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30-5-00 The big news is that Albert now has a body. Not the most sylish, but functional and at $250 is way cheaper than building one from scratch.
20-6-00 A big push is on.The new body is too short to fit a Ruby chassis, so a SWB
chassis I bought for the princely sum of NZ$20 is being pressed into service. It is hoped a body of the type originally planned can still be constructed at a future date.
The Ruby cross shaft is being brought up to scratch for the job, but a couple of vital pieces have gone astray in the move from New Zealand last year. Desparately needed are a centre bush mounting and the left lever that pulls the cable for the L rear. Parts book no. BN75. A rear axle for a SWB chassis is now required also: complete and in good order would naturally be ideal, but a  new or excellent condition crown wheel and pinion plus short axles would be much appreciated.
please e-mail if you can help
As for other parts and news, the motor has been returned to the reconditioners "dummied up" to measure the pistons for decking - the centre two requiring an extra 20 thou. removed to allow for crank shaft whip at high revs. This, for the uninitated, is caused by the Austin 7 crankshaft's light weight construction and the fact it has  bearings at either end, but was not supported in the centre until modified in 1936.
It has been found that the pistons were not square in the bore, caused by the big ends being resized out of square at some stage in the past. The con rods are Renault, so it may be a Froggy thing...
The radiator is being built at present to fit a 1931 shell and at home the supports for this and the side panels beneath the bonnet are under construction.
Although this body was not built for an A7, it does fit remarkably well. It was felt however that it was sitting too high, so the standard chassis to body mounts have been removed from the chassis and the body now sits 2 inches lower. Trouble is it now fouls the springs at the rear and will have to be cut away to accomadate.
At long last a steering box has gone together and has a very nice mesh through out and is very smooth to operate. An off the shelf steering box wedge has been tapped and fitted with studs to fit to the chassis, effecting the required rake to the steering column. A dash board is partly completed, but more measuremnets with the body in it's final position are required before further work can be carried out.

A Zenith down draught carb. has ben stripped cleaned and checked so as to be ready for fitting to a Dante inlet manifold for firing up. Although I also have twin 1 1/8 SU's at my dispossal, it is considered safer for initial start up and tuning to use the single carb set up. There's plenty of time for playing later, besides it will give this space some continuing news!!
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