This letter is from D. Van Slyke, then a "dealer in groceries, boots, and shoes" in North Kingsville updating his cousin Maria Van Slyke, who lived in East Pike, Wyoming Co., NY, on family affairs. Letter postmarked February 24, 1877 from North Kingsville.

North Kingsville Feb 23/ 77

Dear cosin maria
I thought I wood drop you
a few lines to you to let
you know how we git a long the
folks are all well that is
living my mother is ded
she died the 20 of this month
25 minets to eight in the
evening She was taking with
a fit nine weeks a go the
doctar was call he sed that
thay was nothing to doctar
She gragul wore away to the
last She long to dy to be
out of her trubel uncle
Wm Vanslyke was to the funel
Ant Susan was not able to come
we layed her beside of Father

(side two)
mother was 81 years old
last Sept the Children were
all hear execpt Harrision
He lives in Michigan
She has ben with me the
last year She came in
April & has not ben out
door since she has ben poor
all the time we kept a girl
to take care of her she had
the best of Care
Uncle Wm Vanslyke has
sold his farm & they live
with Abran Mary Ann has
moved down where we first
lived when we come to Ohio
are right across where Moses
lived they have bought that
lot of four acres her son
or daughter lives with her
no more at prezant wright soon
love to all       Yours Truly

D & D Van Slyke

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