Conneaut Chapter No. 76
R. A. M.

Conneaut Chapter, No. 76, R. A. M., was organized under dispensation, March 18, 1857. The litter of dispensation being issued to Otis Burgess, Harvey Guthrie, Sr., Philander Wheeler, A.S. Langdon, J.B. Pettie, Wm. Edey, Harvey Guthrie, Jr., A.J. Ruland, James McKendree, Geo. W. Cumming, David Nobles, Wm. Willard, Levi Briggs and M.H. Collins. The first convocatioin being held March 27, 1875, with Comp. Otis Burgess as M. E. H. P.

Date of the Charter is shown as October 17, 1857; the Chapter being constituted under Charter on October 29, 1857. Comp. G.A. Loveland, as proxy for Dept. Grand High Priest, presiding.

States convocations are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

Conneaut Chapter No. 76
Clarence B. Hicks E. H. P.
Carelton A. Stevens K.
Mauno H. Laituri S.
Alexander M. Smart C. H.
David C. Clark P. Sojourner
Frank L. Stevens Treasurer
George R. Jacobs Secretary
Gordon S. Thompson R. A. C.
John E. Lick M. 3rd Veil
Gordon McDonald M. 2nd Veil
Tom L. Smith M. 1st Veil
Edward G. McCulloch Guard

Otis Burgess
Harvey Guthrie, Sr.
J.B. Petty
Harvey Guthrie, Jr.
S.E. Boughton
W.F. Stanley
W.A. Ward
J.F. Fifield
B.S. Witherell
E.A. Stone
H.H. Johnson
C. Hayward
J.M. Fredericks
J.A. Caldwell
L.P. Sturtevant
W.S. Wood
M. Goebricher
J.F. Lane
B.S. Snyder
F.D. Sawdey
G.F. Groves
E.E. Webb
P.E. Miller
L. Range
H.S. Schalk
E.D. Jacobs
F.L. Stevens
G.R. Jacobs
M.L. Devore
D.W. Webb
H.B. Thornton
H.M. Morrison
E.E. Fredericks
C.V. Carr
F.L. Horton
C.W. Dieble
A.G. Beaver
C.N. Justice
J.T. Koelliker
R.G. Borland
H.S. Sweet
R.W. Halliday
F.A. Woodard
J. Gordon Turner