Orion Lodge No. 353
F. & A. M., Kingsville

In 1862 the Grand Master reported receipt of a petition for a dispensation, too late for his action, however the Grand Lodge decided not to grant a Dispensation, as there were already seven lodges in Ashtabula County and refunded the fee of $50.00.

However, at the Grand Lodge session in 1865, a charter was issued and the number 353 assigned to Orion Lodge.

The hall was destroyed by fired February 15, 1867, a Dispensation was issued by the M.W. Grand Master, Thomas Sparrow, authorizing the loege to meet in the hall of Evergreen Lodge, No. 222, at Conneaut. All the records of the lodge were lost in the fire, but the list of Past Masters shown is accurate.

Orion Lodge No. 353
A.M. Brounbeck W. M.
H.H. Glass S. W.
P.E. Cook J. W.
J.A. Porter Treasurer
H.D. Keller Secretary
C.W. Kendall S. D.
Frank Bowlder J. D.
Andrew Esterhay S. S.
N.A. Walrath J. S.
C.R. Smith Tyler
J.D. Emerick Chaplain

Moses Dickinson 1865
W.D. Scoffeld 1866-67-68-69
John R. Hatch 1870-71-72
David Y. Richmond 1873
Frank J. Lillie 1874-75
John R. Hatch 1876-1880-81
Q.A. Case 1877-78
Gaylor G. Viets 1879-82
F.E. Peck 1883-84-85-86-87
E.S. Snow 1888
Geo. E. Webster 1889-90-91-93-97-98-1902
M. Kingsley 1892
H.W. Carter 1894-1901
W.O. Merrill 1895
H.E. Hardy 1896
G.G. Viets 1899
A.T. Sill 1900
C.F. Tuttle 1903-20
F.C. Combs 1905-06
C.T. McGown 1904
Jay Craytor 1907-08-09
J.F. Fox 1910
C.M. Peck 1911-16
C.R. Smith 1912-24
C.B. Reichard 1913
R.M. Brown 1914-15
L.A. Stanton 1917
R.L. Fox 1918
W.P. Brown 1919
G.S. Thompson 1921
Harry A. Fox 1922
J.E. Davis 1923
Curtis LeRoy Fox 1925-26
W.N. Long 1927
John A. Porter 1928
Gilbert H. Meyers 1929
J.A. Pinkerton 1930
C.N. Robison 1931
H.D. Keller 1932
E.H. Johnson 1933
J.D. Emerick 1934

Of those who were in service of the U.S.
during the World War.
Jesse A. Allen
Ralph Lewis Fox
Harry A. Fox
Raymond K. Peck
William H. McMahon
Charles D. Warner