Message from the Chief
On October 3rd 2005 I was appointed as Chief of Police for the Village of Cowden, Illinois, my primary goal is to protect and serve the citizens of Cowden to the best of my ability. I am proud to have the opportunity to serve this community.
I will do what ever it takes to keep it a safe place for Children to grow up, and for their families and all the citizens to enjoy in peace and safety.
I hope to grow and learn with the community and to maintain a good working relationship with its citizens. Together we can keep Cowden a safe place to live.

My goal is to reduce Under aged drinking and the use of drugs in our community. In my years of police work I have seen young kids seriously injuried or killed, and I would not wish this to happen to any of our youth. I hope I can count on all citizens, especially the parents, to support my efforts to eliminate drug use and under aged drinking. Another goal is to reduce the fighting among our young people, I also believe that criminal damage to property or businesses should be strongly enforced because the residence of Cowden work very hard for what they have and they do not deserve to have their property destroyed.

I look forward to serving the citizens of Cowden, and to a great working relationship with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Shelby County State's Attorney's Office, Illinois State Police Distric 10, and the Circuit Clerk's Office. We can best combat crime and enhanced quality of life when citizens, law enforcement, and related agencies work together to alleviate any problems the community experiences.
About our patch
Our new patch was designed in November 2005 by Nancy and Andrew Nelson, owners of Huntzman Enterprises. Andrew and Nancy started this business to help out fire and police agencies to obtain quality work for lower cost's, Andrew is retired from NYPD
As of January 1, 2009 I will be resigning as Chief of Police for the Village of Cowden. I would like to thank the Village Mayor and Board for their support while I was there, and I would also like to thank the community. I hope that the Police Department continues to grow. I also want to thank Ofc. John Dilger, and Ofc. Jeremy Hubbard for the work that they have done to help improve the Police Department. I think they have done a great job and will continue to do so for the citizens of Cowden.

Sean Aaron
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