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This site is run by Andy Pochatko. I graduated Conneaut High School in 2005, after which I earned my undergraduate degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (B.S. in Social Sciences) and a graduate degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania (M.S. in Library Science). Currently I am earning my M.A. in English. I also am the Director of Adult Services/Reference Librarian at Harbor-Topky Memorial Library in Ashtabula. I haven't had much time to add material here over the years, but my research continues.

I started my research in the 8th grade as a research project. My report for that year was 4 pages, but I was not pleased with the ending result. The next year I started early and when I turned it in it had expanded to 17 pages. But I am not done yet, and I will continue to show my findings each time I update this site. If you have any questions about Conneaut's history, please email me.


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This site was created to inform the curious of the interesting history of Conneaut, Ohio. Genealogy information can be found in different stories. A search engine is provided for your convenience.

This is me as Rev. Rufus Clark, my most recent reenactment. I portrayed Rev. Clark as part of the Hubbard House's UGRR Pilgramage, 7 October 2006, at South Ridge Baptist Church to a crowd of nearly 70 people.


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