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For Albert

Pinion to match a 45 tooth crown wheel OR a low ratio paired cw&p

Period tail lights

16 inch tyres. Prefer race pattern.

Small headlights.

Remote gearchange unit to fit

16 inch sprung steering wheel. (Swap for 17 inch Bluemels avail)

Close ratio gearbox

Swallow radiator shell, or pattern for repro.

Cycle guards to suit 16 inch wheels

Aluminium head. Alta OR Dante prefered.

Gauges ; white faced speedo, oil pres., fuel, temp to match sample

Urgently required

Centre bush carrier for Ruby brake cross shaft

Left lever to rear for Ruby brake cross shaft, Parts book no.BN75

Prop. shaft to fit 4 speed gearbox and short chassis. A hi-frame LWB would suffice.

Rear axle assembly for SWB in good order

For Early Project

Any very early parts; beaded edge wheels, prop. shaft to fit claw type all metal front universal, radiator and shell, etc.

Deep dish bolt on steering wheel

Chassis numbered less than 5000

Short gear lever, and hand brake lever

Any early body panels - particularly a 3 piece bonnet

CAV gauges and type E cut out and cover

Zenith 30 HK updraught carbs or Zenith 22 HA sidedraught carbs

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