B96 Halloween Bash 2001
This years Halloween Bash was one of the best ever.  Not only were our guys great, but we had the opportunity of seeing Fabolous, Lil. Mo, Eve, P. Diddy, and Afroman perform.  The night started off as soon as we arrived to the Allstate Arena.  We cut in line (like always), and went straight to the meet-n-greet, which was luckily closer to the side of the building where we entered.  Fortunately, only a few people were in line and we got to get the guys autographs. We didn't really get too many pictures though, being as though we didn't bring Lety's camera and had to bring these cheap little disposable ones. LOL Justin and Lucas were looking hot, like always, but Stevie looked a little diferent. He dyed his hair brown and only the front was blond. A big change for him, but none the less, he looked good, like usual. After the meet-n-greet, we went to find our seats. THEY WERE AWESOME! We wanted to go out and bet back in line for the signing, but it got to  close to show time, so we decided to wait till intermission. Besides, the guys were probably already getting warmed up back stage. When they finally came out, we screamed our butts off like always. The people around us had to cover our ears because we were so loud!  : )  The performance was better than ever. Then again, I always think it gets better every time! Unfortunatly when we finally went back to get autogrpahs during the intermission, they had  already cut off the line. Although we were disappointed, the show still kicked ass. Eva and P. Diddy tore off the place and we got to see our hotties perform all in one show. Can't wait till next year!  --Krystal
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