would like to hear from my 1949 classmates.

Leslie Barton Butler (Bart) - [email protected]
2820 Elkton Pike
Pulaski TN 38478 931-468-2429

Ad No.: 240 - Department: 1979 on 09/06/98 15:55:35 MD
Description: Graduated from Cumberland University, BBA 1985. Served 9 years U.S. Army. Joined Tennessee Highway Patrol 1994, and Tennessee Army National Guard. Serve as Trooper in Giles County, and Major, Engineer with the 194th Engineer Brigade, Jackson, TN. Married to Angela Hill Butler from Fayetteville, TN. Have one son, Adam, age 11 Months.

Ben Heath - [email protected]
4322 Barth Dr
St.Louis, MO 63125 314-487-7531

Ad No.: 241 - Department: 1939 on 09/07/98 09:48:30 MD
Description: I graduated in 1938. Went on active duty in 1940--served a year in South Pacific and a year in Europe. Spent a year in Korea and a year in Viet Nam. After 32 years, retired in St.Louis and obtained my master's degree in History. I taught high school students in the public school system, and retired from teaching in 1985. I,ve been married for 54 years, had four sons and one daughter, and now have nine grandsons--no granddaughters.

Rasselle L. McCaleb, DDS - [email protected]
2 Dogwood Circle
Lake City FL 32025 9047524451

Ad No.: 242 - Department: 1942 on 09/07/98 13:36:29 MD
Description: Graduated from Heights in 42 Entered army and served with 80th Inf Div in 3rd Army After service went to Ohio State and graduated from dental school in June 1953 Moved to Florida and practiced in Lake City till I retired in November, 1979 Son Scott graduated from Heights in 1970 I enjoy woodcarving and my computer now Live with Jean (wife of 52 yrs.) and Honey our Yorkie Have traveled in RV a good bit but age is slowing us down

Paul S. Nussbaum, M.D. - [email protected]
40 Santa Barbara Drive
Santa Fe NM 87505 (505)988-3655

Ad No.: 243 - Department: 1948 on 09/07/98 14:12:20 MD
Description: A.B. Southeast Missouri State M.D. Univ. of Tennessee College of Medicine Internship & one year General Surgery-Houston, Tx Urological Surgery Residency- Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.Army Medical Corps-7 1/2 years-Major Program Director, Urology Residency Training Program-Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Clinic, Temple, Texas - 1967-1977 Private Practice, Urology - Santa Fe, New Mexico Retired June 1992 Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Flying, Bird Watching, Amateur Radio, Reading and Investment Research Still happily married to same wife - Three adult children and six grandchildren

Paul S. Nussbaum, M.D. - [email protected]
40 Santa Barbara Drive
Santa Fe NM 87505 (505)988-3655

Ad No.: 244 - Department: 1948 on 09/07/98 14:12:46 MD
Description: A.B. Southeast Missouri State M.D. Univ. of Tennessee College of Medicine Internship & one year General Surgery-Houston, Tx Urological Surgery Residency- Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.Army Medical Corps-7 1/2 years-Major Program Director, Urology Residency Training Program-Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Clinic, Temple, Texas - 1967-1977 Private Practice, Urology - Santa Fe, New Mexico Retired June 1992 Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Flying, Bird Watching, Amateur Radio, Reading and Investment Research Still happily married to same wife - Three adult children and six grandchildren

Robert B. Bailey - [email protected]
636 Lynwood St.
Thousand Oaks CA 91360 (805) 373-4512

Ad No.: 245 - Department: 1968 on 09/07/98 23:13:08 MD
Description: --B.S. Physics, MIT, 1972 --Ph.D., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1979 --presently a Senior Scientist at Rockwell Science Center, Thousand Oaks, CA, developing infrared imaging devices for scientific, industrial, and military applications --married with 2 kids, 4 and 6

Robert R. Williams, Jr. - [email protected]
2078 Cornwall
Germantown TN 38138-4603 901-754-6779

Ad No.: 246 - Department: 1966 on 09/08/98 08:29:48 MD
Description: known in the Corp as "Railroad" Williams R. R., , member of football team in fall of '64 & '65, Graduated BS ME 1971 University of Miss, Married Nancy Houchins from Vicksburg Miss. in 1971, Gratuated MBA 1972 University of Miss, Daughter, Rebecca Louise born 1974, Son, Robert R. III born 1976, currently Software Services Consultant with Integrated Systems & Services Group - implementing MFG/PRO software by QAD

Raymond P. Lamb - [email protected]
1953 Crystal St.
Aurora CO 80011 303-367-1978

Ad No.: 247 - Department: 1950 on 09/08/98 09:19:09 MD
Description: Retired (1989) Regional US Employment Service Director, USDOL. Married 46 years to Lorie and we have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Some post-retirement consulting work for USDOL in Eastern Europe. We love to travel, but are slowing down some. Hope to make one of the re-unions. Would like to get any info on Heights roommate - James J. Brett Jr.('50) Last known to fly for Pam Am orTWA and live in Santurce, PR.

Harry Leggett - Buba7834
6701 W. 12th St., Suite 7
Little Rock AR 72204 501 666-2822

Ad No.: 248 - Department: 1952 on 09/08/98 10:13:05 MD
Description: Retired March 1998 as Chairman of the Board of Arkansas National Life Insurance Company, Little Rock, AR.

J. Kevin Etheridge - [email protected]
1717 Orchard Dr.
Lebanon TN 37087 615-2556-5572

Ad No.: 249 - Department: 1982 on 09/08/98 10:51:58 MD
Description: Presently owner of Designer Graphix in Nashville. Married Jenny Wilkinson in March,1987 Daughter Erin born October,1996

Rick Grisham - [email protected]
3914 Manner Dale Drive
Louisville KY 40220 502-582-2230

Ad No.: 250 - Department: 1977 on 09/08/98 13:45:53 MD

Clifford E Culver - [email protected]
6804 One Oak Road
Austin TX 78749 512-899-0517

Ad No.: 251 - Department: 1959 on 09/08/98 17:25:00 MD
Description: Reitred from Mobil Corporation 1998 as an IS Systems Manager. Married 38 years to Janice with three children and two grandchildren. Spending time trying to find if I like retirement and improving my tennis and golf games. My wife says I'll have another job in less than 6 months.

Gene Fedevich -

Ad No.: 252 - Department: 1960 on 09/08/98 18:54:13 MD

Paul J. Holsen II - [email protected]
6791 St. Edmunds Loop
Fort Myers FL 33912-1589 941 768 0004

Ad No.: 253 - Department: 1959 on 09/09/98 14:14:50 MD

R. Chandler Knowles - [email protected]
6400 Long St. #27
Pensacola FL 32504 850/494-0316

Ad No.: 254 - Department: 1961 on 09/09/98 16:54:40 MD
Description: Post Graduate year at CHMA 1962. Attended Tulane University then Southeastern Louisiana College. Accounting 1968 USMCR 1964-1970 Practiced accounting for several years. Owned a business college and a general aviation fixed base operation. Pres. of Chandler Knowles, Inc., a Design-Build firm since 1979 specializing in large custom residential and light commercial construction projects. Never married, several girlfriends and several "adopted" children and two cats.

Jennifer Farnklin Winfree - [email protected]
186 Ashburn Circle
Lancaster Tn 38569

Ad No.: 255 - Department: 1980 on 09/10/98 16:04:22 MD
Description: I am a second grade teacher. I have been teaching for 13 years. My husband is Richard. He is retired from the furniture business.We live on the lake at Center Hill. I hope to retire in 5 years.We enjoy boating and fishing.Life is great!

Raleigh Green - [email protected]
4120 Saint John's St.
High Point NC 27265

Ad No.: 256 - Department: 1978 on 09/11/98 07:34:14 MD
Description: I am working as a Technical Sales Representative for CPS Resources, Inc. We specialize in product decoration using hot stamp foils, heat transfers, and pad printing. I am married with two girls, ages six and eight.

Douglas C. Knowles - [email protected]
2120 North Forest Trail
Dunwoody GA 30338 404-296-5595
Ad No.: 257 - Department: 1964 on 09/11/98 09:54:52 MD
Description: After leaving Heights, played soccer in New Orleans for Tulane's club in the semi-pro ethnic league while attending college in Florida (I know its confusing). Served in the United States Marine Corps in the 60's. Graduated from the University of West Florida. Began a career in Advertising & communications. Joined the staff of U.S. Senator Lawton Chiles (D, Fl) and then went on to work for Young & Rubicam Advertising. Was Hired by one of our clients and worked with the Southern Company until I came here to Serologicals Corporation as Director of Investor & Corporate Communications. We provide antibodies to major pharmaceutical companies around the world. Have a son, Brian, with an MBA who works for an advertising agency here in Atlanta. Still played soccer up into my 30's for a number of teams besides Tulane, including the 8th Marine Regiment team in Europe, the Navy team in Pensacola and a number of teams in the Suncoast league in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Would love to hear from any of my old friends at Heights.

Stephen C. Roy - [email protected]

West Covina CA

Ad No.: 258 - Department: 1986 on 09/13/98 21:28:12 MD
Description: Castle Heights closed after my Junior year and I went to Kemper Military for my senior year in Booneville, Missouri. After graduation I joined the U.S. Army and have been stationed at Kitzgen, Germany, Fort Carson, Colorado and Seoul, South Korea. I am currently an Army Recruiter in California for the next 3 years. I am married and have two children, Samantha, 11 and Alexander 6. It's great to have our own web page!

JW(JAMIE) METZGER JR. - [email protected]
TITUSVILLE FL 32780 (407) 269-3953

Ad No.: 259 - Department: 1985 on 09/14/98 17:13:59 MD

LTC Donald Bishop, USA, Ret - [email protected]
514 West Spring St
Lebanon TN 37087 615 444-1241

Ad No.: 260 - Department: Faculty on 09/15/98 19:14:22 MD

Donald A Creely - [email protected]
5435 Landis Av
Port Orange FL 32127-5525 (904) 760-6388

Ad No.: 261 - Department: 1948 on 09/15/98 19:54:47 MD

Cal McDowell - [email protected]

Nashville TT

Ad No.: 262 - Department: 1986 on 09/16/98 11:39:20 MD

Edward A. O'Neal - [email protected]
321 Shirley Avenue
Norfolk VA 23517-2264 757 623-6959

Ad No.: 263 - Department: 1954 on 09/17/98 10:07:26 MD
Description: Graduated from Georgia Tech in 1958. Designated a Naval Aviator in 1960. Graduated from the U.S. Navy Test Pilot School in 1965. One hundred and fifty combat and combat support missions in Vietnam War flying A-4 Skyhawks. Commanded a squadron of EA-6B Prowler aircraft. On shore duty worked primarily in developmental and operational testing of naval weapons systems. Retired in 1989 from the U.S. Navy after over 30 years commissioned service. Member of the Norfolk Electoral Board. Volunteer with several arts and civic organizations.

MIKE CONATSER - [email protected]
MARYVILLE TN 37803 423-984-0843

Ad No.: 264 - Department: 1967 on 09/17/98 10:37:24 MD
Description: I married Jimmmy Suddarths "67" cousin Kathy.We have been married 30 years and have 3 sons. Andy- a UT graduate manages restaurants in Nashville.Judd a United States Naval Academy grad-- flys P3s out of Jacksonville,Fla, Zack is 16.Kathy and I are both UT grads and enjoy UT football .We would enjoy hearing from old CHMA friends.

George W. Gregory - [email protected]
1272 Wades Branch Road
Centerville TN 37033 931-729-5003

Ad No.: 265 - Department: 1970 on 09/20/98 20:11:30 MD
Description: I have been a Wildlife Officer in Tennessee since 1977 after graduating from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida. My wife Jean is the Principal at Centerville Elementary School.

Keith Jude - [email protected]
43 Brown Thrasher Road
Hilton Head Island SC 29926 843-681-6436

Ad No.: 266 - Department: 1978 on 09/22/98 19:51:14 MD
Description: Hello everyone ! I’m living in Hilton Head Island, SC with my wife Jane and children Amelia and Stewart. I’m currently Vice President of Hilton Head Security Systems, Inc.. We do custom security electronics...burglar and fire alarms, CCTV and access control systems. I have fond memories of Heights and would welcome email from cadets from my era. My address is 43 Brown Thrasher Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926. Phone: 843-681-6436.

Marlese Tuggle Allen - [email protected]
1037 Tinnell Road
Mt. Juliet TN 37122

Ad No.: 267 - Department: 1978 on 09/23/98 09:43:59 MD

Jim Thigpen - [email protected]
519 West Noble Avenue
Bushnell FL 33513 352-568-0001

Ad No.: 268 - Department: 1969 on 09/23/98 17:26:40 MD
Description: I attended Florida State University graduated in 1974 with a degree in marketing, later did graduate work in organizational communication there. Currently doing graduate work at University of South Florida in Instructional Technology. Spent about seven years in Denver, CO while there served as Director of Legislative Affairs for Colorado Rural Electric then as VP Marketing and Sales for Quickpen International. Also worked for rural electric in Paducah, KY for awhile. Moved back to my hometown in 1988 to open real estate office and to teach computer science at Lake-Sumter Community College. Currently serve as director of branch campus of LSCC. Wife Linda have three sons 29, 27 and 11. One grandaughter 3.

Adam Berman - [email protected]
338 Wilson Ave
Satellite Beach FL 32937 (407)777-0399

Ad No.: 269 - Department: 1986 on 09/24/98 12:40:33 MD
Description: After leaving CHMA I joined the Army and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division for four years. After which, I attended college and received a BS degree in Environmental Science and a minor degree in Aeronautical Science from the Florida Institute of Technology. I am currently working for the university teaching incoming students to fly single engine aircraft as they work towards their Aeronautical degree. I was married in 1994 to my wife Racine, and have two children. I am constantly threatening to send them to military school if they don’t shape up (ha ha.) Even though my stay a CHMA did not end on the best of conditions I still look back with fond memories. Best wishes to everyone.

COWLEY, John Ben Jr. - [email protected]
2201 Lewisburg Hwy.
Fayetteville TN 37334 931-433-1952

Ad No.: 270 - Department: 1964 on 09/24/98 16:24:53 MD
Description: I have been in the real estate business in Fayetteville for the last 15 years but am in the process of a career move probably back into sales. My wife Nina and I have two sons John Ben III who is a freshman at UT and Bret who is a Junior at Lincoln County High. I would like to hear from some of the old guys.

Donn S. Claiborne - [email protected]
559 Towe String Rd.
Jacksboro Tn 37757 4235627415

Ad No.: 271 - Department: 1960 on 09/30/98 09:44:41 MD

Hugh R. Hill - [email protected]
1839 Rutherford Ave
Louisville Ky 40205 502-459-1218

Ad No.: 272 - Department: 1981 on 10/03/98 14:59:48 MD

Charles R. Chaulk - [email protected]
917 #2 Orange Avenue
Port Orange Fl 32119 904-756-7636

Ad No.: 273 - Department: 1956 on 10/03/98 22:21:03 MD
Description: No that our children are grown, it is time for Mama and I to do something for ourselves. We have moved to Port Orange, Fl and hope to settle down.

Michael Bruce Johnstone - [email protected]
13428 Dronfield Ave.
Sylmar Ca 91342 818 364-5225

Ad No.: 274 - Department: 1965 on 10/04/98 22:42:15 MD

Mark Sanders - [email protected]
865 Rutledge Ln
Lebanon TN 37087 615-444-5429

Ad No.: 275 - Department: 1971 on 10/05/98 18:17:34 MD
Description: After college at Tenn Tech I returned to CHMA as a faculty member for 7 years. I lived on campus in Ingram Hall and in Main. I married and had 2 children while there. I now teach math and am the Technical Assistant at Lebanon High School.

Mark Sanders - [email protected]
865 Rutledge Ln
Lebanon TN 37087 615-444-5429

Ad No.: 276 - Department: Faculty on 10/05/98 18:47:36 MD
Description: I'm married with 2 children now. I teach math at Lebanon High School and I'm the technical assistant there.

Gayle Wauford Mallicoat - [email protected]
117 Pennsylvania Ave.
Lebanon TN 37087 (615)444-7748

Ad No.: 277 - Department: 1983 on 10/07/98 12:37:07 MD
Description: Married 13 years to the same man! Husband-Ralph Mallicoat. Two children-Katie (11 years old) and Joey (7 years old) Retired from teaching junior high school math and science. Spend my time on the golf course!!

Nick Kelly - [email protected]
3212 Knobview Drive
Nashville TN 37214 615-885-4947

Ad No.: 278 - Department: 1978 on 10/07/98 19:46:32 MD
Description: Im living in Nashville with my wife, Crista. I have three children, Reise, Nathan, and Matthew.

Watson Ambruster IV - [email protected]
136 North Hatton Avenue
Lebanon TN 37087 (615)444-5324

Ad No.: 280 - Department: 1979 on 10/10/98 15:36:28 MD
Description: Married, three beautiful daughters, self-employed mechanical contractor, graduated Utah State University

Leah Ambruster Dunnam -
1935 Luckadoo Road
Fort Mill SC 29715

Ad No.: 281 - Department: 1978 on 10/10/98 15:54:35 MD

Chad L. McDougle - [email protected]
227 Haynes Haven Ln
Murfreesboro TN 37129 (615)459-1597

Ad No.: 282 - Department: 1984 on 10/11/98 08:57:32 MD
Description: I graduated from Tennessee Tech in 1988 with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and went to work at Nissan Motor Mfg. Corp. in Smyrna, TN. In 1990 I married my college sweetheart Cheryl Hardison. We have two daughters, Julia Grace (Oct 1995) and Alissa Jane (September 1998). I am still employeed by Nissan as a Sr. Industrial Engineer. My main hobby that I don't have much time for outside of my family and job is riding my 1995 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.

Doris Inman - [email protected]

Jackson Tn 38305

Ad No.: 283 - Department: Faculty on 10/11/98 15:33:31 MD
Description: My husband and I taught at Heights from 1980 through 1986. My son, daughter and daughter-in-law are all alumni and we lived on campus for many of those years. I would be interested to hear from any former faculty or students.

Louis Spilman, Jr. - [email protected]
Post Office Box 53701
Fayetteville, NC 28305 (910) 484-7547

Ad No.: 284 - Department: 1948 on 10/11/98 15:52:18 MD
Description: Retired from the Printing and Publishing business. Married to Mary McQueen MacPherson and have 4 grown children and six grandchildren. After Heights, I attended W $ L University and later graduated from Methodist College in Fayetteville. I served in the Korean Conflict as a Captain (Infantry). After Korea I became the owner and publishers of three weekly newspapers in East Tennessee and one on Southwest Virginia we later sold these properties and moved to Fayetteville where i enterest the Commercial Printing and Publishing business. Our Lord has been very good to our family since I accepted Him as Master of my life in April of 1960.

Don R. Ash - [email protected]
20 Public Square N, rm 409,
murfreesboro, Tn 37130 615-898-8074

Ad No.: 285 - Department: 1973 on 10/11/98 16:51:10 MD
Description: Married, four children, Circuit court judge.

Don R. Ash - [email protected]
20 Public Square N, rm 409,
murfreesboro, Tn 37130 615-898-8074

Ad No.: 286 - Department: 1973 on 10/11/98 16:51:16 MD
Description: Married, four children, Circuit court judge.

Fred L. Weiss - [email protected]
50 Second Avenue
Newnan GA 30263 770.850.4676

Ad No.: 287 - Department: 1969 on 10/11/98 17:37:14 MD

Donelson P. Stiel - [email protected]
Post Office Box 602
Franklin LL 70538 318-828-5867

Ad No.: 288 - Department: 1976 on 10/11/98 21:48:01 MD
Description: I'm doing just fine.

Fred L. Weiss - [email protected]
50 Second Avenue
Newnan GA 30263 770.850.4676

Ad No.: 289 - Department: 1969 on 10/12/98 06:20:33 MD
Description: Live in Newnan Ga. SW of Atlanta. Work with S.I.T.A, an Airlines Telecommunications firm, as Systems Analyst. Married with three children. Twin boys 14, and a daughter 12. I just got back from Lebanon for the Reunion this weekend and my wife Irene and I had a wonderful time. Please all you Class of '69 Cadets...Let's all be there for the 30th next year. Call or write or E-Mail anytime.

Laura Leigh Barnes Littleford - [email protected]
1514 Tulip Drive
Arlington TX 76013 817 860 3389
Ad No.: 290 - Department: 1986 on 10/12/98 20:50:40 MD
Description: I am currently living in Texas, but this is only for a short time. I graduated from Ole Miss and then received my MA from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. I married John Littleford in May 1995 and in June 1996 we moved to Russia to serve as missionaries. We were in Russia for nine months and then moved to Bosnia for thirteen months. We hope to return overseas in June 1999.

Bob Tubay - [email protected]

Ad No.: 291 - Department: 1971 on 10/13/98 17:48:34 MD

Don P. Stiel - [email protected]
Post Office Drawer 602
Franklin la 70538 318-828-5867

Ad No.: 292 - Department: 1976 on 10/13/98 21:45:29 MD
Description: I'm doing just fine. Had a great time at HC 98' Insurance business in Louisiana, Super Dome Commission, 3 kids Miss all my friends from Heights

John W. Martin,Jr AKA Bill Martin - [email protected]
515 Rural Hill Road
Nashville TT 37217-4107 615-749-8961

Ad No.: 293 - Department: 1971 on 10/14/98 20:09:03 MD
Description: I am married to a great lady named Debbi. We have one son, John William Martin, III. I graduated from Trevcca Nazarene College and work for the United States Postal Service. We raise basset hounds and show them across the country. Would love hearing from anyone from the class of '71 .

Fred Jackson - [email protected]
28566 Palos Verdes Drive East
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275 310-8312571

Ad No.: 294 - Department: 1954 on 10/16/98 17:25:09 MD
Description: After graduating from Heights, I went on to the University of Michigan, graduating in 1959 as an aeronautical engineer. I then entered the US Air Force as a 2nd Lt and spent most of my tour at Edwards AFB in California's Mojave Desert at the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory. While I was in the Air Force, I married Mary Jo Reinke. We had met and dated while at th U of M. We ultimately produced 3 sons, who are all healthy and productive members of society. At Edwards AFB I managed projects and did research in many types of advanced rocket propulsion. In 1962 I retired from the Air Force and joined TRW in Redondo Beach, with whom I stayed until retirement in 1994. There I continued research and management of projects in advanced propusion, spacecraft, and high energy lasers. I had a very satisfying career and now lead a very active life with my wife (who retired as an RN within the last year) traveling, golfing, jogging, managing our resources, attending cultural and sporting events in the Los Angeles basin, and observing the scene via the internet and other channels. Hello to all of you out there who were at Heights in the '54 era. It would be great to hear from any of you who might get a chance to drop a line.

RICHARD M. FIELDS, D.D.S. - [email protected]
1812 Neelley Road
Pleasant Garden NC 27313 (336) 674-5703

Ad No.: 295 - Department: 1948 on 10/16/98 21:28:01 MD
Description: After graduation from Heights I started pre-med studies at Tulane University, New Orleans. Met a wonderful gal in the first semester, Mary Durland Sapp of Greensboro, NC at Newcomb College of Tulane and fell in love. Completed three years at Tulane University, went to Western Kentucky State University. Married Mary Durland in 1952. Graduated from the University of Tennessee Collrge of Dentistry in1956. By then we had two daughters: Dorothy and Dixie Lee. Ijoined the Army in 1956. Sent to Japan with my family for about two years. Honorably discharged in 1958. Came to Pleasant Garden, NC and established my dental practice in October 1958. A third daughter was born just before I left the Army: Lisa, whom we lost in September 1977 at the age of 19. I have been very active with my art, painting with prints markted portraits of Confederate High Command. Retired from the practice of dentistry (after 40 years) in 1994 and on the side have been enjoying retirement between our home in pleasant Garden and our beach house on Emerald Isle. I am active in real estate and business. I have been active in the Pleasant Garden United Methodist Churchk Chairman, Executive Council etc. Numerous positions in local and state dental societies. President third District Dental Society, American College of Dentists. Guildford County Board of Health, Chairman for three years. Lions Club. President Kiwanis. Pleasant Garden Man of the Year. Honorary Jaycee. Active in Soms of Confederate Veterans. Camp Commander, Division Surgeon.

Diego Reina - [email protected]
Res Cayena Beach #307
Puerto La Cruz-Venezuela An 6016 016 6818005
Ad No.: 296 - Department: 1986 on 10/18/98 14:19:59 MD
Description: Hello from Venezuela, miss my school

Amy Beth Hale - [email protected]
1410 Wrightford Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Ad No.: 297 - Department: 1987 on 10/18/98 20:07:28 MD
Description: After Heights closed, I attended Friendship Christian School for my senior year ('87). I went on to MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN and gratuated with a BS in Recording Industry Management. I have been with SESAC for nearly four years. My official title there is Manager, Royalty Documentation. SESAC is a performing rights organization (like ASCAP and BMI). I oversee all of our songwriter's and music publisher's contracts, song catalogues, copyright assignments, etc. So I get to deal with many aspects of the music industry especially copyright law. I currently serve on the Heights Alumni Board of Directors. Also, my father, CAPT, MAJ, or COL (depending on when you attended Heights) Hale is fine. He has retired from teaching and spends most of his time thinking up clever messages for his answering machine. :)

Bird - [email protected]

Ad No.: 298 - Department: 1972 on 10/19/98 14:09:52 MD
Description: AS CPT Bird, I taught Math, Algebra I & II, Senior math and Speech from 1968 to 1972. I also was intramural soccer coach. Following my distinguished tenure @ CHMA, I went to U of Tenn lawschool and have been with the U.S. Department of justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service since 1976. Best wishes to all the Cadets who owe all their success in business and life to the lessons I taught them @ dear old CHMA. Terry C. Bird CPT, CHMA Math Dept 1968-1972

Bird, Terry C. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 299 - Department: 1972 on 10/19/98 14:16:42 MD
Description: AS CPT Bird, I taught Math, Algebra I & II, Senior math and Speech from 1968 to 1972. I also was intramural soccer coach. Following my distinguished tenure @ CHMA, I went to U of Tenn lawschool and have been with the U.S. Department of justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service since 1976. Best wishes to all the Cadets who owe all their success in business and life to the lessons I taught them @ dear old CHMA. Terry C. Bird CPT, CHMA Math Dept 1968-1972

W. Scott Robinson - [email protected]
3500 Lake Towne Drive
Antioch TN 37013 615-360-8526

Ad No.: 300 - Department: 1976 on 10/20/98 00:36:06 MD
Description: After graduating from Heights, I went to both Western Kentucky and Middle Tenn. Universities. I worked at Wilson County Civil Defense in 1979 with David Hale (CHMA'74) before going to work at Vanderbilt University Police. I joined the Metro Police in Nashville in 1980 and am currently a Sergeant on the midnight shift at South Patrol. In addition to that, I work as a part-time radio jock on WAY-FM, a Christian radio station where I have a segment on the morning show called "Crooks Get Busted" where I share stories of really stupid criminals!! (By the way, any stories of that nature can be sent to either my e-mail or to WAY-FM in care of me to [email protected] I married the former Mary Chapman (sister of Sandy Chapman, CHMA '77, and we have a daughter April (8 years) a son John (5 years) and one on the way!!!!! I belong to the Masonic Lodge and Shriners and am currently Chaplain of Buena Vista Lodge 639, F&AM. I also served as a police chaplain of the Fraternal Order of Police from 1986-1990. We attend both Riverwood Church of Christ and Lakeshore Christian Church both in Nashville.

Martin A. (Sandy) Chapman -
208 Riverwood Drive
La Vergne TN 37086 615-793-1014

Ad No.: 301 - Department: 1977 on 10/20/98 05:29:37 MD
Description: Presently residing in La Vergne, Tn. Have 2 children...Rachel (15 years) and Alex (11 years). Am working at Lewis Bakery in Murfreesboro, TN. My sister Mary married Scott Robinson (CHMA '76) and they live near us in Antioch (Nashville).

Thomas B. Woosley - [email protected]
2504 Aspen Cove Drive
Vestavia Hills, AL 35243 205-970-0229

Ad No.: 302 - Department: 1967 on 10/20/98 19:50:50 MD

Robert L. Reeves - [email protected]
808 Foster Hill
Nashville Tn 37215 615/780-9387
Ad No.: 303 - Department: 1952 on 10/26/98 15:43:34 MS
Description: From Tampa, FL Attended Heights '48-'52 Graduated '52 Vanderbilt '52-'56 Graduated BA '56 Army '56-'58 Investment Banking Business (Stock Broker) '58 to present with SunTrust Equitable Securities in the Nashville City Center

Charlie "Bill" Yoder - [email protected]
2294 E. Terrace Drive
Highlands Ranch CO 80126 303-754-1501

Ad No.: 304 - Department: 1966 on 10/26/98 16:44:24 MS
Description: Here is the good news and bad news. The last 30 plus years are not spectacular enough to become a great American novel. I have been able to keep my ramblings down to six paragraphs. After four years of military high school, it seemed only fitting that I would continue to test my tolerance level by attending a Baptist college. I attended William Jewell College, a very small liberals arts college in Liberty, Missouri (about 20 miles north of Kansas City). Because WJC was a small school, I was able to letter in four sports - cross country, track, wrestling and soccer. Ran all four years. Was captain of the cross country team for three years and track team my senior year. Was all conference in cross country and track. Went to small college nationals (NAIA) in cross country and track. Best mile was 4:20, two mile 9:19, three mile 14:35, four mile 19:50 and ten mile 50:15. Only running regret - never did a marathon. In preparation for graduation in 1970, I was fortunate enough to participate in the first draft lottery. I guess I won as my birthday was drawn number six. I quickly participated in four interviews - Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. I eleccted to join Navy Aviation as a Naval Flight Officer. During basic training, I set the overall physical fitness record for NAS Pensacola and broke the obstacle course record. I graduated second in my class behind a guy named Dale Gardner. Dale was a University of Illinois, magna cum laude graduate in physics engineering. He eventually became a space shuttle astronaut on the eight Challenger mission (1983). I became a Bombardier/Navigator (BN) in the Navy’s A-6 Intruder, stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A-6 is a two seat (side by side configuration) all weather bomber. I was the guy in the right seat (pilot in left seat). Following the Navy, I entered the field of Human Resources Management (then known as personnel). I stayed in Virginia Beach for a while, moved to San Diego, back to Virginia Beach and finally to San Francisco in 1979. Met and married my wife, Diana, there. Moved to Marin County in 1982. We had our daughters, Nicki in 1983 and Lauren in 1987 (talked about a late bloomer). I went to work for American President Lines in 1983 in Human Resources. APL is a 150 year old international cargo transportation company (aka shipping company) formerly headquartered in Oakland, CA. My family and I moved to Denver, CO in 1995 where I am presently the head of human resources for the North America customer support functions. We were acquired by NOL (Neptune Orient Lines) last year. NOL, which now operates worldwide as APL, is headquartered in Singapore. I continue to be very active in outdoor activities - running, mountain biking and skiing. Have the perfect environment in Colorado for those things. Love to hear from former classmates. Any skiers heading this way, give a call. Six major ski resorts within an hour and forty five minutes. I enjoy playing tour guide.

James C. Bradshaw, Jr. - [email protected]
108 Oak Hill Circle
Lebanon Tn 37087 615.444.6777

Ad No.: 305 - Department: 1950 on 10/30/98 20:00:03 MS

Kent Oztekin - [email protected]
420 Michael Lane
Birmingham Aa 35213 205-222-0699

Ad No.: 306 - Department: 1974 on 11/03/98 09:17:24 MS
Description: I'm a Commercial Photographer with a wife two children.

John Castro - [email protected]
6604 Hitchingpost Lane
Cincinnati OH 45230 606-655-4400

Ad No.: 307 - Department: 1959 on 11/04/98 07:00:15 MS
Description: I'm alive and well and remarried. Nuff Said

Allen M. chamberlain - [email protected]
1406 Berea Church Rd.
Lebanon TN 37087 6154445714

Ad No.: 308 - Department: 1984 on 11/04/98 14:57:18 MS
Description: married to Sha 1987, have two daughters Kali 8yrs and Jami 2 yrs. Work for Vintec in electrical mantainance. Served 6.5 yrs in US Navy on submarines.

MILLER, I.B.(BUDDY) - [email protected]
HUNTSVILLE AL 35801 256-536-1521

Ad No.: 309 - Department: 1944 on 11/05/98 13:11:56 MS
Description: Buddy and Dolores were married in 1947 and will celebrate 52 years of marriage in Feb.1999, God willing. We have 3 children, and 7 grandchildren . Buddy and Dolores are busy working in family business, L.Miller & Son, Inc, in Huntsville,Al.

James M. Holifield - [email protected]
1610 Alvina Avenue
Sacramento CA 95822 916-451-5456

Ad No.: 310 - Department: 1943 on 11/07/98 20:37:29 MS

LEBANON TN 37090 615-443-5944

Ad No.: 311 - Department: 1985 on 11/09/98 15:55:05 MS
Description: Employed by First Tennessee Bank in Lebanon. Married with 2 sons, Ben & Sam, ages 6 and 5.

ben heath -
4322 barth dr
st louis

Ad No.: 312 - Department: 1938 on 11/10/98 17:05:29 MS

Richard B Page - [email protected]

Winchester Ky

Ad No.: 313 - Department: 1973 on 11/11/98 20:19:28 MS
Description: Class of 73, I know you guys (73) are out there somewhere! I'm married to Rose Mary Page. I have a daughter 19 in college. I've spent the last 16 yrs.with the Kroger (dairy processing) co. My wife and I do alot of long distance bicycling! God Bless, Rick

Tina Wotruba Parks - [email protected]
1687 Africa Road
Lebanon TN 37087 615-963-7429

Ad No.: 314 - Department: 1985 on 11/12/98 10:14:09 MS
Description: Since graduating from CHMA, I have been very busy. I am currently teaching full-time at Tennessee State University's School of Allied Health Professions in the department of Health Information Management. I have a BS in HIM and am currently working on my Master's Degree in Education Administration. I also work professionally for Baptist Hospital in Nashville. I am married (1995). Donald works in manufacturing and in our free time we enjoy working on our new home and restoring/showing our car collection (we have 12 Chevrolet's from 1939 to 1998). My closest friend and partner in crime is Rhonda Kippes Robinson (CHMA Class of '86). Just Monday evening (11/9/98) we had dinner with Carol Loudermilk Ballinger and spent the evening reminiscing and laughing about the "good ole days at CHMA"!

Michael W. Stanford - [email protected]
9818 Central Dr

Ad No.: 315 - Department: 1987 on 11/15/98 15:33:22 MS
Description: After the closing of Heights, I finished high school in Charlotte, NC where my parents had relocated.  After High School I went on to become an Emergency Medical Technician.  I moved back to Tennessee for a brief period then returned to Charlotte.  I am currently the Operations Coordinator for MEDIC, the local provider of ambulance services here in Charlotte.  I have two children Stephanie and Kenneth.


Michael W. Stanford - [email protected]
9818 Central Dr
Charlotte NC 28227 (704) 943-6230

Ad No.: 316 - Department: 1987 on 11/15/98 15:34:02 MS

Rhonda Kippes Robinson - [email protected]
2049B Cairo Bend Road
Lebanon TN 37087 6154441801

Ad No.: 317 - Department: 1986 on 11/16/98 09:46:39 MS
Description: Since graduating from CHMA, I got married (Bobby, Environmental Engineer), have a 2-year old curly-headed daughter (Savannah), have 7 dogs, live on a hilltop near family, got a doctorate in drug-dealing (Pharmacist), work with family. My sister Ashley Kippes Tipton is a Registered Nurse in the family business, married to a Kentuckian, Shane (engineering draftsman), has a 2 year old daughter (Alexis), 1 dog, living on a hilltop near family. We keep in touch with many of our Heights friends and would love to hear from you. You can e-mail Tina Wotruba Parks and she will get it to me.

alan shaw - [email protected]
pobox 1007
214 maple street
bunkie la 71322 318.346.8555

Ad No.: 319 - Department: 1962 on 11/19/98 12:35:34 MS
Description: living large in a small town in louisiana

Roger Bumpers - [email protected]
box 1730
Dhahran, 31311
Saudi Arabia
Ad No.: 320 - Department: 1967 on 11/26/98 04:27:53 MS
Description: Have been working in Saudi for 19 years. Currently drilling superintendent in the drilling department. Have 2 sons 24 and 20.

Tim Harper - [email protected]
8704 Oak View Drive
Chattanooga TN 37421 423-499-8506

Ad No.: 321 - Department: 1982 on 11/29/98 18:43:07 MS
Description: After graduating from CHMA, I attended Tenn Tech Univ and got a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology. I met my wife Terri at Tn Tech and we have been married for over 7 years. My wife is a biology teacher at Dalton High School. I have worked for the state of TN in the Dept of Labor for over 10 years as an OSHA inspector. At the present time, I inspect city, county, and public utility facilities and I hope this work will sometime allow me to walk through the old main building which is now Lebanon City Hall. On the personal side, we do not have any children at this time. However, Terri and I have two cats that seem to be our children and their names are Johnnie and Miss Piggy. I'm glad to find this web site and hope that it will lead to the rekindling of some old friendships. Thanks for all the work put into it.

Bill McCallie - [email protected]
P.O. Box 8063
Chattanooga, Tn 37414 706-965-7390
Ad No.: 322 - Department: 1963 on 11/29/98 22:17:38 MS
Description: I actually would have graduated in 1963, however I attended the Jr school in 1957, 58, 59. My brother Charles attended the Senior school in those years also. I am into real estate and some investments and also have a weekly radio program on public radio called Cowboy Jubilee. Have a great interest in the old western music. Have played in various bands over the past 30 yrs. Currently performing on the riverboat Southern Belle and The Chattanooga Choo Choo! Would like to locate some of the fellas I went to school with.

M. Thomas Davis - [email protected]
5703 Encampment Court
Fairfax Station VA 22039 703-351-6655

Ad No.: 323 - Department: 1968 on 12/02/98 07:57:44 MS
Description: Graduated from West Point with Class of 1972; Master's in International Economics and Relations from Harvard in 1980; Asst Professor at West Point 1980-1983; retired from the Army as a Colonel in 1987; commanded 4-82 Field Artillery Battalion, 3d Armored Division during Desert Storm in 1991; currently Senior Defense Analyst with Northrop Grumman Corporation in Arlington, VA; wife Nancy and two sons: Nathan, 1LT US Army, William & Mary '96, and Nicholas, Harvard '99.

E. Brown Campbell - [email protected]
951 Inlet Circle Road
Venice FL 34285-1008 941 485-6484

Ad No.: 324 - Department: 1902 on 12/04/98 11:29:19 MS
Description: I am retired from the Insurance business. My wife and I live in Venice, Florida. Both our children, a daughter, Heather, and a son, Ed, live within two miles from us. We play golf, sail, and enjoy our time with our four grandshildren. I am hoping that a few of us can organize a reunion in the year 2000 for the class of 1950.

Kerry Lambert - [email protected]
222 Gloucester St.
Franklin TN 37064 615-665-1220

Ad No.: 325 - Department: 1968 on 12/07/98 08:00:33 MS
Description: Married, 3 children two boys and a girl. 15,13.12 years old. Work with MetLife as a recruiter. Live in Franklin, Tn.

Bryan Hendricks - [email protected]
9120 NE 34th St
Spencer OK 73084 405/771-5156

Ad No.: 326 - Department: 1982 on 12/08/98 11:18:58 MS
Description: I was a junior school cadet sergeant in 1977, Rm. 10, Astronaut Hall. I am currently an information specialist with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, where I serve as media liasoon; as well as associate editor, writer and photographer for Outdoor Oklahoma magazine. I live in a suburb of Oklahoma City, have been married 11 years and have three young sons.

John N. Barnett, Jr. -
506 Hazelwood Dr.

Ad No.: 327 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 11:52:05 MS

Stephen M. Bragain - [email protected]
13 Bel Forest Dr
Clearwater FL 33770 (727) 524-4410

Ad No.: 328 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 11:56:51 MS

George Bradfute - [email protected]
513 Stonewall
Memphis TN 38112 (901) 272-2668

Ad No.: 329 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 11:59:20 MS

Russell J. Baker -
4415 Janice
Memphis TN 38122 (901) 682-5603

Ad No.: 330 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:01:02 MS

James W. Chamberlain -
Box 98
Lafayette, TN 37083 (615) 666-4349

Ad No.: 331 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:02:33 MS

Walton T. Conn -
5849 Merrimac Court
Nashville, TN 37215 (615) 373-1958

Ad No.: 332 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:04:16 MS

J. Scott Coverdale - CMPRESS2JUNO.COM
6902 E. 4th Street
Tucson AZ 85710 (520) 886-2349

Ad No.: 333 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:06:55 MS

Frank R. Elkes -
2216 Spring Hill Court
Ocala FL 34471 (352) 368-2805

Ad No.: 334 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:08:58 MS

Tony Gentile -
7209 Dave Carr Road
Charlestown IN 47111 (812) 256-9075

Ad No.: 335 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:10:45 MS

Joe C. Harden -
118 W. Liberty Street
Winnsboro SC 29180-1420 (803) 635-1030

Ad No.: 336 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:12:21 MS

Harry S. Heget - [email protected]
2612 Meadow View Road
Emond OK 73013 (405) 341-0123

Ad No.: 337 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:14:34 MS

David F. Henderson -
475 Bridgetown Court
Satellite Beach FL 32937 (407) 779-8536

Ad No.: 338 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:16:12 MS

William B. Hockensmith -
14048 S.W. 112th Circle
Dunnellon FL 34432 (352) 873-1225

Ad No.: 339 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:18:08 MS

W. Douglas Jackson -
Box 61
Niwot CO 80544-0061 (303) 530-0300

Ad No.: 340 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:20:09 MS

William K. Jaquays -
3105 Dorothy Lane
Spring Arbor, MI 49283 (517) 750-2572

Ad No.: 341 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:22:02 MS

Charles R. Keadle - [email protected]
714 E. Brunswick Place
Cary NC 27513 (919) 467-7235

Ad No.: 342 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:23:57 MS

William L. Kirk - [email protected]
3822 S. Via Del Reyecuelo
Green Valley AZ 85614 (520) 648-5483

Ad No.: 343 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:25:58 MS

William C. Lester - [email protected]
P. O. Box 41
Inverness MS 38753 (601) 265-6030

Ad No.: 344 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:27:59 MS

James R. Marcum - [email protected]
1616 Fort Sumter Drive
Lexington KY 40505 (606) 299-8824

Ad No.: 345 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:29:53 MS

Fred E. Marsh, Jr. - [email protected]
10108 Tan Rara Drive
Knoxville TN 37922 (423) 966-6111

Ad No.: 346 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:33:00 MS

Cannon R. Mayes -
1509 Hunters Branch
Antioch TN 37013 (615) 832-1631

Ad No.: 347 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:34:35 MS

Robert G. McCullough -
2024 Kingsbury Drive
Nashville TN 37215 (615) 221-3994

Ad No.: 348 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:36:30 MS

John D. Myers, M.D. - [email protected]
252 First Avenue South
Naples FL 34102-5960 (941) 262-0964

Ad No.: 349 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:38:53 MS

Ernest B. Pellegrin -
927 Nashville Pike
Gallatin TN 37066 (615) 452-3469

Ad No.: 350 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:40:28 MS

Leland T. Powell -
3252 Banchory Road
Winter Park FL 32792-4704 (407) 647-4958

Ad No.: 351 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:42:34 MS

Pete Rademacher -
5585 River Styx Road
Medina OH 44256 (330) 723-5064

Ad No.: 352 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:44:04 MS

Richard W. Reeves -
3107 1/2 N. Julia Circle
Tampa FL 33627 (813) 839-7791

Ad No.: 353 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:45:32 MS

Charles R. Remen -
1316 Judson Av
Evanston IL 60201 (847) 328-6050

Ad No.: 354 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:47:23 MS

Milton B. Rogers - [email protected]
411 Woodbine Drive
Pensacola FL 32503 (850) 438-1761

Ad No.: 355 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:49:01 MS

Edward L. Rucks -
1204 Chamberlain Drive
Memphis TN 39119 (901) 682-9294

Ad No.: 356 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:50:30 MS

Kenneth G. Rush -
220 Broadmoor Blvd. North
Springfield OH 45504 (937) 399-1061

Ad No.: 357 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:51:53 MS

Doyle Springer, Jr. -
471 Old Farm Lane
Montgomery AL 36116 (334) 284-2017

Ad No.: 358 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:53:34 MS

Thomas G. Stephenson -
3440 -31st Ave
Meridian MS 39305 (601) 482-2564

Ad No.: 359 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:55:06 MS

J. Roy Wauford, Jr. -
P. O. Box 140350
Nashville TN 37214 (615) 883-3243

Ad No.: 360 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:56:42 MS

James L. Williams - [email protected]
P. O. Box 5383
Evansville IN 47716 812 474-1750

Ad No.: 361 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 12:58:41 MS

Thomas H. Winford -
7440 Dan Lin Circle
Ft. Meyers FL 33917 (941) 543-1115

Ad No.: 362 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 13:02:37 MS

Waldo B. Young -
8575 Lake Drive
Lithonia GA 30058 (770) 918-9713

Ad No.: 363 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 13:04:10 MS

Donald E. Gaston -
Merry Meadow-115 Hermitage Circle
Ligonier PA 15658 (724) 238-3887

Ad No.: 364 - Department: 1948 on 12/10/98 13:06:10 MS

Edmund Brown Campbell - [email protected]
951 Inlet Circle Road
Venice FL 34285-1008 941 485-6484

Ad No.: 365 - Department: 1950 on 12/13/98 12:05:54 MS

Donald Wilee - [email protected]
3405 Whittaker Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37415 423-634-6149 121

Ad No.: 366 - Department: 1964 on 12/19/98 21:32:02 MS

John N. Barnett, Jr. - [email protected]
506 Hazelwood Dr.
Smyrna TN 37167 615-459-3289

Ad No.: 367 - Department: 1948 on 12/21/98 19:41:13 MS

John (Claude) Garrett, III - [email protected]

Ad No.: 368 - Department: 1967 on 01/01/99 16:10:41 MS

Darryn Busby -
806 Glisson Rd.
Paris TN 38242 (901) 642-5057

Ad No.: 369 - Department: 1990 on 01/02/99 17:13:08 MS
Description: I graduated in 1992 from Chester County High School. I was in the last 4th and 5th grades that CHMA had in 1984 and 1985. I am now currently the manager of AMG Mortgage Lending in Paris, TN. I married Lory Ann Reynolds December 31, 1996, and we are still yet to have our first child. I am also attempting to create a directory of all former CHMA students. Please call me anytime.

Ray White - [email protected]
5456 Cemetery Road
Bowling Greem KY 42103

Ad No.: 370 - Department: 1977 on 01/04/99 16:56:28 MS

David Ellzey - [email protected]
400 Sophia Street
River Ridge LA 70123 5047375475

Ad No.: 371 - Department: 1969 on 01/06/99 15:55:12 MS

Tom McElroy - [email protected]
2421 Glen Eagle Drive
Louisville KY 40222 (502) 569-5566

Ad No.: 372 - Department: 1963 on 01/07/99 11:06:18 MS
Description: I am working for the Presbyterian Church USA also E-Mail at [email protected] I looked for a site from CHMA 2 years ago and it was closed or I would have been here earlier.

Barry R. Fitts - [email protected]
4109 Belmint Blvd. Apt. #C-1
Nashville TN 37215 615-292-7436

Ad No.: 373 - Department: 1984 on 01/09/99 21:22:28 MS
Description: I am now employed at Columbia Health Care Corporation, as a Patient Counting Coordinator for their Information Systems Department. I have recently moved to Nashville from Memphis 6 months ago.

Joe Hendricks - [email protected]
4562 County Rd 152
East Liberty OH 43319

Ad No.: 374 - Department: 1979 on 01/10/99 17:42:40 MS
Description: Hello everyone...thought I would send an update. Moved out of state to Ohio from Murfreesboro; resigned at Nissan in Smyrna and took a job with Honda in Marysville, Ohio back in August of '98. The family is fine and adjusting well. We do miss home though. Would like to hear from fellow classmates. Joe Hendricks '79

Meg Pelley (Williams) - [email protected]
286 Pioneer Ridge Road
Canton NC 28716

Ad No.: 375 - Department: 1985 on 01/13/99 20:19:37 MS

Rod Goodner - [email protected]
415 Bonnie Valley Dr.
Lebanon TN 37087 615-256-0614

Ad No.: 376 - Department: 1983 on 01/17/99 09:16:21 MS
Description: I currently work as a distribution manager for Overton Produce in Nashville. I am married to Beth (Tribble) Goodner and have a son Matt (7) and daughter Sarah (5).

Gilbert Wieland - [email protected]
13023 Cherry Bend Ter
Germantown MD 20874-1842 301-590-8580

Ad No.: 377 - Department: 1949 on 01/18/99 19:29:30 MS
Description: I'm still working daily till my wife's ready to retire. Hope to attend reunion this fall. I have reservations in Nashville for that week.

Russ Hendricks - [email protected]
213 Blair Lane
Lebanon TN 37087 615-453-9843

Ad No.: 378 - Department: 1984 on 01/25/99 06:42:26 MS
Description: Married to Kelly O'Neal Hendricks (Lebanon High Class of '84)in 1990. We have one son, John, born January 7, 1997. I am a Region Sales Manager for World Finer Foods, Inc., selling domestic and imported food products to the grocery industry.

tom stewart miller - [email protected]
3938 stanford drive
oceanside ca 92056 760-757-6823
Ad No.: 379 - Department: 1966 on 02/02/99 20:50:38 MS

Charles E. Tompkins III - [email protected]
5152 Gagne Court
Fairfax VA 22030-8244 202 685 2069

Ad No.: 380 - Department: 1962 on 02/04/99 07:44:31 MS
Description: While I only attended CHMA for one year (1960-61), it was a memorable year! I lived in Ingram Hall (room 12?) with messmates Philip Eastman and R.S. Smith. Had the privilege of learning from MAJ Leftwich on the Cavalier staff and debating under the leadership of CAPT Osborne (from whom I also took history). My debating partner was Mo Brubaker, of whom I'd like very much to hear news. Following CHMA and return to Oklahoma City, I attended Tulane University. In 1967, I was commissioned as an Armor officer and spend the next 20 years in various Army postings in Vietnam, Korea, Germany, and the U.S. I retired from the Army in 1967 at the Pentagon and opened a private law practice in Fairfax, VA. I now am a professor at the National Defense University's Information Resources Management College.

Anthony Castaldo TONY - [email protected]
240 B High Point Blvd North
Boynton Beach FL 33435 561-732- 5708

Ad No.: 381 - Department: 1932 on 02/09/99 15:37:20 MS
Description: CLASS 1932

Larry Turner - [email protected]
114 Woodmont Street
Clinton TN 37716

Ad No.: 382 - Department: 1960 on 02/09/99 21:50:23 MS
Description: I only attended 1 year in 1960 but that single year had a lasting impact on my life. CHMA is needed more today than ever.

Gilbert Wieland -
13023 Cherry Bend Ter
Germantown MD 20874 301-590-8580

Ad No.: 383 - Department: 1949 on 02/10/99 17:34:44 MS

steve maloan - [email protected]
327 valley view circle
lebanon tn 37087 615-444-9610

Ad No.: 384 - Department: 1971 on 02/10/99 20:02:11 MS

Bruce Pruitte - [email protected]
4740 Highway 231 South
Castalian Springs TN 37031 (615) 399-0404

Ad No.: 385 - Department: 1985 on 02/11/99 10:24:29 MS
Description: Married my wife Leslie June 8 1991. We have a son named Jacob, born February 27 1994, and are expecting a little girl in June. I am a Systems Engineer for Pomeroy Computer Resources in Nashville.

MArk - Allan
hc 89
box 1577
Willow AK 99688 907-495-1210

Ad No.: 386 - Department: 1972 on 02/12/99 01:39:18 MS
Description: Been a long time since I've thought of you guys, but you are all still there in the shadows of my mind.Looking over the website, I see that you guys are now here. Any names from the class of 70-2 on the memorial?

MArk - Allan
hc 89
box 1577
Willow AK 99688 907-495-1210

Ad No.: 387 - Department: 1972 on 02/12/99 01:40:17 MS
Description: Been a long time since I've thought of you guys, but you are all still there in the shadows of my mind.Looking over the website, I see that you guys are now here. Any names from the class of 70-2 on the memorial? I can be reached at [email protected]

Mark Allan - [email protected]
hc 89
box 1577
Willow AK 99688

Ad No.: 388 - Department: 1972 on 02/12/99 02:01:11 MS
Description: Let's try this just one more time. There, I knew I could get it right. After graduating, I moved to Nashville and married almost immediately. Stuck around there till I got an opportunity to move to Alaska and change my lifestyle yet again. I'm currently in sales after screwing my back up several years ago. Hey, A change was in the wings anyway.

Richard A. Furman - [email protected]
633 Park Ave N #8A
Winter Park ff 32789 407-2912700

Ad No.: 389 - Department: 1964 on 02/16/99 19:08:11 MS

Daniel P. (Stan) Sponsel - [email protected]
4592 Virsalli Loop
Hope Mills NC 28348

Ad No.: 390 - Department: 1982 on 02/20/99 21:42:18 MS
Description: 1-504 PIR,82nd Airborne Division, FT Bragg, NC. Wife: Ruth Son: Nicholas 12/26/86 Son: Nathan 10/15/90 Daughter: Danielle 10/6/92

Horace V. Whitten - [email protected]
8021 Kingsland Drive
Raleigh NC 27613 (919)486-0670

Ad No.: 391 - Department: 1959 on 02/23/99 19:30:07 MS
Description: STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up! Took an early out from IBM, retired 1/95 with 30 years, mostly a financial career. Back at IBM now, Project Manager in IS. Plan to *really* retire within 2-4 years. Married to my second wife, Ruby, who has a son and daughter who treat me very, very well, and have two beautiful young granddaughters, and a grandson on the way. It doesn't get any better than this, PARTICULARLY since I also get to see all my old friends every year or two, at least those who care to come to Homecoming. I am there every year, hope you'll make an effort to do the same.

John 'Brad'ford Freeman - [email protected]
5895 Linwood Road
Watertown TN 37184 615-862-6195x103

Ad No.: 392 - Department: 1987 on 02/24/99 11:20:57 MS
Description: I went on like the rest of us and graduated from Friendship then went into the US Navy where I participated in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I rolled out in 93, came home and went to college. I graduated with top honors in Information Technology degree. From there, I worked at Nashville Electrical Service designing electrical conversion for industries and subdivisions. I soon transferred fields over into the technical systems of software and hardware. I'm currently working for Justice Information Systems which is a government department located downtown Nashville, helping the judge's and clerks fix problems with their databases and software. I'm always happy to talk to anyone from Heights, so drop me a line.

Mark Reardanz - [email protected]
Box 1804 Keystone Apt.
2502 Bacon Ranch Rd.
Killeen TX 76542 (254) 519-2938

Ad No.: 393 - Department: 1990 on 02/27/99 19:41:49 MS
Description: I attended CHMA from 1984-1986. I was a member of the junior school (GOOBERS) from the 6th to the 8th grade. Following the closure of the school, I attended Wentworth Military Academy in Missouri from 1986-1990 where I graduated high school. Following graduation, I enlisted in the Army and went to the U.S. Military Academy Prep School. In 1991, I received an appointment to West Point. I graduated in 1995 and received a commission in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence Branch. I am currently at FT Hood,TX serving as a battalion S2 for the 57th Signal Battalion. I will be promoted to CPT in June and will return to FT Huachuca, AZ for the adance officer's course in SEP 99. I have been back several to CHMA, including a reunion of the junior school in APR 98. I look back tomy years at CHMA with fond memories. It layed the foundation for who I am today. My brother, Robert '88 attended CHMA as well. He is currently a CPT in the US Air Force at DIA in Washington DC. Also, Wesley Anderson '89 is a CPT in the Army. He is has been selected for Special Forces and is attending the Q course at FT Bragg. I should already be in your listings, but I thought I would say hello after finding your web site. I am sorry to hear about LTC Inman. He was the headmaster in the junior school when I was there from 84-85. He was a good person.

ray white - [email protected]
5456 Cemetery Rd.
Bowling Green ky 42103

Ad No.: 394 - Department: 1977 on 03/01/99 16:21:51 MS

Gordon C. Black - [email protected]
P.O.Box 100
1185 Hawes Blvd.
Hawesville Ky 42348

Ad No.: 395 - Department: 1963 on 03/02/99 22:01:37 MS

John R Davis - [email protected]
324 Warwick Road
Clinton MS 39056 601.924.7411x497

Ad No.: 396 - Department: 1972 on 03/04/99 12:36:31 MS
Description: I an a senior environmental engineer with Delphi Packard Electric Systems in Clinton, MS. We manufacture automtive power and signal distrobution systems. Married sence 1976 to Deborah H Davis,CPA with three kids.

Gary Gray - [email protected]


Ad No.: 397 - Department: 1986 on 03/11/99 18:56:47 MS

Mark Dickens - [email protected]
9341 Forest Hill Lane
Germantown TN 38139 901-263-9015

Ad No.: 398 - Department: 1975 on 03/12/99 19:21:33 MS

Sam Hughes -

Ad No.: 399 - Department: 1965 on 03/16/99 18:30:29 MS

Sam Hughes - [email protected]
19 Oak Forrest CR
Denton, TX 76205 940-382-4111

Ad No.: 400 - Department: 1965 on 03/16/99 18:32:17 MS

Sam Evans - [email protected]

Ad No.: 401 - Department: 1944 on 03/17/99 17:39:33 MS
Description: Sam Evans has a varied career which encompasses a wide spectrum of business achievements, particularly with companies that were on the cutting edge of new products, advanced technology, original concepts and ideas. In the past, Mr. Evans worked his way through business and engineering schools as an iron worker, electrician and welder. He then became plant foreman with the General Motors Corporation in Detroit, Michigan followed up with a position as Field Superintendent and Erector for the Alvey Corporation in Chicago, a company that was in the forefront of designing, manufacturing and installing state-of-the-art automation systems throughout the world. He then became District Manager with Van Norman, a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) firm which developed and patented the very first shaft mounted speed reduction system, a unit that played a vital role in the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic automation of the entire American industrial complex. His next responsibility was as General Manager with Yates American Company, an American Stock Exchange (ASE) firm that was in the forefront of modernizing the distribution of industrial products for American Industry. He was then recruited for the position of Director of Marketing with Thermo Plastics Corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina which was the very first company in the United States to develop and introduce PVC pipe, fittings and valves into the marketplace. Mr. Evans expanded the company nationwide via manufactures representatives, participated in a successful initial public underwriting and the company merged with the Rohr Corporation, a NYSE firm. This was followed up with a short stint as Vice President and General Manager of the Overmeyer Company, a rapidly expanding warehouse firm, where he, along with the Clark Equipment Company executive and others, pioneered a revolution in materials handling and the automation of public warehousing. Thereafter, he became Executive Vice President and a Principal with National Uni-Pac Inc. along with the former president of Coca-Cola International in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was responsible for diversifying soft drink bottlers into franchised hot beverages and snacks, which eventually materialized into the full-line vending industry of today. This company was merged into Burray Snacks, a New York Stock Exchange firm. He then became President of the Dupont family owned Aircraft Corporation in Miami, Florida where he was successful in receiving FAA approval for the design and manufacture of the first stretched version of an airplane for the burgeoning Commuter Airlines industry, which was then only in its infancy. While acting as President of Dupont Modifications, he learned of a company in Dallas, Texas, Venetian International that was experimenting with the development of a proprietary product for the building industry. He accepted the presidency, negotiated an option to acquire the company, secured a patent on the process for producing Cultured Marble, developed a franchise program and franchised the program nationwide within the very first year. The company was subsequently sold to the WYLY Corporation, a New York Stock Exchange firm. He then became a Principal and CEO with Rolling International, the first company in the U.S. to pioneer the concept of combining the manufacture, park development and sales prefabricated and mobile homes. He was formerly Franchise Director with Bonanza Steak Houses, and associated with Michael Landon and Loren Greene as principals. The company merged with Ponderosa, to become the world's largest steak house chain. Mr. Evans pioneered the introduction and marketing of numerous additional new products and services including, but not limited to, the first self- propelled HALON fire extinguisher for use on the spacecraft, computer rooms and businesses, for which he received the Dupont Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the company was sold to the Rothschild family banking interests. He secured International patents for the first deactivateable, antishoplifting and theft prevention system, licensed the 3M Company and the system is now installed in practically every library in America, as well as major department store chains, for security. He was also in the forefront of the following: waterbeds, planned golf course developments and wellness centers. This wide ranging background earned him favorable mention in the Wall Street Journal as "The Franchise King of America." For years he has acted as an Advisor and International Consultant to young start-up and more mature companies in the areas of retail outlets, network marketing, hi-tech, aerospace, mining, precious metals, enviromental remediation, real estate and communtications. He is President of Realestate Investors and an International Director with the world's largest Businessmens Organization with active chapters in 156 countries throughout the world, a member of the United States Senate Advisory Committee and U.S. Presidential Task Force.

Chris Macadoo - [email protected]
622 Alison Court
Nashville TN 37217 615-361-4975

Ad No.: 402 - Department: 1985 on 03/21/99 11:17:47 MS
Description: After graduation I attended Middle Tennessee State University for two years. I began my employment with the Kroger Company in 1987. I am now a manager at the Kroger Store in Nashville at 8th Avenue and Monroe Street. Stop by and ask for me. I also specialize in catering events in my spare time.

Mark Rossman - [email protected]

Dade City

Ad No.: 403 - Department: 1979 on 03/23/99 19:45:12 MS

P.J. Gardner - [email protected]
1616 Hunter's Bluff #103
Memphis TN 38120 901-755-4739

Ad No.: 404 - Department: 1977 on 03/23/99 20:05:40 MS
Description: After Heights, I worked construction for my dad and brother until '82. I recieved an Associates degree in '84 then a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Science from The University of Memphis '84-'91. I worked at The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado in '89, then moved to Denver in '92. Carl Cooper and I had a condo there and worked in the same hospital. In '94, he got married and I moved back to Memphis and got married for the first time in '96. No kids. We celebrated our third anniversary March 20. We were married in Frisco, Colorado on a mountain overlooking Lake Dillion. I often think of Heights and the good and bad times I had there. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. I haven't run across many graduates in the past years. I would be interested in any reunions in the future.I would enjoy hearing from any fellow Heightsman.

John R Davis - [email protected]

Ad No.: 405 - Department: 1972 on 03/29/99 14:25:57 MS
Description: New E-mail address also here is my work [email protected]

Toy, John R (USA Ret) - [email protected]
147 Elizabeth Drive
Murfreesboro TN 37128 615-781-5433

Ad No.: 406 - Department: Faculty on 03/31/99 06:46:30 MS
Description: I came to "Heights" in June of 1977 and retired from the army when I left in July of 1980. I currently work with the FAA in Nashville and live in the 'boro. My wife Sally taught some of you during our tenure there and she still puts up with me. We have 3 children two of which were born during that time. Bobby is a Junior at MTSU and Alisha is a Freshman at Union University in Jackson. Feel free to write or call me anytime or if we can meet that would be great but bring your golf clubs.

