Weldon Block
Pelton Building

The construction of this building began in 1880 and was not finished until about 1882. The front facade was produced in Chicago and was shipped by railroad to Conneaut. When it arrived, they found to their misfortune, that there were no instructions for which to assemble the metel work. The solution: Main St. was roped off and the pieces were put together just like a puzzle piece. It was used early on as a business college. The Pelton name comes from a A.W. Pelton who had a small dry goods store there and the beginning of the 20th century and from the department store that graced the building for many years until closing its doors in 1966. On the third floor of this building there is a stage and dancing floor. Though no longer in operation they have seen a lot of history, through use of dancing at the Greenwood Academy, plays, Weldon Opera House, and roller skating. During the war time this also served as a register station. The building is still standing today.

Bliss Harrington Business College,
Weldon Block, 1892

Harwood Block ca. 1909

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