Computational Philosophy

This site features computational algorithms exploring philosophical ideas. It began as a site with algorithms exploring problems in literature, for example a program which came to interpretations, interpreting (returning a conclusion based on) a word, etc. in the same way as its synonym (a word with the same meaning as another word).

  1. Hermeneutics
    1. One Conclusion with Many Reasons
  2. Internet
    1. Sites
  3. Mathematics
    1. Graph about Causality
  4. Medicine
    1. Continuing On
  5. Music
    1. Music Composition using Energy Transformations
    2. Minima and Maxima in Music Composition

Download SWI Prolog See also SWI Prolog Manual

My name is Lucian Green ( at, from Melbourne, Australia and I am a student at the University of Melbourne. See the Personal info for more info.

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