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Above; An ingenious use  for an Austin 7 chassis.(well half a chasis, anyways)
Spotted at the 75th anniversary of the Austin 7 at The Rover Heritage Museum in Gayden, UK, this very well put together "Mowstin" utilises some early components,
such as the deep dish steering wheel - very sought after (please
e-mail me from anywhere in the world if you have one spare), gate change three speed gearbox, and radiator shroud of pre-28 era.
The hand brake has been mounted horizontally and serves as a raising/lowering mechanism for the cutting blades.
Note the absence of a drip tray - is this confidence that a glossy mower won't leak
or did the owner drain the sump to save an embarassing stain on the carpet?
Above; Starting young and naturally enjoying the Austin 7 experience at the helm of a c1929 Australian bodied roadster at the Melbourne Australia Day 2000 celebrations.
Above; Those in the know may recognise the site author with an original condition Chummy at Beauleiu 1997
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