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The Bizarre Connection between Wings and Rescue Rangers
The World must know, they shall understand......
This is a simple page meant to discuss one thing and one thing only, the fascinating and inexplicable connections between the popular sitcom Wings and the cartoon Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. I feel it is important that others understands this unique and wonderous connection. It came to me as quite an epiphany one day, and after I made this stunning realization, the world made just a little more sense.
To understand the true depth and magnitude of the interconnection between these two shows, one must understand that the connection goes well beyond the simple resemblance of the main characters (which, looking at them, lined up next to each other now, is really quite freaky).


Wings- Two brothers, one hardworking, driven, and utterly humorless, the other a goofy, lovable, screw-off, work together to make a succesful airline. Hilarity ensues.

Rescue Rangers- Two chipmunk (brothers?), one hardworking, driven and utterly humorless, the other a goofy lovable screw-off, work together to make a successful detective agency. Hilarity and hijink ensue.

Character connections:

-Both are the serious, straight-headed ones who ultimately gets the girl (sure, they never said it explicitly in Rescue Rangers, but Disney innuendoes are pretty transparent)
-Chip always wears a signature bombers jacket. Joe is also known for his bombers jacket.
-Joe started Sandpiper Air, Chip has the idea for the Rescue Rangers.

-Both are slackers, who get criticized by Joe/Chip for their lack of work ethic.
-Dale always wears a Hawaiian shirt. I'm pretty sure Brian wears a Hawaiian shit at some point.

-Both are the the object of affection by the main protagonists, both are competed for by said protagonists.
-Both have unique specialized skills (Helen- Cello,
-Gadget always wears pants, Helen usually wears pants.

-Both are large and obnoxious.
-Both are obsessive-compulsive. Roy for sex/money. Monty for cheese.
-Monty has a mustache, Roy has a mustache
Joe Hackett
Chip (Munk?)
Brian Hackett
Dale (Munk?)
Helen Chapel
-Both are weird airheads that are misunderstood by their peers.
-Okay, so they aren't really that alike, but 4/5 ain't bad.


Simply put, Wings and Rescue Rangers are both masterpieces are cultural and societal criticism. They both manage to tap into the universal archetypes of mankind, what Carl Jung calls the "Collective Unconscious." Or something. I dunno. At any rate, the parallels between these two shows are undoubtedly one of the greatest examples of psychic resonance in modern media ever, and shall likely be pondered by thinkers and philosophers for centuries to come.
Roy Biggins Montery Jack
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