James L Williams - [email protected]
P. O. Box 5383
Evansville IN 47716 812-474-1750

Ad No.: 407 - Department: 1948 on 03/31/99 07:30:25 MS

Lee Blackburn - [email protected]
307 w 23rd
Ft.Scott KS 66701 316-223-5308

Ad No.: 408 - Department: 1985 on 04/01/99 07:35:15 MS
Description: I just celebrated my 10th aniversary to my wife, Janel, April 1,1999. I have three children Jordyn-9, Shelby-6, and Brendon-3. I currently am night production supevisor at one of the largest label manufactoring companies in the U.S..

William C. Newton, Jr. - [email protected]
3336 Bradshaw Road, Suite 250
Sacramento CA 95827 916.369.2500

Ad No.: 409 - Department: 1963 on 04/02/99 11:13:34 MS

Robert W. Cobb - [email protected]
Apt. # 106
4323 S. Olive St.
Pine Bluff AR 71603-6759 870-536-6698

Ad No.: 410 - Department: 1956 on 04/06/99 13:03:22 MD
Description: Just call me "EARS". Just real glad to find site.

Miguel Briceno - [email protected]
PO Box 5351 Zone 5 Panama
Republic of Panama
Panama City PA 00000 (507) 223-3177

Ad No.: 411 - Department: 1973 on 04/06/99 19:27:16 MD
Description: I live in Panama City, Republic of Panama. I studied 3 years (3) as boarding student and I believe in those days I was one of the very few latinamerican students to attent CHMA. The best years of my life were those. I missed you so much and I am so happy to find you again!

Miguel Briceno - [email protected]
PO Box 5351 Zone 5 Panama
Republic of Panama
Panama City PA 00000 (507) 223-3177

Ad No.: 412 - Department: 1973 on 04/06/99 19:27:20 MD
Description: I live in Panama City, Republic of Panama. I studied 3 years (3) as boarding student and I believe in those days I was one of the very few latinamerican students to attent CHMA. The best years of my life were those. I missed you so much and I am so happy to find you again!

Morris G. Ricketts - [email protected]
329 Southwinds Drive
Hermitage TN 37076 615-902-5993

Ad No.: 413 - Department: 1975 on 04/06/99 19:40:29 MD
Description: Married with 2 daughters, 15 & 10. Graduated WKU in 1979 & UK College of Law in 1982. Currently employed as a Lawyers Mal[practice Claims Consultant at CNA Ins. Co., Nashville, TN. Attend Tulip Grove Baptist Church in Hermitage. Still not much of an athlete (golf, and poorly at that), but I still have time to keep up with target shooting. Most of my "hobbie time" is taken with providing taxi services for the girls and working on our new yard (4 acres in Wilson County). Would really enjoy hearing from anyone.

John B. Cowley, Jr. - [email protected]
2201 Lewisburg Hwy.
Fayetteville TN 37334 931-433-2121

Ad No.: 414 - Department: 1964 on 04/14/99 17:58:21 MD
Description: update 4/14/99

Bill Kaldem - [email protected]
827 Palm Drive
El dorado Ar 71730 870 863 5940

Ad No.: 415 - Department: 1973 on 04/19/99 14:13:46 MD

William T. Loreant - [email protected]
2447 Briarwest Blvd.
Houston Tx 77077 (281) 497-0268

Ad No.: 416 - Department: 1987 on 04/25/99 02:10:21 MD
Description: Graduated at a public school here in Texas, CHMA would have been nice! Umm, US.Army, 91B Combat Meddic, Houduras, Desert Storm, 8 years of marage, College (B.S.), Medicine, Management, well, now I manage a Walgreen's Drug Store and were moving to Portland, Oregon! Been looking for classmates for years! Knox, Metzger, Phillips, Rauhauff, Duncan, Applegate, Donaho, Holt, Kyle, Reeves, and what happened to Capt. J.A. Morrow????

Julee Carroll Bate - [email protected]
8992 W. Brandt Place
Littleton CO 80123 303-933-9095

Ad No.: 417 - Department: 1979 on 04/26/99 10:11:45 MD
Description: Thank you to everyone who has written and called to offer support in light of the Columbine High School tragedy. Your words of encouragement are deeply appreciated. Sincerely, Julee

Richard G. Brooks - [email protected]
3932 Crooked Island
Punta Gorda fF 33950-8128 941-575-0745

Ad No.: 418 - Department: 1945 on 04/26/99 13:29:18 MD
Description: Retired from dentistry in 1988, moved from Michigan to Florida.Enjoy retirementand Univ. of Michigan football. Active in Ham Radio.

Allen Rumbaugh - [email protected]
418 Dahlia Drive
Brentwood TN 37027 615-371-9543

Ad No.: 419 - Department: 1971 on 04/30/99 21:19:42 MD
Description: Still rocking!!

Steve Maloan - [email protected]
327 Valley View Circle
Lebanon Tn 37087 615-444-6247

Ad No.: 420 - Department: 1971 on 05/04/99 15:29:48 MD

Frederic B. Shelby - [email protected]
P. O. Box 15777
Little Rock, AR 72231-5777 501 681-0036

Ad No.: 421 - Department: 1960 on 05/20/99 16:53:22 MD
Description: I started at Castle Heights in the fourth grade and attended off and on until I graduated. My fondest memories in my entire life are of Margaret Yahola, my fourth and fifth grade teacher. I also have fond memories of Col. Ingram.

Michael Thompson - [email protected]
8313 Old US 60
Spottsville KY 42458 502 827 1801

Ad No.: 422 - Department: 1973 on 05/22/99 10:13:24 MD

Roland "Nick" Gibbs - [email protected]
3644 Zion Road
Henderson KY 42420 502-827-1801

Ad No.: 423 - Department: 1956 on 05/24/99 14:19:55 MD
Description: I'm a die casting plant manager and have held the same job for almost 40 years. My sideline is training and riding a string of six horses. As our plant is going international this year, I'm traveling a lot more than I like to.

Jack R. Warren - [email protected]
816 Towlston Rd
McLean, VA V 22102 703-442-9484

Ad No.: 424 - Department: 1949 on 05/25/99 19:28:04 MD
Description: Graduated from Indiana U with a degree in geology and worked in the oil industry until I joined the Ws World Bank in 1981. I took early retirement in 1991 and remained in the Washington DC area. I still do geological and geophysiscal consulting work for various oil companies, the World Bank, the International Finance Corp and any foreign country who will let me in. Would enjoy hearing from anyone.

Michael P Massimini - [email protected]
702 Bungalow Terrace
Tampa FL 33606 813 254-9705

Ad No.: 425 - Department: 1987 on 05/25/99 21:12:31 MD

Ruth Doerfer Franklin - [email protected]
124 Moss Glenn Dr.
Lebanon TN 37090

Ad No.: 426 - Department: 1979 on 05/27/99 17:09:42 MD
Description: I married Don Franklin, Jr. in 1984, and we lived in Austin, TX for seven years. We returned to Lebanon in 1990. I teach American history at Lebanon High School. Don is a litigation specialist with Zurich Insurance in Nashville. We have one daughter, Rachel, who was born in 1988. We both have many fond memories of CHMA, and would enjoy hearing from former classmates.

test -

Ad No.: 437 - Department: 1925 on 06/03/99 18:51:01 CDT

test -

Ad No.: 438 - Department: 1969 on 06/03/99 18:52:58 CDT

test -

Ad No.: 439 - Department: 1969 on 06/03/99 18:56:11 CDT

test -

Ad No.: 440 - Department: 1969 on 06/03/99 18:57:52 CDT

Bentley Wilkinson - [email protected]
5314 Tower Road
Greensboro NC 27410 336-334-5886

Ad No.: 441 - Department: 1977 on 06/04/99 18:09:56 CDT
Description: Upon leaving CHMA in May 1977 I entered the US Army. Service from Oct. 77 - Oct. 81. College at Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC from August 81 - May 85. State employee with the NC Dept. of Revenue from Oct. 85 to present.

LOUIS ANDERSON - [email protected]
1102 hudson ave
jasper tn 37347 4239422598

Ad No.: 442 - Department: 1966 on 06/04/99 21:35:03 CDT
Description: graduated samford university school of pharmacy 1972. I married Brenda Neal of Montgomery, and have 2 children, Karen, age 13 and Louis age 15. I am employed at CVS pharmacy in Jasper,Tn. I often think of my 2 years at Heights and all of the friends I made there. I have been fortunate to travel a great deal and did run a marathon. I would love to hear from everyone

louis anderson - [email protected]
1102 hudson
jasper tn 37347 4239422598

Ad No.: 443 - Department: 1966 on 06/04/99 21:49:27 CDT
Description: I graduated from Samford University School of Pharmacy 1n 1971;I am employed at CVS pharmacy in Jasper,Tn; I am married to Brenda Neal from Montgomery,Al and have 2 kids,Karen aged 13 and Louis 15. I ran a marathon in 1980 and enjoy traveling; would love to hear from everyone

Jerry Layne - [email protected]
9317 W.139th St.
Overland Park KS 66221 913-851-4758

Ad No.: 444 - Department: 1969 on 06/05/99 09:59:32 CDT
Description: Happily employed in the Telecommunications Industry for 23 years by Nortel Networks(formerly Northern Telecom)and now serving as Director, Sales & New Business Development. Relocated in 1997 from Nashville to Kansas City. 1 wife, 2 children and 2 grandchildren - life is wonderful!

Mel M. Miller - [email protected]
Norpac Yachts
557 Francisco Blvd.
San Rafael CA 94901 (415) 485-6044

Ad No.: 445 - Department: 1966 on 06/05/99 22:35:29 CDT
Description: Hi Guys! I am a partner in a yacht brokerage in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most beautiful areas on earth for sailing. I was on the Drill Team for four years and in Debate and other forms of Forensics. I was in the Junior School for two years and then graduated four years later. What a wonderful education we got from the faculty! It served me well when I went to Texas A&M University that fall. Since TAMU is heavily military, and I wanted to be in the Corps of cadets, my military training at Heights smoothed the way! I was just happy that I did not have to wear a tie to class in the winter! Anyone coming through San Francisco who remembrs me give me a call!

Hugh Dinwiddie - [email protected]
149 Laurell Dr.
Eden NC 27288

Ad No.: 446 - Department: 1964 on 06/06/99 06:23:40 CDT
Description: After leaving Castle Heights I went on to Vanderbilt, graduating in 1968. Then on to the Navy for 9 years where I picked up an MS in Managment. For the past 22 years I've worked for Miller Brewing Company (somebody has to make beer) in Eden, NC and am currently a Staff Engineer. I remember odd bits and pieces of the time at Heights, such as playing pinball and smoking at the Lighthouse Restaurant, the long walk to town, the huge bacon sandwhiches I'd make at breakfast, the sight of Capt. Jablonski looking through the hole in my door, and a few names of some really great guys. My time on the Hill was a valuable experience.

Lee Farrow Hickman - [email protected]
P.O. Box 520
1087 Jerusalem Road
Bells TN 38006-0520 901-663-3133

Ad No.: 447 - Department: 1969 on 06/06/99 14:34:19 CDT
Description: Attended Union University, Jackson, TN for a short period of time. Served as a medic with Crockett County, TN E.M.S. during the period 1972 - 1979. Since 1979, I have worked in the industrial fabricating / construction industry. I am now with M W P Industrial Services, Inc. here in Bells, TN serving as purchasing agent. I married the former Ruth Ann Webb on 10-14-72 and we live here in Bells, TN. We have two beautiful daughters; India Gray, 16 and Elizabeth Ann, 14. I serve my community as part-time Fire Chief.

RUSS SMITH - [email protected]
FRANKLIN TN 37064 615 591-8929

Ad No.: 448 - Department: 1979 on 06/07/99 11:20:39 CDT

Ray B. West - [email protected]
660 se 12th street
(new address above)
Pompano Beach FL 33060 954-351-2088

Ad No.: 449 - Department: 1956 on 06/07/99 18:38:40 CDT

James Hebert - [email protected]
2446 Indian Court
Waldorf md 20602 540-653-6035

Ad No.: 450 - Department: 1968 on 06/08/99 08:46:37 CDT
Description: graduated from Heights, 1 Semester college then drafted. 20 years in Air Force. Along the way got Bachelors (Texas Tech U) and Masters (Air Force Institute of Technology) of Science in Electrical Engineering. Started enlisted, retired a Captian. Have been in Research and Development for the Goverment since graduation in 1982. Areas of research have included: Lightning Protection for Aircraft, Advanced Stealth Technologies, Acoustic Underwater Systems, and today I am working on electromagnetic effects on Computer Networks. I retired at 39 and have since worked for Stanford Research Institute and most recently for the U.S. Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. I married an Air Force Academy Graduate and together Pat and I have 4 children. CJ who is 13, Mandy who is 11, Charlie who is 10 and Katie who is 8. I coach Soccer Teams, See and Oddessy of the Mind Teams and bascially stay pretty involved with the raising of my kids.

William Tyler Payne - [email protected]
8837 Goodbys Exec.Dr.
6901 Salamanca Ave.W.
Jacksonville,Fl F 32217 904-730-6137

Ad No.: 451 - Department: 1962 on 06/08/99 10:34:19 CDT
Description: After graduation from CHMA in 62,I went to Georgia Southern College in Statesboro,Ga. and finished in 67 in Accounting.I married Diana Rieck of Brunswick Ga. in August 1967.We have 3 children-Andy(27), Kathy(26)and Tony(23).We have lived in Jacksonvile since 72.I worked for 2 CPA firms and started my own business in 80.I am an Enrolled Agent and do Tax Consulation & Representation and specialize in IRS problems. While at CHMA I ran on the track &CC teams.I started running again in early 78.In 22 years I have run in hundreds of road races 5K to half- marathons(13.1) and 8 marathons,including 3 Boston Marathons (84,85 & 96).I currently am running 20-25 per week or 1,200 per year. I would like to hear from guys on the 61 & 62 track&CC teams or anyone is running.

Blake Stewart - [email protected]
949 Wembrton Dr.
Nashville TN 37214 615-862-6096

Ad No.: 452 - Department: 1982 on 06/08/99 13:08:55 CDT
Description: Auditor for Division of Assessments/Tax Assessor

John L. Rahn - [email protected]
12N882 Engel Road
Sycamore IL 60178-6048 847-608-5510

Ad No.: 453 - Department: 1964 on 06/10/99 07:18:38 CDT
Description: Graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Professional Aeronautics degree. Went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an air traffic controller in Atlanta in 1969. In '74, I transferred to Honolulu CERAP as a controller & instructor. In '77, transferred to San Juan, PR as an automation specialist. In '78, it was off to Chicago-O'Hare. I'm now the Manager of the Chicago TRACON OSF. I have been married for 21 years and my wife Jean and I have an 11 year old daughter, Analise. As an interesting note, my Grandfather, Col. T.F. Garner, graduated from Castle Heights School about 1908 and returned as Headmaster about 1916. Take a look at my home page and sign the guest book!

chris mcadoo - CGa5514246
622 alison court
nashville tn 37217 615-361-4975

Ad No.: 454 - Department: 1985 on 06/11/99 21:29:11 CDT

Robert McMurry - [email protected]
1224 Hamstead Ct
Knoxville TN TN 37922 423-558-4585

Ad No.: 455 - Department: 1972 on 06/12/99 12:30:47 CDT
Description: I am working for the US Postal Service in Knoxville. I received my Electronics Engineering Technology Degree from Memphis State in 1992. My wife Cindy and I have two elementary school aged daughters.

DAN WYLIE - [email protected]
2212 1st ST
BRADENTON FL 34208 941-748-8889

Ad No.: 456 - Department: 1974 on 06/13/99 15:11:30 CDT

NASHVILLE TN 37217 615-361-4975

Ad No.: 457 - Department: 1985 on 06/13/99 15:29:40 CDT

Cordell & Oleta Winfree - [email protected]
309 Keaton St
Lebanon Tn 37087

Ad No.: 458 - Department: Faculty on 06/13/99 19:35:24 CDT
Description: Major Cordell Winfree, taught in the Junior School and handed out much needed discipline during the 50's and 60's. Oleta Winfree, Business Office Director for 26 years. Both are retired and live in Lebanon where they volunteer, take care of several people, and generally stay too busy! Our family lived on the Heights campus as houseparents and was involved for so many years with hundreds of students. We have many fond memories and would love to hear from any of you. E-mail in care of Lou Ann Winfree Knight at [email protected] and any messages will be forwarded until we plunge into the computer world for ourselves!

APOLLO BEACH FL 33572 813-641-2030

Ad No.: 459 - Department: 1974 on 06/14/99 14:38:22 CDT

Alice Carter Smallwood - [email protected]
4501 Betty Ford Road
Murfreesboro TN 37130

Ad No.: 460 - Department: 1979 on 06/14/99 21:04:42 CDT
Description: Hi everyone. Finally got brave enough to try my hand at this. I am living in Lascassas Tn. (outside of Murfreesboro,)with my husband Randy and 2 kids,Matthew-8, and Abby-6. I nurse at V.A. Medical Center. My spare time is spent at the kids school and the soccer and baseball fields. I am looking forward to our 20 year reunion Oct. 2, and hope to see lots of ya'll there. Would love to hear from old friends.

Donald Lewter "Luke" - [email protected]
524 Franklin St.
Huntsville Al 35801-4235 256 534-2387

Ad No.: 461 - Department: 1949 on 06/15/99 10:32:29 CDT
Description: After Heights-Auburn University-U S Air Force then back home to the family Hardware Business which is now my two sons. I still hang our there since I still enjoy working(for free- this makes me their mose efficient employee for what they pay) Married 47 years- 3 children. Life is good!

Joel P. Morris - [email protected]
1502 Chickering Rd.
Nashville TN 37215 615 298 2522

Ad No.: 462 - Department: 1943 on 06/15/99 12:28:41 CDT
Description: Served aboard Destroyer DD555 in Pacific WWll as Radarman. Furniture buisness & Realestate til 98. Retired & enjoy underwater photography & Autos. Have two fantastic Daughters & 6 Grandchildren. Look foreward to Homecomings at Heights --- They are GREAT ! !

Aaron Morris -
200 Winners Cir. S.
Nashville TN 37027 615 298 2522

Ad No.: 463 - Department: 1922 on 06/15/99 13:24:13 CDT
Description: Retail Furniture buisness 55 yrs. Married 74 yrs. Have Son [class'43] two Daughters, 8 Grandchildren & 17 Greatgrandchildren. Avid Golfer but at 94 years of age I am just watching on TV now. I have fond memories of my years at Heights from Jonior School thru Post Grad.

Aldric (dicky) Arendsz - [email protected]
Cumana 85

Ad No.: 464 - Department: 1987 on 06/16/99 12:44:01 CDT
Description: Since heights closed I Attended The Webb School in Bell Buckle TN upon graduating I attended Maryville College for three years came back to the island for a year and then returned to Wheeling Jesuit College in West Verginia to finish my B.S in Management. After graduation I returned to Aruba and got married And I have 2 girls.

Laura Leigh Barnes Littleford - [email protected]
263 Greenwood Drive
Lebanon TN 37090

Ad No.: 465 - Department: 1986 on 06/16/99 15:15:57 CDT
Description: June 1999 - This is our permanent Stateside address and our email. My husband and I are leaving for France in August 1999. We will be serving as church starters and will live in France for 3 or so years, come to the States for 6 months and then return to France. We hope this will be our long term assignment!

Lawrence J. Russo, M.D. - [email protected]
P.O. Box 339
Barataria LA 70036-0339 504-689-3225

Ad No.: 466 - Department: 1959 on 06/17/99 15:17:41 CDT
Description: After graduating from Heights in 1959, I attended the University of Missouri. I wrestled for Mizzou while there. Leaving an all boys school and arriving into a co-ed environment however was a "killer" concerning my grades. At that time my dream of becoming a physician was quickly turning into a nightmare. I transferred to LSU in Baton Rouge, La, where inspite of getting married (to my present wife of 36 years---years married, not her age)at the tender age of 21, and soon thereafter beginning a family. Well, serendipity raised its merciful head, and instead of completely messing up my entire life, as it could have, the added responsiblitity challenged me to work harder. However it was a tough game of catch-up, and I was just too far behind. I graduated in 1963 in Bacteriology without obtaining a medical school appointment (right before the Vietnam war as you may remember). I applied to the USAF with the intention of becoming a "fighter pilot". I was turned down (my old friend serendipity again) because of an abnormality on my ECG, so they told me. The real reason was probably more associated with my psychological profile. Anyway, out of despiration, I entered pharmacy school, brought up my grades, entered Med. School, and graduated from pharmacy school the summer after my freshman year in med. school, worked my way through med. school as a pharmacist,(no wife of mine was going to have to work--real smart eh?) managing to house, feed, and clothe three my kids while I was at it. This brilliant course of events, cleverly planned out in my spare time (I had no spare time, so the brilliance may be somewhat suspect) culminated in my graduatung from Med. school in the prescribed 4 years (surprised eh?). At any rate, I completed an internship, orthopedic surgery residency, and practiced orthopedic surgery from 1975 until my retirement in July 1998. I now live on the water front in Barataria, La. the old stomping grounds of Jean Lafitte the pirate. For some unknown reason I feel at home. I spend my days fishing, hunting, traveling, visiting my three kids and five grandchildren, playing with this computer, fixing stuff (the way I seem to break stuff, I seem to spend a lot of time fixing) exercising (nothing crazy, just trying to stay mobile)just to name a few. I always seem to stay behind (the sooner you fall behind, the longer you have to catch up). To the consternation of many of my friends who thought I was retiring too young (what are you going to do with your time?), I just don't seem to have enough time to do all the things on my agenda. That was a very long story made short, probably a lot longer than anyone wanted to hear (to those who are still reading this drivel). Hopefully, I will hear from some of you as time goes on. Feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Rick (Richard) Kyle - [email protected] or
1190 S. Colorado Blvd
Suite 210A
Denver Co 80222 303-691-5828

Ad No.: 467 - Department: 1969 on 06/18/99 17:48:02 CDT
Description: After graduation I needed some R&R so it was off to USC for me.However,as predicted, fraternities,beaches and school don't mix AND add 34 traffic offensives in 6 mos. and it's Game-Set-Match. So my sophmore yr.found me back in Tenn. at UT. 5 yrs later I'm a college grad and 4 yrs. after that I'm reluctently off to Atlanta.It seems waiting tables at Steak and Ale wasn't exactly graduate worthy work according to Father. After several blurry years as a muni-bond trader with Drexel Burnham I entered Real Estate. Married/divorced then married again and finally settled into a future orientation. Started a new home building and marketing co. Hit the market conditions just right and 3 yrs, later were Atlantas' 18th largest home builder selling 120 homes every year and did so for 7 yrs. when in 1998 I took a 6 mos. sabatical to "chill" in the Colorado Rockies. Well, it's June 99 and I'm still here. John Denver describes it "Rocky Mtn, High-Colorado" I call it heaven- without mosquitoes! Richard(rick),wife-former model; Diane Grace White,2 boys;Keegan Richard 7,Grayson Robert 4,1-dog,1-Amazon parrott,1-hamster,2-goldfish and a Partridge in a pear tree......

J. R. WILLIAMS - [email protected]
VERO BEACH FL 32962 561-778-9390

Ad No.: 469 - Department: 1964 on 06/18/99 19:42:14 CDT

Perry P. Davis, Jr. - [email protected]
1948 Kansas Ave. NE
St. Petersburg FL 33703 (813) 887-1477

Ad No.: 470 - Department: 1960 on 06/21/99 09:58:41 CDT
Description: Retired USAF Lt. Col. Flew fighters (F-100 and F-15) and trainers for 20 years. Now employed as Program Manager for Combat Training Programs at Reflectone, Inc. in Tampa, FL. Current programs include U-2, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), A-10 and F-4F (German AF). Also operate (with wife Carol) a couple of small businesses in FL, one involved in sales and the other in training.

James B. McCracken - [email protected]
PO Box 460451
St. Louis

Ad No.: 471 - Department: 1962 on 06/21/99 11:41:58 CDT

James B. McCracken - [email protected]
PO Box 460451
St. Louis MO 63146 314-298-4725

Ad No.: 472 - Department: 1962 on 06/21/99 11:43:38 CDT

Susan Cobble Ellis - [email protected]
120 Russell Street
W. Peabody MA 01960 978-535-3971

Ad No.: 473 - Department: 1974 on 06/21/99 16:28:37 CDT
Description: I am working on my twentieth happy year of marriage, have five children, and am in the ministry. Now, isn't that a shock? My oldest, Jeremy, is headed off to ORU this fall. I have beautiful twin girls, Ashley and Emily,15; Savannah,8; and Zachary,7. Love to hear from you!

Ruth Doerfer Franklin - HistTchrLH
124 Moss Glenn Dr.
Lebanon TN 37090 (615)449-3332

Ad No.: 474 - Department: 1979 on 06/22/99 19:36:29 CDT
Description: I married Don Franklin, Jr. in 1984, and we lived in Austin, TX for 6 years. Don is a litigation specialist with Zurich Insurance in Nashville, and I teach American history at Lebanon High School. We have one wonderful daughter, Rachel, who will be in the sixth grade this fall.

Laurence J Kuehn - [email protected]
1209 Catalpa
Royal Oak MI 48067 248-399-9012

Ad No.: 475 - Department: 1961 on 06/24/99 18:03:42 CDT
Description: Enjoying retirement.

Joseph K. Bays - [email protected]
24 Dover Dr.
Richmond Hill GA 31324 (912) 727-4204

Ad No.: 476 - Department: 1979 on 06/24/99 22:03:17 CDT
Description: CW-3 Test pilot for the AH-64A (Apache) helicopter. Joined the ARMY in 1982, been in since. Been to Germany,Kuwait,Bosnia. Currently serving in 3/6 Cav in Korea. Married my Wife Gina in 1982, have three childen ages 15, 3 and 5 months.

Tommy Shannon Harris - [email protected]
P.O. Box 5657
Columbus Ga 31906 706-569-0488

Ad No.: 477 - Department: 1965 on 06/27/99 09:41:01 CDT
Description: After graduating went to Cumberland College for about a year then went to Elkins Electronic school in Atlanta to get 1st class license to become DJ in Columbus,Ga. 66-78 then got into radio sales 78-99 at Cumulus Broadcasting selling 8 radio stations over a 3 state coverage area..Had 3 great wives ..loved them all still are friends but keep the dog..alot cheaper and better unconditional love...still looking for #4..I know..but those lessons didn't teach me a radio name is Chris know how dj's are!!! Was playing on the www and this is a great thing that has been done to remember Castle Dad would love it to..

David A. Griffin - [email protected]
6604 Marguerite
Little Rock AR 72205 501-663-0223

Ad No.: 478 - Department: 1981 on 06/28/99 18:33:46 CDT
Description: I only attended CHMA during 1978 before moving, but Col. Hale and company managed to straighten me out in that short time. I finished at Little Rock Catholic High in 1981, graduated from UA-Little Rock and am currently a territory manager for a liquor distributor. I am engaged to Regina Burkhart.

David A. Griffin - [email protected]
6604 Marguerite
Little Rock AR 72205 501-663-0223

Ad No.: 479 - Department: 1981 on 06/28/99 18:40:17 CDT
Description: I only attended CHMA during 1978 before moving, but Col. Hale and company managed to straighten me out in that short time. I finished at Little Rock Catholic High in 1981, graduated from UA-Little Rock and am currently a territory manager for a liquor distributor. I am engaged to Regina Burkhart.

Jim Teel - [email protected]
340 Dennywood Drive
Nashville TN 37214 615-793-6801
Ad No.: 480 - Department: 1973 on 07/04/99 17:54:27 CDT
Description: Married for 25 years with 3 children; 24, 19 and 16. I recently became a grandfather!! I am a plant manager for a company called Parthenon Metal Works in Lavergne, TN. I have worked for them since the day I graduated from Castle Heights.

Robin Berrington - [email protected]
4701 Connecticut Ave., NW #306
Washington DC 20008 202-686-1619

Ad No.: 481 - Department: 1958 on 07/05/99 09:21:32 CDT
Description: I have retired from the foreign service of the U.S. Information Agency after 32 years living and working overseas and in Washington. Most of my assignments were in East Asia, in particular, Japan, but my last job was as cultural attache with the American Embassy in London. Although I have retired from USIA, currently I am the deputy director at the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. We encourage more arts programs in schools, and promote community cultural programs for young people who would not otherwise have such opportunities. This could be for minorities, low income, handicapped or other disadvantaged youth. In other words, after starting as a camp counsellor at CHMA summer camp in the late 50's, here I am 40 years later once again working on programs for young people.

Mayra C.M. Ruiz Arendsz - [email protected]
Kibaima #13

Ad No.: 482 - Department: 1987 on 07/05/99 13:50:25 CDT
Description: After leaving Castle Heights I attended Maryville College for 2 years transfered to Barry University in Miami Florida where I received my Bachelors degree in Management Information Systems. I came back to Aruba then left to Bonaire. Returned to Aruba got married and now I am working at Aruba's Telecommunications company . I have two beautiful daughters one named Mikayla 3 years and Kyara 7 month's old. We have 2 Dalmations and 2 American Bulldogs and 2 turtles.

Michael R. Souviron - [email protected]
8299 Franklin Road
Murfreesboro TN 37128

Ad No.: 483 - Department: 1979 on 07/05/99 20:23:23 CDT

STEVE MALOAN - [email protected]
LEBANON TN 37087 615-444-6247

Ad No.: 484 - Department: 1971 on 07/05/99 21:16:44 CDT
Description: I have basically stayed in Lebanon since graduation,leaving for short periods of time.I have been in education for 23 years,coaching and now serving as Principal of Lebanon High School.I have been married for 23 years and have 2 children,aged 20 and 16.Please give me a call when passing through

Jim Frank Everett Beasley - [email protected]
328 North Garner Street
Springfield TN 37172 (615) 384-2591

Ad No.: 485 - Department: 1975 on 07/09/99 09:14:12 CDT
Description: President - Everett Beasley Wholesale, Inc. Springfield, Tennessee

Ted Boldt(E.T.Davis) - [email protected]
7993 Ashton Drive
Indianapolis In 46226 317-545-1067
Ad No.: 486 - Department: 1953 on 07/13/99 12:39:17 CDT
Description: Yes,the years do go by.As many of you know our school did educate us well.I am now retired as a probation officer and police officer.Never made a great deal of money but then that was not particularly my thing.Life enjoyed to this point,yes. My last memory of CHMA is one I wish to share with you.In 1991 my job entailed going to Nashville to return a fugitive to our jurisdiction.My partner and I arrived in the early afternoon.After settling in at our motel I made a trip of nostalgia to Lebanon.Remember now this was 1991 and most of the school was intact. I drove up by Main,down that beatiful driveway,past the parade ground,parked and was immediately transported back to the 1950's.Twilight Zone.The place was absolutely the same--except nobody was home--except the ghost.The ghosts,the esprit was there and you could cut it with a knife;it was that evident and present.There were differnces.Bullard was gone.There was a new building that was not familiar.The Honor roll came after I had gone.There certainly were some names on it I recognized and had the honor of knowing in years past.I saw rooms where I had lived and grew up and the memories were overwhelming.I got back in my car and left.Nothing remains the same.We know that.Best to all.

Mark Shands - [email protected]

Los Angeles CA 818 887-0373

Ad No.: 487 - Department: 1969 on 07/13/99 18:32:49 CDT
Description: I went to Castle Heights Junior. school back in '61 and '62...4th and 5th grade. At the time my home was in Tupelo Mississippi. Since then I got into radio and was a DJ in Miami at Y100 and Power 96, also I was a DJ or newsman in Pittsburgh, and New Orleans. Now I'm a writer at HITMAKERS magazine, a music industry/radio trade magazine. This web site is great, I've always wondered what the old Castle Heights campus looks like today. I wonder if my old dorm, Hooker Hall, still stands? If any old goobers remember me feel free to drop me an email or phone call! Mark Shands

Don Franklin, Jr. - [email protected]
124 Moss Glenn Dr.
Lebanon TN 37090
Ad No.: 488 - Department: 1978 on 07/14/99 13:45:00 CDT
Description: Graduated MTSU in 1982. Married Ruth Doerfer in 1984, and we have one daughter, Rachel who is 11 years old. Working in Nashville as a Litigation Specialist for Zurich Insurance.

Karen Haas Putnam - [email protected]

Ad No.: 489 - Department: 1986 on 07/14/99 16:46:58 CDT
Description: I am currently living in Arizona. I am a graduate student in a clinical neuropsychology doctoral program at the University of Arizona (working on several neuroimaging studies of aging, learning and memory). I am happily married to a wonderful guy who spends his time flying fighters (F-16s) and teaching students from all around the world BFMs. We don't have any children yet, but have two adorable and mischevious pound puppies! I haven't kept in touch with many of my classmates (except Jeanne, Rhonda, and Laura once or twice). I am so delighted that so many of us have such fond memories of Heights. It was truly a special time. I ran into Captain Morrow once in Atlanta in December of 1996. He looked great and was as gracious and charming as ever! Unfortunately, I lost his address and haven't heard from him or seen him since. I hope that he'll stunble across this website (as I just did) and reminisce with us! Would love to hear from any of my classmates.

Lynn A. Kennedy - [email protected]
10652 W. 1500 South
Wanatah, In 46390

Ad No.: 490 - Department: 1951 on 07/16/99 16:06:26 CDT
Description: I lived at LaCrosse, In, until two years ago. I am a retired carpentry contractor. I visited Heights a few years ago and was happy to see renovations. I'm 65 now and in fairly good health. Would like to hear from old friends from Heights.

Terry Damsky - [email protected]
109 Stevens Hill Circle
Birmingham AL 35244 205-322-4935

Ad No.: 491 - Department: 1979 on 07/19/99 17:35:41 CDT

Richard D. Rienecke - [email protected]
2184 Somerset
Bloomfield Hills MI 48302 248-334-1359

Ad No.: 492 - Department: 1967 on 07/20/99 00:35:46 CDT
Description: My wife and I were hit from behind while stopped in traffic on Dec. 22, 1994. I received a closed head injury which eventually cost me my job. My wife sustained a back injury. We are doing the best we can under the circumstances. We have two daughters ages 23 and 20. Both attended the Univ. of Michigan on academic scholarships. Our oldest received a full fellowship to Northwestern Univ.

Mitch Damsky - [email protected]
2724 Cherokee Drive
Birmingham Al 35216 205-870-1963

Ad No.: 493 - Department: 1974 on 07/20/99 06:52:56 CDT

Mitch Damsky - [email protected]
2724 Cherokee Drive
Birmingham Al 35216 205-870-1963

Ad No.: 494 - Department: 1974 on 07/20/99 07:04:35 CDT
Description: I've been an attorney since 1984. I've been married since 1986 and have an 11 year old daughter and son that's 9. My wife's an artist with Southern Living and Oxmoor House. We have a small cabin at Dale Hollow Lake (Tenn.) and go duck hunting with a lot of guys from Heights every year. Let me know if you want to shoot some birds. This sight is great !!! Best Wishes ! - Mitch

Darryn Busby - [email protected]
1119 Belmount Street
Paris TN 38242 (901) 642-1622x415

Ad No.: 495 - Department: 1985 on 07/21/99 10:25:17 CDT
Description: This is an update to my old information. (7/21/99) I am now working for McKenzie Banking Company as a Loan Officer . I have recently moved from Jackson to Paris TN. I am working hard and living hard at the same time. Looking foreward to our next reunion at CHMA I was only in Fifth Grade in 85 but I graduated from Chester County High School in 1992, Then went on to college and now I am here. I am very intrested in learning more about my other fellow cadets. On my last visit to Lebanon I was able to talk to a few former cadets and see the campus. I am looking foreward to retruning soon, but I will make sure to have resverations to eat on campus. Anyone feel free to call or write me. Wm. Darryn Busby 1119 Belmount Street Paris, TN 38242 Hm (901) 642-4187 Wk (901) 642-1622 ext. 415 Pg (901) 637-2499 Also my Mother said for me to tell you all hello. Lou Nell Busby 6750 Enville Road Henderson, TN 38340 Hm (901) 989-4195

Lisa (Agee) Reaney - L[email protected]

(615) 849-3672

Ad No.: 496 - Department: 1988 on 07/23/99 09:30:55 CDT

Theodore H. Lavit - pending...
509 Park Drive
Lebanon KY 40033 270-692-4471

Ad No.: 497 - Department: 1957 on 07/24/99 00:27:19 CDT
Description: I am forever thinking about the days at Heights, and also have found time to practice law in rural Kentucky for the past 35 years. Married, with two children and grandchildren. One of the best experiences of my life was our 40th reunion at homecoming, October, '97 when 40 classmates returned from the Class of '57.

William B. Harrison - [email protected]
11676 Kirkwood
Stafford TX 77477 713-977-7878

Ad No.: 498 - Department: 1961 on 07/26/99 17:56:44 CDT
Description: Nice to be alive. Gained a little weight since school, but outside of that having a good time.

James Downing - [email protected]
1111 Peachtree St
Murfreesboro TN 37128 615-890-3584

Ad No.: 499 - Department: 1976 on 07/27/99 11:21:53 CDT
Description: Hey there!!! The site is good and brings back a lot of momories. I am a single parent of two boys and they keep me pretty busy. I work at Nissan in Smryna. I see some old class mates from time to time. If anyone sees this write me. Would like to know what everyone is up to. Also, does anyone know how to go about getting our old high school transcripts? I need them as I am going back to school soon. Hope everyone is doing alright. I wrote Scott and Don who were listed on the site but both e mails were returned. ????? Oh well. Hope to hear from some of you.

Thomas L Higgs - [email protected]
5873 West Shore Drive
Pensacola FL 32526 (850) 944-3025

Ad No.: 500 - Department: 1961 on 07/27/99 20:55:19 CDT
Description: Following graduation, I attended 1 year at Vanderbilt University in the school of engineering. I entered the US Naval Academy in late summer 1962 and graduated in June 1966. (A lifetime ago!) I became a qualified Yawl skipper (44 foot sailboat) during my time at the academy. After I graduated, my first duty was as a sailing instructor at the Academy. It turned out to be one of the best tours I ever had! I next went to Pensacola for flight training - due to earblocks I was forced to drop flying. Next came a tour on a destroyer followed by two back to back tours in Viet Nam as Executive Officer of LST 525 (Caroline County) and LST 1126 (Snohomish County). My final tour was in Newport, Rhode Island and a curriculum writer and classroom instructor. Duing my time in Pensacola, I met and married my wife of 32 years, Joyce. We have 2 grown sons. I have sold life insurance since 1971 as well as maintained a career as a Civil Servant in the computer field. Just a word to Bill Harrison - thanks for making me aware of Castle Heights web site! Enough of my ramblin...

Sam Mc Comas - [email protected]
47 Shawnee Dr.
Buckhannon WV 26201

Ad No.: 501 - Department: 1960 on 07/28/99 16:41:24 CDT

McCleskey, Kathryn Howard - [email protected]
208 West End Circle
Lebanon TN 37087 615.443.0888

Ad No.: 502 - Department: 1974 on 07/28/99 19:12:58 CDT

Todd Tenpenny - [email protected]
243 Fairway Drive
Nashville TN 37214 6158837972

Ad No.: 503 - Department: 1983 on 07/29/99 19:27:37 CDT

Karen Krumrine - [email protected]
1795 16th st
penrose co 81240 719-372-3042

Ad No.: 504 - Department: Faculty on 07/30/99 19:34:45 CDT
Description: I am not a graduate or faculty of Castle Heights. I am Lucille Dinges/ granddaughter. She now resides at Hearthside. She taught piano and organ at Heights for many years. It holds some of her fondest memories. Many of your alumni have kept in touch with her over the years, which thrills her to pieces. One name particularly stands out, Bently. I don't know the last name, but he sends her flowers and corresponds with her regularly. I was just 'surfin' the net, found the web site and wanted to say hello to my hometown.

larry ladd - [email protected]
105 pine cut lane
apex NC 27502 919-877-3033

Ad No.: 505 - Department: 1986 on 07/30/99 21:45:33 CDT

Louis T Washburn - [email protected]
1004 Broadmoor Dr.
Nashville Tn 37216 862-8380 ext 136

Ad No.: 506 - Department: 1972 on 08/01/99 17:49:44 CDT
Description: Still working for the government and living in Nashville. I have a ten year old daughter that takes up most of my free time. Hope to see many of you at homecoming.

William Larry Bays - [email protected]
P.O. Box 3208
Albany Ga 31706 404-816-7931

Ad No.: 507 - Department: 1967 on 08/02/99 13:02:59 CDT
Description: All is well and am looking forward to hearing from anyone who there when I was.

Gerald G. Gordy - [email protected]
205 N. Reed
Robinson IL 62454 618-544-3657

Ad No.: 508 - Department: 1957 on 08/04/99 20:57:30 CDT
Description: Sr. Vice Pres. Union Planters Bank. Casey/Robinson, Illinois. Catch me during the day at 800-232-0442.

Diego Reina Anduze - [email protected]
mun 2016 po box 025352
miami fl 33166 0166818015
Ad No.: 509 - Department: 1986 on 08/05/99 17:29:54 CDT
Description: from Venezuela South America atend Castle Heights for 3 years

Raymond O. Eck - [email protected]
624 Southmont Ave.
S. Williamsport PA 17702 570-321-0267

Ad No.: 510 - Department: Faculty on 08/10/99 09:42:27 CDT
Description: Assistant Superintendent 1981 thru 1984.

Charles R. Parrish Jr.-- Chuck - [email protected]
217 Oak Point Ln
Mt. Juliet TN 37122

Ad No.: 511 - Department: 1977 on 08/12/99 15:36:26 CDT
Description: Married 10 years to Valerie. Two girls 9&7. Working at Home Depot- Hermitage. Teaching Special Ed. to mid-aged men at church.

Joseph D. Barnes - [email protected]
2127 Ashwood Avenue
Nashville TN 37212 (615) 298-3212

Ad No.: 512 - Department: 1984 on 08/15/99 22:07:22 CDT
Description: After CHMA I went to Sewanee for a couple of years-- then I worked for a while & got some much needed perspective. After that I went to Austin Peay and graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry in 1991. Then I went to Vanderbilt and got my M.S. in Cell Biology. Right now I am at Vandy finishing my PhD. in Biology. As of November 1 1999, I will be starting a research position at Penn State. My address there will be: 445 Waupelani Drive, Apartment B7, State College, PA 16801.

Don Oates - [email protected]
208 N. Antigo Ct
Greer SC 29650 (864) 862-9580

Ad No.: 513 - Department: 1977 on 08/24/99 20:56:50 CDT
Description: Graduated Univ of Florida w/ degree in Accounting Currently employed as Controller of a stadium seating company. Married with two children (girls ages 9 & 11)

Steven J. Delker - [email protected]
802 Craig Dr.
Henderson KY 42420 (270) 869-8300

Ad No.: 514 - Department: 1965 on 08/27/99 14:31:11 CDT
Description: Been married to the former Terry Wright of Shelbyville, KY for these past 30+ years. We met at Centre College in Danville,KY. Just last November opened an independent brokerage office of Corporate Securities Group at 230 Third St, Henderson, KY, after a twenty year career with Farmers Bank of Henderson. Have two grown children, Matt and Heather. Heather gets married this September. Matt works as a youth counselor at the Methodist Home for Children, Versailles, KY. My uncle, Bill Sleyster, graduated from Heights also (in '43, I believe). I have some photo negatives from his Heights days. They are in remarkably good condition. Perhaps we can arrange to share them through the web pages or the alumni news letter.

John Bradford Freeman - [email protected]
5895 Linwood Rd
Watertown TN 37184 615-449-8075

Ad No.: 515 - Department: 1987 on 08/27/99 15:01:22 CDT
Description: After high school I went into the United States Navy. Went to Boston College while in service and graduate with a(n)B.A. in Oceanography. I participated in Desert Shield/Storm, came home in '93. I graduated college with top honors at ITT Technical Institute. Married to a wonderful wife and had two great kids, one girl and one boy. I work for the Justice Information Systems department in Nashville. My job title is a Information Systems Analyst for the Metro Courthouse and campus area downtown. Look forward to anyone who would like to email me.

Tommy Edwards - [email protected]
1604 Burchett Dr.
1003 West Main St.
Lebanon TN 37087 615-330-6595

Ad No.: 516 - Department: 1971 on 08/27/99 15:13:22 CDT
Description: Lived in Lebanon all my life. My wife Debra, whom I took to our, have been married for 27 yrs.We have two daughters,18 & 25, and one pretty little grand daughter.My brother and I own our family business together,Edwards Feeds,and I own a used car dealership called Lebanon Motors.It's just down the street from the old campus.God has blessed us greatly indeed! If you haven't seen the grounds in the last few years, you should try. It will be a wonderful suprise when you see whats happened here. The whole town is very proud what the City of Lebanon and Mr.Danny Evins has done here.I'd enjoy hearing from any of you out there. E-mail,call or better come on by and see me.Remember, Dayboy's Rule! =0)

P.J. Dorsey - [email protected]
105 Hillview Dr.
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-758-7766

Ad No.: 517 - Department: 1969 on 08/27/99 17:48:05 CDT
Description: Without going into 30-years of boring details, lets just say that I'm alive and in Tennessee, and from a realist standpoint, life is pretty damn good. I'm single, debt-free (except for sizable child support payments), and trying to figure out a feasible way to retire comfortably on a sandy beach somewhere close to many golf courses. I always try to remember that life is entirely too short to sweat the small stuff. So be it.

thomas e. blevins - [email protected]
7027 hugh drive
panama city fl 32404 850-871-0311

Ad No.: 518 - Department: 1949 on 08/27/99 21:59:33 CDT
Description: retired, with wife rae johnson of rome, ga (44 years) playing golf almost every day. have vacation home in dunlap,tn.

Roy W. Nichol - [email protected]
2212 Troon
Houston Tx 77019

Ad No.: 519 - Department: 1977 on 08/27/99 23:18:29 CDT
Description: I was quite pleased to see CHMA has come up with a website to go with the exceptional newsletter being published . It has been enjoyable following the successes of so many classmates and receiving updates . I have been in Houston since graduating from Baylor in '81 and am currently a SVP with Chase . I have been married for almost fifteen years to my wife Laura, a Texas -ex whom I met upon moving here . I find it hard to think lfe could be any better but it is more fun to read about friends than talk about myself . Hope to hear from others soon .

LINDA CROWE NEAL - [email protected]
3136 Butler Road
Hopkinsville Ky 42240 270-881-9582

Ad No.: 520 - Department: 1980 on 08/28/99 14:27:14 CDT
Description: I am married to Paul Neal, we have 2 children; Alexis 3 & Paul Franklin 2. I stay at home right now and my husband is a correctional officer. I served 15 yrs in the military, and 5 yrs as a correctional officer. Would like to get in contact with some of my fellow alumni, please email me.

Mike Merlin - [email protected]
930 S W 69th Ave
Plantation (Ft. Lauderdale) FL 33317 954 587-4152

Ad No.: 521 - Department: 1967 on 08/28/99 17:49:15 CDT
Description: Left wine business after 29 years, 15 spent on the road representing calif. & European wine companies. Now live in Ft. Lauderdale working in sales for Renaissance Cruises, an up and coming Cruise Company that you will be hearing from soon if not already!!!

Serge Mansur - [email protected]
Ponton 8
Aruba (297) 820-516

Ad No.: 522 - Department: 1983 on 08/29/99 07:40:02 CDT
Description: Graduated Univ. of Miami Married since 1992 - no kids yet General Manager of Cigarette Factory.

Randall, Edwin S.(Randy),III -

Ad No.: 523 - Department: 1970 on 08/29/99 15:37:49 CDT

Randall, Edwin S.(Randy),III - [email protected]
6215 John Hager Rd.
Mt.JUliet Tn 37122 615-297-5654

Ad No.: 524 - Department: 1970 on 08/29/99 16:20:32 CDT
Description: I registered as "class of '70" ...had I been able to stay at Heights this would have been my graduating year. My actual time as a cadet was in "Goober" school during the 1963-64 year as a 6th grader! Some names I remember........Marc Serafine, Barry Goodman, Leonard Van Der Have, Robert Simon, Bill Newman, Tom Story to name a few. I remember Col. Potter......Col.Phillips giving us demerits for throwing snowballs while in uniform....Capt.Rochelle encouraging us at football practice.........Miss Carter being totally oblivious to our cheating on a Social Studies test.......and how Capt. Carroll wept as he left the mess hall and I gave him the news of President Kennedy's death. I remember Paul Rainey and "Fred" Draper(Class of '63) as being the only two seniors who would ever give me the time of day (both were very kind to this unknown goober). I will never forget the glory-days at Castle Heights Military Academy!!! My career, for the last 25 years, has been at Mid South Business Furniture, where I am general manager.........One wife for 28 years(Toni).......two children-one married daughter of 27, and One son ,a jr. at U.T. in engineering, age 20. God Bless you all! Randy Randall

John E martin - [email protected]
221 pennsylvania avenue
100 Rollingwood Drive
Lebanon Tn 37087 615-453-0686

Ad No.: 525 - Department: 1971 on 08/29/99 19:54:26 CDT

Dan Ray - [email protected]
224 Lakeland Drive
Anderson, SC S 29626 (864)231-7007

Ad No.: 526 - Department: 1945 on 08/29/99 21:36:37 CDT
Description: Retired Chem Engieer,Goodyear T&R Co 39 yr. Moved to SC 8 yrs ago. Live on Lake Hartwell and enjoy sailing, water skiing, swimming. Hope to see lots of '45 classmates at homecoming.

JIM HODGE - [email protected]
5136 Kensington Circle
Coral Springs Fl 33076 954-717-2205

Ad No.: 527 - Department: 1966 on 08/30/99 10:14:07 CDT
Description: Currently Box Office Manager Miami Fusion Soccer. Before that I held the same position for the New York Yankees and Giants Stadium. I look forward to recieving any info on Castle Heights.

Bynum Lee Fox - [email protected]
2020 Sunnybrook Drive
Burlington NC 27215-4837 (336) 698-1451

Ad No.: 528 - Department: 1972 on 08/30/99 10:27:02 CDT
Description: I attended Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee and participated in the Cooperative Education Program while attending Engineering School. I graduated in 1978 with BSEE. Upon graduation, I went to work at the Western Electric Company in Greensboro, N.C. Western Electric soon became part of AT&T, and I've worked there for approximately 22 years. I went back to school and earned an MSIE degree from Texas Technological University in 1985. Married, no children. Currently serve as a Project Manager in the AT&T Human Resources Integrated Workforce Solutions (IWS) Group, supporting IT solutions for corporate AT&T databases. This remainder of this year's effort will include the transition through the Y2K millennium and Near 24 x 7 Availability for Critical IWS Systems - (Web-based applications).

John W. Jacquot - [email protected]
2212 N. Drew St.
Appleton Wi 54911-2817 920-733-7887

Ad No.: 529 - Department: 1939 on 08/30/99 14:48:06 CDT
Description: Cheese industry 1939-1942, Air Force 1942-1945, Chief Instructor-Bombadiering, Carlsbad AF base, NM, return to cheese industry 1946-1967, USDA Federal Milk Marketing Division-Audit supervisor NE Wisconsin 1967-1990 Retired 1991

brakebill,bill - [email protected]
1030 berrington circle
birmingham al 35242 205-558-6961

Ad No.: 530 - Department: 1966 on 08/30/99 17:28:36 CDT
Description: Employed with Compass Bank in Birmingham, Alabama as Senior Vice President and Division Manager for the Dealer Financial Services Group. Have a wonderful wife, Vicki, and two great dogs, Bubba and Bandit. Graduated from the University of Tennessee and love the Vols, the defending NationalChampions. Have maintained a constant friendship with Jim Hodge over these many years, 33 and counting. My brothers, Joe and Tommy (both Heights graduates) are doing well and living in Atlanta. Amazing how this technology brings back fond memories. Good luck to all!!

Patrick Townes - [email protected]
730 Haile St.
Sumter SC 29150 803-775-7079

Ad No.: 531 - Department: 1977 on 08/30/99 19:44:00 CDT
Description: Husband & father of three children: Patrick (14),Julie (11), & Whitney (8). Executive for a Swiss owned plastics manufacturer. I'm a die hard golfer, so let me know if your in the Carolinas and need a game.

Norman A. Palermo - [email protected]
PO Box 1718
Colorado Springs CO 80901 719-471-7700

Ad No.: 532 - Department: 1954 on 08/31/99 14:36:22 CDT
Description: Attended Tulane University with NROTC scholarship (thanks to Heights), graduating in 1958. Spent eight years on active duty - USS Lexington and physics instructor at U.S. Naval Academy. Graduated from Georgetown University School of Law in 1966 and moved to Colorado Springs, CO where I have been engaged in the general practice of business, real estate, and estate planning law. Married with two children and one grandchild. Very involved in community affairs - recently finished year as Chairman of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and principal volunteer work is now as Co-chair of Springs 2000 (a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation) created to plan, coordinate, and implement the millenium celebration for the region. Longtime Goodwill Industries Board Member, Symnphony and other civic activities. These activities plus being a member of Colorado Bar Association Board of Governors keeps me busy but still make time to travel, ski, and golf. Looking forward to reading about my classmates on this site.

Norman A. Palermo - [email protected]
PO Box 1718
Colorado Springs CO 80901 719-471-7700

Ad No.: 533 - Department: 1954 on 08/31/99 14:40:07 CDT
Description: Attended Tulane University with NROTC scholarship (thanks to Heights), graduating in 1958. Spent eight years on active duty - USS Lexington and physics instructor at U.S. Naval Academy. Graduated from Georgetown University School of Law in 1966 and moved to Colorado Springs, CO where I have been engaged in the general practice of business, real estate, and estate planning law. Married with two children and one grandchild. Very involved in community affairs - recently finished year as Chairman of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and principal volunteer work is now as Co-chair of Springs 2000 (a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation) created to plan, coordinate, and implement the millenium celebration for the region. Longtime Goodwill Industries Board Member, Symnphony and other civic activities. These activities plus being a member of Colorado Bar Association Board of Governors keeps me busy but still make time to travel, ski, and golf. Retired from US Naval Reserve with rank of Commander. Looking forward to reading about my classmates on this site.

Victor A. Torano - [email protected]
P.O. Box 3078
Arecibo PR 00613-3078 787-817-6227

Ad No.: 534 - Department: 1979 on 08/31/99 15:52:48 CDT
Description: I am a psychiatrist working in private practice in my hometown of Arecibo, PR. I am single, with no children, although I plan to marry next year. Over the years I've had very little contact with Heights graduates. I attended the 10 yr reunion of our class, and plan to do so again this year for our 20th.

Ronald Allen Stewart - [email protected]
Springhill Acres
4107 Pine Drive
Benton AR 72015-9197 501-847-5519

Ad No.: 535 - Department: 1954 on 09/01/99 13:27:12 CDT
Description: After graduation in June '54 spent summer working for American Red Cross in NE Arkansas as a Water Safety Instructor; providing swimming & lifesaving lessons in Tri-County Area. Entered Hendrix College in the fall and played on their last football team. October '54 accepted as a Naval Aviation Cadet and reported to NATC, Pensacola, FL. "Wrecked a knee" playing Flag Football; next three months in USNH. February '55 returned to Active Duty and reported for duty as as Drill Instructor at MCRD,San Diego. Subsequent duty assignments were to include: USS Lexington (CVA-16);Reconnaisance Co,1stMarDiv;9th Marines(S-2);ReconCo,3rdMarDiv;US Consulate General Geneva,Switzerland; MarineCorpsSchools,Quantico,VA. JUSMAAG-RVN,Saigon;1stMarDiv(G-2); USNavOceanOffice (AgeanSeaSurveyGroup); Hq(G-2),III-MAF,RVN; CINCPAC (AbnCP); Hq(G-2),III-MAF, FMF; USMC Recruiting Svc; 2ndMAW,FMFLant; Hq(S-2),32ndMAU,FMFLant; 6thFleet Landing Force Intelligence Officer-Mediterranean; USNH, Cherry Point, NC; Transfered to the Permanent Disability Retired List of Marine Corps Officers by the Secretary of Navy on 01April76; Home..........

LTC Gary A. Harber - [email protected]
PSC 303, Box 27
APO AP 96204 011-822-7918-6083
Ad No.: 536 - Department: 1980 on 09/01/99 19:00:44 CDT
Description: I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army currently assigned to *th US Army Headquarters in Seoul, Korea. I have a wife, 3 Kids and a dog. In my spare time I coach soccer, lift weights, and am working on earning my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

robert k. cummings - [email protected]
po box 2069
covington ky 41012 (606)2612292

Ad No.: 537 - Department: 1972 on 09/01/99 19:54:20 CDT
Description: I'm the cheif electrician with the usepa in cincinnati,my childern are grown, and I'm very,very single now and having the time of my life. FINALLY!

Joey Goober - [email protected]
Hometown TN
Ad No.: 580 - Department: 1923 on 10/09/99 05:38:13 CDT
Description: Test post by webmaster

Bill Cadet - [email protected]
Bigcity NY

Ad No.: 581 - Department: 1923 on 10/09/99 05:39:27 CDT
Description: Another test post by webmaster

Angela Woods English - [email protected]
17697 Raven Rocks Rd
Bluemont VA 20135-1716 540/554-8492

Ad No.: 586 - Department: 1982 on 10/11/99 19:16:43 CDT
Description: BBA from MTSU in'87; married Marc on 5/1/93 and inherited beautiful twin step-daughters, who were 11 yrs old at the time; worked in several sales mgmt positions before going back to school for a master's in elem. education - grad. from Uni of Memphis in '98; taught 5th&6th graders during the '98-'99 school yr; moved to northern VA in 7/99 when Marc changed jobs; currently living in the Blue Ridge Mtns and lovin' it here! Looking forward to returning to teaching in the near future. Enjoy hearing from fellow classmates and other Heights attendees.

H.L. "Bert" Dobbs - [email protected]
4222 N. 12th Street, Suite 202
Phoenix Az

Ad No.: 587 - Department: 1957 on 10/12/99 11:15:10 CDT

O'FALLON IL 62269 618 628-3113

Ad No.: 588 - Department: 1974 on 10/13/99 21:19:11 CDT

Casey Copeland - casey[email protected]
9339 Barrington Blvd
Knoxville TN 37922 423-6904241

Ad No.: 589 - Department: 1972 on 10/16/99 20:44:34 CDT
Description: After graduating from C.H.M.A. I attended UT Knoxville for 2 years then joined the Navy. I was training in San Diego, (Balboa Naval Hospital ) as a Hospital Corpsman when the first P.O.W.’S were brought home. Upon graduation I was transferred to the Naval Hospital in Camp Lejune Jacksonville NC to finish out my 2 year tour. After returning to Knoxville I worked for The City of Knoxville in the community redevelopment program for 2 years. I then went to work for the Knox County Property Assessors office as a commercial property appraiser for 5 years. I then moved Ft Myers Florida for 1 year, to improve my golf game and get a tan. I came back to Knoxville to work for the family business, The Copeland Insurance Agency, as an agent / general manager. I have a super wife, Karen, and 2 sons, Trey 16 and Samuel 3.

Samuel H. Edwards - [email protected]
208 Oakdale Drive.
Lebanon Tn 37087 615-862-8844

Ad No.: 590 - Department: 1968 on 10/17/99 13:49:51 CDT
Description: After graduating from CHMA I attended MTSU receiving a B.S. in Urban Planning and went on to graduate school receiving a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In 1991 I received a J.D. from the Nashville School of Law. I have worked as a land use planner and am presently the in-house attorney for GNRC in Nashville, Tennessee. My wife, Debra, is a legal secretary for the law firm of Rochelle, McCulloch & Aulds. We have two daughters, Rebecca Sellars (Judd) who is a Critical Care Nurse at St. Thomas Hospial, and Samantha Granstaff (Bryan) who is a pre-school teacher at Pixie School. We have one grandchild, Shelby Leigh who is four years old. We are looking forward to the arrival of our second grandchild in March of 2000!

William M. Plunkett - [email protected]
415 Haynes drive
murfreesboro TN 37129 (615) 890-5939

Ad No.: 591 - Department: 1972 on 10/19/99 14:01:04 CDT
Description: This is a change of address. I retired from the Army after spending the last ten years as an air traffic control insturctor. I am still married to my wife of 18 years and my two sons are attending Oakland High School. I have moved to Murfreesboro, TN to attend MTSU to continue working towards a teacher's certificate for elementary education with emphasis on grades 5 through 8. Murfreesboro is now my retirement home and where I will keep busy teaching.

Melissa Jablonski - [email protected]
533 Piccadilly Row
Antioch TN 37013 615-880-2979

Ad No.: 592 - Department: 1987 on 10/25/99 13:43:21 CDT
Description: When Heights closed in 1986, I finished my senior year at Friendship Christian, then went on to Belmont and MTSU to end up with a BS in Biology. Never did anything with the degree, I started working for the Nashville Public Library, and got involved in web site design. In 1997, I came to work for the Nashville Police Department as their Web Administrator. I recently bought a house, and became "mommy" to a couple of kitties. My hobbies still include reading and cross-stitching, as well as quilting, crochet, and going to Nascar races. Drop me a line sometime, I'd love to catch up!

rickydennert - [email protected]
also stated, Marbella,Espana

Ad No.: 593 - Department: 1979 on 10/26/99 13:14:36 CDT
Description: I am A verry proud Height'man, Class of 79. I am out of town, will get in the place on time.

george williams - [email protected]
1050 spain hill rd.
lascassas tn 37085 615-273-2877

Ad No.: 594 - Department: 1965 on 11/02/99 10:33:10 CST
Description: after graduating in '65, went to college 1 year and then was given a gov't vacation in vietnam. the military science did come in handy after all. kept books for 5 years, got into the commercial sign business for 20+ years and now travel the u.s. pinstriping motorcycles for harley-davidson. only had contact with one classmate and that was in texas. i have to credit chma with giving me the ideals and knowledge that have served me well since 1965.

William J. Murphy, II - [email protected]
c/o 1024 Burton Dr., N.E.
Atlanta Ga 30329 404-636-4780

Ad No.: 595 - Department: 1972 on 11/02/99 16:56:46 CST

John K. Cameron - [email protected]
1726 34th Street
Columbus GA 31904 (706)660-0479

Ad No.: 596 - Department: 1984 on 11/03/99 22:39:29 CST
Description: 11/03/99 Ducked into the Army after Heights... 8 years,5 MOS's, 3 Duty Stations, 1 Ex-wife later decided to settle down for a time in lovely Columbus, GA. Wife Jennifer and I work at Callaway Gardens Resort in the Accounting Department. I bring in the money in Acct Rec, she spends it in Acct Payable. Go Figure. Both of us are working on our BA at Columbus St. Univ. Only took me 12 years to figure out a college education might be a good thing.... Thank you all. The lessons were hard but the times were good. I'll always treasure the moments.

LAFAYETTE TN 615 666-4940

Ad No.: 597 - Department: 1968 on 11/04/99 19:16:46 CST

WEST, ARCHIE - [email protected]
4017 ElPrado Blvd.
Tampa Fl 33629 813-837-0696

Ad No.: 598 - Department: 1959 on 11/11/99 17:59:40 CST
Description: After graduating from Ohio State, taught school for nine years. Moved to Florida to become Real Estate Broker. Currently, Manager, Real Estate Division, City of Tampa. Married 35 years to Virgina, four wonderful children.

Jack R. Abernathy, III - [email protected]
1600 Darwin Way
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615 361-8809

Ad No.: 599 - Department: 1981 on 11/14/99 09:59:56 CST
Description: Graduated from University of Tennessee Knoxville in August 1987. Currently employed with Automated Collection Service, Inc. in Nashville, TN as Sales Manager. Married in 85 (Elisabeth), two girls, Sarah, age 3 and Hannah, 18 mos.

