Cozy's notes from the ELP tour


I arrived In the USA on 23 July 1986 and spent the first week in Los Angeles, then on 30 July on to New York for promotions.  Everyone arrived at El Paso Marriott on 2 August 1986. 

3 August     

We all went to a barbecue for promotions, judging a beauty competition and bits of promotion. We then did a week's worth of radio and TV interview.

5 August

We were just about starting rehearsals. The ELP album was at this point number 23 with a bullet in Billboard. That week we worked the drum solo out as well with the aid of a guy called Reek Havoc who works for Simmons drums as a computer programmer. A lot of programme Ideas come from Reek.

12 August

The album was down from 23 to 29. In the last two weeks we commuted between El Paso and Las Cruces in New Mexico, which was about a one hour drive. We used to leave about 2pm and rehearse, say from 3pm to midnight.

15 August 

The first concert was at El Paso where there were 3,500 people and I gave it a 4 out of 1 0. Yngwie Maimsteen turned up and decided to throw a wobbler at the shortage of room and so didn't play and was thrown off the tour. The band wasn't being difficult, It was just Yngwie being a pain. 

16 August Day off.

17 August 

Norman, Oklahoma. 1,000 people and a 4 out of 1 0, with trouble getting the gear set up. No replacement for Yngwie so no support as with most of the tour.

19 August 

New Orleans, Louisiana. 5,000 people and 6 out of 10. Good gig, haven't played better.

20 August 

Houston, Texas. 5,000 people, disaster show, an outdoor gig.

21 August 

Dallas, Texas. 5,000 people, 7 out of 10, really good gig. The band were starting to gel together.

22 August Day off.

23 August 

San Antonio, Texas. 1,200 people, 8.5 out of 10. Excellent gig despite the small number of people.
Then seven concerts were unfortunately canceled as their ticket sales were so bad. That week was spent In San Antonio rehearsing, trying to cut down the lighting show a little bit. Frank and I played tennis thrashing Greg and Tommy who is the guy who works for Greg.

1 September 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 8.5 out of 10, so was a good gig and also a good crowd.

2 September 

Album dropped to 40.

3 September 

Toronto, Canada. 8.5 out of 10, unbelievable gig, we had a 10 minute standing ovation and they wouldn't leave. 2 encores, a fabulous show.

5 September 

Montreal, Canada. 6 out of 10. We received a gold disc for Canada.

8 September 

Frank and I went to a place called Lake George where we went parasailing and played football with the crew. The crew, I must add, were the best I've ever worked with and I used to hang about with them a lot.

Glen's Falls. 8.5-9 out of 10. Must have been a good gig.

10 September 

Drove to New York for a gig in New Greenwich which was canceled. Fortunately It wasn't anything to do with us, it was the unions at New Haven.

12 September 

Philadelphia, the Mann Centre. 6,000 people, really good gig. The first really good attendance on the tour. 8 out of 1 0.

13 September 

Meadowlands, New Jersey. 14,000 people, 9 out of 10. John Sykes came and enjoyed it and
it was really a good gig.

14 September Day off

15 September 

Providence, Rhode Island. Disaster gig yet 2 encores. It was a little theatre and the power went off twice.

16 September 

Greatwoods, Boston. 4, 000 people, 9.5 out of 10 - My personal best. On to New York.

19 September 

Landover, Maryland. 4,000 people, 4 out of 10, it wasn't too bad.

20 September 

Madison Square Gardens, New York. 13,000 people, 9.5 out of 10. It was a really good show and we went down with a storm.

21 September 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 5 out of 10 and was alright. This was an extra that was put in as 22nd sold out.

22 September 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sold out, 7 out of 10. It wasn't too bad, though we were all a bit

23 September 

Cleveland, Ohio. 2,400 people, 4 out of 10, It wasn't that clever.

24 September 

Then we went to Hershey for a day off and we trained with Jerry Cooney who is the white hope heavyweight champion of the world.

25 September 

Hershey, Pennsylvania. 9.5 out of 1 0 so the standard was getting better now. Another good gig.

26 September Day off.

27 September 

Hampton, Virginia. 7 out of 10, average gig.

28 September 

Richmond, Virginia. 7 out of 10 so that was okay.

29 September 

On to Lexington. I had a terrible toothache that night, don't know why.

30 September 

Lexington, Kentucky. 9 out of 10 though there were only about 800 people there in a 20,000 seat venue!

1 October Day off.

2 October 

Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia. 6,000 people, that was sold out I think. 9 out of 10, a great gig.

3 October 

Tampa, Florida. Day off. 

4 October 

Lakeland Arena. 3,000 people, 3 out of 10. It was recorded for Westwood One (radio). It was
a disaster gig, we played really badly and I hope that tape never comes out though no doubt
it will.

5 October 

Miami, Florida. 4,000 people. Very good gig. We played very well.

Then we had a week's break In Miami so nothing much happened there.

12 October 

Charlotte, North Carolina. 4 out of 1 0, I played the worst on the whole tour, don't know why.

13 October 

A six hour flight and felt dreadful. I had a bit of a cold then.
Boston, Mass. 9.5 out of IO. I had a streaming cold - just pushed myself .

14 October Day off - in bed.

15 October Felt dreadful.

16 October 

Grand Rapids, Michigan. 4 out of 10, bit of a dump, a college type gig. It wasn't very good
but I was recovering.

17 October 

Fox Theatre, Detroit. 6,000 people, 9.5 out of 10, great gig and sold out.

18 October 

Indianapolis, Indiana. 4,000 people, 9 out of 1 0, good gig again. We played with a great band with a great singer, Henry Lee Summer,whom l might be doing some work with in the future you never know.

19 October 

Chicago, Illinois. 8,000 people, 8 out of 10 but everybody was really tired at that point.

20 October 

At Chicago, saw 'Crocodile Dundee' which was the highlight of the evening, great film, go and see it when it comes out - it's hilarious.

21 October 

St. Paul, Minnesota. Not many people there but still a 9.5 out of 10. Good gig.

22 October 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 9.5 out of 10, it would have been a 10 out of 10 but I messed up one of the numbers at the end!

23 October 

Ames, Iowa. 8.5 out of 10, middle of nowhere, college campus.

24 October 

Left to go to Portland and all got drunk on the plane and caused a lot of havoc, arrived at Portland 25 October and it was raining.

26 October 

Portland. 9.5 out of 1 0. We were trying to compete with Van Halen in the same town so there weren't many people there.

27 October 

Seattle, Washington. 9.5 out of 10, great gig.

29 October 

San Francisco, California. 4,000 people, 7 out of 10, good gig. (Note: Frank thinks it is better than a 7 out of 10). Lots of Cozy banners, which was nice.

30 October 

Los Angeles, Greek Theatre. 10 out of 10, excellent gig and sold out. [It was great, but only about 2/3 full - Bill W.]

31 October 

Costa Mesa. Halloween night, open air, funny sound. I gave it a 5 out of 10 but everyone else enjoyed it so maybe it was me (Note again: Frank again says more than 5 out of 10).

1 November 

San Diego, California. 9.5 out of 10, open air, not a bad gig.

We stayed in San Diego then drove to Phoenix where we did the last gig.

End of Tour.

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