Conneaut Council No. 40
R. & S. M.

Conneaut Coucil, No. 40, R. & S. M., by virtue of a letter of Dispensation under date of July 25, 1866, to W.A. Ward, W.F. Stanley, O. Phillips, E.A. Stone, B.S. Witherell, D. P. Venen, L.B. Stanley, S. Hazeltine, E.M. Webster and A.L. Callender, was organized on the 31st day of July, 1866, with W.A. Ward as T.I.M.; W.F. Stanley as D.I.M., and O. Phillips, P.C.W.

Its Charter was issued October 13, 1866 and constituted November 20th, 1866.

The states assemblies are held on the first Tuesdays of each month.

Conneaut Council No. 40
G. Ward Headley I. M.
Clarence B. Hicks D. M.
Alva C. Cozadd P. C. of W.
Jacob T. Koelliker Recorder
Emil Johnson Treasurer
Carleton A. Stevens C. of G.
David C. Clark C. of G.
Alexander M. Smart Steward
Joseph R. Ingalls Chaplain
Frank C. Davis Guard
C. Vern Carr Marshall

W.A. Ward
W.F. Stanley
E.A. Stone
C.W. Pelton
J.N. Fredericks
H.H. Pool
J.F. Lane
W.S. Wood
P.E. Miller
H.S. Schalk
L.P. Sturdevant
B.S. Snyder
M.L. Devore
Wm. Attwood
L. Range
C.V. Carr
H.M. Morrison
E.G. Brace
F.D. Sawdey
G.S. Buchanan
F.L. Stevens
F.L. Horton
T.F. Lininger
C.W. Diebler
H.B. Thornton
J.R. Ingalls
J.C. Maston
A.G. Beaver
F.M. Long
J.T. Koelliker
C.E. Smith
R.W. Halliday
J.P. Perry
C.W. Kendall
E.C. Hankins
Ray M. Brown