James L. Williams - [email protected]

Ad No.: 600 - Department: 1948 on 11/14/99 11:41:06 CST

Walker Johhson - [email protected]
147 Littlebrook Cr.
Rockford TN 37853

Ad No.: 601 - Department: 1967 on 11/15/99 07:53:36 CST
Description: I was in radio for 29 years. I have been talent, management and owner. I am now a writer for the Knoxville News Sentinel, managing family property and working in Nashville as an on air host for the Shop At Home televison network.

Robert J. Remen - [email protected]
6909 Turquiose Drive SW
Lakewood WA 98498 (253) 922-0771

Ad No.: 602 - Department: 1951 on 11/15/99 08:34:46 CST
Description: It has been a long time since I have been in touch. My brother Chuck Remen graduation in 1948 and for years and years the alumni news was sent to him and since it was not his, it was thrown away. After Castle Heights I went to Altadena, CA and my parents thought I was maybe too young to be out on my own. Attended Pomona College, Claremont, CA. Joined the ROTC and because of exellent training at CHMA I won all the drill awards and in my second year of college I was battalion S-4 (supply) - Big deal, I got to set up the loud speaker system. At college it was the swimming team, water polo, etc. At CHMA I could just barely stay on the swim team becasue I was not a very good free styler so I tried backstroke and it worked as was Southern California Inter Athletic Conference Champion for 3-1.2 years. Another big deal because gthe SCIAC was made up of the small schools in Southern California and rest of the bask strokers weren't very good either. Shorten this up because I have to go to work. I am a Trustee for and ESOP and really don't do very much but it is alot of fun. Four years in the Air Force, saw Stan Harvel, my company ex who became a jet fighter pilot, wow - now that is something I always wanted to do but my eyes were too bad. But I did get my pilots license and owned a C model Bonaza for a number of years. Wife, Annette married 42 on the 23rd of this month. Three children, six grand children - anybody from the class of '51 or thereabouts please make yourself visible - Best regards - Bob R

Charles"Buzzy"Fryer - [email protected]
1023 First Street
Henderson Ky 42420 (270)826-0048

Ad No.: 603 - Department: 1962 on 11/16/99 10:38:54 CST
Description: I am currently the Vice-president of Fryer Realty Company, Inc in Henderson, Ky. I taught school for 21 years before going io to private business with my father Woodring Fryer. I have four grown children, and four grandchildren and happily married for 31 years

ELMER TYLER PEARSON - [email protected]


Ad No.: 604 - Department: 1949 on 11/16/99 20:04:45 CST
Description: ! After I finished at Heights I went to East Tennessee State University graduating there in 1953. From there I went to UT and spend a year studying physics hoping to become involved in nuclear physics. From there I went into Naval flight training and ended up in San Diego attached to the carrier Princeton. This consumed about 4 years of my life. Then deciding to get married I opted to remove myself from futher military life and enrolled in dental school at UT Memphis. Graduated in 1962 and then went on to specialize in Orthodontics finishing up in 1964 and settling in Bristol, Tn for 33 years of practice. My first marriage lasted for 20 years and produced 3 boys. Divorced in 1980 and remarried again in 1981 to a lady with 2 daughters. She is 11 years my junior and I ended up raising 2 girls from an early age. About 2.5 years ago I retired to Hilton Head Island, SC where I am involved in lots of boating and general goofing off.

Tony H.Polston - [email protected]
809 Red Boiling Springs Rd
Lafayette Tt 37083 6156662157

Ad No.: 605 - Department: 1969 on 11/30/99 16:23:03 CST

Kim Rich - [email protected]
301 Tayside Court
Charleston SC 29414 843-573-0695

Ad No.: 606 - Department: 1985 on 12/10/99 10:51:28 CST
Description: An update- I have moved to Charleston, SC. Still unpacking boxes at this point. I am in the process of searching for a job and getting to know the area. Perhaps I will run into some of my fellow alumni around town.

Rhonda Kippes Robinson - [email protected]
2049b Cairo Bend Rd
Lebanon Tn 37087 6154449420

Ad No.: 607 - Department: 1986 on 12/10/99 14:26:41 CST
Description: Just an update on my new email address--would love to keep in touch

Robert S. Overall III - [email protected]
427 Van Hook Dr.
Ashland City tn 37015 (615)862-9506

Ad No.: 608 - Department: 1981 on 12/11/99 15:20:28 CST
Description: After 15 years in law enforcement, my new wife, Amelia, told me that she was tired of waiting for THE phone call. Now I teach computer science at Nashville State Technical Institute. I sure miss those days.

Chris Blanton - [email protected]

Denver CO

Ad No.: 609 - Department: 1981 on 12/14/99 20:32:44 CST

Mary J. Henkel - [email protected]
4520 Sutton Lane
Suwanee GA 30024 678-947-3983

Ad No.: 610 - Department: 1985 on 12/15/99 18:33:41 CST
Description: I now have two sons: Patrick and Jess, ages 2 and 9 weeks.

Richard D. Singer - [email protected]
405 Reyling Drive
Jasper IN 47546 812-854-2958

Ad No.: 611 - Department: 1967 on 12/15/99 20:20:36 CST
Description: I first came to Castle Heights in the second semester of my 7th grade year. I came back my 8th grade year, but then went to my home High School my freshman year. However, I came back to Heights for my sophmore and junior years, but unfortunately didn't graduate from Heights my senior year in 1967. I now live in my home town of Jasper, IN and work for Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, IN which is a Navy base in southern Indiana. I would love to hear from any of my old classmates or friends from Castle Heights.

Bill Cleveland -
64 Mill Rd.
Maldon-Essex UK CM9 5HZ

Ad No.: 612 - Department: Faculty on 12/16/99 05:35:13 CST
Description: Not faculty..more of a faculty brat.I would have graduated in '87, but moved to Virginia where my brother,Albert, and I attended Massanutten Military Academy. I then went to Hampden-Sydney College and The Univ. of Leiden (Neth.), and am presently working on my PhD with OU-Cambridge. My wife, Catherine, and I both teach and live outside London.

Bob Byrd - [email protected]
Aptdo Postal 342
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Ad No.: 613 - Department: 1970 on 12/19/99 18:46:58 CST
Description: Graduated Colorado Mines in '74, Boston U. in '77, Army service in Germany for 4 years where I met my future wife, Hilkka. We have two daughters ages 10 and 15, currently General Manager of a zinc/silver/lead mine at El Mochito in northwest Honduras.

don wilee - [email protected]

Ad No.: 614 - Department: 1964 on 12/22/99 08:53:42 CST
Description: please change e-mail address Thanks

wiiiam grosse - na
7206 corta calle
houston tx 77083 2818797286

Ad No.: 615 - Department: 1973 on 12/22/99 23:20:35 CST
Description: gurated 73 where ar the boys at

James T. Whitehead - [email protected]
2326 Gold Point Circle
Hixson TN 37343 4237513913

Ad No.: 616 - Department: 1965 on 12/23/99 19:12:39 CST
Description: After a great education at Heights, I attended Tennessee Tech and obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1970, I started work at TVA in Chattanooga. I've been there ever since.

Thomas C. Stephens - [email protected]
3761 Huntingdon Lane
Memphis TN 38111 901-336-0599

Ad No.: 617 - Department: 1971 on 12/26/99 10:07:57 CST
Description: Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in December,1977, with a BS in Recording Inducstry Management. Have been in the music business up until 1999, when I was downsized. Am currently attending State Tech in Memphis, TN, working towards an associate degree in Information Technology. Planned graduation date is Spring, 2001. Have lived in Memphis since 1981. Occasional run in with another graduate, Kreis Johnson, who also resides in Memphis.

Alan W Butler - [email protected]
1010 Leadenhall Street
Alpharetta GA 30022 770-449-6818-14

Ad No.: 618 - Department: 1972 on 12/27/99 07:59:56 CST

Harvey McLeod - [email protected].com
3179 Doroteo Way
Sacramento CA 95833 916-923-2397

Ad No.: 619 - Department: 1968 on 12/27/99 20:27:50 CST

Raymond O. Eck - [email protected]
624 Southmont Ave.
S. Williamsport PA 17702 570-321-0267

Ad No.: 620 - Department: Faculty on 12/31/99 07:23:12 CST
Description: Enjoying contacting friends via Email. Bowl and play some golf to stay in reasonable shape.

P.J. Gardner - [email protected]
1616 Hunters Bluff Dr. #103
Memphis Tn 38120 9901)755-4739

Ad No.: 621 - Department: 1977 on 01/05/00 18:44:34 CST
Description: Since graduation, I obtained a M.S. degree in Exercise Science and I am employed as an Athletic Trainer in a PT Clinic here in Memphis. I lived in West Virginia 79-81 then in Denver,Co '92-94. I got married in'96 - no children. I stay in touch with Carl Cooper and have corresponded with many classmates through e-mail. Would love to hear from any classmates!

Steve Groce - [email protected]
810 Regal
Houston Tx 77034

Ad No.: 622 - Department: 1985 on 01/06/00 16:45:48 CST
Description: After leaving Castle Heights I went into the U.S Army for 10 yrs. I went back to school and got my degree afterwards in Emergency Mgmt. I am currently Teaching Paramedical Technology, SAR, And A Paramedic for a local city EMS. Would love to hear from some of those who remember me and want to talk about some of the old glory days again.

Billy Pugh - billy [email protected]

Old Hickory TN 884 0983

Ad No.: 623 - Department: 1979 on 01/07/00 17:19:52 CST

Robert William Cook - [email protected]
223 South Washington Street
Snow Hill Md 21863 (757)824-1335

Ad No.: 624 - Department: 1983 on 01/12/00 12:28:29 CST

Robert W. Cook - [email protected]
223 South Washington Street
Snow Hill Md 21863 (757)824-1335

Ad No.: 625 - Department: 1983 on 01/12/00 12:35:39 CST
Description: Hey everybody!! I live in Maryland, married to the former Cindy Groff. Been married for 10 years. We have two great kids. A son, Bobby, age 9, a daughter, Taylor, age 6, and we are expecting are third child in April 2000. I work for NASA, Wallops Flight Facility as the Plant Protection Manager and I also am a Major in the Maryland Army National Guard. It was really great to find this site and see some familiar names. Take care...Bob

Jodi Roach (Wixted) - [email protected]
27 Beachwood Drive
Hilton Head Island SC 29928

Ad No.: 626 - Department: 1983 on 01/12/00 13:52:16 CST
Description: Hi guys! College years in Chicago, then 3 years in Atlanta and now 10 years in the land of paradise! Married my wonderful husband Steve on 11/27/99. Am employed by CSG Systems, Inc. - a customer care and billing software development firm as a Testing Engineer. Will be moving to Boulder, Colorado in March due to company relocation.

Michael Cloudt (J.D.) - [email protected]
850 Boulder Hwy. ste 321
Nv 89015 702-386-5334

Ad No.: 627 - Department: 1972 on 01/14/00 19:22:48 CST
Description: Remember that I was all the time on the fire escapes and roofs; I'm with the Piledrivers union. We do bridges,wharves,docks, and casinos. I'm with the most fabulous company you have ever heard of---Starlight International. Don't hesitate to call me. Love to touch base with you--- I have an idea to help what is left of Heights.

Richard A Zack Jr. - [email protected]
MURFREESBORO TN 37130 1-800-741-3939

Ad No.: 628 - Department: 1984 on 01/15/00 02:01:57 CST
Description: in 1989, i was the putt-putt golf national amateur champion and played competetively until 1996. i am currently employed @ COMDATA NETWORK CORPORATION & have been with them since august, 1994. currently, i reside in murfreesboro, tn.

Steve Nall - [email protected]
P.O. Box 895
Carmichael CA 95609-0895 916-835-9882

Ad No.: 629 - Department: 1965 on 01/18/00 15:57:32 CST
Description: Hi fellow Heightsmen! While I didn't actually "graduate" from CHMA, I have a very soft spot in my heart for all the great times on the hilltop. I still keep in touch with Mac O'Daniel who lives in Middleton (works for XEROX) and take every chance I get to visit the area. Unfortunately I've only made it to one reunion/homecoming in all these years. Just recently decorated my home office and one of the pictures was the 2nd year picture in uniform. I guess CHMA had some very positive affects on my life as I served in the Navy for 22.5 years of active duty, retiring in '92 as a Commander and P-3 ASW Aviator. Since then I have taught the NJROTC program at Titusville H.S. in FL (92-96) and worked in the software (I.T.) industry and Project Management since 96. Currently I work for Hansen Information Technologies in Sacramento CA as a trainer and consultant. Since I love to travel - it's the perfect job! Hobbies include Golf, Snow Skiing, and home remodeling projects. Would love to hear from any of the old guard and please know the door is always open with plenty of room for visitors.

Ron Wardlow - [email protected]
1200 Laurel St.
Pasadena CA 91103 626-695-9042

Ad No.: 630 - Department: 1956 on 01/19/00 17:47:40 CST
Description: Living in Pasadena/Married to Priscilla(best thing that ever happened to me) Retired from Honeywell after 32 years and went in real estate business here. Love to meet you in Vegas(always looking for a reason to go) If you are in the area, give us a call.

Pat Hickey - [email protected]
109 Old Horn Springs Road
Lebanon TN 37087

Ad No.: 631 - Department: 1975 on 01/23/00 06:30:07 CST

DIRK ASH - [email protected]
LEBANON TN 37087 615-449-2642

Ad No.: 632 - Department: 1975 on 01/28/00 08:55:53 CST

Christopher Wilks - [email protected]

Ad No.: 633 - Department: 1967 on 01/29/00 18:57:08 CST

Malone, George Wallace (Jeff) - bama4meandyou
1905 Charity Ln.
Lickskillet Al 35750

Ad No.: 634 - Department: 1985 on 01/31/00 00:17:57 CST
Description: Is there really life after Heights? Sometimes you just dont realize how perfect life was until you look back at it 15 years later, youre a little older and a little uglier, but youre also a hell of a lot smarter. For me I was one of the fortunate ones that realized that life was good at the time, it just took 15 years to fully understand how good it was. It took me a while to get my act together after graduation but I finaly did and decided that my place on this big mud ball was in law enforcement. I know youve all heard all those crazy stories about people wanting to be cops so that they can help people and make the world a better place, well there true for me, coupled with the fact that where else could I get a job where I get paid to drive fast and not get in trouble for it for a change. Still havent married yet although I have come close a time or two. Funny how THEY always figure out that I dont NEED to get married. Oh well I figure if you have a couple of Jimmy Buffett C.D.`s and enough money in your pocket to get to Florida then life cant be that bad!! Hope this finds you all doing well and just remember this when life seems to be too tough:.."was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour? Hell no, and it aint over now, `cause when the going gets tough, the tough do what SGT. MAJ. Arthur taught 'em. any of you damn Mansurs who might happen to see this. Where's my free trip to Aruba that I was promised?

Jim Beasley - [email protected]
328 North Garner
Springfield TN 37172 (615) 384-2591

Ad No.: 635 - Department: 1975 on 01/31/00 12:22:35 CST

Test Post - [email protected]
asdf TN 377777 555-1212

Ad No.: 693 - Department: 1932 on 04/25/00 16:17:43 CDT
Description: just a test post

Ray Barrett - [email protected]
[email protected]
pob 1214
Brentwood Tn 37024 931-359-9921

Ad No.: 694 - Department: 1977 on 04/25/00 20:09:46 CDT
Description: Well since I left Heights im still wearing a uniform. I am a police officer at the Brentwood Police dept in Tennessee. I started there in 1979. When im not working im rodeoing on the weekends. I have 3 sons 19,16,10 and 2 step daughters 6 and 11 sure would like to hear from some of my old buds

Luis M. Mansur - [email protected]
P.O. Box 695
Oranjestad, ARUBA

Ad No.: 695 - Department: 1984 on 04/28/00 21:36:59 CDT
Description: Living in Aruba. Maried for 14 years. 4 kids, oldest is a boy 12 and triplets 3years old, one boy two girls. I am currently working as the astnt. director at the islands largest newspaper (DIARIO),also own a construction company.

Jon Brooks - [email protected]
2124 Herschel St.
Jacksonville FL 32204 904-387-5397

Ad No.: 698 - Department: 1987 on 05/17/00 12:48:33 CDT

Jon Brooks - [email protected] or [email protected]
2124 Herschel St.
Jacksonville FL 32204 904.387.5397

Ad No.: 699 - Department: 1987 on 05/17/00 14:40:52 CDT
Description: I have recently remarried. I have lived here in Jacksonville,FL since 1996. I Work for Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. as a Graphic Production Artist. Smurfit-Stone is the Industries premier paper-based packaging in the world. The company operates approx. 300 facilities worldwide. No children at this time (Thank God, maybe later but not now!) I goined the Army in Aug. '87 until Aug. '90. Was stationed in Würzburg Germany my entire tour. Travelled most all of Europe the entire time. The most interesting was the participation in the Liberty Tour (2 years in a row) in France. It's a 700 mile bike tour from St. Lo, France to Bastone, Belgium through Luxumburg. The tour commemorates the route that Gen. Patton marched his troops on foot in WWII. I work all day on a computer so e-mail me anytime, I'll gladly return the mail. Work e-mail is : [email protected] ~ :-)

Leland (Ish) Ishmael - [email protected]

Ad No.: 700 - Department: 1962 on 05/19/00 09:02:30 CDT

Leland (Ish) Ishmael - [email protected]
378 Sandlewood Dr.
Clarksville Tn 37040 1-561-310-3650

Ad No.: 701 - Department: 1962 on 05/19/00 09:10:13 CDT
Description: After a long jail sentence as a copy editor for the Tennessean where I worked with fellow graduate Frank Southerland I have spent the rest of my life designing and building golf courses. I presently maintain an office in Stuart, Fl., but I spend most of my time on the road. Looking forward to hearing from fellow Heightsmen.

J. Victor Hamilton - [email protected]
464 University Circle
Alexander City Al 35010 256-234-3122

Ad No.: 702 - Department: 1962 on 05/19/00 19:46:52 CDT
Description: After delivering babies for 25 years, I quit. Still married after 33 years-same woman. Two sons.Like to fly airplanes.

Jim Jewell - [email protected]
306 Crestview Drive
Bonita CA 91902-4250 858-453-2128x178

Ad No.: 703 - Department: 1962 on 05/21/00 08:47:01 CDT
Description: i just started a real job for the first time in 30 years after being in the Navy and playing Mr. Mom. i retired from the Navy in 1989 on the day my second daughter, Sarah, was born. While playing with her i was a writer and consultant in organizational development, leadership coaching and team building. i am now a writer for an estate planning attorney association. i have been married to Maureen for 17 years and i think it's going to stick this time. My other daughter, Blythe, is 27, married,lives in Austin and is a computer geek. i play golf and get back to Lebanon at least twice a year to visit family and friends.

Charles B Caya - [email protected]
2320 Settlemyre Bridge Road
Newton NC 28658 828-465-5796

Ad No.: 704 - Department: 1973 on 05/21/00 11:17:10 CDT
Description: Working For NC DOT

Robert P. Gilbert - [email protected]
1613 Shades Crest Road
Vestavia Hills AL 35226-3246 (205)822-5853

Ad No.: 705 - Department: 1943 on 05/21/00 19:02:33 CDT
Description: I have changed ISP from Compuserve to AOL, and am having trouble making that known to Hope ths does it! Let me hear from someone!!!

dirk ash - [email protected]
136 winwood dr
lebanon tn 37087

Ad No.: 706 - Department: 1975 on 05/26/00 08:55:59 CDT

William W. Ogan - [email protected]
1244 Collier Road
Atlanta GA 30318 404-266-1532

Ad No.: 707 - Department: 1960 on 05/27/00 02:55:08 CDT
Description: Entered Castle Heights as a Goober in 1953 and graduated with the class of 1960 but my course through Heights was not a straight one. I made such good grades in the eighth that my parents thought Castle Heights had done its job and withdrew me to Memphis where I helped to birth rock and roll, and hit the rear of my Latin teacher on a return throw (the other guy ducked -and I wish I could say more about birthing rock and roll and probably will later). The 60 Mike Nash came to Memphis for Cotton Carnival with the drill team, I set him up with a lot of good-looking women, he duly impressed my parents and I returned to Castle Heights for my junior year. Graduated in 1960 [To be continued]

MARION T. BROCK - [email protected]
302 llth ST N. E.
CULLMAN AL 35055 256=734-1870

Ad No.: 708 - Department: 1949 on 05/27/00 09:52:55 CDT

ALBERTO L. SWEENEY - [email protected]

Ad No.: 709 - Department: 1968 on 05/29/00 19:34:18 CDT

Michael Thompson - [email protected]
8313 Old US 60
Spottsville KY 42458 270 827 1801

Ad No.: 710 - Department: 1973 on 05/30/00 11:14:43 CDT
Description: Hello old friends, Milling around is permitted at Married since 1980, two daughters. Computer programmer since 1985.

richard a. furman - [email protected]
601 n interlachen ave
Winter park fl 32789 407-629-5046

Ad No.: 711 - Department: 1964 on 05/30/00 11:46:09 CDT
Description: change of address

James F ollace Fields - [email protected]
104 Church Street
Whitesburg, Ky 41858 606-633-2161

Ad No.: 721 - Department: 1958 on 06/06/00 14:10:58 CDT
Description: Petroleum Distributor looking forward to retirement.

John R. Hurt -

Ad No.: 722 - Department: 1966 on 06/06/00 15:10:16 CDT

John R. Hurt - [email protected]
9026 So. Harpeth Court
Nashville Tn 37221 615 329-9398

Ad No.: 723 - Department: 1966 on 06/06/00 15:15:03 CDT
Description: Sr. VP Sales Saber Industries, Inc.

John R. Hurt -

Ad No.: 724 - Department: 1966 on 06/06/00 15:24:49 CDT
Description: For what it's worth, I was a pilot in the USMC from 1970 til 1976, I now have three grandchildren and just ran the Music City Marathon!

DON HUTSON - [email protected]
8129 S. Florence Pl.
Tulsa OK 74137 (918)492-1946

Ad No.: 725 - Department: 1955 on 06/06/00 17:08:42 CDT
Description: Recently retired after serving as a special agent with the FBI and subsequently as an Estate Planner in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Currently live in Tulsa with my wife Carole and enjoy golf at the club.

Richard F. Meier - [email protected]
102 Treetops Lane, 2C
Benton KY 42025-6535 270-354-9121

Ad No.: 726 - Department: 1943 on 06/07/00 10:54:03 CDT
Description: We have moved from Gainesville Florida to Benton, KY. A return to Kentucky. Thus a new e-mail address as well as address.

Peter J. Speropulos, Jr. - [email protected]
3344 Berkshire circle
Johnson City TN 37604 423

Ad No.: 727 - Department: 1953 on 06/08/00 16:18:35 CDT
Description: Still working in the insurance business. Took up golf four years ago, goal is to break 100 Married to my childhood sweetheart - four childre six grandchildren.

Carl L. Szubski - [email protected]
6577 Cheryl Ann Dr.
Independence OH 44131

Ad No.: 728 - Department: 1945 on 06/08/00 18:50:06 CDT
Description: I'm retired from WJW-TV in Cleveland, Ohio( a former CBS affiliate). I enjoyed my years in the television industry. I guess I was one of the pioneers since I started in 1959. It sure has changed, however. I have 3 grandchildren living in the area. They are 11, 7 and 4 years old. My wife, Dorothy, and I also enjoy traveling. We are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary.

BILL LEMOND - [email protected]
18 Woodberry Road
Little Rock Ar 72212 501-224-1565

Ad No.: 729 - Department: 1951 on 06/08/00 22:29:03 CDT
Description: After Heights, I attended and Graduated from the University of Ark.Was married and had one child when drafted in Nov.of 55. Went through Ranger School and after completing that course was assigned to the Mandatory Training unit at Ft. Benning.(an interesting note---while in the swamp training phase of that course, I ran into John Daniel who was a Lane Grader-- saw him one day and never ran into him again) After discharge ,worked for McKesson and Robbins for 7 years. Joined Smith Kline and French Laboratories,and worked for them for 31 years until retireing in 1995.I now work as a hunting and fishing guide in Alaska in the fall, and also accompany clients on deep sea fishing trips in Mexico. I was guiding on vacations for ten years befor I retired, and decided I could continue doing it after I retired. My sweet wife (of 45 years) and I have three children and 4 grand children, and I would really like to hear from some of the class.

David A. Hale - [email protected]
417 Vosswood Drive
Lebanon TN 37087 615 444 2573

Ad No.: 730 - Department: 1974 on 06/08/00 23:57:53 CDT

Jeff Glaza - [email protected]
11582 Decoursey Pike
Covington Ky 41015 859.356.3088

Ad No.: 731 - Department: 1978 on 06/09/00 15:50:54 CDT
Description: After graduation, I wasted a year's tuition at college then joined the US Navy. Served 79-83 in submarine service, got out, went back to school graduated Northern Kentucky University in 1987. I've worked for the last 12 years in the television industry first as a production assistant, then an engineer, a photographer/editor in tv news and finally as Director of Post production in a Video production facility in Cincinnati, OH. I married in 1990 to Heidi, a third grade schoolteacher, and we have a 5 year old daughter, Gretchen. I've used the website to contact a few classmates and would enjoy hearinig from any of you.

Marion T. Brock - [email protected]
302 11th st. n.e.
Cullman Al 35055 256-734-1870

Ad No.: 732 - Department: 1949 on 06/09/00 17:36:06 CDT
Description: Retired and am injoying my children, grand children, great grand son. Just had my 50 wedding aniversary.

Jim Welty - [email protected]
8725 Haddix Rd.
Fairborn OH 45324 937-8789722

Ad No.: 733 - Department: 1956 on 06/10/00 18:35:40 CDT
Description: Graduated from The Citadel-1960. Taught Chem. and Physics till retirement in 1991. Drove, Built,and owned racecars with USAC, ARCA, NASCAR,NAMARS, etc. Curator of Ohio Military Museum, Inc.-Now growing old,but not gracefully.

David M. Wohrley - [email protected]
3604 Stonewood Ct
Nashville TN 37217 615-399-0801

Ad No.: 734 - Department: 1979 on 06/11/00 21:08:22 CDT

Raymond D. Whitten - [email protected]
3519 Skyline Blvd.
Texarkana TX 75503 903-824-4897

Ad No.: 735 - Department: 1963 on 06/12/00 18:08:10 CDT
Description: Woe is me. I didn't get to graduate from Heights. (Miss Fahey recommended to my parents that I not return without the stabilizing influence of an older brother.) Since leaving Lebanon in 1962, I graduated at Hot Springs High (a year ahead of President Bill.), served four years in the Air Force, married and raised four beautiful daughters, and went back to college and completed work on a master's degree in counseling. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arkansas and Texas and work at the only free-standing psych hospital in Texarkana, Arkansas. My position or title changes every now and then, but I am currently Director of Community Service. My Wife, also an LPC, is Director of Outpatient Services. We'd love to hear from any and all.

Jim Peterson - [email protected]
1601 Lusk St.
Guntersville AL 35976 256-582-6946

Ad No.: 736 - Department: 1984 on 06/13/00 16:49:44 CDT

John (Jack) N. Badger - [email protected]
8611 Sawyer Brown Road
Nashville TN 37221 615-385-3400

Ad No.: 737 - Department: 1951 on 06/15/00 20:26:58 CDT
Description: After graduation I spent one year at Vanderbilt in Engineering School before transfering to Tulane University where I spent 5 years in Architecture School. Returned to Nashville in '57 to work for a well established firm for 10 years before starting my own firm with a partner, Badger-Bogle Architects, which we operated for 30 years until he left in '98. Started a new firm, Badger & Associates, Architects, at that time and am presently practicing architecture here in Nashville. Have been designing schools for the Lebanon Special School District for the last 40 years and am in and out of the town quite frequently. I'm married, have 3 grown children, 2 grown stepchildren and 7 grandchildren. I look forward to seeing and hearing from some of the old gang.

Mary J. Henkel -
4520 Sutton Lane
Suwanee GA 30024 678-947-3983

Ad No.: 738 - Department: 1985 on 06/17/00 09:43:42 CDT
Description: Married to Eric Henkel (class of 1984). Have two great sons: Patrick (3 years), and Jess (8 months).

Eric Henkel -
4520 Sutton Lane
Suwanee GA 30024 678-947-3983

Ad No.: 739 - Department: 1984 on 06/17/00 09:45:49 CDT
Description: Married to Mary J. Smith (class of 1985), with two sons: Patrick (3 years), and Jess (8 months). Currently the Customer Marketing Manager for Gatorade for the Southern US.

Gene -

Ad No.: 740 - Department: 1949 on 06/19/00 01:07:53 CDT

Raymond A. Ebersole - [email protected]
995 Cardon Dr.
fl 32955 321-636-4847

Ad No.: 741 - Department: 1951 on 06/20/00 06:22:16 CDT
Description: Married, father of five. Retired from Rockwell International after 30 years in aerospace. Have lived in New Orleans and Huntsville, Al. Returned to Florida where I had started in aerospace. Would be great to hear from you.

EVANSVILLE IN 47711 812-471-1215

Ad No.: 742 - Department: 1970 on 06/25/00 14:06:01 CDT

Jere Maggart - [email protected] / [email protected]
19462 Heritage Dr
Abingdon VV 24211 540 783-3121 x1227

Ad No.: 743 - Department: 1975 on 06/26/00 08:55:08 CDT
Description: I am an Aeorospace Engineer and have worked for Avco Aerostructures (B-1, C-130), Northrop Aircraft (F-18, B-22), McDonnell Douglas/Boeing (C-17) and now work for Marion Composites (Airbus 330/340). I am once again close to home after living in Los Angeles for almost 15 years. I now live in Abingdon, VA., just 15 miles north of Bristol, Tn. I am married and have a 9 year old daughter.

Richard B. Grooms - [email protected]
2207 Bright Meadows
Missouri City Tx 77489 281-4999190

Ad No.: 744 - Department: 1964 on 06/26/00 16:56:47 CDT
Description: Graduated in 1964, went to the Univ. of Illinois where I graduated in 1968 with an Engineering degree. Began working with GeneralFoods upon graduating, then went into Army Intelligence from 1969-1972. I became a Plant Manager for Uncle Ben's Foods in 1978, then became an independent Manufacturing systems consultant in 1989. Am currently working as a Project Manager for International systems installation for Motorola, and am currently working in Tianjin, China. I am expecting to be in China for at least the next year.

Melville Kennedy - mken[email protected]
8068 Kensington Blvd
Apartment 193
Davison MI 48423 (810) 653-1475

Ad No.: 745 - Department: 1972 on 06/27/00 09:01:34 CDT

mike helms - [email protected]
7548 hwy 49e
springfield tn 37172 615-384-3174

Ad No.: 746 - Department: 1976 on 06/27/00 20:07:59 CDT

MIKE HELMS - [email protected]
7548 HWY 49 E
SPRINGFIELD TN 37172 615-384-3174

Ad No.: 747 - Department: 1976 on 06/27/00 20:21:28 CDT

William L. Tomlinson - [email protected]
7310 caney fork road
fernvale, Williamson county
Fairview TT 37062 615-799-0773

Ad No.: 748 - Department: 1955 on 06/27/00 20:43:56 CDT
Description: BBA Ole Miss 1959, Post Graduate University of Tenn 60,61. Retired General Manager with United States Fidelity & Guaranty Companies, 33 years. Like Golf.

Thomas K. Lawrence - [email protected]
RR 2 Box 1400
Bangor ME 04401 (207) 848-7487

Ad No.: 749 - Department: 1972 on 06/28/00 00:08:03 CDT
Description: After graduating I went to the university of Oklahoma for a semester, Thought I needed to go into the world. Dubbed around worked in the oil fields of West Texas one summer. Went to machine shop school. Worked in a machine shop while at school. Joined the Navy did six years as a Surface Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator.Left the Navy went to work in a steel fabrication plant.Left as a foreman to work for the Postal Service where I have been for fourteen years.I am married with no children. Many interests including firearms ,coins, stamps.

Bruce A. Yee - [email protected]
7445 S. Alkire St. #103
Littleton CO 80127 303-904-7171

Ad No.: 750 - Department: 1971 on 06/29/00 19:46:52 CDT
Description: I joined the USMC after a dismal year at college and spent nine months is SE Asia during the Viet Nam War. I tried to return to college then but was unsuccesful. I did return in 1986 and ended with a BS in Physics and have studied Network and Systems Administration and I now work for U. S. West (soon to be Qwest) as an engineer and am working on my master and PhD in telecommunications engineering. I lived in Arkansas when I graduated from CHMA but now live in the Denver Area, wife, no kids yet.

Brent Foy - [email protected]
5876 Southbend Lane
Olive Branch MS 38654 662-895-3208

Ad No.: 751 - Department: 1975 on 06/29/00 20:29:42 CDT

Tom Teasley - [email protected]
19A Beaver Street
San Francisco CA 94114 415-558-8669

Ad No.: 752 - Department: 1965 on 06/30/00 18:05:43 CDT
Description: CHMA was a long time ago -- I went on to Southwestern at Memphis, now Rhodes College, and graduated in 1969 with a BA in Economics. I was promptly drafted, and the Army in its wisdom decided I was a linguist and sent me to Monterey California for a year of Russian language training. I then served two years in Berlin. I've been all over since then, including work with the Interstate Commerce Commission in DC in 1974-75, Program Manager for the Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation/Center and then Manager of Ensemble Theater Company in Nashville from 1975-78. Then I moved to New York and stayed for nine years, ultimately as Director of Development for the New School for Social Research. I then spent three years back at Rhodes College in Memphis as Associate Dean of Continuing Education before moving to Northern California in 1989 -- one month before the Loma Prieta earthquake. I love living in San Francisco, as almost anyone would. I have been the National Director of Development for Project Inform for six years. Project Inform is the leading organization creating and distributing treatment information on HIV/AIDS throughout the United States and is made up of a team of individuals who do extremely important work. I get back to Tennessee to see family a couple of times a year, and occasionally rip through Lebanon quickly. Though this web site and the refurbishing of some of the Heights buildings are no solace for the school's demise, they are wonderful testimony to the spirit that came from living through the "Heights Experience" and either building on it or getting over it! I am very grateful to the Hosier family and all who have worked to keep Heights alive.

Bart Butler - [email protected]

Ad No.: 753 - Department: 1979 on 06/30/00 23:19:11 CDT
Description: Just an update to give you my new e-mail address. Adam is now nearly 3 years old. Nothing else has changed, except for having a few more gray hairs!!! I'm looking forward to the 25 year reunion. It was great to see all those that came to the 20th.

Bob Sumners - [email protected]

614 Marsh
El Dorado aa 71730 870 860 6008

Ad No.: 754 - Department: 1959 on 07/02/00 16:23:51 CDT
Description: Im disabled and hme most all the time would really enjoy hearing from some of my classmates

Lewis Mefford - [email protected]
4904 Darlington Court
Nashville TN 37211-5105 615-832-7426

Ad No.: 755 - Department: 1951 on 07/02/00 18:36:04 CDT
Description: Following graduation, I entered Vanderbilt Engineering School. Graduating in 1955 with a BS in Civil Engineering and a ROTC Commission, I entered the US Army as a Second Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers. I was assigned to a Construction Engineering battalion in Korea. After two years, I returned to Nashville where I was employed as an Engineering Aide for two years. After 6 months with a contractor and six months a a self employed surveyor, I was employed as an Engineer with an Engineering/Architect firm for eight years and obtained my license. In 1967, I started my own firm where I have been gainfully employed. Recently, my wife, Mimi, retired as a teacher and we discovered our liking for travel...which is beginning to interfer with my practice.

Tommy Lamberson - [email protected]
P.O. box 134
107S.greenwood -Suite (K)
lebanon TN 37088 615-449-5828

Ad No.: 756 - Department: 1982 on 07/02/00 19:09:46 CDT
Description: Tell about myself---Way to much !!!!

Joe Hendricks - [email protected]

Ad No.: 757 - Department: 1979 on 07/03/00 15:53:31 CDT
Description: Happily married to Susan for 10 years, have two children, Lindsey who is 7 and Joseph at 5 yrs. I graduated from Tenn Tech in '85, worked for Nissan for 13 years; started work at Honda of America in Marysville, OH in '98 as an Engineering Manager. It was great to see former classmates at the reunion!

Mike Summar - [email protected]
673 Watson Branch Drive
Franklin TN 37064 615-599-2883

Ad No.: 758 - Department: 1984 on 07/07/00 08:34:02 CDT
Description: I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1989. I have been in sales with my career. I have been married for two years. I have fortunately lived close enough to many heights graduates and have been able to stay in touch over the years. Castle Heights was a wonderful place. I try to attend the homecomings and other events whenever possible. The website looks wonderful. I hope everyone from the class of "84" and all other fellow cadets are doing well. Let's all plan to attend homecomings in the future and keep the " Heights Tradition " alive.

Michael J. Murphy - [email protected]
2226 Saint Mark Ct.
Owensboro KY 42301 (270) 684-9539

Ad No.: 759 - Department: 1959 on 07/07/00 20:31:30 CDT
Description: I am not actually a graduate of Heights. I attended Heights Summer Camp during the years 1952,53, & 54. I have fond memories of those wonderful summers. Of knowing such great men as Lindsey Donnelll, Stroud Gwynn, Tom Harris, Travis Phillipsl, Bob Eskew, Bobby Todd, Paul Wooten . Also some of the camp counselors were Don Hutson, Hadley Sheaffer, Jessse Siglow, Bob Cook, and Bob Burkhart. My wonderful memories of those times will remain in my heart forever. It was such a great part of my young life. I truly (as J.B. Leftwich said to me several years ago, during a telephone conversation) had the "Heights Experiece". I will treasure it always. Mike Murphy

Robert T. Keeton, Jr. - [email protected]
107 Highland St.
Bruceton TN 38317 901-986-4444

Ad No.: 760 - Department: 1955 on 07/08/00 10:44:11 CDT
Description: I have been practicing law in Huntingdon TN since I graduated from UT College of Law in 1962. My wife Laura and I recently celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary and we have a son and daughter both of whom are in the practice of law with me.

George Upton - [email protected]
2836 Colony
Ann Arbor MI 48104 (734) 971-6024

Ad No.: 761 - Department: 1959 on 07/09/00 10:54:39 CDT
Description: 1959 was my post-graduate year at Castle-Heights. Following that year I enrolled at Michigan State University where I majored in Marine Biology. I went on to obtain my DDS and MS from the University of Michigan Dental School in Ann Arbor in 1966 and completed an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency at the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmigham, Alabama in 1970. I joined the faculty at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1970 where I am currently Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery. Castle-Heights was a great experience for me. It turned my academic life around, and I would not be where I am today without that experience.

Don Ash - [email protected]
20 Public Sq. N, Rm. 409
Murfreesboro Tn 37130 615-898-8074

Ad No.: 762 - Department: 1973 on 07/10/00 14:32:00 CDT
Description: Married to Rita Ash- sells real estate for Bob Parks Company; four children- Julia 18, Hugh 17, Taylor 17, & Joy 13; Circuit Court Judge, 16 th Judicial District, Tennessee,

Vicki L.Atkinson - [email protected]
631 Laurel Street
Panama City Beach FL 32407 850-638-6290

Ad No.: 763 - Department: 1977 on 07/10/00 17:23:55 CDT
Description: Family Services Counselor with the State of FL.for 10 years working with abuse/neglected children.Love being here at the beach and would love classmates to come visit.Father still lives in Lebanon and I visit often.The campus looks great.Will be there for Homecoming,2000.Lets have 2000 attend for the year 2000!!!!

P.J. Nonte - [email protected]
499 S. Center St.
Franklin, IN 46131 317 736 4019

Ad No.: 764 - Department: 1970 on 07/10/00 18:47:53 CDT

Jerry Hooker - [email protected],net
1754 Highland Club Ct
Palm Harbor, FL 34684 727 784-1011

Ad No.: 765 - Department: 1922 on 07/11/00 19:00:14 CDT

Patrice Michelle Coles - [email protected]
838 Mary Lee Circle
Irving TX 75060 972-887-0143

Ad No.: 766 - Department: 1982 on 07/13/00 15:56:45 CDT
Description: I graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1986 and began a career in Information Technology. After several moves, I am now living near Dallas, Texas and I am still working with computers.

Russell Wood - [email protected]
2732 Horseshoe Dr.
Plant City Fl 33567-6750 813-759-0727

Ad No.: 767 - Department: 1951 on 07/15/00 08:43:44 CDT
Description: Dead and buried memories-the best of times and the worst of times-were resurrectedon July 4, 2000. The phone rang that morning and the caller ID said "Private/Private". It normally says "unavailable" when the caller is not identified, and if the caller is not identified, we don't answer. We had never seen "Private" before, so...had to know who or what? It was Stan Harvill! Fifty years of space and time and silence disappeared into that nanosecond when "Hello, I'm Stan Harvill" travelled from Hermosa Beach, Ca. to Plant City, Fl. My mind has been filled with happy, sad, scary, pleasant, beautiful, ugly, want to forget, glad to remember thoughts ever since. Here's a brief bio: First year out I attended Indiana University on a swimming scholarship, at the end of that first year I had no idea why I had been there or why I should return. Joined the Army in July, 1952. After Basic Training, I was sent to Germany where I jocked my way through the next 3 1/2 years. Boxed on the Battalion boxing team in Kirshgons, swam on the swimming team in Berlin, ran on the track team in Stuttgart, and played football on the football team in Frankfurt. Rotated back to the States in 1956 and enrolled at the University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana on the G.I. bill and a football scholarship. Graduated in 1960 with a BA Dagree. Majored in English, Drama, and Creative Writing. That year I married Linnie Lynette Elliott and was accepted as a PHD candidate in English at Indiana University. A year later I not only had a wife, but also a child, and they needed Daddy to get a job so they could eat and have shelter. I put the PHD on hold and began what was to become a career in teaching. My first teaching job was at the Holderness School in Plymouth, New Hampshire.$3,500.00/yr. and room-and-board. Looking back from the distance of "now", it was a great time and a good job. Then to the St. Mark's School in Dallas, Texas; the Rivers Country Day School in Weston, Mass.; and finally to Berkely Prep in Tampa, Florida. It is now 1976 and I have a new career. I'm working for Walker Research, a marketing research firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm still living in Tampa, however. I now have three children and a divorce, which was very amicable - she wanted out and I said O.K. In 1980 I married Mary Ann Nelson Smalley. She had three children from a previous marriage. From her's and mine, we now have 6 grandchildren and expecting more. Mary Ann's parents died in 1990 and left her a considerable fortune. We have lived a modestly wealthy life since. We live in the Walden Lake Community, Plant City, Florida. I ride my bike to the golf course each morning (it's only a 15 minute ride) and walk 18 holes. In spite of a stroke in 1985 and Carotid Artery surgery in 1999, I feel great. I suffer no residual effects from the stroke or surgery, and I play a decent old man's game of golf. I can't hear very well and I can't remember shit and I'm happier than I've ever been. I love my wife and my life. Thank you, Stan!

Barnette, Cynthia - [email protected]

Ad No.: 768 - Department: 1982 on 07/15/00 21:51:19 CDT

Barnette, Cynthia - [email protected]
203 Rebecca Dr.

Ad No.: 769 - Department: 1982 on 07/15/00 21:53:34 CDT

michael j. "spike" davis - [email protected]
3101 bergdolt rd
evansville in 47711 812-471-1215

Ad No.: 770 - Department: 1970 on 07/16/00 12:13:39 CDT
Description: married to mary beth for 13 years,2 stepchildren,sarah,21 and eric 20 and daughter allison,12.employed at tri-state bearing co for 11 years as outside sales rep.

James L. Bugg Jr. - [email protected]
3006 Oneida Drive
San Antonio Tx 78230-3431 (210) 690-1196

Ad No.: 771 - Department: 1950 on 07/16/00 12:22:56 CDT
Description: Married with 6 children and 11 grandchildren. Was Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the Univ. of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio for 26 years. Retired in 1997. My main hobby now is flying gas powered model airplanes. It would be great hearing from my classmates. I cannot believe it has been 50 years since we graduated.

Lloyd McBride - [email protected]
11726 Dry Creek Road
Sandy UT 84094 801-495-1155

Ad No.: 772 - Department: 1975 on 07/18/00 23:54:24 CDT

R. Wayne Brewer - [email protected]
79 Buckeye Street
Westerville OH 43081 6148999565

Ad No.: 773 - Department: 1970 on 07/19/00 15:15:58 CDT
Description: I'm currently working for Buckeye Steel Castings company as a Quality Control Supervisor. I'm Married to Cyndi and we have a wonderful 8 yr old son. I'm also the father of Brandon who married in January of 2000 and Brittany who just graduated from nursing school this year and is getting married in November of 2000.

Donn S. Claiborne - [email protected]
559 Towe String Rd.
jacksboro tn 37757 423-562-7415

Ad No.: 774 - Department: 1960 on 07/19/00 19:34:29 CDT

JAY BRADSHAW - [email protected]
LEBANON TN 37087 615-443-7653

Ad No.: 775 - Department: 1987 on 07/21/00 12:08:38 CDT

Bob Sidwell - [email protected]
1725 Dickerson Bay
Gallatin tT 37066 6154528614

Ad No.: 776 - Department: 1960 on 07/21/00 21:05:49 CDT
Description: Pharmacist & Owner of HomeCare Medical Systems,Inc

jay w colley - [email protected]
7 forest hill dr
williamsburg va 23185 7578845404

Ad No.: 777 - Department: 1975 on 07/21/00 22:17:54 CDT
Description: since attending mtsuand getting a degree in mass communications I have been broadcasting sporting events in minor league baseball and college football and basetball...currently the "voice of the William and Mary tribe" in williamsburg virginia...Also selling real estate to help my kids (6 year old ben and 9 year old caleigh) eat This is a great place to visit if you get the wife cindy and would lvoe to see you...thanks for the effort of the web site

Don G. Williams - [email protected]
2170 Brady Drive
Lewisville TX 75057 972-434-2385

Ad No.: 778 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/00 14:45:42 CDT
Description: Married Edith F. (Jones) Williams 2/15/69 Son; Drew G., 9/29/71 Daughter; Emily F., 4/29/83 Son; Devan G., 11/16/85

bob - [email protected]

614 Marsh
El dorado ar 71730

Ad No.: 779 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/00 19:39:54 CDT

Lester Daniel Howell - [email protected]
2701 S. 16th St. #632
Arlington VA 22204 703 416-0400

Ad No.: 780 - Department: 1975 on 07/27/00 10:22:19 CDT
Description: Known by name of Danny, I graduated from Georgia Tech in 1979 with my MSEE. I served in the Navy as a submariner and retired as LCDR in 1994. I have 2 children Joshua who is starting college at Longwood in Virginia this year, and Tiffany who is competing in the Junior Olympics in Orlando in July in triple jump and 4X100m relay. I am recently widowed from my fantastic wife, Michele, whom I will always carry in my heart. Looking forward to hearing about other classmates.

Dean J. Richey - [email protected]
214 Fort St.
Summerville SC 29485

Ad No.: 781 - Department: 1972 on 07/30/00 07:43:32 CDT
Description: After graduating from CHMA in '72, I returned home to Louisville, Ky. Three days after my 18th birthday, I enlisted in the US Navy. I was assigned to serve aboard the USS Semmes (DDG-18) which was a guided missle destroyer home ported in Charleston, SC. My short stint in the Navy was an unpleasant one. (should have stuck with the Army) After leaving the Navy, I decided to stay in Charleston, SC for a little while. I enrolled in a local community college and floundered for the next 3 years. In 1977, I began working as a civilian employee for the US Navy at the Charleston Naval Shipyard. My trade was marine pipefitter. In 1993, the Charleston Navy Shipyard was slated to close. The Department of Defense provided assistance to help civilian employees losing jobs to retrain in other areas. In 1994, I enrolled in Limestone College and pursued a BS degree in Business Administration/Computer Science. Since graduating in December 1995, I have enjoyed employment as an Applications/Program Analyst. Currently, I am employed by Westvaco Corporation, here in Charleston, SC. Westvaco, with home office in New York, NY, is one of the World's leading paper and packaging manufacturers. I married in 1976 and had one son ( Dean jr.) in 1980. Divorced in 1985, and remarried in 1990 to Joanne. Joanne has one daughter (Melissa). My trip to Charleston, SC has now lasted 27 years. My younger brother Terre Richey also attended CHMA, but spent most of his time as a Goober. Terre is married to his second wife and works as an electrician in Winsotn Salem, NC. I fondly remember my days at CHMA and I still have my yearbooks and several graduation pictures. The 1972 graduating class photo hangs on the wall of my home office. I reside in Summerville, SC, which is a suburb about twenty miles north of Charleston. Dean J. Richey Sgt., 1st squad leader 2nd Platoon Company C [email protected]

James B. McCracken - [email protected]
108 Prairie Manor Dr.
Edwardsville IL 62025 314-298-4725

Ad No.: 782 - Department: 1962 on 07/31/00 10:27:15 CDT

Ed Hilton - [email protected]

San Antonio Tx 78248

Ad No.: 783 - Department: 1968 on 08/02/00 19:37:23 CDT
Description: 1972 The Citadel

Leah Ambruster Dunnam - ld[email protected]

Ad No.: 784 - Department: 1978 on 08/04/00 21:41:32 CDT

Leah Ambruster Dunnam - [email protected]

Fortmill Sc 29715

Ad No.: 785 - Department: 1978 on 08/04/00 21:46:41 CDT
Description: I am currently living in Fort Mill, SC with my husband and 5 children. I am a swim instructor in this area and I have also gone back to school full time.I love all the above. I hope all is well with my fellow class mates!

Don G. Williams - [email protected]
2170 Brady Drive
Lewisville TX 75057 972-434-2385

Ad No.: 786 - Department: 1959 on 08/07/00 21:11:17 CDT
Description: New e-mail address. Thanks

Tom Clemmons - [email protected]
669 Frankfort Dr.
Hermitage TN 37076 615/883-7100

Ad No.: 787 - Department: 1975 on 08/09/00 16:08:24 CDT

Harris Leach - [email protected]
1861 Hwy 18
Medon TN 38356 901 427-3876

Ad No.: 788 - Department: 1959 on 08/10/00 21:07:00 CDT
Description: Just hangin' out/in

Morris G. Ricketts - [email protected]
329 Southwinds Drive
Hermitage TN 37076 800 251 5852 x5993

Ad No.: 789 - Department: 1975 on 08/15/00 12:15:05 CDT
Description: When I graduated, I never thought that I would live in WIlson County again, but that's where I am! Graduated WKU and then from the UK College of Law. Served in the military police at Ft Campbell and now I am an attorney malpractice consultant with CNA Insurance Companies in Nashville. I am married to Sherry and I have two beautiful, intelligent, wonderful (pain in the ass) daughters, Susan (16) and Kristine (11)

Allen G. Davis - [email protected]
P.O. Box 143
Deer Lodge TN 37726 423-965-3700

Ad No.: 790 - Department: 1975 on 08/15/00 20:57:45 CDT
Description: I still live in Deer Lodge, have two childern Jennifer age 15; Andrew age 13 and a wounderful wife Regina. I work with The Franklin Companies, in finanical and life insurance planning.

Allen G. Davis - [email protected]
P.O. Box 143
Deer Lodge TN 37726 423-965-3700

Ad No.: 791 - Department: 1975 on 08/15/00 21:32:51 CDT
Description: I still live in Deer Lodge, have 2 childern ages 13 and 15 and a wounderful wife. I work with The Franklin Companies, in financial and insurance planning.

William R. Pakis -

Ad No.: 792 - Department: 1951 on 08/20/00 17:56:41 CDT

William R. Pakis - [email protected]
223 Shady Trail
McGregor Tx 76657 254-848-5741

Ad No.: 793 - Department: 1951 on 08/20/00 18:16:06 CDT
Description: After gradulation, attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1955 with a degree in Accounting. Served two years in the Army Finance Corp at Fort Benjamin Harrison Indiana from November, 1955 throungh November, 1957. After Army service attended and graduated from Baylor University School of Law from December, 1957 through March 1960. Admitted to the State Bar of Texas and joined a small lawfirm in Waco, Texas. After a couple of years organized my own law firm and continued to practice law in Waco, with concentration in tax, business and corporate Law for thirty years, retiring from law practice in November of l989. Currently semi-retired taking care of outside business interest developed over the years of law practice. Married Margaret Phillips of Hot Springs Arkansas in November of 1955 and looking forward to 45th Wedding Anniversary this year. Four children, and nine grandchildren keep our lives busy as well as interesting. Reading some of these names and messages bring back fond memories. Although, mailing address is Mcgregor, Texas, we are in the city of Waco. Office address is: 900 West Highway 6, Waco, Texas, 76712, with mailing of P O Box 23449, Waco, Texas 76702-3449; phone number: 254-772-4344, ext 221; fax 254-772-2206. Glad to hear from any of my old friends and classmates.

William R. Pakis - [email protected]
223 Shady Trail
McGregor Tx 76657 254-848-5741

Ad No.: 794 - Department: 1951 on 08/20/00 18:16:07 CDT
Description: After gradulation, attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1955 with a degree in Accounting. Served two years in the Army Finance Corp at Fort Benjamin Harrison Indiana from November, 1955 throungh November, 1957. After Army service attended and graduated from Baylor University School of Law from December, 1957 through March 1960. Admitted to the State Bar of Texas and joined a small lawfirm in Waco, Texas. After a couple of years organized my own law firm and continued to practice law in Waco, with concentration in tax, business and corporate Law for thirty years, retiring from law practice in November of l989. Currently semi-retired taking care of outside business interest developed over the years of law practice. Married Margaret Phillips of Hot Springs Arkansas in November of 1955 and looking forward to 45th Wedding Anniversary this year. Four children, and nine grandchildren keep our lives busy as well as interesting. Reading some of these names and messages bring back fond memories. Although, mailing address is Mcgregor, Texas, we are in the city of Waco. Office address is: 900 West Highway 6, Waco, Texas, 76712, with mailing of P O Box 23449, Waco, Texas 76702-3449; phone number: 254-772-4344, ext 221; fax 254-772-2206. Glad to hear from any of my old friends and classmates.

Terry Crout - [email protected]
10308 Sunstream Ln.
Boca Raton FL 33428 561-852-9060

Ad No.: 795 - Department: 1975 on 08/20/00 22:56:28 CDT
Description: Hey Classmates, Hope all is well with you. I can't believe I'm on a Heights web site talking about myself and getting ready for a 25th reunion. Well, I went in the Army to "Be All I Could Be" (Ha Ha) and see the world (and the ladies). I went up from enlisted to officer (Captain) and took an early retirement in 1993. I did all the infantry, airborne, air assualt, sniper, ranger, and special forces (green beret) stuff. Since, my early retirement I have been back to college and got my teachers certificate and masters. I have been a teacher now for 6 years and teach U.S. History to 8th graders down in sunny Florida. I am married and have one 11 year old boy. Life is good and I'm glad I have survived it so far. My wife is also a teacher and we enjoy traveling to places in the summer. (Someone has to do it!!) Well, I look forward to hearing from people and seeing ya at the reunion in 2000... Take care & take it easy, Terry

Ken Oates - [email protected]

Ad No.: 796 - Department: 1970 on 08/21/00 19:54:50 CDT

Jerry Pelfrey - [email protected]
4936 Hall Rd
Groton VT 05046 802.229.2196

Ad No.: 797 - Department: 1970 on 08/23/00 08:50:02 CDT
Description: Completed a career in the USAF in 1991. Earned Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Nebraska in 1996, graduated Cum Laude. Received Fellowship from University of Southwestern Louisiana and earned Master Degree in Geology. Presently working for Stone Environmental, Inc. out of Montpelier, VT specializing in agrichemical ground water studies. LIving on Ten Penny Farm in Groton, VT with wife Shawn and three children: Kayley, Elliott, and Tanner. Son of the late MSgt. Marvin C. Pelfrey.

Daryl W. "Corky" French - [email protected]
9723 Concord Road
Brentwood TN 37027 615-373-1782

Ad No.: 798 - Department: 1975 on 08/23/00 15:12:19 CDT

Delton Truitt - [email protected]
305 Freda Villa
Madison TN 37115 (615)331-6033

Ad No.: 799 - Department: 1960 on 08/24/00 09:40:35 CDT

HENDERSONVILLE TN 37075 615-826-8331

Ad No.: 800 - Department: 1984 on 08/26/00 17:28:48 CDT

Stuart Clay Carney - [email protected]

Ad No.: 801 - Department: 1981 on 08/27/00 12:38:22 CDT
Description: After a brief stint in the military, I finished college in the late 1980’s with an engineering degree from Vanderbilt. I was almost immediately recruited by corporate America, where I spent a number of years doing corporate America type stuff. It was fun for a while and I did get to meet a governor, a couple of congressmen, and even attended Clinton’s first inauguration. It eventually got old so I dropped out and joined a monastery in New York State where I spend my days in the vineyard to cultivate the grapes for the wine and jellies that we sell to support our work. My main goal has been to learn the virtue of patience, which I think that I finally have. After all, it may have taken 19 years, but I finally have a bio longer than Overall and Blanton combined.

Millicent Dugan Burkart - [email protected]
108 North Greenwood Suite 200
Lebanon TN 37087 615-449-5935

Ad No.: 802 - Department: 1980 on 08/28/00 10:48:21 CDT
Description: Have worked in Health Care as LTC Administrator. Worked as reimbursement consultant for six years as Regional Vice President southeast. Started my own recruiting company two years ago, bought office building in Lebanon. Married two daughters. Live in Mt Juliet.

Charles H. Shontz -
1022 Burning Springs Circle
Louisville KK 40223 502-244-8480

Ad No.: 803 - Department: 1954 on 08/28/00 12:13:59 CDT
Description: After leaving Heights attended Murray State College. Graduate University of Kentucky. Since 1981 worked in the nursing home industry. President of Shontz, Inc. since 1997 a company that builds and owns twelve-bed assisted living homes in Kentucky under the BeeHive Assisted Living Homes name. Presently involved with homes in 15 small Kentucky towns. Playing golf two days per week. Had to give up flying several years ago due to a minor heart attack when I quit have 7,000 hours in Piper Cheyennes and Mooneys. Still miss it! Married with two sons and four grand children. Spend most of football season on the road in our motorhome going to all Kentucky games.

Gordon T. Simpson - [email protected]
630 Rumble Wood Lane
Seymour TN 37865 865-577-0055

Ad No.: 804 - Department: 1955 on 08/28/00 12:21:05 CDT
Description: Enjoying retirement and watching University of Tennessee football games and Lady Volunter basketball games after retiring from a career in the U.S. Army and a second career as Director of Operations, Texas Department of Health.

Jim Crabb - [email protected]
4297 S. Carothers Rd
Franklin TN 37067 615-794-7235

Ad No.: 805 - Department: 1965 on 08/28/00 14:52:53 CDT
Description: I attended Cumberland College for 2 years (3 actually) the first one didn't really count. I have been in business for myself most of my working years. Started a John Deere dealership in Hendersonville and had it for about 3 years. I sold out and went into the insurance and investment business. Now working from home in Franklin, TN in insurance. Been married for the past 29 years, all to the same woman, she is a saint!

Norman Whitten - [email protected]
P.O. box 774
Bearden Ar 71720 870-687-3839

Ad No.: 806 - Department: 1961 on 08/29/00 08:38:23 CDT

Karen Kemp Moore - [email protected]

Lebanon TN 615-286-2319

Ad No.: 807 - Department: 1980 on 08/29/00 12:23:47 CDT
Description: Upon graduation attended aircraft school for Textron Aerostructures. Spent five years doing rework and inspecting C-5, and Gulfstream airplane wings. Past nine yrs I've worked as a dispatcher and assist supervisior at Wilson County 911. My husband and I reside in Lebanon and have two children. Mandy a freshman at Lebanon High School and Quinten almost five a very special young man. Quinten was born with Spina Bifida and is paralyzed from the chest down. Hobbies include gardening and vacations!

robert levi kyburz - [email protected]
10976E 1000N
MONTICELLO IN 47960 219-278-7074

Ad No.: 808 - Department: 1969 on 08/29/00 12:26:30 CDT

Kent Henning - [email protected]
2138 Stanley Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76110 817-246-2413 x255

Ad No.: 809 - Department: 1955 on 08/29/00 16:41:40 CDT
Description: Director of Alumni Relations, All Saints' Episcopal School of Fort Worth; wife: Barbara; two children: Joe and Anne; three grandchildren: Alison Rogers, 20 (Rice Univ); Haley Rogers, 17 (Univ. of Texas, Austin), and Simon Rogers, 18 mos.

Fred Gault, Jr. - [email protected]
4932 Willow Lawn Drive
Chattanooga TT 37402 423-756-6128

Ad No.: 810 - Department: 1962 on 08/29/00 21:31:02 CDT
Description: After Castle Heights I went to Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. After college I worked in radio, television and newspaper journalism in Chattanooga, TN for the next 15 years. I changed to a career in public relations at a large Medical Center for the next nine years. Since 1983 I have operated Gault & Associates, Inc., a full-service audio-visual equipment rental and sales company in Chattanooga, Knoxville and soon in Nashville. I have been married for 34 years (as of 2000) and have two children (25 & 16). It's hard to get to homecoming because my wife and son both have Oct. 10th as their birthday. I look forward to seeing my classmates someday.

Tom Story - [email protected]
410 N. Green St.
Charleston MO 63834 573 683 3718

Ad No.: 811 - Department: 1970 on 08/29/00 22:02:06 CDT
Description: I attended Memphis State with Tom Magli, then Middle Tennessee and finally a degree from Rhodes in banking. I have a wife of 23 years, Tomee Ann a son at Ole Miss and a 16 year old daughter. I would have graduated from old CHMA in 70 but left in 68 after 8 long years. Guess you could say I found a life! I'm currently in banking, real estate and insurance. Hi Jimmy Goodall, and Gary K>!

Tom Suciu - [email protected]
1301 Parkway Drive
Yuma Az 85364 520 782 6688

Ad No.: 812 - Department: 1960 on 08/30/00 11:13:27 CDT
Description: I am a physician practicing in Yuma Arizona. I still love flying and have a have a summer place in Idaho where I enjoy the outdoors activities with my wife ,Christy, and our three children.

ken ellis - [email protected]
3532 Courtenay Circle
Ocean Springs ms 39564 228-875-1912I

Ad No.: 813 - Department: 1964 on 08/30/00 17:04:41 CDT
Description: I attended Castle Heights my sophomore and junior year but did not return in 1964 for my senior year. My father went back to school to complete his residency and we moved to New Orleans, La. I've basically lived in Arkansas and Mississippi most all of my adult life. I'm married and have one daughter, Katie, who is 19. I have been in the garment manufacturing business since leaving college and presently am Vice President of Production for Bell Ranger out of Augusta, Ga. I do still keep up with various friends I had while at Castle Heights.I get back to Lebanon at least once a year and drive through the campus. I do enjoy the alumna letters even though I'm not an alumna.. I pretend I am and send my money just like I graduated from Castle Heights. Long live the Castle Heights Tigers. Regards, Ken Ellis

Lloyd C. Peterson - [email protected]
5750 Saddleridge Drive
Cincinnati Oh 45247-5800 513-923-9624

Ad No.: 814 - Department: 1972 on 08/30/00 20:07:07 CDT

Russell Rogers - [email protected]
3903 Blooming Spring Ct
Louisville KY 40299 5024930126

Ad No.: 815 - Department: 1982 on 08/30/00 20:53:59 CDT
Description: I'm Still Alive & Married. Kids are 13,8,6!! and Greg, if you read this, your right, i would be suprised.

