Why are you wearing a mask!!!!!

I am Jerry and I am an old guy who has been around the block a few times. I have worked in the medical, computer, racing, wagering/casino and banking industry. Thus I have seen many mistakes over the years. Listening to the news media is really very bad right now. Working back in the 70's ,80's ,90's and thru today, with the Hong Kong flu, and many other viruses and flu's I have found wearing a mask or just being kept away from germs did much more damage than not wearing a mask or being exposed to germs. The reason being when you wear a mask you block germs which sounds good to most people but your body needs germs to keep up it's immune system to fight off sickness. Too much of no germs and suddenly your body does not know how to handle a germ when one sneaks in and poof you are sick.

If you are thinking that is a good idea, you are wrong. During the Hong Kong flu the corporation I workd for decided to filter the air supply coming in the building. This sounded like a good idea until one germ entered an unprotected body and resulted in mass sickness just because they were germ free for 8 or 9 hours. The body just got sloppy about keeping up it's immune system. You don't have to believe me and do whatever you please but I am just letting who ever reads this is in for some medical problems, and listening to what you hear on the news is just BULL SHIT.


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