adventures in
heroic Ireland
This is a roleplaying game of heroic Ireland, set in 72 AD, between the times of C˙ Chulainn and Finn mac Cumaill.  My depiction of the Irish political and social landscape derives primarily from the literature and genealogies, supplemented by the old legal texts and archaeology.  Game rules are modified from King Arthur Pendragon by Green Knight Publishing (www.greenknight.com).  The setting ...

A Royal Mess

╔riu, the heroic realm of Ireland, is in pain.   A few generations ago, raids and wars engulfed the island.   The skilled warriors of the "noble" tribes, most notably the mighty C˙ Chulainn, perished in epic battles.   In this vacuum, the downtrodden "base" tribes reversed the ancient order by staging two violent revolts.   They won inglorious victory.   In 56 AD, ╔llim mac Condrach, an alienated noble from the north, massacred the heads of noble tribes at a feast.   Backed by the base tribes, he was ushered into the royal citadel of Temuir (modern Tara) and announced king.   ╔llim exalted the kings of the base tribes, proclaiming them the new lords of Ireland.

╔llim still sits at Temuir, but ╔riu herself has rejected him.   Plague and famine blight his reign; cows give less milk; the forests yield less fruit.   Although many within the former noble tribes wish to remove ╔llim, they currently lack morale and organization.  A further hindrance is ╔llim's fearsome cadre of elite warriors, whom he uses to ruthlessly silence discontent.

Yet, there is hope.   The slain king of Temuir's pregnant wife fled the massacre of 56, making her way to Alba.   There, she gave birth to a son, Tuathal Techtmar.   News that the lad has recently assumed arms stirs the prospect that he will cross the sea to unify the scattered elements of rebellion.

You are a member of a traditionally noble tribe.   Your daily life revolves around protecting your honor, your family, and your tribesmen.   On a larger scale, you sense the trouble that is brewing beyond your homestead.   Gossip about prince Tuathal's return grows more frequent, and more rooted in reality.   Surely, great turmoil will accompany his arrival, but so will the promise of restoring righteous and glorious kingship.   What part will you play?
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