Louis Hopkins - [email protected]
213 Hill St.
Farmersville Tx 75442 972-784-8691

Ad No.: 816 - Department: 1963 on 08/31/00 00:29:38 CDT
Description: Self employed doing antique car restorations. Active in the Masonic Lodge in Texas.

P.J. Gardner - [email protected]
1616 Hunters Bluff Dr.
Memphis TN 38102 901-755-4739

Ad No.: 817 - Department: 1977 on 08/31/00 12:53:57 CDT
Description: I am a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Physical Therapy group in Memphis. Lived in West Virginia and Colorado for four years. Obtained a M.S. in '91 and married in '96. No children.

Curtis Shelton - [email protected]
323 Grayling

Ad No.: 818 - Department: 1958 on 08/31/00 17:50:50 CDT

Curtis Shelton - [email protected]
323 Grayling Blvd.
Madison, Ms.39110
Madison Ms 39110 601-956-4661

Ad No.: 819 - Department: 1958 on 08/31/00 18:00:19 CDT
Description: I am president of Marketing Agents South a Mfg. Rep.for the Food Service Ind. I am married to Sandra and have three daughters. Stacey, Susan and Ashley.Two grand childrens Ansley 3 and Will 1

Harry Breaux - [email protected]
66 Corwin St., #5
San Francisco CA 94114-2358 415.522.1963

Ad No.: 820 - Department: 1963 on 08/31/00 18:32:59 CDT
Description: Retired and travelling about and loving it.

Clarence F. Clevenger - [email protected]
300 Rowland St.
Narrows Va 24124 540 726 2232

Ad No.: 821 - Department: 1943 on 08/31/00 20:46:37 CDT
Description: Happily married to Nancy for 52 years,active in community, play around with golf and travel to some extent. Definitely retired from commerical activities. My two daughters and grandchidren keep us active.

John Charles Tidwell - [email protected]
158 Harbor Circle
New Johnsonville TN 37134 931/535-2619

Ad No.: 822 - Department: 1960 on 08/31/00 22:00:42 CDT
Description: John "Country" Tidwell class of 1960 C Company Graduated Univ of TN. with BS in Civil Engineering 1966 Worked with E I DuPont in New Johnsonville TN 33yrs. Retired when elected to TN General Assembly in 1996. Presently Member of the Tennessee House of Representatives serving 74 District. with office 109 War Memorial Building Nashville, TN phone 615/741-7098 Wife Charlotte Tyler Tidwell, a daughter Nikki Tidwell Nurse Baptist Hospital Nashville and a son John Jr School teacher & Basketball coach Humphreys Co. 2 grand kids

Mark L. Johnston - [email protected]
9222 Mountain Shadows Dr.
Chattanooga TN 37421 404-305-6508

Ad No.: 823 - Department: 1962 on 09/01/00 14:04:16 CDT
Description: Salutorian of class of 62; obtained BE CE from Vanderbilt in 1967; served as a civilian in Vietnam 69-Apr 71; earned MBA from Univ. of TN in 1974; Earned MSc. Engineering in 1993; married with three sons and one wife, Mary, for almost 28 years- Mark is a 2nd Lt. Class of 2000 USMA, Charles is a Lance Corporal USMC; Steven is an active 11 year old into computers and sports; Currently I am a consulting engineer/manager working with the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlanta, GA. I have worked on engineering or construction in Saudia Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, and 4 or 5 states physically and on many foreign projects from a base in the United States. Now I'm looking for something interesting to do. Would like to hear from classmates.

"Beau" Gordon - [email protected]
P. O. Box 6214
Rome GA 30162

Ad No.: 824 - Department: 1958 on 09/01/00 20:42:54 CDT
Description: Professional Geologist; Jendon Minerals MS - University of Mississippi 1963

Johnny Gray III -
3853 Douglass Ave.
Memphis TN 38111 901-458-7462

Ad No.: 825 - Department: 1971 on 09/02/00 00:08:59 CDT
Description: I have just recently started my own Ministry for alcoholics and drug addicts. It's called ARC Ministries-it is a Christ-centered recovery program for addicts.

Mark Allan - [email protected]
HC 89
box 1577
Willow AK 99688 907-495-1210

Ad No.: 826 - Department: 1972 on 09/02/00 02:20:25 CDT
Description: After two wives and three children, I finally found Alaska. It's great

Mark A. Arnett - [email protected]
4036 Coleridge Drive
Antioch TN 37013-4027 615-331-5204

Ad No.: 827 - Department: 1969 on 09/02/00 11:46:17 CDT
Description: Currently working with the US Dept of Commerce, Bureau of the Census as a Regional Technician for Administration; responsible for the State of Tennessee. Wife (Patty) of twenty years and a 14 year old son (Christopher) keep me going. Beyond the Census? Who knows? We'll see what's in store.

DICK UPTON - [email protected]
BOX 1500

Ad No.: 828 - Department: 1957 on 09/05/00 15:10:38 CDT

Greg Rich - [email protected]
117 Lakeview C ircle
Mt Juliet Tn 37122 615-871-6324

Ad No.: 829 - Department: 1983 on 09/05/00 18:49:41 CDT

Gary A. Harber - [email protected]
1452-A Fifth Avenue
Fort Knox KY 40121 502-943-8847

Ad No.: 830 - Department: 1980 on 09/06/00 13:55:32 CDT
Description: We just moved from Korea to Fort Knox, KY and I wanted to update my e-mail address. Let me know if any reunions for CHMA Class of 1980 are being scheduled.

George Bradfute - [email protected]
513 Stonewall

Ad No.: 831 - Department: 1948 on 09/06/00 22:20:18 CDT

George Bradfute - [email protected]
513 Stonewall

Ad No.: 832 - Department: 1948 on 09/06/00 22:20:19 CDT

William O. Lanier - [email protected]
5347 Vineland Rd.
Orlando FL 32811 407/370-0240

Ad No.: 833 - Department: 1955 on 09/10/00 14:50:27 CDT
Description: Retired from Navy after 25 years. Settled in Orlando area. Worked in the family entertainment business. Two children, daughter & son. Currently divorced. Retired, started drawing social security, but went back to work cause I was bored. Hope to make it to a reunion soon.

Michael A. Harpending - [email protected]
7148 Shamrock Rd.
Lincoln NE 68506 402-472-1874

Ad No.: 834 - Department: 1966 on 09/11/00 15:09:55 CDT
Description: One of the least known probably of Castle Heights graduates, I attended CH from summer of '65 through graduation of '66. Graduated with B.A. in English from the U. of Arkasnas in 1972. Received M.A. in English from the U. of San Francisco in 1976, an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language in 1981, and a Ph.D. in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M in 1996. Taught at universities in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. Presently Asst. Prof. & Coordinator of Program in English as a Second Language at the U. of Nebraska. Married with one daughter; Michelle is a senior at Boston University. Best wishes to anyone who remembers me.

Lori Powell - Smith - [email protected]
PO Box#1442
501 Henderson Bvld
Atlantic Beach NC 28512 252-726-6226

Ad No.: 835 - Department: 1978 on 09/11/00 15:12:25 CDT
Description: I am now operating a small motel called "Old Salt" on the coast of North Carolina. Last year I went back to Tennessee and received my real estate license, in which I hope to use there again one day. I'm Still doing my catering business on the side. I am divorced and have a son, Daniel, who is 19 yrs old.

Patrick Townes - [email protected]
2799 Creekside Dr.
Sumter SC 29150 803-481-6167

Ad No.: 836 - Department: 1977 on 09/11/00 16:22:19 CDT
Description: The address & email address are revisions to the ones previously posted. Husband & father of three children: Patrick (15),Julie (12), & Whitney (9). I'm an executive for a Swiss owned plastics manufacturer. I'd love to hear from you.

Jim Clegg - [email protected]
17553 St Andrews Pl
Frenchtown MT 59834 4062434541

Ad No.: 837 - Department: 1972 on 09/13/00 09:23:23 CDT
Description: Entered the USAF after CHMA, served four years as a Russian linguist, to include a tour on the Isle of Crete (tough duty). Graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1978 and went to Army OCS in 1979. 20 years later, I am still in the Army. I returned stateside last summer (99)following a two year battalion command tour in Japan. Well, long story short, still in today as a LTC (maybe COL in Dec '00) and currently having a great time as the Chair of the Military Science Dept (ROTC) at The University of Montana (tough duty again). Hope to attend H/C 2001 with my wife of 21 years, Darla. My two sons, Jimmy (16) and Jack (14), both play on one of the finest football programs in Montana. As well, the address informs you of one other passion...stop by if you want to get in a round of golf. Regards, Jim Clegg

Miguel -

Ad No.: 838 - Department: 1977 on 09/13/00 18:51:06 CDT

Miguel Angel Briceño Dolande - [email protected]
PO. Box 5351, Zona 5
Panama PA 000000 (507) 227-1730

Ad No.: 839 - Department: 1977 on 09/13/00 19:15:45 CDT
Description: Well, first please take note that "[email protected]" is my new email adrress! the one on the email list is old.

Jeff Seely - [email protected]
616 Mercer Drive
Hermitage TN 37076-2313 615-872-9228

Ad No.: 840 - Department: 1979 on 09/15/00 23:20:35 CDT
Description: Hello everyone! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our 20th reunion. It really meant a lot to me. I just wish more folks could have made it. The campus looks wonderful considering much of it is gone. Great restoration work ongoing. I'm a recruiter/owner for a health care company and I have a background in nursing. Ginger and I have been married for 18 years (I took her to the senior prom at Heights). We've got 4 great kids and way too many pets in the house. I've talked with many of you but let's stay in touch. Do it again in 2004!!! Ken get the house ready! We are Heightsmen, couldn't be prouder....

David Richard Applegate - [email protected]
6047 Winding Ridge Lane
Port Orange FL 32124

Ad No.: 841 - Department: 1987 on 09/18/00 08:28:05 CDT

Fonda Rhodes - [email protected]
701 Meadow Court
Morehead City NC 28557 (252)808-2606

Ad No.: 842 - Department: 1984 on 09/19/00 22:38:58 CDT
Description: I am currently located in Morehead City, NC and working in the seafood industry. Graduated from East Carolina Univ with a degree in Nutrition and went on and became a Registered Dietitian. Not married and no children. I visit Lebanon often. We need a class reunion !!

Jim W. Legg - [email protected]
1815 Cottonwood Dr.
Hickman KK 42050 270 236 1607

Ad No.: 843 - Department: 1955 on 09/20/00 23:48:07 CDT
Description: Currently working as embalmer at Strong Funeral Home, Hickman KY. Have graduated from Murray State University, Murray KY and completed requirments and obtained ASCP registry as medical laboratory technologist. Worked 14 yrs. for American Red Cross. Served with Armed Forces in various posts/bases in US, Germany and Korea. Served 3 yrs. in US Army 57-60.

Jim Leathers - [email protected]
2820 Valencia Ln. W.
Palm Harbor FL 34684 727-725-1830

Ad No.: 844 - Department: 1960 on 09/21/00 14:34:45 CDT
Description: After graduating, spent a few years in Atlanta, in and out of Georgia Tech. In 1966 enlisted in the Navy, and spent 4 yrs. on a quiede missle can, doing West-Pac cruises. After Vietnam, returned to Ga. Tech and managed to get a degree in EE. Been in the semiconductor business since graduating, with various companies and locations. Currently work for Integrated Device Technology, as the salesman for North FL. Been living in the Tamps-St. Pete area for 10 yrs, with my second wife for the last 8. Hope to see a lot of this class in Lebanon in Oct. 2000.


Ad No.: 845 - Department: 1977 on 09/23/00 12:14:04 CDT

MURFREESBORO TN 37130 615-890-7486

Ad No.: 846 - Department: 1977 on 09/23/00 12:27:43 CDT

DAVID FELDMAN - [email protected]
2550 sw 18 ter. apt. 1802
FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33315 (954)467-9920

Ad No.: 847 - Department: 1951 on 09/26/00 17:53:35 CDT

John B. Cowley, Jr. - [email protected]
2201 Lewisburg Hwy.
Fayetteville TN 37334 931-433-1952

Ad No.: 848 - Department: 1964 on 09/27/00 08:45:53 CDT
Description: Have been in the Real Estate & Appraisal business for the past 16 years and in office management and sales prior to that. My wife Nina and I have two sons John Ben III at UT and Bret at MTSU. I'm looking to upgrade jobs so if anyone knows of a good sales opportunity for an aggressive Heightsman let me know. I will relocate.

DAVID FELDMAN - [email protected]
2550 SW 18 TERRACE APT.1802
FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33315 954-467-9920

Ad No.: 849 - Department: 1951 on 09/28/00 15:39:19 CDT

James (Jim) H. Furman - [email protected]
6301 Royal Birkdale Overlook
Austin TX 78746 512 454 3751

Ad No.: 850 - Department: 1964 on 09/29/00 15:45:46 CDT
Description: My twin brother, Richard, and I entered Heights in the fall of 1955 in the fourth grade. My father moved us from Hot Springs, Ark. Dad left active duty the year before and taught math at Hot Springs High School. He decided that if we were to get a first rate education that we would have to go to private school. Since he couldn't afford it, he came along as a package deal. (See the faculty section for more on Dad.) The first year we lived in Hooker Hall. The next year our mother, Nell Furman, joined us and we became day students for the next six years. We lived on Greenlawn Drive where our house backed up to the tennis courts behind the Gym and next to the football field. Richard and I went to summer school at Heights and finished the Senior School in three years. Our last year we lived on campus in Old Main since our father had been sent to Sanford, FL to start Sanford Naval Academy. While at Heights I was on the swim team, in the radio club and on the debate team. My last year, my brother and a couple of others were caught painting the cannon. Col. Ingram didn't buy the "upholding tradition" argument, busted us and gave us 100 demerits. We were walking off demerits during commencement. I started college at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC. I ended up transferring to the University of South Carolina. College was not going to great for me, so in the spring of my sophomore year I volunteered for Army flight training. I spent the next 5 years on active duty including a tour in Viet Nam. I returned to college and received a BS in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. While working as a flight instructor, first for the Army Reserve and then the Florida National Guard, I attended the University of North Florida and obtained an MBA. I was then accepted to Law School at the University of Texas and obtained a JD in 1980. I completed 20 years service with the Texas National Guard and retired as a Major. I married Susan Barnett of Palacios, TX in Hawaii while on R&R from my tour in Viet Nam. We have now been married for 31 years and have two sons (Jay 26) and Jason (15) and two grandsons. We have been living in Austin ever since law school, where I am a partner with Byrd, Davis & Eisenberg, a nationally recognized Aviation Law firm. I specialize in aircraft accident litigation. I still fly and play some golf. I am active with the Boy Scouts and enjoy most out door adventures. I have fond memories of Castle Heights. I believe that I received a first-rate education there. Probably too good, because I first thought college was easy and developed some bad study habits. The Army, flight school and Viet Nam matured me. That maturity allowed me to build on the good educational basis that Castle Height gave me. I was very sad to see the school close. When I was there, I thought that it would go on forever.

Henry J. Furman -

Ad No.: 851 - Department: Faculty on 09/29/00 16:00:24 CDT
Description: Henry J. Furman, Ltc., USAR (Ret), taught at Castle Heights from 1955 to 1963. He was on the junior school faculty for the first four years teaching math. He also taught a mechanical drawing course in the Senior School and an engineering class at Cumberland College in the evenings. In 1959 he became the alumni director and started publishing the first alumni magazine. He was instrumental in locating and identifying many alumni that had been MIA for years. Since he was an architect and engineer he designed and built the one story barracks in the junior school and the academic building in the senior school that was located between the gym and the swimming pool. He also remodeled the Armstrong House and turned it into the Alumni House. He recruited Heights boys from Arkansas in the summers. At Home Comings, Easters and Commencements he and his wife Nell would host a party for Arkansas families in the backyard of their house, which backed up to the school. In 1961 or 1962 he became the Assistant Superintendent for Development. In 1963 he was sent by the foundation to begin Sanford Naval Academy in Sanford FL. In 1966 he returned to his native South Carolina where in became the Director of School Building and Planning for the State of South Carolina. He retired in 1986. In June of 1992 he passed away at the age in 82 in Sommerville, SC. He was born in Greenville, SC on July 24, 1909. He was married to Nell Housley of Nashville. His twin boys, Richard and James Furman, were cadets at Castle Heights for eight years, graduating in 1964. He attended Calmest College and graduated from Georgia Tech in 1932 with a degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture. He was a civil engineer with the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey and the TVA project in the 1930s. He maintained his reserve commission prior to the war, assigned to a horse cavalry troop in Chattanooga, TN. During WWII he served on George Patton's special staff and was commander of an Engineer Mapping Company as a part of II Corps in North Africa and Sicily. He was later assigned to the Engineer Board at Fort Belvoir, VA. For a short period of time after the war he worked as an engineer for Burlington Mills in North Carolina. He then returned to active duty in the Philippians, Japan and France. In 1953 he obtained his Masters in Education Administration from the University of Arkansas. He was always busy, often working late at night on his projects for Castle Heights. He loved old cars, especially Packards and truly love Castle Heights. But most of all he was a great storyteller with a certain twinkle in his eye.

Clark "Eddie" Cross - [email protected]
PO box 479
Heiskell Tn 37754 865-938-8709

Ad No.: 852 - Department: 1964 on 09/30/00 21:20:36 CDT
Description: I went to junior school 1955-57, Have many fond and fun memories of Heights and all its glory. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that I went to school with.

scott rogers - [email protected]
4487 Post Place
Nashville TN 37205 615-354-0052

Ad No.: 853 - Department: 1978 on 10/01/00 20:35:15 CDT
Description: For many years after graduation I was a reastaurant mgr. with Spinanakers and embassy suites(lastly GM of Maude's CourtyarD). Currentlt I'm a Investment Rep. with Amsouth for the last 10 years.

MANSUR EDUARDO J. - [email protected]
C\B. Gutierrez 3220 (canal Cotoca)
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 591-3-475659

Ad No.: 854 - Department: 1986 on 10/03/00 00:26:37 CDT
Description: Still Lazy, Married with two children Carmen (8) EduardoII (3) wife Maria Teresa, living in Bolivia South America.

Wm Allen Hensley - [email protected]
Rt 8 Box 6
Goins Dr
Manchester KY 40962 606 598 1119

Ad No.: 855 - Department: 1965 on 10/04/00 21:32:55 CDT
Description: Attended Heights JR school in the mid 50's, would have graduated in 65'. Lived in Hooker Hall #1 all 3 yrs.

Jim W. Legg - [email protected]
1815 Cottonwood Dr
Hickman KK 42050 270 236 1607

Ad No.: 856 - Department: 1955 on 10/06/00 22:01:05 CDT
Description: I an embalmer at Strong Funeral Home, Hickman KY. I have been in funeral service for about 12 yrs. Before that I was with the American Red Cross working with the military in CONUS, Germany and Korea. I am married and have a grown daughter. I have a stepson that has 2 children and 3 stepchildren. I was married for a short while to Karen Calahan (the sister of my roommate Eddie Calahan). She passed away about 10 yrs. ago. This may come as a second listing. I was having trouble with the other email address.

MANSUR EDUARDO J. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 857 - Department: 1986 on 10/07/00 17:05:00 CDT

Ray White -

Ad No.: 858 - Department: 1977 on 10/08/00 10:47:55 CDT

Ray White - [email protected]
5456 Cemetery Road
Bowling Green

Ad No.: 859 - Department: 1977 on 10/08/00 10:48:31 CDT

Ray White - [email protected]
5456 Cemetery Road
Bowling Green ky 42103

Ad No.: 860 - Department: 1977 on 10/08/00 10:49:04 CDT

Keith A. Williams - [email protected]
1700 Primrose Lane
Perry OK 73077 5803701263

Ad No.: 861 - Department: 1986 on 10/08/00 21:32:16 CDT

William E. (Bill) Copeland - [email protected]
13398 TODD DR.
LAKE VIEW AL 35111 205-477-6138

Ad No.: 862 - Department: 1960 on 10/09/00 09:35:42 CDT
Description: 1964 Married Nancy. Graduated University of Alabama 1965. Went to work with Birmingham Southern Railroad in June 1965 as Mangement Trainee in Cost Accounting, retired 1993 as Director of Labor Relations and Personnel. Presently Vice President of Clancy's Incorporated, McCalla, Al. Son Todd born '67 and son Joel born '68. One grandson Jaret born '98.

Bill Burkart - [email protected]
2007 Breckenridge Drive
Mt. Juliet Tn 37122 615-449-4100

Ad No.: 863 - Department: 1975 on 10/09/00 10:37:53 CDT

Charles B Caya - [email protected]
Green Forest ar 72685

Ad No.: 864 - Department: 1973 on 10/09/00 15:53:54 CDT
Description: Work for the Arkansas Forest Service,I'm a Forest Ranger,fighting fires and playing Smokey the Bear for Carroll Co.My county has such great citys as Berryville,Eureka Springs and of course Green Forest.Divorced,no kids,one cat.Hunting and fishing is great up here.

edward d. sullivan - [email protected]
rt. 1 box 56
pomeroy wa 99347 509 -843-3946

Ad No.: 865 - Department: 1960 on 10/12/00 11:59:54 CDT
Description: I attended Castle Heights in 1956 -1958 but,unfortunately I didn't graduate with my class of 1960. I graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1967 and I'm currently finishing my 33 year of teaching in Pomeroy,Wa. I married connie James and have two children attending college. Attending Castle Heights changed my life and I am grateful for the wonderful training and discipline.

Jay P. Cleveland - [email protected]
Rt.4, Box 154
Quitman GA 31643 912-263-5664

Ad No.: 866 - Department: 1955 on 10/12/00 19:11:22 CDT

LTC Jay P. Cleveland - [email protected]
Rt.4, Box154
Quitman GA 31643 912-263-5664

Ad No.: 867 - Department: Faculty on 10/12/00 19:18:23 CDT

Johnny W. Gray III - [email protected]
3853 Douglass Ave.
Memphis TN 38111 901-458-7462

Ad No.: 868 - Department: 1971 on 10/12/00 21:30:24 CDT
Description: I recently left my family business in 1995, which i sold. I am currently working on a Christian resource for life threatening addictions and it is titled A.R.C. Ministries. Every year i think about coming up for the reunion and seeing old friends, but something always seems to come in the way of doing that. I am married and have four beautiful children. If anyone is ever in Memphis feel free to call me.

Gary Moor - [email protected]&[email protected]

Ad No.: 869 - Department: 1959 on 10/15/00 17:08:48 CDT

George Countzler - [email protected]
8605 longborough way
jeffersontown ky 40299 502-499-9035

Ad No.: 870 - Department: 1964 on 10/16/00 18:44:14 CDT
Description: Attended CHMA/summer 1961-thru fall semester 1963. Happened to be traveling between Knoxville and Nashville and decided to stop by!! Tearing it DOWN!! Got some bricks from AD building/Old GYM/and picked up some "stuff" from where Bullard stood ( already torn down )- my home for 2 1/2 years!! Sure wish I had a chance to do it over again as I was only interested in being wild when there! Good luck/everybody and let me hear from you!!

Hugh Glasgow - [email protected]
7265 Bromley Lane
Bay Minette AL 36507 334-937-9616

Ad No.: 871 - Department: 1971 on 10/17/00 03:02:38 CDT
Description: After graduation in '71, went to Northeast University in Monroe, Louisiana. Graduated in '75 with a BA degree in Art (Advertising Design.) Served 2 years as a 2LT in Artillery on active duty–one year in Korea on the DMZ. Served the remaining 4+ years in the Reserves while getting a MFA degree in Graphic Design at La. Tech University in Ruston, La. Married, withdrew from the Reserves as a CPT., and have been working at various agencies as a graphic artist. Currently employed as a graphic artist for the Mobile Register for 5+ years.

HIGGINS, DAN B. - [email protected]
BOWLING GREEN KY 42103-1621 (270)-793-2320

Ad No.: 872 - Department: 1970 on 10/17/00 09:34:56 CDT

Richard Petcher - [email protected]
3401 Brecksville Road
Richfield, Ohio O 44286 (330)659-6335

Ad No.: 873 - Department: 1975 on 10/18/00 15:33:55 CDT
Description: Two tours U.S. Army, '78-'84. Meteorologist. Founder (1991) and current CEO, Automated Solutions Corporation, 22 employees. Systems integrators of barcode based and wireless data systems. Divorced (go figure) since 1984. Current spouse is IRS Tax Code.

sammy levinson - [email protected]
912 sand wedge court
bowling green ky 42103 2707920144

Ad No.: 874 - Department: 1969 on 10/22/00 19:38:28 CDT
Description: living in bowling green, ky. with wife beth and 2 step daughters 16 and 19. the eldest attending college at uk . i am still in business operating a brass foundry and machine shop. an avid golfer along with my youngest step daughter who finished 6th in the state high school tourney.would like to hear from old classmates.

Jerry S. Curry - [email protected]
1915 Park Valley Drive
Columbus IN 47203 812 373 0393

Ad No.: 875 - Department: 1962 on 10/28/00 16:21:00 CDT
Description: I retired from the family veneer business and went to Theological Seminary. I am working as a Chaplain with Clarian Hospitals in Indianapolis, Indiana. My wife, Alice is the Executive Director of the Columbus Philharmonic Orchestra here in Columbus, Indiana. Gary Gibbs and I remain in touch and dear friends. I have lost contact with the others from 61-63.

Ned "Tex" Evans - [email protected]
235 Roscommon Dr.
Bristol TN 37620 423/968-7494

Ad No.: 876 - Department: 1965 on 10/28/00 19:25:53 CDT

Buddy Sloan - [email protected]
1400 Old Hickory Rd.
Tyler Tx 75703 903-581-1669

Ad No.: 877 - Department: 1972 on 10/30/00 20:02:39 CST
Description: I'm a Petroleum Engineer for a medium size independent natural gas producer in Tyler. Married 25 years to my CHMA sweetheart, Gail (formerly Eidson). Two sons, both enrolled at Texas A&M along with all my money. Looking forward to the 30 year renunion.

Juan Ameglio - [email protected]
64 st. San Francisco, #21
Box 00860-0389 Villa Lucre
Panama Rep. of Panama 00860 507-220-9934

Ad No.: 878 - Department: 1973 on 11/02/00 00:37:05 CST

viterbo hidrogo - [email protected]
Apartado # 2032

Ad No.: 879 - Department: 1975 on 11/02/00 21:09:20 CST

viterbo hidrogo - [email protected]
Apartado # 2032 David Chiriqui Rep. of Panama
David Ch 2032 507-774-3151

Ad No.: 880 - Department: 1975 on 11/02/00 21:11:56 CST

viterbo hidrogo - [email protected]
Apartado # 2032 David Chiriqui Rep. of Panama
David Ch 2032 507-774-3151

Ad No.: 881 - Department: 1975 on 11/02/00 21:11:57 CST

GLENN (KILLER) CROUCH - [email protected]
203 22ND ST
OLD HICKORY TN 37076 615-847-4440

Ad No.: 882 - Department: 1981 on 11/03/00 16:36:02 CST

Cesar A. Elgueta - [email protected]
6 calle 2-23 Zona 1
Guatemala, Centro America 01001 011-502-2325518

Ad No.: 883 - Department: 1954 on 11/07/00 14:02:48 CST

Marshall, John F. - [email protected]
2034 Eversong Lane
Hermitage TN 37076 615-883-5640

Ad No.: 884 - Department: 1951 on 11/08/00 09:44:20 CST
Description: Received a BSEE from Vanderbilt in 1955. 1st year @ Vandy on NROTC but discharged after 1st year and a great summer cruise on the battleship USS Wisconsin, for absence of binocular vision. Married my childhood sweetheart, Jane, in 1956 and travelled around a good bit with jobs and children. Worked in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Edwards AFB, Holloman AFB, Tindall AFB, Eglin AFB, for McDonnell and Lockheed. Specialty was radar, fire control and electronic countermeasures for high performance fighter A/C. Came back to Nashville in 1962 and finished the family: Brian, Andy and Molly. All the kids now have their own and I have 5 grand children, all close to home. Past 36 years I have designed magnetic electronic components, first for a company here in Nashville and then the past 14 years for a company headquartered in Minneapolis.Have worked half time the last 3 years but plan to fully retire the end of 2000. Will probabely continue to do consulting on a project basis...if it's fun. Have a cabin on Old Hickory Lake (12 miles from Heights) where we spend at a lot of our time with water sports, fishing, deer & turkey hunting, gardening, bird watching, etc. I've bored you enough.

James D Chapman - [email protected]
1725 4th ave ste L-10
Chula Vista Ca 91911-5756 619 691-7756

Ad No.: 885 - Department: 1960 on 11/10/00 18:23:24 CST
Description: Class of '60, went west to California leaving CHMA on graduation day. Gave away uniforms, kept annual and class ring. Went to college, Worked for the Gov'mnt a few years, started own business in '80. Met up with roommate Phil Kaeseman in California. He went east to Florida in 61 or so. Thought many times of Castle Heights and never had the time to get back for a reunion. Now i find i've missed the 40th. Well drat. Just learned the place folded in '86. Shame i guess. Good school and educational process (bent coat hangers and all). Remember Col Ingram, Col Leftwich, Capt Todd 3rd main live in)(, Maj Hosier (swimming coach), Freshman dip, judo classes and buddy asking what we learned in that class. Can't remember his name. He remembers mine, i'm sure. Found the web site yesterday, up all nite thinking of old times. Seems like yesterday. Somebody write me and let me know what happened to you. I was using my middle name then Dan Chapman.

Michael Carl Ladd - [email protected]
3806 Beatrice Cove
Bartlett TN 38133 (901) 386-2054

Ad No.: 886 - Department: 1963 on 11/13/00 10:29:09 CST

Kent Henning - [email protected]
2138 Stanley Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76110 817-246-2413x255

Ad No.: 887 - Department: 1955 on 11/13/00 12:26:40 CST
Description: Director of Alumni Relations, All Saints' Episcopal School of Fort Worth. Two children, three grandchildren, one at Rice; one at UT Austin, and one 21 month old. About to close out a 42 year education career to play golf and to travel.

Joshua F. P. Morgan - [email protected]
602 Savanna Drive
Sierra Vista AZ 85635

Ad No.: 888 - Department: 1986 on 11/13/00 13:20:16 CST
Description: Plywood is now a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, married with 1 child. I spent 7 years in the U.S. Army and got out. Does any one know where Bill Duncan is?

J.F.James - [email protected]
1620 S. St. Paul's Church Rd.
Sumter SC 29154 803-481-5384

Ad No.: 889 - Department: 1964 on 11/16/00 21:13:50 CST
Description: I only attended one year, in 1962. It really shaped my life! I am now 53 years old and manufacture molds for the rotational plastic molding industry. I am married and have 30 year old twin daughters by my first wife. I try to stay physically active and enjoy motorcycle touring, scuba, sailing, flying, camping, etc.

Val Peterson - [email protected]
11102 Outrigger Court
Indianapolis IN 46236 (317) 571-6838

Ad No.: 890 - Department: 1974 on 11/22/00 20:08:33 CST

malone, george wallace (jeff) - [email protected]

Ad No.: 891 - Department: 1985 on 11/23/00 10:38:20 CST

W. V. (Van) Allen - [email protected]
708 Hillyer High Rd.
Anniston AL 36207 256-236-4950

Ad No.: 892 - Department: 1949 on 11/26/00 09:43:41 CST
Description: After CHMA, graduated from the Citadel in 1953. After graduation, spent 3 years in the USAF as a pilot. Spent 2 years flying with the Alabama Air National Guard and 6 years flying with the New York Air Guard while working for IBM in White Plains, NY. Retired from IBM after 33 years in San Jose, CA and returned to my hometown of Anniston, AL in 1995. Married to Joanne Wright Allen of Anniston. I never knew this organization existed until my roomate (Al Underberg,1950) contacted me recently about the reunions.

Joey Gibson - [email protected]
4515 Potter Ct.
Paducah Ky 42001 270-554-4964

Ad No.: 893 - Department: 1982 on 12/12/00 17:11:04 CST

tommy smith - [email protected]
2304 south stephen
sioux falls sd 57103 605-371-1773

Ad No.: 894 - Department: 1976 on 12/13/00 21:45:44 CST

Kieran J S Key -
855 Belange St, Ste 205
Houma LA 70360 504 876-7972

Ad No.: 895 - Department: 1966 on 12/17/00 13:51:30 CST
Description: Left Heights, graduated Memphis State University 1970, and was fortunate to go to medical school instead of Vietnam. Graduated University of Tennessee Med School 1973 then had one hell of a year at Duke Med Ctr for my internal medicine internship. Was glad to get back to Tennessee in 1975 in Memphis to complete my medicine residency in 1977 and then begin a 2yr fellowship in gastroenterology which I finished in 1979. Now I'm ready for all you assholes! Then moved to the most God forsaken hell hole in the US..Houma, LA, amongst all those Cajuns. I really moved here for the food. Of which I get plenty; Pts paid in fresh seafood. Finally married at the too young age of 37 to a dark eyed Cajun girl..we immediately had a little girl (has my eyes) who is now 13 and a ragin' Cajun beauty. If any of you have winter property, please let me know. Au revoir

Robert B. Warden - [email protected]
PO Box 60
Hoxie AR 72433 870-886-3434

Ad No.: 896 - Department: 1972 on 12/18/00 23:38:36 CST
Description: Owner operator of the family funeral home and elected county coroner, married all these years with two children, active in Lion's Club, licnesed pilot, eye eneculator with the Arkansas Eye and Kidney Bank, avaid deer and duck hunter, past motorcycle enthuist and still can't spell worth a darn. Would love to hear from class mates as well as all cadets since we shared similar experences.

John M. "Jack" Trousdale - [email protected]
459 Yorktown
Beaumont TX 77707-1873 (409) 866-1061

Ad No.: 897 - Department: 1963 on 12/19/00 14:02:44 CST
Description: still serving, since 1979, as Chairman of the Fine Arts Department and Director of Bands at West Brook Senior High School in Beaumont, Texas

Bob Wiggins - [email protected]
172 Allen Drive
Hendersonville TN 37075 615-860-6421

Ad No.: 898 - Department: 1972 on 12/30/00 11:23:49 CST
Description: I really had fond memories of our times a CHMA. I received an Electronic Engineering Technology degree and work in medical electronics. I'm director of Biomedical Engineering, Telecommunications, and Safety, and I am the Intranet coordinator. I should know plenty about safety after attending Heights. Who put those rocks in the snowballs?? Been married for 23 years and have two children, ages 17 and 20. Looking forward to the 30 year class reunion.

Lawrence J. Russo - [email protected]

Ad No.: 899 - Department: 1959 on 01/01/01 09:23:55 CST

Lawrence J. Russo - [email protected]
1430 Sheltering Oaks Ln.
Kingwood TX 77345 281-913-2475

Ad No.: 900 - Department: 1959 on 01/01/01 09:30:46 CST
Description: Since my last bio note, I have moved to Kingwood, TX, where Clara and I have recently finished buildinmg a new house. This is the first, and LAST!, I might add, house I will ever build. What an exercise in loss of control over one's environ. Enjoying Texas (Houston area) very much. Butch

Richard M. Drogos - [email protected]
506 n. greensboro st
Carrboro NC 27510 9196832413

Ad No.: 901 - Department: 1972 on 01/01/01 14:02:44 CST
Description: Where are the weekend marauders?

Anthony Atchley - [email protected]
2460 Chatham Court
State College PA 16803 814 865 6364

Ad No.: 902 - Department: 1975 on 01/03/01 14:27:52 CST

Blake Hendrickson - [email protected]
1928 Shenandoah Trail
Lebanon TN 37087 6012098166

Ad No.: 903 - Department: 1973 on 01/08/01 14:18:27 CST
Description: Currently working as a consultant in the wireless industry for SunCom. Project will be complete soon and will move on. Have worked or consulted in construction, wireless, healthcare, cable tv and radio. 4 kids...22,19,15 and 13

Rafael Blandin - [email protected]
13800 sw 8 st. # 272
miami Fl 33184

Ad No.: 904 - Department: 1983 on 01/08/01 17:58:47 CST

Charles reimer - [email protected]
1113 Regency Way
Apartment 1
Elizabethtown KY 42701 (270) 737-2972

Ad No.: 905 - Department: 1986 on 01/08/01 21:23:56 CST

Frank "Brownie" Morgan - [email protected]
P.O. Box 250
Hawi HI 96719 (808) 889-0088

Ad No.: 906 - Department: 1953 on 01/09/01 02:43:44 CST
Description: B.A. Univ. Kansas; Wall Steet Journal, Newsweek, INC. Magazine; co-founder President Miller Communications, largest high-tech PR firm in U.S., sold and retired 1990; co-owner Kohala Book Shop, Kapaau, Hawaii, largest used book store in Hawaii. Wife Jan, 39 yrs; two children.

Charles E. Yancey, Jr. (Chuck) - [email protected] or [email protected]
130 St. Andrews Drive
Hendersonville TN 37075 615-826-8409

Ad No.: 907 - Department: 1981 on 01/10/01 10:51:53 CST
Description: I married Christie Michelle Clark on April 12, 1986. We have three wonderful children, two girls and a boy. Beth-Ann 14, Brooke 12, and Chase 9. I have been working for the city of Nashville for approximately 13 years and am presently employed by Metro Water Services as Contracts Administrator.

Jeff Glaza - [email protected]
11582 Decoursey Pike
Covington Ky 41015

Ad No.: 908 - Department: 1978 on 01/10/01 16:31:37 CST
Description: Just a note to update my email address.

THOMAS E. PAGE - [email protected]
22 Bosley Oaks
Nashville TN 37205 615-269-7401

Ad No.: 909 - Department: 1946 on 01/13/01 16:19:32 CST

Joseph B. Evans - [email protected]
711 West Meade Drive
Nashville TN 37205 615-356-1004

Ad No.: 910 - Department: 1938 on 01/26/01 07:55:02 CST
Description: WWII U.S. Army Signal Corps 1942-46 Graduated Vanderbilt Univ. 1950 CPA with Price Waterhouse 1950-1981 in Nashville and St. Louis. Retired 1981 in St. Louis, returned to Nashville in 1984. Retirement activities include masonic blue lodge, Scottish Rite (33rd. degree), shrine. etc., church activities, etc.

Rick Page - [email protected]
421 Willowbrook
Winchester Ky 40391 ******************

Ad No.: 911 - Department: 1973 on 01/27/01 00:20:19 CST
Description: email update

Ron Green - [email protected]
18 Sandy Circle
Dearborn MO 64439 (816) 992-8658

Ad No.: 912 - Department: Faculty on 01/28/01 14:28:42 CST

Louis T Washburn - [email protected]
1004 Broadmoor Dr.
Nashville Tn 37216 615-862-8380X136

Ad No.: 913 - Department: 1972 on 01/28/01 21:17:12 CST
Description: This is a new email address. I would be grateful if it is posted. Still working for the government and living in Nashville.

Robert Lundquist - [email protected]
246 Northwind Drive
Stockbridge GA 30281 770 474-7945

Ad No.: 914 - Department: 1947 on 01/29/01 16:59:34 CST
Description: Wife: Lois of 48 years, 2 sons Brad, married with one son. Steve, the olympic swimmer, 40 years old and still single. Bob is retired from the pottery bussiness after 40 years. We come every year to the Heights reunion. See you there.

DAVID HUGHEN - [email protected]
LEBANON TN 37087 615-4538933

Ad No.: 915 - Department: 1965 on 01/30/01 22:06:05 CST

Thomas E. Page - [email protected]
22 Bosley Oaks
Nashville, TN 37205-5008 615-259-7401

Ad No.: 916 - Department: 1946 on 01/31/01 16:19:19 CST

alfredo gomez - [email protected]

bogota colombia

Ad No.: 917 - Department: 1955 on 01/31/01 22:07:09 CST

Stephanie Green Carey - [email protected]
1243 Grayling Drive
Bonville MO 65233 (660)882-2579

Ad No.: 918 - Department: 1985 on 02/01/01 01:27:39 CST
Description: After graduating from the junior school in '85 my family (Ron, Judy, Brett Green) and I moved to Boonville, Missouri. Dad became the director of admissions at Kemper Military School and Junior College. I attended Boonville High School (what a tragic change from the joys of CHMA!) and graduated in 1989. I then attended college at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado and loved every minute. After 169 hours, I graduated with a B.A. in English and Secondary Education. In 1992 I married Ken Carey whom I had known since high school. We had Nicholas in 1993 and he is the joy of my life. We returned from Colorado and I began teaching at Kemper Military School in August of '94. After 3 years of teaching everything from Spanish I&II, to English as a Second Language to 92 Egyptians, to college and high school computers, graphic arts, p.e. and English, Kemper decided I wasn't their idea of a strong teacher and decided to not renew my contract. I now teach in a rural school district about 25 miles from Boonville. SOme of you may know both Kemper and the current district I teach in, Jamestown, from my parents. Dad was the high school principal at Jamestown, but had left several years before I was hired. I now teach all high school English courses, journalism I&II, and coach our competitive speech team. I also produce 2 stage performances each year and am JOB HUNTING! I would love to get into the business world. Publishing would be great or desktop publishing...Anybody want me? I think I thank God about everyday for the experiences I had at Heights because they were such influencial and shaping times for me. I'm so happy to have found this site and look forward to hearing from old friends and faculty. Take Care!

James R. Young - [email protected]
812 Longtown Rd. West
Blythewood SC 29016 803-735-9473

Ad No.: 919 - Department: 1956 on 02/01/01 19:24:59 CST
Description: 6 years at Heights, Texas A&M 60, Army 60 - 90, State Gov 90 - 96, Now retired (do what I want to do). Wife Brenda still works... somebody gotta feed us. 3 children al grown and on their way. Drop by my webpage .

R. Gabe Ayala, Jr. - [email protected]
240 Windward Passage #501

Ad No.: 920 - Department: 1961 on 02/03/01 14:15:06 CST

R. Gabe Ayala, Jr. - [email protected]
240 Windward Passage #501
Clearwater FL 33767-2258 727-796-7779

Ad No.: 921 - Department: 1961 on 02/03/01 14:21:43 CST
Description: Grad University South Florida '72, One daughter, Gabrielle, born in '65. Own a mortgage brokerage operation in Clearwater since '88. Still weigh 180, but a lot slower. Sorry, can't afford to retire yet like some of you guys. Happy 2nd. marriage to Janice since '85. What about us reuniting in Lebanon in October? Mark your calendar. Would enjoy seeing all of you!

Ted Musselman - TTMSr
2 Wannamaker Circle
Summerville SC 29485-3333 843-871-8839

Ad No.: 922 - Department: 1954 on 02/09/01 19:05:13 CST
Description: My wife, Maddy, and I both retired in August '99. I had first retired from 26 years in the US Coast Guard in 1981. My second retirement was from the local newspaper publishing company. Maddy and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary this October. We have five successful adult children, four of whom are married. We're expecting our first grandchildren in July (twins).

Clifford Sanders - [email protected],net,gt
Apdo. Postal 456
Diagonal 1 2-86, Zona 9
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 011-502-767-3334

Ad No.: 923 - Department: 1961 on 02/09/01 21:44:19 CST
Description: I have been back in Guatemala for a year, previously I had worked in Nicaragua and with Georgetown Univ. in DC. I am married and have 5 children (plus one adopted daughter). I am a Public Health Administrator and have been working in Community Health in Latin America since 1977. My work is assisting VERY poor communities solve some of their major health problems. My kids range between 20 and 6, the last two being twins (if they had been first they would have been my only children!)

Mike Scarborough - [email protected]
2832 Don Quixote
Santa Fe NM 87505 (505) 471-2675

Ad No.: 924 - Department: 1956 on 02/13/01 09:12:25 CST
Description: Air Force 1960-1968 Navigator KC-135 13 months Southeast Asia. Practiced law from 1973-1997. Four children, four granddaughters. Have a nice day!

Mike Scarborough - [email protected]

Santa Fe NM 87505 (505) 471-2675

Ad No.: 925 - Department: 1956 on 02/14/01 20:28:42 CST

Edward Wilson - [email protected]
4307 Overlook Rd
Birmingham AL 35222 205-877-1135

Ad No.: 926 - Department: 1963 on 02/15/01 09:53:28 CST

George M. Murphree - [email protected]
1947 Mound City Road
Marion AR 72364 901 842-7149

Ad No.: 927 - Department: 1956 on 02/19/01 15:38:17 CST

Dan Bender (Jon Danenhower) - none
P.O. Box 291
Virgilina VA 24598

Ad No.: 928 - Department: 1955 on 02/20/01 21:24:42 CST

Jim W. Legg - [email protected]
1815 Cottonwood Dr.
Hickman KY 42050 (270) 236-1607

Ad No.: 929 - Department: 1955 on 02/21/01 15:31:25 CST
Description: I got my BS in Bio. & Chem. from Murray State Univ. Murray KY '65 & ASCP Med. Lab Registry, U of L, KY in '85. US Army 57-60. Sp5 Med. Lab. Tec. Worked American Red Cross 70-83. Currently Funeral Director/Embalmer, Strong Funeral Home, Hickman KY.

Riggo Antonio Barrios Rivero - [email protected]
Úrb. La Tahona, Ave. Ppal. Res. Yaracuy, Apto. 7 A
Caracas, Venezuela, S.A. 1081 (58)212.941.4538

Ad No.: 930 - Department: 1956 on 02/23/01 11:09:22 CST
Description: I have worked for 35 years with Venezuelan oil industry, from 1957, one year after I graduated from Castle Heights until 1992 when I retired voluntarily. I got married in Jan. 1958 and still married with María de Lourdes Schmidli. We have two boys, well, now they are 42 and 39 years old and both are successfull business men. The oldest one is systems engineer and owns a medium size computer company and the second is a PADI diving instructor and has his diving school linked with tourism services. Right now I'm enjoying my retirement and helping my sons occasionally in their business.

Riggo Antonio Barrios Rivero - [email protected]
Úrb. La Tahona, Ave. Ppal. Res. Yaracuy, Apto. 7 A
Caracas, Venezuela, S.A. 1081 (58)212.941.4538

Ad No.: 931 - Department: 1956 on 02/23/01 11:09:23 CST
Description: I have worked for 35 years with Venezuelan oil industry, from 1957, one year after I graduated from Castle Heights until 1992 when I retired voluntarily. I got married in Jan. 1958 and still married with María de Lourdes Schmidli. We have two boys, well, now they are 42 and 39 years old and both are successfull business men. The oldest one is systems engineer and owns a medium size computer company and the second is a PADI diving instructor and has his diving school linked with tourism services. Right now I'm enjoying my retirement and helping my sons occasionally in their business.

Jamie Inman - [email protected]
155 maple street
black river ny 13612 315 775 1745

Ad No.: 932 - Department: 1982 on 03/04/01 19:10:59 CST
Description: Graciela, the children and I are now living in New York where we are stationed at Fort Drum. We are all well and hope to see all the CHMA folks soon. Best to all and give us a yell anytime.

Chris Snoddy - [email protected]
315 Bowwood Drive
Nashville TN 37217 615-361-7983

Ad No.: 933 - Department: 1977 on 03/05/01 06:09:02 CST

Bob Dorris - [email protected]
1716 Westwood Drive
Anderson In 46011 765-643-9030

Ad No.: 934 - Department: 1948 on 03/08/01 10:06:30 CST
Description: Retired Security Analyst and Portfolio Manager, CFA

Ted Crabtree - [email protected]
4950 Conover Drive
Dunwoody, GA 30338 (770) 455-5450

Ad No.: 935 - Department: 1984 on 03/09/01 06:56:58 CST
Description: Graduated from Georgia Tech in '89. Married since '91 to Pam, who I met at Tech. Two children Zach (five) and Hannah (three). Working on my Masters in Mgt at Georgia Tech. Currently Supplier Quality Manager at the GM Doraville plant.

Joseph J Fedevich - [email protected]

Massillon oh 44646

Ad No.: 936 - Department: 1955 on 03/12/01 12:11:42 CST
Description: Retired ceo Rollsport, Inc. Still occupied in some small businesses as owner. Spend May to October in Canada on the Ottawa River at my cottage. Still married to Joanne since 1958 and have three wonderful children. My youngest son is Johnny Fedevich was voted Las Vegas's "Best Percussionist/Drummer. Has been in two movies. ALMOST FAMOUS and VANILLA SKY. Everyone is healthy and ambitious. Miss the Hilltop.

Brian D.Kunka (Lerch) - [email protected]
725G Orion Park
Mountain View CC 94043 408-247-6311

Ad No.: 937 - Department: 1981 on 03/12/01 23:44:04 CST
Description: Hi, All; Figures that after almost 20 years I would find this place. Well the short version follows: Left the Hilltop after one weird senior yr. (I guess I was going through the "different phase"). Went to Houston, TX and worked as a Glazer for a summer then went to UTK. Stayed there for about a year and then joined the Army going to the 82nd Airborne Division as an Anti-Tank Infantryman. Stayed with them from 81-85. Re-enlisted for Germany and the 1st Armored Division. Was a Section Leader from 85-88. Came back to Ft. Bragg and was a Section Leader and later a Platoon Sergeant. Met my first wife at Myrtle Beach married her in '90. Was married for 5 Months and sent to "Saudi" for 8 months. Traveled about in Iraq for a few days and met some really nice people then came back to "Bragg" During my time at "Bragg" I saw Whitmarsh. Or should I say Major (possibly LTC by now) he was a captian then in the Special Forces I know a couple of his fellow officers but have since lost track of him. I was assigned to the Recruiting Command in 91 and Recruited in Asheville, NC till '97 both as a Field Recruiter and Station Commander. I was divorced in '96 (no kids) and was then transfered (as a cleaner) to a large Station in Chico, CA I met and married my current wife, Nicol, in Chico and have been together since the first time I saw her. We have no kids, 3 horses (Pete, Slim, and Jorgi), 2 Cats (Max and Radar), 4 Fish (Chet,George,Bob, and Henry) , 1 Bird (Meeta), 1 dog (Bear). Left Chico this year Dec and now I am in San Jose, at the Santa Clara Recruiting Station. I will have my 20 in Jan 02 but may continue to serve. If not I might either get out and make tons of money or be a Horseshoer and make a bunch of money. But like I always say if was about the money I'd be gone along time ago. Man, it's good to see you guys on here. I still think about my time there, sometimes painfully, but mostly nice. I have always wondered what happened to everyone. I listed my office # above but my home # is 650-210-9707 give me a call. We are only about 30min from San Fran. and we have 2 extra bedrooms so your all more that welcome. Take Care everyone!

Lawrence (Larry) Scrivener - [email protected]
1655 Fuerte Hills Dr
El Cajon CA 92020 619-440-4184

Ad No.: 938 - Department: 1947 on 03/14/01 17:29:48 CST
Description: Following enlisted service in USAF, graduated U of Florida 1956 with BEE Electrical Engineering. Employed by Pan American World Airways, General Dynamics-Convair, Pacific Southwest Airlines, and US Airways. Served PSA as line Captain, Instructor, and Directorships in R & D, Flight Operations Engineering, and Flight Training and Standards. Rated in BAE-146, DC-9, MD-80, B-737, and B-727. Retired from US Airways in 1989. Widowed in 2000 after 49 years with Barbara, with whom several of the Heights wives were acquainted. Currently bumming around this country and Europe as a tourist.

Donelson P. Stiel - [email protected]
P.O. Box 452
Franklin La 70538 337

Ad No.: 939 - Department: 1976 on 03/19/01 14:54:46 CST

Donelson P. Stiel - [email protected]
P.O. Box 452
Franklin La 70538 337-828-5867

Ad No.: 940 - Department: 1976 on 03/19/01 14:55:14 CST
Description: new e-mail address

bill graham - [email protected]
8332 knights bridge rd
charlotte NC 28210 (704) 552-2923

Ad No.: 941 - Department: 1987 on 03/19/01 16:23:30 CST
Description: This is a update to my last entry, still doing the same thing.

Robert Judd - [email protected]
121 Castle Rock Dr
Asheville NC 28806

Ad No.: 942 - Department: 1980 on 03/21/01 06:34:38 CST
Description: I graduated Castle Heights in 1980. After Graduation I spent 8 yrs in the U.S Army. I am currently living in Asheville,NC and work for Bell South as a Systems Technician. I have 3 boys and 1 daughter. Would love to hear from others.

H. Glen Anderson - [email protected]
8506 Braes View Ln.
Houston TX 77071-1122 713-410-4894

Ad No.: 943 - Department: 1966 on 03/25/01 14:34:42 CST

Bruce Pruitte - [email protected]
4740 Highway 231 South
Castalian Springs TN 37031 615-744-1328

Ad No.: 944 - Department: 1985 on 03/27/01 13:11:34 CST
Description: I got married in 1991 to Leslie Amason. We have two wonderful children. Jacob age 7 and Laura Beth age 1.

Jim Richardson - [email protected]
4004 Birdneck
Edmond OK 73003 405-359-7602

Ad No.: 945 - Department: 1953 on 03/28/01 14:20:16 CST
Description: Life has been Good! After graduating from Georgia Tech, went to work for Sangamo Electric who was subsequently bought out by Schlumberger. Completed my 'working' career with SLB in International Marketing and retired in '92. Presently (3/01) living in Oklahoma and actively looking to relocate to the mountains of North Carolina in the summer and the beautiful beaches of New Zealand in the winter.

Quentin D. Enderle - [email protected]
2404 Longfellow Place
Boston Ma 02115

Ad No.: 946 - Department: 1984 on 03/29/01 20:44:34 CST
Description: Aloha!! Hi I am now living in Boston, Ma. as of a month ago. I was married ten years and recently divorced but the best part is that I have an eight year old daughter named Alexandra. I was in the service for five years active duty in Colorado at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, I went into the army as a medic then as an operating room specialist. I later became a reservist while finishing my history degree at the University of Montana were I graduated in 1990. So were am I at now?? I am self employed and work in Boston at Beth Israel Hospital on a Heart team as a surgical assist while saving up to go to P.A school on the east coast. any of my old chums look me up the doors always open Mahalo, Quentin

Ronald L. Lyons - [email protected]
1825N 3250E
Layton UT 84040 (801) 547-0572

Ad No.: 947 - Department: 1953 on 03/30/01 15:11:25 CST
Description: After I graduated from Heights in 1953, I attended and graduated from East Tennessee University in Chemistry, Biology and English in 1958. I then joined the Navy in 1958 and became an Naval Officer for three years. After the Navy, I attended and graduated from the University of Tennessee Law school in 1969. I then became an Intellectual Property Attorney and have practiced corporate IP Law for 31 years for several nationally known corporations as their Chief IP attorney. All the above means very little to me as compared to an organization I joined some years ago that has made the greatest inpack on my life and has been a great influence on how I live my life today. That organization is the Christian Businessmen Committee USA located in the Chattanooga,Tennessee area. The men associated with that organization have taught me so very much about life itself. I am now retired in Utah. I have two children and one grandson who live in Rochester, N.Y., where my wife and I intend to move in the next year or so. God has been good to me and my family and I thank Him for it. I would pray that He would continue to bless all of you and your families. Ron Lyons [email protected]

Jim Mortimer - [email protected]
265 Dixie Ave
Salyersville Ky 41465 606-349-4923

Ad No.: 948 - Department: 1955 on 03/30/01 21:29:31 CST
Description: Graduated Univ of KY, BA MA Georgetown College Retired from Ky National Guard 1988 Commandant/Vice President Millersburg Mil Inst,3 yrs Presently substitute teaching

John W. Bowlin - [email protected]
2399 Oak Park
Tupelo MS 38801 662 842 8193

Ad No.: 949 - Department: 1951 on 03/31/01 00:45:55 CST
Description: On graduation from Heights I decided upon a medical career though there was much interest in military. Following pre-med at Ole Miss I graduated from The U. Of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1957. Surgical residency followed at The University of Mississippi and The University of Kentucky. I spent two years at The 97th. US Army Hospital in Frankfurt on Main, Germany, as chief of thoracic surgery. I was married to my wonderful wife Linda in 1967. We have two children: Elizabeth, a teacher, who lives in Dallas with her husband Joe, a representative with Fidelity Investments, and our son Joseph, a college student in Daytona Beach.We also have a very special 21/2 year old grandson, Carl. After 33 years of enjoyable and rewarding surgical practice(Springfield,MO and Tupelo,MS) I retired in 1998. During these years I have been blessed in so many ways, not the least of these was having attended and graduated from Castle Heights, for which I will be forever grateful. Retirement could not be better with a variety of interests- mission work, watercolors, travel, golf, Harley riding, and especially visiting our grandson. I look forward to visiting with classmates at the 50th. reunion in October.

Richard M. Drogos - [email protected]
506 North Greensboro st. #15
Carrboro NC 27510 919-683-2413

Ad No.: 950 - Department: 1972 on 03/31/01 01:00:30 CST
Description: Where are the weekend marauders? Wheeler where are you? Hail Castle Heights. John Gray talk to me.

Trent Joyce - [email protected]

St Louis MO (314) 581-6653

Ad No.: 951 - Department: 1978 on 03/31/01 05:24:11 CST
Description: I only went to CHMA for a couple of years but thought I would register anyway. I'm now a producer for Technical Productions, Inc. We do live corporate shows, including audio, lighting, staging, props,etc.

john m. prood jr. (jack) - [email protected]
11216 willowick ct
louisville ky 40272-4227 (502)937-2438

Ad No.: 952 - Department: 1950 on 04/02/01 00:34:33 CDT
Description: retired from thorobred racing circuit,but still working in the mutuel department at Churchill Downs.

RICKY RHYNE - [email protected] MAIL.COM
STONY POINT NC 28678 7045859783

Ad No.: 953 - Department: 1978 on 04/04/01 20:13:18 CDT

Donald L. Jones - [email protected]
355 Saundersville Ferry Road
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-758-2927

Ad No.: 954 - Department: 1964 on 04/05/01 17:44:23 CDT

Emily Kinnard - [email protected]
181 Dumbarton Road
Baltimore MD 21212 410-377-7591

Ad No.: 955 - Department: 1983 on 04/07/01 01:54:01 CDT
Description: I live in Baltimore with my eight year old daughter, Lucy. I keep up with Gayle and Butch who are two of the most hilarious people I have ever known. My dad is still in Lebanon. Look him up if you are in town. He always did love the goobers.

Becky Kinnard Taylor - [email protected]
Somewhere in Montana
Missoula 406-543-5047

Ad No.: 956 - Department: 1985 on 04/07/01 02:06:14 CDT
Description: Becky Kinnard is very happily married and has two of the cutest white-headed children you have ever seen. She is also pregnant with her third and due any minute. She is currently freezing in Missoula, Montana. (submitted by her smarter, prettier big sister)

Michael Cartwright - [email protected]
111 Pinehurst
Franklin TN 37069 615-256-9002

Ad No.: 957 - Department: 1986 on 04/08/01 02:03:10 CDT

Chuck Weiler - weilerch
2403 Imlay City Rd Apt 5
Lapeer Mi 48446 8109864166

Ad No.: 958 - Department: 1955 on 04/09/01 21:22:43 CDT
Description: I did not graduate from Heights I left in 1953 after 2 years at heights. My nick name was wee willy weiler. I lived in bullard building most of the time. Lived for a short in Main. I spent 4 years in the Navy from 1955 thru 1959. I hired in General Motors in 1959 and am still employed there will be 42 years this /September.

Alton T. Ratcliffe (Earl) - ratman877
1202 Oak Drive
Leesburg Fl 34748 352-314-2262

Ad No.: 959 - Department: 1981 on 04/12/01 23:18:31 CDT
Description: I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Senior Officer Specialist. I am married (Becky) and we have 3 children. Gordon 15 yrs. Cole 5 yrs. and Julia 1 1/2 yrs. No I was not in a coma between Gordon and Cole. Gordon is from my first marriage.

Jimenez, Luis G. - [email protected]
c/o L Suverbiola, Pakmail 6015 P:O Box 025304,Miami Fl. 3310

Ad No.: 960 - Department: 1960 on 04/15/01 13:16:44 CDT
Description: After graduating from the Hill Top in 1960,went on to study law. Married in 1963 to Maria Elena Stull. We have raised and educated six children and are now blessed with six grandchildren. After 30 yrs of legal practiced I am now retired and we spend time in Boca Raton, Fl., Alpharetta Ga. and Caracas with our grand children. It is great to be again in touch with C.H. alumni and the remembrances of those five years I spent at Heights in my early youth.

Bryce Poe III - [email protected]
8424 Blakiston lane
(2 locations Mt. Vernon & Ohio)
Alexandria Va 22308-2104 (703)402-7999

Ad No.: 961 - Department: 1986 on 04/15/01 21:35:41 CDT
Description: When I went to Castle Height's I grew-up as an AIRFORCE Bratt.Father was a FOUR STAR GENERAL FIGHTERPILOT.Never went into the service.If I could reverse everything I would have!I anm now a Builder around the states building Homes from the ground-up.About 40 homes a year.LOOKING FOR AN OLD CLASS MATE OF MINE. BEVERLY JACKSON Last place I saw her was Fort Belvoir, Virginia.Can you help? [email protected]

Alton T. Ratcliffe - [email protected]
1202 Oak Drive
Leesburg Fl 34748 (352) 314-2262

Ad No.: 962 - Department: 1981 on 04/18/01 00:32:24 CDT

Michael Coker - [email protected]
4971 se great pocket trail
stuart fl 34997 561-781-6229

Ad No.: 963 - Department: 1972 on 04/18/01 20:41:49 CDT
Description: Boat captain, teach scuba diving and run dive charters in Fl

Davis, -

Ad No.: 964 - Department: 1939 on 04/23/01 01:25:39 CDT

Davis, -

Ad No.: 965 - Department: 1939 on 04/23/01 01:28:37 CDT

JosephB.Davis, -

Ad No.: 966 - Department: 1939 on 04/23/01 01:31:47 CDT

JosephB.Davis, -

Ad No.: 967 - Department: 1939 on 04/23/01 01:31:50 CDT

John R Davis - [email protected]
324 Warwick Road
Clinton ms 39601 601-925-2697

Ad No.: 968 - Department: 1972 on 04/24/01 16:18:31 CDT
Description: Please change my e-mail address to [email protected] or [email protected]

James B. Collins - [email protected]
1111 N. Gulfstream Ave. #2B
Sarasota FL 34236 941-364-2200

Ad No.: 969 - Department: 1954 on 04/24/01 22:31:20 CDT

Quentin D. Enderle - [email protected]
4 Longfellow
Suite 2404
Boston MA 02114

Ad No.: 970 - Department: 1984 on 04/27/01 00:00:57 CDT

Allen Rumbaugh - [email protected]
418 Dahlia Drive
Brentwood TN 37027 615-371-9543

Ad No.: 971 - Department: 1971 on 04/28/01 16:02:14 CDT
Description: My career has consisted of music and audio intertwined. (Surprise!) Currently with the 1969 band, and am a direct dealer for many of the finest lines in audio! Now WHO could it have been that patched Steppenwolf into the Buglemaster? Beats me!!!!

Joe Ozment - [email protected]
124 Island Place
Memphis TN 38103 901-525-4357

Ad No.: 972 - Department: 1985 on 04/30/01 19:32:10 CDT
Description: Practicing law in Memphis, TN. How could you have guessed 'criminal defense'. Married, divorced, single again. Wonderful 5 yo son. Not enough space here..e-mail me. Did they really give Malone a badge?

