Mr. Alton Buel
Oneida Co

Conneaut- 21, Augs1845-

It has been a long time since I have heard
from you and being somewhat anxious to know what has
become of that note against Wm Horey take the liberty
to drop you a line making some inquiries---------
Mr. Horey wrote me a letter about the time you ned
the note saying that he meant to pay it without fail
sometime but could not so it then _________ I have
informed that he has since moved to Wisconsin
Whether you have ever sucseeded in getting anything
from him on sd note have never learned --- I have
been calculating heretofore to call on you
on my way to or from the city _ but could
never make it convienient--__ Now if you will be
to the trouble of writing me and let me know
whether you have ever done anything with the note
and if not what has become of sd Horey whether
he is yet in Wisconsin and in what place he resides
and such other information as you can give
in relation to this matter ____ It is an old affair
that I would like to have closed up in some form
and if possible try and realize something for the stores
which I sold him Favor me with send information as
you can ____ write sonn and you will be much off
Mr. Alton Buel           Yours ty __ Milo Osborn