Ponders End Does........

     This page is dedicated to Gail Cole of The Ponders End Herd....for all the hard work and dedication to the Nigerian Dwarf Breed.....     Thank you Gail, the girls and I will  keep you always in our hearts.........    
Ponders End Model, Praise and Lille
MCH Ponders End Maximum Praise E 91.0
Dam/ New Road Ranch Fiesta 
Sire/ Flat Rocks Maximum Return
Praise will be bred to Twin Creeks Montego Bay for March kids... reserve yours now!   $400
Ponders End Spokesmodel VG
Ponders End Maximum Cheers X It'l Do's Arapaho)
Model will be breed to Montego Bay for May kids reserve yours now!   $400
Ponders End MTB Faerie Lille    Will be breed to Twin Creeks WB Romeo Red
                                                                           for June kids.... reserve yours now!

New Road Ranch Lilith X Twin Creeks PD Moneyinthe Bank)  $350
Ponders End Desert Dove  ( Ponders End Desert Mirage X Twin Creeks BH Bravado )
To reserve a kid from these ladies please send an e mail to me on a first come first serve basis......   for more information on reservations and sales see.....    terms of sale  on home page.......
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