Reinhard Lange - [email protected]
116 Greenbriar Ln
Colleyville TX 76034 972 518 6368

Ad No.: 973 - Department: 1964 on 05/01/01 11:01:20 CDT

tommy smith - [email protected]
2529 meadowood drive
nashville tn 37214 615-883-4380

Ad No.: 974 - Department: 1976 on 05/01/01 13:36:14 CDT

Chris - [email protected]
178 Bellvue Road
Golden CO 80401 720-746-1206

Ad No.: 975 - Department: 1981 on 05/01/01 13:44:27 CDT
Description: After your brevity-challenged statement, Clay Carney, I elected to append some data to my bio: First of all, I'm looking forward to the 20th reunion. Hope someone sends me info on when and where, and I'll be there! Right out of high school I started my own consulting firm in Washington, D.C. and ditched it after a couple years. More or less wandering aimlessly through life, I joined the Army. After various schools I was stationed in 1st SOCOM at Bragg (didn't see Lerch or Whitmarsh there though but I spent most of my days surrounded alternately by concertino wire or books.) Spent a little time in Asia working with USARJ 9th Corps as a Japanese translator. Then worked mainly in planning. Left after twelve years in. After leaving the military I operated a martial arts school for a few years and then got into sales management for... what else?... computers. Today I am working as a sales director for an Internet firm. I'm currently practicing martial arts with one of the foremost teachers in the United States and enjoying it immensely. Married Jennifer last year, no kids yet, and loving life! I very much look forward to seeing everyone soon and hearing your stories! Cheers, all.

McCubbin, James A. - [email protected]
117 Hidden Cove Ct.
Seneca SC 29672 (864) 656-7368

Ad No.: 976 - Department: 1970 on 05/02/01 09:15:34 CDT
Description: I got the PhD in Psychology and Neurobiology from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1980. On faculty at Duke Medical Center 82-88, University of Kentucky College of Medicine 88-97, and currently Professor and Chair of Psychology at Clemson University. Married Donna in '86 with on son, Corey (8). "The brain? That's my second favorite organ" W. Allen

Bentley Wilkinson - [email protected]
5314 Tower Road
Greensboro NC 27410-5261 336-315-7007 x301

Ad No.: 977 - Department: 1977 on 05/05/01 13:36:42 CDT
Description: I am already registered...this is just an update to give my correct (currect) e-mail address.

Jim Grant - [email protected]

Palm Harbor FL 34684

Ad No.: 978 - Department: 1977 on 05/05/01 19:31:31 CDT
Description: See my web site at: Thanks! Jim

John Carpenter - [email protected]
117 Musket Lane
Summerville SC 29483 (843) 873-3118

Ad No.: 979 - Department: 1975 on 05/06/01 13:41:10 CDT

William A. Olivier - [email protected]
821 willow view dr
LaVergne TN 37086 (270)798-8918

Ad No.: 980 - Department: 1988 on 05/08/01 21:20:26 CDT
Description: I am married and the father of three children. I graduated from Cumberland University in 1998. I am presently in the Army as a Legal Specialist. On May 14 2001 I deploy to Kosovo for a six month deployment.

John Price - [email protected]
3803 Dolphin Ln.
La Porte TX 77571

Ad No.: 981 - Department: 1975 on 05/10/01 13:28:46 CDT

jim yeager - [email protected]

henryville in 47126

Ad No.: 982 - Department: 1972 on 05/15/01 09:30:00 CDT

Raymond T. Holland - R.T. [email protected]
P.O. Box 5325
Immokalee FL 34143 941-657-3171

Ad No.: 983 - Department: 1964 on 05/15/01 20:05:41 CDT
Description: Area President Florida Community Bank

Jodi Roach - [email protected]
725 Northridge Road
Highlands Ranch CO 80126

Ad No.: 984 - Department: 1983 on 05/17/01 14:56:54 CDT
Description: Update: Moved to suburb outside of Denver - what an incredible city! Still with CSG - now Program Manager for our Worforce Express product. Adopted two greyhounds - Maggie and Willow - can't imagine life without them. Other than blizzards in May, life is GOOD!

Tracee Strunk (Frick) - [email protected]

Gilbert AZ

Ad No.: 985 - Department: 1986 on 05/20/01 15:25:17 CDT
Description: I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in psychology and anthropology. While attending college I met my husband. We have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful daughters (ages 4 and 1). The most exciting thing I have done since highschool was skydiving. Both my husband and I became skydiving fools. I taught skydiving lessions on the side for several years. After the birth of our first child, we decided to be a bit more responsible and we sold all of our equipment and retired. Both my husband and I are adult probation officers. We really enjoy our jobs. My husband recently earned his masters degree and once time allows I will return back to school for a masters in criminal justice.

Julie D. Wohrely - [email protected]
5301 N. Rothmere
Peoria IL 61615 309-655-2250

Ad No.: 986 - Department: 1981 on 05/24/01 15:23:05 CDT
Description: I am married; have a daughter, Alexandra, who is almost two years old. I live and work in Peoria, IL at the Children's Hosptial of Illinois as a pediatric intensivist.

Rick Brown - [email protected]
P.O. Box 315845
Tamuning Gu 96931 671-647-1309

Ad No.: 987 - Department: 1990 on 05/25/01 11:35:34 CDT
Description: I spent some time in Lebanon about 10 yrs ago and was very impressed with the "aura" of your school. Now I am the father of a demanding 12 year old and am considering military school as opposed to the minimal education available here on Guam. Thank You, Rick Brown

Sam Durham - [email protected]

Frankfort Ky 40601

Ad No.: 988 - Department: 1981 on 05/25/01 14:07:49 CDT
Description: Change of email address, new email [email protected] I can also be emailed at work (I check work more often) [email protected]

Kevin Etheridge - [email protected]
1717 Orchard
Lebanon TN 37087 615-256-5572

Ad No.: 989 - Department: 1982 on 05/31/01 16:01:56 CDT
Description: Owner Designer Graphix in Nashville Living in Lebanon Maried to Jenny since 1987 Daughter Erin born 1996

Carl W. (Bill) Friedhoff - [email protected]
4020 Northstar Drive
Lake Havasu City AZ 86406 520-854-1308

Ad No.: 990 - Department: 1950 on 06/02/01 14:45:59 CDT
Description: I attended Heights the school year of '47-'48 and the fall semester of '48 and then returning to Sioux Falls, S.Dak. If I had stayed at Heights (and there are so many times I wish I had) I would have graduated Jan.'50 (mid-term). The last time I saw Heights was in 1988 and was saddened with what I saw, i.e. deserted buildings, broken windows, trash etc. I finally found one of my old roommates (Jim Williams, Evansville, Ind.)and he told me what has happaned to the was fantastic news and I can hardly wait to get back there to see it. It was especially good to find that there are alumni gatherings annually in October. I am on page 42 of the '48 Adjutant. It sure would be great to hear from some of you from that era...including but not limited to my teammtes on the football, basketball and baseball teams. I retired from Columbus Carpet Mills in 1998 and most of my working life spent in Minnesota.

Raymond T. Holland - [email protected]
P. O. Box 5325
Immokalee FL 34143 941-657-3171

Ad No.: 991 - Department: 1964 on 06/02/01 15:37:52 CDT

Jim Teel - [email protected]
340 Dennywood Drive
Nashville TN 37214 615-793-6801

Ad No.: 992 - Department: 1973 on 06/07/01 13:37:38 CDT

Alton T. Ratcliffe - [email protected]
1202 Oak Drive
Leesburg Fl 34748 352-314-2262

Ad No.: 993 - Department: 1981 on 06/12/01 20:58:55 CDT
Description: New E-mail address: [email protected]

Richard J. Somerville - [email protected]
135 W. Russet Grove Circle
The Woodlands TX 77384 713-837-9591

Ad No.: 994 - Department: 1964 on 06/13/01 18:29:22 CDT
Description: Have a wonderful wife, named Caroline and great daughters. We live in The Woodlands, just north of Houston; it is one of the best places in the country to live. I am a division manager with the City of Houston in the Finance & Administration Dept., accountable for energy and telecommunications management. Life is great and it was great to find the CHMA web site. I look forward to going to a CHMA reunion/homecoming and seeing old friends.

Dave Patterson - [email protected]
212 Beechwood Drive
Burns TN 37029 (615) 441-1585

Ad No.: 995 - Department: 1967 on 06/16/01 17:51:15 CDT
Description: I married my wife, Barbara, during our junior year at Belmont University. Andy Strobel and Sandy Harris were in our wedding. We were married 20 years when our one and only child, son Will was born. Now 11, he attends St. Bernard Academy in Nashville. After college, Barbara, an RN, started at St. Thomas Hospital and has remained their since 1973. I taught science, math & chemistry as well as coached football, wrestling & track at Heights in the junior & senior schools until 1976. After leaving teaching with a brief stop in environmental public health, I entered the commercial insurance safety consulting field in 1980. I completed my Masters in Safety at MTSU in 1988 and passed my boards as a Certified Safety Professional(CSP)in 1990. I am a Senior Risk Engineering Consultant & Southeast Region Team Leader with Zurich North America. We insure Baylor, McCallie and St. Andrews/Sewanee. I wear my Heights Golf Shirt, from homecoming several years ago, when I visit them. Some times an old timer and I will talk of the old Mid-South days, but most of them don't even know who Castle Heights or the Mid-South were. It makes you feel old! Hope all is well with former goobers and geebers!

Douglas Cox Jr - [email protected]
221Mainsail Way
Madison Al 35758 256 7720381

Ad No.: 996 - Department: 1954 on 06/18/01 15:01:58 CDT
Description: Retired mechanical contractor,retied U S A R two married chirden One wife for 49 years . Have motorhome will travel. Would like to hear from anyone in the class of 54.

John L. Bohanon - [email protected]
2099 County Line Rd.
Kevil Ky 42053 (270)462-2524

Ad No.: 997 - Department: 1967 on 06/19/01 00:40:08 CDT
Description: Retired Asst. fire chief Paducah Fire Dept. Oct 31st 1998-- wife Brenda --2 children Laura and Kent both out of college--living on the farm shooting skeet and sporting clays and some fishing when the time presents itself.

Charles Brandenburg - [email protected]
63 N. Mountain Road
Brookfield CT 06804 203-775-8682

Ad No.: 998 - Department: 1956 on 06/19/01 16:34:01 CDT
Description: Retired from my job as Corporate Manager of Computer Services this past December (2000). My wife Maria and I are having a house built in Venice Florida and will be moving south on July 12th. New address will be: Charles Brandenburg Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club 982 Chickadee Drive Venice, FL 34284 Future plans include lots of golf, swimming, movies and writing the great american novel. I'd enjoy hearing from classmates.

Miguel Villela - [email protected]
7012 NW 107 PL
Miami Fl 33178 786 412 5231

Ad No.: 999 - Department: 1974 on 06/20/01 00:22:56 CDT
Description: Well there is not to much I can say.. just that is nice to be on this register of our school... CH...

Terry Albert Griswold - [email protected]
104 Brookwood Court
Lansing KS 66043 913-684-5937

Ad No.: 1000 - Department: 1965 on 06/20/01 01:18:46 CDT
Description: University of Tennessee,1969 20 years, US Army Retired 1990 Current Consultant, Special Operations, Counter-terrorism, Counter drug, Peace Keeping Operations. Published author. Married: Deborah R. Griswold Children: Robert and Elizabeth

Richard Hines - [email protected]
P.O. Box 37
St.Charles AR 72140 870-946-1468

Ad No.: 1001 - Department: 1970 on 06/22/01 16:56:07 CDT
Description: I live in a small town (pop.175)in South-eastern Arkansas along with my wife Pam and youngest son Josh(16). Our oldest son Shawn(20) is a Petty Officer in the US Coast Guard (Gulfport, MS). I am currently the Staff Fish and Wildlife Biologist on the White River National Wildlife Refuge. Since graduating from college (BS Eastern Kentucky University and MS South-eastern Oklahoma)I have worked as a wildlife biologist in Kentucky and Texas.

leo frederick grimm - [email protected]
1615 SE 2nd Court
Fort Lauderdale fl 33301 954 728 9603

Ad No.: 1002 - Department: 1965 on 06/23/01 16:47:24 CDT
Description: I've been a journalist for 32 years, the last 25 with The Miami Herald. For the last nine years, I've written a local page column for The Herald.

Richard G. Brooks - [email protected]
3932 Crooked Island Dr.
Punta Gorda FL 33950-8128 (941) 575-0745

Ad No.: 1003 - Department: 1945 on 06/24/01 10:10:40 CDT
Description: Retired (since 1987) dentist, living in Florida since 1988, wife Marjorie. Attended 50th anniversary at Heights, hope to attend in the future. Best wishes to all. Dick

Dave Greene - [email protected]

Tampa FL

Ad No.: 1004 - Department: 1973 on 06/25/01 07:41:32 CDT
Description: After leaving Heights I did alot of traveling around the world. Worked for 13 years for Westinghouse Nuclear Power Plant Division as a Lead Engineer. Currently have an Internet Developement Company in Tampa, Florida.

Violet J. Fairweather-Reid - [email protected]
1239 State Route 239 South
Fulton KY 42041 270-838-9401

Ad No.: 1005 - Department: 1979 on 06/25/01 15:04:35 CDT
Description: Hi everyone! I've always said that if I went to heaven, it would be Castle Heights. I'm a high school librarian in Clinton, KY fifty miles from Paducah, KY. I've been teaching for 14 years now. I married an Army officer and we have one daughter 13, son 11, and a son 9. My husband is a barber now. My only real worry in life is, "Do the ducks have food"? I plan to become a principal of one of the worst elementary schools in the area. I know what it means to stay in trouble in school. See you soon. Violet

Phillip D. Barber - [email protected]
8120 Poplarwood Lane
Nashville TN 37221 615/7410439

Ad No.: 1006 - Department: 1956 on 06/27/01 13:31:35 CDT
Description: Presently appointed Administrative Law Judge Retired from FDIC - Washington DC 1997 Retired from USAF Reserves - Major - flew heavy jets as Navigator 1962 - 1967 active duty USAF Reserves from 11967 - 1992.

Benjamin L. Heath - [email protected]
4322 Barth Drive
St.Louis, MO 63125 314-487-7531

Ad No.: 1007 - Department: 1938 on 06/28/01 12:55:23 CDT
Description: Served in the U.S. Army for 32 year.During WW II, was sent into combat in the Islands in 1941, then after a short stateside assignment, was sent to join Patton's army in Europe. After recuperating for several months from injuries, was eventually sent to Korea, Germany, and finally, VietNam. Retired in St.Louis in 1972, finished my under- graduate degree, obtained my master's degree, and taught high school history, psychology and social studies for several years. Married for 57 years and have 4 sons, 1 daughter, 9 grandsons and 1 great-grandson. Keep active in church activities, bridge groups, and reading.

Richard Holifield - [email protected]
Apartado Postal #45
Puerto Angel OX 70902 529-584-3110

Ad No.: 1008 - Department: 1947 on 06/29/01 16:10:26 CDT
Description: Retired from IBM and now living on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Just recently got the ability to get on the internet.

Ralph Wayne Brewer - [email protected]
79 Buckeye Street
Westerville OH 43081 614-899-9565

Ad No.: 1009 - Department: 1970 on 07/01/01 12:37:59 CDT
Description: I've recently taken a new job as the Manufacturing manager at a company called Drop Ship Express (A company that handles bulk mailing for large companies across the U.S.). I'm married to Cyndi (a high school music teacher) and have one child Ryan living at home and 2 Children, Brandon and Brittany who are both married and living on there own. I'm living in Columbus, Ohio where I was born and raised and will probably live the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to coming down for Homecoming this coming year (2001).

Richard (Dick) MacMinn - [email protected]
1915 N Harding St.
Albany Ga 31701-1556 229 435 2876

Ad No.: 1010 - Department: 1947 on 07/02/01 15:17:35 CDT
Description: Retired, married 51 years to Jeanne Wittkamp 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Hobbies include golf and woodworking

John C. Couch - [email protected]
6006 Culbertson Rd.
Antioch TN 37013 615-941-1256

Ad No.: 1011 - Department: 1961 on 07/02/01 17:23:40 CDT
Description: V.P. for controlled construction insurance programs,Lockton Companies,Kansas City,Mo. Working from home on a farm in southeastern Davidson Co.Three grown children, none living close. Amateur blacksmith and knife maker. Looking forward to retirement.

Richard Q. Holifield - [email protected]
Apartado Postal #45
Puerto Angel OX 70902 529-584-3110

Ad No.: 1012 - Department: 1947 on 07/03/01 11:22:10 CDT
Description: I came to CHMA in 1942 with my brother James, He graduated with the 1943 class. I had to repeat the freshman class in 1943-44. Now I´m living in Mexico on the Pacific Coast in a little village down the coast from Acapulco. I have fond recollections of my time at CHMA. I´m sure alot of you will disagree, but the food was so good.

Miguel Villela - [email protected]
7012 NW 107 PL
Miami Fl 33178 7864125231

Ad No.: 1013 - Department: 1974 on 07/03/01 16:30:49 CDT
Description: Hi guys...

Martin Chapman "Sandy" -
4416 Stoneview Dr.
Antioch TN 37013 615-641-8988

Ad No.: 1014 - Department: 1977 on 07/04/01 10:15:21 CDT
Description: Married in 1982, had 2 kids, Rachel now 18 and Alex, 14. Divorced in 1998. Remarried Janet Carrere in June of 2000 and Life is great! I work for Conway Southern Express out of Nashville. Went to MTSU after Heights for 3 years till real life set in. Love to talk over old times from class of '77. call or write anytime, no e-mail as yet. Sandy

Martin Chapman "Sandy" -
4416 Stoneview Dr.
Antioch TN 37013 615-641-8988

Ad No.: 1015 - Department: 1977 on 07/04/01 11:08:19 CDT
Description: Married in 1982, had 2 kids, Rachel now 18 and Alex, 14. Divorced in 1998. Remarried Janet Carrere in June of 2000 and increased my family with 3 more children. How's that for instant family!? Rachel 18, Alex 14, Branden 17, Sydney 13, and last but not least OR quitest Matthew 11 and Life is great! I work for Conway Southern Express out of Nashville. Went to MTSU after Heights for 3 years till real life set in. Love to talk over old times from class of '77. call or write anytime, no e-mail as yet. Sandy

FRED WILSON - [email protected]
HENDERSONVILLE TN 37075 16152642234

Ad No.: 1016 - Department: 1984 on 07/05/01 00:34:00 CDT

Lloyd (Chuck) T. Harris - [email protected]
7502 Sound Drive
Emerald Isle NC 28594 252 354 5662

Ad No.: 1017 - Department: 1967 on 07/05/01 16:22:44 CDT
Description: University of Kentucky 67-71...Auburn University 71-75...I am a veterinarian (still in practice) .....Married 27 years...Have two sons,,,,,one (21) is a senior in college,,the other (24) lives in Fort Worth, Texas... I haven't heard from any CHMA classmates in any years !!! I hope to attend an Alumni Association Homecoming event 2002...

William H. Wheeler III - [email protected]
2223 Devonport
Lexington KY 40504 859-252-4578

Ad No.: 1018 - Department: 1972 on 07/07/01 12:25:21 CDT
Description: Graduated University of Ky, BA Advertising, minor English. Years as copywriter/jinglewriter. Last six years in Garden Center Management. Still running 6k and 10k races. Three talented, GREAT kids: Rachel (18), Will IV (13), Cody (10). Weekend Mauraders...UNITE!!! This is for you, Drogos.

Ray White - [email protected]
5456 Cemetery Road
Bowling Green ky 42103 270-782-3194

Ad No.: 1019 - Department: 1977 on 07/07/01 21:39:00 CDT
Description: I am married and settled down with a beautiful wife and twin boys age eight (nope not identical). Been doing the retired thing for a year and have decided that its too boring so looking for a new field to go into, just can't figure out what. Hope to hear from everyone and plan to be at the 100 year reunion.

Breeding, Bill - Bill [email protected]
P.O. Box 741
Johnson City TN 37605 423-926-8151 ex 1

Ad No.: 1020 - Department: 1962 on 07/16/01 10:04:53 CDT

Bob Parris - [email protected]
1557 West Crestwood Dr.
Memphis TT 38119 901 529-8500

Ad No.: 1021 - Department: 1980 on 07/18/01 17:49:15 CDT

Bob Parris - [email protected]
1557 West Crestwood Drive
Memphis TT 38119 901 529 8500

Ad No.: 1022 - Department: 1980 on 07/18/01 17:55:51 CDT
Description: I live with my wife and practice in Memphis after getting my law degree in 1998 (I was a late bloomer). I just heard about the website and am glad that someone cared enough to put it together.

Max Hardberger - [email protected]
PO Box 274
Lacombe LA 70445 985-882-2308

Ad No.: 1023 - Department: 1966 on 07/20/01 17:54:19 CDT
Description: Now maritime attorney. Have been commercial pilot and ship captain. Have worked and traveled all over world. Married with 2 children.

Paul Doster - [email protected]
4217 Lindawood Drive
Nashville TN 37215 292-0740

Ad No.: 1024 - Department: 1971 on 07/26/01 22:29:36 CDT
Description: I left Heights after my third year and graduated from Peabody Demonstration School (now The University School of Nashville). I atended UT Knoxville, and hold a B.F.A. in Art from there. I am married to Jean Van Grinsven, from Nashville. We have just celebrated our 25th anniversary in May, 2001.Late bloomers that we are, last year we adopted 3 yr. old Martin Vladislav Doster from Kiev, Ukraine. Now 4 yrs old, he is a ball of fire and smart as a whip. I went back to school in '95 to get an Associates degree from Nashville Tech in Architectural Engineerind Technologies I work as a project manager for an architect, Jack Badger (CHMA '51), and live in Nashville.

Brian Kunka (Lerch) - [email protected]

Reno area NV 775-333-2826

Ad No.: 1025 - Department: 1981 on 07/28/01 14:47:39 CDT
Description: Made First Sergeant, Taking a company in Reno,NV. Will post new address when I know what it is. See ya'll soon (I hope)

Lee C. Peterson - [email protected]
514 E. Madison Ave.

Ad No.: 1026 - Department: 1973 on 07/31/01 18:41:53 CDT

Lee C. Peterson - [email protected]
514 E. Madison Ave.
St. Louis MO 63122 (314) 965-0615

Ad No.: 1027 - Department: 1973 on 07/31/01 18:44:39 CDT
Description: CPA in private practice. Have 2 beautiful young daughters (9 & 12). Living the good life with all it has to offer. Lots of golf, fishing, partying etc.

Richard M. Drogos - [email protected]
506 North Greensboro st. #15
Carrboro NC 27510

Ad No.: 1028 - Department: 1972 on 07/31/01 20:40:34 CDT

Will Jon Rowe - [email protected]
5699 Briargrove Ct
Frederick MD 21703 301-695-4623

Ad No.: 1029 - Department: 1962 on 08/02/01 21:08:08 CDT
Description: After graduating from Heights in '62, I went to Auburn for two years, but then got invited into the military and joined the USAF in '65 and stayed till I retired in '88. Served all over and finally settled here in Maryland. I married Ann in '68 and we have 2 grown kids and 2 grandkids. Now I am a full time handyman with my own business.

James Haley Donoho - [email protected]
APO AE 09898 011-974-556-3357

Ad No.: 1030 - Department: 1985 on 08/04/01 15:47:03 CDT
Description: Currently serving as a Captain in the USAF. I will be in Doha, Qatar until November 01, when I make a permanent change of station to Shaw Air Force Base, SC. I am site commander for two USAF sites in Qatar: Al Udeid Air Base and a site on Doha International known as Camp Snoopy (hate the name).

Billy "BUDDHA" Nave - [email protected]
1926 Hampton Dr
Lebanon Tn 37087

Ad No.: 1031 - Department: 1984 on 08/06/01 22:50:43 CDT
Description: Bio/Chem `88,MTSU, D.D.S. `92, U.T. Private practice Lebanon since `93. Wife, Lisa and two daughters, Natalee (3) and Libby (2).

Trent Loreant - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1032 - Department: 1987 on 08/07/01 01:59:58 CDT
Description: Please update my email address, thank you.

Henry M. Labiche III (Butch) - [email protected]
5201 Old Highway 13
Cumberland City TN 37050

Ad No.: 1033 - Department: 1981 on 08/08/01 20:52:13 CDT
Description: Married, for the second time. Two children from first marriage: Heidi-16, Caleb-14. Married to Renea for five years now. Renea has a daugthter, Stephanie-12, from her first marriage. We live on a small farm in southwest Montgomery County, Tennessee. CW2, US Army, MOSC 151AE-Aviation Maintenance/Aircraft Armament Technician. Just went over 17 years time in service. Going to Korea, for the third time, in January 2002. Over the past 17 years I've held a myriad of military jobs, mainly aviation maintenance related, ranging from the rank of PFC to SFC. I graduated from Warrant Officer Candidate School in 1996. Since then I've been stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY where I've been assigned to the first AH-64D Longbow battalion in the 18th Airborne Corps. Upon completion of my last Korean tour, I'll return to Ft. Campbell and retire in 2004. I'm certain my retirement will be occupied with some musings of aviation maintenance, but that field will not be my central focus. I've become obsessed with home improvement. Renea and I both enjoy working on our house. There is plenty here to keep us busy. We're surrounded by woods out here. Deer and turkey hunting is awesome on our farm. I've also taken a liking to old Ford pickup trucks. I have a 1982 model F100 sitting in my garage right now. It still looks brand new, gets driven once every week, and hasn't been rained on since I've owned it. It's been fun looking through this site. I never knew I so geographically close to most of you.

Cyndie "Lauren" Harber Scurlock - [email protected]
5557 Hartfield Ct.
Fayetteville NC 28311 (910) 482-3875

Ad No.: 1034 - Department: 1982 on 08/11/01 23:06:06 CDT
Description: We have just arrived back in the States after 3 great years in Europe. It's always good to come back home, though. My husband, Bob and myself have been married for 15 years now. My children are ages:13,11,11,8 and nearly 6. We are stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC and are enjoying it very much! Please drop an email if you'd like---I'd like to hear how everyone's doing.

Raymond Abney - [email protected]
256 East Veiw ln
Ringgold ga 30736 706-935-2076

Ad No.: 1035 - Department: 1953 on 08/12/01 11:13:38 CDT
Description: I am semi retired pharmacist. I have a beatiful wife of 39 years.Two sons ones 38 and ones 35.Two healthly and god sent grandchildren. Me and My sons are going to Scotland to play on a twelve day golf trip in march.

Mike Dixon - [email protected]
113 choctaw drive
hendersonville tn 37075 615-826-0918

Ad No.: 1036 - Department: 1961 on 08/14/01 12:13:02 CDT
Description: After Heights, I attended about half of the colleges in Tennessee. Failing to graduate, I became employed by DuPont in 1965 and have worked with them ever since. I went back to school in '72 and graduated in '73 from Belmont Univ. I am currently manager of Federal accounts for Dupont Pharmaceuticals U.S. Healthcare Systems, living in Hendersonville, TN. I have been married for ever (35 years) and have one son.

Hank Haven - [email protected]
700 Nailor Drive, Apt. 201
Camp Hill PA 17011-7429 (717) 770-8785

Ad No.: 1037 - Department: 1961 on 08/18/01 12:36:10 CDT
Description: UPDATE: I've given up on the CPA certification. I'm to old. So, I'll stay with the Department of Defense until I fosilize from old age at my desk. Please note the NEW email address attached with my name.

LEE E. JOHNSON - [email protected]
P. O. BOX 569
MT. JULIET TN 37121-0569

Ad No.: 1038 - Department: 1962 on 08/19/01 17:53:47 CDT

Virginia Lux - [email protected]
P.O. Box 1274
Middleburg VA 20118 540 687-8677

Ad No.: 1039 - Department: 1980 on 08/21/01 16:14:47 CDT
Description: Currently I am providing systems engieering consulting services to Dod Aerospace and commercial customersfor the Vitech corporation in Tysons Corner VA, . On the home front I am opening a stained glass business "The Glassy Horse" that specializes in custom equestrian designs, in the historic hunt country village of Middleburg VA.

Kim Rich - [email protected]
301 Tayside Court
Charleston SC 29414 843-573-0695

Ad No.: 1040 - Department: 1985 on 08/24/01 22:43:05 CDT
Description: I am currently working as Membership Data Coordinator for the South Carolina Aquarium. The location is great, the position perfect and the beach is just 10 minutes is good. Glad to see some familiar names and hope to catch up with a few of you soon.

ERNEST M. CHEEK - [email protected]
SPARTA TN 38583 931-738-9200

Ad No.: 1041 - Department: 1957 on 08/29/01 15:55:54 CDT

ERNEST M. CHEEK - [email protected]
SPARTA TN 38583 931-738-9200

Ad No.: 1042 - Department: 1957 on 08/29/01 15:55:54 CDT

j baker - [email protected]

austn rz 512/651-3581

Ad No.: 1043 - Department: 1955 on 08/30/01 03:49:58 CDT
Description: Harvey Legrand Brown, CHMA class of 55, USMA class of 61, father, Col. Brown on CHMA faculty...died 4/25/1966. If anyone has any information regarding either, please contact me.

Chuck Ryan - [email protected]
56 La Vista Grande
Santa Barbara CA 93103 805 966 5107

Ad No.: 1044 - Department: 1948 on 09/01/01 14:44:14 CDT

Pedro Baralt -

Ad No.: 1045 - Department: 1957 on 09/02/01 14:54:09 CDT

Pedro Baralt - mariagabriela_baralt

Ad No.: 1046 - Department: 1957 on 09/02/01 14:58:20 CDT

James Kuhn - [email protected]
122 Columbus Cove
Stafford Va 22554 703-784-9433

Ad No.: 1047 - Department: 1978 on 09/02/01 21:10:40 CDT
Description: LTCOL USMC, Current dirctor of Advertising and Marketing for Marine Corps Recruiting.

Casey Copeland - [email protected]
9339 Barrington Blvd
Knoxville TN 37922 865-450-5454

Ad No.: 1048 - Department: 1972 on 09/04/01 18:11:17 CDT
Description: I still alive and kicking. Lets hear from you.

Mark Allan - [email protected] 864
Willow AA 99688 907-495-1210

Ad No.: 1049 - Department: 1972 on 09/05/01 00:41:16 CDT

Mike "Chewy" Chambers - [email protected]
802 Copperfield Court
Mount Juliet TN 37122 615-532-5533

Ad No.: 1050 - Department: 1982 on 09/06/01 13:57:39 CDT
Description: Since graduation, I went to Cumberland University, Tennessee Tech University and Middle Tennessee State University. I graduated with four bachelor degrees and am slowly finishing my Masters in Business/ Computer Science. I worked for six years as a bodyguard in the music industry then finally got married to my wonderful wife Lori. We have been married almost ten years and have two great sons, Hardie (7) and Joseph (2). I worked as a senior network consultant with a computer consulting company and with Symantec and now have stopped traveling and work as a information systems manager for the State of Tennessee. I see only a few Heights grads and would enjoy hearing from any of you.

Tommy Lamberson - [email protected]
P.O. Box 134
Lebanon TN 37088 615-477-6960 cell

Ad No.: 1052 - Department: 1982 on 09/10/01 11:25:35 CDT

Marita Brigitta Aileen(Elliot) Baxter -
1745 NE Ford Street
McMinnville OR 97128 5034350547

Ad No.: 1053 - Department: 1985 on 09/12/01 21:32:04 CDT
Description: Entered 09/12/01 - I have been living in Oregon for 8 years, Employed in Electronics field in the Production Control Department (CPIM certified). I am still very quiet, but at work very strong, forward and orginized. Married (in 1991) 13 year now and very happy. My husaband CJ is an electronics technician for Boeing. We have a 10 year old son Rajon which I was lucky enough to be able to stay home with him until he was 4 years old. We live in a small town and have a beautiful home. I have arthritis but otherwise life is treating me well. I miss everyone. Take care and call if you every have a moment. If I am not home leave a message and I will happily return your call. Since high school I lived in Oakland Calif; Norfolk Virginia; Woodbury Tennessee and now Oregon

Frank C Sanders - [email protected]
603 West Walnut
Carbondale IL 62901

Ad No.: 1054 - Department: 1958 on 09/12/01 23:50:09 CDT

roseanne coles dillard - [email protected]
300 philadelphia rd
lebanon tn 37087 (615) 443-5033
Ad No.: 1055 - Department: 1984 on 09/19/01 15:35:59 CDT
Description: married in 95' to kenny dillard ('85), have 2 children; abby zay-5yrs & austin rhea-3 yrs old, clerked criminal court in wilson co for 9 years, then stayed home w/children, recently returned to work for kenny-he has an excavating business-he runs equipment & i run the office

john williams - [email protected]
#21 hwy 60
Clintonville wv 24931 304-392-6124

Ad No.: 1056 - Department: 1966 on 09/24/01 14:24:04 CDT

Mark E. Corey - [email protected]
1425 West Prairie Street
Olathe KS 66061 913-764-5514

Ad No.: 1057 - Department: 1981 on 09/25/01 13:33:05 CDT
Description: After graduating from CHMA I attended TN Tech Univ. in Cookeville TN in March of 1986 with a B.S. in Business Management, minor in Economics. I was on the TN tech ROTC rifle team for a couple of years but did not join the Gold Team due a lack of funds at the time. I also got my FCC broadcasting licence and had interesting experiences with the university radio station. I tried to correct the schools journalism department in political thought and theory with limited success. I worked varied business jobs through the late 80s and ventured into the autoparts industry. I joined Western Auto in 1993 and moved to Kansas a few yrs later to work in the Corp.Office through 1999. I worked with ICI paints after that. My hobbies are collecting military weapons and cars.

Lani Inman Bailely - [email protected]
74 Hunters Creek Dr.
Jackson Tn 38305

Ad No.: 1058 - Department: 1985 on 10/02/01 22:23:18 CDT
Description: I am curretnly teaching High School in Chester County. I am divorced and have two beautiful daughters Nancy Anice 10 and Megan Lamar 7.

Barry Jackson Hayes - [email protected]
273 Long Branch Rd.

Ad No.: 1059 - Department: 1962 on 10/02/01 22:30:54 CDT

Barry Jackson Hayes - [email protected]
273 Long Branch Rd.
Lancaster Tn 38569 615-548-4071

Ad No.: 1060 - Department: 1962 on 10/02/01 22:33:14 CDT
Description: will compose and send in few day, I am Barry's wife Patsy Hayes, will get him to fill this in and forwared. We would like to attend Alumni meeting this Saturday. Will call number listed in Wilson World. Thanks and Look forward to seeing all.

George Edgar Calahan -

Ad No.: 1061 - Department: 1955 on 10/02/01 23:29:43 CDT
Description: 2 Oct. 01 Jim Legg I have been checking on some classmates. I am able to get in contact with Calahan's family. He was a graduate mining engineer from AZ Tec. (?) He had served in the US Army 57-60 stationed in Peru (believe it or not). He had been married to a Carol. Had a son & a daughter, I think. Son for sure. Son in DC or MD. He remarried to a Columbian engineer and was living in Columbia. He died with in the past few mo. in Columbia. The last time I saw him was in '92 when he came back for his sister Karen's funeral.

Curt Baker - [email protected]
117 Brights Ln.
Gallatin TN 37066 615-429-2878

Ad No.: 1062 - Department: 1976 on 10/05/01 11:32:37 CDT
Description: To Whom it may concern: I am Mike Baker's cousin from Gallatin, Tn, not far out of Lebanon, TN. I am not sure of Mike was in the graduation class of 1976 but I do know that he was in school at CHMA that year. Some of you may not know that Mike was killed in a car accident on Sept. 28, 2001. I was wondering maybe if anyone that checks this site new Mike and could maybe tell me about his life before i was born. Just a little about me....I am 18 years old and i attend Cumberland University after graduating with honors from Gallatin High School. I am currently a quarterback on Cumberland University's football team. The whole purpous of me writing all of this is to find out what Mike was like when he was my age. If any of you know please call at 615-429-2878 and ask for Curt. Or you can reach me also at [email protected] Maybe some of you know Rob Hosier. He was my U.S. History teacher at Gallatin High School and is someone i look up to and respect more than anyone. Thank you and if you have any information you can share, please get in contact with me. Thank you again. Sincerely, Curt Baker

Fritz G. Franz - [email protected]
217 East Lane Circle
LaGrange Ga 30240 706-302-9023

Ad No.: 1063 - Department: 1971 on 10/07/01 21:11:19 CDT
Description: I spent 15 years in Law Enforcement in the Great State of Alabama.I have spent the last 20 years working for ServiceMaster Management Services with our Corporate office in Downers Grove, IL. My wife, Laura has put up with me for the past 21 years and we have three wonderful children. Michelle is married and has a 3 year old boy, Joshua in in the United States Navy fulfilling a dream I never could have. Heather is a senior this year and plans on joining the Navy in June. Laura is relocating to Houston, Texas to pursue a career with Sodexho as a manager in Texas Medical Center Laundry. Any alumni in the Houston area willing to contact her and help her get settled I would greatly appreciate it. We lived in Houston for three years and she could not adjust to the small town life and lack of a good job in LaGrange. If you missed this years Homecoming you missed a good one.Please keep in touch, I sure miss the good old days.

Michael W. McMains -aka-"Mike" - [email protected]
8211 Oak Moss Dr.
Tx 77379-4530 92810 376-9088

Ad No.: 1064 - Department: 1955 on 10/11/01 21:21:01 CDT
Description: Married-1966, wife Lupina, two children. James born 1968 & Michele born 1969. Two grandchildren. Retired Adult Probation Officer 1998 after open heart surgery. Active in volunteer work with "Mended Hearts. Hobbies: Poetry, world travel, & fishing.

Michael W. McMains - aka- "Mike' - [email protected]
8211 Oak Moss Dr.
Spring Tx 77379-4530 (281) 376-9088

Ad No.: 1065 - Department: 1955 on 10/11/01 21:29:24 CDT
Description: BA University of Houston, married 1966 wife,"Lupina," two grown children,two grand children. Retired Adult Probation Officer,after open heart surgery im 1998. Hobbies; World travel, poetry,"Mended Hearts," and fishing.

Daniel Mulby - [email protected]
1337 Fox Run Dr
Apt 101
Willoughby Oh 44094

Ad No.: 1066 - Department: 1988 on 10/16/01 19:35:54 CDT
Description: Need to update my info and let everyone know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

E.C. "El" Caldwell - [email protected]
8530 Fairway Bend Dr.
Ft. Myers FL 33912 941-437-3556

Ad No.: 1067 - Department: 1950 on 10/17/01 12:54:21 CDT
Description: Attended USNA, but football injury got me an early out. Graduated Ga. Tech-EE. Worked aerospace and information technology management at IBM, Xerox and Computer Sciences Corp. Retired in '97. With wife Jan live in FL and summer in Central NY. We golf, boat and do grand kid stuff. Let me hear from any of you out there who remember me and especially the Chapel Gang.

Robert Gomez - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1068 - Department: 1986 on 10/19/01 15:41:17 CDT

ROBERT R GOMEZ - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1069 - Department: 1986 on 10/19/01 15:57:52 CDT
Description: after i left the school i lived in Miami for four year then i went back to Venezuela and after a few year purchase a oil company PDVS in Venezuela with my old school friends Diego and Ricardo Reina

Edward C. Brown - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Ct.
Arlington TX 76015-4546 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1070 - Department: 1942 on 10/20/01 11:09:43 CDT
Description: Alive and well in Arlington, Texas!!

Edward Miller - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1071 - Department: 1942 on 10/25/01 08:41:26 CDT
Description: Just found out that Heights is no longer. Sad to hear that. Have many memories of there. Graduated in '42 spent the next three years in the Signal Corps then to college for an education in music. Quit teaching in 1980 and have been involved in bicycling since then. Many cross country tours, mostly self contained. Am now working in a bicycle shop and enjoying my self.

chris mcadoo - [email protected]
622 alison ct
nashville tn 37217 615-399-6697x23

Ad No.: 1072 - Department: 1985 on 10/25/01 20:51:40 CDT
Description: i am a manager for the kroger company. i have been with kroger for 14 years and a manager in the deli for 6.i am single.

Kreis Johnson - [email protected]
3625 Carnes
Memphis TN 38111 901 948 4515

Ad No.: 1073 - Department: 1971 on 10/28/01 11:24:51 CST
Description: Manager, Applied Industrial Technologies

Randy K. Kaplan - [email protected]
25725 Coolidge Hwy
Oak Park MI 48237 248.548.6717

Ad No.: 1074 - Department: 1972 on 10/28/01 19:42:12 CST
Description: I am a podiatrist, as are my two brothers, also grads of CHMA (65 & 68) married with three children.

Jeannie Cavendish - [email protected]
12005 Falcon Ridge Dr.
Fredericksburg VA 22407 540-785-2393

Ad No.: 1075 - Department: 1988 on 10/28/01 19:44:40 CST
Description: Married 5 yrs., 3 children: Mason, 4yrs, Audrey 2 1/2 yrs, Ethan, born Oct. 3, 2001.

Robert Parris - [email protected]
1557 W.Crestwood Dr.
Memphis TT 38119 901 299-1479

Ad No.: 1076 - Department: 1980 on 10/30/01 13:36:05 CST

Christopher M. Hill (Chris) "Hopsing" - [email protected]
2439 36th Ave North East
2000 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Hickory NC 28601 336-761-5503

Ad No.: 1077 - Department: 1982 on 11/03/01 16:59:34 CST
Description: After May of '82 wanted to do my own thing. Found out that is not always the way to look at life. 3 years active Army. Worked as an electrician's helper then heavy construction and tried to teach once or twice. Finally went to college, while I was in the NC Army National Guard. Became an officer in '93 and still going at it, full time in Winston-Salem, NC. I miss the old days at Heights! Wouldn't do it again, but I wouldn't have missed it for the WORLD! Still ain't grew up yet! Glad that this is on the net!

Dean Glenn Fulton -
9326 Clovercroft Road
Franklin TN 37067 615-771-4068

Ad No.: 1078 - Department: 1990 on 11/07/01 16:13:16 CST
Description: Married 10 yrs to Jennifer, 2 daughters, Presley(4) and Reilly (2). Manager of Donelson Air Conditioning/AC Services in Nashville,Tennessee.

Aubrey R. "Sonny" Mooney - [email protected]
308 Washington Street
Frankfort KY 40601 800-223-2579

Ad No.: 1079 - Department: 1965 on 11/09/01 08:19:28 CST
Description: Attorney for Commonwealth of Kentucky

Jean A. Carson - [email protected]
1148 Laurel Hill Road
Knoxville TN 37923 865-690-1184

Ad No.: 1080 - Department: 1946 on 11/09/01 08:56:13 CST
Description: Retired from Principal Financial Group for several years and now work each Tuesday and Thursday for a local construction company (office -- they won't let me saw any boards). My wife (originally from Springfield, Ohio, and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 30, 2001. We have two daughters and four grandchildren (3 grandsons and a granddaughter). Three of them are attending University of Tennessee at Knoxville this year. We stay active with church and community work among other things. I would enjoy hearing from any cadets who were at Heights during years 1943-1946 (my tenure there).

raul gomez - [email protected]
chiriqui panama
david 507

Ad No.: 1081 - Department: 1979 on 11/09/01 16:03:40 CST
Description: i want to find some friends from my class of 1979 I woult like to know how is daniel allen and michel hale and his father billy longenecker

Ryan J. Blevins - [email protected]
2326 Hunters Run Drive
Reston VA 20191 703-715-2122

Ad No.: 1082 - Department: 1984 on 11/13/01 16:28:32 CST
Description: I never Graduadeted from Castle Heights but went to school in 1979 and 1980. I would love to hear from anybody that may have been in one of my classes.

James J. Matacia - [email protected]
3909 Buckner Ct.
Bedford Tx 76021 817-571-5553

Ad No.: 1083 - Department: 1965 on 11/19/01 14:07:41 CST
Description: After graduating in 1965,went to college @ Kansas State College @ Pittsburg Kansas. Worked for Ford Motor Comp. paying my way thru college.Graduated in 1970,joined the army reserves, had basic training @ Ft. Polk, La. and spent 6 the reserves.Went to work for General Motors in July of 1970 and now have 32 years.Married,2 children.C.H.M.A. gave me the knowledge base and strength to deal with lifes challenges.C.H.M.A. gave me the baseline for life.I attribute my sucesses to this institution. Jamie Matacia

Greg Chapman - [email protected]
2011 AZTEC APT 2007
North Little Rock AR 72116 501-834-2096

Ad No.: 1084 - Department: 1981 on 11/20/01 21:51:45 CST
Description: Married for 19 years to Kim,We have 3 children Meagan 15,Josh 13,Hunter 4. I'm a maintenace supervisor for Deluxe Video.

William S. Howard - [email protected]
139 Cherokee Heights (home)
Copperhill TN 37317 423-496-3786

Ad No.: 1085 - Department: 1972 on 11/22/01 12:19:58 CST
Description: I graduated from Ole Miss in 1975 with a BA degree and followed at Univ. of Tenn. College of Dentistry. My wife and I have three grown children (Amanda, Jeremy, and Richard). The two boys are in college. My wife and I enjoy traveling and riding our BMW motorcycles.

Beverly (Jackson) Cappelletti - [email protected]

Murfreesboro TN (615)890-2325

Ad No.: 1086 - Department: 1981 on 11/28/01 20:30:22 CST
Description: Graduated MTSU 1985. Married 1988. Honorably discharged from US Army Military Intelligence (CPT) in 1993. After spending time in AZ, TX, Germany & Belgium, Murfreesboro became our home in 1993. I have 2 sons ages 8 & 5 (born 1993 & 1996).

R. J. "Jack" Duncan - [email protected]
250 N. Banana River Drive E-9
Merritt Island FL 32952 (321) 223-6484

Ad No.: 1087 - Department: 1976 on 12/03/01 13:41:06 CST
Description: Jack Duncan, public relations and marketing consultant, holds a Master of Science in Communication from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and a BA in Communication Arts from Spring Hill College, along with a Diploma in Broadcasting from Brown Institute. His master's thesis established his expertise in quantitative research and public opinon survey design, execution and analysis. Jack recently held a position as Matrix Information Systems’ Corporate Relations Director, where he learned more than he thought necessary about computer hardware, software and the internet. As National Public Relations Manager for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Jack promoted Program Services, raised funds for and awareness of MS, and served as Vice-president of South Florida's largest charitable business networking group, Bright Lights. He founded Duncan-Ferguson & Associates, a communication consulting firm specializing in PR and Marketing communications for small businesses. At McNesse State University, he served as a Visiting Lecturer in the Speech and Theater Arts Department teaching Public Speaking courses. He has developed and delivered educational seminars and business presentations based on performance objectives. Jack has also been a Promotions Director, Video Director, Newspaper Editor and held a variety of other positions in the media. A respected and active member of the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Jack's hobbies include golf, art collecting, dancing and riding rollercoasters at all of Central Florida’s themeparks. Living on Merritt Island, near Kennedy Space Center, he enjoys a clean and sober lifestyle as a bachelor!

Robert B. Van Sant - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1088 - Department: 1972 on 12/04/01 17:43:48 CST
Description: Although I did not graduate from Heights I spent 5 very wonderful years there. I am currently living in the Atlanta area working in the printing industry. Married, 4 great kids. Life is good.

Nick Eris - [email protected]
14735 Innerarity Pt. Rd.

Ad No.: 1089 - Department: 1956 on 12/06/01 10:30:53 CST

Nick Eris - [email protected]
14735 Innerarity Pt. Rd.

Ad No.: 1090 - Department: 1956 on 12/06/01 10:30:55 CST

Richard L. Van Sant - [email protected]
7125 Grassmoor Grange Way
Cumming ga 30040 770-851-1427

Ad No.: 1091 - Department: 1974 on 12/06/01 18:45:50 CST
Description: B.S. Chem Austin Peay State 1983..US Army 1975-78, Pharm.D. Mercer Univ. 1985. Working as Nuclear Pharmacist. Would love to hear from anybody. Former band, butthole and dugout member. Master Mason and shriner.

Robert A. Lundquist - [email protected]
246 Northwind Drive
Stockbridge GA 30281 770 474-7945

Ad No.: 1092 - Department: 1947 on 12/07/01 12:58:29 CST
Description: Married to Lois Sites 12/6/52, We have 2 boys, Brad 11/20/57, Steve 2/20/61 B.A., University of Michigan. Currently consulting for manufacturers. Former president of Crown Sanitary Potteries, CFO-Owner, Georgia Sanitary Pottery, retired. Civic Activities: Past Pres. Kiwanis, State of Ga. Children With Special Learning Disabilities, Church Council; Mason, Shriner, State of GA Sports Hall of Fame; Educational Advisor, GA Military Academy; Sec. Woodward Academy School Board; Past Board Member, CHMA; participant-leader of various swim programs throughout the S.E. Hobbies: Swim programs, swimming, boating, cruising, and travel. Social: Eagle's Landing Country Club, The Tavern Club, Chicago, IL

Geoffrey Schecht - [email protected]
1600 Bengal Drive
Round Rock TX 78664 512 602 3203

Ad No.: 1093 - Department: 1973 on 12/08/01 14:04:34 CST
Description: I've been a circuit design engineer for the past 22 years. I presently work for AMD in Austin, on Athlon processor systems development. I've been married to Tracey for almost 23 years and have three boys: Pat, 16, Cliff, 15 and Karl, 10. I was at CHMA in 6th & 7th grades, from 1965 to 1967 (lived in Hooker and Astronaut Halls, as I recall), but moved to Oregon after that and then all over the country. I'm a Navy veteran, too, 1974-75.

James Koller - [email protected]
1545 W Pekin Rd
Lebanon Oh 45036

Ad No.: 1094 - Department: 1982 on 12/12/01 16:00:15 CST
Description: Attended Miami University after graduation. Struggled since I believed you could retake a class but you couldn't relive a party! Married for 5 and 1/2 years to Tammy. We just had our first child, Briston. For money I've been a firefighter/paramedic for 10 years.

Terry Gold - [email protected]
215 Highland Drive
Greenville Ky 42345 270-338-5551

Ad No.: 1095 - Department: 1955 on 12/15/01 13:31:21 CST

Russ Hendricks - [email protected]
464 Locust Grove Rd.
Watertown TN 37184 615-443-0226

Ad No.: 1096 - Department: 1984 on 12/16/01 09:22:04 CST
Description: New address & e-mail address.

Douglas Norvell - [email protected]
558 Old East Road
Whitefield NH 03598 603-837-8865

Ad No.: 1097 - Department: 1973 on 12/17/01 18:35:10 CST
Description: After graduation from CHMA went to USMA - West Point. Received my commission in the Army in 1977 and spent 20 years in the Army, most of it at Fort Bragg as a Special Operations Officer. Retired in 1997, worked at Norwich University in Vermont and am now teaching Army JROTC at a small high school in northern New Hampshire.

Joseph D. Barnes - [email protected]
1703 Tutwiler Avenue R
Memphis TN 38107

Ad No.: 1098 - Department: 1984 on 12/17/01 20:01:43 CST
Description: I'm back in TN, just started working at GTx, inc., an emerging biotech company. I'm looking forward to Homecoming 2002!

John V. Mulby - [email protected]
3826 Wallingford Rd
Cleveland oh 44121 216-381-5549

Ad No.: 1099 - Department: 1987 on 12/18/01 17:16:29 CST
Description: Here's the short version: Graduated from Kirtland High School in Ohio. (Yea, a public school!) Became a husband and a father shortly after. (Damn public schools!) I'm still a father. I have custody of my youngest of three sons, Charles Vernon Mulby. Johnny and Victor live two hours south of me with their mother. I live and work in Cleveland, Oh. Currently, I'm trying to make arrangements to move back to Lebanon and work for Rhonda Robinson (Kippes, class of '86). She and her husband, Bobby, opened a Compounding Pharmacy, Pharma-Care. I keep myself busy with target shooting, boating, community theater and stand up comedy. (Stage name is John Vernon) Have yet to make my first million or discover a cure for any disease, but I'm healthy and happy and have been blessed with three wonderful sons! Some of my fondest and most profound memories are Heights related! If anyone knows how to get in touch will Bill Graham, have him contact me!! Peace to all! John V. Mulby P.S. William Paine Bone III gave me alcohol poisoning with his daddy's moonshine! What long week that was..............

Mark K. Brown - [email protected]
10801 Redgate Lane
Austin TX 78739 512/602-2199

Ad No.: 1101 - Department: 1970 on 12/18/01 19:28:23 CST
Description: After graduating, attended Auburn University in Alabama for two years, fell in love with my current wife, Sheila, of 30 years and transferred to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I graduated, BS/Civil Engr. Worked at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant waiting to enter the Air Force; however, wound up as a Naval Aviator instead (Long Story). Sheila and I have four children, Jill (24 & Married), Andy (21, attending Stephen F. Austin State U. in Texas), Jason (20, attending Austin Community College), and Chelsea (18, attending Texas A&M). Did my 20 for the Navy flying back seat in F-4's and F-14's. Received a Masters in Information Systems Mgmt from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA (Pebble Beach) and now work for Advanced Micro Devices, the only real competition Intel has for microprocessors. When you shop for a computer, make sure it has an Athlon or Duron CPU...they are the best value/performance you can get...and yes, that WAS a sales pitch.

Kenneth W. "KEN" Hauptli - [email protected]
8130 S. Doberman St.
Terre Haute IN 47802-9508 812-299-1857

Ad No.: 1102 - Department: 1959 on 12/19/01 13:05:50 CST
Description: Finished college in 1966. Retired USAF 1996. Owner and managing broker Ken Hauptli Investment Co. Real Estate. Just enjoying life, kids and grandkids.

Clifford E. Culver - [email protected]
6804 One Oak Road
Austin TX 78749-2327 512-899-0517

Ad No.: 1103 - Department: 1959 on 12/19/01 20:56:03 CST
Description: Married to Janice 41 years, three children (Cynthia, Jeffrey, & Nathan), & three grandchildren. Graduated BSChE'67 from University of Louisville. Retired from Managing Computer Departments in '98 for Exxon-Mobil. Couldn't stand it so working second career as Certified Pharmist Technician. Having a ball....

ladd, larry - [email protected]
105 pine cut lane
apex nc 27502 919-868-0051

Ad No.: 1104 - Department: 1986 on 12/20/01 23:40:44 CST

Bart Butler - [email protected]
2840 Elkton Pike
Pulaski TN 38478 931-468-2429

Ad No.: 1105 - Department: 1979 on 12/27/01 23:52:52 CST
Description: Not much new since last posting. Just updating my e-mail address.

Eric Svendson - [email protected]
1223 Woodside Pkwy
Silver Spring MD 20910-1666 301-587-5033

Ad No.: 1106 - Department: 1965 on 12/28/01 12:02:40 CST
Description: 1969 graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Acedemy - BS in Marine Engineering. Sailed all over the world on merchant ships from 1969 to 1971 then came ashore to pursue graduate studies in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. Have worked for the Navy for the past 26 years as a mechanical engineer specializing in diesels and gas turbines. Happily married with one great daughter (11 yrs old)

Larry Hardiman - [email protected]
The Pacific Northwest

Ad No.: 1107 - Department: 1963 on 12/28/01 21:28:57 CST
Description: I attended CHMA from about 1954 to 1962: 3rd grade into 11th grade. I finished high school via a GED in Texas in 1966. Troubled youth(!) After CHMA I cowboy'd a while in Texas, then went to RCA Institute in New York. I worked in the broadcast industry for a few years before taking one of the "you too can become a computer programmer in only 6 months" classes: the best decision I ever made; the best money I ever spent. I worked in EDP, now called Information Technology (IT) for 30+ years, first in New York's financial industry then for Amdahl, now wholly owned by Fujitsu of Japan, in California, and most recently for Netscape, now a division of AOL-TimeWarner. I retired in 2001. I am not married and I have no children. -- Living well is the best revenge.

Gene Echols - [email protected]
4904 Coventry Lane
Arlington Texas 76017 214-376-1841

Ad No.: 1108 - Department: 1964 on 12/31/01 21:50:53 CST
Description: I attended Heights 1960 thru 1962 but went back home to finish school. I have always regretted that, simply because Heights is/was a piece of our heritage that inspired us all in one way of another. I cherish the memories I have and the influence that the discipline had on my life. After service in the Air Force and college at Memphis State,I went to work for Holiday Inns, Memphis. When Holiday was sold in 1990, I was operations manager for one of only two manufacturing locations in the corporation. Currently, I am Vice President of Quiltcraft Industries in Dallas, Texas. We furnish soft goods for the hotel industry. I have three daughters, and one granddaughter and hapily married for 33 years. In closing, I would like to know if "Chop Chop" Capt. Bobby Todd, the absolute ruler of third Main is still around. Memoires are the things we take with us always and cannot be erased--I will always remember Heights. For that I am thankful.

Steven Groce - [email protected]
810 Regal
Houston TX 77034 713-213-5649

Ad No.: 1109 - Department: 1985 on 01/08/02 18:08:00 CST
Description: New address and E-mail. Also changed jobs. Still a Paramedic, just working offshore now.

Leonard Donnelly - [email protected]

Mobile AL 36608

Ad No.: 1110 - Department: 1956 on 01/08/02 22:31:30 CST
Description: Retired and enjoying my son in law showing me how to look up you old fools. Sure miss stealing the station wagon! Hope all are well. Where is Jack Oneal?


Ad No.: 1111 - Department: 1984 on 01/13/02 21:28:23 CST

SONIA (LANKFORD) SHELTON - [email protected]
COLUMBIA TN 38401 (931)840-5394

Ad No.: 1112 - Department: 1984 on 01/13/02 21:59:38 CST
Description: I didn't graduate from Castle Heights but I did attend from 1981-1982. I graduated from Franklin High School in Franklin,Tn. where I met and married my high school sweety,Bill, and we have one 11 yr. old boss named Kali(Allen,if you read this,by now you know Kali means energy as well as goddess of creation and destruction!)I graduated in 1996 from C.S.C.C. and am now working at W.M.C. in Franklin,Tn. as a registered X-Ray Technologist.I have tried numerous times to search for folks via computer(it,s a slow process learning this new technology my child calls cake)and was fortunate to run into Mr. and Mrs.Mike Summar at a mutual friends home 1/12/02 weekend and he told me how to get onto the site(thank you,Mike)(hey,where'd you two go so fast?We didn't get to say bye.)I am planning to be at the 2002 reunion and would like see C.C. Pilgrim, Carol Loudermilk, Tina Wotruba, Amy Summers, Marla Brown, and all of you again.I still hate polyester to these days, and there's parts of any school memories that I wouldn't want to relive for the world, but that one year with all of you was one of the best and most enjoyable of my life.What I would give if I had it to see all of you again!

Trish Wheaton Alway - [email protected]
1212 Glyndon
Plano Tx 75023 9725270267

Ad No.: 1113 - Department: 1985 on 01/14/02 21:23:08 CST

Robin M. Crawford - [email protected]
436 Canewood Place
Mauldin SC 29662 864-288-3877

Ad No.: 1114 - Department: 1977 on 01/17/02 09:18:46 CST

C. R. Chuck Parrish - [email protected]
217 Oak Point Lane
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-758-2632

Ad No.: 1115 - Department: 1977 on 01/19/02 14:10:23 CST

Chad McDougle - CCJAMcDougle

Ad No.: 1116 - Department: 1984 on 01/21/02 13:03:14 CST

Chad McDougle - [email protected]
610 Shawnee Drive
Murfreesboro TN 37130 (615)848-1819

Ad No.: 1117 - Department: 1984 on 01/21/02 13:08:43 CST
Description: Graduated from Tennessee Tech in 1988. Married college sweetheart, Cheryl in 1990. Have 2 girls, Julia born in 1995 and Alissa born in 1998. Have been at Nissan Motor Manufacturing in Smyrna since 1989.

BERTRAM A EEHRLICH - [email protected],CM
GA 30093

Ad No.: 1118 - Department: 1931 on 01/21/02 13:52:05 CST

Alton Ratcliffe - [email protected]
1202 Oak Drive
Leesburg Fl 34748 352-314-2262

Ad No.: 1119 - Department: 1981 on 01/25/02 10:43:01 CST
Description: Updating E-Mail address.

Fred W. Brooks - [email protected]
4907 Althea Drive
Annandale, VA 22003-4141 703 978-6027

Ad No.: 1120 - Department: 1944 on 01/25/02 12:32:41 CST
Description: Attended Heights 1941-1944. Member of swim team. Joined US Army the day after graduation (29 May 44). Retired from Army in 1969 as LTC. Spent 10 years in Infantry and 15 in Intelligence. Learned German and Russian along the way. BS degree in Chemistry and Zoology in 1949; MBA in 1962. Married Virginia Powell in 1945. Have a daughter (Debra, 1953) and a son (Michael, 1956).

Russell Wood - [email protected]
2732 Horseshoe Dr.
Plant City Fl 33567-6750 813-759-0727

Ad No.: 1121 - Department: 1951 on 01/27/02 20:23:56 CST

Kathy Lancaster Whited -
1819 Pocahontas Trail
Lebanon Tn 37087 615-453-1213

Ad No.: 1122 - Department: 1986 on 01/29/02 17:51:02 CST
Description: I did not graduate from Castle Heights but would have in 1986. Graduated from Cumberland University in 1990. Majored in Criminal Justice. I am working with the Lebanon Police Department. I have been married to James almost 13 years. We have one daughter, Paige, she is 8 years old. James is a Detective with the Lebanon Police Department.

Leslie Lancaster Willis -
111 Laurens Way North
Hendersonville TN 37075 615-826-8331

Ad No.: 1123 - Department: 1984 on 01/30/02 16:30:05 CST
Description: After graduating, I went to MTSU and got my B.S. in education. I have taught school now for thirteen years, the last nine have been teaching 8th grade Math. I currently teach at Walter J Baird Middle School in Lebanon. I have been married for the last nine years to Mike. We have one son, Chandler, who is three. My dad, Major Lancaster, finally retired from teaching after 42 years. He is now 71 and still gets around great. I have really enjoyed going through these pages. I am amazed that so many of you have written. I hope to hear from any of you.

John B. Cowley, Jr. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1124 - Department: 1964 on 01/31/02 14:51:24 CST
Description: Change of e-mail address

Wright, J.B. (Brad) - [email protected]
270 Tamea Trail
Covington GA 30014 (770) 385-1101

Ad No.: 1125 - Department: 1973 on 02/01/02 13:46:49 CST

james w cates jr - [email protected]
199 cates view dr
allons tn 38541 931-8235528

Ad No.: 1126 - Department: 1972 on 02/05/02 09:47:45 CST
Description: I have a wife of 22yrs (connie) and 2 children (christen 16 and wilson 14).I am employed at cookeville regional medical center as an emergency medicine physician.I have practiced there for 15yrs.

Terry A. Griswold - [email protected]
104 Brookwood Court
Lansing Ks 66043-1417 913.684.5937

Ad No.: 1127 - Department: 1965 on 02/05/02 18:51:06 CST
Description: After graduation, I attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Upon graduation in 1969, I entered the Regular Army and after Airborne and Ranger schools, I served in Mainz, Germany and then Viet Nam. Returning to Fort Bragg, NC, I attended the Special Forces Qualification course and I married Deborah Ruth Whitelaw in 1973. We have a son, Robert, and a daughter Elizabeth. After five great years assigned at Fort Benning, Georgia, we returned to Germany for assignments at Heidelburg and Berlin. Five years later, I returned to the United States, where we were assigned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I taught in the Command and General Staff College until my retirement in 1989. Since then, I have been a security consultant, working in counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, peace keeping operations and associated special operations subjects. I also work for the US Army's Battle Command Training Program as Chief of Peace Keeping Operations Training. My personal success can be attributed to CHMA and a great wife.

