Wednesday December 13, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

I just thought that everyone would like to know that I did this webpage for my senior project. I learned a lot about html in making this page and this page has really evolved from the original as only a very few people know

Tuesday December 12, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

I hope that everyone likes the new design and layout. I fixed all of the links and made the page operate better. Send any questions or comments on the site to me

Friday September 8, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

I have released the beta version of the Jaguar XK8, you can get it in the cars section. Please send me your feedback on the car

Sunday August 6, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

It seems that not many people are interested in the Jaguar, but here's a picture of the car with the few mods that people have suggested. They won't be in place until some more people give me more ideas. Until then, here's a picture of the rear end of a 1992 Ferrari F40 RS, I'm working on

Sunday July 30, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Well, I released my car, the Jaguar XK8. Click Here or go to the cars section on the left

Monday July 24, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Well, there are lots of updated screenshots and the comic was updated at I have also been busy working on a car for Carmageddon 2, a Jaguar XK8, see the pic Here

Sunday July 2, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

I added a files section for Carmageddon 2, it includes one of the only working CD Cracks for Carmageddon 2 that I know of, get it in the files section. As for other news, you can look at the new box art for TDR2000 at

Thursday June 29, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

The release date for TDR2K was released today to be September 1st for certain. This news is straight from SCI so it is certain. The online comic for TDR2K was updated at Everyone is leaving the Carmageddon community for some reason that is beyond me. Well my only words for them are,"Why, there is no real reason, there may be nothing happening, but things will pick back up, if you give up on Carmageddon now, you are a loser!" There it is, straight from this bulls mouth.

Thursday June 22, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasn't been much to update with. The demo for TDR2K is out and you can download it Here! Don't bother downloading the cracks and stuff, because they are included in the demo file. The online comic for TDR2K was updated at

Saturday May 6, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Yesterday was prom, that's probably why I didn't update much. Go over to Burnout and check out the Mad Max Interceptor. I remember that movie, it kicked some butt! I know that you need to get the Smash Map from Toxic Ragers, it also kicks some butt!

Thursday May 4, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Nothing much today, just some updating for me.

Tuesday May 2, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Well today is a new day and I plan on adding some new sections and updating some other sections some today. And in regular news, has released a comic for TDR2000. Do you like pokemon? Or do you hate it and want revenge for all of the crap you have had to hear about it? Which ever side you fall on you would certainly love to have a pikachu ped wouldn't you? Click here if you do. I can't wait to run over the cute, little, yellow ped and have it's blood fly all over the place.

Monday May 1, 2000: posted by: Budzmang

Today is the first update in a long time, but it won't be the last, so don't worry about that. In the very near future, I'll be incorporating Carmageddon 1 as well. This site will be changing and expanding almost everyday. New features will probably be a Screenshot of the day and some files.

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