My name is Craig here are some photos and articles about the finches I keep.  Australian and exotic finches including Diamond Firetails (Normal and orange/yellow form), Painted Finches, Gouldian Finches, Longtail Finches, Plumhead Finches, Redbrowed Finches, Double bar finches, Red faced parrot Finches, Cuban Finches, Strawberry Finches and Pictorella munias.
Birds in purple script no longer kept, due to space restrictions.
My Finch Aviaries
Diamond Firetails.
Diamonds With Young.
Gouldian Finches
Gouldian Fledglings.
Longtail Finches.
Cuban Finches.
Painted Finches.
Red Faced Parrot Finches.
Plumhead Finches.
Mutation  Plumheads. (Fawns and Dark)
  Strawberry Finches
Strawberry Finches 2.
  Local Native birds.
Wild birds 2
Craig's Aussie Finch Links Page.
Craig's Overseas  Finch Links Page.
Craig's Non bird links (personel stuff).
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Diamond Firetail Article (Part 1)
Diamond Firetail Article (Part 2)
Plumheaded Finches Article (Part 1)
Plumheaded Finches Article (Part 2)
David Pace's Pictorella Manual
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Coming soon .  My garden photos, local wild birds, edible   plant  photos (for birds), more finch photos & more!!
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