Byron Mulby - [email protected]
9356 Ivan Place
Mentor OH 44060-1790

Ad No.: 1128 - Department: 1967 on 02/07/02 00:01:41 CST
Description: Moved Retired & Alive still! Here's the new address:

Donald "Luke" Lewter - [email protected]
524 Franklin St.
Huntsville, Al al 35801 (256) 534-2387

Ad No.: 1129 - Department: 1949 on 02/14/02 16:53:58 CST

Felipe A. Dominguez - [email protected]
C.Concordia Nº5, Sector Los Rauseo El Limon
Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela 2101 58-0-241-832-4196

Ad No.: 1130 - Department: 1955 on 02/18/02 17:40:17 CST
Description: Agricultural Engineer, married,Februrary '59, three children, six grandchildren, the oldest of the children is a Castle Heights Class of '76 Alumnae, divorced and remarried December '79, two children boy 20 and girl 13. Actually working for Brenntag Venezuela as Manager of the Agro Division

William C. Lester Jr. - [email protected]
3904 Hwy 63
Tama IA 52339 641-484-2015

Ad No.: 1131 - Department: 1976 on 02/19/02 13:25:13 CST
Description: I am married to Thea and we have 5 kids, Tony, Tasha, Tiara, Crosby, and Corbin. I work for Dieomatic Trucking, a division of Magna Worldwide as Dispatcher. We raise show lambs and purebred Suffolk sheep.

Terry Gold - [email protected]
215 Highland Drive
Greenville KY 42345 270 338 5551

Ad No.: 1132 - Department: 1955 on 02/20/02 22:07:16 CST
Description: Retired from Tennessee Valley Authority 1992 as Turbine Maintenance Supervisor, Contracted to TVA 1993 to 1996 as Project Manager in Project Engineering. Now working part time as a Turbine Maintenance Consultant. Married 2 children 3 grand Children

Billy Thomas -
400 Cherokee Dock Rd.
Lot 37
Lebanon Tn 37087 (615)573-3260

Ad No.: 1133 - Department: 1989 on 02/23/02 19:43:48 CST
Description: Divorced, Living with my son (Richard),11 and my girlfriend (Liz), expecting a child to be born in August. Currently unemployed after working at Dell Computers 2 years in the manufacturing plant. Looking for work and planning on going to 2002 Homecoming at C.H.M.A. I certainly would like to see some old classmates to go over old times. Feel free to call me, if no answer, leave a message or call back a little later (sometimes, out of range).

Carson McVeigh - [email protected]

Baltimore Md

Ad No.: 1134 - Department: 1977 on 02/24/02 02:43:00 CST
Description: I am currently a Bldg inspector in Baltimore.1 daughter 14 yrs old.Divorced.Moving to Las Vegas before spring of 2002.

Ken Sisk - [email protected]
45 Stone Creek Tr.
Alpharetta GA 30004 7704750036

Ad No.: 1135 - Department: 1963 on 02/24/02 21:47:26 CST
Description: Self employed, mfg rep for industrial and power markets. One child, 3 stepsons, 1 wife, 1 ex wife.Avid golfer, call for tee time.

Joseph E. Dunn - 11 North Marsh Road

Ad No.: 1136 - Department: 1958 on 02/26/02 18:55:43 CST

Joseph E. Dunn - [email protected]
11 North Marsh Road
1701 Gulf Of Mexico Drive, Sarasota, Fl.34228
Savannah Ga 31410 912 8972605

Ad No.: 1137 - Department: 1958 on 02/26/02 19:07:58 CST
Description: I will probably retire at the end of 2002. Play a lot of tennis and some golf.I don't sailboat race anymore.

Robert J. Miravalle, Jr. - [email protected]
CMR 420 Box 1545
APO AE 09063 +49 6221 57 3173

Ad No.: 1138 - Department: 1976 on 03/01/02 11:08:57 CST
Description: I'm a retired officer working as a civilian for U.S. Army, Europe developing policy and strategy for security cooperation with our allies and partners in Europe. I've been living here in Heidelberg, Germany for the last eight years and have been having a perfectly marvelous time on my extended European vacation.

Ronald R. Meyer - [email protected]
2548 Choctaw Trace
Murfreesboro Tn 37129

Ad No.: 1139 - Department: 1969 on 03/04/02 06:26:57 CST

Ray White - [email protected]
5456 Cemetery Road
Bowling Green ky

Ad No.: 1140 - Department: 1977 on 03/07/02 23:24:00 CST
Description: Just updating the email due to the collapse of the @ home folks.

Steve Phelan - [email protected]
1910 Hampton Drive
Lebanon Tn 37087 N/A

Ad No.: 1141 - Department: 1982 on 03/10/02 13:36:14 CST
Description: Alive and doing fine! Doing electrical work for a living.Very much into disc golf, still single, no offspring! Like the site for news, good or bad. Hope to hear from some of you.

Bobby J. Dunn -

Ad No.: 1142 - Department: 1954 on 03/11/02 18:31:47 CST

Bobby J. Dunn - [email protected]

annapois md 21403

Ad No.: 1143 - Department: 1954 on 03/11/02 18:40:44 CST

Robert J. Dunn - [email protected]
1105 Primrose ct.
Md 21403

Ad No.: 1144 - Department: 1954 on 03/11/02 19:04:18 CST

Fred Frere - [email protected]
7634 Tiburon Trail
Sugar Land Tx 77479 281-343-9993

Ad No.: 1145 - Department: 1952 on 03/14/02 16:36:45 CST
Description: Retired in 1993 from Rockwell International and Grumman Aerospace, after spending entire work life in Space and Missiles business. Married 46 years and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

jon r. harris - [email protected]
dallas tx 75225 212-373-1283

Ad No.: 1146 - Department: 1952 on 03/15/02 19:48:23 CST

JON R. HARRIS - [email protected]
6152-c bandera
dallas tx 75225 214-373-1283

Ad No.: 1147 - Department: 1952 on 03/15/02 20:00:17 CST
Description: still haris j.r.

Scott Bunch - [email protected]
11203 N. 106th E. Ave.
Owasso OK 74055 918-638-4420

Ad No.: 1148 - Department: 1974 on 03/17/02 09:50:59 CST
Description: I've been with American Airlines for about 16 years as an aircraft mechanic. As you can see from my screen name I like to skydive. Did some research a couple of years ago and discovered that the school had closed. Just recently got on the Classmates site and found out about this one.

Fritz G. Franz - [email protected]
15015 West Airport Blvd. Apt. 123
Sugar Land TX 77478 281-381-1938

Ad No.: 1149 - Department: 1971 on 03/17/02 23:02:17 CST

Stephen B. Torry - [email protected]
15 Resthaven close, Bennette road
San Fernando ,Trinidad and Tobago

Ad No.: 1150 - Department: 1961 on 03/19/02 13:36:19 CST
Description: Ater leaving Heights I attended University Tulsa but had for fun than studying. I joined the oil industry and have worked at most of the oil sites of the wourld. I am now setting up an operation in Macae Brazil.

Steve Richards - [email protected]
21 Perkins St.
Milford NH 03055

Ad No.: 1151 - Department: 1966 on 03/23/02 18:02:54 CST
Description: After finishing at LSU I returned to Guatemala where I taught, farmed, did earthquake reconstruction,photographed the Mayan Indians,retired for months on a Belizean Caye, and returned to US in 1979. Since then I worked with social services such as migrant farmworkers in Wisconsin and the homeless in NH. Went back to grad school at wisconsin-Madison, married a lovely Brasilian woman I met in Wisconsin (I met her when I hired her) and we moved to New Hampshire in 1988, so I'm a damned yankee now "Live Free or Die". We have an 11 year old son Roberto, and I now think I have grown up na d found my niche teaching at a public high school in Manchester. We are very happy in Milford, a small pictureque town, and live in a rambling New England cape built in 1840. I have tried to find Heights contacts through the net unsuccessfully, and today a high school contact site jumped out of nowhere while I was messing about, leading me to this site,So much from a luddite. Hope to hear from people.

Bob Croy - [email protected]
954 Belmont Rd.
Manchester TN 37355 931 455-6100

Ad No.: 1152 - Department: 1970 on 03/24/02 10:59:12 CST
Description: I left Castle Heights in mid senior year. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from MTSU. I found out that the world is not "Art," then went to the Nashville School of Law, and now have my own practice in Tullahoma, Tennessee. I'm currently the chairman of the Manchester Arts Center. I've been married to Tina, Sgt. Arthur's daughter, for 30 years. I have a son, a daughter and a new grandson.

bill graham - [email protected]
8332 knights bridge rd
charlotte NC 28210 (704) 965-4367

Ad No.: 1153 - Department: 1987 on 03/25/02 13:10:49 CST
Description: Another update, I do plan to be there for the 100th year celebration.

John E, Syman - [email protected]
122 Lakeshore Drive
North Palm Beach FL 33408 561-626-2570

Ad No.: 1154 - Department: 1953 on 03/30/02 15:53:42 CST
Description: CHMA 1948-53; NC State 1953-54; USAF Pilot,1954-59; Pilot Ozark Airlines 1959-60; 1962-1990, Pilot & Captain, Eastern Airlines. Retired, now living in South Fl. Still flying gliders and airplanes, fishing, sailing, traveling, single action cowboy shooting. Wife,Joan and I spend our summers on a lake in RI. Daughter, Cheryl, husband, and my grandson, Sergei live in VA. I would enjoy hearing from former classmates as well as any alumni, or faculty. See you at homecoing.

Tony H. Polston - [email protected]
809 R.B.S. Rd.
Lafayette TN 37083 (615) 666-3760

Ad No.: 1155 - Department: 1969 on 04/04/02 08:24:51 CST

Robert W O'Bryant - [email protected]
Post Office Box 17937
Physical: #7-Sara Lane (39120)
Natchez Ms 39122 601-446-8058

Ad No.: 1156 - Department: 1952 on 04/06/02 18:04:43 CST
Description: Spent my adult life in Law enforcement. Retired 10-01-93. Worked various places including the Ms. Hiway Patrol. Retired a Lieutenant at Natchez, Ms.

Mark Anthony - [email protected]
7446 Pyron Oaks Cove
Memphis TN 38138 901-754-4974

Ad No.: 1157 - Department: 1973 on 04/07/02 06:02:14 CDT
Description: Dear Friends: I almost moved from Memphis to Nashville in early October 1999 when I accepted a position with J.C. Bradford & Co. Indeed, I lived in an extended stay “no tell-hotel” for nine months and commuted between the two cities on the weekends. Just two weeks before my son finished his school year (3rd grade), J.C. Bradford was sold to Paine Webber. With this action, so went the family move to Music City. Still, my stay in Nashville offered me the honor and privilege to visit the "Heights" campus from time-to-time. I was particularly fortunate to have dinner one evening with two pillars of the school--Colonel Leftwich plus his lovely wife and Major. Bradley. Today, I am working with First Tennessee Bank's newest capital markets division-- Midwest Research. The bank has been involved with fixed income instruments for 70 or 80 years and I was fortunate enough to join the firm just as it was acquiring an equity-based firm. My home and office e-mail addresses plus corresponding telephone numbers are mark.[email protected] (901-435-8783) and [email protected] (901-754-4974), respectively. Please feel free to drop me a note or call. I have a couple more items, but they require your help Please silently pray for Colonel Leftwich's Starkville, MS-based young granddaughter. Recall, I mentioned that I had dinner with the Colonel and his wife. Well, it was here that I learned the good- Colonel’s Starkville, MS.--based granddaughter was suffering from a heart condition. My boy had a brush with this sort of thing in his very early years. Prayers and a very talented doctor allowed our family to work its way through the challenge. I have one more request for your prayers. While I was in Nashville, from time to time I spoke to Captain Robinson-- now a prominent real estate man in the Wilson County, TN area. During my Nashville “stint”, I learned that Captain Robinson's son-- attending Memphis-based UT Med School-- was diagnosed with cancer. During my nine-month stint in Nashville, Captain Robinson and his wife were frequently commuting to Memphis, too. As a Castle Heights student, I was a waiter who served Captain Robinson’s table. Indeed, I remember when this child was born. God Bless all of you. With best personal regards I am Sincerely Yours, Mark Anthony

Jerry Anderson - [email protected]
106 Ridgewood Lane
Eufaula AL 36027 (334)687-2727

Ad No.: 1158 - Department: 1956 on 04/08/02 12:31:02 CDT
Description: CEO, Anderson Construction Company. General Contractor - buildings. NASCAR fan Married, 3 kids plus 2 steps. 5 grandchildren. Still see several of '56 classmates regularly.

Harris K. Leach - [email protected]
1861 Hwy 18
Medon TN 38356 7314273876

Ad No.: 1159 - Department: 1956 on 04/09/02 22:18:20 CDT

Paul J. Holsen II - [email protected]
6791 St. Edmunds Loop
Fort Myers FL 33912 2395610000

Ad No.: 1160 - Department: 1959 on 04/14/02 17:49:14 CDT

James R. Johnston - [email protected]
7653 S. Marion Ave.
Tulsa Ok 74136 918-492-3309

Ad No.: 1161 - Department: 1962 on 04/16/02 17:59:57 CDT
Description: I am a Manufactures Rep. selling Plastic Processing Equipment.My Hobbies are Snow Skiing and Old Cars

eddie gibson - [email protected]
112 meadowlake drive
gallatin tn 37066 615-452-4420

Ad No.: 1162 - Department: 1982 on 04/17/02 00:47:09 CDT

Dee Thompson - [email protected]
8735 Gullatt Rd
Palmetto Ga 30268 770-969-0700

Ad No.: 1163 - Department: 1968 on 04/19/02 07:52:15 CDT
Description: Gettin Old.......Retired form Delta Air Lines after almost 30 years. Married with two Girls.

Asif Mughal - [email protected]
Jeewan Pura, Sialkot
as above
Sialkot Punjab 51310 +92-432-561948 - 92-432-563378

Ad No.: 1164 - Department: Faculty on 04/19/02 23:51:54 CDT

Robert L. Rydell - [email protected]
8400 Sunnyslope Ln.
peoria Az 85345

Ad No.: 1165 - Department: 1962 on 04/20/02 23:06:00 CDT

Gary A. Harber - [email protected]
1452-A Fifth Avenue
Fort Knox KY 40121 502-943-8847

Ad No.: 1166 - Department: 1980 on 04/22/02 18:25:04 CDT
Description: Just a short note to update my e-mail address.

John "Fred" Moore - [email protected]
1200 SE 1st St. #4
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33301

Ad No.: 1167 - Department: 1959 on 04/28/02 12:50:10 CDT
Description: Attended Heights for two and a half years but didn't graduate. Was very active on the rifle team during my tenure. Hung around the butt hole with the bad boys. Left Heights in 1958. Went to HS in Mobile for a while and dropped out and joined the 82nd Airborne division. Finished school in the Army and attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables after the military hitch. Attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical Inst. when it was in Miami and got my basic pilot ratings. Have flown for 36 years in spite of losing the sight of my right eye in 1966,and ended up a 747 captain for the CIA's favorite airline, Southern Air Transport, which collapsed from its own excesses in 1998. I'm retired in Lauderdale and hate it, after wandering all over the world for so many years. Heights taught me basic survival trechniques and how to shoot extremely well. I'm still active in marksmanship. Having been married once for seven years to Grace Del Rosso of New York, I have a daughter, Maura, aged 31. No grandchildren yet, that I know of. What a long, strange trip it's been.

Brian Kunka (Lerch) - [email protected]
Sierra-Nevada Rctg Company
245 E. Liberty Street, Suite 415
Reno NN 89501 775-333-2826

Ad No.: 1168 - Department: 1981 on 04/29/02 20:37:32 CDT
Description: A couple of changes.

Terry Glen Hawkins - [email protected]
216 South John St.
Dumas AR 71639 870-382-4925

Ad No.: 1169 - Department: 1970 on 05/03/02 20:47:24 CDT
Description: Info Ok in new directory; just wanted to give update on e-mail address.

Patrice Coles - [email protected]
2080 NW 82 Avenue
Pembroke Pines FL 33024 954-744-

Ad No.: 1170 - Department: 1982 on 05/13/02 07:34:34 CDT

Patrice Coles - [email protected]
2080 NW 82 Avenue
Pembroke Pines FL 33024 954-744-7673

Ad No.: 1171 - Department: 1982 on 05/13/02 07:34:46 CDT

Albert Tune - [email protected]
91, Avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément
Boulogne-Billancourt, France 92100 011 3314 603-5778

Ad No.: 1172 - Department: 1961 on 05/14/02 07:38:35 CDT
Description: After Heights, I attended the University of Arizona from which I graduated with a major in international economics. I subsequently served in the U.S. Naval Security Group and as an officer in charge of Public Affairs. I began a career in finance on Wall Street in 1969 working successively as a banker, international economist& foreign currency specialist, multinational consultant, international treasurer for a major multinational, investment banker financing the utility industry & construction of power plants and finally in management consulting. While working in Paris, France, in the early '80s, I met my wife, a Parisienne. I decided to retire early and to move to Paris in 2001 to enjoy life here.

Fernando A. Montilla - [email protected]
733 Summit Rd.
Lake Zurich IL 60047 847.726.7282

Ad No.: 1173 - Department: 1954 on 05/15/02 15:17:40 CDT
Description: I attended CHMA from 1952 through 1954, and graduated from Junior High (8th grade) at that time. As an Army brat, I spent my Freshman through Junior years at Heidleberg High School, in Heidleberg, Germany , and graduated from Leavenworth High School in 1958 before going to the University of Puerto Rico where I completed a pre-med program in 1963. Instead of going on to Med School, however, I married and went to work for IBM. I have spent the last 25 years as a computer executive, and am now principal and CIO at a Health Services company outside of Chicago. I would really like to hook up with one of my old classmates. I have good memories from CHMA, and often wonder about my old buddies!

Jerry R Holt Jr - [email protected]
5641 Granny White Pike
Brentwood Tn 37027 615-255-0506

Ad No.: 1174 - Department: 1986 on 05/16/02 10:15:14 CDT

Byron Mulby - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1175 - Department: 1967 on 05/17/02 12:45:58 CDT

Lew W. Dougherty, Jr. - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1176 - Department: 1948 on 05/20/02 17:23:28 CDT
Description: Plese change my e-mail address to the one shown above. Thanks. Keep up the great work. We all appreciate it. Lew

Manuel Augusto Dominguez Monagas - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1177 - Department: 1976 on 06/04/02 18:53:31 CDT
Description: Hece little I find out about the existence of the web page of our dear and unforgettable Castle heihts, on pleasing thousands of recollection having opened her they came to my mind, Nowadays I am Consulting Managerial and owner of a company of Animals Nutrition in the State Merida in Venezuela, though I am investigated in Araure's city - State Portuguese, to to finish the secondary one me gradue of Engineer in Animal Production, I am an ex-president of the Chamber of Small and Medium Industry of the Portuguesa State, National Ex-treasurer of Fedeindustria Venezuela and nowadays pertenesco to the Consultative national Council of this Federation, nowadays I am promoting the creation of a Zone Franc or of Fiscal Special Regime, inhaling that this is approved in a little time, I am married from the year 85 and have two ( 2 ) children of 15 and 12 years respectively, finally I am to your disposition if eny of you want to come to Venezuela or to orientate to do good deals from Venezuela, Greeting

Miguel Angel Briceno - [email protected]
Po Box 5351
Zone 5 Panama
Panam City, Republic of Panama (507) 265-8091

Ad No.: 1178 - Department: 1977 on 06/04/02 19:59:54 CDT
Description: HOLA a todos! Yes this old Miguel from Panama, updating my Points of Contact for you guys to get in touch with me or if you ever decide to visit'll have a tour guide, friend, food and board a translator (it would be my chance to get even with you, who made fun of my accent and my linguistics screw-up, like "shit of paper" instead of "sheet of paper,jajaja!") is my new email address an phone numbers. About myself...well I am into the Flower industry wich include wedding, event plannig and decorations bachelor for ever, always trying to keep a young spirit and face!!! Warm regards to all of you from the botton of my heart...(dramatic indeed) Miguel Angel Briceño D.III

bill graham - [email protected]
4738 Sharon Rd
Apt 7
charlotte NC 28210 (704) 965-4367

Ad No.: 1179 - Department: 1987 on 06/07/02 19:57:06 CDT
Description: Well lets see, hmmmm, I would love to hear from everyone, Ive been talking to John Mulby, yes he found me, I never knew I was lost. I will be at the 100th year party.

Bob (Willie) Wilhelm - [email protected]
519 Big Bend Rd
Barboursville WV 25504 304-696-5520

Ad No.: 1180 - Department: 1967 on 06/10/02 09:30:14 CDT
Description: Graduated from Marshall University 1972 with BBA degree. Married in 1975 to Jane Sanfilippo of Newark, NJ. We have 6 children, 3 boy and 3 girls, ages 25,24,21,18,16,14. I currently am the Finance Director for the City of Huntington, WV. Formerly, I was in the Hotel business for 7 years, managing 8 Hampton Inns in WV, Pa, and GA. Prior to that I was Deputy Director of Finance and Administration for the WV Lottery Commission for 8 years. I am looking forward to hearing from all my ole buddies from the class of 1967.

Charles R. Viar, EdD. - [email protected]
623 Moring Road
Dyersburg TN 38024 731-286-5373

Ad No.: 1181 - Department: 1963 on 06/10/02 13:45:11 CDT
Description: Practicing Psychology for Pathways of Dyersburg,West Tennessee Healthcare, Dyersburg. General Outpatient practice.

Gene Bissrll - [email protected]
426 Hopkings St
Neptune Beach Fl 32266 904-249-3975

Ad No.: 1182 - Department: 1949 on 06/11/02 12:19:04 CDT
Description: After gruadation joined the Navy. in 51 was sent to NAS Jax and meet my wife Pat. We were married on the night she gruadated from High School. June 9th this year we celebrated out 50th. We have three boys, and six grandchildern. Pat and I started an all lines insurande ageneny in 61. Retiver five years ago and David our middle child took over. We have done a lot of travling us;ing a motorhome untill three years ago when my illness (COPD) caught up with me. Now we travle by car when possible but still having a ball

Patricia Barnes - [email protected]
5208 Valley Brook Circle
Birmingham AL

Ad No.: 1183 - Department: Faculty on 06/11/02 14:22:21 CDT
Description: I taught biology at CHMA from 1980 to 1986. My three children, Bobby (79) Kym (84) and Laura (86) attended CHMA. Presently, Bob and I are living in Sarajevo, Bosnia working as volunteer coordinators for groups coming to Sarajevo to work. I would like to hear from former students and colleagues. I have wonderful memories of CHMA.

BUD DURANT - [email protected]
MINNEAPOLIS MN 55421 763 574-1397

Ad No.: 1184 - Department: 1949 on 06/11/02 16:46:52 CDT
Description: Retired electrical engineer-worked for Rocketdyne div of North American Aviation; Curtiss-Wright corp and Honeywell Ordnance div. Have lived in MN since 1962. Learned to fly at Heights and have `aviated` ever since. Been able to boat, camp and fish both here and in Canada. Married to Lorrie while attending Univ of N.Mex. in albuquerque after discharge from USAF.We have two girls and one boy,all living in the Minneapolis area. Was nuclear weapons electronic fusing spealist in USAF, stationed at Sandia Base,NM.After graduation from UNM, Tested large,liquid propellent rocket engines; designed computer controlled test equipment; project engineer on many classified programs dealing with missiles , torpedos and `stuff`. Also, developed computer based, traffic control systems . Been a dedicated model airplane builder since 6th grade. Minnesota is the perfect place to fly radio controlled float planes (10,000 lakes & 5,000 fish). Have landed at Lebanon airport for gas several times but was not able to vist CHMA. Have stayed with Dr. Paul Nussbaum(48) in Santa Fe, NM and visited with "Tito" Skelton(50) who now lives in Alexandria, LA. After retirement, formed small Aeroscan company to conduct aerial surveys of electromagnetic emissions from cable television networks. Keeps me out of bars and off the streets. Thanks to all who keep the Heights spirit alive!-Bud

James D. Prince - [email protected]
1727 S. Cholla Street
Mesa AZ 85202 (602) 818-3276

Ad No.: 1185 - Department: 1965 on 06/11/02 20:10:25 CDT
Description: Wife Becky - 27 years 6/21, daughter Adrienne, RVN Jan 68 thru Aug 70 in 11th Armored Cav, Eastern Kentucky Univ after the ARMY, VMS Systems Engineer at INTEL (fancy title for elder programmers!)

Carl Anderson - [email protected]
10625 NW 69th Place
Parkland FL 33076 954-345-9808

Ad No.: 1186 - Department: 1982 on 06/12/02 13:29:59 CDT

Jim Shoemake - [email protected]
2014 Broadway, Suite 200
Nashville Tn 37203 (615)320-9255

Ad No.: 1187 - Department: 1964 on 06/18/02 11:24:58 CDT
Description: Look forward in seeing classmates and aquaintances at homecomings. Capital Improvements Projects have formed my career.

Carey Bob Bussey - [email protected]
620 German Lane

Ad No.: 1188 - Department: 1964 on 06/18/02 14:08:17 CDT

Carey Bob Bussey - [email protected]
620 German Lane
Franklin TN 37067 615-778-3806

Ad No.: 1189 - Department: 1964 on 06/18/02 14:08:48 CDT

larry ellis - [email protected]
5401 miller rd.
alexander ar 72002 501-847-1617

Ad No.: 1190 - Department: 1957 on 06/23/02 14:40:20 CDT

Kendall McFarland - [email protected]
200 hawthorne oaks way
powell tn 37849 865-531-2445

Ad No.: 1191 - Department: 1972 on 06/23/02 16:55:56 CDT
Description: After my 4 years at heights the air force got 4 more. Worked for Philips Electronics for 17 years and now I am with Boater's World I have been with them for 7 years. No wife and no kids still living single and loving it

LYLE BYOIR THOMPSON - [email protected]
MIAMI BEACH FL 33139 305=531-2638

Ad No.: 1192 - Department: 1950 on 06/24/02 16:48:50 CDT
Description: I attended Castle Heights in 7th, 9th, and 11th grades:1944-45;1946-47;1948-49. I,along with 3 cousins, Rudy, Bill & Bob Skeen. Col.Ingram was a fine man,as was Capt. Stockton, who taught American poetry. Bullard Hall was home (& wild).

James F. Grasty - [email protected]
4010 Pounds Ave.
Sacramento Ca 95821 9164813619

Ad No.: 1193 - Department: 1952 on 06/30/02 14:23:18 CDT
Description: Married 43 years. Three kids, 4 grandkids. Retired pharmacist/stockbroker 12/31/00. Life is GOOD!

mario a ruiz - [email protected]
13424sw62st apt.p-103
miami fl 33183 305-4080211

Ad No.: 1194 - Department: 1954 on 07/06/02 19:22:13 CDT
Description: I graduated in 1954 ,when on to villanova university graduate in 1959 in international financing work as vp international division for american home products until 1998,retired since . will like to establsh contact with some of my classmates and receive newsletters or any info about our classmates.

Bruce Anthony - [email protected]
1485 E. Center #89F
Greenwood AR 72936-5005 479-336-8927

Ad No.: 1195 - Department: 1961 on 07/07/02 22:29:38 CDT
Description: Currently employed at Travis Lumber Company, Mansfield, AR in southern pine lumber sales.

Michael Milam Murphy - [email protected]
4709 Holly spring Road
Nashville Tn 37221 (615)662-1948

Ad No.: 1196 - Department: 1975 on 07/08/02 11:19:53 CDT
Description: I have a great wife and two great children one boy;Witt, 10yrs. and one girl Madeline ,5yrs. My wife and I both work, I am at Vanderbilt Hospital and my wife work for Merck & Co.,Inc.

Roberto Jose Franceschi - [email protected]
David, Chiriquí, Panamá
Apartado 690
DAvid, Chiriquí, Rep. de Panamá 775-7512

Ad No.: 1197 - Department: 1975 on 07/12/02 13:47:45 CDT

Max Sherwood - [email protected]
5508 Gratiot
St. Clair MI 48079 810-364-5455

Ad No.: 1198 - Department: 1972 on 07/14/02 00:58:45 CDT
Description: Married and divorced, one daughter and I have a small electronics shop in St. Clair Township, Michigan. Hoping to make the 30th reunion. I will attempt to keep in contact with all of you.

Henry Clay Woods 111 - [email protected]
1102 Polk
Union City TN 38261

Ad No.: 1199 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/02 09:36:24 CDT

Henry Clay Woods 111 - [email protected]
1102 Polk
Union City TN 38261

Ad No.: 1200 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/02 09:36:26 CDT

He -

Ad No.: 1201 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/02 09:38:33 CDT

Henry Clay Woods 111 - [email protected]
1102 Polk
Union City TN 38261 731-885-7656

Ad No.: 1202 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/02 09:43:06 CDT
Description: I live in Northwest Tennessee with my wife of 34 years, Sherri. We have two children, Tiffany who lives in Murfreesboro, TN with her husband and daughter. My son Jason, has just recieved his doctorate in physics (takes after his DAD). I am a manufacturer rep and really enjoy what I do. Would love to hear from you.

Henry Clay Woods 111 - [email protected]
1102 Polk
Union City TN 38261 731-885-7656

Ad No.: 1203 - Department: 1959 on 07/23/02 09:43:08 CDT
Description: I live in Northwest Tennessee with my wife of 34 years, Sherri. We have two children, Tiffany who lives in Murfreesboro, TN with her husband and daughter. My son Jason, has just recieved his doctorate in physics (takes after his DAD). I am a manufacturer rep and really enjoy what I do. Would love to hear from you.

Guy Proctor - [email protected]
OLIVE BARNCH MS 38654 662-895-6892

Ad No.: 1204 - Department: 1971 on 07/24/02 15:57:59 CDT
Description: I attended heights in '68/'69 and '69/'70. I went home my junior year to finish school in Forrest City, Ark. I later went to Arkansas State. I worked in my families business until 1bout 1984, started my own real estate company and did that until '88. I have been a traffic manager in the Memphis area every since. I have been married to Verna Sue since '74 and have a son, Guy (26) and a daughter, Allison (22). We have been very blessed. I have been back to the campus a few times in the last 10 years, as my wife and I like viviting Nashville, and I even went by and visited with Maj. Todd at his home in about '80 or '81. We actually spent about two of the most peaceful hours together. (unusual for him). I was very sad to hear about "Spade" lambert as I considered him one of my best friends (as everyone did). Where is "cajun" now? See ya later.

Steve Reynolds - [email protected]
1521 Hunters Creek
McKinney TX 75070 972.529.5249

Ad No.: 1205 - Department: 1972 on 07/24/02 21:34:51 CDT
Description: Work for Southwestern Bell, married 21 years, 3 children Caitlin 16, Megan 12, Alan 10, am tooo old for a 10 yr old son. Originally from Camden, AR.

Philip Edward Phillips - [email protected]
515 Stacy Square Terrace
Nashville TN 37221-1212 (615) 646-6712

Ad No.: 1206 - Department: 1987 on 07/31/02 18:25:23 CDT
Description: After Castle Heights closed, I went to Kemper Military School (which closed in May 2002) in Boonville, Missouri, along with Tomoko Takeda, Stephen Roy, and Marshall Watrous. On graduation day we received two diplomas, one from Kemper and one from Heights--otherwise it was a pretty miserable year for all of us. After graduation, I returned to Nashville for college and graduate school (B.A., Belmont University, 1990; M.A., Vanderbilt University, 1992; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1996). Afterwards, I taught at Vanderbilt and at Battle Ground Academy. I am currently Assistant Professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University, where I teach Milton, Medieval and Renaissance British literature, early European literature, American literature, and composition. I am a member of the Heights National Alumni Association Board of Directors and Chair of the Scholarship Selection Committee. I have been married and divorced, and I have a son, Edward, who lives with me and who will be attending kindergarten this fall. I often see fellow classmates in and around Nashville, such as Amy Beth Hale, Tim Rauhuff, and (occasionally) Eric Chellman. I have enjoyed running into other old friends at Homecoming over the years. I hope that more alumni from the 1980s will take the time to post updates on the website and attend Homecoming this year (the 100th anniversary of the founding of Castle Heights). It's always good to catch up with former classmates and teachers from Heights at the luncheon and the dinner/dance.

Sam Hughes - [email protected]
19 Oak Forrest CR
Denton, TX TX 76210 940-382-4111

Ad No.: 1207 - Department: 1965 on 08/01/02 22:43:00 CDT

jon r. harris - [email protected]
6152-c bandera
dallas tx 75225 214-373-1283

Ad No.: 1208 - Department: 1952 on 08/03/02 15:06:03 CDT
Description: same harris jr

David Howlett - [email protected]
346 Bellaire Dr.
Auburn Ky 42206 270-5426579

Ad No.: 1209 - Department: 1973 on 08/04/02 22:13:23 CDT
Description: I am an Information Technologist with Rafferty's Restaurants in Bowling Green, Ky. I have been married for 25 years and we have two daughters.

J. Sidney Smith, MD -
5002 Cowhorn Creek
Texarkana TX 75503

Ad No.: 1210 - Department: 1958 on 08/08/02 00:20:36 CDT
Description: I did not know we had an alumni association. Please send me information.

Dean J. Richey Sr. - [email protected]
214 Fort Street
Summerville SC 29485 843-740-2263

Ad No.: 1211 - Department: 1972 on 08/08/02 13:42:48 CDT
Description: Update e-mail address to [email protected]

James Sidney Smith M.D. -
5002 Cowhorn Creek Road
Texarkana Tx 75503

Ad No.: 1212 - Department: 1959 on 08/08/02 18:18:44 CDT
Description: I graduted University of Richmond with a B.A. I received my M.D. from University of Virgina. Then completed four years of internal medicane at the University of Alabama. I now practice Internal Medicane in a mutli-speciality clinic of 70 doctors in Texarkana, USA.

Shannon Spencer - [email protected]
716 Rose Hurst Way
Lexington KY 40515 (859) 271-9722

Ad No.: 1213 - Department: 1984 on 08/10/02 14:58:04 CDT
Description: After a semester and a half of “everything but studying” at Murray State University, I joined the Navy. I served as an avionics technician for 4 years, working on the A7 Corsair II, including duty on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Forrestal. I moved back to Paducah after the Navy, and worked as a database programmer at Martin Marietta Energy Systems, where I met my wife Denise, and attended school part-time. I finished my degree in electrical engineering at the University of Kentucky in 95. Since then I have been working as an embedded computer systems designer and programmer for laser printers at Lexmark International in Lexington, KY. Denise and I enjoy hiking, fishing, and swimming with our one son, David, age 2.

ilton B. Rogers - [email protected]
411 Woodbine Drive
Pensacola FL 32503 850-438-1761

Ad No.: 1214 - Department: 1948 on 08/13/02 15:10:24 CDT
Description: Not much new since my '98 reunion questionnaire. Let me know if you want me to start over to get it on this web site.

ilton B. Rogers - [email protected]
411 Woodbine Drive
Pensacola FL 32503 850-438-1761

Ad No.: 1215 - Department: 1948 on 08/13/02 15:10:35 CDT
Description: Not much new since my '98 reunion questionnaire. Let me know if you want me to start over to get it on this web site.

FLEET E. LESTER - [email protected]
1288 Sweet Bottom Ct.
Marietta Ga 30064 770-425-4525

Ad No.: 1216 - Department: 1973 on 08/14/02 07:59:03 CDT
Description: left Heights in '72'. Married 19 years, 3 kids. Older brother was Jim Lester '67'. Uncle Alf Lester '44'? . Staff Anesthesia at Emory University.

Martin Schleifer - [email protected]
2645 S. Bayshore Dr., #1202
Miami FL 33133 (305) 495-6600

Ad No.: 1217 - Department: 1956 on 08/14/02 12:10:39 CDT

James P. Lester - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1218 - Department: 1967 on 08/15/02 11:30:19 CDT

sean thompson siem - [email protected]
1115 n27th
tacoma wa 98403 2532252675

Ad No.: 1219 - Department: 1976 on 08/19/02 17:54:34 CDT
Description: attended heights 6th 7th 8th 9th grades last year attended was 1976

Jimmy Rothwell Noonan, MD, FACP - [email protected]
719 Wade Hampton Rd.
Dyersburg, TN 38024 731-285-9176

Ad No.: 1220 - Department: 1949 on 08/21/02 00:01:36 CDT
Description: From CHMA to Emory U, Rhodes College, Tulane U, Harding U. Bethel University, then to US Navy Officer Candidate School and 5 1/2 years as Air Intelligence Officer, then to Univ. of TN College of Medicine, then internship and 3 yr. residence in Internal Medicine. Then private practice Dyersburg, TN. 1968-1999. Then semi-retirement. Now working 2 days at Methodist Hospital of Dyersburg in Quality Assurance and 2 more days for State of Tennessee Dept. of Health. Got BA, BS, MA, MD, and FACP degrees. Got wife, 4 children (attorney, CPA, and 2 pharmacists) and 9 grandchildren. Still compete in Senior Olympics (Senior Games) program in swimming and race walking. Hold 2 state backstroke records in my age group (70-74). Communicate with Tommy Blevins often. He controls the world from his computers in Panama City, FL.

Kerry M. Lambert - [email protected]
222 Gloucester Street
Franklin TN 37064

Ad No.: 1221 - Department: 1968 on 08/21/02 11:29:06 CDT
Description: I am the widow (Janet) of Kerry. Kerry, at 52, passed away last year (1-11-01) of a massive heart attack. We have three children; Blake, 19, a sophomore in college, Whitney, 17, a senior in H.S., and Daniel,15, a sophomore in H.S. At the time of Kerry's death, he was working for GE Vendor Financial Services here in Franklin. He was probably happier in his work there than I had ever seen him. I am grateful for that time. Also, for our 21 1/2 years of married life and our three wonderful children.

Troy Frye - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1222 - Department: 1986 on 08/22/02 10:53:01 CDT
Description: I didn't graduate at Castle Heights but was there from 1984-1985. My step-father was MAJ Fuisz, Drill Team coach and Junior School Commandant. My mother, Linda Fuisz, was the Secretary for the Senior School Commandant. We moved back to Pennsylvania where I graduated High School. I joined the Army in 1986 and served in the United States Army Honor Guard as a Presidential Escort and U.S. Army Drill Team. I currently work doing Plans and Operational Logistics for the Army in Arlington, VA as a civilian. I am divorced and live in Laurel, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC.

Karl Roth - [email protected]
1410 Woodmont Ave.
Huntsville AL 35801 256-544-3539

Ad No.: 1223 - Department: 1976 on 08/23/02 12:34:26 CDT
Description: Did not graduate from Heights. Attended Fall 1973 - Summer 1974. Have worked for various NASA contractors for the last 16 years. Currently work for Lockheed Martin @ Marshall Space Flight Center as a Systems Engineer. Married, five kids, 1 (daughter),9 (daughter),10 (step-son),11 (daughter), 12 (step-son). living the good life! Thanks to God, for patience with misguided youth!

bruce frager - [email protected]
3225 emerson street
palo alto ca 94306 650-856-8974

Ad No.: 1224 - Department: 1974 on 08/26/02 03:01:59 CDT
Description: After 28 years where do I begin ??? I got a MSEE from University of Missouri Columbia in 1979, moved to Israel for 6 years, back to Dallas for 4 yrs and relocated with a software company to Silicon Valley in 1990. I was with a startup and then left to start my own computer software consulting company which I have had for the last 8 years including hanging in through the slow economy. 2.5 years into a divorce and new-found freedom, with 2 great teenage kids and loving the good life.

Nick O Pride - nickory[email protected]
719 Woodmere Dr
Nashville TN 37217 615-399-3410

Ad No.: 1225 - Department: 1976 on 08/27/02 18:15:28 CDT
Description: Jr. School graduate from 1976. I only attended CHMA one year. It was enjoyable. I was in the band. I still live in South Nashville. I work for the Metro Nashville Police Department (Civilian) in Criminal Warrants. I was the former owner of "Pride Travel Agency" from 1994-98. I enjoy traveling and would love to hear from old class mates.

David Willett MD - [email protected]
PO Box 1004
Mauldin SC 29662

Ad No.: 1226 - Department: 1970 on 08/29/02 12:51:58 CDT
Description: I graduated in 1970. I am married to Becky and have a 12 year old daughter. I practice family medicine in Mauldin SC.

mike summar - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1227 - Department: 1984 on 08/29/02 22:53:26 CDT

Jody Hardin - [email protected]

Grady AR 71644

Ad No.: 1228 - Department: 1986 on 08/31/02 23:18:53 CDT
Description: Since Castle Heights, I've moved around the country, worked as commercial fisherman in the Gulf, Stockbroker, journalist, but finally returned home to the family farm. Now I manage websites and a Internet company from my home office in Grady. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Sara. Married for five years, divorced recently. I feel guilty for not trying harder to keep in touch with some of the dearest people to my heart, Heightsmen. Hope some classmates will find this message and drop me a email....Aug. 31, 2002.

Charlie Mason - [email protected]

El Dorado AR 71730 870-962-3342

Ad No.: 1229 - Department: 1967 on 09/02/02 12:19:09 CDT

Fred Graves - [email protected]
217 Marcus Centre
9990 S.W. 77th Avenue
Miami FL 33156 786-326-4828

Ad No.: 1230 - Department: 1964 on 09/04/02 14:10:54 CDT
Description: I attended CHMA from 9/61 - 6/63. I was 6th in my class and lettered in football, soccer and track. Chop-chop, Bobby Todd docked me 24 points for turning in a test late because I was on a football trip (and kept calling me a “back-sliding Catholic”) or I would have been 2nd in my class, behind Austin Fite. My roommate was Rody McCathern, who was a master on the drill team and just such a good man. His Mom, Eve McCathern, is my 2nd Mom, and I'm still in touch with her 40 years later; in fact, I visited her yeasterday and she's still ripping at 86 years of age. My father, Dr. William F. Graves, a successful dentist, would not pay the tuition to send me back to Heights for my senior year. He will have to face the Lord on that one. I have forgiven him as best I can, but I'm passionate about Heights. Col. Ingram, Miss Fahey, Col. Brown, Commander Harris, Col. Bradley, Stroud Gwynn, Coach Hosier (and 48 degree water) and all the great coaches and teachers -- what incredible people and learning went on there. I didn't need to go to college after CHMA, but attended Mercer University in Macon, GA, where I received my BA in 1969 and my JD in 1971. I was drafted for VietNam but was denied entry into the Army and Navy because of a recent asthma attack. I began working as a state prosecutor for the Dade County State Attorney's Office in June 1971 and stayed there 7+ years. Janet Reno became State Attorney in Jan 1978. I went into private practice, which I enjoyed until 1991. I married Betty Belmonte from Santa Cruz, Bolivia on April 24, 1982 and we have two (2) teenagers; Stephanie is 18 and Billy is 16 years old. I just dropped him off at Randolph-Macon Military Academy, Front Royal, VA and it brought back waves of memories. The spirit of Castle Heights is at RMA. The RMA headmaster, Gen. Mack Hobgood, reminds me so much of Col. Leonard Bradley -- it's uncanny. I also searched for and found Col. Bradley. He looks terrific and is still driving at 86 years of age. I wonder if he has any idea the impact he and other Heights people have had on our lives. I became a born again Christian in 1994, helped publish a Christian magazine for 3 years, went into a couneling and teaching ministry, played a small part but did fund raising for Miami Rescue Mission which built a 2.5 million dollar gym for disadvantaged youth in overtown Miami. I've attended one year of seminary and hope to go back and finish my M.Div degree when finances improve. I'd also like to get actively involved in growing and protecting RMA. In fact, I believe we could raise the funds to build a CHMA Memorial Library that would preserve the memory of those who served the cadets and the cadets who have served their country and communities, many paying the ultimate price. What a LIGHT and encouragement that would be to our youth. We could play a part in building the fires of patriotism, love of country, family and good moral character in the leaders of tomorrow!

Robert Kastan - [email protected]
5802 Brittany Valley Rd
Louisville KY 40222 502.425.2965

Ad No.: 1231 - Department: 1962 on 09/09/02 13:16:31 CDT
Description: After leaving heights I graduated from the University of Louisville. Went into a few bussiness ventures and wound up in real estate. I've been married 34 years now. Still like fast cars and always will. I weave rugs as a hobby. Drop me a line if you have a chance will be enjoyable hearing from some of the old folks like me!!!

Jonathan D. Reed - [email protected]
1906 Yorkshire Court
Maryville TN 37803 865-546-0500

Ad No.: 1232 - Department: 1971 on 09/09/02 17:49:14 CDT
Description: Married to Heather Prouty Reed. Stepdaughter: Jennifer Rogers, 23. Daughter: Peyton Victoria Reed, 7. Currently a shareholder in the Knoxville, Tennessee law firm of Egerton, McAfee, Armistead & Davis, PC. Adjunct professor, University of Tennessee Law School. Retired Navy Reserve, 1993, LCDR., Naval Aviator. Graduate of University of Tennessee, B.A. Political Science, 1975, B.S.B.A. Accounting, 1976, Doctorate of Jurisprudence, 1987. Graduate of College of William & Mary, Master of Laws in Taxation, 1988.

Julio Freeman AKA Freund - [email protected]
22382 Algunas Road
Woodland Hills CA 91364 818-716-8116

Ad No.: 1233 - Department: 1962 on 09/09/02 21:04:55 CDT

Richard P. Sevin - [email protected]
12040 Country Estates Avenue
Zachary LA 70791 225-262-8955

Ad No.: 1234 - Department: 1963 on 09/14/02 12:13:41 CDT

Dan -

Ad No.: 1235 - Department: 1963 on 09/14/02 15:29:11 CDT

DAN H. CAREY - [email protected]
STAFFORD TX 77477 281) 495-5822

Ad No.: 1236 - Department: 1963 on 09/14/02 15:43:14 CDT
Description: My senior year, I started CHMA as a 2nd LT & graduated as a pvt. (see Ray Cline, & yes Ray I do remember). After a BA from North Texas State, I became a "real" 2nd LT in the Artilery, survived Nam & left the Army. I obtained a MA in Criminal Justice & have recently retired from the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. I have one son from a former marriage and inherited two daughters from my current marriage. I have recently enjoyed visiting with past classmates and hope to hear from other classmates soon.

Carl W. (Bill) Friedhoff -


Ad No.: 1237 - Department: 1950 on 09/15/02 16:19:12 CDT

John Carpenter - [email protected]
117 Musket Lane
Summerville SC 29483 (843) 873-3118

Ad No.: 1238 - Department: 1975 on 09/22/02 08:21:06 CDT
Description: Update E-mail

Jeff Malone - [email protected]

New Market AL 256-828-5905

Ad No.: 1239 - Department: 1985 on 09/24/02 23:48:51 CDT
Description: Yeah Ozment, they really gave me a badge and a GUN. Scary huh?? After a long and (notorius) law enforcement career I decided to hang up the gun and move on to a more profitable profession. I met my wife, Tosha, and decided to settle down and do the things that I had been taught to do. We have been married for nearly one wonderful year and are the elated parents of a beautiful and HEALTHY baby girl Morgan Elaine Malone. As I said, I gave up the Miami Vice gig and pursued and landed a job in the National Defense field. I now am employed at Navigation Technology Associates and work on Redstone Arsenal under the Research and Development Branch. Our company designs new, and updates old missle guidance systems. Love the work, it's very challenging and I don't have to wory about going to work and getting harassed by the masses anymore (excluding the liberals). I would like to take a moment and thank all the teachers at Heights that taught me things even when I didn't realize that they were, funny thing is they probably didn't realize it at the time either though. It all sank in, I promise, well most of it anyway. Life is good, better than I thought it would be and I owe a large part of it to things and lessons that I learned on the Hill. Never forget your past, it's the thing that helps mold your future. (y'all can use that if you want). Hope to see you all soon, we're going to try and make Homecoming 2002. Yeah Ozment, they REALLY let me work on Missles now ; ) p.s.... To any of you damn Mansurs out there, I'm STILL waiting on my free trip to Aruba that I was promised, I just need 2 more tickets now.

Paul Moen - [email protected]
18112 Metz Drive
Germantown mM 29874 301-528-6439

Ad No.: 1240 - Department: 1974 on 09/26/02 12:00:37 CDT
Description: Hello everybody!!! Finally discovered this web sit and its really great to re-discover Heights and so many "old" friends that I see on the site. I have had a most adventurous and rewarding go of it so far, much along the lines of what I envisioned for myself back in our days at Heights. I graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in '79 with a BS in Oceanographic Technology (combination of Oceanography and Ocean Engineering). Although the Army paid my way through school via a ROTC scholarship, I never spent a day in the Army. Instead, I was able to serve my four committment time in the smallest of the US Uniformed Services, the NOAA Commissioned Corps (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA). I've been with the "Corps" for 23 years now. NOAA is mainly a civilian agency, but, includes around 260 (or so) of us in uniform. I am now a Commander in rank (same as Navy, Coast Guard or equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the Army). As a NOAA Corps officer, I have had many interesting assignments. I've completed four sea tours on NOAA ships and have sailed in every ocean of the world (except the s. Atlantic) driving ships that conduct oceanography, nautical charting surveys, etc. I've been Commanding Officer of one of our coastal research ships along the east coast of the US. Land assignments have included managing a National Marine Sanctuary in the Florida Keys protecting the coral reefs and other such things. I am now stationed at our headquarters in Maryland, just outside of Washington. Having had enough of the Washington beaurocracy, I've decided to retire from the service in a few months (Feb, 2003) and move to Florida for good (either Key Largo or St. Petersburg). I'll either work as a NOAA civilian in St. Pete (if I get the job), or move back to Key Largo and be a musician and/or find other things to do. I'm still into music and have continued playing guitar/singing over the years and may do it for a living soon. I will be attending homecoming this Oct (2002) and will be meeting up with my best bud and musical mentor from Heights, Bruce Frager. We're both bringing our "axes" and plan on doing lots of jamming. Hope to see many other friends and re-establish contact. Was married for a few years, no kids, currently single. I don't guess Miss Faye is still around to set me up with a date for the dance, so, lookout Lebanon, I'll be on the prowl for a homecoming date (reminds me of the old days....)! Really looking forward to seeing heights and, hopefully, many of you!

Robert S Overall III - [email protected]
122 Forrest St
Asland City TN 37015 (615)353-3617

Ad No.: 1241 - Department: 1983 on 09/30/02 16:59:06 CDT
Description: New email address.

John W. Parker - [email protected]
4332 87th Ave NE
Everett WA 98205 425-334-6950

Ad No.: 1242 - Department: 1940 on 10/01/02 14:39:43 CDT
Description: I was a bomber pilot in WWII and held various positions thoughout my life. I have two children, a son in Texas and daughter in Washington. I just moved from Texas to Washington to live with my daughter. I have great memories of Castle Heights and even have my school year book after all these years!

Robert W. Cobb - [email protected]
ALTHEIMER AR 72004 (870) 479-2825

Ad No.: 1243 - Department: 1956 on 10/02/02 13:49:43 CDT
Description: Retired down on the "family farm" and very much enjoying my Golden Years. With 2 beautiful daughters and six super grandkids. The beautiful grand-mother is sitting on God's lap. So, I have never had it so good !!!

Rusty Patterson - [email protected]
2232 Chimney Hills Drive
Soddy Daisy TN 37379 423-503-8962

Ad No.: 1244 - Department: 1979 on 10/03/02 12:24:38 CDT
Description: Spent 4 yrs in the junior school. Would have graduated in 1979. I do see some of the names of the class of 79 I went to school with.

Eric L. Chellman " CHELLO " - [email protected]
5816 Vine Ridge Dr.
Nashville TN 37205 615-589-0241

Ad No.: 1245 - Department: 1985 on 10/04/02 21:53:42 CDT
Description: Updated ~sortta'~ 10/04/02 I have a new e-mail address (write this one down and let me know what's new!) [email protected] There are just to many stories to tell and not enough space! Fill free to ask somebody that knows me, and I bet they will tell you some stories about me that even I can't recall. Mind you I wasn't a bad cadet, I was just a young man needing a handfull of people to point me in the right direction (Thank you, but four left turns don't make a right! I had to learn that the hard way.). My memories are many and 90% of those seem to put a fat smile on my face and make my belly ach with laughter. I hope I left a legacy of "GOOD TIMES FOR ALL" in my wake as I exited Castle Heights Blvd. and turned right onto W. Main St. and yelled out of my car window "I'M GOING A. W. O. L FOR THE LAST TIME AND THERE AIN'T SHIT Y'ALL CAN DO ABOUT IT ! NASHVILLE HERE I COME, LOOK OUT" ! Thank you Castle Heights, for allowing me to grow up on "our" campus from 1980 to 1984 ! Still never married and no rug rats!!

Jamie Metzger - [email protected]
193 N. browns

Ad No.: 1246 - Department: 1985 on 10/06/02 22:38:20 CDT

Jamie Metzger - [email protected]
193N. Browns lane
Portland Tn 37148 615-323-7439

Ad No.: 1247 - Department: 1985 on 10/06/02 22:48:41 CDT
Description: I am still sucking air so that must be a good sign. I am just updating my address and e-mail address. All is well on my end, and would love to hear from more of the 84-85 classmates I live back in the Lebanon area and it is almost HEARTBREAKING to see what has happened to the school yet it is still one of my most enjoyable memories. I have been to the last four homecomings and plan to make it to as many as possible from here on out. Hope to see more of our classes there also.

Jeff Malone - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1248 - Department: 1985 on 10/08/02 08:01:24 CDT
Description: update on the correct e-mail address.............this internet thing AL and TIPPER came up with is pretty cool, huh. LONG LIVE GEORGE W. AND RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric L. Myers - [email protected]
3219 W. San Carlos St
Tampa Fl 33629 (813)251-4948

Ad No.: 1249 - Department: 1955 on 10/10/02 19:49:08 CDT
Description: Have been retired for the second time after fourty two (42) years in the auto salvage business in Tampa, Jackosnville, Orlando, Pompano and Miami Fl. During those same years I spent ten (10) years as a Professional Wrestler, was the distributor for Taylor Made golf company for north and central Florida. For almost twenty five (25) years I have been a Reserve Deputy Sheriff. For the last several years I have been teaching Police Motorcycle riding and competeing in Police Motorcycle skills rodeos. This is just some of the things that I have been doing. After fifty-four (54) years of being single I finally married Rita who brought me a wonderful daughter, and now I have three grand children that are the love of my life. We own our third Blue Bird Wanderlodge motorhome and enjoy traveling whenever I can get her away from the kids. We have been to Alaske, and many parts of the US and Canada. (If any of you are RV'rs and come to Tampa, we would love to see you and have a place for you to park with service!!) I have just started back playing golf after a fifteen (15) year layoff.

Colin Parker - [email protected]
1876 Lewisburg Pike
58 Nance Lane, Nashville, TN 37210
Franklin TN 37064 615-255-4008

Ad No.: 1250 - Department: 1982 on 10/11/02 00:14:02 CDT
Description: I am owner of a Sound & Lighting Company called Tech Works, located in Nashville, Tn (Address 2 above). I am a sound engineer primarily but work in all areas of live event production including concerts, festivals, corporate business meetings, conventions, awards shows, church events, etc. I also do freelance sound, lighting & audio/visual work for many different companies in Nashville & around the U.S. I live in Franklin, Tn. I am married with 3 children. Wife: Tamara, Daughter: Caitlin (12), Son: Christopher (10), Daughter: Caeliana (2). Tamara is a 6th Grade Resource Teacher at Freedom Intermediate School in Franklin. Between the challanges of the varied jobs I am involved with and the 2 older kids soccer games, I keep very busy. I am terrible with email but can almost always be reached by cell phone @ 615-255-4008. I would welcome calls anytime.

Rick Heydel - [email protected]
1921 Old Hickory Blvd.
Brentwood TN 37027 615-771-0002

Ad No.: 1251 - Department: 1970 on 10/12/02 11:01:22 CDT
Description: After several years in insurance business, I retired early and turned my scuba diving and underwater photography hobby into a business. I now own a dive shop in the Cool Springs Mall area of Franklin, TN. I am married with two sons at home, two daughters married and 3 grandsons. I am a Christian who praises the Lord for a blessed life.

Eric Henkel - [email protected]
807 Rolling Meadows Court
Allen TX 75013 214-547-1983

Ad No.: 1252 - Department: 1984 on 10/13/02 17:03:12 CDT
Description: Married to Mary J. Smith (Class of 1985). Two sons: Patrick and Jess. Currently a Sr. National Account Manager with Quaker Foods & Beverages/PepsiCo

Mary J. Smith - [email protected]
807 Rolling Meadows Court
Allen TX 75013 214-547-1983

Ad No.: 1253 - Department: 1985 on 10/13/02 17:04:41 CDT
Description: Still married to Eric Henkel (Class of 1984). Two sons: Patrick and Jess

Russell E. Rogers - [email protected]
3903 Bloming Spring Ct.
Louisville ky 40299 502-493-0126

Ad No.: 1254 - Department: 1982 on 10/13/02 21:06:50 CDT

Daryl W. "Corky" French - [email protected]
1213 Twin Springs Drive
Brentwood TN 37027 615-371-9187

Ad No.: 1255 - Department: 1975 on 10/14/02 12:32:17 CDT

Billy W. MCann, Sr. - [email protected]
6249 Meadowgrove Cove
Memphis TN 38120 901 683-9809

Ad No.: 1256 - Department: 1953 on 10/14/02 18:52:52 CDT
Description: Attended the 100th and had a great time. Many thanks for all the hard work that Rob, Susan and all the others for giving us old timers a wonderful week-end.

Kathryn Howard McCleskey - [email protected]
208 West End Cir
Lebanon TN 30787 615-443-0888

Ad No.: 1257 - Department: 1974 on 10/14/02 22:39:56 CDT

Don Williams - [email protected]
2170 Brady Drive
Lewisville TX 75057 972-221-4373

Ad No.: 1258 - Department: 1959 on 10/15/02 09:32:14 CDT
Description: Really enjoyed the 100th.

Gerri Ann Rainey - [email protected]
4526 Baton Rouge Drive
Hermitage TN 37076 615-883-7473

Ad No.: 1259 - Department: 1977 on 10/15/02 13:05:53 CDT
Description: I am currently teaching in Wilson County Schools-Gifted Education. I have two children Lauren and Michael. One is a Sophomore and the other in Middle School. I have recently moved back to Nashville from Alabama. We lived in Mobile and Huntsville. It has been good to be back home and reacquaint with "old" friends. GO VOLS!!!!

Bynum Lee Fox - [email protected]
2020 Sunnybrook Drive
Burlington NC 27215 (336) 227-2050

Ad No.: 1260 - Department: 1972 on 10/15/02 16:20:46 CDT
Description: This is an e-mail & phone number update. Please update/post as appropriate. I am also retired now from AT&T - 24 years and they offered an early retirement package. I qualified, so, on to a new career. Thx!

Margaret Herndon Keck - [email protected]
2313 Dundee Lane
Nashville TN 37214 615-883-8060

Ad No.: 1261 - Department: 1978 on 10/16/02 18:58:09 CDT
Description: This is an update to change my email address. Another email address that is current is [email protected] I would love to hear from all of you. I attended Homecoming this year (2002) and was reminded of how many people I love and miss from Castle Heights. I hope to see many more next year!

Joe Hendricks - [email protected]
120 Ashton Park Blvd
Madison Ms 39110

Ad No.: 1262 - Department: 1979 on 10/25/02 20:46:23 CDT
Description: Just an update since my last note. We have moved to Madison, Mississippi. Have returned to work for Nissan at the new plant in Ms.

Robyn Myers Kowalski - [email protected]

Houston TX 281-283-6190

Ad No.: 1263 - Department: 1988 on 10/27/02 15:55:42 CST
Description: I finally calmed my wild self down - it took awhile though! Spent 11 years in the Coast Guard where I ran in to Jim Snowden - spent some time partying in the French Quuarter with him...I now live in Houston and work for an Engineering firm that works primarily with NASA. I have a wonderful husband and beautiful 7 year old daughter. I still play soccer - in a co-ed league but am taking a break while recovering from ACL surgery. Drop a line sometime...

Jack Buchanan - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1264 - Department: 1983 on 10/30/02 19:00:33 CST
Description: Whaattss Uppp!!!

Jack L. Buchanan - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1265 - Department: 1982 on 10/30/02 19:22:25 CST
Description: WhaattsSUpp!!

Jack L. Buchanan - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1266 - Department: 1982 on 10/30/02 19:30:32 CST
Description: WhaattsSUpp!!

john wesley williams - [email protected] 1157
lewisburg wv 24901 304-645-7579

Ad No.: 1267 - Department: 1966 on 11/02/02 09:31:45 CST
Description: i am a furnituremaker in west virginia---

TIMOTHY J. FREEMAN - [email protected]
901 Lance King Court
LaVergne Tn 37086 569-6228

Ad No.: 1268 - Department: 1979 on 11/02/02 19:16:25 CST

Richard L. Van Sant - [email protected]
7125 Grassmoor Grange Way
Cumming ga 30040 770-889-1050

Ad No.: 1269 - Department: 1974 on 11/03/02 10:56:32 CST

Brown,Edward,C. - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Court
Arlington TX 76015-4546 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1270 - Department: 1942 on 11/03/02 17:24:30 CST
Description: Retired US Army Aviator LTC. Served WW11 1944 ETO-Korea 1952-Vietnam 1966. Retired 1968.

Brown,Edward,C. - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Court
Arlington TX 76015-4546 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1271 - Department: 1942 on 11/03/02 17:24:30 CST
Description: Retired US Army Aviator LTC. Served WW11 1944 ETO-Korea 1952-Vietnam 1966. Retired 1968.

Brown,Edward,C. - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Court
Arlington TX 76015-4546 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1272 - Department: 1942 on 11/03/02 17:24:32 CST
Description: Retired US Army Aviator LTC. Served WW11 1944 ETO-Korea 1952-Vietnam 1966. Retired 1968.

Brown,Edward,C. - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Court
Arlington TX 76015-4546 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1273 - Department: 1942 on 11/03/02 17:24:32 CST
Description: Retired US Army Aviator LTC. Served WW11 1944 ETO-Korea 1952-Vietnam 1966. Retired 1968.

Brown,Edward,C. - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Court
Arlington TX 76015-4546 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1274 - Department: 1942 on 11/03/02 17:24:33 CST
Description: Retired US Army Aviator LTC. Served WW11 1944 ETO-Korea 1952-Vietnam 1966. Retired 1968.

John Allen -

Liberty TN 37095

Ad No.: 1275 - Department: 1977 on 11/04/02 00:41:55 CST

Wayne H. Beard Jr. - [email protected]
2205 Missy Cr.
Newport AR 72112 (870)523-6531

Ad No.: 1276 - Department: 1954 on 11/11/02 16:31:29 CST

John Cowley - [email protected]
2201 Lewisburg Hwy.
Fayetteville TN 37334 615-289-6450

Ad No.: 1277 - Department: 1964 on 11/14/02 14:12:12 CST
Description: I have just started working for the State of TN in the Dept of Childrens Services as an accountant. My wife of 23 years Nina is a CPA with Byrd, Proctor & Mills a firm in Brentwood, TN and our two sons John Ben & Bret live in Murfreesboro where Bret is a Junior at MTSU and John Ben works in computer sales for DELL and is trying to get into law school [if anyone has any influence with a law school let me know]. My 15 residental rental units keep me busy in my spare time. Anyone in the Nashville area let me know if you'd like to play tennis or golf sometime.

