Cache Commandery, No. 27,
Knights Templar

Cache Commandery, No. 27, Knights Templar, Conneaut, was issued a letter of Dispensation Oct. 3, 1872, and was organized November 20, 1872. Members under Dispensation, being: W.A. Ward, W.F. Stanley, Samuel Hazeltine, Oliver Phillips, E.A. Stone, A.R. Smith, D.W. Hutchinson, D. Russell, James Hannon, E. Backenstose, and Elie Eley.

W.W. Ward was first Em. Com.; S. Hazeltine, Gen., and E.A. Stone, C. G.

Chartered September 4, 1873 and Constituted September 25, 1873, Sir B.D. Babcock of Oriental Commandery, No 12, Cleveland, as proxy for Rt. Em. Gr. Commander, presiding. Dr. Ward continued to serve the commandery as Eminent Commander until December 1877, wen he was succeeded by Dr. A.K. Fifield.

Cache Commadery participated in the trienial conclave of the Grand Encampment of the United States, at Cleveland, in August, 1877. Sir C.W. Hall acting as Captain General. Regular meetings are held on the third Monday in each month.

Cache Commadery No. 27
Ralph L. Fox E.C.
Jacob T. Koelliker G.
Bert N. Greenman C.G.
Roland G. Borland Prelate
George R. Jacobs Treasurer
Raymond H. Welsh Recorder
Dwight W. Leggett S.W.
Earl C. Hankins J.W.
George H. Smith St. B.
Hugh C. Buchanan Sw. B.
Fred A. Woodard Warder
Lincoln Range Sentinel

W.A. Ward
A.K. Fifield
C.W. Dickinson
C.W. Pelton
C.H. Simonds
J.F. Lane
B.S. Snyder
F.W. Upson
W.F. Stanley
L.P. Sturdevant
H.S. Schalk
F.M. Pierce
H.A. Mixler
H.J. Wright
J.W. Gould
C.E. Harmon
William Attwood
F.W. Sargent
M.L. Devore
F.D. Sawdey
L.V. Stone
B.F. Perry
G.C. Gillis
J.H. Alters
R.F. Mosher
E.D. Jacobs
J.R. Ingalls
R.G. Borland
C.W. Diebler
E.D. Frayer
G.R. Jacobs
H.P. Sanford
P.J. McNutt
R.W. Halliday
H.E. McKay
A.G. Beaver
G.W. Headley
B.N. Greenman
T.F. Lininger
J.G. Turner