Neal Atkinson - [email protected]
790 Irving #137
Clarksville IN 47129

Ad No.: 1278 - Department: 1989 on 11/20/02 03:43:59 CST
Description: Graduated Riverside Military Academy 1989 MTSU 89-91, Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville 91-94. Brief career in law enforcment, switched to retail mgt, currenty a casino dealer at Caesars Indiana, the funnest job in the world! Would love hear from any Height's friends!

Jeff Brockette - [email protected]
1607 Westland Drive
Lebanon TN 37087 (615) 494-1573

Ad No.: 1279 - Department: 1983 on 11/22/02 14:52:39 CST
Description: Hey everybody, I married Lisa (we dated my senior year) and we have 2 kids. Drew is 13 and Hannah is 11 and all of us are doing great. I have worked for Middle Tn Electric Membership Corp for 14 years and am currently a Field Engineering Inspector. Things are going very well right now. I am looking forward to our 20 year reunion next year. Rod Goodner and I will be starting work on it shortly. Have a great holiday season and drop me an email anytime.

Jim Rogero - [email protected]
15695 N.W. 5th Street
Pembrokepines Fl 33028

Ad No.: 1280 - Department: 1978 on 11/23/02 21:49:32 CST
Description: Hello all: Married, 5 year old daughter. Self employed Auto Repair buss. 20 years.

Robert M. Yates - [email protected]
401 Bounty WAY
# 212
AVON LAKE OH 44012 440-9305152

Ad No.: 1281 - Department: 1947 on 11/23/02 23:56:59 CST
Description: oN FILE

Jamie Inman - [email protected]
PSC 80, Box 81
APO AE 09724 (02) 687 7393

Ad No.: 1282 - Department: 1982 on 11/28/02 13:49:01 CST
Description: Hello Everyone. Graciela the chlidren and I are currently living in Brussels, Belgium where I am working at NATO HQ. You all have a place to stay should you make it over to Europe. We have plenty of room and would love to see you. Best to all.........................jamie

rodney patterson - [email protected]
715 bid oak drive
manchester tn 37355 931-723-3254

Ad No.: 1283 - Department: 1967 on 12/10/02 21:27:19 CST
Description: I am a gerontological nurse practitioner; but I am currently in my last semester at UTK, working on psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner certification requirements. I have five kids ranging in age from 32 to 2 years of age. I would love to hear from anyone that graduated in 1967.

JUG TWITTY - [email protected]
MTN. BROOK AL 35243 800-554-3003

Ad No.: 1284 - Department: 1974 on 12/13/02 15:32:38 CST

Larry L. Woodruff - [email protected]
2358 Yorkwood St
Fayetteville Ar 72703 479-442-0580

Ad No.: 1285 - Department: 1967 on 12/15/02 00:25:28 CST
Description: Graduated Heights 1967--Enlisted Army,Special Forces 1967-1970--Married Sweetheart of the Corps (runner-up)Janie Wilbur--Graduated Texas Christian Univesity 1975--Graduated Univesity of Louisville Dental School 1979--U.S.Navy, Marine Detachment 1979-1982--General Dentist, Fayetteville, Ar. 1982 to Present--Two boys, 21 and 25

timothy garrett - [email protected]
117 Myers Street
Goodlettsville tn 37072 351-4175

Ad No.: 1286 - Department: 1969 on 12/17/02 21:52:39 CST

James H.Smith M.D. - [email protected]
132 W. Houston
Selmer TN 38375 731 645 3476

Ad No.: 1287 - Department: 1950 on 12/18/02 15:09:36 CST

Charlie Starr - [email protected]
4328 Sunset Beach Circle
Niceville FL 32578-4820 850-897-0898

Ad No.: 1288 - Department: 1950 on 12/18/02 15:57:06 CST
Description: Retired in '97 after 42 years as pilot with Continental Airlines. Presently building airplanes in north FL as a hobby.

bob sumners - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1289 - Department: 1959 on 12/18/02 16:31:03 CST
Description: please change my e-mail address from [email protected] to [email protected] thank you

Ernie A MingesD.D.S. - [email protected]
4135 Hixson Pike
Chattanooga TN 37415 423-875-6782

Ad No.: 1290 - Department: 1979 on 12/18/02 19:10:06 CST
Description: I spent 7th and 8th grade at CHMA and would have been a 79Grad.After CHMA I went to Chatta.Baylor,and graduated in 1979 got a BS from UTC,and a DDS FROM UT Dental.I have been in private practice in general restorative dentisry for sixteen years. I am married,and have one daughter in the 7th grade.

Bill Ogles - [email protected]
6 Katie Court
Clarksville Tn 37043 931-647-9160

Ad No.: 1291 - Department: 1970 on 12/19/02 10:52:24 CST

Stan Wilson - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1292 - Department: 1978 on 12/19/02 17:39:48 CST

Stan Wilson - [email protected]
332 Persimmon Lane
Elizabethtown PA 17022 717-361-0699

Ad No.: 1293 - Department: 1978 on 12/19/02 17:44:22 CST
Description: I have been married 21 years to my wife Dana. We have a 15 year old son who is a potential football prospect for Notre Dame or Penn State as an offensive tackle. I own my own Fire and Water Disaster Restoration Company and have been in business for 8 years. Would love to hear from anyone from Heights that lives in the area.

Samuel F. Parker - [email protected]
305 Bristol Way
Foley AL 36535

Ad No.: 1294 - Department: 1943 on 12/19/02 23:38:20 CST

Edward Solomon - [email protected]
836 Lakeway Dr.
El Paso TX 79932 915-581-2229

Ad No.: 1295 - Department: 1965 on 12/20/02 10:27:43 CST
Description: Mostly retired from the Financial Services industry, enjoy flying and do part-time flight instruction primarily in Beechcraft Bonanzas. Married with one son who is in the USAF flying the F-15.

Merrill Austin - [email protected]
1400 Deer Creek Rd
Monument CO 80132

Ad No.: 1296 - Department: 1963 on 12/20/02 11:03:33 CST

Merrill Austin - [email protected]
1400 Deer Creek Rd
Monument CO 80132 719-475-2361

Ad No.: 1297 - Department: 1963 on 12/20/02 11:13:15 CST
Description: I'm one of those guys who, very unfortunately, did not graduate from CHMA. I attended from fall of 1959 through spring of 1962. However, that doesnt' mean the impact was lost on me. I arrived at Heights in 1959 from a "little old country grammar school" in East Tennessee (Pikeville). I was, to say the least, academically challenged at Heights, and lost a year. My mother pulled me from Heights in 1962 afte she got tired of my being away from home. The values of self discipline, honor, and integrity that I learned at Castle Heights from men like Col Leftwich and Col Ingram have carried me through life. All I ever wanted to be was a soldier, after college (TTU - Bus Mgt 69) and Law School at Memhis Statte (JDr - 72) I spent 20 years in the Army as an NBC / Contracting Officer and retired from the Army in 1992. Started a portable restroom business here in Colorado. A good living in an industry very few ever think about! My E mail address tells it all. I would like to know what happened to my roommate - Jerry Wulff from El Paso, TX and Bob Rydell - don't remember his home. If you think you remember me, let me here from you.

Robert R. Williams, Jr. - [email protected]
2078 Cornwall Street
Germantown TN 38138-4603

Ad No.: 1298 - Department: 1966 on 12/20/02 12:44:00 CST
Description: started new job in November & contact info: Robert R. Williams, Jr. Technical Project Manager Information Technology Dept. Exel Transportation Services, Inc. 965 Ridge Lake Blvd., Suite 103 Memphis, TN 38120 901-767-4455 ext. 4111 901-762-0183 Direct Fax [email protected]

Billy Thomas - N/A
306-B January Street
Murfreesboro Tn 37129

Ad No.: 1299 - Department: 1989 on 12/20/02 20:36:19 CST
Description: Working for a family member, getting ready to remodel a nightclub on 2nd Ave. S. in downtown Nashville, Tn. Currently have 3 children, Richard James (12years), Derrick Shayne (5years), and Cheyenne Alexis (4months). I would love to hear from some of my old classmates, just to say hi and talk about old times. Write or type me a letter. See Ya!!!!!

Samuel F. Parker - [email protected]
305 Bristol Way
Foley AL 36535 251-943-3911

Ad No.: 1300 - Department: 1943 on 12/21/02 21:49:26 CST
Description: After graduating from CH, served 22 months in the South Pacific with the Navy Seabees. Completed college at Tulane. During the Korean war, served with the U.S. Air Force as a Captain in European theater - Germany & England in the Auditor General USAF. Had my own firm of CPA's and practiced for 37 years. Now retired and enjoy volunteer service and playing golf.

Tim Rauhoff - [email protected]
PO Box 121751
Nashville TN 37212 615-385-4866

Ad No.: 1301 - Department: 1987 on 12/22/02 13:22:56 CST
Description: After graduating from Hillsboro High School in Nashville, I attended Vanderbilt. Spent three years there goofing off until I had one of those youthful epiphanies and dropped out to "find myself." My parents had heart attacks and if that wasn't bad enough, I bought a motorcycle and toured the country alone writing down my personal observations, that I refuse to publish. I finally went back to Vandy after a year off and graduated with a BA in Anthropology & Psychology. Later went to law school and now practice my trade here in Tennessee. Never been married because it's hard to find someone that can measure up to my own ever-improving good looks (Wink). No children, at least none that I'm aware of. One of these days I'll make it to a reunion when they decide to serve food other than that damn prime rib, which, I might add, is NOT the end all be all of food. I take Phil Phillips sailing on occasion out on Percy Priest Lake. I regularly hear from Jon Brooks and about once a month email Mustafa Hamid. Run into Chellman occassionally and maybe hear about Joe Ozment once a year. Question: Does anyone know what prison Trey Garrison is in?

Scott Robinson - [email protected] OR [email protected]
1002 Brentwood Place
Nashville TN 37217 615-837-7631

Ad No.: 1302 - Department: 1976 on 12/22/02 19:52:23 CST
Description: Updated information as of 12-22-2002. Divorced in 1999...married a wonderful woman, Laura, in 2002. Inherited her two children (11-year old Brandon and 8-year old Ashley) in addition to April, John and Samantha. What a houseful!! Still working for Metro Nashville planning to go to day shift next year. Nine years of midnights is enough!! Have grown a lot the last several years...matured a lot, watch my back a lot more!! Would love to hear from any and all Heightsmen!! Keep the ties strong!!!!!!!!!

CHUCK GALLIENNE - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1303 - Department: 1969 on 12/23/02 15:39:05 CST

CHUCK GALLIENNE - [email protected]
MIDLOTHIAN VA 23113 804-353-9467

Ad No.: 1304 - Department: 1969 on 12/23/02 16:03:30 CST

William S. Lockwood,II - [email protected]
210 Fredericksburg Ave
Louisa Va 23093

Ad No.: 1305 - Department: 1963 on 12/24/02 10:25:42 CST
Description: I was born a poor white child. After going from puberty to poverty with no hiatus, I can say I'm a poor white man. my Wife (Linda), Daughter & 3 cats live in a small town near the mountains of Virginia. My work is called Metal Heat-treating(150 years ago I'd have been a blacksmith)& it allows me to travel to touristy places like nuclear power plants & oil refineries{mainly in this hemisphere}. I've really only stayed in touch with Dewey Lambdin & Jim Shoemake. This website greatly amused me By the usual overachieving standards, I have done very little since leaving Heights--7 colleges in two countries (still don't know a dang thing!) Three boys & one girl call me Daddy. If I'm home, I will respond to e-mails( I work 7 & 1/2 months @ year) Quit hunting & fishing--music & comps are my main time consuming passions these days. Gave up being a Red-neck to become a Hillbilly.Less teeth; more manners.

J. Sidney Smith MD - [email protected]
23 Northridge Circle
Texarkana TX 75503 903-794-2650

Ad No.: 1306 - Department: 1959 on 12/24/02 13:13:11 CST
Description: As previously mentioned, I completed my MD degree from the University of Virginia and then completed an Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Alabama where I met my wife. Alice and I have been married 33 years and have two children, Sid and Ashley. Sid is an OB-GYN physician in Tuscaloosa, AL, and is married with one son, Cooper Sidney Smith. Ashley is an occupational therapist and is married to a dentist and they currently live in Birmingham, AL. Alice and I have a farm in AL and spend much time over there relaxing and visiting with our children. I still enjoy practicing medicine and am not quite ready for retirement.

William (Bill) Dodson - [email protected]
115 Castle Heights Ave.

Ad No.: 1307 - Department: 1972 on 12/26/02 17:41:59 CST

William (Bill) Dodson - [email protected]
115 Castle Heights Ave.
Lebanon TN 37087 6154434778

Ad No.: 1308 - Department: 1972 on 12/26/02 18:00:41 CST
Description: When I graduated from Heights, I attended Cumberland University for 2 years and then went on to Middle Tenessee State University and graduated with a business degree. I soon started to work at our family insurance office in Lebanon and have been here ever since. You will notice from my address that I live only three houses from Main Street on Castle Heights Avenue which is across the street from the main entrance to the old school. I sure wish my two children (19 & 22) could have gone to this school. Go Tigers!!

William (Bill) Dodson - [email protected]
115 Castle Heights Ave.
Lebanon TN 37087 6154434778

Ad No.: 1309 - Department: 1972 on 12/26/02 18:00:45 CST
Description: When I graduated from Heights, I attended Cumberland University for 2 years and then went on to Middle Tenessee State University and graduated with a business degree. I soon started to work at our family insurance office in Lebanon and have been here ever since. You will notice from my address that I live only three houses from Main Street on Castle Heights Avenue which is across the street from the main entrance to the old school. I sure wish my two children (19 & 22) could have gone to this school. Go Tigers!!

William (Bill) Dodson - [email protected]
115 Castle Heights Ave.
Lebanon TN 37087 6154434778

Ad No.: 1310 - Department: 1972 on 12/26/02 18:00:48 CST
Description: When I graduated from Heights, I attended Cumberland University for 2 years and then went on to Middle Tenessee State University and graduated with a business degree. I soon started to work at our family insurance office in Lebanon and have been here ever since. You will notice from my address that I live only three houses from Main Street on Castle Heights Avenue which is across the street from the main entrance to the old school. I sure wish my two children (19 & 22) could have gone to this school. Go Tigers!!

robert m mednikow - [email protected]
474 perkins ext
memphis tn 38117 901-767-2800

Ad No.: 1311 - Department: 1949 on 12/28/02 17:20:59 CST
Description: I attended Castle Heights 1945 - 6 -7 then returned to Memphis to graduate from Central High School, so even though I did not graduate CHMA, 1949 would have been my class. I was graduated from University of Missouri, served 2 years in the army in Germany with an ROTC commission, entered my family business, attended and graduated from Harvard Business School, and then returned to the family jewelry business, where I am now active with my wife and son, and my daughter who runs our store in Atlanta. Our business was founded in 1891 and is one of the oldest businesses in Memphis.

robert m mednikow - [email protected]
474 perkins ext
memphis tn 38117 901-767-2800

Ad No.: 1312 - Department: 1949 on 12/28/02 17:21:02 CST
Description: I attended Castle Heights 1945 - 6 -7 then returned to Memphis to graduate from Central High School, so even though I did not graduate CHMA, 1949 would have been my class. I was graduated from University of Missouri, served 2 years in the army in Germany with an ROTC commission, entered my family business, attended and graduated from Harvard Business School, and then returned to the family jewelry business, where I am now active with my wife and son, and my daughter who runs our store in Atlanta. Our business was founded in 1891 and is one of the oldest businesses in Memphis.

robert strueh - [email protected]
oakland city in 47660 8129225509

Ad No.: 1313 - Department: 1965 on 12/28/02 22:06:30 CST

Jim Corbin - [email protected]
3752 Half Moon Drive
Orlando FL 32812 407-851-1246

Ad No.: 1314 - Department: 1967 on 01/04/03 13:47:29 CST
Description: After graduation I went to the University of Dayton and had a great time. Married Elaine in 1971 in Jamestown, Ohio and we moved to Orlando in 1974. We have two daughters and three grand kids (they are more fun). In 74 I went on the Orlando Police Department and went back to school, recieved my BS and MS both from Rollins College and just finished my Education Mgt this June.I am now retired from the Orlando Police Department and own and operate a training comany that trains school based police officers and school administrators. Elaine and I do the work together and are on the road about 30 weeks a year. Would love to hear from the people that were there when we were.

H. Scott Williams - [email protected]
430 Prestwick Ct
Nashville Tn 37205 615.736.5384

Ad No.: 1315 - Department: 1967 on 01/05/03 19:05:14 CST
Description: 2 kids: 18 and 23. I graduated UT Knoxville with business degree in 71 and law degree in 74. After stints as assistant district attorney in Nashville and private practice, became an administrative law judge with Social Security Administration where I have been for 15 years.

Richard Britnell - [email protected]
100 Cottonwood Drive
Franklin Tn 37069 615 591 4217

Ad No.: 1316 - Department: 1972 on 01/08/03 00:46:18 CST
Description: B.S. Degree at Auburn University and commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy in June '76. Twenty year Navy career, retired as Commander (O-5). Married and have 3 sons.

Richard Drogos - [email protected]
506 N. Greensboro St.
Carrboro NC 27510 (919)933-2977

Ad No.: 1317 - Department: 1972 on 01/11/03 22:06:56 CST
Description: Wheeler I will get back to you/The Avengre

merit nwajohn - [email protected]
18 alao str. ajao est. isolo
lagos la 23401 23401

Ad No.: 1318 - Department: 1990 on 01/13/03 12:12:49 CST
Description: i will like join the us sodier

lamar hill - [email protected]
pobox 680248
marietta 30068 ga 30068 678 560 9912

Ad No.: 1319 - Department: 1962 on 01/18/03 16:27:59 CST
Description: I graduated from UGA in 66. Have been in the insurance brokerage and consulting business since 1980. Married with two grown sons and a granddaughter. Life is good. Would love to hear from some of you guys.

John C. McKelvey - [email protected]
1028 Eastwood
Tuscumbia aa 35674 256 381 5560

Ad No.: 1320 - Department: 1964 on 01/18/03 20:44:58 CST
Description: Graduated from Heights 1964. Entered University of Alabama and graduated May, 1968 and received an ROTC commission (Infantry). Attended law school and graduated in 1971. Attended IOBC but did not have to go to Viet Nam (I would have studied harder in law school if I had known I wasn't going to Viet Nam). Anyway, lucked out. Married Judy Means in 1972, had 2 kids, Colin and Heather. He's at Alabama and says he wants to go to law school and Heather is at Auburn and wants to be a veterinarian. I'm a country lawyer in Tuscumbia and still take an occasional canoe trip. I would like to hear from any of the former denizens of second South Bullard. Killer

Samuel F. Paarker - [email protected]
305 Bristol Way
Foley AL 36535 251-943-3911

Ad No.: 1321 - Department: 1943 on 01/18/03 21:36:15 CST

BOBBY DARREN MORSE - [email protected]
LEBANON TN 37087 615/443-3870

Ad No.: 1322 - Department: 1980 on 01/18/03 23:51:00 CST

James E. York Sr. - [email protected]
4659 Cairo Bend Road N.
Lebanon Tn 37087 6915 449 6322

Ad No.: 1323 - Department: 1957 on 01/19/03 23:20:06 CST
Description: Began work in construction business1958. 1963 co-owner Southern Block co. Lebanon, Wilson county county concrete co. Southern Block of Tennessee, in Carthage. Involved with real estate and sales since 1985. U.T. Nashville, Cumberland college Lebanon.Sales Rep. Alley Cassetty Brick and Block Co. Nashville , Tenn. Children, James Jr. Zachary,Lisa, and Keith Winfree stepson. Wife Beverly. I am still active in outside wildlife sports, and spend liesure time at second home Orange Beach Alabama. I Stay in close touch with the classes of the fifties , both high school, and Heights. Have been active in local reunions,and bragging sessions with local athletes

Millicent -

Ad No.: 1324 - Department: 1980 on 01/20/03 11:14:36 CST

Gary Coe - [email protected]
239 River Ridge Drive
Wallace NC 28466 910-285-9939

Ad No.: 1325 - Department: 1959 on 01/21/03 00:15:10 CST
Description: I retired as a Colonel from the Army in 1989. I am married to Patricia and we have five children who are scattered around the world. We have three grandchildren and three more on the way. Pat and I play competitive bridge and golf, and we travel a lot. Our travels have included China, Kenya, Australia, and an assorted locations for scuba diving. Our last trip was to follow the Lewis and Clark Trail with side trips to the Black Hills and the Canadian Rockies. On our way back from the Pacific Ocean we visited Las Vegas and toured much of the Grand Circle that included the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, The Arches, and Mesa Verde.

W.W. ("Billy") Cleveland - [email protected]
Rua Francisco Leitao 205
Jardim Paulistano
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ad No.: 1326 - Department: 1987 on 01/24/03 08:06:13 CST
Description: I grew up at Heights ('73-'83)as my father, Jay P. Cleveland ´55, was Commandant. I still remember the campus quite vividly and must have explored every building and inch of woods mulitiple times as my brother Albert and I roamed rather freely. As the end approached we moved to Virginia when I attended Massanutten Military Academy then Hampden-Sydney College and The Univ. of Leiden in Holland. Following the family tradition I started teaching in ´92 (English and History) in Atlanta, then Athens (Greece) where I met my wife. We married in ´97 at her home in Scotland and lived for four years in London. We have since moved to Brazil and teach at The St.Paul´s School in Sao Paulo, but still spend our summers in England. I have not returned to CHMA or America for many years, but remember my days at Heights as the best time of my life.

Robert (Bob) Cook - [email protected]
223 South Washington Street
Snow Hill MD 21863 410-632-1706

Ad No.: 1327 - Department: 1983 on 01/28/03 16:54:09 CST
Description: New e-mail address

Jack Waddell - [email protected]
5564 Berrybrook Circle
Pace FL 32571 850-995-3600

Ad No.: 1328 - Department: 1967 on 01/31/03 09:52:20 CST
Description: I graduated from Henderson State University in Arkansas in 1970. After 15 years as a control system enginner, I became a high school math teacher in Pace, Florida. I miss CHMA.

Samuel F. Parker -

Ad No.: 1329 - Department: 1943 on 02/01/03 23:06:38 CST

George B. Graves - [email protected]
1432 Shady Lane
Bedford TX 76021 817-366-5605

Ad No.: 1330 - Department: 1963 on 02/02/03 03:35:00 CST
Description: I should have been with the class of 63' and regret not going back for Senior year and brother Fred also regrets not finishing at Heights in 64'as it was a tremendous experience. I have spent most of my career in the Hotel business and over twenty years with Hyatt and Marriott then tried my hand at my own business for five years and did not make enough to put three children through college. I went back to Miami as Vice President Sales for the Doral Golf Resort & Spa and now back in Texas trying to earn a living in Real Estate and being a single parent for past nine years. Have two boys in College and daughter a sophomore at Grapevine High School. Many great memories of Heights and if anyone has heard from my two former roommates, Mac Brousseau and David Brown, let me know. I would also like to know what's happened to Frank Spangler. I was Chief Purser on a Passenger Cruise Ship when Frank's sister, Patty, Married our Chief Engineer, Bill Dagner, and that was over thirty years ago. Most pleasant surprise was seeing Major General John Bradley, who was the Dinner speaker at Hotel I was managing in Fort Worth this past year. I understand he is now in the Pentagon and best wishes to him and family. I also saw Walter Jung 63' a couple of years ago when they opened a new Nordstrom in town. Let me hear from anyone who is coming to the Dallas/Fort Worth area on business or pleasure. God Bless all the Heights Alumni and Faculty and our Armed Forces around the World. George B. Graves #447 [email protected]

WAYNE BEARD JR. - [email protected]
2205 Missy Cr.
Newport AR 72112 (870) 523-6531

Ad No.: 1331 - Department: 1954 on 02/03/03 15:09:54 CST

mike summar - [email protected]
673 Watson Branch
Franklin Tn 615-714-1061

Ad No.: 1332 - Department: 1984 on 02/07/03 15:28:42 CST
Description: It was great to see everyone at homecoming. I have my own delivery and courier business. ASAP Delivery ( 3 years) in Nashville. Let me know if anyone needs a courier or delivery service. Check out my website at See everyone in October.

John Tiranti (attended as John McNeill) - [email protected]
1664 Candlelight Ave.
Escondido CA 92029 760-489-8773

Ad No.: 1333 - Department: 1954 on 02/11/03 00:32:09 CST
Description: I graduated CHMA 1954 and attended Post grad year 1955. Graduated Tenn Tech Univ 1960. Worked 12 years with company contracts in Central America and Southeast Asia. Started Mortgage banking firm in Southern California. Retired after 25 years. Married 37 Years, Two daughters, both married, Two grandchildren

Ernest M. Cheek - [email protected]
121 maple st
Sparta tn 38583 931-738-9200

Ad No.: 1334 - Department: 1957 on 02/13/03 15:18:00 CST

Bob Coleman aka Abe - [email protected]
53 S Monroe St
Denver CO 80209 303.355.8989

Ad No.: 1335 - Department: 1956 on 02/16/03 11:53:13 CST

James E. Hughes - [email protected]
1523 Chandler Rd.
Huntsville AL 35801 256-213-6313

Ad No.: 1336 - Department: 1954 on 02/17/03 23:25:25 CST
Description: I am an engineer (VU, 58') with Lockheed Martin working on NASA contract. I retired from NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL in 1989. I am married and have two children, boy and girl at University of Alabama and Auburn respectively. I hope to retire again when the children graduate and pursue my favorite hobby - golf.

Milton B.Rogers - [email protected]
411 Woodbine Drive
Pensacola, FL 32503 (850) 438-1761

Ad No.: 1337 - Department: 1948 on 02/18/03 16:57:53 CST
Description: I got an immediate benefit from Heights when I met my now wife, Carol Jean, on a post graduation trip to visit the Heights Tampa, Fl contingent. Chemical engineering degree from U of Louisville; 2 years in the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB; MS in chemical engineering at U Fla;left chemical engineering after 11 years to join Merrill Lynch as Financial Consultant and retired in 1996. Three children, 6 grandchildren. Great life!

George Parks - [email protected]
403 west bank expressway
Gretna La 70053 504-368-8301

Ad No.: 1338 - Department: 1972 on 02/20/03 06:32:55 CST
Description: Not enough space man

Fred Weiss - [email protected]
1329 Adams Lake Blvd.
Atlanta ga 30339 770-612-4894

Ad No.: 1339 - Department: 1969 on 02/25/03 12:04:18 CST
Description: Change of address and E-Mail. Sold the home in Newnan, Ga. Went from 45 mi. to 300 yd. commute as as result! Anyone in Atlanta area please call or stop by.

Ann Toplovich - [email protected]
2715 Westwood Avenue
Nashville TN 37212 615 741 8936

Ad No.: 1340 - Department: 1973 on 02/26/03 16:22:50 CST
Description: Daughter of Mrs. Peggie Toplovich, who taught Spanish and English at Heights from late 1960s to about 1980. Lebanon High School class of 1973.

Jean A. Carson - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1341 - Department: 1946 on 03/11/03 23:31:49 CST

William Coats - [email protected]
1637 Glenridge Drive
Nashville TN 37221 615-862-4591

Ad No.: 1342 - Department: 1970 on 03/13/03 21:53:32 CST

Victor A. Toraño, MD - [email protected]
PO Box 958
Dorado PR 00646 787-787-2731

Ad No.: 1343 - Department: 1979 on 03/26/03 20:22:44 CST
Description: This is an update of my email.

General Lance W. Lord - [email protected]
214 Otis Circle
Colorado Springs CO 80916

Ad No.: 1344 - Department: 1964 on 03/30/03 22:46:59 CST
Description: I am currently the Commander Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have been on active duty in the Air Force continuously since early 1969 after graduating from Otterbein College in Westerville Ohio. Beccy and I were married in June 1968 and along with our two sons, one daughter-in-law and one gradson, we have acquired a large Air Force family. There's no doubt in my mind, "once a CHMA tiger, always a tiger!"

Russ Smith - [email protected]
101 Generals Way Court
Franklin TN 37064 615 889-1000 25230

Ad No.: 1345 - Department: 1979 on 04/02/03 16:11:58 CST
Description: E-mail update.

Robert Stagg - [email protected]
6477 Bounty Ct.
san Diego CA 92120 (619) 287-1792

Ad No.: 1346 - Department: 1956 on 04/02/03 23:42:22 CST

Charles W. Ward -

Tulsa OK

Ad No.: 1347 - Department: 1942 on 04/04/03 12:19:20 CST

Thomas Jones - [email protected]
26643 McAllister Rd
Marston NC 28363 (910) 276-5660

Ad No.: 1348 - Department: 1959 on 04/05/03 20:41:51 CST
Description: Married 1960 Patricia Jackson of Lebanon. Entered Army 1961. Multiple short tours in Southeast Asia and Middle East. Retired CW-3 1981. BS University North Carolina Pembroke, MS Psychological Evaluation East Carolina University, MS Clinical Psychology East Carolina University. Presently employed as Clinical Counselor and Consultant by CareSouth Carolina. Pat and I are celebrating forty three years of marriage, our son Chris was born in Germany in 1964. We remain on the waiting list to be grandparents. Took Chris thirtysix years before he married. He is presently teaching Special Education. Pat retired after forty years in the public school systems as a teacher and counselor.

Day Sutton - [email protected]
3545 Thomas St.
Jacksonville Fl 32254 904-703-6788

Ad No.: 1349 - Department: 1954 on 04/07/03 15:22:48 CDT
Description: Semi-retired. That means I have to suppliment my 700.00 per month SS retirement. I sell Insurance, do a little trading on the FOREX market, and travel with my girlfriend by RV to the Dog Shows. (Bernese Mountain Dogs)

Michael Combs - [email protected]
477 Saddle Dr.
Nashville TN 37221 (615) 662-1744

Ad No.: 1350 - Department: 1972 on 04/08/03 16:17:25 CDT
Description: BA and JD from UT Knoxville. Presently have law office in downtown Nashville. My wife Faye designed my web site:

William K. Dwyer, MD - [email protected]
301 Belvoir Avenue
Chattanooga TN 37411 423-698-7373

Ad No.: 1351 - Department: 1953 on 04/13/03 16:09:15 CDT
Description: This Heights thing is very special to me. I am very pleased with the web site, and especially with all the work devoted to this CHMA Alumni effort by Rob and Susan Hosier. Thank you. After six years at Heights, I too left in '53. I had a great time at Vanderbilt, facillitated I think by the excellent Faculty at Heights. It was downhill for awhile then with Med. School, a Surgical Residency in Memphis and a Surgical Fellowship at Lahey Clinic, Boston. I chose to live and practice in Chattanooga, a wonderful place. I have 5 great kids by first wife, and 5,000 blessings by second, Linda. I retired in 1997; in 2002, I started a "semi-career" in Family Therapy. God has been good to me, and I hope to you. And I hope to see a lot of you at our 50th Reunion.

Edward C. Brown - [email protected]
4119 Timberbrook Court
Arlington TX 76015 817-557-8479

Ad No.: 1352 - Department: 1942 on 04/18/03 12:14:10 CDT
Description: This is a change of E-Mail address. Retired U.S. ARMY LTC WW11-Korea-Vietnam

Alejandro Bleyer - [email protected]
Casilla # 447
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Ad No.: 1353 - Department: 1980 on 04/20/03 13:22:16 CDT
Description: I live in Bolivia, I'm president of the Bolivian Fencing Federation, I have a Farm and I produce Mangos.

Alejandro Bleyer - [email protected]
Casilla # 447
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Ad No.: 1354 - Department: 1979 on 04/20/03 18:20:25 CDT
Description: I live in Bolivia, I am divorced and I have three children, Jacqueline Patricia 16, Andres Alejandro 15 and Agnes Stephania 11. At present I have a mango plantations and a dairy. Also I am President of the Bolivia Fencing Federation. my three children go to school in Miami and I go very often to see them. I expect to have news from of all you.

Gary Cummings - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1355 - Department: 1974 on 04/26/03 21:41:22 CDT
Description: Can ´t believe after all these years, I found the website. After graduating in 74, went to school at Tenn Tech and in Florida. Started sports car racing part time in 76 then went pro in 79 until 96. Was involved in winning two world championships for endurance racing sports prototypes. Worked as team manager, race engineer and mechanic. Raced at Lemans 24 hr- 14 times. Finished that career with my own company as European race coordinator for Ferrari North America and Nissan factory. Ran Kia Factory team for Paris Dakar rally. Been living out of USA since 1985. In 96 changed career and started working for Sahlman Seafood of Nicaragua. We are the largest shrimp processing plant in the country and currently have over a 1000 acres of shrimp farm production. Get to do a lot of traveling and have been to over 44 countries. Thats what I get for being secretary for the International Club. Am currently CEO for Sahlman and have bought ranch on the ocean in Nicaragua where I raise cattle and a little hell. Spend time blue water fishing and motivating the troops. Thanks to Heights for all the preparation

Rod Goodner - [email protected]
415 Bonnie Valley Dr.
Lebanon TN 37087

Ad No.: 1356 - Department: 1983 on 04/29/03 13:08:24 CDT
Description: Updated e-mail

Jim Fall - [email protected]
1615 Hauser Blvd.
Helena MT 59601 406-443-2850

Ad No.: 1357 - Department: 1955 on 05/10/03 15:33:51 CDT
Description: After CHMA, where I edited The Cavalier, I earned at journalism degree from the University of Missouri in 1959 and have been in the newspaper business eveer since. Owned weekly newspapers in Albany and Stanberry, Mo., and was publisher in El Dorado, Ark., and Maryville, Mo. Executive director of the Montana Newspaper Association since 1995. Married Janis Melvin in 1959 and we have three married children: Tim, Venice, Calif; Susie Fagan, Overland Park, Kan.; and Sarah Tempel, Fort Worth, Tex.

Glenn Martin - [email protected]

Garden City Mi 48135 Unlisted

Ad No.: 1358 - Department: 1973 on 05/11/03 00:38:08 CDT
Description: I was Jr School BC in 1972 and I went for the 1st year in the Sr school and dropped out, What a Mistake. Just anted to say hay to all. I use to live in Nashville Now in Michigan.

Glenn Martin - [email protected]

Garden City Mi 48135 Unlisted

Ad No.: 1359 - Department: 1973 on 05/11/03 00:58:49 CDT
Description: I was Jr School BC in 1972 and I went for the 1st year in the Sr school and dropped out, What a Mistake. Just anted to say hay to all. I use to live in Nashville Now in Michigan.

Arthur R. Pramuk (attended as Ronald Edwards) - [email protected]
8630 Jefferson Ave
In 46321 219-836-5937

Ad No.: 1360 - Department: 1953 on 05/14/03 04:37:58 CDT
Description: I only attended 5th Grade in 1953 and left,sadly,only to return in 1988 to a far different campus!! I stopped with the family at McDonalds to feed the kids and got an update of what happened to the school from the owner of the western wear store in town. I don't remember many names but Capt Todd left his mark on my butt and a Capt McClammy?? Have to go looking for the Adjutant if I have it???? If you remember me drop me a line....may have to bring me up to speed...been a long time!!!! I went under my step-fathers name RONNIE EDWARDS for awhile then went with my real fathers name after the divorce......did 3 years in Army in Germany I did 31 years at Inland Steel Company forced to retire early. Went to American Maize Co they sold to Cerestar then Cargill bought them so I have 8years with them 3 more and I fully will retire..... CHMA did make a mark on my life I wished I'd have stayed but I wasn't in a position to say.....I would like to hear from anyone???

charlie Mason - [email protected]
4355 Lawson Rd
El Dorado ar 71730 same as night time

Ad No.: 1361 - Department: 1967 on 05/20/03 11:58:17 CDT
Description: Have own welding bussiness Mfg Logging equipment. One son,live in the woods, bald and still crazy

David Farmer - [email protected]
405 Birkdale Court
Franklin TN 37064 615-376-1903

Ad No.: 1362 - Department: 1983 on 05/21/03 23:08:09 CDT
Description: Hello all. Married to Tracy Dykes for 14 years. Blessed with two fine Boys -Chandler 13, Blake 10. Lived 4 years in Germany- Active Duty Military during the fall of Germany/Berlin wall. Lived around US after that and finally moved back to Mid TN. BSEE from TN Tech. MBA Boston University. 7 years as VP of Sales for Fortna, Inc. Design and Implement complete Software and Hardware for Distribtion Centers.

Lydon Neumann - [email protected]
622 Ravine Avenue
Lake Bluff IL 60044 312 208-8413

Ad No.: 1363 - Department: 1964 on 05/27/03 11:53:44 CDT
Description: I attended CHMA from the fall of 1957 as an entering sixth grader until January of 1963, mid-term of junior year. Great memories of wonderful friends. Recently (May 2003) my daughter graduated my Vanderbilt and the family travelled to Lebanon to see the Hilltop and eat at the Rademacher Cafe at the old President's (Armstrong) Home. While staring at pictures to find old classmates, Rob Hoosier walked up and said hello. What a thrill to be recognized after (dare I say it) 40 years. Rob was a year ahead and the son of my old CHMA Swim Coach, Major Hooiser. A close teammate was Tommy Norton, who I am told is in California now. From Goober to High School to championship Tiger Swim Teams, I can only remember the good stuff. After freshman year, I never shaved my head again for swimming (but Navy OCS did it in 1968). Boy, do I have an ugly noggin'. All the best to those I shared those days with. C. Lydon Neumann

Scott Coffman - [email protected]
6610 Lear Nagle #6
North Ridgeville OH 44039 440.353.9116

Ad No.: 1364 - Department: 1975 on 05/27/03 18:22:39 CDT
Description: I was separated from the corps of cadets,in 1973, under less than ideal conditions. CHMA has had an affect on my like since then. In the fall of 2000 I retired from the board of trustees of a nationaly known non-profit, adoption reform and support organization, having served many years as a board officer and secratary. Currently I am writing two books, one on adoption issues and reform. The other is on the development and repair of hand held 2-cycle stroke engines. In Nov. my lovely wife and me will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!!

James T. Whitehead - [email protected]
2326 Gold Point Circle
Hixson TN 37343

Ad No.: 1365 - Department: 1965 on 05/31/03 15:56:24 CDT

Wayne Owens - [email protected]

Norman OK 73072

Ad No.: 1366 - Department: 1953 on 06/01/03 15:25:43 CDT
Description: I am entering this for my father C. Wayne Owens, I beleive his nickname was "Oleo". Wayne passed away in 1990. All the years as a young man growing up, I heard the stories of his time at Castle Heights. Unfortunately I did not go but as I am older wished I had taken the opportunity to. Recently I moved from Charlotte NC., to Norman OK. and stopped in Lebanon Tn. to view the school for the first time (as I remember). It was an incredible rush to see the places that were mentioned by my father. I have a few pictures of events and people with him during his time '50 - '53. If anyone is interested in being emailed any of these, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, William H. Owens

Don G. Williams - [email protected]
2170 Brady Drive
Lewisville TX 75057 214-222-2170

Ad No.: 1367 - Department: 1959 on 06/05/03 15:05:16 CDT
Description: New email and pnone number.

Robert w. mills - [email protected]

panama city beach fl

Ad No.: 1368 - Department: 1967 on 06/07/03 13:23:12 CDT

Ray Greer - [email protected]
11207 Waightstill Way
Charlotte NC 328277 803-547-3798

Ad No.: 1369 - Department: 1978 on 06/16/03 22:36:11 CDT

Roberto Celia - [email protected]
307 Dawn Place
Lebanon TN 37087 615.758.5863 ext 1

Ad No.: 1370 - Department: 1980 on 06/17/03 22:01:22 CDT
Description: Just an update since my last posting. We moved to Lebanon 4 years ago after our daughter was born. I hope that everyone is doing well!

jeffrey rich - [email protected]
1006 saddlewood drive
Mt. Juliet TN 37122

Ad No.: 1371 - Department: 1980 on 06/18/03 20:33:10 CDT
Description: 1980 graduate married to lisa eight years three kids Garrett,Gavin and Samantha 17yr railroad veteran currently with CSX transportation as a locomotive engineer.

Joey Gibson - [email protected]
4515 Potter Ct.
Paducah KY 42001 270-554-4364

Ad No.: 1372 - Department: 1982 on 06/21/03 22:01:09 CDT

Craig Mercer - [email protected]

Goodlettsville TN 37072

Ad No.: 1373 - Department: 1986 on 06/22/03 11:19:55 CDT
Description: After leaving Heights, I was married for seven years. I’ve been divorced for nine years and have a fifteen-year-old daughter. I later went back to school and degreed in Computer Information Systems. I ended up though where my true love lies, which is in the Powersports industry. I currently am one of the owners of Castle Powersports in Madison, TN. Give me a shout if you are looking for a recreational unit.

JOHN RODGERS - [email protected]
POB 253
GRAND ISLE LA 70130 985-787-2497

Ad No.: 1374 - Department: 1970 on 06/24/03 09:38:08 CDT

Charles Cleveland - [email protected]
2330 Highland Avenue South
Birmingham AL 35205 205-322-1811

Ad No.: 1375 - Department: 1945 on 06/24/03 16:04:23 CDT

Richard Brooks - [email protected]
3932 Crooked Island Dr.
Punta Gorda FL 33950-8128 941-575-0745

Ad No.: 1376 - Department: 1945 on 06/26/03 17:34:24 CDT

John R Davis - [email protected]
324 Warwick Road
Clinton MS 39056 601-925-2697

Ad No.: 1377 - Department: 1972 on 06/27/03 14:58:26 CDT
Description: This is to update my email & phone number. I work as a Senior Environmental Engineer with Delphi Corporation with two BS and one MS degrees. I have been doing this for 18 years after Army and other jobs. Married with three, all most grown kids.

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1378 - Department: 1977 on 06/27/03 19:56:59 CDT

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1379 - Department: 1977 on 06/27/03 19:57:02 CDT

Roger Box - [email protected]
6728 Avenida Andorra
La Jolla CA 92037 858 454 6584

Ad No.: 1380 - Department: 1952 on 06/28/03 02:29:44 CDT

Byron Mulby - [email protected]
9356 Ivan Pl.
Mentor OH 44060

Ad No.: 1381 - Department: 1967 on 06/30/03 13:24:10 CDT
Description: Still Alive

Rodolfo J Rojas - [email protected]
4479 Maryland St. Apt #5
San Diego Ca 92116 619-291-3940

Ad No.: 1382 - Department: 1982 on 06/30/03 18:47:37 CDT
Description: I am a register nurse and enjoying life. I treasure my moments at "Heights" :--))))

Mark Graham - [email protected]
5200 7th Avenue South
Birmingham AL 35212 205 731 1172

Ad No.: 1383 - Department: 1963 on 06/30/03 23:50:54 CDT

Rodolfo J Rojas - [email protected]
4479 Maryland St. Apt 5
San Diego Ca 92116 619-291-3940

Ad No.: 1384 - Department: 1981 on 07/01/03 15:02:49 CDT
Description: I live in San Diego and I enjoy life day by day :--)))))))

Herb Schuler - [email protected]
46 Brown Terrace
Clarksboro NJ 08020-1306 856-224-0477

Ad No.: 1385 - Department: 1943 on 07/01/03 16:50:16 CDT
Description: It's July 1, 2003 !! Time to update my data and advise all 1943 classmates that a committee is planning a 60th reunion dinner party on Friday evening October 10, 2003. Committee consists of Jay Boy Sanders, Bob Granacher and Herb Schuler. A flyer will be out soon telling you all about the plans. Be sure to plan on attending this Homecoming, our 60th reunion year. The sooner we know of your intention to be there, the better we can plan your reunion party. Please call or E-mail me, or Jay Boy or Bob, when you know you are coming. Looking forward to seeing many of you in October.

Harry Breaux - [email protected]
P.O. Box 1213
Hilo HI 96721 808.961.9010

Ad No.: 1386 - Department: 1963 on 07/01/03 17:00:27 CDT
Description: Living and doing well here in Hawaii. Just moved here on 6/01/03 after "retiring". Lived and work all around since 1963, but mainly in San Francisco off and on for the past 40 years. Life is great and I'd love to hear from any of you.

James A. O'Neal - [email protected]
14306 Lofty Mountain Trail
Houston TX 77062-2344 281-389-1973

Ad No.: 1387 - Department: 1964 on 07/01/03 22:51:11 CDT
Description: James A. O’Neal Jr. 14306 Lofty Mountain Trail Houston, Texas 77062-2344 Office 713-278-2331 Cell 281-389-1973 Home 281-480-3508 Email:[email protected] James A. (Jim) O’Neal is currently Chief Operating Officer for Bravo Engineering and Consulting in Houston, Texas. In this capacity he oversees the operations of both engineering design and management consulting. Clients include many Fortune 500 companies. In this role Jim provides services to senior management to enhance organizational goals in setting direction, allocating resources and implementing key iniatives. He is a specialist in logistics, supply chain management, and leadership responsibility. Prior to joining Bravo, Jim was Vice President of Operations for Slay Transportation and a Senior Management Consultant with the firm of Holland & Davis in Houston, Texas. Holland & Davis is a management consultant firm with over 30 year’s experience servicing both the private and public business sectors. He is a native of Parkdale, Arkansas. A Graduate of Castle Heights Military Academy and the University of Arkansas holding both graduate and undergraduate degrees in engineering and business. He successfully completed the Executive Development Program at the University of Houston and the Chevron Executive Leadership Program at Stanford University. Prior to joining Holland & Davis, Jim enjoyed a 23-year career with the Chevron Companies. He retired at the end of 1998 after rising through the ranks to the position of Director of Operations. In this position he managed the transportation and terminalling assets of the corporation. While at Chevron he worked in all facets of engineering and project management. Included were extensive tours in process design and project management including all phases of plant design and construction. Before joining Chevron, he worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. During his tenure at NASA, he worked at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Johnson Space Center in Texas. The group that he headed performed the orbital calculations necessary to safely return to earth the damaged Apollo 13 Spacecraft in April of 1970 Jim is a Viet Nam veteran having flown more than 100 combat missions in the F-4 Phantom. He was shot down over the demilitarized zone. He is a licensed commercial pilot with FAA ratings in single and multiengine aircraft and helicopters. He has logged over 8000 hours of flying time in over 40 different military and civilian aircraft. He retired from the Air Force Reserve in 1996. Currently he serves as a formation check pilot for FAST which is the organization responsible for certifying pilots to fly formation in air shows. He is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the American Society of Quality Control, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Order of Daedalians, and the Society of Quiet Birdmen. He is also a registered professional engineer.

Tommy Phillips - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1388 - Department: 1972 on 07/05/03 01:16:09 CDT
Description: Looking for old friends. Johnny Horst, Chris Petroski (maybe the spelling is right)

Tommy Phillips - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1389 - Department: 1972 on 07/05/03 01:30:38 CDT

marty pilarski - [email protected]
3067 old coleridge rd
siler city nc 27344 336 272 2220

Ad No.: 1390 - Department: 1974 on 07/06/03 15:30:30 CDT
Description: I'am marred with two children boy Jeremiah,who in His jr year placed 3 in the state nc in wrestling His sr year placed 1. also a member of the natl team for nc. my baby girl(19),will be starting rad scool this year. Iam a shop formam /mec/driver for a trucking co. my wife of tweny five years is a eng for a i have been serving the Lord for the past 20 years and it's the only way to to hear from you all.

Hobbs, Joseph C. - [email protected]
P.O. Box 385

Ad No.: 1391 - Department: 1956 on 07/06/03 16:11:19 CDT

Hobbs, Joseph C. - [email protected]
P.O. Box 385

Ad No.: 1392 - Department: 1956 on 07/06/03 16:11:20 CDT

Hobbs, Joseph C. ( Anglin ) - [email protected]
P.O. Box 385
Lumpkin GA 31815 229 838-9149

Ad No.: 1393 - Department: 1956 on 07/06/03 16:16:26 CDT
Description: I retired in 1992 from the Department of Defense Dependent Schools ( DoDDS )as a school administrator. My wife, Johanna, died in 1995. I have one son, a daughter and two grandsons.

Barbara Noble Barrett - [email protected]
2041 Chesapeake Way
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-883-3242

Ad No.: 1394 - Department: 1977 on 07/07/03 13:03:32 CDT

Edward A. ONeal - [email protected]
321 Shirley Avenue
Norfolk VA 23517-2264 757.623.6959

Ad No.: 1395 - Department: 1954 on 07/13/03 16:40:11 CDT
Description: Please note new e-mail address: [email protected]

Patrick K. Howe - [email protected]
4105 Brickell Drive
Apt. 102
Fairfax VA 22033 202-307-9327

Ad No.: 1396 - Department: 1976 on 07/15/03 01:08:29 CDT
Description: I am an 05 in the U.S. Public Health Service. My family and I live in Fairfax Virginia. I work in Washington D.C. I am so glad to find that there is an alumni association. Email: [email protected]

John E Ogles - [email protected]
180 S Goodlett
Memphis tn 38117 901-766-6329

Ad No.: 1397 - Department: 1963 on 07/15/03 10:07:36 CDT
Description: Married 4 Sons Investment Banking

Kymberly Barnes Bankston - [email protected]
5208 Valley Brook Circle
Birmingham AL 35244

Ad No.: 1398 - Department: 1984 on 07/15/03 16:00:45 CDT
Description: Graduated from William Carey College in Hattiesburg, MS with BS and MS degrees in Counseling Psychology. Married Steven Bankston in 1990; two gorgeous, athletic, brilliant, all-star ball-playing boys - Barnes, 8 and Carter, 5. (ha ha) Currently serving as Minister to Preschool and Children at Lakeside Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. Steven is the CFO for Higginbotham Oil Company and Sunny Food Stores.

Stephen R. Quarles - [email protected]
9810 Silky Dogwood Court
Louisville KY 40241 502-647-2422

Ad No.: 1399 - Department: 1966 on 07/20/03 23:38:37 CDT
Description: Did not Graduate for Heights but wanted to connect with many old friends that did stick it out there. I have many good memories of my Castle Heights years and the friendships made there. I will always regret the decision to leave Heights, but hindsight is always 20/20.

Steve R Braswell - [email protected]
1102 Dominion Dr
Katy Tx 77450 281-686-0618

Ad No.: 1400 - Department: 1971 on 07/25/03 18:56:32 CDT
Description: I was not born in Texas, but got here soon as I could, so I guess I'm only a naturalized Texan. I have 2 daughters, Jamie 22 recent Business grad from Un of Alabama, and Stephanie 21, attending Un of South Alabama, studying meteorology. Luckily I found a wonderful lady for 2nd marriage, Janie. We just celebrated 1 year in July '03. I also lucked into a wonderful 3 yr old grandbaby, named Ezrie. When I am not spoiling Ezrie, i work with Con Agra in sales, and also am very involved in Texas sports, especially King Football, as an official for the last 19 years. We live outside Houston and would love an opportunity to see anyone coming thru the area, anytime (except football season of course) Just kidding.

Michael Thompson - [email protected]
PO Box 542
Henderson KY 42420 270 827 1801

Ad No.: 1401 - Department: 1973 on 07/28/03 19:13:40 CDT
Description: Graduated in 1973 [this is an update of my previous entry]

Jodi Roach (Wixted) - [email protected]
61 McTeer Drive
Coffin Point Plantation
St. Helena SC 29920

Ad No.: 1402 - Department: 1983 on 07/29/03 20:17:10 CDT
Description: Updated email and address. Great to hear from all of you!

Rex P. Armistead - [email protected]
P. O. Box 7
Lula MS 38644 662-337-2904

Ad No.: 1403 - Department: 1948 on 08/05/03 00:52:03 CDT

RICHARD SUMMERS - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1404 - Department: 1982 on 08/07/03 17:32:01 CDT

Erek Culbreath - [email protected]

Sarasota FL 34243

Ad No.: 1405 - Department: 1935 on 08/07/03 22:10:59 CDT
Description: Hi, do any of you know what the Sarasota Military Acadamy's website is? It is in Srasota Florida and I cant find it so far......If you have any info, feel free to E-mail me.

ricardo davila - [email protected]
P.O. Box 1376
Edmond OK 73083 (405)330-8759

Ad No.: 1406 - Department: 1955 on 08/08/03 11:30:26 CDT
Description: After Castle Heights, went back to Puerto Rico. Spent three years and a half in the Civil Engineering faculty of the University of Puerto Rico and subsequently went to art school , in Boston, and into the graphic arts world. Became a graphics and sign design artist and painter( No kidding ! ). Have done a lot of travelling. Have lived in Puerto Rico ( of course ), Venezuela ( almost 8 years ), Miami/Fort Lauderdale ( 10 years ), Boston ( 6 years ), Orlando ( 10 years ) and, now, Oklahoma ( going on 5 years )----All the travelling has always been related to my work as an artist, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.----Along the ride, got married and have two wonderful daughters and three wonderful boys. The oldest girl owns an art gallery in San Juan, the second one is married to an Army officer and became a Dental Hygienist. The Oldest of the boys became an Electrical Engineer and the youngest one ( almost twenty years old ), just graduated ( with honors ) from high school, became a US Marine and will start college, At the University of Central Oklahoma, in about a week from this writing. ----Oh, yes, I also have six grandchildresn.--- How about that?---- . At the present time I am still involved in the graphic arts business, doing a lot of painting. Believe or not, still doing a lot of mountain bike riding and playing a lot of tennis, while I can.------I have been single since 1988. However, if there is a decent offer out there, I am willing to listen.-----It really has been a pleasure to share this writing with my Castle Heights friends.

Randall Livesay - [email protected]

Cordova TN 38018

Ad No.: 1407 - Department: 1947 on 08/08/03 12:16:33 CDT
Description: University of Tennessee, U.S. Navy (Fire Control Tech., auto dealership, retired, moved from hill country of eastern Tennessee to flat lands of west Tennessee.

Roxy E. Smith - [email protected]
1715 Summit Drive
Haymarket VA 20169-1336 (703) 754-9405

Ad No.: 1408 - Department: 1953 on 08/09/03 19:41:08 CDT
Description: I have very fond memories of my time at CHMA – one year as a Junior and four as a Senior. I really appreciated the opportunities to learn self-discipline and assurance, and the respect for others having thoughts independent and contrary to mine. Upon graduation in 1953, I matriculated to Tulane University (New Orleans, LA) and graduated 1958 with a Bachelor/Masters of Architecture I. Subsequently, I enrolled in Rollins College (Winter Park, FL) in the late ‘60s and acquired a much-needed education in business management. After which, I graduated 1973 from Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL) with a Masters in Business Administration. My work environments have included New Orleans, LA 1958-60, Houston, TX 1960-64, the J. F. Kennedy Space Center, FL 1964-74, and the Nation’s Capitol 1974-01. Unfortunately, my work endeavors were interrupted with a year’s servitude in the Armed Forces during the Berlin Wall Crises. I participated as a First Lieutenant Company Commander of an Infantry Rifle Company at Ft. Chaffee, AR as part of the 100th Division from Kentucky. After the ongoing tensions were decreased, my troops, along with all of the other Companies were released into the military system while the existing Cadre remained on hand to complete the year as a Training Division. I was an Instructor in the NCO Academy during the last four months of this period. I retired from the work force as the Chief Architect for the DOJ – U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service after 26 successful years in the Public Sector. I married my Sweetheart and life-long companion, Laurie, a Galveston, TX girl back in 1964 – no children. My hobbies include providing flight instruction in airplanes, gliders, and navigation, compound bow competition archery, watercolors, and learning how to play the Classic Guitar, a life-long ambition and toil of love. At the writing of this short narrative, fifty years has now passed us by since we graduated as the Class of ‘53. I wish all of you that are still around to read this note, continued health, happiness, and the self-esteem that you are most deserving of as a CHMA Graduate. In all sincerity, Roxy E. Smith

James R. walter - [email protected]
4049 spring Lake Blvd.
Ann Arbor MI 48108 734-822-3136

Ad No.: 1409 - Department: 1957 on 08/12/03 16:09:31 CDT
Description: After being elected supervisor of Pittsfield Township [Population 32,000] in 2000. I am working with an excellent board of trustees to bring sound planning and environmentally sensitive development ot a fast-growing township. We managed to purchase for $11,300,000 a teriffic 535 acre “central park” for our township.

ricardo davila - [email protected]

edmond ok 73034 (405)330-8759

Ad No.: 1410 - Department: 1955 on 08/15/03 13:13:00 CDT

Felipe A. Dominguez - [email protected]
Calle Concordia Nº5, Los Rauseo, El Limon
Maracay 2101 584143417812

Ad No.: 1411 - Department: 1955 on 08/19/03 17:11:53 CDT
Description: Will be 66 next October, I'm an agronomist with a MSc in Dairy Husbandry, actually work for Brenntag Latin America in Venezuela as Manager of the Agricultural Division, will retire next December and start with my own fertilizer manufacturing company. Have five children 43,41,38,22 and 14. (b-g-b-b-g)and six grand children. I'm building a tourists farm at the Paraguana Peninsula in the State of Falcon in Venezuela. Attended our 25th anniversary and expect to attend the 50th in 2005

Richard Bass - [email protected]
10381 Derby Dr
rocky gorge MD 20723-5743 410.244.4621

Ad No.: 1412 - Department: 1967 on 08/20/03 21:05:42 CDT

TOLBERT A."SONNY"DANIELS - [email protected]
2044 spicers lane

Ad No.: 1413 - Department: 1949 on 08/21/03 02:29:39 CDT

TOLBERT A."SONNY"DANIELS - [email protected]
2044 spicers lane

Ad No.: 1414 - Department: 1949 on 08/21/03 02:29:39 CDT

TOLBERT A."SONNY"DANIELS - [email protected]
2044 Spicers Lane
Woodstock GA 30189 770-517-4424

Ad No.: 1415 - Department: 1949 on 08/21/03 02:34:58 CDT

Karen Hall - [email protected]
606 Wagoner Street
Lebanon TN 37087 615-444-3669

Ad No.: 1416 - Department: 1979 on 08/27/03 10:37:01 CDT
Description: Hey all you CADETS! Hope you're all well and happy! Wasn't Heights just the best?? Looking back now, those were some fun days! Thanks to all our Faculty and Friends! -Now in Lebanon with wonderful husband and new baby. -Grown son in Milton Florida. Please contact: [email protected]

Pat Buckles - [email protected]
601 Apache Court
albany GA 31721 229.883.4412

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1953 on 08/28/03 13:41:10 CDT
Description: Attended Auburn for two years. Won SEC title in wrestling freshman year. Graduated from Wayland Baptist University in Plainview Texas with a degree in political science and dual minors in secondary education and psychology. Masters in History and Political Science from UC, Berkeley, CA. , and two years of study at Golden Gate Theological Seminary, Marin County, CA. Decided against teaching. Worked for the Standard Register Co. in California, followed by plant manager for a printing company in Georgia now owned by Hallmark. Left printing for five years to work for the CIA as a field agent. Loved and hated it. Formed my own printing company, and still doing it. Have acquired several competitors and merged them in. Married to a school administrator, 3 sons, 1 daughter, and the 5 most wonderful grandchildren on the face of the planet! My heart is in serving our Lord, and other than my family, I most enjoy using my skills and my company to produce Christian printed materials, although we still do commrcial printing to help pay the bills. Still an active pilot, with about 3,000 hours.

james b. collins - [email protected]
64 andover place
bluffton sc 29909 843 705 2686

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1954 on 09/03/03 15:44:53 CDT

Tony H Polston - [email protected]
809 R B S Road
Lafayette TN 37083 615.666.2157

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1969 on 09/03/03 18:00:45 CDT
Description: graduated Cumberland 72 married 1976 LaRue children Whitney and Matthew both graduated UTK Have Builders Supply in Lafayette,Tn

Ben Thigpen - [email protected]
8211 South Delaware Place
Tulsa OK 74137 9182930805

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1968 on 09/05/03 16:44:36 CDT
Description: Graduated from U of Arkansas, BSME 1972 American Motors Corp 1972-1981 Mitsubishi Aircraft 1981-1984 Smith Honda, Conroe, Texas 1984-1987 Nelms Toyota/BMW 1987-1988 Pace Industries 1988-1996 Atlantic & Pacific Trading 1996-Present Married first wife 1969, two daughters, two grandchildren. Married second wife 1998, twin three year-old daughters.

william c sorrell - [email protected]
270 fred hill rd
sparta tn 38583 931-836-3218

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1952 on 09/09/03 11:11:03 CDT
Description: was general contractor till 1998. now have mini ware still live in sparta

Jennifer Rochelle Williams - [email protected]
5156 S.E.Matousek St.
STUART fl 34997 772-220-7027

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1980 on 09/09/03 12:47:03 CDT
Description: hi, its been forever!! Well lets see I have lived in south Fl. for the last 18 years. Married with one 2 yr old son DYLAN, I was in the skilled nursing field for 15 years. Now I work for our local sheriff's office, I am in the finance dept. here. I would love to here from anyone. God do I miss Castle Heights and all of yall..

Charles R. Chaulk - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1956 on 09/10/03 11:07:02 CDT

RICHARD DONOFRIO - [email protected]
CHICAGO IL 6O61O 312 953 4935

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1961 on 09/14/03 09:54:40 CDT

ALLEN BARRY - [email protected]

LEBANON TN 37087 615-444-0931

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1972 on 09/15/03 17:43:23 CDT

Robert G. Coleman III aka Abe. - [email protected]
DENVER CO 80209 303.355.8989

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1956 on 09/18/03 21:09:00 CDT
Description: Still going strong....having a GREAT life !!!

James Jenkins - [email protected]
65 Meadow View Road
Orinda CA 94563

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1976 on 09/21/03 02:54:57 CDT
Description: Living in California w/ 2 kids. Commercial Bldg. Contractor in San Francisco. Miss my loyal friends from Heights.

jim yoder - [email protected]
8233 E. Hubbell St.
scottsdale az 85257 480-227-8305

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1971 on 09/22/03 02:10:32 CDT
Description: just moved to scottsdale, arizona. tired of cold, wet winters in mid-missouri. anyone passing through should give a shout.

Richard Arthur - [email protected]
118 Olympia Drive
Dothan AL 36301 334-793-2301

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1963 on 09/22/03 11:18:05 CDT
Description: I graduted from Birmingham Southern College (BA)(1967)and Georgia State University (MBA) (1971). I'm a Realtor, married, with one child, Ashley and one son-in-law, Chris. My wife's name is Jan. Jan is an auctioneer, a certified antiques and collectables appraiser and also a realtor. Ashley is finishing her doctorate in Clinical Psychotherapy and Chris is assistant store manager for Lowes.

dan h. carey - [email protected]
STAFFORD tx 77477 281) 495-5822

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1963 on 09/22/03 16:08:38 CDT

Tom Williams - [email protected]
448 Julia St. #306
New Orleans LA 70130 504-319-2741

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 09/23/03 16:06:28 CDT

Gilbert (Gil) S. Merritt - [email protected]
303 U.S. Customs House
701 Broadway
Nashville TN 37203 615-736-5957

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1953 on 09/24/03 14:29:11 CDT
Description: Married to Robin Saxon Merritt; 3 grown children -- Gilbert Stroud, III, Louise Clark, and Elijah Fort -- by first wife, now deceased. Yale Univ., B.A., 1957; Vanderbilt Univ., LL.B., 1960, Order of Coif, Managing Editor, Vanderbilt L. Rev., 1959-60; Harvard Univ., LL.M., 1962. Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Nov. 18, 1977 (nominated by President Carter); Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, October 1, 1989-1996; Member, Judicial Conference of the United States, 1989-1996; Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on International Judicial Relations, 1993-94; Chairman, Executive Committee of Judicial Conference of the United States, 1994-1996; Member, Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeals, 1997-99. In January 2001, I took "senior status" as a judge which means I work about half time while maintaining my office and staff. I am still flying a small plane for business and pleasure -- a Beech Bonanza. (I learned to fly at Heights.) I just returned from 2 months in Baghdad assisting the American occupation forces in reconstituting the judiciary and the legal system and creating a constitutional democracy. It was quite an interesting experience. As of September 2003, we still have a long way to go in controlling violence, satisfying the hopes of the Iraqis and creating a society based on the Rule of Law in which people elect their own rulers. In my spare time I play golf, teach law, read and exercise.

Becky (Rios) D'Amico - [email protected]
631 River Village Drive
Tarpon Springs FL 34689 727-942-3445

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1987 on 09/25/03 16:25:10 CDT
Description: After many years in the hospitality industry, the opportunity came about to attend barber school. Licensed in March 2003, I now work and own a contemporary barbershop with my husband, Bruce. We are the only 2 barbers and are located in the historic antique district of Tarpon Springs, FL. We don't have any children yet, but we enjoy watching other people's from church. We are also elders at our church, Lord of Life Ministries.

Farid Anton Mansur -

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 09/27/03 11:40:10 CDT
Description: Hi know me better as "Freddy" After I graduated from C.H.M.A (sounds like the cearleaders chear don't it?)Went to M.S.U Minn. then moved to London GB.for 4 1/2 years...after that I moved to Amsterdam Holland where I had to serve in the ducth army "got drafted" Being from Aruba I am automaticly a dutch Nationality and cary the Dutch passport...BTW the drafting has been abolished about 8 years ago. I now work for KLM "Royal Dutch Airlines" comming to 12years now. still Love it.I now live about16miles outside of Amsterdam in Almere. My job takes me all over the world..but mainly the US So who knows I might be in your city soon. Any of you ever in Holland (The Netherlands) and need some info or whatever ..let me know...Take care F.

Farid Anton Mansur - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 09/27/03 12:07:04 CDT
Description: Ooops!

bruce shelton - [email protected]
5133 harding rd b-10-392
nashville tn 37205 www.sheltongallery

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1969 on 09/30/03 01:43:33 CDT
Description: my wife & i own shelton gallery. enjoying life.some of the best years of my life were at chma

Emily Kinnard - [email protected]
301 grapevine trail
[email protected]
greeneville tn 37745

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1983 on 10/06/03 13:58:42 CDT
Description: Update! I have moved to Greeneville, Tennessee!

Daniel Rojas - [email protected]
15630 Twisting Springs Drive
Cypress TX 77433 281-850-5868

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1980 on 10/06/03 22:57:18 CDT

Amaya Rojas Mignault - [email protected]
6431 Chatham View Court
Windermere FL 34786 407-876-0521

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 10/06/03 23:25:30 CDT

Sam McComas - [email protected]
47 Shawnee Drive
Buckhannon WV 26201 (304)472-7941

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1960 on 10/07/03 12:58:40 CDT

George W. Haynes, Jr. - [email protected]
2316 Londonderry Drive
Murfreesboro TN 37129 615-896-2070

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1953 on 10/11/03 10:43:26 CDT

Tolbert A. "Sonny" Daniels, Jr. - [email protected]
2044 Spicers Lane
Woodstock GA 30189 770-517-4424

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1949 on 10/12/03 03:01:55 CDT

Blake Hendrickson - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1973 on 10/13/03 18:09:09 CDT
Description: update of earlier with proper email great to see everyone this weekend still recovering

Fonda Rhodes - [email protected]
701 Meadow Court
Morehead City NC 28557 (252)808-2606

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/14/03 22:15:41 CDT
Description: Udating past info. Make sure to use an underscore not a dash in the e-mail address. We need to start working on the 20th reunion

James, J.F. (Jim) - [email protected]
1820 S. St. Paul's Church Rd.
Sumter SC 29154 803-481-5384

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1965 on 10/18/03 19:45:50 CDT
Description: This is an address, e-mail, and class year correction. I was actually in the class of '65. I have some photos on disc, mostly of the class of '63, from the class reunion last week (10/'03) if anybody wants to see 'em. E-mail me and I will send them to you. James (or Weasel to y'all)

Angela Ridings Peterson -
1805 Hillmeade Drive
Nashville TN 37221 615-354-0607

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 10/19/03 22:01:35 CDT

Eric Henkel - [email protected]
807 Rolling Meadows Court
Allen TX 75013 214-547-1983

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/20/03 21:47:37 CDT
Description: Updated e-mail address from our previous post

Graciela T. Inman - [email protected]
1010 Galaxy Drive
Jackson, TN 38305 (731)6605639

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/21/03 14:54:47 CDT

Graciela T. Inman - [email protected]
1010 Galaxy Drive
Jackson, TN 38305 (731)6605639

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/21/03 14:54:49 CDT

John M. Hagewood - [email protected]
116 Troon Ct.
Franklin TN 37069 615-646-2607

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1962 on 10/21/03 16:21:41 CDT
Description: Married for 40 years to Libbey. Two children, Bo, 39 and Dallas, 35. Retired from SunTrust Bank and looking forward to being a grandfather.

Russ Hendricks - [email protected]
464 Locust Grove Rd.
Watertown TN 37184 615-453-9843

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/21/03 21:07:02 CDT
Description: New e-mail address......again!

Fred C. Morgan - [email protected]
902 Palisades Circle
Lake Ozark MO 65049 913-927-8087

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1952 on 10/22/03 12:55:29 CDT
Description: I worked in the Conveyor Industry for 46 years, retiring in May, 2003. I now live at the Lake of the Ozarks and enjoy boating and golf.

Kelly Averitt - [email protected]
p.o. box 1045
Cookeville Tn 38503-1045 931-260-2747

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1983 on 10/22/03 13:14:08 CDT
Description: Sit Down, I am a 7th/8th grade Special Ed. teacher and teach English, yes English. I Teach at Mt. Juliet Middle school and am in my fourth year coaching football. I have a 10 year old daughter named Emily who is 4'6" tall with blonde hair. The family is great, lots of children(Stanley expecting his fourth), and life is good.

isidoro - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1978 on 10/27/03 12:25:10 CST

isidoro - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1978 on 10/27/03 12:25:14 CST

jose isidoro trejos - [email protected]
panama 5071114

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1981 on 10/27/03 12:32:10 CST

John Young - [email protected]
POBOX 1079
Hilliard Fl 32046

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1956 on 10/28/03 21:34:45 CST
Description: Joined Navy and spent 20 years and retired to Florida.Worked at Maxwell House for 18.5 years and retired.Married wife in 61 and raised 2 children,boy and a girl.Mved to the country 6 years ago and just taking life easy.

Jeff Seely,RN - [email protected]
3125 Traviston Dr.
Franklin TN 37064 615-595-9870

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1979 on 10/31/03 09:48:19 CST
Description: Just an update. Built a new home in Franklin and have been here a year. Really nice place to be. Would love to hear from everyone. Saw two old 'goober school' friends listed! Hey guys! Jeff

richardm drogos - [email protected]
506 n. greensboro st
carrboro nc 27510 9199332977

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1972 on 10/31/03 09:59:30 CST
Description: wondering where the weekend marauders are?

James Solley - [email protected]
6568 Ballymore Lane
Clarksville MD 21029-1292 443-535-0111

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1961 on 11/02/03 15:30:33 CST
Description: i remember many of you guys just like it was yesterday. some of you have had impressive careers. some, just average. but, not a loser among the bunch that i can tell. that doesn't reflect reality. all can't be winners. so, i'll admit that i'm a loser. if there's gonna be an 'up', there's gotta be a 'down'. so here's a little 'down'. it'll just make you guys look that much better. i've spent the former part of my life being a jack-of-all-trivial-trades, master of none. i've worked as a parking lot attendant. i've worked in a bread factory warehouse loading bread on trucks. i was a gopher for an electrician's outfit. i worked as a chainman on a three person land surveying crew working out in the woods. once, we were stopped by a t-man when we got too close to a still he was watching. that was fun. i spent a fair amount of time working to keep telephone numbers updated, and other junk like that. but, you know what? there's a famous sinatra song called 'my way'. i did it my way. i had some good times, great times, and terrible times. but, doing it my way was what it was all about. right? isn't that what it's about? ehhhh! wrong. i failed. it's nothing to do with my choice of work. i'm a loser because i did it my way. i paid no heed to GOD's will. he wasn't first in my life. i still don't have him squarely in my sights, but i'm trying to get him there. he's a stationary target. it's just that my knees are a bit wobbly these days. i flunked the midterm. let's see if i can buckle down, read the book, do the instructions (it's not for spectators), pull this one out of the fire, and pass the final. if you flunked the midterm, you should consider doing the same. you start by reading the book. if you can't understand it, get a modern translation that you can understand. treat it as fiction if you like. but, read it. nobody said belief is an easy thing to acquire. it's not self brain-washing. it's learning. try to fight it if you don't believe. it's ok. but, read the book. oh, and by the way, you're not permitted to drop the course. i hope all of you pass the final. if you do, the midterm won't count against you. jim solley - class of '61.

Violet J. Reid - [email protected]
180 Old Prigmore Lane
Whitwell TN 37397 423-658-0775

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1979 on 11/05/03 13:11:49 CST
Description: I am an elementary librarian at a public school in Chattanooga, TN.

Jim Holifield - [email protected]
6708 Trudy Way
Sacramento CA 95831 916-399-0700

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1973 on 11/08/03 13:04:26 CST
Description: Currently a partner in a small management consulting firm. Divorced, have a daughter, Lisa, age 23. Had a great time at homecoming 2003 - my first - and hope to see everyone again.

greg wingfield - [email protected]
11505 Tottenham Place
Richmond va 23233 804)273-9545

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1969 on 11/10/03 14:22:54 CST
Description: Nearly 35 years after leaving CHMA, I find myself in Richmond, Va. as President/CEO of the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. a business development group. I completed college in 1976 with a Masters in City Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University,I have worked in a variety of jobs associated with economic development since then. My work brings me across the globe several times a year with offices in Germany and Korea. I married for the second time in 1981, to Pat Wingfield and have a son Hall who is 18 and a daughter Caitlin 16. If Charlie Greene(70) is out there, contact me!

richard a. furman - [email protected]
601 n. interlachen av
winter park fl 32789 407-617-1270

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1964 on 11/10/03 23:44:58 CST
Description: I sold my CPA firma several years ago and am in semi retirement. I do some commercial real estate borkerage, but morehunting, fishing and traveling. I always like to hear form fellow former cadets and get up to the Hilltop about once a year, although not always at homecoming.

richard a. furman - [email protected]
601 n. interlachen av
winter park fl 32789 407-617-1270

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1964 on 11/10/03 23:45:01 CST
Description: I sold my CPA firma several years ago and am in semi retirement. I do some commercial real estate borkerage, but morehunting, fishing and traveling. I always like to hear form fellow former cadets and get up to the Hilltop about once a year, although not always at homecoming.

Jaret C. Hill - [email protected]
2400 Stayton Way
Louisville KY 40242 (502) 426-9051

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1987 on 11/12/03 15:04:11 CST
Description: I left CHMA to attend Highschool in Louisville, KY. Form there I went to the University of Kentucky then the University of Louisville where I graduated with a BA in History and a minor in Political science. I married in 1992. In 1993 I was afflicted with Guillain-Barre' syndrom and paralyzed for about one year as a quadrapalegic. Never one to give up I ultimately recovered fully from paralysis and am fine now. I attended the university of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and Graduated in 1996 with honors. I have two children a son age 10 and a daughter age 8. I now practise law in Louisville, Kentucky. Every year I tell myself that i will go to the homecoming reunion, and every year life intervenes. There is hope for next year. Please feel free to send me an e-mail I would love to catch up with many of you.

jack d. paul - [email protected]
7515 cezanne ct.
sun valley nv 89433 7756749190

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1949 on 11/19/03 00:05:15 CST
Description: Retired for 5yrs after teaching highschool for 33 yrs

Peter J. Wedel - [email protected]
P.O. Box 479
Hoschton Ga 30548 706-658-2719

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1971 on 11/27/03 19:43:53 CST
Description: After graduating attended East Tennessee State - played football a couple of years but finally said "enough of this" and concentrated on chasing coeds.Graduated in '75 and later began a multi-year career in aerospace related sales living in Michigan and California before settling in Atlanta for the last 23 years. Became a manufacturers Rep in '85 and bought the company in '93 - still plugging away at that. Married for 18 years with two kids - a boy and girl. For those of you who remember me you'll be proud that my last all out fist fight was in 1991 when I was 38 years old.It ended in a tie but I decided that I had reached the age where this activity wasn't much fun anymore - plus it ruined my favorite sweatshirt.These days I prefer golf (5 handicap) and scuba diving. Anyway- hope everyone is doing well and email or call me if you want to rehash the old days. Regards

william grosse - [email protected]
7206 corta calle dr.
houston tx 77803 2818797286

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1973 on 11/30/03 13:44:44 CST

william grosse - [email protected]
7206 corta calle dr.
houston Tx 77083 281-879-7286

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1973 on 11/30/03 13:55:29 CST
Description: widower,2 daughters(ashley brightman,18 & marianna grosse,14)

James A Farley - [email protected]
650 Hirst Circle
Lenoir City Tn 37772 865-458-2019

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1966 on 12/01/03 21:32:38 CST
Description: After Heights I played two years college football. Had a knee injury and gave it up. finished college in 1970 at Middle Tenn in Murfreesboro Tn.(BS Political Science) I married in 1969 to Martha and we have two daughters and two grandsons, one from each. I have had my own insurance agency thirty years, here in Loudon County Tn. I enjoy what I do and intend to stay here till I retire. I would enjoy hearing from any of you guys. One sad note, I noticed in going through the "Roll Call" a note from Dr Kieran Key, he passed away shortly after writing it.

Emilio J. Kieswetter R. - [email protected]
Box 321, David
Chiriqui, Panama, Republic of Panama 771-4555

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1976 on 12/02/03 10:40:20 CST
Description: graduated from castle height in 1976 he graduated from Texas A & M with a degree in Science of Agriculture in 1980 . He si married , wife PIlar and has 4 children I graduated in 1976. Received a Bachelors Degree from Texas A&M; in Agro-Economics. I have my own business. I am a rice producer and exporter. As a hobbie,I enjoy rodeo ..calf roping. I have two daughters, the oldest attending Texas A&M; and two sons. My wife, Pilar and I; live in David, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama.

Corky French - [email protected]
1213 Twin Springs Dr
Brentwood TN 37027

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 12/06/03 05:56:45 CST
Description: Married with 3 children, 4 step-children and a beautiful 2 year old grandson. Lead non-profit ministry in Williamson County, TN

Dana (Meloon) Mayes - [email protected]
901 Turlough Ct.
Smyrna TN 37167 615-519-1940

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1983 on 12/06/03 16:02:30 CST
Description: After graduating in 1983 I went 2 years to MTSU and Cumberland Univ. and then went into the Army as an MP for 5 years. I am currently a supervisor at the Smyrna Police Dept. and have been there for 7 years. I love it!! I am on my 3rd and last marriage to Floyd a Captain with our Fire Dept. We both are also motorcycle safety insrtuctors and yes I still have a great passion for bikes and guns!!! Rod and Jeff I had a great time at the Reunion Thanks so much!! Dana

Rick Grisham - [email protected]
3914 Manner Dale Dr.
Louisville KY 40220 502-499-6574

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 12/07/03 22:26:06 CST
Description: I have been living in Louisville now for over 20 years, married and have twins, one boy & one girl. I have BS/BA from the University of Louisville. I am a territory manager with a HVAC distributor. I sell York residential, light commerical heating & air conditioning equipment & HVAC supplies wholesale through our dealer network. I always make it to Homecoming at CHMA every October along with several classmates to play golf and remember old times. Hope to hear from all. If you are ever in Louisville, give us a call and we will have to take you out to Churchill Downs.

William M. (Bill) Anderson - [email protected]
5043 Saddleview Drive
Franklin TN 37067

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1961 on 12/08/03 12:43:45 CST

Barbara Noble Barrett - [email protected]
2041 Chesapeake Way
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-944-7156

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 12/08/03 13:41:05 CST
Description: I am married with two children - Meghan 13 and Molly 8. My husband's name is Howard and we have been married for 15 years. I am the Branch Manager with ProDrivers and have worked there for three years. Prior to that I worked with Budget Rent A Car for 17 years. Some of my fondiest memories are of Castle Heights.

Cyndie Harber - [email protected]
C21 Forbes Ave.
Carlisle PA 17013 717-245-9199

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 12/08/03 22:35:23 CST

Cyndie Harber Scurlock - [email protected]
C21 Forbes Ave.
Carlisle PA 17013 717-245-9199

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 12/08/03 22:35:41 CST

Tim Keeney - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1971 on 12/09/03 07:26:05 CST
Description: The usual stuff. Age 51. Went through various phases: Three Universities-(left disgusted). Discovered "interests" in diving,martial arts (Aikido Korean,Okinawan etc),did some protection work, played music professionally,took more than a passing intersest in ancient languages(Grk,sumerian,proto-chinese etc)and am a huge fan of Monty Python,Tim Burton(Mars Attacks etc.)and am reasonably adept at keeping any sociopathic tendencies on a leash.In summation,I can,without qualification,and do,thank the Creator that I am in very good health,have "all my marbles"--I have much to be grateful for. OK- so drop me an e-mail.

greg ippolito - [email protected]
610 Mag A Mor Dr.
Lafayette T 37083

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1968 on 12/10/03 16:28:53 CST
Description: I am a Special Education teacher in a Resource classroom (2nd and 3rd grades) and I coach football at Macon County High School (offensive line). I am married and have two stepsons!!

todd lincks - [email protected]
bentonville ar

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1987 on 12/10/03 20:57:43 CST
Description: hello to all that gave me fond memories. i'm currently living in beautiful arkansas. and yes, if a man and woman get divorced in arkansas they ARE still brother and sister. thank god i never had a sister..HA. It's an honor to have attended castle heights....i was greatly disappointed to see the acadamy closed. i've been back 2-3 times in the last several years to gander.they have done a nice job making it what it is today. i currently own a landscaping company. it took me awhile to get on top but life now is pretty good......about time!!!! no children and i am not married. was once for a few minutes but she wasn't related so we got it anulled HA. I'm married to my business .... love landscaping. It gives me alot of satisfaction . if any of you all need a landscaper call me, of course travel time will be included in the bill.(lots of it). it would be cool to hear from some of my classmates. feel free to contact me anytime. Again, thanks CHMA.....who was that red headed girl back in the woods by the gun range??ha. you all take care.

Mike Mashburn - [email protected]
1020 Old Hwy 46 S
Dickson TN 37055 615 446 3706

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1965 on 12/11/03 12:41:01 CST
Description: After attending Heights for three years, including three summer schools,I returned to my hometown to graduate with all the people I grew up with before everyone went off to college. I did have alot of friends at Heights too. Alot were like me and dropped out before graduating and I haven't been able to find them. After finding the Castle Heights website, I was able to contact some that way. I stayed in the same room at Bullard Hall every year I was there, right next to Col Lucas's quarters. We've all heard the statement, "You'll always remember where you were when you heard JFK was shot". I think we got wind of it in lunch formation and then they made the announcement in the messhall. A friend of mine just recently found a 65 Castle Heights annual on ebay that she purchased for me. It looked weird seeing all the guys in my class up front of all the formations as officers. Now that the school has been closed all these years, I often think of all the good times I had there and how lucky I was not to have been thrown out for some of the stuff we pulled. I was never what you would call a good student and the military part I could do without but it certainly helped out when I was drafted in 66. And now here at 56 years old, Castle Heights will always be a big part of my growing up life. Good luck to all of you.

Jack D Suiter - [email protected]
109 East 4th St
Russellville KY 42276 270-726-6923

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1980 on 12/16/03 13:28:55 CST
Description: I left castle heights after my freshmen year,Now I reside in Russellville Ky Iam a pawnbroker and a home builder I have 2 boys Daniel and Chance,I would like to here from some of my old class mates . Jack Suiter Class 1980

John W. "Bill" Martin - [email protected]
2010 Williams Road
nolensville TN 37135 (615)568-0131

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1971 on 12/20/03 20:34:17 CST
Description: Retired from the US Postal Service. Owner of GrassMasters Landscape in Nashville, TN Married to Debbi for 100 years or less, my memory fails me! One son John III 25 years old. Two Basste Hounds Grace and Sho-Fly. Live on a small farm and am happy as a clam. Haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked but there is still time. I think of Heights daily and would not take anything for the time or friends I had there. Look forward to returning yearly to relive old memories.

Dick Yost - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1972 on 12/21/03 09:49:45 CST

eddie - [email protected]
springfield tn 37172 615-382-9412

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1922 on 12/28/03 23:53:18 CST
Description: i am not a graduate but i have found a ring that has 1902 on it and i wanted to get some information about it please call think you

Hugh Dinwiddie - [email protected]
18 Hosell Ct.
Bluffton SC 29909

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1964 on 01/02/04 21:50:03 CST
Description: Since checking in four or five years ago, I've retired and moved to South Carolina. I'm living in Sun City Hilton Head and loving it. I figured I'd give what I hope will be my final email and address update.

Jim Hatch - [email protected]
102 Otter Road
Hil;ton Head SC 29928 843-298-5694

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 01/03/04 05:39:13 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:44 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:46 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:47 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:48 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:48 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:49 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:49 CST

Mike Luckoski - [email protected]
3319 Grandlake Blvd.
Kenner La 70065 504-467-8179

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1929 on 01/03/04 16:07:52 CST

Jack R. Warren - [email protected]
P. O. Box 1306
Murrieta CA 92564 909-443-8810

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1949 on 01/05/04 15:11:14 CST
Description: Just a note to update my profile previously submitted. After spending over 20 years in McLean, Virginia, we left for the better climes of Southern California. We have purchased a lot in La Cresta, just outside of Temecula and will start home construction in January, 2004. It will be my second home-building experience. I just hope that we survive this. While waiting for completion of the house, we are living in a rental house in Sun City, CA, a 55+ community some 25 miles south of Riverside. For all intents and purposes, I have retired and intend to sit on my butt and look at the view and sip the local vintage. Anyone traveling through is certainly welcome to come by and "set a spell".

Jack R. Warren - [email protected]
P. O. Box 1306
Murrieta CA 92564 909-443-8810

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1949 on 01/05/04 15:11:15 CST
Description: Just a note to update my profile previously submitted. After spending over 20 years in McLean, Virginia, we left for the better climes of Southern California. We have purchased a lot in La Cresta, just outside of Temecula and will start home construction in January, 2004. It will be my second home-building experience. I just hope that we survive this. While waiting for completion of the house, we are living in a rental house in Sun City, CA, a 55+ community some 25 miles south of Riverside. For all intents and purposes, I have retired and intend to sit on my butt and look at the view and sip the local vintage. Anyone traveling through is certainly welcome to come by and "set a spell".

Jack R. Warren - [email protected]
P. O. Box 1306
Murrieta CA 92564 909-443-8810

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1949 on 01/05/04 15:14:34 CST
Description: Just a note to update my profile previously submitted. After spending over 20 years in McLean, Virginia, we left for the better climes of Southern California. We have purchased a lot in La Cresta, just outside of Temecula and will start home construction in January, 2004. It will be my second home-building experience. I just hope that we survive this. While waiting for completion of the house, we are living in a rental house in Sun City, CA, a 55+ community some 25 miles south of Riverside. For all intents and purposes, I have retired and intend to sit on my butt and look at the view and sip the local vintage. Anyone traveling through is certainly welcome to come by and "set a spell". I'm still married to my Brazilian bride of 45 years. Our son, John, is living in Anchorage, AK and works with Eli Lilly. Feb. 1 will mark his 1st wedding anniversary. We're waiting for our first grandchild. Soon, we hope. If this email address does not work, it means it has been changed to .

Terry Gold - [email protected]
215 Highland Drive
Greenville KY 42345 270 338 5551

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1955 on 01/07/04 22:35:20 CST

steve kimbrough - [email protected]
500 5th ave n.
nashville tn 37219

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1985 on 01/08/04 09:29:07 CST
Description: I am so glad to find this website. So many names are here that i havent thought of in years its so good to see everyone is still keepin in touch. After school I traveled overseas with the USO/DOD .I am a sound engineer in the nashville area in the dreaded music Looking forward to hearing from some of you real soon.....Take care and god bless

JOHN D. DAVIS, JR. (JACK) - [email protected]
P. O. BOX 309
DECATUR AL 35602 256-353-9361

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1953 on 01/08/04 16:33:11 CST

Glenn Martin - [email protected]
6563 Lathers
Garden City Mi 48135 734-635-9722

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 01/11/04 15:56:53 CST
Description: I dod not finish Heights dropped out os school got married, worked divorced with a daughter. I'm on #3 and happy. Left Tennessee in 94 to move to Mi. I sure missed a lot going this way I would have graduated in 1975 if I had of stayed. Oh Well you learn from the past.

Robert E. Strueh - [email protected]
Oakland City In 47660 (812)922-5509

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1965 on 01/11/04 22:23:47 CST

Marion T. Brock - [email protected]
302 11th St. N. E.
Cullman Al 35055 256-734-1870

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1949 on 01/16/04 17:17:03 CST
Description: Married 1950 to Peggy Leeth,we have two daughters,1 grand daughter, 2 grand sons, 4 great grand children, expect two more girls this spring, would like to hear from any class members of 48,49,50, planing now for a 55 year reunion next October 2004, if all possible these classes try to attend this years renuion, e-mail me at [email protected] anytime today date is January 16, 2004. Would be great to hear from any class from 1943 to 1949 my years at Heights.MTB49

John Southcombe - [email protected]
21184 Fay-Blan Rd
Blanchester OH 45107

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1941 on 01/18/04 10:09:43 CST

Eric Turner - [email protected]

Hickory KY

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1987 on 01/22/04 02:50:03 CST
Description: Only had the honor of attending for a short time during 1983, while in 8th grade. I must admit that the experience cast a deep impression on me, and I will carry the memories of that time with me always. I have been extremely married to my first Love for nigh 13 years now. I have two,,, very opinionated red-headed boys, (12 and 7) both of whom I wish could be enrolled into the Heights someday. I spent much of my young adulthood choosing to pursue highly dangerous and physically demanding occupations. From learning to fit stones with the strength and skill of my own hands, to walking steel two thousand feet in the air, to leading crews stringing and activating thousands of miles of communications lines. I am intimate with the sense of accomplishment an honest day's work can bring, and know the true value of it as well. I thrive on personal challenge, and take great pride in doing what I am told cannot be done. Currently, I am still being forged to effect some higher purpose in life. I am a Citizen of Kentucky, a self-seeking student of Law, history, philosophy, science and art, as well as an avid observer of modern politics and economics which, since discerning the truth of them, disgust me to the core. Finding this website has taken me back to simpler times, and I thank you for it. Peace to our children's children, may they be ever in our thoughts.

fred -

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1967 on 01/23/04 16:39:22 CST

Fred - Halsellfp
1801 Woodland ave
Nashville Tn 37206

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1967 on 01/23/04 16:47:36 CST
Description: Will fill in news later. I am looking for an CHMA grad whol has Casting Agency in Ny. Anybody wilh connections in Hollywood,Ca. in the Bus. Looking for actress friend of mine I worked with in Nashville. You know how the woman love a guy in uniform. She is finishing her last year on the HBO / The Sopranos. Help Help

Louis Spilman, Jr. - [email protected]
225 Litchfield Place
or Post Office Box 53701
Fayetteville NC 28305 (910) 484-7547

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1948 on 01/27/04 14:59:19 CST
Description: Retired from the printing and publishing business 19 years ago. Have spent this time doing work for my fellow man in the Gideons, Salvation Army, and Our Christian Service Center. Am a member of the Board of Trustees for Methodist College in Fayetteville, and Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC. Would enjoy hearing from any of my classmate who remember me. I was on the Board of Castle Heights from 1984 until we closed in 1986.

H.S. (Rick) White - [email protected]
3147 S. Patterson Avenue
Springfield MO 65804 417-889-6271

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1966 on 02/05/04 01:17:34 CST
Description: I attended CHMA 1964 thru part of 1966. Would have graduated in '66, but was thoroughly tired of school and Viet Nam seemed to beckon somehow. Joined the Marines in April of '66 and was ready to get into some action (go figure.. of course at 18 no one has a brain in their head). Punch line: 4 year tour of duty '66 thru '70 and never made it over there. Here all these guys are heading to Canada to avoid the draft. I join up to go and can't get over there. Life sure is strange. Served in Marine Aviation, (VMFA 212 and VMFA 251 for any fellow "Jarheads"). Have followed an entrepreneurial bent since the service. Have owned: a motel chain, two manufacturing plants (remember all those "Fox Photo" kiosks ? Bet you wondered who made them (or a lot of them)). Consulting firm. An ISP in Memphis. Currently doing some "Dot Com". Had a good time at Heights. Roomed on the top floor of "Main" with Mike Johnstone (which always provided a light side listening to him practicing his guitar while he was trying to switch over from The Beach Boys to the Beatles, working on his new licks in every spare hour). I really can't get over that Lebanon, the quintessential sleepy southern town is now the home to corporations like Hartmann Luggage and Cracker Barrel. When I was there, you could hear the paint drying. Like to hear from any of you guys when you get a minute...

william p. krawchuck - [email protected]
201 Pensacola Bch Rd
gulf breeze fl 32561 850-261-9756

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1954 on 02/08/04 12:33:01 CST
Description: never graduated, attended 53-54. now 65 yrs old and involved in chartering "a co-ed, math and science college preparatory academy...presented in the Naval Aviation Tradition. Five men started in 1998, only two left

Jack - [email protected]
1600 Darwin Way
Mount Juliet TN 37217 615-361-8809

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1981 on 02/10/04 23:47:46 CST
Description: updating email, now divorced, have two daughters Sarah 8 and Hannah 6.

Tina Wotruba Parks - [email protected]
1687 Africa Road
Lebanon TN 37087 615-449-8449

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1985 on 02/11/04 23:28:07 CST
Description: 2/11/04 - Update - I have quit teaching and am now knee-deep in toddlerville. Shelby is 3 and she runs the house. I am still working for Baptist Hospital in Nashville as a Coder. I see my main co-hort regularly (Rhonda Kippes Robinson), but child/work/home/husband/hobbies keep me pretty swamped. Donald and I just acquired a 1939 Chevrolet Master Delux 2-door Sedan on top of our other Hot Rods. I look forward to seeing everyone at the 20th! (Man it is hard to believe it will be here so soon). If your in my area, give me a call - I would love to hear from you.

Frank Spangler - [email protected]
40 Linda St.
Inglis FL 34449 352-246-9082

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1963 on 02/16/04 15:49:18 CST

fred - [email protected]
1601 woodland ave
nashville tn 37206 none

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1967 on 02/18/04 16:34:37 CST
Description: chma'67 Marion Military Institute 67-69 USA 70=72 Okinawa (SignalCorps/Communications) Ole MISS '74-78 (journalism'advertising) St.Louis,Mo. '78-80 Nashville since then. Nashville State Tech '81-82 (Graphic Arts -Layout/Design) Have been agent for ad models, Mgr for '94 Mrs. America winner Was Associate Producer in Film Co' for major motion picture '95-98 Agent/Producer with major film actress to make a music CD. I looking for a Heights guy in Chicago before 3/15/04. Help! My roommate in the Army was from South Chicago. My tour of dutyin Army was FT. Knox,Ky - FT. Gordon,GA -Ft. Huachuca,Az. Okinawa - Ft. Benning, Ga. I'll write more later. Does anyone remember my nickname at Heights?

Keith Willeford - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1938 on 02/20/04 13:10:57 CST
Description: Not a graduate, but I found an old Medal and ribbon in some of my Grandfather's things and wondered if he was or how to find out . His name was Joseph Taylor Willeford he died about 30 years ago. He would have been born about 1885 in Putnam Co. Tn. Any info would be appreciated.

Evans -

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 02/22/04 20:47:32 CST

David Applegate - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1986 on 02/24/04 22:05:38 CST
Description: After graduation from CHMA, I attended Ole Miss and earned a degree in business and my commission as a 2LT in the Army. I was selected to attend flight school and now fly the UH-60 Blackhawk. I am now a Major currently stationed in Korea. I have been married to my wife Heather for 12 wonderful years and have two children, Andrew 10, and Emily 7. My family will join me in Korea this summer and will stay in Seoul for the next two years. I think of Castle Heights often with fond memories and the positive impact it had on my life.

Samuel F. Parker - [email protected],
305 Bristol Way

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1943 on 02/29/04 21:59:56 CST

Samuel F. Parker - [email protected],
305 Bristol Way

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1943 on 02/29/04 21:59:57 CST

John Flanagan - [email protected]
4001 Overbrook Dr
Nashville TN 37204 615-292-6019

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1970 on 03/02/04 14:07:00 CST
Description: Graduated UT with majors in Chem., Bio., and Psy. Medical School at Meharry - out in 1982. Internship, Residency, Cheif Resident and Fellow at Venderbilt - Anesthesiology. Navy commision 1978, Lived in Oakland, CA, sailed on the Ranger and spent time in the deert with the marines (field hospital). Rifed from reserves in 1995 as O-5. Faculty at Vandy and private practice until 1995, then retired. Married 32 years to Carol and two children Maura 15 and Sean 14, homeschooling.

William Bellinger Cheney, III - [email protected]
1407 S. Marion Ave.
Florence SC 29505-2806 843-667-3442

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1964 on 03/08/04 15:56:43 CST
Description: BS in Physics from the Citadel, Master in Business Adminstration from University of South Carolina. 18 years as a Nuclear Engineer at Savannah River Plant, Hanford site, and IAEA. 14 years as Stock Broker and Registered Investment Advisor. Currently reside in South Carolina. Been ill with Chronic Fatigue 3 years.

William Bellinger Cheney, III - [email protected]
1407 S Marion Ave
Florence SC 29505-2906 843-667-3442

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1964 on 03/08/04 16:31:05 CST
Description: Additional Information: Attended Goober School in the 7th grade and Geeber school as a Senior. Was in Main Building 2nd Floor, roomed with Geminer most of the year. Best friend was EA Brown. Was in the Flying Club, the radio club, and was manager for the Drill team. I was very active in Civil Air Patrol hence teh nickname "Flyboy". Also worked as a partime Waiter. Smoked a pipe then and still do. I could usually be found in the Radio club station in the back of the auditorium. My most significant memory was standing around the circle listing to Capt Todd's car radio when President Kennedy was shot. Went to the Citadel for two years, left to try to raise GPR to qualify for ROTC program and became subject to the draft. I enlisted and took basic at Benning, AIT at Ft. McClellan, and NCOC at Benning , Ranger school (did not complete), got married,then went back to McClellan to finish NCOC. Reported to C Company 1/50th (M), 173 ABN Bde at An Khe, RVN on June 26th 1968. Served 5 months with them as Infantry Squad Leader, then was transfered to B Company as a Morter Platoon Squad Leader. Was slightly wounded which got me a purple heart. Came home to South Florida. lived and worked for a year and then in 1970 returned to the Citadel as a vetern Student. Graduated in Physics in 1972. In june 72 went to work at Savannah River Plant as a Reactor Supervisor. After 4 years transfered to Reactor Physics. Had become very interested in procedure development so moved to Rockwell Hanford Site in Washington as Senior Procedure Systems Designer for the PUREX Processing Plant restart. My dear South Carolina wife couldn't stand the desert so we left and after almost as year as a consultant, I became a Safeguards Inspector with the IAEA, based in Vienna, Austria and doing inspections in Japan and Tiawan. After 5 years I returned home to Charleston working for the Charleston Naval Shipyard as a Submarine Refueling Engineer. Quiting in a dispute over being asked ot falsify records for my boss, I left the Nuclear Industry And became a Stock Broker for a small wire house. After a little over a year I became an Independent Broker and ran my own firm for 8 years. In 1998, I became a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of SC. Due to illness, I closed my business and let my Registration expire Last year.

tim freeman - [email protected]
1019 lbj ct.
gallatin tn 37066 230-8644

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1979 on 03/11/04 05:32:53 CST

David Wohrley - [email protected]
3604 Stonewood Ct
Nashville TN 37217 6153990801

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1978 on 03/17/04 23:01:09 CST
Description: Hello classmates and faculty, This is an update of email address and happenings. I am currently living in Nashville and believe it or not, attending college in pursuit of a Computer Technology Degree. (Some people are a little slow on the uptake). I have a wife who tolerates me, and three children, the oldest, a son, serving the Navy, a stepdaughter, spending my money and attending Xavier University, and a 15 year old, who I am not sure what he is doing. Anyway, It's all good. Love to hear from any of you guys. It seems that as time goes on, I think less and less of the hilltop and that is not a good thing. When our generation is gone, the memory of our school will also be gone in less we think of a way to preserve it.

alexandro borrello - [email protected]
acueducto res prados country house casa A-3
CARACAS 1070 582443222008

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1986 on 03/18/04 16:49:07 CST
Description: hey i said hello to everybody who knows me remember coconut from caracas venezuela hey people use my mail jus to said hi love all i still remember all of you

Larry Grissim - [email protected]
1827 Indian Hill Rd.
205 Stumpy Lane
Lebanon TN 37087 6154533833

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: Faculty on 03/25/04 19:38:44 CST
Description: I am now Job Developer for Wilson Co. YouthLinks Wilson Co. Schools

Richard A. Zack Jr. - [email protected]
1611 Eagle Street
Murfreesboro TN 37130 615-890-2950

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 03/29/04 17:05:56 CST
Description: UPDATED 3/29/04 I have been happily married to my soul mate; Dawn Michelle for 3+ years now & couldn't be happier! We actually met each other on the internet @ while playing in keno. I flew up to meet her in January 2000 in West Warwick, RI. Then she flew down in August to visit me (big surprise!). We both knew we were happy & wanted to be together. We publically announced our engagement on 8/18/2000 @ the Holiday Inn/Conrad's Lounge during "The Ron & Flo Show" (karaoke & dance...THE ABSOLUTE BEST KARAOKE IN THE WORLD!). I proposed to her while doing a BEE GEES rendition of "How Deep is Your Love." We were married in February 2001. My activities are karaoke, bowling, & surfing the net. More to come on my soap opera story...

Richard A. Zack Jr - [email protected]
1611 Eagle Street
Murfreesboro TN 37130 615-890-2950

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 03/30/04 20:06:57 CST
Description: UPDATED 3/29/04 I have been happily married to my soul mate; Dawn Michelle for 3+ years now & couldn't be happier! We actually met each other on the internet @ while playing in keno. I flew up to meet her in January 2000 in West Warwick, RI. Then she flew down in August to visit me (big surprise!). We both knew we were happy & wanted to be together. We publically announced our engagement on 8/18/2000 @ the Holiday Inn/Conrad's Lounge during "The Ron & Flo Show" (karaoke & dance...THE ABSOLUTE BEST KARAOKE IN THE WORLD!). I proposed to her while doing a BEE GEES rendition of "How Deep is Your Love." We were married in February 2001. My activities are karaoke, bowling, & surfing the net. You can read my accomplishment by going to website: (go to 1980s @ bottom of page, then 1989 National Championships. More to come on my soap opera story...

Roger J . Johnson - [email protected]
28 rocksprings est.
o'fallon il 62269 618-628-3113

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1974 on 04/03/04 00:20:22 CST
Description: I was in the us army for 9 year ,after that i worked for several optometrest offices , have been with D.O.C. optical for past 14 years , have great wife and five children and 5 grand children, oh ya and one more on the way ! would like to hear from anyone . See ya at our class reunion!

BRIAN KUNKA (Lerch) - [email protected]
806 Conestoga Way
Dayton NV 89403 775-250-0401

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1981 on 04/07/04 20:55:18 CDT
Description: Hi all, Still married to Nicol. No kids, just animals. 4 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, some fish, 1 peacock, 1 guinea hen, and several chickens. I am happily retired from the Army as a First Sergeant. I am now a Professional Farrier (Horseshoer) and liking the change. Hope all is well and everyone is doing ok.

Chris Blanton - [email protected]
5721 S 163rd Avenue
Omaha NE 68135 630-566-3788

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1981 on 04/11/04 03:58:42 CDT
Description: Just updating information. Jen and I moved to Omaha in 2003 so I could move closer to a job. Turned out to be an unsatisfactory position so I'm unemployed again, heh! So I'm looking after our investments trying to recover from the beating in 2001. I'm also attending distance classes to finish up my MBA. Life is good!

jenniffer cox -

lebanon tn 37087

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1980 on 04/11/04 20:22:18 CDT

jenniffer cox -

lebanon tn 37087

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1980 on 04/11/04 20:26:37 CDT
Description: I didn't attend CHMA, however, I lived on campus for 9 1/2 years and understand that some have asked about me. Just wanted to touch base.

Walter H. Cannon, Jr. - [email protected]
5260 H. Thomas Rd.
Gainesville GA 30506 (770) 536-1199

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1959 on 04/14/04 10:59:17 CDT
Description: Two tours of duty in Viet Nam in Marine Corps. Graduated from University of Florida. Self-employed, living in Houston, TX. many years, until moving to Gainesville, Ga. Semi-retired, small-time investor in real estate. Spend time play ing golf, singing karaoke, and riding my Harley through the beautiful hills of north Georgia, and surrounding states.

Bill Stewart - [email protected]
1131 SE 18th St
Cape Coral FL 33990

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1969 on 04/15/04 08:18:36 CDT
Description: Was at CHMA in 1965/66 and 1966/67 but then went to a public school in Memphis, TN where I graduated in 1969. Thanks to Joe Ford I actually have been in electronics in one way or another most of my life, ham radio operator N4CRO, but in TN have been a firefighter, owned my own computer store for 10 years and now am in law enforcement in SW Florida. Home page is Take a peek and enjoy and hello to all my classmates.

William E. Jordan "Butch" -
806 Quail Valley Drive
Brentwood TN 37027 615-373-2062

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1955 on 04/17/04 21:01:57 CDT
Description: I've beeen married 43 years to Ann, and we have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. I retired from Entech Engineering as a PE and partner in the firm two years ago. I had a stroke five years ago, and a heart attack last summer, but am still kicking.

James T. Whitehead - [email protected]
5750 Lake Resort Drive
Apt G121
Chattanooga TN 37415 4237513913

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1965 on 04/18/04 21:36:00 CDT

Chuck Parrish - [email protected]
217 Oak Point Ln
Mt. Juliet TN 37122 615-758-2632

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 04/24/04 19:36:40 CDT
Description: All preious info is still in-tack! Girls are older and so are Valerie and I!-LOL!

Stafford Durham - [email protected]

Atlanta GA

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1974 on 04/26/04 16:13:01 CDT
Description: Since graduation I've had about three lives. The first one was academic when I taught college for several years after finishing a Ph.D. The second life began when I had an early mid-life crisis and moved to the Caymans where I owned and operated a business for three years. My third life started when I had enough of paradise and moved back to the U.S., this time settling in Atlanta. I put my research and business skills together and became a licensed private investigator. And now I own an private detective agency that specializes in pre-employment screening and background investigation with clients all over the U.S. I've had a lots of fun, never been bored, and got tons of great stories. When I think back on where I've been, I'm always reminded of Frederick Nietzsche words, "One must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star."

JOE ADAMS - [email protected]
HOOVER AL 35242 205-428-2326

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1967 on 04/26/04 20:54:40 CDT

Tom Wiley - [email protected]
PO Box 324
118 Celia Drive
Gordonsville TN 38563 615-944-9007

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: Faculty on 05/03/04 18:58:20 CDT
Description: Working with computers in Middle Tennessee. An instructor at Heights '61 - '74

John A. Morrow - [email protected]
214 West Avenue
Cartersville Ga 30120 770-382-0925

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 05/06/04 18:06:09 CDT
Description: When Heights closed it was a sad day for all of us. It's good that this website has been created for ex-cadets and I am happy to see old familiar names(you will always be "young" to me.) I would like the C.H.M.A. Ranger cadets to meet again sometime(& we'll cook another rattlesnake for dinner.)Best to all and I hope life has been kind to you. John A. Morrow(Capt."JAM")

Fred C. Morgan - [email protected]
902 Palisades Circle
Lake Ozark MO 65049 573-365-9962

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1952 on 05/07/04 14:08:57 CDT
Description: I am retired and living at the Lake of the Ozarks in South-Central Missouri. I retired in 2003 after 46 years in the Conveyor Business. I play golf and run my boat arround the lake. I have 7 grandchildren. I still do some part-time consulting in construction labor relations for my former company. Life is good and I am enjoying it greatly.

John A. Morrow ("Capt.JAM") - [email protected]

Cartersville, Ga 30120 770-382-0925

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: Faculty on 05/10/04 12:08:23 CDT
Description: Hello all cadets,especially the Rangers: I stumbled on this great website by accident and just want to say hi to all the cadets. A couple of the cadet Rangers were asking about my whereabouts and here I am so please drop a line when you have a minute. Best wishes to all the faculty and especially the cadets, J.A. Morrow ("Capt.JAM")

Jere Maggart - [email protected] / [email protected]
same VA 276 706-0122

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 05/18/04 13:53:24 CDT
Description: I changed email addresses. Please revise. Thanks, see you in October

Jay P. Cleveland - [email protected]
2640 Grooverville Rd.
Quitman GA 31643 229-263-5660

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1955 on 05/18/04 14:40:28 CDT
Description: Update on E-mail address.

Jim - Peterson
1601 Lusk St.
Guntersville Al 35976 2565826946

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 05/19/04 17:32:01 CDT
Description: Greetings to all fellow "Heightsmen" from the home of THE Alabama Crimson Tide. I became engaged to be married to Koley Hill on Saturday May 15th, 2004 (yes this is the first AND only). Koley is a Guntersville girl and a former girlfriend from eight years ago. I will try to post the wedding date when we have it confirmed. It was neccessary for me to agree to the fact that I was marrying up and Koley was marrying down. HA! HA! I continue to serve as an Alabama State Trooper in the Highway Patrol division. My city council term will be expiring in October and I will likely seek re-election in August. I plan to run for Mayor in the following municipal election. I will probably need to re-activate my battalion staff from 1984 if I am successful. I love you all like brothers and sisters Sincerely, Jim (C/LTC retired) P.S. I am maintaining surveillance on Jeff Malone class of 1985.

H.L. "Bert" Dobbs - [email protected]
3104 East Camelback Rd. #291
Phoenix Az 85016

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1957 on 05/22/04 16:55:31 CDT

alfredo gomez - [email protected]
kr. 9 no. 86 50 apt 601
bogota colombia 57 1 4126995

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1955 on 05/25/04 21:36:13 CDT

Ralph Robertson - [email protected]
3016 delano, NE
Albuquerque NM 87106 505-232-8613

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1974 on 05/29/04 06:14:19 CDT

Bill Snyder - [email protected]
P.O. Box Q

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 06/03/04 00:48:39 CDT

Bill Snyder - [email protected]
P.O. Box Q
521 Main St
Irwin PA 15642 724-863-1200

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 06/03/04 01:40:51 CDT

Jim Davis - [email protected]
1980 Gerard Park Lane
Hazelwood MO 63042 314-724-3191

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1954 on 06/10/04 09:43:56 CDT
Description: I was only fortunate to attend Heights for my sophmore year in high schoo;. It is an experience I will remember and cherish forever. That one year and the tutulage of Col. Ingram and others like Capt. Sidule and the friendship of cadets like Paul Prehn, Bob Cook and Bob Keeton helped make me the person I am today. I have fond memories of some of the latin american students the first time they saw snow. I will never forget Ignacio Palomero, a skinny kid from Cuba who wore very large glasses picking up some snow and sticking it in an envelope to mail home because he wanted to share it with his family. I often wonder what happened to him after Castro gained power. I wnet on through high school back home a changed person (which was my Mom's abjective). I got married shortly after I graduated in 1958, wound up in the Marine Corps during Nam and eventually becamea bank officer. I later became a political consultant and have run many local and state campaigns. I have also had the privledge to be involved in several Presidential campaigns. I have been married for 43 wonderful years, have one daughter, four grandchildren and at the present time one bird. I am still very actively involved in politics. I would love to hear from anyone at Heights and share some memories. I hope to get to Homecoming this year if one is held.

James Hagy Smith - [email protected]
132 W.Houston
Selmer TN 38375 731-645-6840

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1950 on 06/25/04 17:45:43 CDT
Description: physician,general practice,office practice only. 2 daughters,2 grandsons.

Mark Hitchcock - [email protected]
237 River Oaks Dr Ext.
West Monroe La 71291 318-348-2060

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1966 on 06/26/04 11:48:59 CDT
Description: I attended CHMA from 1961 to 1964, went back home to graduate in McMinnville, Tn. 1966. I lived on the 2nd floor of Ingram Hall, was on the Color Guard, played JV football, and was the JV basketball manager and in the Height's Y. Joined the Navy in 1968, went to Nam on the USS Valley Forge, was in Air Traffic Control. Went back to college and graduated for Memphis State in 1974. Married in 1970, divorced in 1998, have 2 great sons 27 and 25. Went to work for J. I. Case Co. in 1974 (They make agricultural and construction equipment), and have been with them ever since. I now live on a 16 X 80 Lakeview Houseboat on the Ouachita River in West Monroe, La., with my new wife Laura. Drop us an email or give me a call. Mark

Larry Gibbs Cox - [email protected]
124 E. Churchwell Avenue
Knoxville TN 37917 865/216-1065

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1961 on 06/27/04 07:26:38 CDT
Description: I am married to the former Brenda Mize for thirty years and we have two children-Shane(24)who graduated from Cumberland College in Williamsburg, KY this Spring and Brooke(20)who will be a junior at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City this Fall. I served on the Knoxville City Council for twenty years(1983-2003) and am currently working as a field representative for Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr., a Republican. I own Homestead, Inc.(865/524-3026), a wholesale food distributorship. I serve on many boards such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley, work with children through youth sports, and spend my spare time playing golf. We attend Emerald Avenue United Methodist Church. I loved my one year as a post graduate in 1960-1961 playing football and lifting weights with my roommate Frank Chifici frow New Orleans and now deceased in Bullard Hall. Go Tigers!

Bob Cook - [email protected]
223 south washington street
Snow Hill, Md Md 21863 410-845-4000

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1983 on 06/30/04 11:36:18 CDT
Description: New E-mail

Pedro Gonzalez - [email protected]
P.O. Box 1601
Mayaguez PR 00681 787-464-1273

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1960 on 07/04/04 19:07:28 CDT
Description: After leaving C.H.M.A. went to college in Puerto Rico, then to Spain where I studied Medicine. At present retired, married with three children and 2 grandchildren and another one on the way, have a boat and love the sea.

Mike Eller - [email protected]
4148 Brandywine Pointe Blvd
Old Hickory Tn 37138 615-847-4001

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1968 on 07/06/04 14:27:53 CDT
Description: Graduated 1968-BS U of Alabama 1972. Married Brabara Carter from Anniston, Al. Have two children Ashley 29, graduated U of Alabama married and delivered the prettiest grandchild in the world. Drew 25, graduated U of Alabama, working with Bridgestone Corporate, engaged to be married June 05. My partner and i own the Hermitage Golf Course, 36 hole facility in Nashville, Tn. Miss seeing all the great guys from Heights.

Gustavo Cardenas Gil - [email protected]
C:C. El Parral 3er piso Ofc. 319
Barquisimeto. Edo. Lara. Venezuela

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1969 on 07/07/04 19:07:22 CDT
Description: Graduated in Business Administration, I have worked since graduation in cattle ranch and also work in a dairy plant as a General Manager, happily married since 78, have four sons all boys and would like to see any one of you if ever come to Venezuela.

Bruce R. Lockwood - [email protected]
148 Laurie Circle
Jackson TN 38305 731-668-2277

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1964 on 07/13/04 23:44:55 CDT
Description: B.A. Auburn University; Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UT-Knoxville, where I met my wife, Fran (also a psychologist). Both of us are in private practice in Jackson, TN. We have two daughters living in Memphis.

Bruce A Anthony - [email protected]
224 Viewpoint Dr
Hot Springs AR 71913 501-525-1865

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1961 on 07/14/04 18:59:14 CDT

Greg - Roper
6424 Brentwood
Cammack Village AR 72207 501-663-3258

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 07/18/04 01:48:06 CDT
Description: Hey ya'll -- I'm actually a city councilman now. Who woulda thunk it? Family is still the same as the last post. Firefighting and Boy Scouts are what I do. I still play like an all-star, I'll still party like a rock star & I'll still ---- like a porn star!!! Call me if you're in Little Rock!

Greg Roper - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1982 on 07/18/04 02:01:14 CDT
Description: Here's my real e-mail address. Someone let me know how you are.

JON WARREN - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1970 on 07/20/04 19:21:04 CDT

Kelly Gwynn -

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 07/21/04 02:34:44 CDT

Kelly Gwynn - [email protected]
1629 North Pelham Rd
Atlanta GA 30324

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 07/21/04 02:42:43 CDT
Description: Good grief! I can't believe how many of you guys have registered. I didn't even know this website existed (yes, how ironic). I dropped off the face of the earth for a while, but now I'm in Atlanta, living with my husband and 2 yr old daughter. I'm the recruiting manager at a litigation boutique here in Atlanta. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the 20th (!!!!!) reunion in Oct.

KEITH PALMER - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 07/26/04 15:39:55 CDT
Description: Now I know the end is near. Kelly Averitt is a school teacher, I am married and have a son. And a woman has actually committed to spending the rest of her life with Barry Fitts! Living in Nashville with wife Ginger and son Gavin(six months @ time of posting). B.S. from Middle Tennessee State University(finally). Over 15 years in radio buisness and more than that in retail as the largest Santa's helper in America. I feel lucky to live close enough to drive through the old campus often. Especially in the Fall. There is nothing like it.

Joe A. Pifer - [email protected]

Spring Valley Ca 91977

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1957 on 07/31/04 02:38:35 CDT
Description: After graduation I served 30 years in the U. S. Navy and retired as a Master Chief Hospital Corpsman. I Then spent 13 years in as a manager in School Transportation. Presently retired in the San Diego area

Stan Wilson - [email protected]
332 Persimmon Lane
Elizabethtown p 17022 717-361-0699

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1978 on 08/11/04 02:03:46 CDT
Description: I'm just a small contractor with a large son about to play college football----- JUST WAIT AND SEE WHERE HE LANDS--- all 310lbs of him! Two weeks

Laura Leigh (Barnes) Littleford - [email protected]
185 Nashua
Montevallo AL 35115

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1986 on 08/21/04 13:45:53 CDT
Description: Update - 08/04 Moved to Brussels, Belgium in Jan. 2004 and have a son, Jackson, who was born in France in Jan. 2003. He is a delight! The address in AL is my parents' home.

Michael Lambert - [email protected]
P.O. Bx 17794
Nashville TN 37217

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1979 on 08/21/04 23:04:20 CDT
Description: Graduate MTSU, Sociology/Cultural Anthropology. Have spent the last eighteen years working for the Nashville Fire Department, currently assigned to the Rapid Triage unit.

larry s. watson - [email protected]
463 winston road
clayton nc 27520 9195535125

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1966 on 08/22/04 14:43:21 CDT

J.George Cuccia Jr. - [email protected]
144 Cove Rd
Greenacres FL 33413 561 439 7586

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1953 on 08/28/04 13:42:13 CDT
Description: Started as a "Goober" Junior School; in 1948, Finished Heights Senior School in 1953. Great Memories are always with me. Hope to return for my 51st reunion, missed my 50th.Lived in Annapolis,Md. from 1953-1987. Retired to Florida in 1987.

Frederic B. Shelby - [email protected]
PO Box 15777
Little Rock AR 72231-5777

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1960 on 08/28/04 16:41:52 CDT
Description: Started Heights in the fourth grade. Went there off and on until I graduated in 1960. Started out as a "goober" living in MacFadden Hall. Have lived in most of the buildings at Heights and remember my earlier years better than my last. Margaret Yahola was the apple of my eye and I miss her dearly. I remember the fatherly chats with Colonel Ingram too, right before he would give me a dozen or so well deserved demerits. I remember the Friday night movies in the auditorium and the Saturday morning inspections. I remember Col. Stockton and Col. Armstrong. The "Bull Ring" and "Butt Hole" were part of our jargon back then. Sometimes I thinks about those long ago moments of my youth.

Tom Williams - [email protected]
P.O. Box 11614
Atlanta GA 30355 404-842-1946

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 09/02/04 01:34:50 CDT
Description: Just an update, I recently moved back to Atlanta to take over the family business. I still will be going back and forth to New Orleans. New Cell # is 404-964-6131

Mike Summar - [email protected]


Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 09/09/04 10:36:26 CDT
Description: Tammy and I are blessed to have a new baby girl. Ms Zoe Kathryn Summar was born on 8/26/04 she was 6lbs. 4 oz and 19.5 inches long. Everyone says the four ounces is hair. We are delighted and having a ball as new parents. Look forward to seeing everyone at Homecoming on the 9th

richard van der Dys - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 09/10/04 12:33:32 CDT

richard van der Dys - [email protected]
95 S CopperSage Cir
The Woodlands TX 77381 2812921055

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 09/10/04 12:36:45 CDT

John A. Morrow - [email protected]
214 West Avenue
Cartersville Ga 30120 770-382-0925

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: Faculty on 09/14/04 17:16:24 CDT
Description: Hi; I taught history & ran the Cadet Ranger program at C.H.M.A. Best wishes,J.A. Morrow

Frederic B. Shelby - [email protected]
PO Box 15777
Little Rock AR 72231-5777

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1960 on 09/20/04 21:15:56 CDT
Description: Started Heights in the fourth grade. Went there off and on until I graduated in 1960. Started out as a "goober" living in McFadden Hall. Have lived in most of the buildings at Heights and remember my earlier years better than my last. Margaret Yahola was the apple of my eye and I miss her dearly. I remember the fatherly chats with Colonel Ingram too, right before he would give me a dozen or so well deserved demerits. I remember the Friday night movies in the auditorium and the Saturday morning inspections. I remember Colonels Stockton and Armstrong, having met Colonel Stockton at my home when he recruited me and my brother. I would visit the first Mrs. Armstrong at her home there on the campus and she would give me tea to drink. The "Bull Ring" and "Butt Hole" were part of our jargon back then. Sometimes I think about those long ago moments of my youth.

Rick Grisham - [email protected]
12430 Dominion Way
Louisville KY 40299 502-540-0280

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 09/25/04 23:45:59 CDT
Description: We haved moved to new e-mail and home address'

Carl "Shots" Blunck - [email protected]
P.O. Box 81291
Mobile, AL 36695 cell-251-610-5846

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1968 on 09/26/04 22:02:43 CDT
Description: Cajun in exile now residing on the Redneck Riviera in Mobile, married 21 years, 3 great kids, many places and many tales, you gotta call me to hear them my brothers. Come spend some time if you like, give me a shout. Entered 09/26/04

Robert Judd - [email protected]
121 Castle Rock Dr
Asheville NC 28806 (828)670-5852

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1980 on 09/30/04 23:47:24 CDT
Description: just wanted to update the email address

Scott Bell - [email protected]

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1977 on 10/01/04 16:51:16 CDT

Ted Crabtree - [email protected]
109 Carnwith Drive
Brooklin ON L1M 1K1 (905) 665-3902

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/02/04 15:55:38 CDT
Description: A little to update since my last posting. Left GM in at the end of August '04 to pursue an opportunity with Johnson Controls - Automotive Systems Group. This did require minor relocation to the greater metro Toronto area, so after nearly 20 years I am leaving the Atlanta area. Also our third, Wade was born in March of 2002. And to keep things really exciting Pam is due with our fourth child in October. Most likely I will miss the reunion, since that is pretty much on Pam's due date. Please drop me a line. You can also use the US address and home number until Christmas. 4950 Conover Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338 (770) 392-7978

William H. Denney - [email protected]
LEBANON Tn 37090 615-366-5100

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1969 on 10/05/04 12:57:04 CDT
Description: I graduated from UT in 1974 with a degree in accounting. Passed the CPA exam and have worked in Public Accounting since graduation. Married no children. Shoot skeet for fun. I have many good memories of CHMA.

Lori Powell Clinton - [email protected]
190 Breakwater Drive
Hendersonville TN 37075 615-308-6055

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1978 on 10/06/04 15:28:57 CDT
Description: UPDATE! I have moved to Hendersonville, remarried to my husband Paul, and I'm in the catering business. Can't wait to see you all again at homecoming!

Meri (Casto) Erieau - [email protected]
2990 Miller Paul Road

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/06/04 16:08:15 CDT

Meri (Casto) Erieau - [email protected]
2990 Miller Paul Road
Galena Oh 43021

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/06/04 16:11:15 CDT
Description: I am living in Galna, Ohio. I have been married for 12 years (man am I old!) We have a daughter Sophie. I work as an office manager for a printer.

Meri (Casto) Erieau - [email protected]
2990 Miller Paul Road
Galena Oh 43021

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1984 on 10/06/04 16:19:08 CDT
Description: I graduated from Ohio Dominican with a BS in Literature and History. I have begun masters work at Otterbein Collage. I am living in Galna, Ohio. I have been married for 12 years (man-how did I et SO old?! We have a daughter Sophie. I am the office manager for a printer. I think of Castle Heights and my classmates often. I would love to hear from some of you! I have seen postings on the web page from many names I remember from my past! I would love too hear from my old roommate.

Raymond Littleton Highers, III - [email protected]
5549 Landings Crest
Virginia Beach VA 23464-6778 757-348-7836

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1974 on 10/07/04 14:05:33 CDT
Description: I did not graduate from Castle Heights Military Academy in 1974, but I did from Lebanon High School. I did, however, attend CHMA during my 7th and 8th grades years (Junior School) (Fall of 1968 to Spring of 1970) and was the Saluatorian in the 8th grade; Woody Hawkins was the Valevictorian. I was "Day Boy". Remember those "rumbles" we had in the Day Boy Locker Room? LOL Now I am in the U.S. Navy, have been since 1975, am a Fire Controlman Senior Chief Petty Officer (Paygrade E-8), stationed in Norfolk, Virginia at the Afloat Training Group Atlantic (ATGL) where we train the Atlantic Fleet ships in their basic phase of training of their "work-ups", and will be stationed on the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73), a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, out of Norfolk in February 2005. Sincerely, Raymond L. Highers, III FCCS(SW/AW)/E-8 USN

Tina Wotruba Parks - [email protected]
1687 Africa Road
Lebanon TN 37087 615-449-8449

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1985 on 10/10/04 10:46:37 CDT
Description: updated e-mail address: [email protected]

Tina Gillette Drnek - buglady56
1950 Saundersville Ferry
Moss Point, MS TN 37122 615-754-2613

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 10/10/04 14:38:07 CDT
Description: As of 10-8-04 my email address is [email protected]

Tina Gillette Drnek - buglady56

Mt. Juliet TN

Ad No.: 1417 - Department: 1975 on 10/10/04 14:55:12 CDT
Description: The city was wrong on last post.

Rick Grisham -